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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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moving out everywhere but the south bay, we're still seeing rain everywhere. you're looking at live, our traffic cameras, a slick drive no matter where you are. >> and snow in the sierra, cars sliding off the road as people head to tahoe. tonight live team coverage. we begin with meteorologist rob mayeda. you've been tracking the storm. what is the status of it now? >> right now we're beginning to see the transition to the south bay in terms of the heavier rain. look at these totals since wednesday, more than 5 inches of rain for the santa cruz mountains, leading to runoff issues. moraga, to the east bay hills, napa, 2 to 3 inches of rain. less at lower elevations, san jose .25 inches. san francisco and oakland, over 1 inch since the trend. scattered showers north of san francisco, but still a line of heavier showers right over downtown san jose where they're having a tree lighting ceremony. you can see heavier rain bands
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here, along highway 87 and south san jose, this is the last gasp in terms of widespread heavier rain. starting to head out of the south bay. check out the action toward the sierra, a lot of snow at times, above 7,000 feet and stacking up in the pacific will be more storms like this one, bringing snow to the sierra and potentially wind and rain back into the bay area. three storms in the seven-day forecast. we'll give outtimeline on all three coming up in 12 minutes. on the road today, rain causing headaches. christie smith joins us live. you saw a lot of flooding on some of the roads today? >> reporter: that's right, and we're finally getting a break from the heavy rain. it's been raining all day here in san francisco. you have debris in the storm we're here at beal and bryant streets. you can see across covered in standing water. and this is one of the routes right onto the bay bridge. and it's an area like this that
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city crews have been chasing pretty much all day. in the marina district, drivers took the slow through standing water while neighbors cleared leaves to help the water drain. across town, city workers took on backed-up storm drains. >> a lot of water. >> reporter: there wasn't standing water in the mission where the city installs flood barriers where needed. still, he bought a pallet of sandbags but says that doesn't always work. >> the water right here and up. >> reporter: oth cal trans worked to clear it as flooding. the chp responded to in>> if it's possible to stay o of the fast lane and the slow lane, those flood first. stay out of those lanes. we want people to slow down. >> reporter: it wasn't just water but trees or branches down, but on market street the weather didn't dampen shoppers' spirits at all. black friday deals to be had. >> we don't have an umbrella,
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it's fine. >> reporter: back here live, neighbors in san francisco that are part of the adopt a drain program, if they see something like this and they signed on, they will try to clear it out themselves. but again, this is one of those things where i spoke with public works and they say you see an intersection with a lot of standing water, you want to let them know, give them a call, report it through 311. you can see a car going through it. again, a lot of standing water out here at different intersections in san francisco. that is the latest from here reporting live in san francisco, st the storm is creating treacherous driving in the high sierra. traffic going to the mountains on i-80 was bumper to bumper in some spots. you're looking at cal trans traffic camera at donner's summit a few hours ago. jodi hernandez went to the sierra, her report in 30 minutes. stay informed about the rainy and snowy weekend. download the free nbc bay area
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app. you'll get ready to radars, including storm rangers, scans, so you'll know exactly when the storms will roll through your neighborhood. scary moments for people aboard a ferry in san francisco this afternoon. check this out. >> oh my god! >> all that screaming because a commuter ferry barreled into the ferry building. it set people on the pier running. this happened about three hours ago. jean elle join us live from that area on the pier. what happened? was anyone hurt? >> reporter: jessica, no one was seriously injured. we got an this ferry had two crushes, two points of impact. the golden gate ferry hit the outer berth right where that ferry is pulling in and that impact launched it toward the ferry building. it hit the promenade. we have some video of the crash. >> oh my god! you can see the ferry is coming
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right at the ferry building promenade where a lot of people hang out. 53 passengers and five crew members were on board. one passenger and a woman working concessions complained of pain but declined treatment. no significant injuries. the district says protocols will be reviewed because passengers say there was no warning that impact was coming. people having lunch say everyone in the restaurant stood 100 they saw the ferry heading toward them. >> i saw it coming in. they were facing us,out. and i was like, oh, the ferry's going to crash. they were like, no. they turned around and it went into the pier. it went on forever. it hit and it hit and it hit and it hit. >> reporter: this is the ferry, "the san francisco." take a look at it. there are two holes in the front of this ferry right under the anchor. you can see the lights shining from inside the ferry to the outside. you can see the holes. the u.s. coast guard is
