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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 23, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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lots of damage here on the dock itself. but no one was hurt. some people having lunch at the slanted door saw it coming. >> you could hear the concrete break. the steel of the boat. it cracking under the pressure. >> crunching and sort of saw the railing come down. >> so you can see here the damage here at the ferry building dock. this is an area where lots hang. it was a good thing it was raining. a spokesperson said nobody on board was hurt. witnesses say there were about 20 people on the ferry and all walked off very calmly. one complained of back pain. but declined medical treatment. emergency responders showed up and evaluated the situation. no one was taken to the hospital. scary moment. you can see lots of damage here. the bridge district says the crew of the boat is now being
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talked to. and investigation is under way. the crew members will also be drug tested as procedure. they have been pulled off duty. this will be impacting ferry service. for the rest of the afternoon. users should expect delays but i haven't been given a time line. the police are here. the ferry is still here with the two holes in the front of the ferry. no one injured. scary moments here. >> now, to the micro climate weather alert. roads are still slick. soaking people right now from meteorologist and the storm ranger are both scanning the sky. >> what do you have. >> it's the rain totals are impressive. two inches of rain today. if you add everything since wednesday we have had five inches of rain.
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and you see san francisco about three quarters of an inch with misty skies. rainfalling around san francisco and the storm ranger showing you the scattered showers. the out right downpours now out of the fremont. and down to peninsula and san jose missing out on the rain, no longer. 61 degrees. and also on the storm ranger. rain changes to showers. a look at the run way of storms in the pacific. watching three ahead of the 7-day forecast. will they impact the week ahead? we'll have a closer look at that. >> the weather did play a role according to the chp in two crashes both involving war yours star steph curry. this mangled car in oakland. no one encolluding steph was
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hurt. >> reaction from the dub nation. certainly what a scare. >> leaved. and it takes more than luck to win a championship. when you consider what happened here this morning. it looks like curry got really lucky. >> reporter: this video from snap chat maps appears to show basketball star steph curry dressed in black waiting for officers to arrive. as he stands by his banged up car. >> he had the angel on him. >> a little before 9:00 a.m., officers were dispatched to the westbound lane of highway 24 in oakland. just outside the tunnel. the team says curry left his home and was on the way to the warriors training facility. a driver in a silver car switched lanes. lost control and struck him. curry stopped his car. got out and waited in the median
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for help. that's when a driver in black honda civic lost control. and rear ended his vehicle. >> always the class act. he posed for pictures with officers who responded to the accident. when we arrived another member of the curry family was there. steph's dad. dell. who didn't want to go on camera. but said his son is fine. >> he's the best three point shooter. we need him around. >> he tweeted this afternoon the crash. all the time got is great and great all the time. appreciate all the texts. >> steph curry still recovering from the groin injury. he wasn't supposed to play tonight. we know his trainers evaluated him and say he's okay. and then tomorrow doctors will evaluate him and determine when he can return to the court.
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>> all right. thank you. new snow in the sierra creating a rush to get there. now if you go, plan to spend a lot of time in your car. because it is a mess going up there. she's says snow country is super slow. she's at frisco grove. >> this morning our goal was drive to see the snowfalling. this is as far as we got. you can see all the cars pulled over here. that's because the first snowstorm of the season is causing major delays. >> reporter: this is what interstate 80 has looked like most ocht afternoon. the west and snowy weather caused multiple spin outs. making for a slow drive over the summit. >> nobody knows how to drive in the storm yet. it will take time. have patience. >> people are making the drive from the bay area. it's been an all day trek.
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>> you left at 10:00. it's 2:30 p.m. >> yeah. >> these folks are heading from santa rose to for a winter wedding. there's no turning back. >> we're going either way. >> i hope the wedding isn't tonight. >> it's tomorrow. >> reporter: some have to keep going, others are pulling over and enjoying what they can. a little snow is better than none at all. the scene here, this is about the 5,600 foot level. if you're headed to the sierra, pack patience. >> it looks like a mess. thank you. we're tracking the weather. tracking the rain totals. what's next, you can follow him. >> we have also been tracking
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breaking news in east san jose a police stand off. police say it started around 10:00 a.m. they got a call about family member with a gun. this is happening near the 2,800 block of barrel court. officers a rooif police say the man opened fire in at least one officer fired back. no officers were hit. it's unclear if the man was hurt. he went back inside and hasn't come out. police evacuated neighbors and negotiators try to get the man to surrender. >> especially around this area. it's not common. you see the stuff on the news and the fact it's down the street is crazy. >> police have not released the suspects na suspects name. we'll have more at 6:00. >> the white house quietly put out a dire report on the brutal impact of global warming. that government report was written before this years devastating california wild fire. but it warns that climate change is creating more of the infernos and they are getting bigger.
