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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 27, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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it was a very late night for president trump who burned the midnight oil in mississippi where voters go to the polls today for a senate runoff on the heels of a shocking discovery of nooses harnging at t nooses hanging at the state pital. >> there are people bawling their eyes out. i've never seen anything like t. >> general motors drops the hammer on thousands of workers, plants and models weeks before christmas. >> plea deal broken, special counsel robert mueller's team says paul manafort lied to investigators. we'll tell you what's next. >> snow and ice snarls much of the midwest with destructive force including this snow plow
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vetheated in frigid temperatures and burst into flames. >> did we take one giant leap toward putting people on mars? ht now. >> good morning. i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm phillip mena. here we are, three weeks after the midterm elections, and we still have some unfinished business. voters in mississippi are headed back to the polls today for the runoff senate election for republican front runner cindy hyde-smith and mike espy. president trump held a pair of rallies in the state urging his base to vote for the incumbent. hyde-smith has been a strong supporter of his agenda. >> i'm here to ask the people of mississippi to send cindy hyde-smith back to the united states senate. [ cheers and applause ] so we can make america great again. your vote on tuesday will decide whether we build on our extraordinary achievements or whether we empower the radical democrats to obstruct our progress. >> at the rallies, the president avoided controversy surrounding
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hyde-smith's comments about public hangings. espy has called them another black eye for mississippi on racial issues. he's hoping to become the state's first african-american senator in over a century. and in another sign of the racially charged nature of the runoff, police are now investigating two nooses found at the state capital along with five signs referencing the state's history of racial violence. according to police, one sign read, we need someone who respects the lives of lynch victims. they are now asking for the public's help in connection to the incident. >> general motors delivering a devastating blow to the american work force. they announced they will be laying off about 15,000 factory and white collar workers in the united states and shut down five plants in north america. the cuts are part of a company plan to keep up with the consumer shift from cars to suvs, cross overs and pick ups. gm is also getting rid of several of its passenger cars. the move is said to help save the company billions. here with more is nbc's ann thompson.
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>> reporter: from gm's workers, the reaction was swift and distraught. >> i'm praying for a lot of people. much it there's a lot of folks out there that need it right now. >> reporter: walking off the line at one affected plant. >> there's people bawling their eyes out. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: gm cutting nearly 15,000 factory and white collar jobs as it alters its road to the future. responding to shifts in buyer's tastes and the economy. >> consumers are just not buying as many cars as they used to. and as a result, they're buying more suvs, cross-overs, pickup trucks and that's what general motors is concentrating on. >> reporter: six passenger cars reaching the end of the road. the cadillac xts and ct 6, the buick lacrosse, and self i a.m. s's impala, cruz and hybrid volt. five plants to be idle next year, baltimore, detroit, ontario canada and lords town, ohio, home to the chevy cruz. >> i felt like somebody kicked me in the stomach. >> reporter: tough news for president trump. >> not happy about it at all.
