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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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right now, with a look at our forecast today. another cold start, but yeah, enjoy today, because tomorrow finally the rain will be coming? >> it will be coming in early in the morning. we are going to see some of the showers starting to develop by early tomorrow morning, which is of course a big travel day across the bay area. as we take a look at what we are seeing right now, the bad air quality remains, taking a live look outside over san francisco, still unhealthy for much of the north bay, the bay and the coast, as well as the inland east bay. it's unhealthy for sensitive groups, if you have breathing problems, asthma, things like that, it's still going to be tough for you. we can see the storm approaching as it continues to move closer to the bay area. once again, scattered showers will start out tomorrow morning and may be heavy at times. we'll talk more about the timing coming up, as we head over to mike, some interesting info on the car fire. >> looking over here toward the upper east shore freeway coming off of the carquinez bridge, and
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just as you get to willow, i talked about a crash there and maybe a car fire. it was not the driver of the car, it sounds like the report says it was an off-duty fire chief who stopped to help. that's a great happenstance. we have slowing because there are two vehicles and perhaps a third, the fire chief's vehicle over there on the shoulder and there's a distraction. one lane, let's call it one lane, your slow lane blocked as folks get off the carquinez bridge, that is the unexpectedly slow drive you have. anywhere past highway 4 on the upper east shore through berkeley and richmond you're fine getting to the bay bridge but the backup a few cash lanes has folks waiting. smooth drive, south bay san jose looks like this, our live camera for 101, no problems here. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:01 for you right now. north of the bay area in butte county, that death toll is rising in the camp fire. it now stands at 79. at least 699 people are still unaccounted for, as crews search for those, the much needed rain is a cause of concern right now.
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"today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live there in paradise, where that storm preparations, they're all under way right now, kris. >> reporter: hi there, marcus. as you know, this is my first day here in paradise, and as bad as all these images look on tv, they are even worse in person. driving here even in the dark, such heartbreaking sights, and now the ticking of the clock is getting even more pressureful. now, a team of meteorologists are going from watching the conditions for the fire fight to watching for the storm that the nbc bay area weather team is forecasting for later this week. there is a risk of landslides, as that soot and the ash from the fire creates a water repellant layer, leaving that rainfall with nowhere to go, and then any rainfall will also make the careful work of looking for victims even harder. >> we have very, very fine ash in many of the areas that we're searching. you add water to that and now we're in a situation where we have kind of a muddy mixture. i think that may make the
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process of searching for remains, especially those almost completely consumed by fire, more difficult. >> reporter: even without the rain working in the debris field is dangerous. mountain view k9 cut a paw walking through the debris, had to get stitches. the k9, george, was cleared to return back to work. speaking of dogs, this was the wags and whiskers in chico, overwhelmed with animals as victims and evacuees have had to give their rescue animals back because they can't care for them. you can find a link to how you can help them via instagram. on twitter and facebook i posted the national weather service explanation of why the soot and the ash make for landfall danger and flooding risks and it's worth a look. i didn't know until i saw that and talked to rob mayeda and kari hall about that, it really is a science as to why it changes the landscape, and
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leaves people vulnerable after they've already become victims. in paradise, kris sanchez "today in the bay." >> that's right, we saw that in montecito, a problem with the flooding there. thanks so much, kris. let's talk about the storm headed their way. are they going to get pounded with a lot of rain? >> it looks like a lot of the rain in the forecast and some of the computer models are putting down five-plus inches, some as high as nine inches, and that's a crazy amount of rain in just a span of about two to three days, and so this first storm arrives, and we're looking at the timing here, when we'll start to see some of that rain moving in early tomorrow morning, with some scattered showers, and then some of the heavier downpours will continue through about wednesday afternoon. some of that rain looks like it kind of trains over some of those same areas, and then there will be some breaks in between, but then the rain that starts to come in on thursday into friday will be a little bit heavier. we're talking about all of our burn scar areas looking at once again five or more inches of
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rain in those areas that will cause some debris flows and some mudslides. it's something we will be watching over the next couple of days. make sure you stay with nbc bay area, as that storm hits. while you're asleep, our team will be on the streets before you head out the door. watch "today in the bay" for live team coverage starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. at 5:05, making headlines across the country, a big ruling on immigration. federal judge in san francisco is barring the trump administration from refusing to give asylum to immigrants crossing the border illegally. "today in the bay" pete suratos joins us live from the federal courthouse in san francisco with the details. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura. it was a u.s. district judge here in san francisco issuing that temporary restraining order. now this comes after a temporary closure of a very popular u.s. border crossing. in fact, we have u.s./mexico border crossing. we want to show you video of when all that took place. that's the san ycedro crossing.
