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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 22, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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of $2,200 savings. >> reporter: for thanksgiving day shoppers, at least, a bargain in hand was worth the inconvenience. we'll see if that holds up for friday. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. i do need a tv, time to get shopping. plenty of deals to be had online by 10:00 a.m. today. this morning, before you even had turkey, consumers had already spent more than $400 million online. this number is up nearly 25% from last year. but with the convenience of online shopping, also comes risk. amazon alerted some shoppers that its website exposed personal e-mail addresses as a result of a glitch. they say the problem has been fixed. developing news in alabama, reports of a possible shooting at a mall just south of birmingham. this is the scene at the galleria mall in the town of hoover. the mall was packed with shoppers. witnesses tell police they heard
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gunshots near the jcpenneys then saw people running for cover. we'll bring you updates as we get them in. in our headlines tonight, a bittersweet and difficult thanksgiving for survivors, firefighters, and rescue teams in butte county. crews are combing the rubble for human remains. they say the weather made the tough search miserable. chef guy fieri helped serve thanksgiving meals. so far flames have scorched more than 153,000 acres. firefighters say the fire is now 95% contained. that's up 5% from this morning. crews expect to have full containment by next friday. it was two weeks ago today when people were running from that fire which has since turned out
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to be deadliest and most destructive. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has more on how people are reacting after losing so much. >> very thankful right now, super thankful that my family is safe and alive. that's a true blessing from god. >> reporter: but two weeks ago, cindy and her family didn't know if they would ever be together again. three generations of family members were among those fleeing the camp fire. >> every corner was burning. every burning that you looked at, there was fire behind it, explosions going off like a war zone. it was pretty horrific and pretty hard to keep the strength to keep on going, seeing people run from their cars that were catching on fire and grabbing their kids out of their cars and running for their life. it's pretty traumatic. >> reporter: while all of her family made it out, every one of them lost their homes. today they joined other fire
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victims to enjoy a warm thanksgiving meal. the sierra nevada brewery is one of a half dozen places here in butte county that have opened their doors today. volunteers, including first responders, are here serving survivors. >> it's been very wonderful, just to take a moment away from the chaos that's gone on and sit down with my family and have a meal to ourselves. >> reporter: this family lost their house too. but they're not dwelling on what the fire destroyed. >> just the things. they're just things. but they're special. but they're just things. >> our house went to heaven. >> reporter: julie nunn says it's hard breaking losing a house full of history. she spent her day at the salvation army picking up essentials, including support. >> this is a really hard skill to learn, to always be a giver and now we're receiving. it's the most important thanksgiving i think we've ever
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had. >> reporter: in butte county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> our thoughts are with all of you. we are getting a new look at the devastated area in the camp fire. this drone video was captured by drone pilots and fire departments across the bay area. they've been flying neighborhoods in paradise, mapping the destruction street by street. this is clark road, one of the main roads through paradise. you can see homes and businesses along clark road, gone. now take a look at another road. this is sky way along the west side of town. again, destruction everywhere you look. these drone images are part of a new interactive map on the butte county website. since many areas in the fire zone are off limits, this is a good way for evacuees to get a look at what's lost and what's still standing. check out the map at here is another reason to be thankful. the san francisco spca has
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matched many evacuees with their missing pets. there are 29 animals that were rescued from the fire zone and transferred here to the bay area to the san francisco shelter. 14 of those pets have been linked to their owners, that's great news. most of the animals, though, are still being treated for burns. but they will be reunited with their owners once they have fully recovered. if you want to help like so many people want to or already have, please join us along with telemundo 48 and the united way. we're hosting an all day telethon. we'll be answering your calls next tuesday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the money we raise will go right to the fire victims to help them find housing and cover other costs. for more information visit one man is dead and an investigation is now under way after a house fire in san lorenzo. sergio quintana has more.
