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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 22, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. laura and mark have the day off. they brought in the a-team including vianey. >> that's right. >> now that we're in, let's get started. that second storm system looks like it's going to stall out over the north bay. because of that that could mean higher rain totals for the north bay. i want to show had you the current doppler radar because we're showing the last of that storm system trek out of here. you can see it far off to the east through livermore, san francisco and as far as your temperature trend goes, we're in the 50s. now let's get a check of the roads. i know there's not going to be a lot out there, but those heading to work expect to see wet roadways. we have an accident that just popped up along 880. i'll check to see what that's
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all about. bridge drive times are definitely looking good. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge, only looking at eight minutes. i've counted about three or four cars on the bay bridge. back to you. new this morning, a police investigation after a scare at a popular nightclub. this happened overnight at the saddle rack nightclub in fremont. >> that's off auto mall parkway. let's go to "today in the bay's" thom jensen. what's going on there? >> reporter: can you imagine this is not the way patrons or employees at the country western nightclub expected to start their thanksgiving. this happened just after midnight. police responded here to a possible active shooter outside the nightclub. for reference, we are just off the auto mall expressway and i-880. patrons told "the east bay times" they were scared this was, in fact, an active shooter and this comes two weeks after that mass shooting at another
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country western shooting in thousand oaks where 12 people were killed. one person was found dead in the parking lot here and a manager at the club told me earlier this morning that no one else was hurt. of course, this is a strong indication that this likely was a suicide, but police have not confirmed that. we will bring you more details as they become available. thom jensen, "today in the bay." turning to the last-minute thanksgiving day travel. if you're headed to the airport to fly out tore pick somebody up, make sure you check ahead. right now there are about eight flights already canceled and that number is expected to go up. if you're hitting the roadways, remember, they are still slick. chp responded to at least 75 crashes in the south bay alone yesterday. we talked with one man who hurt his hand and elbow when his car rolled over and then crashed into a tree.
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>> i passed this tow truck on the right. i thought, if i get into an accident on this road, that tow truck will be the one to pick me up. lo and behold, a moment later, that tow truck was there. >> dick's automotive from campbell brought in drivers to help overnight. they responded to about 40% more calls than usual. >> it's not just sfo experiencing problems. l.a.x. down south, very busy. overnight traffic, look at that. packed. brake lights as far as the eye can see. this is always a tough one at l.a.x. a tough travel day. hopefully it pays off nice when you have your thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. >> and you go, i'll host next year. for a lot of families, the food is about 12 hours away or so, but right now some folks are taking the time to give back. >> glide's annual thanksgiving dinner feeds thousands. they've been doing it for decades. pete suratos live at the church
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in san francisco. hello and happy thanksgiving, pete. >> happy thanksgiving to you. we're here at glide for the annual thanksgiving breakfast where they'll be carving the turkeys that are coming in about 6:00 a.m. you see the sides they'll be serving. they're talking about feeding thousands, the homeless community in san francisco. let's talk about what will be taking place in a few short hours. >> we'll have 500 volunteers coming in to help us prepare for meals. nearly 5,000 meals we'll be serving individuals and families throughout the bay area, who are coming to glide for a traditional thanksgiving meal. >> reporter: they'll be serving the homeless in the bay area, a big issue. how did you get involved in this? >> i'm a native san franciscan
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so knowing glide and having it in my life has been a wonderful thing, but i was on the board of directors for five years prior to joining the staff. i thought, i want to be a part of it in a deeper way. how do i leave my mark in the world and come in to glide and be the director for the center for social justice was a perfect place to land. >> reporter: you've been here for a few of them. i've seen it before. such a cool moment, seeing all the volunteers here, helping out folks. what is it like? just describe for folks when you see people giving back, especially on thanksgiving. >> to me that's the magic of glide. we have so many volunteers and donors and staff and others who come to glide to help. and everybody lends their expertise to what glide has to offer our clients. you'll be seeing people here from all walks of life come in to glide and helping prepare a meal for people they will never
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know. it's based -- we believe in unconditional love. >> got it. thank you so much, miguel. there's going to be 1200 pounds of turkey that will be here. we see it every year. such a cool moment. a lot of volunteers coming in. we'll be here all morning long. we'll have another report from glide in the next half hour. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> good luck with all of that quality control tasting you get to do. a rare back and forth between chief justice john rob sxer roberts and president trump. roberts saying judges don't make decisions based on politics. president president firing back. here's nbc's pete williams with more. >> it has resided -- >> reporter: john roberts is cautious and restrained in his public statements, but a comment from president trump tuesday provoked a highly unusual response from the chief justice. the president criticized a ruling from a san francisco
