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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 28, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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girls, emerson. for the boys, weston. right now it's 6:00. storm tracking in the bay area, but a more potent one is also headed our way. >> nbc bay area storm ranger is picking up on the latest line of wet weather and a tool you'll only see right here. where that rain is heading down to the minute. another round, we're already picking up some heavy rain, but this is just the beginning. stronger storms coming tonight. kari dissecting the newest computer model coming in right now. no sign of quitting. wait until you hear how high home prices have skyrocketed across the bay area. we're breaking down the new numbers raising eyebrows. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you, on this wednesday. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. you had to pause because you thought it was monday. >> i did, for a quick second. >> he's back from a couple of days off, and you brought the rain with you. >> i did, coming from seattle,
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too. there you go, kari >> let's make that rain heavier. that's what we're going to see as we go g into tonight. we're tracking it all on storm ranger for you as you get ready to head out the door. you can look at it, too, on the nbc bay area app and take it with you as you head out and around the bay area today. some of the rain continuing to move anywhere from south san francisco on over toward the east bay, into the south bay. we're going to take it down to street level for you, just south of palo alto, around castro city, mountain view, heavy rain coming down there. as we look toward san jose, right now we're mostly taking a break, but there will be some more rain on the way. we'll be tracking it more for you as we go into the next few minutes, and talk about the stronger storm this evening. mike, you were saying there was a report at the been about ay b. >> there was a crash reported but i looked at the cameras and don't see any crash activity. i see all the lanes nudging around as we would hope. wet roadways, a lighter volume of traffic, this is lighter for
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the bay bridge. there is our traffic sensors showing you green around contra costa county and that issue reported somewhere at the bay bridge. should be clear in the next couple of minutes and there is the radar. remember our traffic and weather systems together are tied together. the red sweep, that is our storm ranger, but there is that activity kari is talking about coming in toward los altos hills area. light traffic, just a little build for san jose but north 87 there may be a new crash. i'll check back with you. our team coverage continues of the storm headed across the bay area. we have positioned our crews throughout the bay area this morning. right now, we want to start down in the south bay. >> we sent "today in the bay's" kris sanchez to where some of the heaviest rain was headed to, morgan hill. how is it looking out there? you got your hoodie on. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, it sure was coming down as we were arriving at the station parking lot. i saw you dashing in with your umbrella this morning, laura.
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the rain seems to have let up a little bit. we're getting that fine, misty rain that makes your hair frizzy. at this point, i can tell you that the rain is pausing right now, as meteorologist kari hall said, but this is the perfect time to get ready for the next round of rain that is coming in a little bit later. sandbag stations are stocked here in morgan hill, and also at several south bay locations. i'll post the link to the santa clara valley water district site for all those locations in case you need them. folks were so pleased when we talked with them about the first major rain that we got last week. they said they were so happy to have the clearer air, since the rain wiped out the wildfire smoke that had been choking us. this morning, we talked with a man who made her he was ready this time. >> i had my roof fixed yesterday. i had a roof leak, so they took care of it. >> reporter: it's a good thing he took care of it, because it is going to be rainy where he is. he is in san francisco. the preps are a little more aggressive there, especially in
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some of san francisco's trouble spots. crews were putting up flood b e barriers in low-lying areas and going up with vacuum trucks sucking up any debris in the storm drains. we'll talk more about that at 6:30 this morning. if you haven't cleaned out your rain gutters or your storm drains, you might want to do it now, use the spray to your advantage. don't have any flooding where you are, and be careful on the roadways because the rain doesn't always dissipate as quickly as we would like. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all good advice there, kris, thank you. we're live on the coast this morning. check out the waves smashing there in pacifica. we are also under a surf advisory right now, and that's going to last until friday. we're expecting 18 to 20 24-foo waves and beach erosion. be careful if you're headed out the door to the coast. pete suratos will join us live
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in 30 minutes. right now, we bring in meteorologist kari hall who has been tracking this storm. you say there's another one coming our way as well. >> it's raining now, and there's more rain on the way. let's look at the rain that we are seeing, mostly some light showers, but we've seen a few pockets of heavy downpours. i want to show you what's happening in pacifica. stronger storm moving in tomorrow and on saturday a quick-moving system will move across the pacific northwest and bring us rain and another storm system right behind that will move in on wednesday. we're in a pretty active period here, and as we time it out for the day going hour by hour, a lot of green here. you can see that on your nbc bay area app, as you track the rain as well. we are going to get ready for that heavier rain, and we'll be moving through during the overnight hours so we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. 6:05. stay informed about the storms. download our free nbc bay area app. you'll get access to our radar,
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including real time data pouring from nbc bay area storm ranger, all in the palm of your hand. it's free and only on the nbc bay area app. >> 6:05 for you right now. in washington today, there say lot going on we want to tell you about. first, a senate showdown over protecting this russia investigation. it's unclear if the senate will vote today on protecting robert mueller's job. >> we have a lot of things to do to try to finish up this year without taking votes on things that are completely irrelevant. >> reporter: outgoing arizona senator jeff flake is threatening to block president trump's judicial nominees if there's no vote to protect the russia investigation. the "new york times" reports that while former trump campaign chair paul manafort was cooperating with the government, his lawyer was briefing mr. trump's attorneys. >> manafort is clearly gambling. he faces virtually life in prison without a pardon. >> reporter: the government wants to revoke manafort's plea deal for lying to the fbi.
