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tv   Today  NBC  November 21, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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the slick roadways like we're starting to see in the north bay may be an issue. the san rafael camera is showing some drizzle on the road. >> that's what's happening on "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> thanks for starting your morning here with us. good mor [ music playing ] good morning, go time. more americans hitting the road today in more than a dozen years. the busiest thanksgiving travel season in half a generation and a bitter cold one to boot. just ahead, will you get there on time? and could whipping winds in new york ground those famous parade balloons? unprecedented recall. the cdc with a stunningly broad directive to every american. there out euromaine lettuce. any brand from any store anywhere. e. coli outbreaks and officials have no idea where it's coming from. ahead, why the cdc says simply
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throwing it outen in sufficient. breaking overnight a hung jury in a mistrial in ra man who allegedly confessed to killing a young woman out jogging. we are live at the courthouse. those stories, bus that woman, monica lewinsky on how she felt about this notorious presidential denial. teeing off. >> is this is me versus him. this is winner take all. >> two of the greatest golfers all time set the stage for their matchup. and cooking for a cause, al goes to california, along with famous chefs giving back to deserving heroes just in time for thanksgiving, today, wednesday, november 21st, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today."
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nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. if anybody needs a hug and a good meal, it's those folks in california strugglings with the fires and who better to give it than natalie and al to give snit. >> when they got there, some of the firefighters were shell shocked, many had lost their homes. he brought love, tl kc and grea food. >> now the time for the rush. it's the busiest travel weekend in a decade. now final 24 hours. here in the northeast, we're bracing for record cold temperatures. >> that could impact travel for tens of millions of americans. by the way, there is wind forecasted. what will that mean for the parade? we got team coverage this morning on what to expect? let's start with al and his forecast. good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys. so let's start with 250d. the get away day. lake effect snow in the northeast. we got rain in the west. first of all, delays in boston and new york.
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seattle, portland, san francisco, los angeles. the highways, seattle to l.a., san francisco to reno in the east. all the montreal and cleveland to boston and of course all eyes on the west especially northern california with heavy rain moving in. we could see anywhere from one to six inches of rain depending, flash flooding very likely. dangerous situations whether develop. now, on thanksgiving day, heavy rain continues in the northwest. mountain snows in the rockies. bitterly cold in the northeast. airport delays, boston, new york, out west. those are the big problems. what we are looking at for the roads from seattle to san francisco. seattle and mazula. sfra ens to salt lake. in the northeast, bitterly cold thanksgiving morning. wind chills below zero. 9 in detroit and look at this, boston could be the coldest thanksgiving since 1901. thanksgiving day in new york the coldest temperature in 117 years. friday, records possible for hartford, boston, albany,
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bingham thomp, allentown and new york's jfk. then as we make our way for sunday, people getting back home. the problems at the airports are basically going to be out west and also in the mid-west for minneapolis, chicago, st. louis, atlanta, detroit, boston, atlanta, tacoma, especially i-know, chicago to minneapolis. minneapolis to omaha, omaha to chicago, ch i. to new orleans. here's what we're looking at, brigg i big problems, heavy snow, missouri to wisconsin, strong winds, whiteout conditions. we will watch this closely. you may have gotten where you need to know on thanksgiving. you may have trouble getting back home, guys. >> al, thank you. 54 million americans are on the move this week. most by car. a record number by plane. how much extra time will you need to factor into those plans. tom costello, they are tracking all that stuff. tom, good morning. >> reporter: they track every
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single plane in the skies, not just xheshlgs also business and military. take a look behind me on the big monitor on the wall back there. >> that represents every single flight right now in the skies over north america. 5,000 planes in the air. they are watching air force the wind, they're watching runways. they're coordinating closely with the military, mexico and canada. and they are preparing for this day since august. >> good morning from the command center. >> reporter: this morning, zero hour at the faa command center. the start of one of the busiest travel days in one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. >> i think the strategy is get around as much as you can until you can't anymore. >> reporter: it's here that they track every flight, every airport, every runway, every control tower in the country. if a problem pops up, the alert flashes here. at any given moment, they're monitoring more than 5,000 planes in the air. on a typical day, more than 2.5 million airline passengers.
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ed with airlines adding thousands of extra flights to hand tell record loads the military is freeing up normalably closnormally closed air pace. what itself the biggest variable? >> weather is our variable. even the smallest zwaul csquall have a ripple effect. >> reporter: this morning, all hands on deck at the airlines and the tsa, the advice for travelers -- >> i would stay number one thing is give yourself extra time. >> reporter: message received. >> we got an advisory, be here two hours ahead of time. so we took that had vice. >> reporter: if you are driving, you will have plenty of company on the roads the most traffic in 12 years according to aaa. the afternoon rush hours expected to be the worse. then all day sunday, everyone drives home from family and friends, overnight, that heavy traffic having a major impact in los angeles, brake lights as far as the eye can see.
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>> it can be long. but you know the kids have the technology today. >> reporter: even amtrak is reporting full trains, three-quarters of a million passengers expected this week. >> i'm really giddy about it now. i really am. i'm so ready to get on a train and chill out and have a relaxing trip and see family. >> reporter: but first a final mad dash before the big chillout. yet, chilling out is in the eyes of the beholder. right? if you are doing the cooking, there may not be a lot of chilling out. back to you. >> you mentioned the military actually cleared up some airspace to help with the travel. what more do you say about that? has that happened before? >> reporter: it happens on really big periods like this. very busy periods. they've got the military liaisons in the room with them. it's called the holiday airspace release program. essentially, it allows the commercial aircraft to use military routes or corridors, if you will, off the east coast, so
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the pilots can fly a more direct route. especially when you add so many flights. so many added with all the airlines over the course of the holiday. >> that will come in handy. thank you. a lot more than 3 million people are expected to line the streets of man at that tihattan braving and cold to be in the action. it could prove more than an inconvenience. kristen dolgren is a few blocks ahead of us. how is it looking and feeling? >> reporter: good morning, guys. it's cold this morning. you guys tomorrow will have to subtract another 15 to 20 degrees from what we are today. it is going to be brutally cold. perhaps the coldest mace i's thanksgiving day parade ever hear in new york city. and that cold weather has a lot of people rethinking those holiday plans. this morning, macy's employees making preparations for a show that will go on hoping that come thursday their famous balloons will still fly. >> we want to make sure nobody
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gets any times of frostbite or injuries due to the cold weather. >> reporter: with frigid temperatures and high winds threatening the famous thanksgiving day parade, authorities looking to avoid mistakes of holidays past. >> it looks like he will fall on top of us. >> reporter: in 1997, strong winds flew this cat in the hat balloon into a street lamp. debris struck a young woman, putting her in a coma for three weeks n. 2005 a similar incident. when this giant m&m theme balloon struck a poll in time's square, injuring two. this thanksgiving day the wednesday expected to gust in the 25-to-35-mile-per-hour range, close to the threshold for grounding the balloons. the nypd imploying anmometers to measure the wind speed. macy's said in the morning, the nypd and made macy's will make a
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decision based on the current parade route and a number of different sources. >> it will be cold, make sure you wear your appropriate attire. >> reporter: another concern, the frigid temperatures, stuck in the 20s. >> it will be fun to see the parade. i don't know, it's cold. >> it seems it will be a little too cold. it may be a stay home morning. >> others braving the elements. >> we saw the cold and got long johns before we came. i hope we're ready. >> i hope spiderman can fly. he's looking forward to it. >> reporter: so it will be a dame time decision on those balloons. but it's not just the parade, guys. some football games have been moved to today, trying to get them in before that bitter cold moves in. one silver lining, i think your tv audience is growing as we speak. i for one will be cuddled up at home. >> thank you. of course, we will be there tomorrow and eight pairs of wool
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underwear. the macy's thanksgiving parade starts at 9:00 a.m. i hope you watch it with us on nbc. just a day before americans sit down at the table, an unusual nationwide warning from the cdc about romaine let us the, landing dozens of people in the hospital. federal health officials say it is unsafe in any form. we will get some expert advice on how to stay healthy. first, nbc news' gabe gutierrez is here with that story. good morning. >> reporter: hi, hoda, it is an incredibly broad warning. the cdc telling them to not use any romaine, all of it should go. this morning an urgent alert from the centers for disease control and prevention as it investigates a dangerous e. coli outbreak. stay away from romaine lettuce. >> if have you it in your home, throw it away. if you go to the store to do shopping, make sure you are not buying any romaine.