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federal judge that put a hold on the president's plan to crack down on asylum seekers. >> you go to the ninth circuit and it's a disgrace and i'm going to put in a major complaint because you cannot win if you're us a case in the ninth circuit. this was an obama judge. >> reporter: it's true the judge was appointed by president obama but when asked about the comment from the associated press, the chief justice says we do not have obama judges or trump judges, bush judges or clinton judges. what we have is an extraordinary level of judges. adding independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for. sorry, president trump tweeted back, obama judges have a much different view than those charged with the safety of our country. ninth circuit rulings, he said, make the country unsafe. pete williams, nbc washington. the spirit of thanksgiving will be alive in butte county today despite all the devastation and tragedy left
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behind by the camp fire. thousands of evacuees will receive a thanksgiving meal courtesy of world central kitchen, which is a nonprofit started by celebrity chef jose andreas. the group is hoping to feed 15,000 survivors and will travel from shelter to shelter with those meals. the salvation army also providing warm meals for fire victims today, which is happening later today at chico state. meantime, the death toll continues to grow from the fire and is now at 83 souls. of those people, 58 have been identified. there are still more than 500 people who are unaccounted for. the fire is now 85% contained and the rain is certainly helping with the containment but the rain is also making these difficult and there are concerns that mudslides could happen in those burn areas. also the rain is making work difficult for folks who are looking for fire victims. rain making things hard for evacuees as well. evacuees still living in their
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cars. an emotional moment of relief for one camp fire survivor. his home is gone. he thought his dog died in the fire. but as nbc bay area reports, groups were caring for that dog and reunited them last night in san francisco. >> no, i got these guys. that's what matters the most, are my girls. >> reporter: tears and relief for camp fire survivor michael frye. he thought his dog maggie was killed. frye, taxi and maggie were reunited at animal care and control in san francisco. >> just be glad that she's still alive and she didn't get hurt. she had the sense where to go where it was safe because everything around her was burning. >> reporter: frye says taxi was with him the morning of the fire. he asked a neighbor to break into his home to rescue maggie but she took off. after the flames leveled his neighborhood, a police officer found the 12-year-old dog safe in a cemetery and handed her
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over to ashley, with 999 animal rescue. >> this is why we do it. we know there's a sliver of hope. >> reporter: rescuers connected with frye via social media. she drove maggie to san francisco where a foster family was caring for maggie. >> so many good hearts out there. it makes this whole disaster less complicated. >> reporter: frye left animal care and control with dog beds, toys, gas money and his family. >> i take them with me every day. i'm want going to let them out of my sight anymore. >> reporter: "today in the bay." >> i don't think they're going to let him out of their sight. it's got to be difficult. the animals are scared and you're like, come here, let's go. they just panic. >> there are so many more missing as well. i'm sure they'll be fine. let's check in with your weather and vianey. >> i don't know about you guys, but i saw a combination of
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people that were happy that the rain was here, and i was with of them, and others saying, oh, no, it's going to rain for thanksgiving. let's check doppler radar. we see the rain tracking east and we have the second system rolling in right before dinner time. the rain you saw come in yesterday and through the next couple of hours, thankfully really improved our air quality. this is what it looks like right now out there for all of those wondering, yes, you can open up that window, get some circulation going on in your home because the north bay remains fairly moderate because, of course, we are still seeing some conditions in through the inland east bay as well. let's get a check of your roads. i did say i was going to check on that crash that popped up on the east bay in 880 fremont. it looks like a minor fend-bender. nothing big, which is why our speed sensors are showcasing themselves as green, which means no issues out on the roads. this is what a very lonely
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holiday golden gate bridge drive looks like using our live cameras. it's still wet out there, so slow it down. >> thank you. coming up next, people head out for black friday shopping. we'll tell you some of the tricks you need to know to save big. plus, it's a thanksgiving tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. coming up next, a live report on the prep going on as we speak and the changes we'll see during this morning's iconic parade. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. it's 5:14. happy thanksgiving. we're noticing it's a little breezy along the coast in san francisco. 12 miles per hour, 57 degrees and the clouds will hang on tight because we've got more rain on the way. the wind is also expected to pick up. i'll let you know what spots we're expected to see the gustiest conditions coming up. if you're going shopping, how do you know you're getting the best deal. >> we asked nbc when to buy those items on your holiday shopping list and how to use social media to save big this season. >> reporter: this week's deals are impossible to ignore. but the deepest discounts don't necessarily fall on black friday or even cyber monday. so, what should you buy right now and what can you hold off on? for the hottest toys, act now.