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the shutdown due to reports of central american migrants rushing the border due to those reports. nothing did take place, but officials installed what they referred to as port hardening materials in preparation for this caravan. it was back on november 9th, president trump issued a proclamation saying people who cross the southern border illegally would be ineligible for asylum. the president calling it a national security issue at the time, or still believes it. the aclu immediately sued arguing that individuals are entitled to asylum, and of course, yesterday that federal judge decidining to issue the temporary restraining order on the issue. i want to point out, despite the judge's ruling, the regulations will still remain in place for at least the next three months. we're live here in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, we'll continue to follow, thanks so much, pete. 5:06 right now. an apparent sad ending to a recent mystery involving a fan who disappeared during a 49ers
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game. maybe you followed this story with us, involving a man visiting family from washington state. he attended last monday night's 49ers game. his family couldn't find him, and surveillance footage showed him outside levi stadium during the game. family members are now posting on social media that his body was found this weekend in the waters near alviso marina. authorities are not confirming that yet but they plan to release more details today. 5:07 and this morning this man guillermo ordonez is accused of kidnapping a woman from a starbucks in petaluma. he put her in the back seat of his car and threatened to kill her last week. ordonez was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, burglary and threats. happening today, sfo could come one step closer to renaming its international terminal after the late mayor ed lee. this morning, the airport commission will consider pushing the proposal forward.
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the chinese chamber of commerce came up with the idea shortly after lee's death. members say naming the international terminal after lee would highlight the city embracing chinese-americans. happening today the air qualitied related closeeurs continue for some of bait area's most popular tourist spots, due to the smoke from the butte county wildfire. the golden gate national recreation area closed many locations since late last week, including alcatraz, golden gate bridge welcome center as well. leaders plan to meet later today to decide if those locations can reopen tomorrow morning. happening today, the state of yosemite's seasonal road closures there, the eastern end of the park, and glacier point road east of the sky and snowboard area typically close from november through may. because heavy snowfall is expected tomorrow, those closure also take effect today. it's possible those roads could reopen following the storm, but
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only if weather conditions allow it. and this is the latest at cuyahoga pass has opened since 20 2007. here at home, mostly clear skies, south bay seeing improved air quality todays. an we head over to east san jose to the neighborhood of evergreen, it's cold, only 44 degrees at 7:00. at least we will see a bit more sunshine today. now normally we're seeing highs at about 63 degrees. we're going to be above that, going into the rest of the afternoon. and then looking at our high temperatures today, reaching into the low 70s for parts of the north bay, and also the south county, mostly some 60s for our afternoon highs. we'll talk about our temperature trend for the south bay coming up, and mike, how is it looking out there on the roads? >> overall, kari, overall, things are looking great and we'll see a lighter volume of traffic. today may be the last ditch
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effort for folks to get in there and finish up some meetings before they take off for the holiday, thanksgiving coming up thursday. big travel day as kari says tomorrow. the upper east shore freeway we have one crash, the only real slowing we see approaching willow avenue. we have two vehicles, stay over to your left as you approach highway 4 and willow. coming across the bridge, carquinez bridge and bay bridge just fine. no delays for the b.a.r.t. system or any of the other rails, that's a great start. folks might want to do their ride, make sure you know the adjusted schedule for thanksgiving, sunday schedule for b.a.r.t. in particular. there's the maze and berkeley curve and no problems. back to you. >> let's hope it stays that way. thanks, mike. coming up next, ford has a lot of people scratching their heads this morning. the company says it's doing away with the new car smell. hmm. you heard that right. the new car smell gone. we'll tell you what is prompting the company to do that. something smells on wall street. are we past the prime and on the downhill? we'll take a look. and still ahead, another
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volcano roaring back to life, this time in guatemala. coming up at 5:25, the new video of eruption and we'll tell you how many times this particular mountain has erupted just this year. stay with us. much more news ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 5:13. it's still cool out there, as we head over toward cupertino, we'll see the temperatures warming up, 9:00 we're at 52
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degrees and 66 later today. air quality still unhealthy but we're about to see some improvements as rain moves in tomorrow. more on that coming up in less than five minutes. and right now, good amount of vehicles right here on oakland roadways. this is the nimitz by the coliseum, northbound with the tail lights past high street. no problems, but you already got a lot of company out there. we'll show you what else your commute looks like, coming up. and good morning, happy tuesday to you. more of a mess on the markets. the dow fell nearly 400 points. nasdaq lost 3%. this is big, this erases all gains for november. you have to wonder, have we seen the top. was september the best it got? you see alphabet and facebook, they pulled the markets lower. as you know, we call them fang, facebook, amazon, apple, network and google.