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investigating this crash. right now they are interviewing the crew members. those crew members will be drug tested. i'm told that is protocol. no one was injured. big relief, this could have been a lot worse, and i'm told it will take several days to figure out exactly what happened and why. a tense situation continues to unfold in east san jose. police say a man with a gun barricaded himself inside a home after firing it off thursday. neighbors had to evacuate while negotiators tried to get the man to surrender. nbc bay area was the first to arrive on the sce live with the >> reporter: there's been a lot of activity out here just in the past hour. i have seen ambulances come and go, i have seen armored vehicles come and go. but so far, police have given us very little information. if you take a look here behind me, you can see this area is blocked off. we do know that police have been out here since 11:00 this
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morning after receiving a call about a family member with a gun. one by one, cop cars and armored vehicles rushed to a shooting involving a police officer in east san jose. >> crazy. it's like a lot of cops. >> reporter: curious neighbors gathered, cell phones in hand. >> it's not common to see this around this area. so, you know, you see the stuff on the news and the fact that it's down the street from my house is crazy. >> reporter: san jose police say it started around 10:00 this morning when a person called about a family member offers we scene. and the suspect fired at officers. at least one officer returned fire. >> reporter: no officers were hurt, but police say it was unclear whether the suspect was injured. he went back inside the home and wouldn't come out. police evacuated nearby neighbors while negotiators worked toward a peaceful ending.
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>> hitting time for people to be together with families. clearly the suspect was with family members. and then for this to happen, it's got to be terrible for the family to now have to deal with this. >> reporter: police have not released any suspect information. we are working on getting you more information, and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. >> thank you, laura. our rain is both blessing and curse in paradise. firefighters breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to containment, but rainfall in the burn zone in butte county is not ll good news. fire. flames have scorched over 153,000 acres. and this point iontas gooded. anoushah rusk joins us live with more. it is hard, difficult work out there. >> reporter: it's heartbreaking,
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jessica. these are some of the images we're seeing here in paradise. like you mentioned, containment of the fire is 95% now. but cal fire says it was 70% before the rain, so that's good news there. but this rain is certainly causing some major problems elsewhere. while it helps to fight against the flames that destroyed the town of paradise -- >> on the other side of the coin, it's presenting some challenges to us. >> reporter: rain in butte county is making it much more difficult for search crews to look for remains. sifting through dirt has now to usetly to wash the clay mu away so they can get back to the debris and the bone fragments, and then from there, separate those out and collect the human remains. >> reporter: meanwhile, no reports so far of any mudslides or flooding in the fire zones from all the rain. but certainly a much more
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unpleasant experience for camp fire survivors, living in tents the past two weeks. >> i wish it would have came before the fire. we probably wouldn't have all lost our homes. >> these folks from paradise have been living on this lot next to a walmart in chico. they say that's getting more difficult each day. >> the rain, the rain didn't help. the wind is really killing me. i found all the holes in my tent. >> reporter: the butte county sheriff says they've gotten help from the alameda county sheriff's office to use drones to collect some much-needed ts damage frks who lost begin filing paperwork for their homes can use it as they claims with their insurance companies. >> if you want to help the people you saw in anoushah's story, join us along with telemundo 48 and united way. we are hosting an all-day
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telethon and answering your calls next tuesday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. the money raised will go to fire victims to help them find housing and cover other costs. go to christmas in the park brightening the holidays for a family who lost everything in the camp fire. a live look at the festivities happening right now in downtown san jose. the opening day tree lighting ceremony is just a few minutes away. our own mike inouye is there. this is a special one this year because the family of camp fire survivors did the honors of lighting the holiday tree, a smith family, a really difficult year for them. first they lost their daughter in a car accident, and the family lost their home in the camp fire. to help ease their problems the family was put up in a hotel across from this event and they say they have no words as to when they can return back to to paradise to begin rebuilding. >> the outlying areas are getting okays to go back into
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their places but not paradise. it's too dangerous. chemicals, toxins. it's not safe. >> all of our thoughts are with them and the family in this difficult time. tonight's ceremony was filled with live entertainment, lots of dancers and a holiday show. there's mike. christmas in the park will be open through christmas day. . coming up next, steph curry involved in a car accident on his way to warriors shoot-around this morning. what happened and how he is doing tonight. as you know, it is black friday. but stores not as packed as in years past. but it doesn't mean they'll be hurting this holiday season. a storm ranger mobile doppler radar going from outrightnp ahead in the seven-day forecast.