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manafort denies that, plus -- >> i love wikileaks. >> reporter: -- he denies meeting with wikileaks before they released hillary clinton' emails. back at capitol hill, congress is at odds over money over president trump's border wall. >> $5 million he's trying to compromise that but we need that to secure the border. >> are -- if there's any shutdown it's on president trump's back. >> reporter: and on thousands of government workers who could lose paychecks just before the holidays. there just is not a lot of time left. the deadline is now nine days away. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> 6:07 right now. federal judges are demanding pg&e explain any role it may have had in the camp fire. that judge is overseeing pg&e's probation in connection with the deadly san bruno pipeline
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explosion in 2010. the cause of the camp fire is still under investigation. the number of missing dropped significantly from 203 to 158. the number of dead still stands at 88. the massive wildfire destroyed nearly 14,000 homes. it was fully contained over the weekend, after igniting more than two weeks ago. the threat of heavy rain is prompting caltrans to close a 12-mile stretch of highway 1, south of big sur. that closure between mud creek and an area south of the pfeiffer canyon bridge. a massive slide in 2017 heavily damaged the bridge, it took about eight months for the bridge to reopen. we certainly don't want that to happen again, kari. >> no, we don't. you have to be careful on the roads. mudslides a possibility as we see more rain coming in. we are tracking some of the heavier downpours anywhere from san francisco down the peninsula, toward the east bay
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and into the south bay this morning, as we look at storm ranger, and most of that rain today that we see especially during the early hours will be south of san francisco. stronger storm moves in overnight, and continues throughout the day tomorrow, as a high wind watch goes into effect. that would turn up some high waves up the coast up to 25 feet and we're also watching the burn scar areas as we are now going to see a flood watch in effect. mike, you are tracking what's happening out there as you head out on the roads. >> that's right, kari. san jose, we have two crashes, one just popped up north 101 right around story. i think it should be out of the lanes quickly. lighter traffic building off of capital expressway. our road weather index updated, much less green highlighting. we'll focus on the red in a second. northbound 87, we had one lane blocked by a crash there, jamming up around capital and slowing on capital as more folks head toward the freeway. the green highlighting means wet
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roadways or slicker conditions possible. more rain on the radar and the we had sweep, that's active for our storm ranger, and a crash on the san mateo bridge. i'll bring you pictures coming up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," cyber shopping continues. why right now is the best time to book a flight for that vacation you have been dreaming about. lots of angry lawmakers want to know where is mark zuckerberg? and later, at 6:25,s agoverna -- as governor brown gets ready to xwa depart the capitol, we'll talk about prominent locals that are on the hall of fame inductees list. (time check (
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good wednesday morning. at 6:13, we are seeing some wet roads around the bay area. here is a live look outside in san jose at christmas in the park. if you're getting ready to head out, grab the umbrella. we'll see rain in the morning and a break for the afternoon. we see a lot of greens and heavier rain moving across the peninsula. we'll take a closer look coming up in less than five minutes. the san mateo bridge, look right down by the clock in the lower right side. tow trucks arrived on scene at the service lane, just as you get to the flat section. there is the crash just past the
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toll plaza, and we'll show you the bigger picture coming up. we're in the flat section of the week. happy wednesday. the head of the fed speaks today. the markets will be watching that. apple fell after president trump hinted mortar i haves are coming. the president threatened to end subsits for electric and plug-in hybrids as a punishment to gm. the government gives $7,500 tax breaks to car buyer force the first 200,000 cars sold by a car company. the president wants to get rid of it, but the president's aides were left guessing what he meant specifically. >> we are going to be looking at certain subsidies regarding electric cars and others, whether they should apply or not. i can't say anything final about that, but we're looking into it. again, that reflects the president's own disappointment regarding these actions. >> i don't know there's a specific time line, as he said, he's looking into what those options might look like. other news, house prices continue to rise. the latest numbers from case shiller show prices in san