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>> reporter: just last year, 15 miles from the ohio plant, he promised a future with jobs. >> we're going to get those jobs coming back and we're going to fill up those facts risk or rip them down and build new ones. >> reporter: lords town stands to lose 1600 jobs, the union vows to fight. >> we have the best people and location right here to build products. >> reporter: already squeezed by the president's tariffs on aluminum and steel, adding $1.4 billion to its costs, gm says these actions will help it save some $6 billion. and in turning away from passenger cars, gm is following a road already paved by fiat/chrysler and ford. phillip? >> ann, thank you. >> a major development in the robert mueller investigation regarding former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. federal prosecutors now say manafort repeatedly lied to federal investigators, breaking his plea deal. in court documents filed monday evening, prosecutors said after
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signing the plea agreement, manafort committed federal crimes by lying to the bureau of investigation and the special counsel's office on a variety of subject matters which constitute breaches of the agreement. but manafort's lawyers are disputing the government's claim with a broken plea deal bringing potentially serious consequence. nbc's tracie potts has the very latest from washington. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, marlie, good morning. serious consequence could mean ten years behind bars and half a million dollars in fines just for the two counts that he pleaded guilty to. those two counts that were involved in the plea deal. there are ten other counts that were not involved, but could kick in now. he could be retried on those if, in fact, the judge finds that he broke this plea deal. now, what was the lie, what were the liza corresponding to the special counsel's office? we don't know. they said they'll reveal that in a later filing. but this could mean some serious consequence on that, not to mention he was convicted on
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eight counts of tax evasion. none of this having to do with the trump campaign, but it could put the squeeze on. here's what manafort's attorneys are saying. they say that he's provided info to the government in an effort to live up to his cooperation obligations. he believes he's provided truthful information and does not agree with the government's characterization or that he has breached this agreement. but his attorneys have agreed to move forward with the sentencing. marlie? >> all right, tracie, thank you. >> president trump is defending his border security policy, including the use of teargas fired at hundreds of migrants. >> the president doubled down on his tough immigration stance during his rally in mississippi monday night. >> frankly, if we didn't show them strength and a strong border -- and nobody has shown a stronger border. if we didn't do that, you would have hundreds of thousands of people pouring into our country. >> nbc's hallie jackson has the
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latest on the immigration debate. >> reporter: the president is now defending how u.s. agents protected the border, firing teargas at migrants, including the mother who spoke with nbc news about shielding her kids. >> are you comfortable teargassing children like what we saw at the border dodd? >> as you know, they're not. they had to use because they were being rushed by some very tough people, and they used teargas. here's the bottom line. nobody is coming into our country unless they come in legally. >> reporter: president trump suggests he might close the southern border for good if mexico doesn't disperse the group of gathering migrants. a controversial and unlikely shutdown threat as he warns of a different shutdown back in washington. >> this would be a very good time to do a shutdown. could there be a shutdown? there certainly could. >> reporter: president trump is ramping up his demand for $5 billion for border security. tweeting, congress, fund the wall. if that doesn't happen by next friday, the president could use his veto power to partly close
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down the government. something not even his republican allies want to see. >> we have a lot of departments that do a lot of good for our citizens. so we need to make sure that we are funding them properly through congress. >> reporter: and, marlie, the president is now also talking about that devastating new climate report that warns the economic cost of ignoring global warming could be hundreds of billions of dollars, saying he simply doesn't believe the warning of these dire economic consequence. president trump has down played the impact of human activity on climate change, which puts him at odds with the vast majority of experts, including those inside his own administration. marlie, back to you. >> hallie, thank you. >> as tensions flare at the southern border, mexico's ministry of interior announced on monday that 98 migrants were turned over to authorities to be deported to their countries of origin because of violent behavior toward officials. nbc's gadi schwartz is on the ndwithore. >> reporter: a lot of confusion, a lot of desperation here outside of the shelter for
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migrants. this is where most of the caravan has been sleeping, behind this wall. but you can see it is now overflowing with people. there are people that are setting up tents and tarps outside. a lot of them have brought everything they own here to the border of the united states. carrying it on their backs. and many of them are confused as to what's going to happen next. we've talked to some women that say that they are fleeing violence. we have also talked to a lot of men who say they are coming just for a chance to possibly work in the united states. so a lot of confusion as to whether or not many of these people are actually going to be claiming asylum or trying to claim asylum at the border. there is one other thing that should be noted. all around this shelter, there are police, federal police from mexico that are basically surrounding the shelter, trying to prevent what happened from happening again. any time this huge migrant caravan of thousands of people starts to move, there is a fear that they could shutdown that border and this is the busiest port of entry in the entire world. 90,000 people pass through there