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>> reporter: 13 have been hospitaled. the most serious suffering from kidney failure. the cdc also urging consumers to wash and sanitize drawers where the lettuce was stored. >> it's scary, because you can't eat anything now what can you eat? >> reporter: major retailers already pulling it from she was, restaurants removing it from their menus. >> we just received this and with an abundance of caution, we pulled all the romaine. >> reporter: some on twitter are relieved. earlier this year five people died in another major outbreak with contaminated romaine traced to arizona. the origin of this latest outbreak was also unknown. >> right now our investigation links these illnesses to romaine lettuce. if da is working to determine the source of the romaine lettuce. right now, there is no common
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grower or supplier or brand of romaine. >> reporter: so what's next? retailers are in a holding pattern until they get more guidance from the cdc and fda. this latest doesn't seem to be related to one earlier this year, it is the same strain from another outbreak last year. >> all right. thank you, gabe. we are joined now by medical correspondent dr. john torres. this seems almost unprecedented for a recall to be so totally broad. >> i think what's happening is they've learned over the last few recalls, what can happen. the yuma, arizona one, there were five deaths, multiple hospitalizations, they never found or pinpointed the source. in this instance, they're saying let's be safe and not sorry. let's make a broad recall. especially thanksgiving is coming up tomorrow, people will be eating a lot of salad. they want people to get rid of it. >> they say you should go in and sanitize your fridge and do all kind of stuff. what are the implications? >> o. shbacteria, it's a deadly
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strain. it can cause deaths like this yuma, arizona one, gabe said it was related to the one in the fall. what they are saying is anything it touches, you want to make sure you decon tam na it that area. clean it out. again, better be safe than sorry. in the past, they used to have meat recalls, now they heat it to a certain temperature. you can't heat lettuce. you don't cook it typically so it's raw. you are eat tag raw lettuce. they -- you are eating that raw lettuce. they want to you sanitize. that's the big issue, where it happens, they don't know, there are so many issues getting it to the table. >> thank you so much. thank you, an explosive "new york times" report has president trump in the hot seat this morning. it reveals he wanted the justice department to prosecute both hillary clinton and james comey on his behalf, meantime, the president is standing by saudi arabia, despite u.s. intelligence indicating that the
7:15 am
saudi crown prince order adjournalist to be killed. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has details. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: hi, hoda. good morning to you. and president trump is starting his thanksgiving holiday on defense because of those two controversies that you mentioned. this morning, there are new questions about his relationship with his own justice department and whether he's too cozy with saudi arabia a country many law makers say should be severely punished right now. this morning, new fallout from that bombshell "new york times" report, saying president trump wanted to prosecute his political adversaries. >> it shows an absolute contempt for the rule of law. >> reporter: according to "times" he told don mcgahn he wanted the justice department to prosecute his 2016 rival hillary clinton and james comey, the fbi director he fired, citing two anonymous sources familiar with
7:16 am
that conversation. the "times" told the president, he had no authority and mcgahn asked white house lawyers to write a memo warning if he asked law enforcement to investigate, he could face a range of consequences, including possible impeachment. mcgahn didn't respond to nbc news' request for comment. his lawyer told the "time's" the president never to his knowledge would order to prosecute james comey. as a candidate, mr. trump, made no secret of his desire to investigate his challenger. >> it's awfully good with someone of the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our count. >> because you'd be in jail. >> reporter: it comes amid a mounting foreign policy controversy. with the president standing firmly with the saudi government. >> if we abandon saudi arabia, it would be a terrible mistake. >> reporter: announcing tuesday, he won't punish the u.s. allie for the murder of journalist and u.s. resident jamal khashoggi,
7:17 am
prompting bipartisan backlash with republican for lindsey graham and democratic senator diane feinstein, calling for action against the kingdom. the president ignoring the cia conclusion reported by nbc news the saudi crown prince ordered cashing o's murder, himself. >> the cia has looked at it, studied a lot. they have nothing definitive. the fact is, maybe he did, maybe he didn't. >> reporter: arguing he doesn't want to jeopardize relations with the kingdom. >> i'm not destroying the economy by being foolish about saudi arabia. it's about america first. >> reporter: and we're learning this morning that the president and his legal team have submitted written answers to special counsel robert mueller with the president's lawyers writing, in part, much of what has been asked was beyond the scope of legitimate inquiry. for his part, president trump has signaled it's unlikely he will sit for an in-person
7:18 am
interview with mueller. the big question, will mueller ultimately demand one? hoda, savannah? >> kristen welker, thanks, kristen. >> let us get the rest of the forecast from the man of the hour. >> thank you for getting your first tweets from us. heavy rain, frenl i'd a frigid south from northern louisiana on into arkansas. snow showers to the northeast. we look for abundant sunshine into florida. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:19 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. tracking some rain across the south bay, as well as the east bay. looks pretty good out there as the rain starts to come down, especially anywhere from just north of sunnyvale, down to san jose, and then up toward fremont. we're going to see some rounds of some heavy rain moving in, as we track not one but two storm systems set to move in over the next couple of days. we will be seeing the rain also making those roads wet so heads up about that. more rain especially more widespread rain moving through throughout the day. and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thanks, al. coming up, a shocking twist in the case of a young woman who was murdered while jogging. a judge declaring a mistrial after a hung jury, despite a chilling confession from the suspect. then, monica lewinsky unfiltered. her new reaction to bill
7:20 am
clinton's denial of their relationship. and why she still has regrets 20 earslater.