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francisco rose more than 9% from this time last year. facebook continues to suffer as it deals with news it knew about russian interference far earlier than it led on, after admitting it hired a pr firm to attack its clients as well -- critics, rather. in england lawmakers and regulators from nine different countries grilled this man, a representative from facebook, about the company's misdeeds. the panel wanted to talk to mark zuckerberg, but he didn't show, and the committee was not shy about its disappointment tweeting out "nine countries, 24 official representatives, 447 million people represented. one question, where is mark zuckerberg." they left a seat out for him. we have learned the head of google will be testifying in front of congress december 5th. we'll see if zuckerberg is involved in further testimony at some future point. as i was saying earlier, this is
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on silicon valley. they tickled the sleeping dragon. the dragon awoke and i don't think silicon valley will be the same. there's regulation coming. >> exactly. thank you very much. today is national package protection day. with record sales on cyber monday, the online orders will soon start showing up on your doorstep, vulnerable to thieves. on this day last year, over 33 million front doors were receiving cyber monday package deliveries, and this year, it is expected to be about 25% higher. if you're looking for deals, right now is a good time to find cheap air fare for your next vacation, in part because more shoppers are in the market for something other than tangible gifts, especially for american workers who need to burn off vacation days before the end of the year. next week is one of the cheapest times all year to fly abroad.
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>> you can find flights still over to europe for 400 bucks round trip. >> 400 -- okay, i'm out. i'll see you. look, online travel websites can actually offer deeper discounts if you book your flight and hotel at the same time. >> maybe you travel abroad to paris to give a little proposal. i guess we're officially in proposal season. between now and february, nearly 40% of annual engagements are set to take place, that's about 700,000 couples spending more than $4 billion on engagement rings. the average price of an engagement ring is about $6,300, according to the knot, a wedding website. the average time spent planning a proposal is 4 1/2 months. >> sorry, i'm already taken. now as we walk out the door this morning, we're tracking rain and
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we're happy to see that, as we are going to get several waves of rain moving into the bay area. let's get a look at storm ran r ranger. before you step out the door, light to moderate rain, san francisco, down to the east bay and south bay. most of the light rain is skipping around parts of the north bay. so as we head down to sunnyvale and south of mountain view, really intense colors here showing some heavy rain, as you get ready to head out, and then for san jose, it's light, but this rain is moving in that direction. so you've got another 10 to 15 minutes before that rain starts to pick up. as we head over here toward the tri valley, we're seeing some of the heavier rain now also shifting off toward the east, but this may make it very soggy on 580, as you get ready to head out the door. now, we are looking at our hour-by-hour outlook, as we go throughout the day, going to see some pockets of some heavy rain picking up, and then as we go into, here we are, 9:00, still
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some scattered showers for the east bay, south bay, and the peninsula. we will take a break for the most part, for the afternoon. that's your time to clear out the storm drains, make sure the leaves are cleared away, and you're prepared for some heavier rain and some gusty winds that will be here later on tonight. we start to see some of that heavy rain moving in by 8:30 this evening, and during the overnight hours, we get it over and over again, even into the day tomorrow, as the winds may pick up with possibilities of the winds reaching 50 miles per hour and also some high waves. by friday, the rain tapers off for a little while. we look at the potential half to three-quarters of an inch. some of the heavier rain may be focused across the santa cruz mountains and the south county. we are seeing some rain now across the bay area. there will be a stronger storm system moving in tomorrow, and then this one is going to quickly race across the pacific
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northwest and bring us some rain on saturday, and then next wednesday, more rain on the way. this one is moving a lot slower, so it will take its time getting here. in the meantime, we're looking at the potential of getting close to two feet of snow in the sierra for higher elevations, really looking good there as well, as we see an active weather pattern continuing. by saturday, your rain chances are in the morning. the afternoon is looking good, but it's going to be cool and breezy. sunday looking dry, and then for san francisco, our temperatures are going to get much cooler heading into next week. mike, what's happening over there at the san mateo bridge? >> kari, i showed folks that activity. the tow truck arrived on scene and they made quick work of that. the service lane and all traffic flowing westbound very smoothly. be careful, slicker roadways are across the bay. we see green highlighting in hayward, we see a little build but no major problems.