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role in two crashes... both involving warriors star chp role in two crashes, both involving warriors star steph curry. this is his porsche on the side of westbound 24 in oakland. no one, including steph, was hurt. melissa colorado joins us now from oakland with reaction from dub nation. >> reporter: chp is hoping drivers learn two valuable lessons from what happened to
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steph curry. wear your seat belt at all times. and number two, when it's raining out, slow down. this video from snapchat maps appears to show basketball star steph curry dressed in black waiting for chp officers to arrive as he stands by his basiced-up porsche. >> hard situation. >> reporter: a little before 9:00 a.m., chp officers were dispatched to highway 24 in oakland outside thede tunnel. curry had left his home and was on his way to the warriors' training facility. chp says a driver in a silver lexus suddenly switched lanes, lost control, and struck curry's porsche. chp says curry stopped his car, got out, and waited in the median for help. a driver in a black honda civic also lost control and rear-ended curry's vehicle. >> i heard he's all right.
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>> reporter: always the class affect, steph curry posed for pictures with chp officers. when we arrived, another member of the curry family was there, steph's dad who did not want to go on camera but said his son is doing fine. >> you know, he's the best three-point shooter of all-time so we need him around. >> reporter: curry tweeted after the crash, don't need any reminders but all the time god is great and god is great all the time. appreciate all the texts. steph curry still recovering from that groin injury, sosn't . we know his trainers evaluated him earlier today and they gave him the a-okay. we know that doctors are going to re-evaluate that groin injury tomorrow, and they're going to determine his status. let's give you an update on that romaine recall we've been talking about. there's new information about
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where we'll be getting lettuce in the coming weeks. the fda says florida and arizona will be harvesting their lettuce crops next, and that it should be into markets soon. cdc sent out a warning telling everyone to throw out their romaine after 32 people in 11 states got sick from eating lettuce tainted with e. coli. cdc says it will let shoppers know when the okay lettuce is there to buy. that is mayhem. a black friday free-for-all. check out the shoppers at a walmart in myrtle must have been a good deal because there are lots of people fighting for tvs there. a little calmer in the bay area. this is shoppers who tried to score some deals at san francisco's premium outlets in livermore this morning. lots of shoppers we talked to had been out for hours in the morning. the crowd seemed a little bit more manageable in milpitas.
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>> reporter: the best we've seen in years, that's what retail experts expect this black friday. not just because of lines like this one. it's also been a boost to sales online and on people's smartphones. this thanksgiving people use their phones to spend more than $1 billion. >> crazy. >> reporter: serena law is the modern shopper, using both clicks and bricks, online and brick and mortar stores, to find deals. >> i just kind of do whateverts. if i see it in the store, i get ccding to a report just released by adobe analytics, online spending on black friday weekend is supposed to top more than $6 billion. that's about 10% of total expected sales. lynn rice with the great mall says despite strong online spending, foot traffic isn't falling. >> i don't think it is. i think that a lot of families have different traditions.
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some of it's shopping on thanksgiving, some of it's shopping on black friday. >> reporter: best friends dubi and christine say people spending online is improving the black friday experience for those who want to shop in stores. >> amazon, online shopping, it makes it easier for everyone. >> back then i thought -- the way i thought when i was younger, everyone was zombies. but now i think i would come a k again. others like this grandmother from san jose who just comes for the adrenaline. >> i like the rush. yes. i'm not buying anything, i'm looking at the people. >> reporter: for both shoppers and people watchers, those crowds may stick around until about 10:00 tonight when the great mall closes. >> 10:00 at night and she's just there to look? oh my goodness. >> got to buy something. >> you've got to walk away with a bag. >> buy an orange julius. >> stay out of the rain, at least, there. livermore, different story,tri-.