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♪ a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. we are in that microclimate weather alert this morning. taking a live look outside san rafael, "s" curve, you can see the drivers dealing with the wet roads. we haven't seen them in a while in the bay area. it's the first in the string of storms in the process of making its arrival across the bay area as well. meteorologist kari hall is tracking it all for us. >> we're tracking it with storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, you can see the red scan there, gives us the best high resolution view of where the rain is falling and just across north san jose and moving over toward milpitas and fremont we have a pretty good amount of rain coming down at this point. we'll see more of that moving
7:27 am
in, coming in waves. scattered showers off and on throughout the day, as we track this, as once again we talk about two storm systems moving in. by 11:30, we still see the scattered rain and some of the pockets of downpours may be quite heavy at times, in between some breaks and it's going to make the roads slick as we go throughout the day. little bit of a break during the overnight hours into the day on thursday, and then the second storm system moves in, this will be heavier as it approaches thursday night and continues throughout the day on friday. so how are the roads looking right now, mike? >> holding up, right now easy volume of traffic and highway 17 actually clearing that crash, the traffic alert cleared from the summit on the northbound side. westbound 580 at 980 we had an earlier car fire, looks like that's been taken care of, lanes are clearing. we are getting some recovery, that's the slowest spot for the maze, the only problem for the maze and look at that, no real problems for the east shore freeway and the metering lights which were turned on this morning, they decided we don't need them, they're turned off again.
7:28 am
i think it's true, we don't need them. laura, back to you. >> not when you can count the cars like that. thanks, mike. i'll be back with another update in half an hour. see you then.
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7:30 am
back, now, 7:30 on this wednesday morning. there she is, on november 21st, 2018. that's our rockefeller center christmas tree. we're thinking about christmas. the scaffolding is coming down. we're going to have the tree lighting next week. that's a magnificent 72-footer here at the plaza. the tree lighting is a week from today. >> one week from today. let's hope that the weather will be warmer than for our parade tomorrow. >> they have most of the lights on the tree, as well. >> exciting. let's check the headlines on this thanksgiving eve. don't eat romaine lettuce. that warning coming from federal health officials tuesday after another e. coli outbreak.
7:31 am
at least 32 people have been sickened, 13 of them hospitalized. the centers for disease control and prevention says if you have any romaine lettuce in your house, in any form, throw it out. this is the second outbreak of e. coli in romaine lettuce this year. the ripple effect from the larry nassar gymnastics fallout is continuing. lynn simon is accused of making false and misleading statements regarding her knowledge of a sexual misconduct complaint against nassar. she was pressured to resign in january. if convicted, she faces four years in prison. mark zuckerberg says he will not step down as chairman despite recent scandals. in an interview with cnn, zuckerberg said he is not going
7:32 am
anywhere for now. and he addressed the future of facebook's embattled coo, cheryl s sandbe sandberg. >> can you say that sheryl will stay in her role? >> yes. sheryl is a big part of this country. she is leading efforts to address the issues we have. and she's been an important partner for me for ten years. i'm proud of the work we've done together. and i hope we work together for decades more to come. >> on the subject of russian propaganda and the election, zuckerberg said the company did not the pick up on it fast enough, but has worked to curb future interference. we're looking at a case that rocked new york city and made headlines across the one. women everywhere was on-edge after katrina was sound dead
7:33 am
after a jog alone. ron allen is outside of the queens courthouse with the story. >> reporter: this case was shocking and terrifying to women who jog alone. for months, investigators could not find a suspect, even though they had dna evidence, found under the victim's fingernail. she struggled and fought back. then, finally, an arrest, a trial months later. investigators at that point thought they had a solid confession on videotape. late last night, after some 13 hours of deliberation, the jury could not reach a verdict. overnight, a stunning ending in the murder trial of a jogger from queens, new york. a jundge declaring a mistrial b hung jury. following 13 hours of deliberation, the jury deadlocked in the case with dna evidence and a confession tape. the jurors, seven women and five men, sending a note to the judge, telling him they could not agree if sheinelle lewis was
7:34 am
guilty of killing katrina vetra vetrano. we feel we have exhausted all of our options. vetrano vanished during her dially evening job along a park trial. when she did not return hours later, her father reported her missing. >> the father went into the woods and found the body with our detectives right after him. you can imagine his angst at that point. >> reporter: prosecutors said lewis strangled and abused vetrano, abandoning her body in a marsh. and that lewis' dna was under her fingernails and on her cell phone. the jury asked to relook at evidence. on the tape, lewis was seen telling police that he was upset with a neighbor and when he came across vetrano in a secluded section of the park he, quote, last it. he beat and strangled her.
7:35 am
lewis' confession was wrongly obtained and should not have been admissible in the trial. his attorney says lewis confessed because he wanted to go home, after waiting hours in an interrogation room. >> it shows that dna is not -- it's not as clear-cut. every issue needs to be evaluated and it's not an open-and-shut situation. >> reporter: a situation that leaves vetrano's family in silence, as they left the courtroom, still suffering over a devastating death of a woman filled with life. the prosecutors insist they will retrial the case. the suspect remains in custody at this hour. there's a hearing on january 22nd, to figure out what happens next. >> all right, ron. because it's a mistrial, they can choose to reprosecute, as you mentioned. thank you very much. the docu-series of bill clinton's affair with monica lewinsky, wrapped up last night. it has a lot of people talking again, 20 years later. kate snow is here with more on this. >> reporter: good morning.
7:36 am
20 years ago, there was no such thing as the #metoo movement. and one of the most jarring takeaways from watching all six hours of this a&e series is how much harder the world was on monica lewinsky than the president. all these years later, she has deep regrets. but she wants the world to learn from her public shaming. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: it's the label monica lewinsky may never fully shake. >> i was gutted. i felt anger. i was hurt, having been called that woman. >> reporter: a 24-year-old splashed across the front page of every newspaper. her own mother called to testify before the grand jury, in an attempt to put pressure on lewinsky to cooperate. >> no parent should have to be forced to testify against a child. it's inhuman. it's barbaric. >> reporter: intimate, and graphic details of lewinsky's life were laid out for the world to see in ken starr's report, delivered to capitol hill and released online 20 years ago.