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technically goi technically google is now called apple but that would mess up our acronym. there's a new renewed push for mark zucker book to remain ceo but not play the dual role as ceo and chairman of the board. the trump administration eyeing new restrictions on exporting technology to places pl like china. we restrict the export of super computers but the proposed rules would restrict the export of art tishl int ificial intelligence and machine learning which we are better at than other countries. holiday shopping moved into thanks giving. barnes & noble will be closed as will home depot, ikea, in order stram, pier one and rei all closed for thanksgiving. rei famously closed on black
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friday, to encourage their employees to get out with their families and do something. what's important lesson for some of the other stores is rei does just fine being completely closed on black friday. >> still makes up for it. >> people still buy things for{s:c}is for christmas or hanukkah at rei. i really applaud them. >> i'll go outside, how is that? michelle obama's memoir becoming the fastest selling book of the year, according to barnes & noble. at least 725,000 copies of the former first lady's memoir were sold on its first day release last week, the highest single day sales of any book by the publisher this year. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. this is new video of the full scale model of the white house made out of legos.
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about 15,000 lego bricks were used to create this model of the people's house. it took more than 800 hours to craft this miniature white house. president trump gearing up for thanksgiving. happening today, mr. trump will pardon two turkey, peas and carrots. only one will be named the official national thanksgiving turkey. you can cast your vote on the white house website. new for you this morning, ford is filing a patent there to eliminate the new car smell. >> car buyers in china, the world's largest car market say they hate the new car smell. ford's process involves parking the car in the sun, then opening the windows slightly and turning on the engine, heater and fan to essentially bake the smell out. are you guys a fan of it? >> i like the smell. >> i think it's kind of toxic. basically it's all the plastic and all the new parts. it's just like that new --
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>> you're talking about the dream. i like it. what about the dittos? you probably didn't have ditto. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> i thought you were talking about the jeans. >> now we're getting way afar. >> i don't think he had those others. >> laura heard about those on the history channel. >> this is way over my head. i don't know what we're talking about. let's get out the door this morning, roll the windows down and if you have the new car smell you want to roll the windows back up if you're dealing with, this bad air quality. the levels are still really unhealthy in san francisco. this is a measure of particulate matter coming from the wildfire smoke and it's the worst in concord now as we look at the rest of the numbers, we're seeing levels that are still in the unhealthy range, and it's going to be like this as you head out the door on your way to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. you do still need your n95 mask and trying to protect yourself from all the particulate matter.
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temperatures are cold so you also need a nice warm coat. it will warm up today and feel a lot more comfortable this afternoon. here is a look at storm ranger. this is our mobile doppler radar, the red scan we are seeing there coming out of the south bay, not yet picking up on any rain. it will be here tomorrow morning. we'll start to see some of the showers at this time tomorrow morning, as this system moves in, moves a little bit closer to the coast. here is a look at the timing. as we go through tomorrow morning, 8:30, we're seeing some pockets of heavy rain moving up and down the coast, and then making its way inland later on in the morning and early afternoon, and then we'll see the rain off and on as well into thursday morning. for thanksgiving day, most of us taking a break from the showers, until about thursday night. north bay sees the rain returning, and continuing into friday off and on there as well until about saturday morning. during this time frame, two rounds of rain, there will be the potential of much of the bay area getting over an inch of rain, much higher amounts as you
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head farther to the north and also in the burn scar areas. looking at the sierra, heavy snow that will change over late tomorrow night into thanksgiving, and that's when we could see those snowfall totals starting to pile up, possibly over two feet in some of the higher elevations. as we look at our temperatures here back at home, inland areas, upper 60s today, and then reaching into the upper 50s by friday, much cooler air as that rain continues. headed over to mike, you've been seeing a mild start for the commuters. >> kari, we expect that of course, this is thanksgiving week, and so we're expecting less of a morning commute, more of a midday and especially evening commute, really kicks in. right now we're seeing that. this may be the last ditch for a lot of folks to get in for their weekly meetings tuesday before thanksgiving, and then hoping to sort of tail off the work for the rest of the week. looking over here though, it's gone from red to orange, the tail end of this crash section here. this is westbound 80 at willow and chp just cleared that from the report. slow off the carquinez bridge, really focusing on the approach