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now as the rain starts to move out, you might see a little bit of patchy fog setting up for tomorrow morning, winds are light. 580 right now, dublin to livermore, 58 degrees. the rain is for the most part out of the tri-valley as you can see in our storm ranger mobile doppler radar. 680 to the west around danville, walnut creek, showers. downtown san jose beginning to see the rain move out. and there is our storm ranger. san bruno mountain, get a good rinse cycle around the early afternoon. notice the trend here, widespread downpours, now starting to slowly move on out. as we head towards morning, low ongoing showers possible mainly for the first half of the day. nothing like we saw today. showers in the forecast, but i do think other than mostly cloudy skies, the day should be ma of the day. seven-day forecast brings in our next chance of rain. that is tuesday, storm one. storm two, thursday.
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another storm late friday into saturday. you can see the holiday weekend ends dry, but boy, what a lineup setting up in the seven-day forecast. that first storm bringing the rain back in our direction as early as tuesday. and then unlike today, this next storm coming up on thursday could have wind and rain hitting southern california hard as well. good snow producer there. the third storm system for the first day of december, what does this next week look like then in terms of seven to ten-day rainfall? the numbers are surprising. we'll have a closer look at that in the next half hour. still to come,area not seen create panoram o left a treasuref
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photography. you may not know but the early days of san francisco left a treasure trove of photography. one bay area man has fallen in love with those photos. >> he's using technology to take them to a place their photographers hadn't imagined.
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>> san francisco was a gold rush city that sprang from nothing. >> reporter: pictures of a city -- >> there had never been such a large number of photographers photographing a city growing so rapidly. >> reporter: the early days of san francisco. >> this is what the city looked like before the earthquake and fire. >> reporter: large numbers of photographers like edward moorebridge and william henry jackson with equally large cameras. >> this is a reporter: from gl photos of the growing city. >> this is a five-plate, multi-plate panorama by w.h. jackson. >> reporter: it's taken a century and a half, modern technology, and someone like nick wright to come along. >> this is the pat has hotel. that would be how one of these would start out. >> reporter: as someone who loves history and technology, the san jose man figured out modern tools to bring the past to life. >> if you get enough of these pictures, you can put them together. >> reporter: using photoshop, he began digitally stitching together old pictures to create
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vast views of the early city. >> putting together pieces through time. >> reporter: in some cases, wright merely puts together pictures photographers shot in a series, intended as panoramic views. but sometimes he weaves together photos merely shot from the same vantage point, around the same period, to create a i've got pictures you've never seen before, because they've >> that's why i tell people, never existed before. it's never been seen like this in 150 years. >> reporter: the high-quality photographs reveal independent mat details of san francisco's beginnings. >> you'll see somebody in the window here. you can see the roofs or people's laundry on the roof. you get involved in people's lives. you get quite emotional. you see the struggle and the success and the loss. >> reporter: wright, who runs two popular facebook sites devoted to san francisco history, has taken things even further, labeling nearly every building and street in his pictures. >> curvy street, this is part of
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lombard. >> reporter: wright has created several hundred panoramas from old photos. for now on his computer -- someday he'd like them in a museum. >> it's been part of the piece of the large san francisco puzzle. great satisfaction to be able to recreate something that hasn't been seen in 150 years. >> reporter: a case ofis waitin and the right person to come along. >> brushing away the haze of a hundred years. >> it is remarkable to see those photos. still to come, we are under a microclimate weather alert. the mess the snow is causing for that drive to tahoe this weekend. plus a dire report about climate change coming from the white house. a grim picture it paints about the future. a rain storm today -
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right now at 6:30, we are under a microclimate weather alert. a rainstorm today and another one not far behind it. we've seen the rain on and off today all across the bay area. >> time lapse video from san francisco earlier this afternoon, you can see the rain coming down hard all day long. let's take you outside, a live look at our chopper cameras. san rafael and dublin, slick, wet, treacherous. >> the man who's been on top of it all day, rob mayeda. >> right now as we add up the totals from two storms, wednesday then late last night, today you can see more than 5 inches of rain around the santa
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cruz mountains and up toward montamt. tam. san francisco and oakland, more than 1 inch of rain easily. the wettest period we've seen since early april. san jose, .25 inches of rain. mobile doppler radar, atop the san bruno mountains, showing yo starting to move away. as the moisture leaves the bay area, higher up around the sierra, 7,000 feet especially, the snow continues to fly. this is not the end of it. as you can see, showers tonight inn early tomorrow. then the lineup offshore as we track progressively stronger storms setting up in the day recast. we'll have a look at the rainfall expectations with that and how much snow we could see in the sierra by the end of next week coming up at 6:45. speaking of that snow, it is causing big headaches in the sierra tonight, people anxious to get to tahoe but it's not so easy. this is late this afternoon.