7:37 am
>> knowing how my family was going to be affected, i had taken on what i imagined they felt, too, how humiliated they were. i felt terrible for mrs. clinton. i felt awful for chelsea. >> reporter: when you put the commentary, the punch lines and the headlines in one place -- >> i think monica lewinsky is the one who should apologize to america. >> reporter: -- the theme is obvious, she was to blame. >> people started to chip away at my integrity and my character. >> reporter: lewinsky says there was the real her and the caricature that was created. jennifer palomarry said she ran into lewinsky and knew what to say. >> i said i was sorry. that i was just, you know, not
7:38 am
apologizing that i had some role in this. but i was just so sorry about what they did to her, how it affected her life and how it affected her life in a way that it didn't affect president clinton's life. >> reporter: in recent years, lewinsky said she found ways to make positive contributions. penning essays. >> you can insist on a different ending to your story. >> reporter: giving a famous ted talk. >> i never could imagine the impact that this would have on others, on the presidency, on my life, of course, the country. you know, i don't know, i guess though my life has moved on in ways for which i'm incredibly grateful, i still meet regret every day. you know? and it's -- the consequences for this and the pain that was
7:39 am
caused, was enormous. >> reporter: lewinsky says now she doesn't think she would have felt so isolated had all this happen today, in part because so many women are speaking out in support of each other. she's 45 now and a contributing editor at "vanity fair." and bill clinton's office has had no comment on this project. and interestingly, a source with a&e is looking at exploring a future progress with monica lewinsky. and just for the record, she was not paid for the interviews. >> so interesting to hear from her. there's no question, she has spent decades of introspection, looking at herself, looking at what happened, looking at the incident. it's fascinating to watch. >> she tweeted overnight she wishes, now, she hadn't said so much to linda tripp, which is something that comes out of watching this. >> all right, kate. thank you. >> thank you so much. let's take a turn now. we get a check of the weather from al. >> that's right. we're going to look at what's going on out west. we actually have not one, not
7:40 am
two, but three storms, today, thursday, and friday. these are going to come in and cause problem from the pacific northwest, all the way into northern california. in fact, we have flash flood watches up from oregon all the way into central california, for the camp fire, the burn scar area. and we have winter storm warn g warnings for the sierra nevada. it will bring heavy rain, 3 to 6 inches of rain and good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. storm ranger tracking the rain, mostly south of the golden gate bridge, as we track the rain moving across the peninsula, and then over across the bay, and to the east bay. we also just had some rain in san jose, but it's starting to move over toward milpitas and farther off toward the north. we're going to see more waves of rain coming in at times throughout the day, but there will be some breaks in between. we are going to see our second round of rain moving in by late
7:41 am
tomorrow night into early friday morning. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up, a story we've been waiting for all morning, a special trip to california. he's just back overnight. al and a group of chefs and natalie morales treated firefighters impacted by the fires. did you hear? "doubten ab and blake shelton and gwen stefani are spreading the christmas spirit a little early. and aiden, mommy needs the recipe. it's our first turkey! ♪ we're having lobster! ♪ [ringtone] ♪ ♪ hey google, next step.
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♪ the whole world's coming together now ♪ ♪ can you feel it ♪ can you feel it ♪ can you feel it ♪ can you feel it ♪ can you feel it ♪ can you feel it ♪ can you feel it ♪ can you feel it shhh... [whispering] ♪ can you feel it this morning on "in-depth today" we're all about golf. >> all about it. two of the sport's biggest stores going head-to-head on friday, tiger woods and phil mickelson, trading barbs at a press conference on tuesday. at times, the smack-talk appeared a bit staged. each is betting they will come out on top. miguel almaguer has the story. this is going to be a big one, buddy. >> reporter: las vegas is no stranger to unique marquee
7:46 am
events. on friday, tiger woods and phil mickelson will add their names to that list. two of the greatest golfers of all-time, going one-on-one for one massive payday. >> to be able to go against phil like this, it gets my juices flowing, for sure. >> it's my chance after losing so many majors to you and so many tournaments to get a little something back. >> reporter: the stage is set. tiger woods and phil mickelson, primed and ready for a head-to-head showdown in vegas. >> this is me versus him. this is winner-take-all. >> reporter: up for grabs in the pay-per-view spectacle, 9 million bucks, and bragging rights and proceeds going to charity. >> i'm willing to risk $100,000 to say i birdie the 1st hole. >> you think you can make birdie on the 1st hole? >> i know i'm going to make birdie on the 1st hole. >> double it. >> did you see how i baited him
7:47 am
like that? >> reporter: they can afford it. the golfing greats have combined to win 123 pga titles, 19 majors and $200 million in on-course earnings. just for good measure, a little added intrigue. both woods and mickelson will be mic'd up. >> the fans get to see and experience something they never get to see and experience, which are the conversations. >> reporter: woods' and mickelson's relationships were contentious when they were younger but has improved in recent years. and the two friends have plenty to smile about. >> look at this scene. >> reporter: after recent back injuries threatened to derail his career, woods made a triumphant return to the winner's circle in september. while lefty also notched a victory last season. and is eager to tee it up against his rival. >> i just don't want to lose to him and give him the satisfaction. >> reporter: not everyone is excited. some critics point to the pay-per-view price tag.
7:48 am
others wish the match-up happened at the peak of their powers. however, woods and mickelson say they're ready to perform. >> this is very different than anything golf has ever done in the past. we're able to showcase our sport in a different light. >> reporter: in typical vegas fashion, the two competers faciface i faceing off before both come out swinging. >> according to oddsmakers, woods is the favorite. but this is one of the biggest clashes of sports names. and neither want to lose. >> i love golf trash talk. our fans are going to clap really loud. it will be crazy. coming up, have you ever wanted to visit "downton abbey"? keir simmons
7:49 am
7:50 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ good wednesday morning. right now it's 7:56. we are tracking the rain on storm ranger. our mobile doppler radar good coverage from marin county southward as we're seeing the rain returning to san francisco. pretty heavy rain down to san mateo, and then it gets lighter as you approach palo alto. and then it extends over toward the east bay, where rainfall rates have been at about a quarter inch of rain per hour.
7:57 am
we're going to see more waves of rain like this as we go throughout the day, especially into early afternoon, and then we are going to see the rain taper off later on this evening. as we go hour by hour, there will be some breaks in between and the opportunity for to you get outside throughout the day without seeing the rain, but the roads are going to be very wet, and then a slight chance of rain during the overnight hours before we see a bit of a break before our second storm system moves in tomorrow evening. we'll be tracking that. let's get an update on how this is affecting the roads with mike. >> kari, light traffic with the rain may be affecting things. update for highway 17. first i show you 580 slow through oakland. the earlier car fire has been cleared from the report, slow for that section. the rest of the bay looks great from this map. i'm zooming down to northbound 17, right at the cats, we hear about a crash blocking both lanes and a jackknifed big rig and caltrans request has been you light up the signs to talk about wet roadways for the santa cruz mountains. keep that in mind. we're giving you a look outside and we see that palo alto shows
7:58 am
damp roadways. happening now, weather related issues adding up to delays for flyers at sfo. it is wet already out there. the airport says strong winds creating some delays close to two hours for some arrivals. in butte county the wet weather already improving camp fire containment levels. new numbers are just in, now putting the fire at 80% containment. on our home page is the latest including concerns about mudslides. another local news update in half an hour. thanksgiving day-
7:59 am
but we )re tracking a more potet storm for your black friday shopping plans. plus: meet the bay area kid with a big heart...that )s completing something most adults only dream of. today in the bay. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today, coming up, the great escape. tens of millions of americans getting ready for the busiest than than thanksgiving travel week in 12 years. with the northeast bracing for record high temperatures and winds, will that effect the big parade. plus a royal thanksgiving? will meghan markle bring some american traditions to the brits for her first thanksgiving in kensington palace. her first turkey day across the pond. >> cooking for a cause. al and his team of celebrity chefs return home to california
8:01 am
preparing meals for deserving firefighters. >> we want to say thank you. >> we'll hear all about their whirlwind trip and special surprise they had for the first responders. today wednesday, november 21st, 2018. >> tomorrow i'm singing in the parade, but first, we're on today. >> hey y'all, we're from mississippi. >> from florida. >> thankful for today. ♪ >> good morning to my fiancee nathan. >> my grandma. >> my nephews in the air force and navy. >> and all our friends in mississippi. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to today. it's the day before thanksgiving and if we don't say it every day, we can't say it enough, we're so thankful to have you watching us and watching the "today" show every day. >> isn't it nice seeing the tree
8:02 am
as the backdrop. it's here. >> my favorite part of the tree is seeing the people that come from all over and stop and take selfies in front of it. >> we will have more on the tree and the holiday in a minute, but let's get right to your news at 8:00. the extreme wintry weather causing delays and hazardous conditions. a lot of people want to know the forecast because of this important holiday. >> airport delays in boston and new york and snow and wind. out west, big, big problems because of all the rain and in the highways there, i-5, i-80 and then in the east, i-87 and i-90 cleveland to boston. now we move into thanksgiving day, heavy rain to the west. bitter cold temperatures here in the northeast. look at the readings. wind chills will be like 3 below in boston. 8 in new york. 14 in pittsburgh. 9 for parts of buffalo. boston's 21 will be the coldest high since 1901. thanksgiving day here in new york city, not only is it going
8:03 am
to be windy, but we're also talking about the coldest in over 100 years and on friday colder with records from bingamton, boston and jfk. and i-94, chicago to minneapolis. and i-55 chicago down to new orleans. going to have problems. heavy snow from the mid-section. could be white out conditions. major problems for folks trying to get home on sunday. >> a few extra layers could help folks handle the cold at tomorrow's macy's thanksgiving day parade. kristen is there with that part of the story. tell us, kristen.
