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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 20, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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>> we'll be keeping an eye on this outbreak. >> reporter: at luna's they say they'll keep serving the organic mission greens. like -- mixed greens. romaine lettuce is popular here. i'm not going to indulge you with the symptoms. you can log on to our website at nbc bay >> we have more details. thank you, damion. most of the time it is symptoms include symptom aches and vomiting. most people could recover in a week. we've included more information acts the lettuce alert and e. coli scare. that was nbc bay >> the incoming rain will clear
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all that smoke. just in time for the thanksgiving holiday. we remain in a microclimate weather alert. this is our radar from the storm ranger. the rain is offshore and should arrive by tomorrow mormg. the best part of this is the air quality. in the east bay right over hayward, you can see the unhealth y haze that we've been breathing for nearly two weeks. there will be mudslides in the fire zone. let's start in studio with jeff ranieri. what are you seeing in terms of air quality? >> we only have a few more hours of the smoke advisory, until 11:00 tonight. we're still holding on to unhealthy air. if you have press tore problems,
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take precautions up through this evening. we have storm ranger scanning. you can see the clouds offshore, a few returns here in the pacific but nothing heavy just yet. we are look at rainfall picking up once we hit 8:30 in the morning. it's likely going to be a split commute. wet weather starting near the coast and the north bay headed into tomorrow morning. we'll have more on the timing coming up at 5: 19 tonight. you've got to stay tuned for that. hazardous flash flood areas, including the burn zones of the camp fire. full updates, all the numbers and parameters of this system 519. >> thank you, jeff. we're about 150 miles away from
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the burn zone and the smoke has been smothering us for a long time. the smoke has reached new york. this is a graphic from noaa. right to the east coast it's been going. the particles making for some hazy sunsets over the past couple of days. this was tweeted by one of our viewers from the hudson river in new york city. the particles of smoke there with the sunset. >> parts of the bay area saw some slightly clearer skies today. take a look at the golden gate bridge photo from today and yesterday. >> reporhen we
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talk about pollution, we're talking about cars and trucks. this is smoking not only residents but local businesses. the iconic cable cars began running today, pulled out of service last thursday because the air was so bad. >> you couldn't breathe. breathing was terrible. >> reporter: he said even some of his local riders stayed home. >> nobody wants to get sick. >> alka tras and muir woods are closed. but they are getting refunds. >> i assume that it's the air. , so can't really blame anybody. >> the agnme store was empty. business was way down.
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>> 30%, maybe a third. quite a lieutenant. it's affecting everyone on this street. >> not everyone. brownie's hardware has sold plenty of masks. >> we had a line. >> reporter: there are lots of people still wearing the fashion masks. but not linda zarr. >> there were birds in my yard singing happily. that's a good sign. >> reporter: thank you for the forecast of rain coming to san francisco. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> crews across the bay area a preparing for tom workers re-ar flows unimpeded.
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>> today we got a new perspective of the burn zone from the air national guard. hundreds of people are still missing and the possibility of mudslides is very real. soot and ash mixes together with dirt. this will make the search for human remains even more challengeling. here are the latest numbers. 79 dead. nearly 700 people are unaccounted for. 151,000 acres burned, this fire is 70% contained. our reporter is in paradise. jodi. >> reporter: and this a lot of preparations under the burnt hillsides to getting to as many properties as quickly as they can. searchers say they will not let the stormy weather stop them. >> diana sour is looking for her
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missing uncle russ. his family hasn't heard from him after his home burned. they're hoping he's somewhere safe. >> that we love him very, very much. so i just want him to know we're looking. >> search crews are continuing the grim work for looking for remains in the burn zone, going house by house. but with the stormy weather on tap, it's going to get tougher. crews are working to shore up road sides to keep them from sliding. >> we're trying to move as fast as we can. >> reporter: animal rescuers are trying to work quickly, too. this team picked up you three cats today. >> we'd like to get them so they're not hurt and zblird the cold and rain. >> reporter: we even did our part last night, rescuing a