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barely moving on i-80 at donner summit. jodi hernandez can attest to that. she's at cisco grove with a look at what you can expect if you're planning to head east. >> reporter: traffic is finally moving again along i-80 here at cisco grove. fruit has been a the first storm of the season , cal trans had to halt in traffic because of all the spin outs. this is what i-80 in the sierra has looked like most of the day. a virtual parking lot. as the first storm of the season caused big backups. >> expected. we kind of knew it was to be expected. >> crazy. we're going for the whole weekend, supposedly. who knows. >> reporter: a lot of people from the bay area are heading to the mountains, hoping to enjoy all the new snow. a fresh blanket of powder has fallen, but reaching it has been a challenge. >> nobody knows how to drive in the storms yet. it will take time.
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that's all right, we have patience. >> reporter: those who didn't pack a lot of patience pulled out of at the first sign of snow. enough for a little sledding an. again, this is what it looks like right now on interstate 80 in cisco grove. it is wet and it is slick. if you're heading up to the sierra, give yourself plenty of time. people want to ski, which is great for the resorts. squaw valley opened its slopes for the season today. very heavy. north star ande already open for the season. kirkwood is planning to open tomorrow. as always, we'll continue to follow this microclimate weather alert on our digital platforms and rob is tracking rain totals. he'll let us know what's next. you can follow rob @robmayeda. the white house has quietly
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put out a dire report on the worsening problem of global warming. it says the earth's climate is changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization. the scientists say the impact is already happening. climate change stoked california's wildfires and powerful hurricanes in the south. unless action is taken, the report predicts such weather extremes will intensify. other nations will suffer too, and when they do, the u.s. could see economic losses reach hundreds of the century. on capitol hill, there's a new twist in the russia investigation. nbc's susan mcguinness has the latest on the mueller probe. >> reporter: conspiracy theorist jerome coresy is in plea talks with special counsel robert mueller. corsi could help mueller's team as it tries to figure out if the president or his advisers were involved in wikileaks releasing
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hacked democratic e-mails in 2016. >> did corsi have some kind of advance knowledge about what wikileaks was going to do and pass it to stone or anyone in the trump campaign? >> reporter: the plea talks come as former fbi director james comey promises to fight a subpoena to appear behind closed doors before the republican-led house judiciary committee. it wants more information about the fbi's decisions surrounding the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. comey wants a public hearing. democrats call it a last gasp by republicans before they lose the house in january. and once democrats take control, the president could face new questions surrounding the murder of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. the president rejected the cia's assessment that the saudi crown prince ordered the murder. >> nobody's concluded, i don't know if anyone's going to be able to conclude that the crown prince did it. >> reporter: adam schiff, incoming chairman of the house intelligence committee, plans to investigate potential conflicts
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of interest. >> we want to look into trump's finances and how they're entangled with saudi arabia. >> reporter: the president denies any personal financial ties with saudi arabia. despite the denial, the president has said in the past he has made a lot of money with the saudis. in washington, susan mcguinness, nbc news. back home to oakland, black friday associated with long lines and stress. the city of oakland wants to do it differently. oakland celebrates plaid friday. instead of converging on a mall or a big box store, this is a way for locals to support their own. libby schaaf was proudo be in the booster in chiefion as she browsed stores on lakeshore avenue. >> just promoting the incredible shops in oakland. all these incredible local business owners that live right here. these are your community members. these are your neighbors. support them. don't support some big corporation way off in new york city. come on.