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to willow, and easing up again and again. i do believe all lanes are clear and so is the shoulder, that crash has been cleared from the chp report. but add another ten minutes, getting off the carquinez bridge, down in toward richmond just to be safe, but also once you get past richmond, it's a lot easier down toward the bay bridge so you may make up some of that time throughout the area. the entire area contra costa county, no problem getting over toward the pb bebay bridge and maze. traffic through san rafael a little glow, the haze, the smoke kari is talking about unhealthy in the north bay as well, and here's fremont, no problems for the nimitz into the south bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, brand new video of a volcanic eruption in south america, thousands of people are trying to get out of its way, and it's the first time this year, not the first time this mountain has roared back to life. plus new this morning, contemporary muslim fashion takes center stage at one of the bay area's most prominent museums. we'll tell you where and when
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you can check it out for yourself. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back, everyone. an nbc area investigation prompts major changes after we found spike in assaults against ac transit bus drivers. >> vicky nguyen reports the agency is taking action to protect drivers. >> good morning. ac transit says attacks against
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bus drivers is a trend growing nationwide, not just here. now the district is reassigning law enforcement to high crime routes, testing protective shields and installing surveillance monitors to make the ride safe for everyone. we reviewed hours of surveillance footage and saw a rise in assaults. executive director steve keller acknowledged our findings. in addition to the test shield, the district is training drivers on how to reduce confrontations and it launched an ad campaign to promote safety. to see how law enforcement is working with the agency on high crime routes and how often arrests are actually made after an assault, you can watch our full report right now on new video to show you from guatemala, residents are fleeing from fire, in this case literally and figuratively. this is guatemala's fuego volcano erupting for the fifth time this year. some 4,000 residents evacuated.
5:26 am
the flow is moving into an area devastated once this year. an eruption in june killed nearly 200 people. at 5:25, new this morning, celebrating different cultures. san francisco is shining a light on contemporary muslim fashion. >> it features several outfits including a hijab, a traditional muslim head scarf. nbc bay area's digital journalist jonathan bloom got a preview what you could expect. it was important to display each outfit as the designer intended, that includes pieces shown with and without the head coverings. you can watch the full story on contemporary muslim fashion exhibit will be on display at the de jongh through january 6th >> it is 5:26. coming up, our top story, we're tracking back-to-back storms helded straight for the bay area. when they'll move in and how much rain we're expecting here, and also the danger in the fire
5:27 am
zone in butte county. kari hall is tracking it all. and a live look at interstate 80 in oakland this tuesday. mike inouye is tracking your morning commute. he joins us up next. you're watching "today in the bay." this is not a bed.
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microclimate weather alert: right now at 5:30, nbc bay area issues a microclimate weather alert. more smoke today and a series of storms on the way.
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in the city of san francisco, smoke is lingering in the air. one change you'll notice in the city this morning, the cable cars are about to roll out back in service. the cars were pulled late last week due to all that smoke and concern, of course, for the riders. good morning to you and thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want you to look at the storm we're tracking. storm ranger the red line seeing that storm pulsating here off the coast as it will move into the bay area, and kari, i hope that storm actually is going to hold up for us a little bit, but it doesn't seem that way. >> it will be holding up for us, as we go into the day tomorrow, as it moves into the bay area, bringing in some beneficial rain, much needed rain at this point. and we're still dealing with the smoke and the unhealthy air quality, because of the camp fire that will be helped out by the incoming storms. it's still unhealthy, as you head out the door this morning, and then it's unhealthy for sensitive groups, that means people who have asthma, children or the elderly, still
5:31 am
susceptible to the smoke moving in. it could have a bad effect on your health today. spare the air alert ends tonight as the winds pick up. right now, the winds are coming correctly in from the wildfire area, right into the bay, but we'll be tracking this storm as it arrives for tomorrow morning. more in a few minutes and mike gets us out on the roads. >> shift in the backup from the upper east shore freeway and migrating to the bay bridge. no metering lights as of the last 90 seconds but the cash lanes are starting to back up. we'll see the fast track lanes fill in slowly. this is light for a tuesday, but not very light compared to your typical pre-thanksgiving tuesday. with the light flow around the bay now, the crash up here at willow has cleared toward highway 4, so the recovery from the carquinez bridge down in toward richmond is pretty quick. the rest of the bay also your drive is pretty quick. remember still 65 for safety. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:31 right now.
