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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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evacuated, were let back into the building just about an hour ago. none of them wanted to comment about what happened citing company policy but they had they were all okay. it is unclear where the envelope was found by the employee, but police and firefighters say no one was injured and no one was treated at the scene. reporting live, ian cull, nbc bay area news. we're in for a soggy night and soggy tomorrow too. the rain started earlier today up in the north bay. this video coming to us from san rafael. >> but now we're seeing raindrops and gray skies almost everywhere. take a look at our live traffic cameras. the slippery commute home for many. jeff ranieri is tracking it all. >> you can see on storm ranger right now that storm system is continuing across the bay area, moving over the peninsula. half inch in mill valley, santa rosa, 0.37 and east san jose only 0.02 of an inch as that storm system is moving off to
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the south. a look at the current scan and you can see this rainfall out here offshore is going to continue to move in as we head throughout the next couple of hours. a closer look shows the worse commute on 580, also the 680 corridor with rainfall expected to pick up in dublin, also livermore over the next 20 to 30 minutes. as we move down to the south bay, it's been mainly dry but all of this rainfall is moving your way the next two or three hours in the forecast. then on the heels of this, a brand new storm system by tomorrow morning. we're tracking all the totals on this. it's coming up in about 15 minutes. >> okay, jeff, thank you so much. well, a large pothole caused a major mess on 101 this afternoon. the chp tweeted out this photo showing a hole in the freeway just south of the grand avenue exit in south san francisco. two right lanes going southbound had to be shut down a few hours while crews made repairs. new details about hate speech painted across downtown
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antioch. tonight police believe they have caught the person who did it, and here is the person in custody. 24-year-old lawrence phipps. detectives searched his home and those clothes you see in the photo, well, they match the ones worn by the suspect in the surveillance pictures. here's a look at the vandalism. he's accused of defacing more than 20 buildings, including a church, where he painted swastikas. a follow-up on a deadly crash that shut down a major street during the morning. around midnight a driver sped off during a traffic stop. after a brief high-speed chase the car crashed and flipped over several times at san pablo avenue. the driver died in that crash. no other cars were involved. san pablo avenue had to be closed several hours. four brand new cars that just arrived for the north bay's smart train cannot be used because they were damaged during delivery. take a look at a picture showing what happened to one of them.
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the freight train that it was on was hit in a rail yard in the midwest. a smart train employee shot the picture and the video. the agency wouldn't let us into the repair yard which is just north of santa rosa. so the question is who's responsible for repairing the $11 million rail cars? nbc bay area's mark matthews will have the answer to that at 6:00. dozens of buildings sitting empty in san jose are owned by google. the company plans to build its goi google village there. but one city councilman wants to use the empty spaces to house the homeless. this is west of 87th and just a block away from the deardon station. we're hearing the city council will vote on this idea tonight? >> reporter: this is one of the buildings owned by google that's vacant right here and now one councilman's bold idea is getting praise by the homeless and their advocates.
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the nights are getting colder and many of the homeless fear what that might mean for them. >> i woke up with my eyes shut with ice on them. it gets kind of emotional saying how can it be. >> reporter: now one san jose city councilman says he might have a temporary fix. google bought a lot of property next to the shark tank to build a large campus for 20,000 employees. until then, buildings on those properties might sit empty. >> they're going to have vacant buildings. why not utilize them to help house some of the homeless folks around the city, some of the people that are struggling. >> reporter: the councilman hasn't approached google about the idea but he hopes the city will support his plan while the tech giant completes the permitting and design process. >> i think that's a great idea. >> reporter: advocates say they have been asking the same question for years. >> repeatedly it came up, why can't we use vacant buildings like walgreens, et cetera, so this is a great idea.
