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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 21, 2018 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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area from all that smoke, but the rain i . right now at 11:00, bringing relief to the bay area from the smoke but the rain bringing problems withet weather on the way. >> headaches n on the roa of th one off >> you can see on storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, scattered areas of rain across the bay area. you can see it's raining across
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the bay. advance this and look at the details storm ranger is showing us right now. this higher intensity rain. it's all because storm ranger is closer to the ground and can scan the storms better. it's creating a heavy down over san leandro through 11:17 tomorrow and into san ramon by 11:35. a wider view does show off to the north our flash flood watch. if you're traveling there, watch out for a lot of winter stormni >> good for air quality but not good for the roads on one of the busiest days of the year. ian, crashes are all over the bay area. >> reporter: exactly. the rain is starting up here about 15 minutes ago.
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the chp responded to crashes and with people out on the roads, two truck drivers say it's the worse time of the year for any kind of rainfall. >> it's been everywhere ch. >> the oils in the roads coming up, too, making turns treacherous. >> it's slicker than it's going to be in a month or two if it keeps raining. >> this operator is bringing in accommodate more calls, including this crashed stuff from this morning. >> everyone has not figured out to slow down, which is typical. >> david sunshine arrived after rolling his suv on the big moody curve. >> i always drive there in dry conditions. didn't know how to compensate. >> his car slammed into a tree, hurting himself as he was on the
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way to san francisco. >> i was behind the bus. i thought, if i get into an accident, that tow truck is going to pick me up. lo and behold, the tow truck driver was there. >> we can't emphasize enough, slow down when driving back from thanksgiving dinner. >> a messy day of flight delays and cancellations. taking off in time from other cities because they wouldn't be able to land. there's about a three-hour delay. >> some of us are headed to tahoe. this is the slow road trip near donor summit. a little clear there. you can see all the snow falling and chains are mandate story. terry mcsweeney was on his way
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but caught up in the traffic in blue canyon. we should be intervieweding you. how bad was it? >> reporter: we left emoriville at 7:30 and just got here. it's not supposed to take that long. we've heard about people driving in rain and how about the people driving in snow. that's about five miles east of me on 80. crashes are a problem.r,here ar came out earlier, made it see il thanksgiving week for some travellers. all depends on your attitude. i'm seeing that it is a beautiful winter wonderland and they want to keep it that way. enjoy it while they can. here's what they had to say. >> amazing, actually. i love it. i'm very excited about it. >> it's awesome. it's good.
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>> maybe you can see behind me that the traffic continues to be stopped just about very, very close to blue canyon up here in the sierra. it was crashes and chain controls, roz mentioned it. there is chain control going on about a mile east of where i am right w. y've got your chains. if you're coming this way you better have them or you'll have a shortened trip courtesy of chp. >> stay safe. he said from emoriville to blue canyon. that is incredible. traffic in l.a., getting in or getting out is a mess. this is a live look at lax. you see the brake lights on the right side of your screen, the other headlights coming in. hopefully the payoff is nice when you're with your friends and family.
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>> search teams are still combing through rubble for human remains. two bodies were found today and the death toll rises to 83. needless to say it's going to be difficult for thanksgiving for so many there. for others, they are grateful to be alive. >> reporter: that's right. lot of mixed emotions. things are getting challenging for the searchers. it is cold and it has been wet out here. searchers are focused on finding answers out here for families. with the fishes of two rain storms barreling down, searchers are now braving the harshest of conditions to find those missing in the campfire. -- camp fire. >> it's grueling trying to get this done. slippery ground, rough terrain. the weather compounds things but the work continues. >> reporter: as many hope and wait for news of missing loved
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ones, volunteers are working to try to bring comfort to survivors. chefs from across the bay area and the state are here cooking up holiday meals. >> we've been cooking all day and all evening. we're getting ready to feed as many people as possible. >> local animal hospitals have been swamped taking care of furry fire victims. including this guy. he came looking for help. we nicknamed him campy and took him to the vet hospital where we checked up on him today. >> eating and drinking, doing well. got his pain patch. >> reporter: campy hasurir on h and singed whiskers. but he wants to cuddle. >> he's friendly, cuddly and everything. i'm thinking there's probably an