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for big-ticket electronics, black friday deals are still the best. up to 70% off brand-new tvs, smart speakers and rare discounts on the latest apple i phones. what can you wait for? clothes. the best sales on apparel come on christmas when retailers become desperate to unload inventory. for the gifts most important to you, experts say don't think twice. >> if there's a product on your list, on your family's wish list that you must have, don't wait. when you see it, pick it up. they'll be price-matching. >> clearly, some of us procrastinate and it pays off. >> if you're looking into what you're buying, comparison shopping, stores will be price-matching throughout the holidays. thanksgiving is a big day here at nbc. after "today in the bay" and the "today" show, it's the big macy's thanksgiving day parade. that starts at 9:00 this morning. >> it's become as much a part of
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thanksgiving and the stuffing. >> "today in the bay's" jay gray is in the city with all the last-minute preparations. we see you're bundled up. are folks staying home? it's cold out there. >> reporter: it is so cold out here. i had a bottle of water out here and it's already froze. i feel like the michelin man. it's the coldest parade in history. 92 years they've been doing this. there was concern about the wind as well. that concern gone this morning, thankfully. if it had been above 23 miles an hour sustained or 34-mile-per-hour gusts, these balloons would not be able to fly but they just pulled the nets off. everything is a go. that's great news. you have 43 of the heritage or novelty balloon, 26 floats. they are lined up and ready to go along central park here. some great entertainment on those floats. you have diana ross, john
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legend, bad bunny, pentatonix and the bare naked ladies -- boy, are they going to be cold out here. 12 marching bands that are a part of this as well. it takes 8,000 people to put on this holiday party. and those that attend, more than 3.5 million lining the parade route. some guys have been out here since before sunrise. i don't know when the bands come by -- i'm want the only clown out here. when the bands come by, if you're watching this thing on tv, they may get drowned out by the chatter of teeth. it's cold but it's going to be a lot of fup. >> you paint a great picture, jay. even with the fun and nostalgia of this parade, we have to consider security given all the things that have happened in the headlines lately. >> reporter: for sure. boy, there's quite a security presence out here. police everywhere you look, on
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every street corner, walking the streets as well. you have dogs that are -- we should point out, no credible threat to the parade. great news. so far, the officers here feel really good about what's going to happen here. >> thank you so much, jay. i'm sorry it's so cold because that looks terrible. it looks really, really cold out there. >> go warm up. >> reporter: it's pretty cold. >> thank you, jay. >> reporter: happy new year. >> yeah -- >> it's it's so cold, i'm going to skip on down. >> skip through winter. >> for his water bottle to freeze on the spot, that's wild. >> i guess our 50s are pretty good. >> not too shabby. and welcome rain. >> definitely. cleared out our air quality. i opened my window, enjoying the nice breeze. look at doppler radar right now. this is the straggling rain left behind by that first initial system which is why our roadways
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are still wet but we are expecting another round of showers. don't get too excited. if you don't like the rain, if you're not a fan. let me talk about the temperatures. as we head into the afternoon, we'll be slow to warm up. these 50s we're waking up with,s for example, 53 degrees by 7:00 a.m. fast forward that timeline to 11:00. we're in the 60s. our daytime temperatures are expected to be in the low 60s, even in through the interior valley. definitely one of those afternoons that will be nice and cool. let's get next to the system. we'll talk about the timeline for this. pay a attention to this bar. 7:30 a.m., what's left hyped is a lot of cloud cover. the good news is for the first half of thanksgiving, all of your preparations will be okay. we'll be dry. by 4:30, maybe even 3:00 for the north bay, look at the incoming