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>> reporter: cartwright says the move would be a great humanitarian gesture by google, whose move to san jose has been met with opposition by homeless and community activists. and the homeless, like andrews, say it would be one less thing to worry about during the cold nights ahead. >> i think it's a wonderful idea. >> reporter: and google is scheduled to buy more property from the city sometime this week. the councilman says that it will be up to the city, not google, to inform the homeless in those two years that it's time to move out. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. people who live in one butte county town got to go home today, but it was only for 24 hours to retrieve anything that wasn't incinerated in the camp fire. cheryl hurd is live with the story. >> reporter: well, we've been talking a lot about paradise,
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but magalia suffered a lot of damage. take a look at this building. it's burned to the ground but the gas station right across the street is still standing. it's a lot the people around here have to take in. >> the fire line was said to stop in our driveway and it's untouched. >> reporter: c.j. says he's lucky his home didn't burn, and he doesn't know why. >> waking up every morning to make a cup of coffee, to come out here, stand in the road, to drink it and enjoy it. and now i do that and see my neighbor's house, my neighbor's house, my neighbor's house gone. different to say the least. >> reporter: really different that people are being allowed to populate parts for 24 hours. c.j. has been here for a week. >> the first night we got here it smelled horrific. there was more smells that i've ever thought i would smell. now it just smells like somebody put out the camp fire. >> reporter: it's obviously much more than that.
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rescue crews daily sifting through debris where homes once stood. cadaver dogs are being flown in to give other dogs that have been here for days a break. crews are working overtime to restore power. for c.j., those are good signs. >> hope and destruction. >> reporter: it's something he deals with daily. his hope now is that people in paradise and magalia will rebuild. pg&e crews are working around the clock trying to get power on to this area. people here, they want to rebuild, but it's going to take some time. reporting live in magalia, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. while the people of butte county struggle to pick up the pieces and move forward, two sisters are spreading the christmas spirit. >> we're doing this so that all
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the people houses that got burnt down, we can just show a little love and show them how happy that we are and give them a little love. >> well, the girls say this is their first tree and they're thinking about putting another one sometime soon. for giving tuesday, we are raising money for those who lost their homes in the camp fire, there's a bunch of them. 14,000. that's chris, jessica aguirre. this is our wildfire call center and these are united way volunteers an our telemundo and nbc bay area anchors. they're helping take your donations. 100% of the proceeds go to fire victims. please call 1-833-622-6588. jessica aguirre is standing by and we'll check in with her in a few minutes on how you can help. a jetliner crash in indonesia is being blamed on an
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automatic guidance system that malfunctioned. a preliminary report says a new computer system forced the plane's nose downward more than 2,000 times during the 11-minute flight back on october 29th. the pilots pulled the nose up again and again and again. finally they lost control and crashed into the ocean. 189 people on board were killed. investigators believe the 737 was equipped with a new system to keep the plane's nose from getting too high but the system just malfunctioned. a lot of pilots have come forward saying they didn't even know about this new system. the possibility of a presidential pardon is the talk of washington tonight now that paul manafort's plea bargain deal has fallen apart. manafort, president trump's former campaign manager, now faces years in prison after claims that he lied to special prosecutor robert mueller's team. in the first white house press conference this month, sarah huckabee sanders told reporters she's heard no pardon talk. on twitter today president trump again attacked mueller as partisan and vicious. still to come, schools on
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the chopping block on the peninsula. the public show of opposition for parents and students today. plus, how dangerous is football on younger brains. the effect one high school season on the field can have. storm ranger and mobile doppler radar showing rain moving from the san francisco area down to the south bay. we're tracking it and will let you know how much we'll get with this storm and three more on the way. it's coming up in about ten minutes. children and parents in
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city "marched" to save four-schools from closing. parents kept th protests on the peninsula. children and parents marched to save four schools from closing down. they say the closures target low income neighborhoods. the school district which is juggling a budget shortfall says it's about the numbers. >> we hired financial analysts, looked at our enrollments, looked at our budget and analyzed the school district cannot sustain schools with an unrollment under 400 students. >> i think we're a district and as a district, if they're going to do cuts, do them districtwide. don't focus on two, three, four schools, focus on the whole district. >> the four schools set for clo closure. concerning new research on high school football and brain injuries. a uc berkeley study shows
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playing a single season can cause microscopic changes in brain structure. it studied the brains of 16 high school players before and after a football season. mri scans found changes in the gray matter in the front of the brain where impact is most likely. the brain is still developing during teenage years. researchers say the long-term impact of those tiny changes is still unknown. we've mentioned it earlier, it is giving tuesday, a day when people are urged to donate to their favorite organizations. our next story is about an organization that came up with a unique way to gave. >> garvin thomas joins us with how they have chosen to give back to their community. >> we're right in the middle of the mls playoffs right now but sadly the earthquakes are not in it this year. that doesn't mean, however, they haven't found a way to be a winning team. sharing is a big part of the game of soccer.