8:04 am
>> good morning. this could be a macy's thanksgiving day parade like we have never seen. it's going to be the coldest record low temperatures and you mention the winds. that's the big concern with the 26 giant balloons that everybody loves to see floating through the streets here in new york. after an accident in 1997 they instituted a rule that they can't fly if winds are over 34 miles per hour. that's going to be a game time decision. they have wind measuring devices along the route. they're going to be seeing what the gusts are, and they will make the call tomorrow morning. they could lower the balloons or ground them. so fingers crossed it is all according to plan and they're able to fly tomorrow. >> we will all be there, thank you. >> just ahead of the national holiday feast, federal health officials say there's one food you should not buy, you should not serve, you should not eat. romaine lettuce.
8:05 am
gabe is with us to tell us why it's so urgent. >> they're already pulling romaine from shelves and restaurants are removing it from menus. they're telling people to throw away any romaine lettuce they may have already bought no matter if it's whole, chopped, or part of a mix. this comes as it investigates a dangerous e.coli outbreak. 32 people in 11 states have gotten sick from eating contaminated romaine. of those, 13 have been hospitalized and the most serious suffering from kidney failure. the cdc is urging consumers to wash and sanitize drawers where the lettuce is stored. it's not just enough to throw it away. earlier this year, five people died in another major outbreak from contaminated romaine traced to arizona. although a precise location was never determined there, the origin of this latest outbreak is also unknown, guys. >> thanks, gabe. if you think you had a bad day at work, wait until you see this one. here's a viral video, a forklift
8:06 am
is seen coming down the aisle of this big warehouse. it swerves to get around a load of boxes. wait, this is just the beginning. within moments there's a chain reaction like falling dominos. row after row. they topple over. >> oh. >> oh, it's still going. >> are you kidding? >> the whole warehouse. >> the entire warehouse collapses. >> can you imagine? >> i need to see him poke his head out so we know he's all right. >> hope you're having a great day. a little incident down at the warehouse to tell you about. >> there's an unemployed forklift driver somewhere. >> we need a boost. >> from the morning bummer to the morning boost. >> all right. so a cat got lost during the big wildfire in paradise california. it's finally been reunited with it's owner. mason was so scared by the fire, ran away. his family got ready to evacuate but the rescuers found that cat.
8:07 am
it was at u.c. davis where his paws were band campeaged up. his owner thought she would never see him again. >> oh, that's my body. that's him. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, mason is one of a dozen cats that were rescued. lacy saw his picture on facebook and was able to track him down that way. >> cats are like family. >> they certainly are. >> still ahead this morning, meghan markle's first thanksgiving as dutchess. we know she can roast a turkey. the question is can she roast a turkey in kensington palace. >> none of us can know what you're going through. >> it's tough. it's tough. but we appreciate what you guys do. >> that's right. after these messages. ♪
8:08 am
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8:12 am
all week long! the more you give, the more kohl's cash you'll get no limit! so when you give joy, you get joy! all this week - only at kohl's. well, this morning, al and his traveling band of cooking folks are back from chico, california, where they surprised some firefighters who worked so tirelessly to fight the raging wildfires, despite suffering their own losses. it sounds like it was an amazing experience. >> it was inspiring. i think it changed all of us. we were so impressed by the brave men and women and the children we had the privilege of serving. firefighters and their families, while taking care of others, lost their own homes in this deadly camp fire and continued to help their grief-stricken community. we met up with natalie morales after our cross-country flight,
8:13 am
thanks to netjets. we're going to california. go time. looking for amanda. >> amanda's right here. these guys and women we're going to feed today, are not only fighting fires, but they lost their homes. it's awesome you're here to help us do this. are you guys ready to get to work? >> we are going to be making chicken marbello, a classic. >> our way to show some love. >> you guys are moroccan this. >> oh. >> we're butternuting. >> ladies and gentlemen, natalie morales. >> i'm a sous chef. >> a little almond bae. >> whoa. ♪
8:14 am
>> hello, everybody. >> hello. >> hi, guys. >> we all wanted to come here just to say thank you, to give you thanks for just an incredible effort to help save your community and all these other communities while you lost so much, as well. it means so very much to all of us, all across the country. you've touched our hearts. >> it's been a tough couple of weeks for you all. we can't begin to imagine what that pain is like. but if we can do something to give you just a little joy, even if it's for an hour or two and a great meal, we're happy to do it. >> who is hungry? >> let's eat. >> yes. ♪ >> would you like some rice? >> bread here for you? you got it. >> what an honor it is to meet you. >> it's our pleasure. >> hey, pretty girl. how are you? >> ready to carbo-load.
8:15 am
>> thank you for coming and thank you for helping us. i love my husband's job and i hate it. >> he's a firefighter? >> he's a captain. it was tough when they told him our house was gone. we've been together ever since. so -- thank you for coming here. we need this hope. >> we lost everything. >> i'm so sorry. you have each other. >> we do. >> you have your family. >> i was fortunate enough to be off-duty that day, which is a rarity. able to get my family out. we made it out with our lives and our dogs' lives. >> oh, my gosh. >> well, thank you for your service. >> thank you so much. >> none of us can know what you're doing through. >> it's tough. it's tough. i appreciate what you guys are doing for us. >> how are you doing? >> i think i'm faring okay.