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>> reporter: when the alameda county fire department arrived, they said they tried to go in to save the man but unfortunately the fire was just too intense. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. they do not have any reason to believe it is suspicious. several other people were in the home including a few children and they managed to get out safely. one neighbor who did not want to be identified said other residents of the burning house tried to save the man but were not able to. >> the son had something over his face and was trying to run back to the back of the house. but all the smoke was coming into the living room. i told him to get out. >> you would think fires on thanksgiving started from cooking. this had nothing to do with cooking, it wasn't associated with the kitchen at all. >> reporter: the house is a total loss. the red cross is helping them with temporary housing and there are family members who are here who say that there is extended family in northern california
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who will help the residents through this tragedy. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you. in half moon bay today, a dog fell down the side of a cliff overlooking pillar point. the owner of the dog became stuck trying to save the dog. firefighters say the cliff isn't steep enough to slide off but you can't climb back up on your own. crews got the pair to safety and tweeted these photos of the rescue. on this thanksgiving, not just friends and family, many people spent the day with strangers delivering meals or just good cheer to those in need. here is nbc bay area's leelee tan. >> reporter: call it a lifeline. they've been here since 8:00 this morning to grab meals and go to people in need. >> it's really an outpouring of generosity and goodwill. i particularly love this day because i've watched families
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and thinn growing up delivering thanksgiving meals. >> they're all really awesome and it's really nice to meet these people. >> reporter: about 500 volunteer drivers will come through this line, first picking up a gift at this station, and come to the second station for meals to go out to 2,600 families in the bay area. >> you i don't know. >> reporter: this 82-year-old is one of them. >> i have 22 pounds of titanium in me. >> reporter: what do this say? >> shake what your mama gave you. and i can still shake what mama gave me. >> reporter: her girls. >> that's jeri and that's missy. >> reporter: can't make it for the holidays. she has volunteers instead. they're a godsend because when i first got sick, i had a femur
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put in. when they come, it's a special day. it's like my kids are coming to see me. and that's what i love. >> reporter: in san francisco, lili tan, nbc bay area news. striking hotel workers did not take the day off for thanksgiving. marriott hotel workers across the country have been on strike for 50 days now, that includes 2,500 employees in san francisco. they're demanding higher pay and better working conditions. marriott and its employees were not able to reach a deal this week so the protesters celebrated thanksgiving with this potluck. they say they're prepared to be on strike as long as it takes to get a fair contract. >> we're out there protesting while they're inside warm. that should tell you how committed we are to make sure we get the economic fairness that we're looking for. >> marriott workers in san jose and oakland reached contract agreements earlier this month.
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up next, a man charged for suspicious fire at a construction site in oakland. the clue that was left at the scene and how it helped investigators track down the suspect. we're going to take you to san francisco for an annual tradition there. we also have highlights from the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. charges tonight -- after a and thanksgiving night around the bay area, a night for our stormranger mobile doppler radar. as you see there, south of san francisco, now moving down the peninsula. some downpours on the way. how long all of this will stick around for the rest of your holiday weekend plans, when we come right back. it's time for ultimate sleep number week on the
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new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. it's the last chance to save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. just one case, even though charges tonight after a suspicious fire at an oakland construction site. the suspect being linked to just one case. even been there's been a series of housing project fires in the east bay. nbc bay area's christie smith as more. >> reporter: the fire was at a
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construction site according to a federal complaint. a broken window where investigators found a reddish brown smudge turned up a dna hit for dustin bellinger. >> grateful on this thanksgiving that the suspect in at least one of the arsons in oakland has been arrested. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf's office shared a video of her response. there have been several fires at east bay residential construction sites. bellinger is charged in one. he has previous convictions including kidnapping. >> we have to let this trial run its course. we have to allow due process to be had by this individual. the motivation is not as important as the fact that this type of dangerous activity will not be tolerated. >> reporter: at the site, an atf special agent rowwrote that a hammer was found with a gas can
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and a rag. instagram posts suggest he urged people to hire him for construction over others. >> you don't have to hire the asians, the mexicans. i do mexican work too and i do asian work. >> reporter: according to the atf, he identified with the bey family who run the your black muslim bakery. bellinger's connection with the family is unclear and it appears investigators may be looking for an additional suspect. >> there are many large fires that have occurred. and they didn't start by themselves. and so whoever is responsible needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> as christie mentioned, this is not the first suspicious fire to break out at a construction site in the east bay. there have been a handful of them starting in 2016. this map shows all of them. two other construction projects went up in flames near lake merritt, including this one on july 27th.