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rain from ukiah far off to the north through santa rosa, down through the napa area. we'll start to see the arrival of that second system. if i forward this, unfortunately through 7:00, 8:00 down through 10:30, look at the widespread rain. it begins to push down through san jose. then it really just lingers around. it looks like it's slower to move out which is why we're tracking that rain to stick around all day friday. potentially even some sprinkles into early saturday morning. definitely keep that in mind as you head out to your friends' thanksgiving parties. estimated rain totals, we're still tracking the highest to be in the north bay mountains. san jose, just over a quarter. the santa cruz mountains over an inch. we have to keep a close eye on all of those burn scars and the sierra watches because we're tracking a good amount of snow to fall this weekend. anywhere upwards of possibly 1, maybe 2 feet for the higher
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elevations above 6,000 feet. of course, that will bring the concern for debris flow and mudslides. please be careful if you're driving up to lake tahoe. i want you to have a great time. be mindful of that. over the next seven days we'll keep that rain in the forecast. as we head to next tuesday, we have another system approaching monday into tuesday. let's talk about the traffic. not much going on here. we've got that light fender-bender not really causing issues along 880 dh is great to see. i want to show you a quick tour of how the roads are looking. not a lot of cars on golden gate bridge and very lonely bay bridge plaza. coming up, house fires obviously a big concern over the holidays and on thanksgiving. if you plan to fry a turkey, my goodness, there are safe ways of doing that. we'll show you the ones that aren't safe. i'm posting what i'm thankful for. can you guess what it? >> it's me!
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it's me! >> follow me on twitter. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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you )re going to deep fry a turkey -- do it outside! we do say this every year, but if you are going to deep fry a turkey, do it outside. >> you do not want an explosion like this to happen. you have to make sure the turkey
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is 100% completely thawed out. once your bird is thawed, you'll want to figure out how much cooking oil by first measuring with water. >> we see a lot of burn injuries happen around the holidays. the last thing we want to do is spend it in the emergency room. >> that oil has to be at 350 degrees and the bird should cook around three minutes for every pound. we did it one time. >> really? >> it was so stressful because my girls were small. they were like 2 and 4. i was just -- i was totally stressed out. >> how was it? >> it was gorgeous, delicious and the most beautiful bird we've ever made. >> so upsides to that. >> now the kids are older, maybe we'll try it again. this next story proves it pays to clean your house. a louisiana couple doing their
5:27 am
pre-thanksgiving chores. they found a lottery ticket and little did they know it was a winning ticket. >> $1.8 million they just stumbled across it. they were doing their housecleaning, tidying up the house before the relatives arrived this week. they discovered the ticket. the lucky numbers were drawn back in june. timing is everything because the louisiana lottery ticket would have expired two weeks from now. >> we were that close. >> the moral of the story is, check your tickets. don't wait. >> that's incredible. the winning ticket on their nightstand abunch with other lottery tickets. the moral of the story, check those numbers, even if it's been sitting around. it cannot hurt. >> now you have a reason not to clear out your junk drawer. coming up, we go live to fremont for our top story on this thanksgiving morning. frightening moments at a popular country western nightclub as police investigate a death there.
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"today in the bay's" thom jensen is there. plus, thanksgiving is about giving and hundreds of volunteers helping feed thousands in san francisco. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live at glide memorial church with that. thanksgiving d
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ad lib live picture - trans good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. it is 5:30 in the morning. a live picture this morning from downtown san francisco and the trans-america building.