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singed kitty coming to us for help. we took him to the vet. they're grateful for challenging conditions to give them answers. >> i don't think anybody's going to stop just because rain is coming. >> reporter: we are back here live where again, the spray paint marks that the searchers have been through this area. there is so such to go through. they'll be suiting up tonight, getting their rain gear tomorrow and they'll be back out here first things tomorrow northern. >> jodi, thank you. they have been working tirelessly around the clock. a lot of the burn area is off 4ri789s still to the public and here's why. firefighters are working on hot spots. they say they are working 24/7 to try to get people back in their communities as fast as possible. as we mentioned, there are
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nearly 700 people still unaccounted for. the rescue workers have a tool to help identify missing family members, but there's a problem. they need more volunteers to submit dna samples. a cheek swab can help but not enough people in that community there in butte county have come forward. the company is donating the technology. it says it needs hundreds more samples. >> shock in washington as president trump breaks with the cia over the murder of a saudi journalist. he declared the u.s. will stand with saudi arabia despite the cia conclusion that 2 saudi crown prince ordered the killing of the washington post journalist. the president today said of the cebe he did, maybe h >> right now we have oil prices in great shape. i'm not going to destroy the
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world economy and i'm not going to doe astro the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. >> he rapided about two minutes about the 9th circuit calling it a disgrace. that follows a ruling yesterday. >> up next, we have new answers from that mysterious death of a 49ers fan who vanished during a game. what police think he was trying to do that led to an accidental drowning. >> plus no more plastic shampoo blolts. making history with a brand-new ban. >> storm ranger shows dry companies by rain is set to return tomorrow. i'll have the time line coming up in about eight minutes. this little home of mine,
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i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. stadium. investigators now have a theory . new details about a 49ers fan who vnished at a game. investigators have a theory about whap they s in the guadalupe river. surveian video shows him walking. police and family combed the area looking for him. on saturday duck hunters discovered his body face down in the water. investigators say they believe
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he may have walked about 12 minutes from levi's stadium and fell into the gap lupe river and drown and the current carried him out. police say he had been drinking and probably became disoriented. >> a big change is coming to santa cruz county. it's all about sam pew. the board voted unanimously to get rid of plastic shampoo bottles in hotels and motels, causing them a has toord the beaches. it goes into effect in december of 2020. this is the first of irts kithi kind of ban in the country. >> this bapd almost blew the roof off the new o'dool's.
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outside it looked like san francisco's mounted patrol was waiting to trot many and grab a bite. >> for most of us, friends and family are our first choice for that big dinner but that's not always possible. >> a woman is opening up her home once again to strangers. how this unique and generous tradition began. >> reporter: she says she's not the martha stewart type. what she does have is a keen sense of community. well, that and a reddit account. much talk about trying to bring people together, sarah h with i. it's called bringing people together. >> last year we stoppeat >> reporter: as in the 100 strangers she's hosting on
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thanksgiving day. >> it started with me realizing i had nowhere to go. >> reporter: where it was 2014 when she had that revelation. this was her response. anyone who didn't have a place to go was welcome at her place. sarah, clearly not the type to be worried about strangers in her home. >> i don't think so. i think i was more nervous the day of, wondering if anybody was actually going to show up. >> reporter: four people did, including a guy with a guitar and a good time was had by all. everybody, thanksgiving year two. i've done it, proved i'm not a murderer. and 30 people showed up. that's when i was like actually this is pretty cool. >> reporter: the following year there was 50 people. now she's buying food for twice
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that amount. >> i really enjoy talking to people and getting their stories and finding out where they came from and how they ended up in my house. i havele eight pounds of butter in the refrigerator. >> reporter: confirmation for her that no matter what you see on the internet, people are mostly good and sometimes in the right hands, the internet can even bring out the best in us. >> you have to be someone willing to take a risk on other people, i think. >> that's nice. >> my favorite holiday. >> isn't that wonderful? she's married and her husband is cooking for all the le it started in an apartment. she's rented out a party room of the apartment complex. i just checked with her today. 101 people have rsvp'd so far. >> it's going to grow more. >> yes.