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every day. back to you. >> our thanks to gadi schwartz on the ground in tijuana. >> we have black friday and cyber monday in the rearview mirror. this week kicks off the holiday delivery surge. fedex is already running into some trouble after two of its trucks crashed on an atlanta highwayful spilling packages alok the shoulder of the road. >> that's the first of the likely many of headaches for shipping companies. nbc's jo ling kent has more on the cyber morning aftermath. good morning. >> reporter: phillip, good morning. cyber monday was a busy one especially at amazon. a lot of those deals are headed out the door and the pressure is on the shipping companies to deliver this holiday season. cyber monday is about to shatter records yet again. online shoppers on track to spend $7.8 billion, the biggest online shopping day in the u.s. ever. but the digital deals won't stop. as foot traffic at malls and stores sinks, retailers like macy's, deck's, petco and ebay are stretching their online
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discounts till next weekend. calling it cyber week. these brands and many others are compete ing with amazon which last year shipped a record 83 million items on cyber monday alone. one way to score a better deal oi online this week, comparison shop. >> see who will offer the best deal, cash back or gift card or a coupon code. >> reporter: another perk, free shipping, which will keep companies like ups busy. >> we are expecting to deliver nearly 800 million packages this year. >> reporter: helping you ship and shop till you drop this holiday season as the deals roll on. looking ahead to the rest of the holiday season, we do expect to see consumer confidence to continue to carry shoppers through this retail season. but really, the question is how will they fare by christmas day? and who will still be open and who will be closed by next year? phillip? >> all right, jo, thank you. >> this morning, lingering he can effects of travel disruptions in the aftermath of
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the midwest weekend wen winter blast. blizzard like conditions grounded hundreds of flights and caused scores of accidents as holiday travelers struggled to get home. and an unlikely sight. this video out of quincey, illinois, shows a snow plow that happened to overheat and then burst into flames in the middle of that storm. the winter blast that crippled the midwest now heads to the northeast. the national weather service warning that snow could top a foot from parts of new york up to maine. >> a foot? bill, what's going on here? >> yeah, probably more school delays and cancellations. the blue of the map is the snow. the capital district north wards, little bit of snow now between erie and buffalo. let's time the mess out for you today. snow in northern new england. the storm continues up into areas of maine. that's when the lake effect snow especially this evening will really kick in. even into tomorrow morning. anyone driving west on interstate 90 new york state through way will have travel s areas of northern
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new england and the mountains will get nailed. it is also going to get colder in areas of the southeast. the november chill, we go from snowstorm to cold and it's been one of those novembers. >> that's right. we have to bundle up. thank you. well, ten stars will be rocking around the christmas tree here at 30 rock for the annual rockefeller center christmas tree lighting on wednesday. the whopping 72-foot-tall norway spruce is decked out in 50,000 lights and topped with a 9-foot wide swarovsky crystal star. diana ross, tony bennett, brett eldridge, john legend and more. kicks off at 8:00 p.m. on nbc. it will be a great show. >> all that footage from last year. didn't miss it. just ahead, are millennials
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leading the news, a spectacular touchdown millions of miles away after what nasa called 7 minutes of terror. the inside spacecraft stuck the landing on mars and will now study the red planet's secrets below the surface. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> touchdown confirmed. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the successful landing of nasa's insight marks the space agency's return to mars. an $814 million mission that came down to a touchdown after traveling 300 million miles. >> we call it 7 minutes of terror because you white knuckle it the whole time. >> reporter: launching in may, the the interior of mars hit 3,000 degrees, using a heat shield, parachute and rockets to slow its descent from 12,000 to 5 miles an hour. >> what the team pulled off today is truly historic.
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>> reporter: insight has finished its harrowing journey, a first dusty look as it begins its groundbreaking work on mars. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> congratulations to everybody at nasa. just launching it, getting there, landing it. >> sounds exciting. it looks so exciting. just ahead, the atm that spit out hundreds instead of $10 bills. but did the bank let people keep the money? you're watching "early today." >> better. let's go. bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time. nutella. spread the happy. and now free decorating tools inside nutella holiday jars. tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash.