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good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. if you are up because you're defrosting your turkey, it's too late. >> it's too late! >> i did read on the butterball hot line you can cook a frozen bird. it's possible, it just takes forever. >> if you have friendsgiving on friday. vianey's been watching the forecast. you might be headed somewhere later on today. >> in fact, if you're making your tamales, i can already see it, the family is probably gathered around making those tamales. i know my family is. current temperature, 57 degrees in oakland. san jose, 54. we're still noticing the roadways are wet but not a lot of rain on the radar anymore. a lot of that first system has already trekked its way out before we begin to welcome a second system. i want to show you what the roads are looking like this morning because if you're heading out anywhere near san jose, you're going to be one of possibly ten vehicles out on the
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road today. back to you. >> we're waiting for our tamales for later on. new this morning, a police investigation after a scare at a popular nightclub. it happened overnight at the saddle rack nightclub in fremont. >> that's just off auto mall parkway. thom jensen is out there live. thom, what's the latest? >> reporter: i can tell you guys that patrons and employees told the "ebola times" they were scared after they heard the shot ring out here. this was just after midnight. police swarmed the parking lot at the saddle rack nightclub, which is a country western bar. as you said, just off auto mall express and i-880. this comes just two weeks after a gunman went into a country western bar in thousand oaks and killed 12 people, including a sheriff's sergeant. you can imagine how concerned people were when they heard shots ring out in the parking lot here. one person was found dead in the
5:33 am
parking lot. and a manager here at the club told me, no one else was hurt. this is a strong indication this was likely a suicide, but police have not yet confirmed that. we, of course, will have more details as they become available this morning. for now, we're life in fremont, thom jensen, "today in the bay." it is 5:33 right now. today organizations across the bay area will open their doors to host hundreds of families in need this thanksgiving. it takes a lot of volunteers to put on all of those dinners, for sure. >> one of those organizations that has been doing it for decades. they have it down just about pat. >> glade thanksgiving's dinner feeds thousands of people. "today in the bay's" pete suratos has been sampling the goods, well, maybe not. pete, this is one much my favorite stories because people are so happy to be there working on thanksgiving.
5:34 am
>> reporter: that's right. happy thanksgiving to you. yes, it's a very cool event at glide. they've been doing it for decades. you'll get hundreds of volunteers carving the food we have in front of you. i told you -- i tweeted out that the hams are coming. they're arriving. you see them here, about 3,000 pounds of ham, 1200 pounds of turkey. there goes the turkey over there. my photographer will show you that. like you said, it's a very cool event. folks giving back on this thanksgiving holiday. they'll be feeding folks in the homeless community in san francisco. good to see you again. so, i talked about this on what folks will be doing. i'll let you break it down on how it will work this morning. >> today we serve a pretty traditional thanksgiving meal, ham, turkey, stuffing, salad, the whole nine. it's not about the turkey. it's about building community. we're living in an extraordinary time of political divisiveness. what we're trying to do at glide is bring people together, people from all walks of life show up
5:35 am
to volunteer. people from all walks of life show up to eat. we're here to convene, to hold a space for them to be together and bridge the gap between those who have and those who have not. >> reporter: it's about bringing the community together. how many people will get served. the breakfast is at 7:00 and dinner at 11:30. >> lunch is the traditional thanksgiving meal. we see thousands of people who show up and we're happy to feed them, happy to have them here in this space and happy to share glide's values of radical inclusivity and unconditional love. >> reporter: it's such a cool event. i've done it for three years. we'll see city officials carving the turkey, serving out the food. glide is much more than just this big breakfast. you guys are doing services not only through the year but through the holiday season.
5:36 am
>> we provide a wide array of services aside from our meals program, which is the gateway -- when they show up, they realize we have a lot other things to offer. we provide homeless shelter services, a child care center, a women's center for women suffering from domestic violence, a batterer's community for men ho committed domestic violence. we have a wide array of services. >> reporter: we showed you all the meat. there's veggies over there, too. breakfast is at 7:30. big dinner is at 10:00 a.m. we'll stick around this morning. i won't sample it. i promise i won't sample it. >> you have to. you have to. by the way, you're with my buddy, allen, who is usually my cameraman. give him a big hug and wish him a happy thanksgiving.