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owner out there. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> from campy the cat to maggie the dog, tears, hugs and sloppy kisses for this fire survivor. this man thought his dog was killed of flames leveled his home. he was in a cemetery. >> so many good hearts out there. it makes this whole disaste e l care and yoel donated dog beds, toys, gas money and says he has tremendous relief and gratd tude. there are more dogs hoping to reunite with their families. they're being hooked up with foster families. you can help. join nbc bay fair, telemundo 48
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for a special fundraiser. we'll answer your calls tuesday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the rainy raised will help all those people impacted by the pier to find temporary and permanent housing, among other things. >> san francisco police arrested this man for setting a fire inside mid surveillance video. it shows the man walking to the back of the store where he lights rolls of toilet paper on fire. yesterday someone recognized him from the video that was aired and now the man faces two felony charges. >> investigators got a break in a cold case that's baffled them for 450 years. 74-year-old joornt you're gaudreau killed a young palo
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alto woman in 1973. the victim was found strangled in the hills near stanford where she graduated a year before. they say her dna was not in the files so they traced his family tree from a jeepology database. conviction in the south bay from 1975 and a murder investigation in germany. >> oakland's catholic diocese announced it is delaying identifying priests accused of sexual abuse. last month, the diocese plenld to release the name just as the san jose diocese did. the oakland diocese moved the release date. they said it's so victims can be notified f law firm published a paper listing the names of
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perpetrators. >> what we're learning about the source of the e. coli outbreak. plus, take a look at this amateur video of police taking down a suspect. you think they went too far or were the officers justified? we investigate what happened before this camera started rolling. see what we found coming up. >> storm ranger mobile doppler danville tonight. we'll talk about a second storm for thanksgiving evening. that's coming up in seven minutes.
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contentious issues of our time, alleged police use of force. it's led to protests across the country and for athletes taking a knee during the national anthem. >> we received a video that prompted us to ask questions of the police department patrolling the bay area's biggest city. here's steven stock.
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>> reporter: was it excessive or necessary? that's what we asked when a ew st us this video of san jose police officers tackling a man who appeared to be on some type of drugs or having a mental cries it. we took four months to investigate the truth and put this incident in context. total. three seconds after it starts we see a san jose police officer throw a suspect to the ground and begin punching him in the face while lying on top of him. >> hotel [ bleep ]. they're [ bleep ] beating this dude. who appeared to be having mental issues, threatening the waurkt parking lot on story road. we showed the video to several people, including this retired judge and former san jose police
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auditor. >> i looked at the incident and looked at each use of force. in my view there were five different uses of force on this video ch. >> she viewed four different angles from police officer body cams. this is what she sees, one, attempt to cuff, two, take down, three punching, four, baton strikes and cuffing the hands behind the pack. she saided the officers acted stellar in all but one instance. that being when the officer punched the person in the face. >> he used at least a half a dozen punches to the head to this man who was down on the ground and you don't see any of the other officers like jumping on the guy trying to make sure he doesn't get away or hurt
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anyone. this officer's decision to use that much force, i believe, was inappropriate and excessive. >> we showed the video to eddie garcia. >> when i first saw the video obviously there was concern. >> he conducted his open investigation and says after seeing officer body camera leading up to the punching, there was more to the story and he backs his officers. >> this is the first time that we've ever put out publicly body cam video. >> reporter: body camera video starts 2:49 earlier and shows how it started. the initial struggle. the suspect fighting and pushing back. not allowing himself to be handcuffed. all before the witness video even starts rolling. >> i really did feel they a commendable job on something that does not look pretty to someone who's not trained.