8:16 am
it's a rollercoaster ride. >> how do you concentrate on what you're doing and yet knowing what's going on back at home? >> it makes you want to fight it that much harder and do so much more. >> will you rebuild, do you a think? >> i think so. it will be a painful process. we will laugh and cry and good things will happen. it's our job to help people. we're prideful. we're tight-knit. and it's hard to accept help from others. >> accept it and know that people know what you've done. and it means a lot to all of us. and that's what this is, just to try to do a little something to say thank you. >> thanks. >> i get a hug. >> we do appreciate it. ♪
8:17 am
>> you all have heroes for dads and moms. >> we know you've got places to go. we're thankful for that. but just to try to help along, our friends at whole foods are going to provide each and every one of you a fully prepared meal for thanksgiving. we have generous gifts for you from our friends at away. chevron, lu lu's mattel, the north face and target. they have gift cards for all of you to get into the thanksgiving spirit and the spirit of the holidays. from our families to your families, happy thanksgiving and merry christmas. [ applause ] >> when we landed yesterday, we were all struck by the fact we could smell the smoke, we could
8:18 am
taste the smoke. and it looked like twilight. >> no distinction between what time of day. it was crazy. >> fresh off of our flight are the eight incredible chefs who dropped everything just to come with us. matt abdoo, eric of tupelo honey restaurants. alejandra ramos. jordan andino. yvette rios, the host of slice. and kevin and my pal, my wake-up call, roxanne. what was your reaction out of this? >> just an overall sense of just being humbled. when we first got there, it was incredible to see the transition from how sad and down everybody was. and then, the second we started interacting with them and serving them food, you could see the change in the personalities. and you start to see a little bit of hope and a couple smiles
8:19 am
come out. it was very, very emotional. >> they wanted to laugh. they hadn't been given an opportunity since the fire started. they wanted to get together and celebrate. >> and the energy in the room, you walked in, like, wow. this is tough. you could feel the sadness just hanging everywhere. once people started to eat and get food in them, you could feel the energy lift. it was powerful. >> you could tell with everyone walking away, they wanted to take pictures and be a part of what we were doing. it was incredible to see that reaction before and after. >> it was a heavy and emotional experience. being there and getting off the plane. you're in a different world. to see it is one thing but to be there is something else. to engage with the people, it really touched my heart. >> i love how people are helping. they're helpers and first responders. she would like some more bread.
8:20 am
can we get a cookie for these kids over here. they're refilling each other's plates. >> just like they said, they have trouble receiving. >> absolutely. we were giving them toys, they're like, it's okay. it takes four babbyes. it's okay. >> we don't have the space. >> we were giving away the toys and the gift certificates and the luggage. you could see that it meant more than we could imagine. and we said, we hope this helps. >> one lady, when we were giving her a north face sweater, she was like, this means so much to me. this is the only shirt i have on. it had burn holes in it. >> i think we're all changed from this. thank you so very much. >> al stars over here. al stars. >> there you go. we want to thank our friends at
8:21 am
netjets for making this possible for us to be able to get there, get back. it was a remarkable day. it could not have happened without them and other folks who donated stuff. we're appreciative of all of the donations. the companies and the gifts they provided are listed on >> yeah. look them up and give them some love. you're not a chef. you have to be weatherman again. >> okay. let's take a quick look and show you what's happening. abundant sunshine to the southeast and the gulf coast. heavy rain from northern california into the pacific northwest. snowshowers around the great good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall, the rain right over san francisco, and parts of the east bay, as we track some of the heavier rain that continues to move through on storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. we're seeing some heavy downpours right around where our storm ranger is parked on san bruno mountain. as we look closer, we can see the rain showing up, a lot of
8:22 am
bright colors, showing the most intense of the downpours. so the roads are going to be slick as you head out. this will be the first of two rounds of rain moving through over the next couple of days. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. let's take a check across the pond where meghan markle is spending her first thanksgiving as a royal. this morning, there's a few clues of what's in store for the duchess of sussex. keir, good morning. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving from across the pond. thanksgiving is not a british holiday. i had a quick look through meghan's latest cookbook. there's no turkey recipes in there. while she spent last year in california for thanksgiving, we haven't seen her mother here in london. that left us asking the question, will she still follow that american tradition? it may be a thanksgiving away from home for meghan, but like
8:23 am
millions this holiday season, she began today in the kitchen, revisiting a project close to her heart, a charity kitchen for women who lost homes in a fire. we know that meghan loves to cook. she and harry were roasting chicken when he proposed, reportedly, just days after thanksgiving last year. >> trying to roast a chicken. just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> reporter: now, pregnant meghan's schedule is packed, attending prince charles' birthday gala last week. these earrings getting attention. her work ethic getting attention, too. meghan telling folks she is up early for yoga. >> she was up for 4:30, doing her practice. >> reporter: now, reports she's shaking up the royal family, sending palace aides six or
8:24 am
sech seven texts a day. adding sports stars, and a-listers, like serena williams and the clooneys to the royal set. those reports highlighting that several aides have moved on in several weeks. it's perhaps, no surprise, from the beginning, meghan wanted to work hard. >> the causes that have been important to me, i can focus more energy on. >> reporter: tomorrow, the duke and duchess have no official engagements. perhaps they will sit down to turkey, another change to royal tradition. and there is no royal rule that says that meghan and harry can't celebrate thanksgiving. maybe her mom is here and we haven't seen her. there are reports that her mother will be here for christm christmas, guys. and surely, she'll be here next year when we see the birth of the baby. >> so much to look forward to. keir, thank you. coming up, how to mind our than
8:25 am
thanksgiving manners because it can be a mine field around that dinner table. what should you bring and how to handle awkward conversations. and an exclusive look at "downton abbey's" filmi )m ...
8:26 am
we )re in a microclimate well good morning, it's 8:26, i'm marcus washington. we're in a microclimate weather alert. a live look at san rafael, the drivers are dealing with wet roads. the first in string of storms in the process of making its way to the bay area. meteorologist kari hall tracking the storm for us. karri? >> on storm ranger it shows the heaviest rain is over san francisco and oakland and parts of the east bay. we can see as we look, that our rain continues to pour. we see the bright reds and yellows here. pretty much covering the whole city and it extends up towards marin county. as we go through the rest of the day, there will be more waves of showers at times heavy
8:27 am
downpours. some slighter rain chances for tonight. let's update on how the roads are moving with mike. >> let's look at the green. the wet roads, the blue, that's where there's puddling and ponding, be careful we have this santa cruz mountains, wet roads and a crash blocking the northbound lanes at the cat statue. chp says another couple of minutes, they hope to have one lane open. and north 880, a motorcycle crash where it was raining a few minutes ago. that got you slow up toward broadway. one lane is clear now. and we do have no major injuries. back to you. we'll have more local news in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 on this wednesday morning. we have a great crowd. but, savannah, i have to show you one thing. just for one second. hold on. look at this kid. >> oh, my gosh. >> this cute little boy has pictures of us cut out when we were kids. what's your name? >> dillon. >> how old are you? >> 10. >> it's your birthday? happy birthday, sweetie. >> i know it's not our "crowd moment" but i said wow.