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with just one ball and so many players, success is all about working together. but what if you had one ball for every player, for every member of the organization? well, then you could have success of a much different kind. the kind dreamed up by san jose earthquakes director of community relations marissa silver. >> we're a soccer team. we can give back with health and wellness, but what's the most simple thing we're here with every day is a soccer ball. >> reporter: so she gave one soccer ball to every member of the quakes organization and let them choose who to give it to. but not just any soccer ball. the virtually indestructible kind created by berkeley-based one world play project. the ball specifically designed for those constantly replacing punctured or torn balls is not practical or is too pricey. >> i thought it would be really
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special just who they chose and why and be able to noty ended u how they came to choose that beneficiary. >> reporter: some of the balls have gone as far away as mozambique and south africa. others to every teacher at a san francisco elementary school and one to a homeless shelter in san jose. that was the choice of earthquake youth academy players. >> it's just like giving someone an opportunity to be like -- be a kid. >> in all, some 400 soccer balls are making their way to grateful players around the world, ready to score goals in more ways than one. now, i told you marissa silver came up with the idea. i had to ask her who did you sending your ball to. when i talked to her she said it's still in the trunk of my car. i'm waiting for the right moment when she sees the right person
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and she'll pull it out and give it to them. >> it's so funny to see a kid say let these kids be kids. let's go outside and take a look at christmas in the park in full swing in san jose. it looks dry right now, but changes are coming and have already hit parts of the bay area. here's jeff. >> probably about 30 minutes away from getting some consistent wet weather down there in the south bay. we're tracking it on storm ranger tonight. let's get you into our microclimate forecast. i want to begin with the overview of what we're going to see happen the next couple of days. as you know, we do have several different systems that will be moving in. so we're dealing with the one we have right now. then a second chance once we hit wednesday morning. a third chance on thursday could be a stronger storm and another chance once we hit saturday as well. let's bring in what we're seeing on storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. the north bay is starting to dry out. the peninsula is getting wet, also parts of the east bay. i want to zoom in and show you
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what it looks like on regular radar. you can see it's raining but watch as we fade on storm ranger. you'll see the higher detail that's available here. these areas in yellow, heavier pockets near san mateo, half moon bay and approaching redwood city. this is all moving off to the south. moving into redwood city at 5:40 and palo alto 6:02. san jose at 5:56 this evening. where do we go from here? i think through tomorrow morning we get a chance of rain but check this out. the best chance of wet weather would be right here in the south bay. that doesn't happen very often but the south bay looks like that during the commute. a possibility of some drops for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. let's get a closer look at how things will move in and you'll understand how the south bay had a better shot. it's a stream of moisture coming
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in from the south and that's why san jose, morgan hill and gilroy will have a chance through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. again, rainfall for san jose but you're dry up into the north bay. it's that reverse from what w typically see. through 9:30 in the morning it's in the south bay with the best possibility and we're holding on to a few spotty showers as we hit the afternoon hours on wednesday. you can see where we're going. it's not a big storm system and the south bay would be the best chance. my estimated rain forecast looks a lot different. check it out in the south bay, a quarter to a half inch is possible, especially over morgan hill and gilroy. trace amounts to only a 10th of an inch. my extended forecast has more rain in it. thursday, a quarter to three-quarters possible with that wind. a break on friday and more rain on saturday, a 10th to a half inch. more rain on tuesday. it will be in the 50s here in
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san francisco and jacket weather for the inland valleys with upper 50s and low 60s. heading to lake tahoe, we do have snow. go above 7,000 feet, 1 to 2 feet expected over the next couple of days. so it's wet, but it's what everybody has wanted. we need that rain. >> refreshing. thanks, jeff. we're in the middle of our all-day fund-raiser. we've teamed up with telemundo 48 and the united way bay area to help survivors of the camp fire in butte county. >> you can call in right now and donate. jessica aguirre joins us from our wildfire call center. if you're one of the lucky people, you might be able to talk to her in person. jessica. >> reporter: i have, i've been manning the phones. it's been super exciting, terry and janelle. this is our call center. yo ngenerous. we've gotten some donations for $1,000 $500, counts. call in to 1-833-nbc-kntv. now is the opportunity to actually be able to do something to help the camp fire victims.