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lighter volume overall, the chp, highway patrol, the freeway service are trying to make quick work of any issues that. to up around the bay. so over all looking very smooth. the green patches, where it's wetter than the rest of the damp roadways. i brought that radar data kari has over on to the map as well, the rain through los altos hills and 237 or south through santa clara as well. be careful out there. that red sweep is our radar, mobile radar called storm ranger which we have over there outside of san francisco. north 87 toward kurtner causes slowing. no update from chp, they're very busy. san jose 101 coming into san jose, out of morgan hill area, this is ethan, our photographer, on the roadways. he's normally looking around for the news story but right now the drive is the news story. >> be careful driving to and from work today. 6:22. coming up, california's hall of fame inducting new members. the big names who are being
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recognized. and stevie wonder going to give back to fire victims. we'll tell you about a new benefit concert, coming up. newer chip cards are supposed to be more secure but thieves are still hacking our accounts. one weak spot, gas pumps. they're not required to take the cards yet and won't be until 2020. thieves know that. one way to protect your account, pay inside with the cashier instead of at the pump. let us know if you have a consumer complaint. the number is 888-996-tips or online at and hey, i'm back from thanksgiving break spending time with my family up in seattle, but that is not what we're looking at now. this is the reason you need to slow down. chp reminding people about their rockslides across the area, so be mindful of that as you are headed out. laura posted that
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thathat @lauragarci that @lauragarcianbc. what does v
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journalist belva welcome back, everyone. it's 6:25. here is a question for you. what does legendary bay area tv journalist belva davis have to do with recently passed san francisco mayor ed lee, and iconic actor robert redford? those are just three of the eight new inductees into the california hall of fame. you may know a few of the other inductees, chef thomas kellers,
6:26 am
long time giants fans may have mixed feelings about the dodgers hall of fame pitcher fernandez valenzuela, and joan baez, and arlene bloom leads the green science policy institute, and nancy mcfadden was a top adviser to governor brown, who unveiled the class yesterday, and all will be honored in sacramento next tuesday. we want to tell you about r&b legend stevie wonder working to give back. r&b legend stevie wonder is planning to hold a benefit concert december 9th to help firefighters and first responders who helped fight all the fires across our state. stevie wonder's song party, a celebration of life, love and music will be held at the staples center in los angeles. our "today in the bay" team was manning the phones yesterday as well, all day, for our wildfire fund-raiser, along with telemundo 48 and united way. we are helping the survivors of the camp fire in butte county. at last check, we raised more
6:27 am
than $50,000. we'll have a final number in the coming days. you can still donate as well. just text "buttefire" to 91999, follow the prompts. you can also donate through our website thanks for all the ones who gave. >> absolutely. giving back, of course, is a big part of the holiday season, along with tradition. >> a popular holiday tradition tonight returns to new york city, where they'll light the christmas tree at rockefeller center. what a big one that one is. the celebration first took place 86 years ago, and since 1951, it's been broadcast live around the world. the "today" show team hosts tonight's lighting ceremony. watch it here on nbc bay area, starting at 8:00. coming up here, all over the big story this morning, that storm, we have storm ranger fired up and crews in position across the bay area. up next, live team coverage on what you can expect when you head out the door. and live pictures along the peninsula, a warning if you're planning to head to the coast for some reason this rainy
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morning. we'll see you on the other side of the break.
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it was time to update the bathroom but we wanted to work with a company we could trust. rebath gave us the bathroom we always wanted. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel the storm is here. rain is falling and it )s comin right now, 6:30. the storm is here. rain is falling and it's coming down pretty hard in some spots, especially as you see from the radar in the south bay. this morning, nbc bay area storm ranger bringing us an exclusive, accurate look at what's actually happening out there. very good morni a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia.