8:31 am
who has the "crowd moment"? >> i have the "crowd moment." we have the big macy's thanksgiving day parade. where is jasper? are you jasper? >> yes. >> how are you doing, jasper? >> good. >> who are you here with? >> my mom and dad. >> i understand you're the biggest little parade fan ever. you know all the stuff about the macy's parade. >> yep. >> okay. what -- do you know what year the parade started? >> 1924. >> wow. correct. what was the first float? >> felix the cat? >> yes. and what was the parade originally called? >> macy's christmas parade. >> you're right, jasper. where are you going to watch the parade? >> from my hotel. >> would you like to see the parade in person? >> oh, yeah. >> we're going to arrange it. we're going to get you tickets for the parade. >> thank you so much. >> you can see the parade up close and in person.
8:32 am
happy thanksgiving. we're going to get on that for you right away. there you go. >> that was impressive. >> amazing. coming up, i'm so excited about this. we have an exclusive look behind the scenes as "downton abbey" heads to the big screen. and keir simmons, who else? got a chance to talk to the cast and they're just as excited as all of us fans. you may have planned ahead with thanksgiving prep. but have you thought about what happens conversation-wise when the whole family gets together? mr. manners is in the house. the guy on the dos and more importantly the don'ts of thanksgiving etiquette. how to navigate politics at the table. >> don't. speaking of the table, coming up in the third hour of "today," we'll be dishing up more family recipes. my brother is here to make my mother's sweet potato poon. >> casserole. >> and dylan's husband will be
8:33 am
showing us the dip that's the star of their spread. >> it is. we love that dip. you know what else we love? >> what? >> games. here's a way to make your trek home more fun. play some games with "today." go to for a round of solitary and so much more. >> we have that. >> we're in games. >> before that, floats, balloons, thanksgiving day parade. and look who is here. john o'hurley. >> nice to be here. >> the parade of the most popper dogs in america, the dog show presented by purina. we have a preview. you've been with this from the very beginning. >> 17 years. can you believe? now, an audience of 30 million people, that we expect on thanksgiving day. it's a family tradition. we're glad to be there. 200 of the top dogs in the country. i brought three of them.
8:34 am
i'm going to start on the far end there. that's a beautiful rottweiler named eastwood. don't be deceived, it's a female. we softened eastwood up a little bit because not not only is this a best in breed dog, but a certified therapy dog. a great help. she visits the children in hospitals and was a big part of the first responder therapy group there at the synagogue shooting in pittsburgh. a wonderful job she does for kids all across the country. then, we move on to a very rare breed. >> is that aed otterhound? >> that is an otterhound. one of the rarest breeds. this is a medieval hunting dog that has a water-proof coat. it has webs toes and is a wonderful swimmer. and this dog in my son's arms, this is regal.
8:35 am
she is a 3-year-old papion. papion is french for -- >> butterfly. >> you can see the way the ears are flocked like that, that's the word papion. >> i thought it would be like musta mustard, like grey papion. >> were you an expert on dogs before you started? >> 17 years ago, i was as clueless as anybody. i live in the shadow of the most knowledgeable about dogs, my co-host, david frey. it's been a wonderful time, 17 years. it's part of it. it's what we ask for. dogs until 2:00. >> that's right. >> i think we love it because we're looking to spot our breed of dog. i root for the miniature schnauz schnauzer. >> it's the alma mater factor. the best in show is the dog next to you. >> pups and handlers. thanks. you'll be back on the fourth hour. national dog show presented by purina, airs tomorrow, thanksgiving day, after the parade, dogs until 2:00, here on
8:36 am
nbc. mr. roker, back to the weather. >> weather for another five minutes. we'll show you what we got. looking ahead to the parade, cold and windy, we're hoping the balloons have no problems. 9:00 a.m., it will be 22. but windchills will be in the single digits. if you are coming down, bundle up or just stay inside and watch it on nbc. the rest of your weather around thanksgiving, windy and frigid in the northeast to new england, mountain snows in the rockies. and heavy rain in the burn scar areas, northern california. looking at rain in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild down through the gulf and the lower mississippi river valley. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a pretty good coverage of rain as we take a look at storm ranger. with the rain anywhere from southern sonoma county to marin county and over san francisco, extending toward oakland and concord. as we look closer, we see rainfall rates close to 3/4 of
8:37 am
an inch of rain per hour. it's coming down quite heavily. as you get ready to head out, it will be slick, we'll see waves of rape through the afternoon and a little break tonight. >> that's your latest weather. a. guys? >> al, thank you. all across the country, people will be gathering tomorrow for thanksgiving. if you're a host or a guest, you may be anticipating awkward situations. >> it is family after all. luckily, we have mr. manners himself, to answer some of the etiquette questions. good morning. >> hi, to you all. >> i think the one that people worry the most about is politics. should it be an outright ban? from always one. there's always one relative that wants to talk about it. >> i suggest that the host put it out as a requirement before you walk through the door, there will be no politics today. we know -- >> say it out loud. >> say it out there, put it out there, own it. you're not going to settle the scores.
8:38 am
you've been battling them for 10, 15, 20 years, your whole life. you're not going to solve the political issues of our day. >> especially after a few glasses of wine. >> is it bad form to show up to thanksgiving din we're a plus-one? >> a plus-one, if you cleared it. but if you show up and you have two guests with you. a good host is ready for unexpected guests. but a good guest never brings someone without clearing it first. >> can you call and say, can i? >> thanksgiving is one of the meals where the more the merrier. again, if this is a plated dinner, you don't want to be a surprise at the doorstep. >> if you show up, whether you have a plus-one or not, how much do you bring? do you bring multiple bottles of wine? do you bring a bunch of food? >> yeah. >> savannah's right. certainly, if you're bringing that uninvited guest or an invited guest, a plus-one, you want to bring enough for you and
8:39 am
that individual. not just you as the invited guest, but bringing for your plus-one, as well. >> you mean the wine or a good dish? >> wine, for sure. that's something that the host can enjoy after the event. ask if you can contribute something to the meal. this is not always necessarily a baked or cooked dish. it may be a platter or gravy boat that person doesn't have. can i bring thanksgiving accoutrements that you may need? >> just to say accoutrement is cool. >> if you're bringing a dish with last-minute prep or reheating, what's the rule on that? >> one of the worst things to do is to walk through the door and say, i need to put this in the oven for 20 minutes. that's prime real estate. unless it can be microwaved, don't wribring it. a cold dish or something to be heated quickly. >> as a guest, should you make sure to let your host know you have allergies or gluten-free or something. >> a good host will ask these
8:40 am
questions in advance. we are living in an age to keep track of everything. >> keto. >> keto. >> accommodate as best you can. >> the keto guest, ban him. >> it's day-to-day. you don't >> do your best. >> you do if it's keto because they never stop talking about it. >> all right. thank you. have a great holiday. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay, guys, have you ever wanted to visit downton abby's castle? here's your chance. we have an exclusive look at the new movie's set.