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of the east coast is seeing the other extreme. record cold. and single digits. the report out lines how chai matt change will slam the u.s. economy. former vice president al gore is accusing the trump administration of trying to bury the report. which is critical of the trump allied coal industry. >> speaking of the wild fires thousands of firefighters have been working tirelessly. to get the deadly campfire flames under control. how the rain is helping but hurting another agencies work. >> the sheriffs calling this rain a double edge sword. because on the one hand it really is helping firefighters knock down the flames. but completely destroyed this community. causing damage like this. the giant tree here crushing this burned car. on the other hand the rain is a big problem now for search and
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recovery. >> reporter: after days of wrestling with california deadliest wild fire. finally tonight some relief and help. for the firefighters in beaut county. >> the rain basically did a lot of the finalizing work for us. >> who have the campfire 95% contained. >> we were at 70 or so. before the rain. it jumped up quickly. >> the last few days of rain was enough to soak the fire zone. and put out hot spots. not so intense ited any dangerous mud slides or flooding. beaut county sheriff tells us they are still keeping an eye on the possibility. and he says the rain has actually made their job much harder. search crews have to look through heavy mud. for human remains. >> they have to use water to gently wash the clay away.
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so they can get back to the debris and the bone fragments. and separate those out and collect the human remains. >> for survivors who spent two weeks living in tents near a walmart. the wet windy and cold weather makes it really tough to recover. >> the rain didn't help. the wind is killing me. i found all holes in my tent. >> as far as the search effort, they will continue their jobs as long as they can. before it becomes too unsafe to do so. >> thank you. so many families torn apart by the campfire. need help. join us telemundo 48 and the united way for a fundraiser. we'll answer your calls next tuesday from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. the money raised will help people affected by the fire find housing. as well as so many other things.
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>> still ahead the black friday frenzy getting a boost. shopping trend that is gaining popularity and sending sales through the roof. >> he told police he was trying to let loose. pictures into the news room of a joyride that left two local schools with a big mess. >> a busy evening for us. storm ranger rain around san jose. showers start to slowly wind down around san francisco. that stormy week ahead includes three storm systems in the 7-day forecast. how they may impact the weekend ahead.
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love it or hate it. it is black friday. take a look at the shoppers getting a jump on black friday. in the south carolina walmart. you can see they are pouncing on television sets. it must have been a deal to attract such a crowd. this black friday is set to be one of the busiest we have seen in years. prediction close to $60 billion in sales. a will the of that because people shop online and on their phone. >> holiday shoppers use their phones to spend a billion dollars this thanksgiving. probably to avoid crowds like this. in believe it or not shoppers say the crowds are actually
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smaller and the black friday experience has changed for the better. >> those days of having the $99 tv is not it's a thing of the past. >> reporter: before best friends passed on black friday door busters. >> lines are crazy. >> back then i thought everyone looked like zombies. now i would come back again. >> reporter: this year they drove from san francisco. at 5:00 a.m. to take part. they knew many people would sit it out and shop online instead sfwl amazon and online shopping. it's easier. >> reporter: according to a report, online sales on thanksgiving totaled $3.7 billion. up 28% from a year ago. for others shopping online or in person just isn't for them. >> i'm not buying anything. >> reporter: for this
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grandmother. black friday is all about the adrenaline. you have to leave the mall with something. forget blad friday oakland se celebrating plaid proud to be in the booster and chief. for the event. she browsed stores on lake shore avenue. >> it's promoting the incredible shops in oakland. all the local business owners that live right here. this is your community. support them. don't support some big corporation in new york city. come on. >> if you couldn't make it today. walk. the mayor remind yu tomorrows smillion on small businesses on saturday. >> i want to take you to the southern border. city of tijuana has been declared a humanitarian crisis. the mayor complained mexico federal government has gifen
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little help and asking the united nations for aid for 5,000 central american migrants. most walked to the border. seeking asylum in the united states. president trump is threatening to close the border if it looks like there are signs of disorder. >> new information tonight on where we'll be getting the row main lettuce in the coming weeks. center for disease control sent out a warning two days ago telling earn to throw out row map lettuce. it came after 32 people in e. c. the lettuce most like will came from california. florida and arizona will be harvesting next. and put a system in place to let shoppers know the new lettuce is okay to buy. >> vandalism at two schools. the man accused of doing it told police he was just trying to let loose. someone spotted a pickup doing donuts. police found the truck and the