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some folks are finally allowed back to see what is left of butte county. the death toll is now at 79. at least 699 others still missing. for those able to return to their homes the timing couldn't be better. nbc bay area is watching the forecast of the two storms but the timing couldn't be worse for the searchers sifting through the ashes for the remains. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez tells us about the timing of the storm for the crews and evacuees. >> reporter: the searchers are looking through the finest ash, sifting through for any sign of any one of those 700 or so folks who are still unaccounted for, but as you mentioned, these storms present an opportunity for folks who are able to go home. we met up with one family, the bledsoe family, that had been camping in a parking lot and they were so relieved the
5:33 am
evacuation order was lifted for m megalia, north of paradise. they'll be able to go home before the two storms roll in later this week. >> definitely get out of the cold. i've been out here two weeks. it gets colder every night. >> reporter: some survivors are dealing with a different kind of heartbreak, near zero inventory of rentals in chico and very few homes for sale, too. one housing organization at the fema disaster recovery center is trying to get creative, connecting people with single rooms for rent, spots for a camper or trailer for rent. while they're doing that, the team of meteorologists here is going from watching fire conditions to watching for the storms that the nbc bay area team is tracking for later this week. there say risk of landslides as the soot and ash of that fire creates a water repellant layer, leaving that rainfall with
5:34 am
nowhere to go. and any rainfall will make of course the search for those victims much more difficult, as that ash turns into mud. i'm posting the science on why the ash and soot makes for landslide danger and flooding danger as well and also posting some information on how you can help if you are still feeling the need to reach out to the folks here in paradise, who have lost everything. in paradise, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> and you, kris, were saying how overwhelming it is being there. it is worse than the pictures portray. thank you, kris. it is 5:34 right now. this morning, a a los altos man behind bars accused of stalking an old classmate on facebook. 29-year-old matthew cringle created multiple facebook files. he'd send the female victims sexually violent and threatening messages. he's now being held without bail at the county jail. this morning, police hope you can recognize a man starting
5:35 am
a fire in a san francisco market. this is surveillance video taken early sunday morning at mid city foods in the tenderloin. the owners say the man walked to the back of the store, opened rolls of toilet paper, lit them on fire and took off. >> he did it once and again and again. this time nobody got killed, nobody got hurt. next time somebody might die or it might burn the whole building. >> they were able to quickly contain that fire. if you recognize the man, call sf police. >> 5:35. new an unidentified man facing multiple charges suspected of being behind the sting of crimes. this is starting with a violent carjacking in pleasant hill. police say that the suspect stabbed a driver and then took his car near crossroads shopping center yesterday afternoon. he got away there, but police say he later broke into at least two homes in a west pleasant hill neighborhood, where he then threatened the homeowners. the officers arrived and chased him on foot. they eventually arrested the
5:36 am
man, but because he's not cooperating, pleasant hill police would like anyone with information to give them a call. thanksgiving is just a few days away, and some charity groups say they still need turkey donations, and glide in san francisco volunteer also serve thanksgiving day lunch to 1,300 people and also doing the december grocery bag giveaway and christmas lunch. as of right now, there are not enough turkeys to meet the need. >> giving this year seems to be a little bit behind last year. i think a lot of the focus, and it should be, is on the victims of the fire in northern california. >> for more information on how you can donate or volunteer, head over to our website, >> 5:36. happening today, hit the ice in san jose. tonight an opening ceremony will be held for the downtown rink on market street. it is the 23rd year for the holiday attraction. over 60,000 skaters are expected to hit the ice. the rink will stay open until january 27th.
5:37 am
gold medal winner kristi yamaguchi will be attending the event. the big headliner is "today in the bay's" mike inouye, emceeing that ceremony t starts at 6:00. it's really fun. >> also great, hometown gal kristi yamaguchi. the reason my pose is that way in front, you don't want to see me do the same as kristi. smooth flow of traffic around the bay. circle the palms where you can skate under the palm trees, california style. the peninsula style we have a crash over at candlestick, not presenting any slowing. the off-ramp is the only thing affected and the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. top right of your screen still coming off the carquinez bridge, a little recovery around highway 4, but the earlier crash has cleared and that's good stuff. so light. >> ought to be interesting to see if the traffic will get lighter or heavier. >> it will kick in about midday.