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>> i'm marcus washington. we get straight to meteorologist kari hall tracking the storm in the area. >> most of the rain we're seeing is fairly light. we're expecting a stronger storm here this morning. as we look at the rain, where it's coming from, where it's heading, some of the heavier rain is shifting toward monterey. we've also seen the rain here in the south bay, the east bay, as well as the peninsula and storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar giving us a minute by minute update, a live view of the rain as it comes down on it santa clara. i wanted to show you other radars show not as much detail and several minutes behind, so you're getting the most up-to-date information here on nbc bay area. we can take you down to street level, where the rain is really coming down, as you look at santa clara and it's continuing to move up toward in order san jose. as we look at what else is going on here, mostly some light showers, but once again, a stronger storm is on the way. as we head over to mike, you've been tracking the road conditions, really wet.
6:32 am
>> a little tougher at the bay bridge. we see low clouds and fog from time to time. conditions are tougher and we're seeing slick spots all over the bay. as we look at your maps, you see that radar are active all over the place. kari showed you santa clara, san jose, milpitas getting wetter roadways. it's slick in many patches. new crash north 680 toward sunol creates unusual counter commute slowing. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:32 right now. the early morning rain is pounding parts of the bay area. our team is tracking the strong waves along the coast but first in the south bay, "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in morgan hill this morning. >> kris, the rain is coming down there. i see the sandbags behind you, they're ready to go. >> reporter: we are getting ready to go. we're taking advantage of this little break here this morning to think about what we need to do for later today to be fully
6:33 am
ready for the rain. i need to find my waterproof case for my phone, i need to find my hat, those little things that slip through the cracks when you're not fight fully ready for storm season, but that's not the case here at the sandbag yard in morgan hill. this is stocked by the santa clara valley water district, and they are ready to go. in san francisco, though, the storm preps are a little more aggressive. crews are putting up rain barriers, flood barriers in the mission district and other trouble spots. we know those are trouble spots when there's heavy rain rolling in as kari and the nbc bay area weather team are forecasting for today and for tomorrow. here in the south bay, the sandbag stations are stocked for folks who need to divert rain water and you'll know, if you live in a low-lying area, it doesn't take a lot of water to do damage in your home. also, it does not take a lot of rain water to make a mess of the roadways, as this man learned just this morning.
6:34 am
>> crazy. it's slippery, especially if you drive a truck. it's really light in the back. >> reporter: those do slip around, and of course, you should mind your speed, because a lot of folks don't know how to drive in the rain. we'll all accuse the other drivers of course of not paying attention to their speed. if you slow down, you have a better chance to react. chp tweeting to mind your speed because there are hazards in the roadways that come down, when the rain comes down. we'll track this rain for you, as it makes its way through the south bay and up into the north bay all day long, and as it gets a little heavier later on today. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. we continue our team coverage now along the coast. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos live there in pacifica with a warning for us this morning. pete, we saw the large waves behind you earlier, and they're still there. >> reporter: yes, the surf
6:35 am
advisory through friday morning at least, and i'll show you behind me, you can still see the waves, pretty big waves, not as much as last hour but seeing them hitting the bottom of that pier, as we have the surf advisory in place at least through friday morning. we can expect to see waves hitting between 18 to 24 feet. in fact, in some areas, it may hit as high as 25 feet. there will be rip currents as well as local beach erosion, that's what we hear from the national weather service. don't turn your back on the ocean, as you see the waves here picking up in pacifica, and the surf is expected to peak today, and last through the night, with the advisory in place at least until 4:00 a.m. on friday morning. we're live here in pacifica, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. make sure you stay informed about the rainy day ahead of you. download our free nbc bay area app. one of the nice things about this app is it will actually alert you when rain is within five miles of your location.
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so go ahead and download it now. it is free. it is 6:36 right now. we are just learning about a violent attack in san francisco that has led to an arrest. two people were attacked with a machete in the tenderloin. police have not described the injuries to the victims but officers arrested a suspect last night a few blocks away and located the machete. new surveillance video to show you obtained by nbc bay area seems to raise questions about what deputies say happened during a deadly high speed crash early yesterday. we covered it all morning long on "today in the bay." the crash killed the 29-year-old suspect and closed san pablo road for hours. last night, we spoke with people who live near the suspect, who are in shock. >> very sad. you don't expect that to happen to someone this close by, in your own neighborhood.