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>> if you couldn't plaid it out today for the walk, the mayor reminds you tomorrow is small business saturday. last year in the u.s., shoppers spent nearly $13 billion on small business day. still to come,delivery. the postal service says mail may come as early as 5:30 in the morning. we'll tell you when that will start. firefighters today say it
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started in a we are learning more about a deadly fire in the east bay. firefighters say it started in a back bedroom. the fire broke out yesterday, on thanksgiving, at a home near sky west golf course in st. lorenzo. it killed one man and left nine other people who lived there homeless. firefighters are sti figure outt check out these pho. we want to show you this. you'll recognize that van. walnut creek police are asking for help finding the man who was driving it, who stole a boy's cell phone sunday. the boy was riding a scooter
6:41 pm
near 680 when a man got out of that van and grabs the boy and took his cell phone. police are asking that you, if you have any information, call them. you may start getting an early wakeup call from your mailman. starting now, postal workers will start delivering mail as early as 5:30 in the morning. the early move is to help keep up with all the busiest week th. the early schedule will last through the holidays. here's a story with a nice sentiment. a wine country wildfire survivor spent thanksgiving putting up a christmas tree at one of the main intersections in paradise. as you know, much of that town was destroyed in the camp fire. ronnie duvall is from the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa, which was all ravaged by a wildfire last year. duvall, along with sonoma county government workers, traveled to butte county yesterday to spread the holiday cheer. >> the thing is, you can burn an
6:42 pm
entire neighborhood down but you can't take our christmas spirit, holiday spirit. >> workers also flagged down some chp officers who helped put up the tree. it is now sitting at the intersection of sky way and neil roads. >> it's a symbol of hope. to come from the people from santa rosa who lived it, now a year later they're looking back, so generous. >> some returning to what was their homes, to see that one little bright light. right now we're seeing the weather change which has brought down fire danger. unfortunately a little too much in spots as we've been watching some of the roadway issues around and san jose. 60 degrees. three more storms in the seven-day forecast coming up. 'tis the season to be buying and returning. that doesn't always end so well. nbc bay area responds next. merc.
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seeing as how nbc bay area responds to viewers who have trouble returning merchandise. >> it's such a hassle, seeing how the holiday shopping season is here, we asked our investigator for a quick refresher. >> we are not kidding around when we say we respond to wads of return hassle records we have help. julie in oakland, andrew in sunnyvale, erin in san francisco, julie in san jose, greg in san mateo, lots of others. even though most stores have return policies, they are not written into state law. in fact, the attorney general says don't assume a store will allow you to return an item if you change your mind. all right, let's do some q&a. real quick here, can a store charge a restocking fee? the answer is, yes. can they only allow exchanges, not refunds? also, yes. can they give you store credit instead of cash? yes. and can they require you to have an original receipt for a refund? also, yes. you see a trend there?
6:46 pm
you need to figure out the return policy before you swipe your credit card. some stores will loosen their return policies around the holidays ask but not all, and they don't have to. check the rules, they should be posted in writing at the service desk or printed on the back of your receipt. if you have trouble,s know., or call us. amazon workers across europe walked off the job today. workers in britain, germany, spain, and france demanding better pay and safer working conditions. employees in spain say they timed the walkout for black friday, one of the highest-selling days for the company. the strike was set to last 24 hours. amazon says the walkout will not impact customer orders. dolphins can work together to perform a task. that's what scientists at the dolphin research center in florida are saying. they trained a pair of dolphins to swim across the lagoon and press buttons to test whether they can synchronize behavior.
