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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 29, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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you see it and hear it. that rain continues to fall as a powerful storm system sweeps through the bay area. with that rain and wind comes roadway flooding, downed trees and power outages. these are live pictures from mill valley where a big tree has come down in the neighborhood. we're still not in the clear. more rain heading our way that's already creating problems for that morning commute. good morning to you. thank you for starting your day right here on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> we've been on since 4:00 this morning to try to get you ready for the storm. be careful if you're headed out the door. we'll check that commute in moments. kari is tracking how widespread this rain is. >> it's been hit or miss as we take a look at the radar. we've also seen some thunderstorms and more offshore. as we get a closer look, some rain, the heaviest downpours have been moving across the south bay and the east bay with that cell right over central
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sonoma county, moving closer to hil hillsburg. just farther to the north it's producing hail and lightning. moving over towards contra costa and alameda counties where we're seeing the spotty rain move through and heavy rain in spots. san jose seeing that activity ramp up again. as you can see by the coverage here, not everyone will see it raining hard. it's pouring rain in downtown san jose while campbell is dry. just plan for you to be going in and out of this rain as you drive to work or school this morning. and the activity will continue as we go throughout the day. i do think we'll see a lot more of this going into the 7:00 hour right around sunrise as we start to see another wave of this energy rolling onshore, producing some heavy rain and high winds right at about 7:00 this morning and continuing through that morning commute. so, that's going to make things very slippery out there, mike. how is it looking right now? >> we're looking at the radar. things are easing up a bit.
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taking kari's radar, putting it over the traffic. our two systems are tied together so we can leverage that to give you a comprehensive look at your rain. that rain moving over through the area, leaving behind all of these wet roads. slippery conditions, be careful out there. flooding reported in many patch as long the peninsula, 280, 101, mostly off-ramps and smaller surface streets. the freeways themselves maintain an open status, except one lane blocked on 17. that's reportedly headed northbound near the summit. this crash blocks one lane. the b.a.r.t. station at 19th, the entrance is closed at 20th. delays as well coming out of downtown oakland. equipment problem possibly related to weather. we'll check it. back to our storm coverage there, heavy rain and wind causing a lot of problems this morning. >> we have reporters fanned out across the area.
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it's been a busy night with some flooding. >> right on cue, the rain has started coming down. this is what crews are working with here. you can see the piles and piles of leaves. these are sycamore leaves and street sweepers have been trying to keep them out of the drain, the trash out of the drains because that is what blocks the way for the rainwater to go. that is what leads to flooding. it was a little too late at this location here. the south lanes of santa cruz avenue were completely flooded in los gatos. where we are here this morning near the s.a.p. center, this was the flooding. the driver in that car did not realize how deep that water was and tried to drive through. the driver got stuck and had to call for help. city crews cleared that drain and moved the car but the intersection was closed for
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hours. a reminder, as they say, turn around, don't drawown. only 6 inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars. that's when you stall. that's when you lose control. if there's a foot of water or more, most cars can start to float. though the rain is off and on, we don't know what the leaves are going to do in our storm drain so you could see flooding along your route this morning. we'll monitor the trouble spots for you. we'll be back in the next half hour, maybe with a hat and umbrella. >> we'll see the evolution throughout the morning. thank you. >> the rain just started there. you've been telling us this was going to happen in spots. >> right, in waves. it's going to be really heavy. if you wait a while, it may get very light.
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our mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain. we were talking about it raining downtown. in cambria park it's really pouring. as we get a look at what to expect throughout the day, we'll see more showers and activity ramping up, becoming more widespread at about 7:00 to 8:00 this morning. this is also when we may see thunderstorms developing, also small hail through the 9:00 to 10:00 hour. quite a bit going on as people are headed to work, school and we'll see waves through at least late morning. by early afternoon, activity starts to taper off but still a chance of rain into the evening. we'll see things clearing by tomorrow morning. here's what to expect, the waves of rain, a few isolated thunderstorms, a wind advisory in effect as we could see winds gusting 35 to 45 miles an hour.
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for the coast that will mean high waves and for the burn scar area we do have a flood watch. i'm tracking it with our nbc bay area app. if you've got it, you can look at storm ranger and zoom into where you live so you can look at the radar and even go into the future so you can see how this may affect where you are or where you're going. we'll be tracking this with you and i'll have another update in a few minutes. >> 5:06. let's take you live out to contra costa county where we're getting reports of a lot of pooling water. bob redell at walnut creek. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: we have the brake in the morning commute. the headlights are heading into concord from walnut creek trying to get over to highway 4. we looked at what chp was reporting from midnight to a
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couple of hours ago. we counted about 12 inches of where roads were flooding. this is video. from dublin up to 680. those areas that had some flooding we suspect that has subsided because the rain isn't as heavy and we did drive by a couple incidents. we talked to drivers with good advice for other people on the road. >> driving slower. trying to watch out for other people. >> how is it out there? >> well, as early as i leave, it's not too bad. it gets crazy because i drive around all day. people don't seem to slow down in the rain swch. >> what's going on with that? >> knuckleheads, i guess. >> how are other people driving? >> i don't know. not good for rain.