5:37 am
>> reporter: i'm hugging him now. >> hi, allen. in butte county is will be a different kind of thanksgiving. of course, a little more somber. the rain is complicating things for the search teams in the burn zone. they're still combing through the rubble for human remains there. late yesterday they found two more remains. >> that puts the death toll at 83. "today in the bay's" jodi hernandez is in paradise. needless to say, it will be a difficult thanksgiving for so many but who are simply grateful to be alive. >> reporter: with the first of two rain storms barrelling down, searchers are now braving the harshest of conditions to find those missing in the camp fire. >> inevitably, the weather makes the work a little more difficult, a little more gruelling, trying to get this done, slippery ground, rough terrain. just the weather compounds things but the work continues. >> reporter: as many hope and wait for news of missing loved ones, volunteers are working to try to bring comfort to
5:38 am
survivors. chefs from across the bay area and the state are here, cooking up holiday meals. >> we've been cooking all night and morning and receiving deliveries getting ready to feed as many people as possible. >> reporter: local animal hospitals have been swamped, too, caring for furriry fire victims, including this guy. >> this kitty is cinged, hungry. >> reporter: he came to us during our live shot. we nicknamed him campy and took him to the vca valley oak animal hospital. we checked up on him. >> eating, drinking, doing well. he's got his pain patch. >> reporter: campy has first and second-degree burns on his paws and cinged whiskers but wants to cuddle and find his owner. >> he's so cuddly, so he probably has an owner. >> reporter: in butte county,
5:39 am
jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. so many families torn apart by the camp fire need help. join nbc bay area, telemundo and united way for a fund-raiser on tuesday. we'll be answering your calls from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. that will money raised will help those affected by the wildfire to find temporary and permanent housing among other needs. 5:39 on your thanksgiving morning. oakland's catholic diocese says it's delaying identifying priests accused of sexual abuse. last month it pledged to release the names just like the san jose diocese did. the oakland diocese moved that release date back to january, it says so victims can be informed first and the information verified. the releasing of names was spurred by a minnesota law firm that published a report with 200 bay area priests credibly accused of sexually assaulting minors. black friday is tomorrow. cyber monday just a few days after that.
5:40 am
now we're learning that amazon mistakenly shared customer data. the company e-mailed consumers yesterday letting them know their names and e-mails were exposed because of a technical error. amazon says the error was fixed and that changing your password is not necessary. the company won't say who got that private information. so, there was some vips in the stands at the warriors game last night. for the first time in two weeks, these folks had something to smile about. >> you may not know their names but you know what they've been through. >> a lot of people here today affected by the fire, so thank you for coming be and being with us. happy thanksgiving. >> jordan bell and the warriors hosting the paradise high school basketball teams. the boys and girls teams getting rock star treatment. coaches getting a little face time courtside as well. believe it or not, 29 of the 32 players on those teams lost their homes in the fire. as for the game, less to smile
5:41 am
about. steph curry out with an injury. draymond green also out. the rest of the team could not make it happen. oklahoma city thunder past the warriors, 103-95. the warriors have lost 6 of their last 8 games. that is a bummer. >> it is, indeed. lots of sports ahead. and then, of course, lots of places to get to. let's check your weather with vianey. >> that's right. let's get a check of the roads. it's always good when there's nothing to report when it comes to traffic accidents. that's always something i'm excited about, especially considering the roadways are still wet. not a lot to report through there. a live shot right now of the golden gate bridge. i've only seen a couple cars here and there. we like to make it a joke we can count the amount of vehicles on the bay bridge. it's a holiday. nice and light through that area. we have video for you as we talk about weather. >> that's right. this is sierra snow, folks. it's that time. we're looking at new video
5:42 am
overnight. you can see caltrans already having to plow some of those roadways. there are chain requirements on i-80 near donner summit. make sure you have your boots in the care, even if you're not wearing them while driving. weapon spotted a lady right here. look at her feet. she's wearing some flip-flops, folks. that is california living. >> vianey is doing double duty today. talking about both traffic and weather. >> and i'm so happy to see that snow because we have actually even got more snow with the second system. you know what a lot of people were asking me about? that it turkey trot. a lot of people were concerned about it. i know they were already setting up the barriers. the first system has moved out and looks like san jose will be okay. we're just going to have some cloudy skies, comfortable temperatures in the 50s. perfect if you're running out there. i think 50s is good running weather. so:00 a.m., the race starts at