6:37 am
>> the sheriff's department says the deputy ended the pursuit and 12 seconds later came across the wrecked car. in surveillance video it appears shows the patrol car almost immediately behind. investigators say the suspect ran a red light and was going about 100 miles per hour. if you're considering buying a home for the first time, a new program in santa clara county is aimed at helping you make that purchase. it's called empower homebuyers scc and expected to help 250 households pay for downpayment assistance over the next five years. you can learn more how to apply for the program at a meeting tonight at 6:00 at the county government center in san jose. we're looking over here overall, the radar put that on top of our traffic system. i want to show you what kari is tracking, the rain hitting the south bay and definitely presenting some conditions where you will need to slow down. you also have some slowing, the crash north 87 still may be causing a distraction, but things are smoothing out from 85
6:38 am
up into downtown san jose. we take you over to the tri valley where an update shows you it might be the southbound area of 680 at sunol, it is on the center divide and four cars involved in that crash. getting toward the bay bridge, it's a smooth drive, but the crash is not the problem. that's cleared to the shoulder. we have fog dreecreeping around berkeley curve and more traffic as well. who is looking forward to the weekend? >> i'm looking forward to the weekend. >> you already had your weekend. >> you could never have enough weekends in your life, right? >> i guess not. and this weekend we'll be watching rain early on saturday and looks like the rest of the weekend is good. we're dealing with rain right now, tracking it on storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. wanted to show you this before you get ready to head out the door. as we head toward saturday, once again, the rain will be tapering off and ending by about noon for most of our microclimates. it's going to be cool, though, still some breezy conditions left behind and high
6:39 am
temperatures only reaching the mid-50s. on sunday, we're getting sunshine, but it's still going to be chilly out there, with highs across most of the bay area at about 55 to 56 degrees. if you're going to the rescheduled stanford/cal game, it was postponed because of the smoke, this time it's looking much better, but be mindful the rain will be ending, so conditions will be kind of sloppy and the rain will be moving out as we go throughout the day. if you're going to yosemite this weekend, pack extra layers. it is going to be so cold, with a high of only 23 degrees on saturday as the snow comes down. closer to home, napa is looking at showers early on saturday and high temperatures throughout the weekend reaching into the mid-50s. we'll take another look at storm ranger in about three minutes, and also talk about our temperature trend. >> thanks, kari. looking forward to that. coming for you next on "today in the bay," just moments
6:40 am
ago, a new plan for the a's future stadium. look at where it could go and what it could look like. some california counties not set up for emergency text alerts. the reason, if you live in one, you'll still be getting them. the president seems to be going back and forth about that wall. that could be good news, as we face a government shutdown. out to the big board, dow industrials up 200 points as we await the head of the fed's major speech today. plus cow-a-bunga, this giant cow is breaking records! the way he'll live out the rest of his life.
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right now at 6:43, it's a wet morning across the south bay, as we see another round of showers moving through. here is a look at christmas in the park. you can check it out today during our break from the rain, which happens by early afternoon. it will be cool out there with temperatures only reaching 60 degrees. here is the rain that's moving through san jose and milpitas right now, as well as the alum rock area. we'll be tracking this and talk about what's ahead with some heavier rain, in less than five minutes. i'll show you san jose, because kari's radar shows activity and you see drops on the lens, the sheen on the r roadway, slick conditions. there's more slowing in 580. a live look at the oakland coliseum, the current home of the oakland a's, but it appears the a's are finalizing their pitch for a brand new home.
6:44 am
"the chronicle" reports the team is ready to present its vision for a future stadium, along with major redevelopments for the coliseum property. "the chronicle" obtained these renderings for a gleaming new privately funded stadium near jack london square. as for the coliseum complex, the a's envision turning it into a new business and housing hub. as you can see right here, the current coliseum would be turned into a park or amphitheater, and the arena would stay as it is. lot still needs to happen, before these plans become reality there, but mayor libby schaaf tells "the chronicle" she believes this is the right project in the right neighborhood at the right cost. 6:5 rig45 right now. f
6:45 am
new this morning, california is failing to meet its climate change goals, according to a new report by the california air resources board. it found carbon emissions per capita from vehicle travel in the state were increasing, despite a decade's old law that required regions to plan for housing growth. 13 california counties have yet to register for the new presidential cell phone alert system but all are outside of the bay area. here is a map showing you the 13 counties. fema is saying each must still register in order to notify residents if there's some kind of imminent disaster, but this does not mean that the residents will not be alerted, that's because any county can ask for a registered neighborhood county to send out that warning or even a state agency. a san francisco federal judge who blocked president trump's asylum ban is promising to rule by friday on whether to allow a partial ban during the appeals process. >> the situation at the border and some of the images now sparking a national debate about illegal immigration. at san francisco's commonwealth club last night, undocumented immigrant and pulitzer prize