6:47 pm
in some tests the dolphins swam together in others they swam separately. but the other would wait so they could press the buttons at the same time. >> that location is amazing. dimmin with the dolphins there. my gosh, 20 years ago, when they were working with kids with autism. it was remarkable the work they're doing. dolphins in that same lagoon. rob mayeda, a look at a break from the rain but more on the way? >> things starting to wind down with this second storm but what a difference the week has been, we started with unhealthy air quality and rainfall percentages looked terrible for this time of year. this is how things looked earlier this week. 26% of average in santa rosa, 2% in san jose. look at how things stand. 73% of average in santa rosa. starting to make up the difference, which is still about 1 to 2 inches around the bay area. take a look at the seven to ten-day outlook, we could be above average by the end of next week. good news in the rainfall
6:48 pm
department. doppler radar showing you the trend, seeing less downpours, less of the orange and yellow on the radar indicating heavier showers. still seeing some rain there around 680 and 580. san francisco, spotty showers. we'll see a lot of that at times tonight. a few passing showers. but again, things starting to wind down as we h morning. rainfall between now and midmorning tomorrow, a few areas in the east bay hills, .25 inches around moraga. most places seeing a lot less rain than today. the trend heading into the weekend, lots of clouds. still a chance of showers around the east bay through 11:00, especially. notice through the day saturday, transitioning to partly cloudy skies by 3:00 in the afternoon. then showers should be done at that point. then sunday and monday also looking dry. a break between the storms. morning temperatures in the 50s. may see some patchy fog if the winds are especially light with all that recent rain. and highs tomorrow in the low 60s with partly cloudy skies. still a slight chance of a shower. you can see the rain totals for
6:49 pm
saturday barely registering, just enough to keep the umbrella on standby the first half of the day. monday looks dry. tuesday does not look dry. that's the first storm that comes through. then another storm taking aim thursday with wind and rain statewide, even into southern californ california. probably a better snow producer coming up in the 10-day outlook. storm three shows up late friday into saturday. as things look right now, the outlook in the 10-day forecast, look at that. the fuchsia, purple, white, gold are rain totals from 3 inches to off the map. that would be 5 to 6 inches of rain for some places in the north bay or the satisfactory. that would be coming down in the form of snow. both long-range models we'll see quite a bit of rain toward the end of next week. snow potential for the sierra looks good. this event, snow above 7,000 feet. the outlook into december 3rd looks like lower snow levels.
6:50 pm
so the potential is there. if this pattern holds, could be adding up the snow by the foot in that sels indicating showers into early tomorrow, into the holiday weekend, dry. use that time to gear up for tuesday, thursday, friday night into saturday. three more storms on the way. the warriors hit the court tonight hoping to end a losing streak. kelly johnson has sports next. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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kelly johnson on the xfinity sports desk. the warriors are thankful that steph curry was not injured in this morning's car accident. of course there is plenty of concern around the team because they won't have curry or draymond green as they try to snap a season-high four-game losing skid against damian lillard and the blazers at oracle arena on black friday. >> obviously every loss hurts. but we realize we have enough to win. we've done it in the past, previous seasons. last year, year before, when key guys went out. you draw back on times you're successful and have a depleted roe're shorthanded but we're not going to make excuses for these upcoming games. we have plenty of talent to get wins and we will.
6:54 pm
just stay the course, and obviously it's been a hard part of the schedule with all the opponents we're facing. it hasn't been easy, but we're going to be better from it. to football, 49ers won't have pierre garcon on sunday, he's out with knee injury. nick mullins makes his third start and first on the road at tampa sunday. niners and bucs, two teams who have given the ball away a ton, will face off during this season of giving. >> i mean, the main thick is their offense. it's got firepower. a lot of people have fire power in this league so that says a lot. they've struggled with turnovers. any time you have a combination of two quarterbacks on pace to throw for 6,000 yards, is that's pretty unheard of. you've got two pro bowl-caliber receivers, a very good spot receiver. their back is solid, their line is very good. they have a very good scheme.
6:55 pm
but they're tough to stop and they're going to get yards. make sure when they give you opportunities you get turnovers. three, two, one! >> there it goes. the tree at christmas in the park in san jose is lit. it's just about 20 minutes ago in downtown san jose. >> the official lighting of the tree, so exciting. our own mike inouye is right there in the crowd. you know what? even with a little bit of rain, people braved it. >> mesmerized by that tree. we did have rain coming down. we'll be watching that on storm ranger mobile doppler radar. most of the substantial rain that's falling around san jose has moved out. at the end of the newscast we'll exit the current microclimate weather alert as most of the active weather has moved on. you might see a lingering shower into tomorrow morning. mainly the first half of the day. then we'll wait for the next storm in the series which looks to be tuesday, another one
6:56 pm
thursday, then friday night, saturday, making up the rainfall deficit and potentially more snow with lower snow levels for the sierra as we about through next week. a correction, i mentioned orange julius at the mall. that shows how long since i've been to the mall. >> not since 1977. this little home of mine,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
6:59 pm
now on "extra." hollywood wedding count down. >> oh, it is definitely happening. destiny, church. >> priyanka chopra, breaking news of their upcoming i do's. >> pop sensation camilla cabello opening up for the first time about her new boyfriend. julia roberts new holiday tear
7:00 pm
jerker. >> it is a deep movie. >> jennifer lopezis abs giving kick from the new


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