5:43 am
8:30 in downtown san jose, 54 degrees. they close off a lot of the streets in downtown san jose, so get there early or you'll have to park far away and then walk in towards the turkey trot. as far as your thanksgiving weekend if you're heading up to napa, unfortunately the napa area is going to be one of those spots to get the most rainfall. we're expecting the heaviest of the rain into tonight and into tomorrow. we'll keep that rain in the forecast through friday. saturday and sunday, thankfully that ridge of high pressure dominates once again. as that system clears out, we'll welcome back the dry conditions saturday into sunday. we might get a couple showers here early saturday morning but overall, not great beach weather. it's way too cold and it will be raining out there. >> thank you. coming up next, everyone knows about the big football games happening today, but what about the national dog show? we have a preview of best in show. also, what about the football games? you can be thankful for free stuff today as well. we'll tell you about places
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you know to leave politics it is 5:46 on this thanksgiving morning. your commute still dealing with slick roads out there. the temperatures out there at 54 degrees. wind speeds are nice and calm. the wind speeds are expected to pick up and the rain will be making its comeback tonight into tomorrow. i'll break down that timeline. 5:46. you know to leave politics and
5:47 am
religion off the conversation list at the dinner table at thanksgiving, but you can add one more thing. bitcoin. if you listened to your brother-in-law and bought bitcoin last year while it was soaring, you were out a lot of money. your $1,000 example is now worth $450. bitcoin hit record high last december. it's now at a 13-month low. so, zip it. >> that's right. stock markets are closed today. it's not just about family and football, it has become more and more about shopping, as some stores open up. in fact, every year the number of americans hitting the mall keeps increasing. this year 26% of shoppers plan to head to stores today. 29% plan to shop online. you think what i do during the commercials? i handle christmas during my commercials. this is all according to deloitte. 164 million people are planning to go shopping over the thanksgiving weekend according to the national retail
5:48 am
federation. of those shopping this year, 65% said they're taking advantage of deals and promotions from retailers. a fourth said this was all a thanksgiving tradition. about a fourth said it gave them something to do over the holiday weekend. they do make it really hard to resist going out there. many retailers trying to lure people in with freebies. wall matter with free coffee and cookies at 4:00 in the afternoon until the big sale kicks off at 6:00. that's not even dinner time. jcpenney opens at 2:00 this afternoon and will give the first customers at the store a mystery coupon. there will be a few $100 off coupons and one worth $500. if the turkey didn't fill you up, wendy's there be open for thanksgiving offering free food for black friday. they're giving away a free junior cheeseburger with any
5:49 am
purchase and the wendy's smartphone app is all you need to get it. >> that's what i'm thinking, you know what would follow up turkey dinner is cheeseburger. >> well f you're like my kids -- we're not a big turkey dinner. the thanksgiving holiday brings a feast for the eyes after the famous parade and football starts. you can also spend prime time tv with man's best friend. we have a look at this year's national dog show. >> and the hounds have entered the building. >> reporter: turkey day isn't just for the birds when the national dog show comes to nbc. >> it's a french word for butterfly. >> reporter: alongside expert breeder, former "seinfeld" guest star john o'hurley returns for his 16th year as host of the prestigious puppy pageant. it's anything but a rough life for these pampered pooches as they prepare to enter the arena. >> we have this beautiful poodle
5:50 am
who hasn't fully pulled the pants on yet. >> we'll have upwards of 2,000 dogs from the country. all have been breed winners at one point in the year. >> reporter: dogs are judged in seven different categories, but pronouncing some of the individual breeds can leave the announcers' tongues wagging. >> akc introduces these new breeds to screw with me. >> reporter: the black-tie proceedings can lead to off-color moments. >> we had the great dane that stopped in front of me at the nbc booth, looked at me and left an editorial comment on the rug. >> reporter: get a heap of puppy love. >> at the end of the day they're just dogs and all lap dogs. >> reporter: nbc news. >> he does a good job of pronouncing some of -- >> he sure does. i can do beagle. >> lab.