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you can call in and say i want to help northern california fire victims or southern california. we've teamed up with our telemundo sister station, some of the anchors, kntv folks are all here and with the united way so you know that all your money is going to the fire victims, 100%. so this is where i normally sit. so i'd like you to call me. i will take your donation on the phone and we can chat about other things if you want to too, but it's a super important day. i know you both have done it. it's so exciting to get that phone call and take that donation. it really makes you feel good, right? >> it does. it's been such a wonderful day. thank you to all the supporters who have donated and called in. it's been so nice talking to them. >> great work, jessica, and great work all afternoon, gentlem janelle. >> i will see you at 6:00. >> it's so nice. thank you to all our viewers who called.
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thanks, jessica. >> we really appreciate it. >> thanks. still to come, a big announcement from netflix. the beloved children's books, a lot of them, from one author will soon be brought to life. sc
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for all the wrong reasons. someone called it in a threat. the school emailed p students at mill valley middle school went home early today for all the wrong reasons. someone called in a threat. the school called parents to pick up their students and neighbors were told to stay indoors. >> what is the world coming to when we have to evacuate middle schoolers due to a bomb threat. >> police gay tve the all clear early this afternoon and are trying to track down the caller. a police officer is trained to know ready for all kinds of situations but tell us if you've ever heard of this one. officers in pacifica got a call
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yesterday afternoon to get out to parkview court. when they got there, they found this. 20 goats. 20 goats escaped from fairmont school. officers rounded them up, cuffed them, put them in the back of squad cars -- no, they added that part. took care of the situation, got them back to fairmont. couldn't resist the selfie to prove that, yes, this happened. netflix may have won the golden ticket. everyone who was ever a child knows that's a reference to the film willie wonka. now netflix has cut a deal to turn some of the most beloved stories into an animation series. production begins next year. we're still taking your calls and donations to help the wildfire victims. we've been doing it all day since 6:00 this morning. we'll go until 7:00 tonight. more on that. we'll be right back. [ phone rings ] what?!
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political icons. tonight at 6:00, remembering two san francisco political icons. it's been 40 years since the assassinations of george mosconi and harvey milk. how the city is honoring them tonight at 6:00. many of you have wanted to help fire victims in butte county and now you can.
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>> call in and donate $20, $100, whatever you see fit. nbc bay area's jessica aguirre joins us from our wildfire call center with more on that. jessica. >> reporter: it is just -- the phones keep ringing. this is so wonderful. so many people are calling and saying, you know what, they're a little tight for money but they're digging deep and giving money because they want to help the victims of the fire. they see how things could be so much worse for all of us and just out of the generosity of their heart. my phone is ringing right now. i've been dayitaking calls in spanish, in english. some people are giving $500 or $25. they're asking what can we do to help. we're saying this is the way. our call center here is the best way to give money this holiday season to make sure those camp fire victims have the things that they need. 100% of the money goes to them. we're all here. we're all taking phone calls. >> and if you don't get a person, please call back. thanks so much.
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breaking news tonight, widespread panic at walter reed. an active shooter alert set off by mistake, triggering a massive response at the military hospital that treats wounded vets. >> i was scared. i was really scared. >> people barricading themselves inside, fearing for their lives. the response tonight from paul manafort after the head-snapping repor alleging he had secret meetings with wikileaks' julian assange. we have late details. firefighters trapped in a raging inferno. a mayday call for help and a daring rescue mission to get them out alive. the final moments revealed aboard a doomed jet with 189 people on board. a fatal tug-of-war inside the cockpit as the pilots separately


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