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she and one of the original couples have made friends. >> thanks. >> that is sweet. >> the sunset tonight in the bay area is right over the bay from our sky ranger a few minutes ago. we got a lot of things changing. thanksgiving and all this weather changing. >> i love it, jeff. we're going to get some fresh air coming in. >> it's just what we need. it's going to cause some problem for other parts of northern smoke. let's give you the bird's eye perspective. the overled view looks like two different storms. the first one arrives tomorrow and the second chance friday. great to clear out the smoke. tomorrow we think it's going to
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drop to moderate and possibly low levels. we want to focus on this first. in case you're traveling to the south or east, we have a flash flood watch in hew kai i've upped to redding, paradise, win to four inches of rain expected there. could bring some flooding problems. winter storm warning up for most of the sierra. we'll have a more spec seven-day for the coming up in about a minute and a half. we haven't seen any big changes on this. still, by 11:30, rainfall in the pacific. tomorrow it is a split community. dry in san jose by dry in the coast. 1:00, everybody should get some wet weather. a little bit of a new thing.
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it would extend to the north bay then the snow right here for the sieras. overall accumulations, we're going to show it on the map. find your city. there's going to be a lot of colors just because of the varying totals. we're good for about a half inch to a quarter inch from san francisco to the south bay. we'll have this rain shadow elevations, the e.f mountains of the peninsula will steal a lot of that rainfall and there won't be as much left here. the north bay, still a half inch to potentially win inch. let's look at this. spotty chance for thanksgiving. looks pretty good there on turkey day for us. by friday, we're watching what could possibly be another storm. we're going to watch did speed
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on this. it slows down, it could mean the fire threat will be higher. you need a jacket with you inland. upper 50s and low 60s with us. in the sierra, snowfall tomorrow. then sloppy thursday and friday. rain and snow mixing in. be careful, bring your chains and have a good time if you're going to tahoe. >> a dynamic few days. >> we're waiting for it. >> we were. thank you. >> these restaurants don't have stars buticwhere the person you,
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starts abusing you. the violence a . imagine moving to a new country where if person you love you starts abusing you. the violence against women act
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is designed to protect immigrants who marry americans. critics say some of them are falsely claiming abuse to stay in the u.s. liz wagner explains. >> reporter: the law allows foreign spouses facing domestic abuse to request legal stouts in the u.s. without their american partner ever knowing. some new husbands are telling nbc stations across the country they belief their wives are making false allegations to take advantage of immigration benefits. we spoke to a man who thought he met the love of his life in shortly after she came here, sh except his bank account and something else. >> i have heard of this. >> reporter: heard of what? >> i have friends who married foreigners. it's suddenly, they just wanted a green card.
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>> reporter: he filed for divorce but found out his wife alleged violence. the sonoma man denies he ever abused his wife but the immigration system doesn't let him defend himself. coming up at 11:00 we'll show you why thousands of americans might be in the same boat. >> thanks, liz. a spotlight on award winning sfraunts that won't break the bank. they don't haven stars. they serve high quality food at reasonable prices. oakland has four on the list. in wine country there are several new spots on the list, including one in rockville.
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castro?" family and friends say goodbye to the woman who . tonight at 6:00, what happens to alicia castro.
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family and friends say goodbye to the woman who died mysteriously. >> finally, peas and carrots are off the table. a pair of turkeys got the traditional pardon today along with a serving of a little political humor . >> i will be issuing peas and carrots a presidential problem. unfortunately, i can't guarantee that your pardons bond be enjoined by the 9th circuit. >> the president and first lady will spend thanksgiving in florida but teams have christma i'm free! i'm free! there. >> we leave you wits beautiful sunset. lester holt is next. breaking news tonight. a bombshell from "the new york times" reporting that president trump wanted to order the justice
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department to prosecute his rivals, hillary clinton and james comey. the white house counsel reportedly warning the president he could face impeachment if he gave the order. we'll have details. and new fallout tonight after revelations that ivanka trump used privacy e-mail for government work. critics cry hypocrisy after his father's relentless criticism of clinton. also breaking, the lettuce. >> if you have it in your home, go ahead and throw it away. >> don't eat it, don't serve it, and don't g a sweeping alert. it's the biggest holiday travel rush in years, and forecasters say we could be i


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