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>> did he have to punch him in the face? >> well, under the circumstances, it was reasonable. >> during the garcia believed t suspect tried to grab an officer's gun, prompting the officer to strike him.hey h had to do to stop the aggression. whether or not this individual was under the influence or going through a mental describes is, there was a crisis occurring. t. >> you could see that there was something -- >> reporter: that's becoming more and more common. in the last five years san jose police officers responded to an average of 2600 mentally disturbed person calls a year. that's more than seven a day every day. >> we will do what we need to go to safely control the situation. >> linda vaughan, president of the public safety training about any uses this simulator to teach
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officers how to deal with specifics in mental crisis. even though every police officer is now required to get crisis intervention training, the >> so it doesn't turn into force situations is amazing. >> you're dealing with unstable individuals who have mental illness. you don't want to provoke them. >> reporter: she says the this shows the importance of training. a case she says the officers handled in exemplary fashion. >> i feel people should file a complaint about the blow to the head. i any that was excessive force. >> we reached out to the defendant. he also has a skrikt of prior arrests including erratic behavior. the suspect did, in fact, file a
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complaint against the officers a few weeks after the incident. though we spoke to his lawyer setime not want to discuss the case with us because he feared retaliation. so we are with holding his name. by the way, other law enforcement departments such as san mad te'o shefrs office have specialized units just to respond to mental calls for service. >> we started on that story because of a viewer video. if you have a story tip or a video give us a call. visit our website >> another storm coming jeff? >> we still expect by thanksgivingle night the wet weather to move into the bay area. we want to start off with storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. i warm front to take you to the top area we're watching right
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now. it's heavier rainfall hitting san leandro and moving over to contra costa, almeda countie th leandro 11:21. a lot to get to. next storm system is already running there off shore. gets here thanksgiving night and lasts into friday. this is only the second storm of the season. we desperately needed it and now here we go with the back-to-back hit with wet weather. 7:30 in the morning on thanksgiving. most of us are dry. we'll see a break through the day on thanksgiving. the north bay, that's when the storm system approaches at 1:00 in the afternoon. we think it will return rainfall. once we hitt 11:00 we get widespread coverage of rainfall. the problem we get into with
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this storm system is it likely will not move in and move out. we will see rainfall,t into friday evening as well. of you the totals. colors popping up on this. find your city on the map, take a look at the key. as we go ahead and let this come on, you see how bright it is on your tvs at home. lot of lowellvations outside of san jose, a half inch to three quarter inch. in the saptd cruz mountains, you can see red, ma jepta. that's anywhere from one to possibly two-plus inches of rainfall. we could see some problems in the north bay. some roads may see water come up. we're not expecting river flooding but we'll be here to cover that for you. we get the storm system thursday night into friday. maybe more rain next tuesday and wednesday. it's going to be cool inland. temperatures in the upper 50s
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and low 60s. abo 6,000 feet, eight to 20 inches, expect it. great news for us, great for the snow pack but still flood warnings near the sire zones. >> happy thanksgiving. >> coming up what's the source? what we've learned about the latest e. coli outbreak. >> oakland police announcing an arrest in connection with one in a series of fires ts been rocking oakland ream. this specific fire was set last month inside a construction site in north oakland. no word if this suspect is linked to the other fires. back in a moment. thanksgiving d but we )re tracking a more potet storm for your black friday shopping plans. plus: meet the bay area kid with a big heart...that )s completing something most as today in the bay. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
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california. . haetce may have come from california. the head of the fda said the lettuce is likely associated with emof season harvest in california. now, our state is where most of the romaine is from. 32 beam have gotten sick in the united states and canada. until a farm or region is identified the cdc is telling everyone not to eat lettuce. >> just before black friday, amazon e-mailed customers today letting them know their e-mails were exposed. they say changiing passfords is not bort there were some vip )s at te
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warriors game tonigjht... and for ther first time in a 2 weeks...the . so there were some vips at the warriors game tonight. for the first time in two weeks, they had something to smile about. >> it was nice to see. you know what they've been
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th >> i know a lot of people were displaced by the fire. thanks for being with us. heaping thanksgiving. >> the warriors hosting the paradise high school basketball team. the boys and girls team getting rock star treatment. saw there a moment ago the coaches also chatting courtside. 29 of the 32 players lost their homes in the fire. nice move tonight by the warriors. as for the game, steph curry out with the groin injury. draymond green. it's getting ugly. oklahoma city stomped the warriors 123-95. the warriors have lost six of their last eight games. i am a family man. i am a techie dad.
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ok. let's take you outside. that's a live look at the san mateo bridge, you can see ice rainy. there's even drons the camera. is that the way it's going to > rainfall moving through contra
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costa county. we keep that until about 7:00 in the morning. we get a break through the day on thanksgiving and then by 6:00 to about 10:00 tomorrow night, it looks like rain. the lower elevations we could see one and a half plus for the higher elevations. we guy out this weekend and next tuesday and wednesday, a slight chance of showers. if you're going north watch out for flash flood watches and going to the east, a winter storm warning. stay safe on the roads and all will be good tomorrow. >> for those of us trying the turkey, are we ok outside? >> i think midday is your time. that's where we're going to leave its. >> we're grateful we made it to thanksgiving. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart
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of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."nit, join jimmy a guests -- tim allen,


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