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driver. inside. with a loaded gun and cocaine. the man admitted to driving recklessly and said he was a former student. >> make the streets safer for pedestrians. make the roads walkable. they're using an interactive map to do it. people can mark the routes they take when walking. the colored lines on the map. and try to trying to go with the circle. circles showplaces pedestrians say are problem areas to cross. >> if you're looking to walk in berkeley. go now or wait it out? >> wait. east bay getting into san jose. the rainfalling and very impressive rainfall totals if you add from wednesday,iv tops. a soggy drive across 580. you have 58 degrees. and the rain totals around the
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trivalley to oakland. half inch to three quarters. and the heavy rain did fall earlier in the day. seeing this last pulse of downpours moving south. less than a tenth of an inch. to two inches. the rain shadow effect. sending the air upwards and rains out on the ocean fac side. the air descends, you see the rain rates drop. bay.t a front boundary slowly that's adding extra lift. you compare that to the regional radar. pick up the rain there. approaching highway 85 and highway 87. moving from downtown san jose. east bay you're seeing the rain showers around alamo and black hawk. san francisco. catching a bit of a break. as we transition from out right
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rain. scattered showers. for the rest of the night into tomorrow morning. you can see most places probably picking up less than a quarter inch. morning temperatures start in the 50s, highs tomorrow similar to today. mostly cloudy. and late day clearing. upper 50s and low 60s for highs. into san jose. hour by hour with the rain. notice how we begin the day on saturday with still some ongoing shower mostly cloudy for the morning. 3:00 to 5:00 notice the skies start to clear and showers move on. saturday rainfall projection is less than we saw today. keep the umbrella on standby for enough to wet the ground.turday. sunday and monday look dry. no problems. the first of three storms showing up tuesday. round two gathering strength wednesday with wind and rain thursday. here comes a third storm. lining up for next weekend. if this holds true, if we see the three storms.
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rainfall deficits in northern california by next week will be gone. erased. that's a lot of rain. current storms start to wind down slowly through tomorrow morning. sunday monday dry. and ready for the rain to make a come back tuesday. stronger storm thursday and next weekend could bring wind and rain. making up for the lost time. we begin december. >> wow. intense. >> up next a scooter ride takes a scary turn. tonight the search for someone who police say hopped out of the van and robbed a kid in the east bay. about a fire in the east bay
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the fire broke out yesterday - on thanksgivi a fire in the the east bay that broke out yesterday on thanksgiving. at a home near the golf course.
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the fire was deadly killing a man. it started in the back bedroom but they're trying to figure out what ignited it. >> do you recognize this van. police are asking for help in finding man who stole a boys cell phone. it happened sunday. riding his scooter near 680. when police say a man got out and grabbed him. the man took the boys cell phone and got away. police are asking if you have any details or information to call. >> secret service launched a thanksgiving crime fighting campaign targeting fraud at stations. improvement has forced them to target gas pumps instead. they place a card reader on the pump and they get access to the card. the secret service crack down began yesterday. already some 200 skimming devices has been seized
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ht at 6:00. news not seen in century. one man is using technology to
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stitch together old photographs to create panoramics of the past. >> a wine country wild fire survivor helped bring christmas cheer to victims of the campfire. from coffee park. you might remember much of that neighborhood burned to the ground during the tubs fire last year. he knows what it's like to lose a lot. yesterday he and others went to beaut county. they spent the day putting up a christmas tree at the main intersection in paradise. because you can burn a neighborhood down, but you can't take away the holiday spirit. >> that is nice. back to the forecast. another day of steady rain in the city. that led to roadway flooding, spin outs and back ups. this is what it looked like a while ago. cars trying to make their way through standing water. 101 report ts of minor flooding. chp out there telling us to slo areas flooding. so if it's possible to stay out of the fast lane and the slow
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lane. those flood first. we want peoo slowy workers cleared out storm drains and all the reports of flooding started to go in. we saw the accident with steph curry. so it is a day you have to be careful. there's so much traffic in your mall. and the exits to get out. >> the on and off ramps. low lying areas filling quickly. we're seeing probably some of that happening around san jose. and rain changing to scattered showers now. and there's good news in the forecast through the weekend. a few showers into early saturday. for the trip home we'll see things clear out. there's a view of 580. heavy rain continues to fall in the trivalley. sunday monday looking better. >> sunshine in the weekend. >> thank you very much. >> nightly news with lester holt is next.
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tonight, a cold turkey blast. a big winter storm about to hit as millions of families travel home. snow, wind, and rain, and a ripple effect hitting highways and airports across the country. we have the latest forecast. breaking news, word of a possible plea deal in the works between mueller and an associate of long-time trump confidant roger stone. new developments in the tragic death of an american missionary hit by an arrow and a remote island tribe cut off by the outside world. a warning for all patients. is your doctor being paid by a pharmaceutical or medical device company? and could that money be influencing the treatment you receive? i was shocked and i thought, obviously i should have been told. >> tonight, the questions you need to ask and where you should look for>>


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