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>> what do you do? >> i'm a slow driver. not fast because dangerous. >> reporter: a reminder from chp, you definitely want to watch the distance between you and the car in front of you. you don't want to be tailgating when you have these wet, slippery conditions. the posted speed limit is the maximum speed you're allowed to go as conditions permit. if there's ice or a lot of water on the road, maybe you want to consider slowing down. reporting live in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." all this means snow in the sierra. heaviest snow probably coming in about now. even last night this storm had some skiers excited. i wasn't out in it but look at these diehards. this is where they hit the slopes when the first flurries
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arrived. >> interstate 80 through the sierra last night, it's not a problem but, again, there's a lot more snow coming this way. perhaps we're talking 5 feet in the highest elevations and locals who drive there are preparing. >> i've seen where it's almost a whiteout, you can't see in front of you and it's dangerous, to the point you need to pull over until it dies down. >> this morning chains are required on interstate 80 for anyone traveling east of kingvale. >> we can see the activity on storm ranger. even some lightning in the mix for parts of the north bay. we can see the change over from rain to snow as you go up the summit and moving through parts of the sierra. we're looking at our snowfall totals continuing to pile up over the next couple of days. if you will be going through the sierra, expect snow that could reach up to 2 feet in some areas.
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kingville, 22 inches. south tahoe, lake levels, much lower amounts of snow but still significant as we track this system. we'll go back through the timeline and help you plan out your day in a few minutes. mike is helping you get out the door with a look at the commutes. >> we have some complications. we have the red scan, that's storm ranger, super accurate ranger telling you what's going on right now. the wet roadways we'll continue to have even after the rain has passed through. on the dumbarton bridge we have another crash reported. first a single car reported and then a second one involved and sounds like someone might be on the roadway right now, sitting or possibly thrown from a vehicle. this will cause a lot of disstractionz. pleas that will start to build as far as the volume of traffic goes.
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as folks travel through dublin, looking for slicker roadways. b.a.r.t. still has major delays out of oakland. 5:11 right now. co coming up, a rare look inside tesla's battery production. how many are made here? is black friday the best time to buy? we'll track some prices. coming up on ellen, jennifer lopez stops by and will take the tough questions on whether she's plan, a wedding with alex rodriguez. >> he said y'all are going too be getting married. >> he did not say that. he did not. he did not say that. >> he did. he texted me today and said -- >> fun times on ellen. coming up at 5:25, we'll hear from her about future plans. you don't want to miss that.
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5:11. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:14, we're in a microclimate alert as we track waves of heavy rain moving across the bay area. even some lightning on the map. we've seen the rain off and on. heading towards willow glenn we'll start to see the temperatures in the mid-50s, a chance of thunderstorms right at about 9:00. we'll take a closer look at this
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forecast that's coming up in less than five minutes. we're looking at the san mateo bridge that got hit earlier in the commute. can kari is talking about the second wave and i have a crash i'm concerned about at the dumbarton bridge. >> happy thursday to you. take a look at these numbers. dow up more than 600 points. adobe up 700 points. there's no data to support this but i can explain this number. the markets jumped at the head of jerome powell used these two words just below. listen to him say it and we'll talk on the other side. >> interest rates are still low by historical standard and remain just below that level that would be neutral for the economy. that is neither speeding up or slowing down growth. >> investors think he's indicating the fed is almost done raising rates.
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that's the hope. powell is not supposed to buckle under pressure from the president who wants him to quit raising rates. there's a hint the fed may be nearly done for now. we're still getting data for black friday. fewer people went shopping but they bought more stuff. is black friday the best time to buy? we'll look at prices. we selected four products, potential gifts. we'll keep an eye on the prices through the holiday season. you see them there on your screen. tracking regular prices -- >> i've been looking forward to this. >> we got four of them. we'll look at two. we'll start with the instapot. >> darn. i thought we were going to start with tiffany. >> we're getting there. this is a dual 80 model. on sale at target and kohl's, really good, $69, way down from that $140 or nearly there.