5:38 am
>> a lot of people -- exactly, you don't need to remind me. >> the weekend is extended a little bit earlier and we're tracking the storm that will be moving in. we can see it on the satellite imagery, as it gets closer, and let's talk about the timing here, as you try to get out on the roadways, now tomorrow morning at 8:30, we're going to start to see that rain moving into the north bay, the peninsula and as far as the inland parts of the bay area, rain not yet, so the earlier you can get on the roads, the better. we will still have the off and on rain throughout the day, and then if you're planning to head out on thanksgiving morning, that will probably be an even better day to get out on the roads. here is a look at your travel forecast for across the state, as we look at our high temperatures, and what kind of weather we'll see in the areas. so the rain changes over to the snow, in tahoe, as well as yosemite, and there will be some clear weather for southern california, and heading over toward novato.
5:39 am
yosemite and the forecast once again, we'll see the light snow falling on early thursday, getting heavier throughout the day. high temperature staying below freezing on thursday. if you're staying a little bit closer to home, maybe going to napa, be aware that there will be some showers moving through on thanksgiving. we'll talk about today's temperature trend and that air quality coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 5:39. coming up, the bay area getting into the season of giving the way locals are helping out victims of the camp fire to our north. >> and we're back talking about her emails but not hillary clinton's, ivanka trump's. lel' ta we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. good morning.
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right now at 5:42, drifts of smoke coming into the bay area. live look at san jose, looks a little bit clearer this morning. south san jose in the neighborhood of santa teresa will have another cold start, 43 degrees. we'll be at 57 at 10:00 and mid-60s today, getting ready for some rain set to arrive tomorrow morning. more on that, how much and also our air quality coming up in about five minutes. and the san mateo bridge, this commute looks good right now, you're at speed across the span to the peninsula. we're looking at the smoky air, we're talking about with kari, and that will affect your breathing outside but your driving should be lighter. and good morning, everyone. federal judge in san francisco has told president trump he
5:43 am
can't change the rules when it comes to migrants asking for asyl asylum. the judge has blocked a presidential order that would have forced refugees on america's southern border to apply for asylum at official ports of entry only. the judge said president trump doesn't have the power to change those rules. current rules as set by congress say if you set foot on american soil you can ask for asylum no matter where you come in and even if you sneak in. president trump wanted to restrict it to people going through certain points, asking at the border. pete suratos will tell us more about this at 6:00 a.m. the pentagon will start withdrawing the american troops from the border, sent there just before the midterm, ostensibly to stop the migrants from crossing. the migrants are still at the southern border, in fact, there are other caravans on the way. that soldiers are leaving add to the suspicion by many the movement of the american
5:44 am
military was more of a political stunt than national security. a watch dog group says ivanka trump used a personal email account to conduct government business, and the white house has launched an investigation into it. american oversight says ivanka trump's emails include messages to cabinet members about official government business. now, the irony here is obvious, and the hypocrisy as well. her father made the use of a personal email account one of his central themes in the campaign, and here it is, his daughter committed the same sin. it's going to be tempting for democrats to drag ivanka in front of a congressional hearing, not very fruitful but tempting. make no mistake, what hillary clinton did was far worse. there are huge differences. clinton sent and received tens of thousands of emails, not just to a personal account, but to a personal email server. she wasn't a white house functionary, she was the secretary of state, and then
5:45 am
clinton deleted tens of thousands of those emails without showing them to investigators. we'll be following that, you know that's going to be a political hot potato. you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> yes, their roles very different. thank you, scott. bay area is showing its love and support for our neighbors suffering in butte county at the camp fire. >> new this morning, "today in the bay's" bob redell live in fremont, where a caravan of supplies will soon make their way up north. bob? >> reporter: marcus and laura, over the past several days, caliber collision, a company in fremont has been collecting supplies for the fire zone. they're packing that white van and within the next i'd say 15, 30 minutes, that van will be heading up to help those victims, and the type of things we're talking about are things like bottled water, cat and dog food, diaper, baby formula, cleaning wipes, the things that evacuees from the camp fire need. as i mentioned just in an hour, the white van packed with donation also leave town and meet up with ten to 11 other
5:46 am
vehicles from the caliber locations in sacramento and up north to butte county where hundreds of people from paradise and surrounding communities have been living in tents and shelters. caliber collision will be donating checks and gift cards for $10,000. we spoke with the american red cross and they tell us right now, cash is king, even more important than donating actual supplies. >> the rain is coming, and this will damage anything that's left out, and right now, the warehouses are full. we do appreciate everything that they're sending to us, and to all of the people up there, but really, right now money to the charity of your choice. >> reporter: and caliber collision tells us at their locations here in the bay area, through december 14th, you can make a cash donation by a credit card and eventually they'll cut a check and send more money up north. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell "today in the bay." >> nice to see all that giving. those people need shelter, too. that's going to be tough.