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could doing it for them be putting a dent in your wallet? according to chase slate survey, it is for millennials. 77% of millennials bought food, clothing and spent money on trips all just to keep up with appearances on instagram. they surveyed about 2000 people ages 18 to 37 and found that they were willing just to get that perfect post that's compared to 70 bucks for the general population. experts believe one of the reasons is because appearances tend to matter more to millennials. makes sense. >> but the most popular accounts belong to people who are really authentic so just be yourself, right? >> the most popular accounts. also celebrities, though. >> that, too. >> trying to look like they're authentic. i imagine. just trying to grab those likes. weird. >> an atm in houston, texas, drew a crowd after spewing out $100 bills instead of $10 bills.
4:21 am
a man posted about it and a few fights erupted. thar disatm. bank of america said that $100 s incorrectly besoa of all, customers get to keep the additional cash. why can't i be that lucky. >> right. bank in your favor, collect 200. i get the philosophy of it ain't no fun in your homeys can't have none. you knew the second they posted it they were going to shut it down. >> yeah. >> cool the bank let them hold onto it. just ahead, the white house decks the halls in red. the theme behind the first family's christmas decor. you're watching "early today." better, faster" by daft punk is heard throughout.) (sound of typing) (sound of exhaling) (sound of drilling) jimmy (shouting): james!
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northern new england. also northern california is going to get some of that rain including san francisco. middle of the country, you're dry but cold in areas of the great lakes. then into wednesday's forecast, we start to dry out a little bit in the northeast, little bit of lake effect snow left. we'll watch more rain in california. and cold conditions in the great lakes. of course we're going to turn those lights on the christmas tree. looks like the forecast is going to cooperate. be a little breezy, temperatures in the 40s. i've obviously seen worst forecasts than that for the lighting ceremony. no complaints. >> thank you, bill. looks so cool. just ahead how you can take part in givingy. plus, the white house gets into the christmas spirit. lean, does your house still smell stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them away as it dries.
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a chance to give back after all the commercialism of black friday and cyber monday. giving tuesday is an opportunity to make a difference in your community. when it launched in 2012, giving tuesday raised over $10 million in charitable donations and is growing every year. in 2017, over 300 million was raised in the u.s. alone, and for the 5th year in a row, nbc news and msnbc is the signature partner of giving tuesday to help fuel the spirit of generosity. here's one group doing just that and impacting countless lives. city year, a nonprofit organization focused on education, is helping by partnering with public schools in 29 urban high-need communities across the u.s. diverse teams of city and americore members provide classroom and school wide support to help students stay in school and on track to graduate from high school, ready for college. >> what made me want to serve in
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the neighborhood i grew up was the culture. serving in the bronx, i can relate more to the students and the students can relate more to me. city year came up and they were recruiting at my school. i checked it out and i liked the fact they were there from the time the kids come in to the time that they leave. it's challenging, but at the same time it's rewarding. >> since its founding in 1988, city year has served more than 2 million children, completed over 57 million service hours, and graduated 30,000 alumni. a 2015 study reported the schools that partner with city year were up to 2 to 3 times more likely to improve math and english skills. as a member of the americore national service network, city year supported by the corporation for national and community service, local school go to city to learn than 300 schools nationwide. more about ways you can help change young lives. if you want to learn more
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about giving tuesday and how you can contribute, you can go and head over to giving >> so important to give back, especially this time of year. >> yeah. >> the white house is officially ready for christmas. first lady melania trump has decked the halls once again. the theme is american treasures, recognizing the country's unique heritage. it features all red christmas trees and ornaments displaying the be best antibullying slogan. the gold star tree was decorated by families whose relatives were killed in combat and the official white house christmas tree dressed in over 500 feet of ribbon stands 18 feet tall in the blue room. a lot of mixed reviews online r today." today." i'm marlie
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no santa on the radar, not just yet. eventually, not just yet, but more rain headed to the pay area. kari has been tracking the storm for us. could affect the morning commute or maybe not. we'll find out. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus is off. let's find out. is it going to affect the morning commute? >> no, not for the most part. we have seen patchy fog, just watching out for that as the storm system approaches. it's still north of ukiah, so if you're in that area, and you're traveling north, you will be affected by this rain moving in. now, we are going to see it int parts of the north bay later on this morning, as we track it


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