6:46 am
winning journalist winning journalist jose vargas says the undocumented immigrants are coming from countries around the world and the focus is unfair to the people of mexico and central america. >> we're missing like undocumented filipinos, koreans, vietnamese. we're missing an entire like, you know, entire groups of people. >> vargas' family brought him from the philippines to mountain view when he was 12. he didn't know he was not documented until he tried to get a driver's license. what about the wall? president trump seems to be waffling. >> scott mcgrew joins you now. the president said perhaps he doesn't need the funds to build it. >> and a few hours later, he insisted congress has to pay for it. he's gone back and forth over the wall over the last 18 hours. in an interview with "the washington post" on tuesday, president trump said about the wall, "if we don't get the funding, will i get it done another way? i might get it done another way." he mentioned the military
6:47 am
setting up barbed wire. then just a few hours later, when asked about that "other way," the president said he was going to insist congress give him billions for the wall. now, if that doesn't happen, if there is no agreement, the government may very well shut down before christmas. the president's candidate for senate in mississippi won her election last night. president trump held a rally for cindy hyde-smith and she easily beat her opponent last night. >> mr. president, i just talked to him, so i know he's watching, thank you so much for everything, for the opportunities, for coming to mississippi yesterday, two stops, phenomenal. >> hyde-smith has been criticized several times for statements and actions that come across as racist. she denies those. viewer had a question about this, in this commentary.
6:48 am
this is the mississippi state flag, this was in mississippi. hillary and bill clinton kicked off their speaking tour, starting in toronto, canada. this is a paid tour. you buy tickets to it. hillary clinton started with a joke about maybe running for prime minister, but then the conversation turned to trump. we have a few shots of what happened here provided to us by the pool cam camera, but our nbc reporter at the event sent notes, pointing out it was not well-attended. "banks of empty seats," he wrote. we're following everything that happens in washington on twitter there. follow me there, i' i'm @scottmcgrew. holy cow. this cow in australia going viral for its "udderly" impressive size. knickers is his name, stands over six feet tall and weighs more than a ton. not only is knickers gaining popularity worldwide, he'll get to live a long life.
6:49 am
the owners told australian media knickers is too heavy, wouldn't be able to get through a processing facility. the farmer says knickers has been put to work, though, leading and coaching other cattle there. >> it's amazing to see. >> a thousand pounds? >> a ton, that's over 3,000 pounds. >> a ton is two, right? >> but this one is 3,016 pounds. >> that's 12 quarter pounds, no, just doing the math in my head. >> a lot of beef. >> yeah. >> where's the beef? >> right there. right there. >> let's move on. mooove on. we are tracking some rain this morning, and it's going to be soggy, as you get ready to head out the door. here is a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, and i wanted to put this in motion to show you where the rain is coming from and headed to. lot of the heavier downpours shifted down to monterey, over
6:50 am
toward fresno. we are looking at dry weather for the north bay, only spotty, light showers across marin county and areas south of there have been seeing off and on rain. let's head to the south bay, where san jose is getting another wave of rain that shifted toward east san jose and it's really about to start coming down in evergreen and alum rock. we're seeing that as well. i wanted to take off the storm ranger radar and show you what other radars are showing right now, not as much detail and two to five minutes behind, so with our storm ranger, getting the highest level of detail and the most accurate information, as we go throughout the morning, we are going to see where we're not seeing the rain coming down. it is foggy. this is a look at the golden gate bridge, really poor visibility there as you get ready to head out over the next few hours. much of the rain will mostly be south of san francisco, with the stronger storm moving in tonight. high wind watch will go in effect for parts of the bay area tomorrow, and those high winds will turn up some high coastal
6:51 am
waves, up to 25 feet, and we're also watching the burn scar areas for a flooding potential. as we go throughout the day, still some showers across parts of the east bay, south bay, and the peninsula. little bit of a break this afternoon, that's your time to get ready for the high winds and the heavier rain that will be here tonight, and it continues throughout much of the day tomorrow. this could possibly bring anywhere from about a half to one inch of rain for areas farther north. the heavier rain may be focused a little bit farther south, from san jose down to the south county, to the santa cruz mountains. that's a live look at north star this morning, where we're expecting another couple of feet of snow over the next several days. i'll be watching that as well. as we head over to mike, you're tracking the south bay. >> that's right, more slowing, kari, as you showed the rain coming through. kari's got that radar, but we can put it on to the traffic system as well, we work together and looking at that south bay that just got hit with the rain, orange and yellow coming in toward san jose and near mt.