5:47 am
>> especially with the rain headed our way as well. >> the main concern. that, the mudslides, the debris flows, that could also be a result of all of this heavy rain moving in, and right now, we're still dealing with the smoke and the poor air quality, as you get ready to head out. so all of the rain that will be coming in will help wash that smoke out of the air. right now, it's still a very unhealthy in concord as well as san francisco, some of the areas where the smoke just runs into it and then just kind of gets caught up. it doesn't really mix out, so we're still looking at unhealthy air quality this morning, as we can see that smoke in the air with that live camera. we talk about the numbers, and this is a measure of particulate matter coming in from those wildfires, the amount of things that are in the air that's harmful for to you breathe in, and we're seeing still some very unhealthy levels, but most of the bay area is now in the unhealthy category. if you have breathing problems, children and the elderly most
5:48 am
susceptible to being affected by all of this tick tiparticulate . storm ranger is powered up getting ready to track the next storm. not picking up on any rain as of yet. it's still just to the west of us. we can see the clouds that developed offshore, moving closer to the bay area, and will be here for tomorrow morning. it starts out moving from west to east, and by 8:30, we should have some pretty good coverage for the north bay, as well as the peninsula. inland areas not yet seeing the rain. if you're trying to figure out what time to hit the road, the earlier the better. although there will be some breaks, we'll see some scattered showers throughout the day. we take it through 6:00 and some of the heavier rain will be moved off towards the east. still some rain chances especially for the north bay. thanksgiving day, looking mostly clear until about thanksgiving night, when the next round of rain starts to move into the north bay, and then it continues off and on throughout friday, so friday is looking like a pretty
5:49 am
soggy day, and then it tapers off on saturday morning. during that time, our snowfall totals may reach a possibility of over 6,000 feet. could see two feet of snow or more, really good there, and then we're looking at a weekend where a lot of people are going to be heading out and about. let me know where you're going. i'm @karihallweather. inland areas in the bay are going to see temperatures cooling off and the showers start tomorrow, continue through friday and and on saturday. headed over to mike, you're watching the twinkling lights. >> all around the bay bridge right here. lights in motion, that's good but slow motion. i want you to notice this particular strand though, right here, the overcrossing there, that's where the metering lights are, and you notice everything is solid, straight underneath that expansion on the incline. the slowdown and the backup at the bay bridge is caused by the backup here, but not because of
5:50 am
the metering lights. they are not metering traffic yet. lighter volume of traffic coming through the maze and off the east shore freeway, they'll keep those off. we're like a half an hour later than they often turn on. they usually turn on so that is the issue. we have slowing over here through willow and san pablo. the earlier crash is cleared but we sort of have that sticking point. your speeds are still in the 50s and that's great and the backup right at the berkeley curve, approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. again, no metering lights, but the volume of traffic will slow you down across the incline. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive, north 101 shows that blip we typically see and a crash reported here, it looks like the hayward area just off of 238 for southbound 880, but i want to check the details because chp doesn't have a report in there just yet. over here we're looking at 880 southbound and the earlier volume seems to have tapered off a little bit through fremont. those who wanted to get to the silicon valley early have done so and some folks will get there for the last meetings for this week. expect early commute lighter and the midday commute to kick in across town. back to you.