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the other october 2016. both are considered arson. in those same years, the same construction project caught fire twice on san pablo avenue along the oakland/emeryville border, also a suspected arsonist. not a good start to this thanksgiving this morning. take a look, a fire at the port of oakland. three big rigs caught fire. you can see the thick black smoke from one of our traffic cams. firefighters say there were no containers attached to the trucks so they were able to knock down the fires pretty quickly. a shooting at a popular bar in fremont, hundreds of people fled in terror just before midnight last night at the saddle rack, a country western bar. clubgoers heard the gunshot and ran. many fearing it was a repeat of that recent mass shooting at a country bar in southern california. according to police, a man shot and killed himself in the parking lot of the saddle rack. they found a handgun near his
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body that was registered in his name. the club was evacuated and closed. as a reminder, if you or someone you know is struggling, there is help available 24/7. call this number any time, 1-800-273-8255. you can also chat with a counselor online at in san francisco, an annual thanksgiving tradition is in full swing today, providing meals to those in need. for more than 30 years reverend cecil wilson and his church in san francisco has provided thanksgiving meals in the tenderloin district. hundreds of volunteers showed up to serve turkey and ham and all the fixings to thousands of homeless people in the city. we spoke to the ceo who explains the importance of having this annual event in san francisco. >> as you can see, the challenges the city faces are huge and increasing. the more people on the streets, greater food insecurity, the opioid epidemic.
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all these challenges are compounded. we're just seeing more suffering all around us in the city and in the bay area. >> officials say they served around 1,200 pound of turkey, nearly 3,000 pounds of ham. the church provides services all year long to the homeless throughout san francisco. not just here in the bay area. there were thanksgiving celebrations across the country. we started with the annual macy's day parade on nbc and we had a thank you from president trump. here is nbc's dan shanahan. >> reporter: bone chilling temperatures couldn't dampen the fun at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> the best parade in the world. you don't even feel cold, it's so much fun. >> reporter: the wind cooperated just enough to allow the balloons to fly once again through manhattan. across the country, communities gave thanks with their own traditional celebrations. from turkey trot road races to
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local parades, like houston's 69th annual parade, a tradition going strong since 1949. >> i say to our great, great warriors, hello and happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: president trump thanked each branch of the military in a teleconference before visiting a u.s. station in florida. troops in south korea celebrated thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner. >> having the thanksgiving dinner with my brothers and sisters, it helps a little bit. it helps because you're with somebody and not alone. >> reporter: in california, at a time of irreplaceable loss. >> here you go! >> reporter: evacuees who lost everything in the camp fire gathered together at a local fire department to break bread. >> this right here gives us hope so we know that each other is here, none of us are alone. >> reporter: a community and a nation celebrating as one on this thanksgiving day. dan shanahan, nbc news. >> it is nice. hopefully you had a great day
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with your friends and family and now you're relaxing and trying to stay dry. >> did you see jean out there? >> i was glad you didn't ask her any more questions. we've seen an inch of rain in the north bay. the microclimate weather alert gets issued when we this it will be a half inch of rain. we've already gone past that in the north bay. 58 degrees currently as the wind picks up. dublin, tri valley into the rain, 55 degrees. into san francisco, we've been seeing almost a half inch of rain falling so far, 58 degrees, and the wind is starting to pick up. that's the other component of the story especially for the north bay hills overnight. could see gusts over 35 miles per hour. for the morning, kind of a mild start with temperatures in the low 50s. highs tomorrow essentially between 58 degrees and 63 from ukiah around the bay area. raindrops for most of the morning and eventually a change
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over to scattered showers for the afternoon. our radar atop san bruno mountain scanning the skies across san rafael and san francisco, moderate, sustained downpours coming down at 280 and 101, down the peninsula, east bay, over towards the tri valley, berkeley, oakland, you're seeing the rain in castro valley, just starting to get into san jose, starting to see some light rain. you can see the bands moving on through. it looks like between now and 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, most locations picking up a quarter inch to a half inch of rain across the lower elevations. meantime, the santa cruz mountains will likely see i think one to two inches of rain as the system evolves during the day tomorrow. around 9:00, scattered rain. rain may try to fill in again around 2:00. then eventually, as we pass 7:00 tomorrow night, you see the trend there, turning a bit drier here locally. meantime in the sierra, in the high country, look at that snow. the snow level is pretty high, close to 7,000 feet tomorrow. notice blue canyon not getting