6:52 am
hamilton, no major problems. the freeways see a lot more slowing as that rain traveled through, and you see 85, 280 showing the build, the same as 101. over here for the tri valley, we have southbound 680. it looks like it's moving much more smoothly. the crash reported at sunol boulevard, southbound side, but there was a fender bender northbound as well. watch that area as the rain traveled through, and then following that radar, we did have eastbound 580 around greenville. we had a crash there as well. it may be seven vehicles in total involved, but it sounds like they're on the shoulder. there may have been some debris, and i'll track that. so far, your commute westbound is moving nicely. the travel times here. you're about a half an hour down from highway 4 to the bay bridge and the backup there and a quick check with ethan on the roadway traveling north 101 into san jose, the wet windshield and slick roadways. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a man in hawaii is suing the state after he suffered a heart attack during january's false missile scare. hawaii emergency management
6:53 am
employee, he mistakenly sent the alert to cell phones january 13th, triggering widespread panic. the agency sent another message 38 minutes later saying it was a false alarm. in the lawsuit, the man's doctor says he never had a heart condition before that incident. and next, a look at the top stories here, including the latest storm to hit the bay area. now, we have teams across the bay area collecting those stories and video, plus there are flood concerns ahead of tonight's strongest storm, and we're prepared for that. plus, a san diego man gives back to camp fire victims, the large donation he hopes will get students back on track quickly. we're back with more news right after the break.
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today in the bay-- 6:56 right now. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> the big story all morning, an early morning storm bringing some heavy rain to parts of the bay, and while many of our viewers are experiencing the wet roads, some of you may not be seeing any rain at all. it's been mostly falling along the peninsula and the south bay. now here's video shot within the last half hour from san jose. take a look at this here, that rain is coming down good for about 15 minutes there. the big concern for all of us, though, is what's coming tonight, a more potent storm is headed our way.
6:57 am
now to a live look in morgan hill this morning, where we had a crew reporting all morning. lot of rain coming down for much of the early morning hours. sandbags there are ready to go. bigger storm is coming later this week. sandbag stations are actually stocked at several south bay locations. we're posting a link to the santa clara valley water district site for all the locations. you'll find it on and in san francisco, crews are putting up temporary flood barriers in the mission district. this is near 17th and fulsome streets. this is video shot from overnight. the public works department says the area is prone to flooding in typical spots, and you can also pick up free sandbags at the public works operations yard on cesar chavez street. we're live along the coast as well. check out the waves in pacifica. surf advisory is in effect right now until friday. we are expecting 18 to 24-foot waves with rip currents and beach erosion. be careful if you're headed out to the coast. and stay informed about the rainy day ahead.
6:58 am
download our free nbc bay area app. the one thing nice about this app is that it actually alerts you when rain is within five miles from your location. download that app right now. it is free. generosity from strangers. san diego man is giving back to students affected by the deadly camp fire. bob wilson handed out checks worth $1,000 to 980 students and 105 staff members at paradise high school. the camp fire scorched more than 150,000 acres. 88 people were killed. our "today in the bay" team also manning the phones all day yesterday for our wildfire fund-raiser. along with telemundo 48 and the united way, we're helping the survivors of the camp fire in butte county. at last check, we raised more than $50,000. we'll have a final number in the coming days. and you can still donate.
6:59 am
just text "buttefire" to 91999 and follow the prompts. you can also donate at our website it will be wet this morning and a little bit of a break into the afternoon. here's the way it looks on storm ranger. we are going to see a stronger storm overnight. >> good time to remind yourself to slow down. >> and because not everybody has to, the volume of traffic is lighter over here. this t looks like kari's weather map because i have her radar but the traffic map shows you the green all over the bay. it's slick. >> it is slick, and high waves as we leave you today with a live look from the coastline this morning. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back in a half hour with a live local update. >> join us for bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. buenos días.
7:00 am
double dealing? did president trump anticipates former campaign chairman tell all to the president's legal team about his private talks with the special prosecutor? the stunning new revelation overnight raising the question why would paul manafort risk so much to help the president is he acteling for a last-minute pardon.? >> i'm not aware of any conversations for anyone's pardon involving this process. >> the latest on the unusual legal maneuvering just ahead. breaking overnight, making history, republican cindy hyde-smith wins mississippi's senate runof


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