5:51 am
>> thank you, mike. 5:5 rig0 right now. honoring ed lee, how the city wants to honor the former mayor. high times on the east coast, the first recreational pot sales not in the west, started less than an hour ago, where it's happening and why it took so long, after voters gave the go-ahead. happening now, a health alert for people in japan. nearly 150 people have contracted rubella or german measles in a week. this year, rubella patients rose more than 2,000 for the first time since 2013. when women are infected with early stages of pregnancy, babies are likely to suffer visual, hearing or heart disorders. more news for you right after the break. this little home of mine,
5:52 am
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
5:54 am
5:54 for you right now. thanksgiving almost here, and hey, there's been a lot of debate online, a lot of people in the newsroom. do you call it dressing or stuffing? i call it dressing. i don't know. >> i call it stuffing. >> there you go. follow me on twitter there, it's @marcusnbc. weigh in what you call it. >> do you think it's a regional thing? >> no, because i was just online, and a buddy who is from
5:55 am
arkansas, originally from tennessee, he says they call it stuffing. i was like no, we call it dressing. >> maybe it's a household thing. i like dressing in the morning and put the stuffing in the turkey. well, if it's not thanksgiving, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas especially in the city that never sleeps. wow, look at that unveiling. >> a grand opening there, fifth avenue unveiling its annual holiday windows in new york city last night. this year, the department store partnered with the broadway cares organization there to put on the performance titled theater of dreams. take a look there, the people dancing there. this is an ode to broadway, and benefits the nonprofit which raises funds and awareness for hiv and aids. >> wow, they're actively dancing there. very awake. 5:55 right now. here is one of the top national stories we're watching for you today. people on the east coast legally can buy recreational marijuana. >> two retail stores can legally sell pot in massachusetts. more will be approved in the
5:56 am
coming weeks. one store in that small town there is expecting thousands of people to show up this morning and there will be shuttles to bring people there to the store. the owners say they're excited. >> obviously there is an immense demand and we've been preparing for a while to help meet this, but again, we can't make any guarantees on how long our supply might last. >> it is happening in leicester, massachusetts. since two years ago a commission has been working out details. down in southern california now, new video showing snoop dogg getting his star on the hollywood walk of fame there. he celebrated the 25th anniversary of his debut album there. i think that was "doggie style." since 1993 the long beach, california, native released 18 studio albums and sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. and remember this morning
5:57 am
about keeping your kids safe, if you're going on a long drive for thanksgiving. >> here is one mom who got a car seat checked out and she found a problem. >> we had a seat protector underneath the seat, and that wasn't allowing it to get as tight of a fit as it needed to be, so the ladies took that out and installed it properly. >> the american academy of pediatrics updated its recommendation on child safety seats. it suggests children remain in rear facing as long as possible, up to the limits of their car safety seat. this could mean children up to the age of 4. imagine moving to a new country, where the person you love starts abusing you. there is something called violence against win act designed to protect immigrants who marry americans who abuse them. >> as investigative reporter liz wagner reports, some are falsely claiming abuse so they can stay in the u.s. >> the law allows foreign spouses facing domestic abuse to request legal status in the u.s. without their american partner
5:58 am
ever knowing. some new husbands are telling nbc stations across the country they believe their wives are making false allegations of abuse to take advantage of immigration benefits. we spoke with a sonoma county man who thought he met the love of his life in ukraine. he says soon after they tied the knot here in the u.s., she wanted nothing to do with him, except for his bank account, and something else. >> okay, i've heard of this. >> reporter: heard of what? >> i have friends who have married foreigners and they say you got to be careful because things change especially just like that, suddenly, it's oh, they just wanted a green card. >> reporter: he filed for divorce, but later learned his ex-wife cited abuse on a petition to stay in the u.s. immigrant rights advocates say the law the violence against women act offers critical protection to vulnerable victims. the sonoma man denies he ever abused his wife but the immigration system doesn't let him defend himself.
5:59 am
coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll show you why thousands of other americans might be in the same boat. that's tonight at 11:00 on "nbc bay area news." see you then. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give them a call, 888-996-tips or logon to our website, right now, at 6:00, two storms in three days. much needed rain is nearly here. how much we'll see and when it will arrive. >> all that wet weather means danger for people in butte county as the search for missing continues and the effort to reunite people with their pets continues. plus, order blocked. the late night decision by san francisco's judge sure to anger president trump, and lift up supporters of migrant caravans. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. it is 6:00 for us this morning. thank you for starting your day right here with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington.
6:00 am
>> and i'm laura garcia. let's get straight to the forecast. change is in the works but not yet today. >> not yet today and it's smoky in parts of the bay area. as we get ready to head out the door, you need to take all the extra precautions we've been doing the past few days. here is a look at the smoke that's still hanging over san francisco. our air quality today unhealthy. usg stands for unhealthy for sensitive groups, that means if you have asthma, breathing problems, bronchitis, it's going to still affect you, and the spare the air ends tonight. it's been going on for 12 days now. here is a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar not picking up on any rain yet. rain will be set to arrive tomorrow morning and i'll be tracking the timing of that, as well as how much rain we could see in a few minutes. mike, you'll see the difference at the bay bridge. >> we're talking about the difference from now compared to what i last showed you at the bay bridge. the metering lights you see now, folks are held up here like a starting line and they're let loose onto an easier drive


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