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any snow. this is high elevation snow, not as big a travel impact. but the wind and snow falling will lead to that winter storm warning this weekend. end of the holiday weekend, once we get past the system tomorrow, late saturday and sunday does look dry. we'll see an active pattern setting up next week. we've got a tuesday storm and possibly a very windy and wet storm showing up around this time next week. so there you go, one, two, three, the active storms continue. we may catch up quite a bit. that rainfall deficit we had built up through the month of november, you're taking a look there at the seven-day forecast. we'll have rain at times tomorrow, maybe even a few leftover showers if you want to use the thanksgiving analogy there for saturday. sunday looks dry. monday also dry but things stay stormy and possibly quite windy next week. that storm door is staying open. we do get a nice dry break to finish off the holiday weekend. >> today all the rain came, it
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was beautiful. >> lots of rainbows, gorgeous and clear air, that was nice. >> great to see. >> we'll check back with you later, thanks, rob. up next, not just looking for drunk drivers. the other hazards that officials are now looking for. we'll show you which high school won the big bone. this isn
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gate bridge. traffic is ??. a lot of people wrappng up their holiday celebratipons...a welcome back on this thanksgiving night. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is moderate. people still going out and about, either shopping or coming home from their plans, wrapping up their holiday celebrations. and now heading home. this is historically a dangerous weekend on the roads. a lot of drinking and driving. this is no holiday for chp. as of this hour, they have maximum enforcement. here is nbc bay area's anousha rasta. >> reporter: many of us in the bay area will likely spend most of the thanksgiving holiday at
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dinners with family or on the couch watching football. but if you're going to be out on the road and you think you're alone -- >> think again. there's plenty of us out there. there's more out here than on a regular basis. >> reporter: california highway patrol is putting as many officers on duty as possible this holiday weekend to make sure nobody is driving under the influence. >> it's a good idea. >> reporter: the maximum enforcement policy isn't just for dui. you can also get busted for speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, or any other kind of dangerous driving. >> once we stop you, we find you, your decisions are no longer yours. they're going to be ours. >> reporter: these drivers in the south bay agree, telling us the holidays can be a bad time to get behind the wheel. >> we usually stay home because sometimes we are afraid to go out people drink too much. >> ten years ago i got into an
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accident on thanksgiving and last year i got into an accident on memorial day. holidays for me are a risk. >> reporter: chp will continue their maximum enforcement period through sunday night. better safe than sorry. anousha rasta, nbc bay area. >> just be careful out there and don't speed. another fun thanksgiving tradition, san jose high school held its annual big bone football game today. >> the tradition started in the 1940s and a san jose high school student took a bone from his father's butcher shop and declared it the trophy for the winner. lincoln lions won. this is a great tradition. they won 51-6. this is the 77th annual football game. >> lincoln high school continues to roll. >> we've been playing it since 1942 between lincoln and san jose high. we're the last high school
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rivalry played on thanksgiving day west of the mississippi river. >> again, the lincoln lions won big, 51-6. the team celebrated, once again, with the bone trophy. now, over in the east bay, hundreds of people showed up at the 29th annual turkey shoot in downtown richmond this morning. don't worry, no turkeys were actually shot. however many shots of wild turkey whiskey were consumed. the event always starts with a procession and finishes off with a shot of whiskey or, if you don't drink, apple cider. >> they're getting serious over there. heavy rain hitting the bay area at this hour. we're tracking how long it will stick around along with her to storm moving in behind it. take a look at this amateur video of police taking down a suspect. do you think they want too far or were the officers justified? we investigate what happened before this camera started rolling. see what we found, coming up. yo
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radar -- a thanksgiving night storm is rolling through the bay area
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right now at 9:30, you can see it on our stormranger radar, a thanksgiving night storm is rolling through the bay area right now. and it's not letting up anytime soon. we are under a microclimate alert. good evening, thanks for joining us. we're on early because of the football game. >> hope you're enjoying your thanksgiving. after a beautiful day, the rain is now back across the bay area. take a look outside. rain falling, as they say, almost sideways in san rafael. it did cause a bit of a flooding on northbound 101 through san rafael. marin county at this hour is slick and dangerous. be careful if you're out on the roads. this is near the downtown central exit there. here is a live look now at a couple of our live traffic cameras in san francisco and richmond. you can see the lens of our cameras. a lot of rain on them. the roads are slick. >> let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. rob, it is coming down. >> and what will cause ponding on the roads will be rainfall totals as you see at my shoulder here, closing


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