5:51 am
lab. do you watch the best in show? >> oh, of course. he has it tivo'd. my dog is spoiled but that's a fancy dog. i still love him the same. right now temperatures in the 50s and even 40s up through santa rosa at about 46 degrees. our temperatures into the afternoon will climb nicely into the 60s. where's the rain? well, doesn't look like because, in fact, we're seeing that storm system has trekked out east. that doesn't mean we're going to dry out and welcome in all the sunshine. we are actually tracking a bigger storm as we head in towards the afternoon because it could stall out over the north bay. as far as your air quality, it's definitely improved significantly with this rain. north bay remains moderate, east bay moderate. we are good in the green there. let's talk about the incoming system. this is what i mean. if you look at this timeline,
5:52 am
this is thursday, 5:00 p.m. i'll take you through because i know a lot of folks will be right around the dinner hour here. it comes in through the north bay first. santa rosa, napa, fairfield. look at 8:00 p.m. this is when people are fully into their thanksgiving dinner. it begins southward down through palo alto and san jose. it looks like it's moving slower than we initially thought. san jose begins to fall into a rain shadow 7:00 a.m. friday, but tomorrow morning we'll have a pretty wet commute. especially for the north bay. if you notice, it kind of lingers around all day friday. then we get a couple of showers into early saturday morning. estimated rain totals right now still tracking upwards of 2 inches through the north bay down through oakland just over an inch and down through palo alto over half an inch through there. but there is a wind advisory in effect at 4:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. friday in the north bay mountains because of strong, gusty conditions that will come
5:53 am
with this second round of storms. we're talking potentially upwards of 30 miles an hour. there is a flash flood watch for the fire burn scars in chico and paradise area. we're talking into thursday and friday now. potentially seeing upwards of, look at this number go up, over 6 inches of rain for paradise. that brings a concern for debris flow, unfortunately mudslides for all of those burn scars. here's a look at your next seven days in san francisco and your inland areas we're looking good but the roads are, looking even better because this one that popped up there, just a minor fender-bender. aside from that, green means we're good to go just like our air quality. bridge drive times, nice and smooth. coming up, san jose police chief responds after our investigative unit discovers an arrest caught on tape that some say goes too far. plus, an unexpected find from one couple. what they found while clearing out that has them giving thanks.
5:54 am
first happening now, a missing portrait of charles dickens is getting prepared to go on display this weekend. it's been missing 150 years. was found in a market in south africa. it's valued at more than a quarter million dollars. painted in 1843 when dickens was writing "a christmas carol." defa
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
lot of trouble. but there )s help. go to my twitter pag welcome back. if you are just now trying to defrost your turkey, are you in a lot of trouble. there is help. can you go to my twitter page and see how president bartlet from "the west wing" is getting help. in next story shows it pays to do your chores around the house. a louisiana couple doing prethanksgiving chores found a lost lottery ticket. >> they didn't know it was a winner, but it was worth $1.8 million. they were doing their housecleaning, tied yg up the house before relatives arrive this week. that's when they discovered the ticket. the lucky numbers drawn back in june. timing is everything on this one. this louisiana lottery ticket would have expired in just two weeks. >> we were that close. >> we were close. >> the moral of the story is, check your tickets. don't wait. >> wow. >> the winning ticket was on their nightstand. apparently they had a pile of
5:58 am
them. the real moral of the story is, check the numbers even if it's been sitting around before you toss it out. new this morning after the turkey is served, many people will head straight to the stores. three in ten shoppers are going into the holiday season carrying debt from last year's holiday season. experts say now is a good time to pause and work on paying off that debt, maybe cut back on the gifts this holiday season. they're not going public just yet. oakland's catholic diocese says it's going to delay identifying priests accused of sexual abuse. last month it pledged to release the names just like the san jose diocese did, but oakland diocese moved that release date to january because they say they want those victims to be performed first and they want the information to be verified and accurate. the releasing of the names was spurred by a minnesota law firm that published the names of 200 bay area priests accused of
5:59 am
sexually assaulting minors. this has become one of the most contentious issues of our time. police use force when it's appropriate, when is too much? >> senior investigator stephen stock spent the last four months asking those very questions. >> was it excessive or even necessary? that was the question we asked when a viewer sent us this video of san jose police officers tackling a man who appeared to have being a mental crisis. we showed the video to several local experts and police training and procedure, including a retired judge and former san jose independent police auditor. >> this officer went over the top, in my view. he used half a dozen punches to the head to this man, who was down on the ground. >> when we showed the video to san jose police chief eddy garcia, he had a different take. >> i feel they did a commendable
6:00 am
job on something that does not look pretty to someone who is not trained and to the naked eye. >> find why chief garcia came to that conclusion and how often police have to deal with people in mental distress or on drugs these days, often leading to that kind of confrontation. watch tonight at 6:00 or just go to our website, it is 6:00. hundreds of people enjoying the night before thanksgiving until they are evacuated from a fremont bar after shots ring out. what police are saying about that investigation coming up in a live report. people in butte county taking thanksgiving in stride. giving back on this holiday. the yearly tradition going on in san francisco right now that affects thousands of people. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving morning.


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