8:41 am
8:42 am
"downton abbey" was the br >> at the height of its popularity, the show even gave
8:43 am
super bowl ratings a run for their money. but now there's a movie in the works. have you heard about that? keir simmons heard about it. >> savannah is so jealous. >> tell lady mary i said hi. >> it's an experience you can imagine to visit downton abbey and see the set and prepare for familiar faces to meet the cast. >> downton abbey the most successful british costume drama in 40 years. following the lives of a british aristocratic family and their servants now to be a major movie. nbc was offered exclusive behind the scenes access to the set and chatting with the cast. >> getting the gang back together. >> yeah. yeah. it's good. is it? it's good. >> it's fantastic.
8:44 am
it's lovely. >> it must be so nice to be back here, getting the band back together. >> it's lovely. >> it's exciting for everybody. mostly, we're just really happy to see each other. >> but maybe some ulterior motives. >> i'd like to say we all came back because we liked each other and did the show. >> they all say we all love each other. >> they're all lying. it's about the money. >> the movie plot under tight wraps. >> you can't give away too much. >> i can't give away anything. >> downton fans would be furious. >> the lead character leading us astray. >> tell us what happens in the movie. >> it's simple, the basic spaceship sequel. maggie presses the ejector button and you realize it's actually a subterranian base.
8:45 am
>> it's a twist. >> people will go with it because they love the characters. >> the whole range of emotions. love, tragedy, world changing events. >> we are at war with germany. >> but also happiness. we probably won't see a spaceship but we can expect more scenes like these. we tried to introduce the earl to the most modern invention, the selfie. would the earl do one of those? >> no, i have a photographer following me around all the time. >> in those days you had a portrait. >> there we go. >> i tell you, it took some work to get the earl to take that selfie. plus you had to explain the idea of a cell phone and then amazing
8:46 am
they actually have cameras on them and then the perfect picture. hours, hours that took. >> i am swooning. when does it come out. >> september, right? next september? >> yeah. that's right. it comes out september 20th of next year. so it's a little while away. >> keir, i'm sorry, i just love it so much. does it pick up where the series left off or is it a whole new thing? >> they won't tell us. they just wouldn't give us any insight whatsoever. i will tell you we were allowed to see one scene and i'm not even allowed to tell you about that. >> keir simmons with the tease and disappointment. >> did lady mary ask about me or anything like that. >> she did? she said, how is savannah. i want to get together with her when i see her again. >> i love a good fairy tale. thank you. >> that's keir simmons. production just wrapped by the
8:47 am
way. >> up next, a little ballerina back on her toes after battling cancer. it's an amazing story you don't want to miss. this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back this morning with our annual series "thanks & giving" highlighting the life-saving work at st. jude's children's research hospital. >> kristen dahlgren has the story of one resilient little 10-year-old aubrey tlasher loves school and helping younger students but her passion is dancing, especially ballet. >> when i'm dancing, i feel happy. >> she's been dancing since she was a toddler and competing since kindergarten. >> she would go to nationals and compete and she loved it. >> so when this little dancer became lethargic her parents
8:50 am
became concerned. >> she was just tired. we were at the doctor and they said it was probably just a stomach bug. >> but the symptoms persisted. her balance became unsteady. >> her eyes started to cross. the pediatrician said hold on a second, we're going to do a mri today. >> it revealed a tumor in her brain. >> when the doctor said it was a tumor and it was a golf ball sized tumor. i broke down and lost it. it's the first time i've ever seen him cry and then aubrey started to cry i was like it's okay. >> she said but mom it's my brain. she was 9 and comprehending that her whole life was changing. >> aubrey had emergency surgery to remove the tumor that was cancerous. >> it is the most common pediatric malignant brain tumor. >> we were like we know how to treat this.
8:51 am
>> her local doctor recommended st. jude children's research hospital for follow up treatment. aubrey had chemo therapy, radiation, and a new treatment, the proton beam. >> it kills the cancer cells and radiates less of the body than the older way. >> i felt relieved. i got through it. just proud of myself. >> and just nine months after discovering the cancer, aubrey was home and dancing again. >> she's doing better now. she's doing a lot more classes and helps out now with the little kids. >> good job. >> so we decided to give this budding ballerina a sweet surprise. a chance to visit one of the greatest ballet companies in the world at lincoln center in new
8:52 am
york. >> meet one of its stars. >> i wanted to take you around and show you backstage. what would you think about that? >> that would be awesome. >> cool. you can be my best friend. >> she took her on a private tour and gave her an experience of a lifetime. dressing up, make up and hair done. taking in a rehearsal. and gracing the great stage. just maybe a preview of great things to come. >> oh, you get us every time. >> this is a story that could only happen at st. jude. many kids get cured from it and many do not and nobody knew why the kids didn't get cured but st. jude's discovered there's four types of this tumor. so created a clinical trial. she was in the first trial and it saved her life and now it's being used all over the world. and that's only at st. jude because they're a research center and that's the exciting
8:53 am
dynamic about st. jude's children research hospital. we figure out the problem and crea create the trial and the child gets saved. >> it's success upon success. >> we're getting good at it. the whole world thought it was one tumor and we discovered it was four. the other kids were dying not knowing it was a different type all together. >> we know it's your birthday today. you can't escape us. so happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> we love you. you are an amazing advocate. you never give us. you inspire us. >> and create more birthdays for kids. >> thank you for giving us this platform for everybody to hear the wonderful stories and moms and dads and grandparents watching you know there's a
8:54 am
place of hope. >> we love you. >> everybody come on. >> first
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ where did everybody go? across the street. al, sheinelle, dylan, about to do some right now at 7:56, we're in a microclimate weather alert as we track heavy rain across parts of the bay area. looking good as we track it on storm ranger, with a lot of residue showing some heavy downpours, looking from san francisco over toward the bay. and then extending toward concord. where we are seeing the heaviest rain at this point. and we're going to see this coming in waves as we go
8:57 am
throughout the day. and extending down toward the peninsula and even into san jose, with some light showers that move into the east bay. we're going to see some breaks in between the showers today. and the possibility of measures up to an inch of rain in some of the heavier spots. we'll take a break tomorrow and then another round of rain moving in late tomorrow night. marcus? >> thanks, karri. weather-related issues backing up for flyers at sfo. the airport saying strong winds are creating delays close to two hours for some arrivals. the wet weather improving camp fire containment. new numbers just in with the fire containment at 80%. more news in an hour. thanksgivi
8:58 am
but we )re tracking a more potet storm for your black friday shopping plans. a break in the rain thanksgiving day, but we're tracking more potent storms for your black friday shopping plans. and the bay area kid with a big heart. >> tomorrow morning from 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 6a, this is "today." [ applause ] >> good morning, everyone. welcome. i'm sheinelle. we have craig here with us this morning. al and dylan. good morning. >> good morning. it's thanksgiving eve. >> i have so much cooking to do. >> you're cooking this year. >> are you working tomorrow morning? >> yes. >> i have a lot to do today. >> this is what we're going to do. we have a lot to talk about over the next 60 minutes. hopefully you have the comfy pants for tomorrow. al and dylan will be cooking up recipes. >> i didn'


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