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as you see, i found it for the same price. you could have waited because that sale stuck around. for laura, you mentioned tiffany. >> what a surprise? >> let's advance. >> the original price, the broadcast friday price $9,000. they were on sale for $9,000. we can conclude tiffany doesn't put anything on sale. buy now while you can. we'll check prices tomorrow and we'll continue to check them. my suspicion is everything but the diamond earrings will go lower closer to the holiday. >> at least not that store. you could shop around. just saying. 5:17. i can pull my hair back. we're getting a look inside tesla's new battery factory. thousands of those robots and
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7,000 workers are building battery packs for model 3. this factory is where more batteries are produced for electric vehicles than the rest of the planet combined. wow. to that storm that's creating a lot of problems out there for us. a live look at the radar as the system continues to dump rain in the bay area. >> you've been keeping very busy. >> you may have looked at that map and thought, what's up there in the north bay. that's lightning, a storm moving through and also had a history of producing hail. as we loop it, we can see the activity and what else is coming onshore as we see a lot of moisture being brought over the bay area and a lot of energy producing that rain. as we take a live look at storm ranger, we see the cells moving through northern sonoma county and move off towards the north and east. it's had a history of producing hail. over three-quarters of an inch in size and will give a very
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wet/dry north of healdsburg and standing water on the roadways. as we widen out the view, santa rosa's dry. light rain is moving into that area. much of napa is drive. as we go towards contra costa county, san ramone being pelted by this heavy rain that's moving through on 680 and it's been sitting there for the past few hours. heading down to dublin, tracking this cell that's moving through, approaching east pleasanton. i wanted to take off storm ranger. not nearly as much detail as we show you, as you get ready to head out the door on bush road, there's heavy rain and it's moving into the pleasanton area.
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as we go into san jose, downtown, not raining but evergreen it's pouring. as we go into the rest of your morning, we take it through 7:30 and the rain is going to be spreading towards the east bay, the south bay as well as the peninsula. the potential of a few thunderstorms will be in the mix as well. here we are at 8:30, more people up and out on the roadways. it's still going to be off and on, waves of some heavy rain. we see more coverage as far as the widespread activity. at 10:30 this morning. at noon, lunchtime, you may want to keep that lunch inside. it's going to be raining off and on. we start to see things tapering off by 2:00, 3:00. still a chance into the afternoon and we're looking at the potential of getting an additional half inch of rain on top of what we've already measured.
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let's heard to vianey in the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: i'm at the summit along highway 17. we've got about six or seven lights set up. highway 17 behind me, we have a couple headlights. i've seen a couple crews come through. looegts let's go through the rain totals. these are unofficial rain totals so far. san francisco has already seen over an inch, nearly an inch and a quarter of rain. santa cruz over an inch. san jose pretty impressive considering san jose typically falls in that rain shadow just a little under an inch. we're still expecting anywhere from a half an inch to three-quarters of an inch of additional rain for the next couple of hours. i'll stay up here but for now i'll send it back to you, kari. >> stay warm, too, and try to get out of that rain for now.
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we'll see it coming through in waves once again throughout the day as we check out or seven-day forecast. highs only up to 59. it's about to get very cool over the next few days. more rain saturday morning and then again on tuesday. mike, you've been checking out the impact of wet roads. >> we even had a b.a.r.t. delay. there was an equipment problem on the tracks out of downtown oakland. we're in recovery mode there. we do still have the 23 entrance and 19th street station in oakland. that was closed because of flooding. still reported the case. no other delays reported including the ferry system. the wind has not affected the ferry skeng. we'll continue to track that. light traffic around the bay. definitely flooding reported and many patches throughout contra costa county. we have the bay bridge. looks like the metering lights are on and i'll confirm that. a slower drive for west 580. a crash blocks one lane. we still have this crash which sounds like there may be
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injuries on the dumbarton bridge. we'll track that. 5:22. coming up, jennifer lopez opens up about her vegas show coming to an end and what lies in her future. a possible engagement? it's all next on "today in the bay." odand nbc bay area is issu
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microclimate weather alert. right now you're watching
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"today in the bay." it is 5:25 there. we have issued a microclimate weather alert. a strong storm system continues to push through the bay area. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and a look at the radar. steady rain, heavy at times, has been coming down all night. another live look here at the san mateo bridge. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the system. mike monitoring the wet roadways. he'll join us at 5:30. meantime, can you stay up to date on this storm with our live radar at as well as our nbc bay area app. this is a great way to keep track of what's going on here. a check of the weather conditions right down to your neighborhood. >> maybe you'll stay in. nice and cozy today. catch ellen. happening today, j. lo is stopping by ellen's show. >> we know her as jenny from the block. she's wrapping up las vegas and
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opening up about the possibility of getting engaged. >> your boyfriend -- remind me of his name. >> alex rodriguez. >> that's right. he said that y'all are going to be getting married. >> he did not say that. he did not. he did not say that. >> he did. he texted me today and said -- he texted earlier today and said -- >> let me see the text. >> i don't have my phone with me. i'm working. >> ellen always has people texting, i'm sure. you did watch ellen at 4:00. stay tuned for nbc bay area at 5:00 followed by the nightly news with lester holt. we've got live team coverage from all sides of the bay, including a big warning before you hit the road. this is what happened to one driver who tried to maneuver their way through the storm. we'll have a live report.
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>> we gather new video as the storm strikes. it's already toppling trees and causing damage. more live team coverage for you in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay." this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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thursday morning. this latest strong storm system continues to push right now at 5:30, a rainy and windy start to your morning. this storm system continues to pound the bay area, leaving behind quite a mess from downed trees to flooded roadways and power outages.
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take a look at what happened to this driver who tried to go through a flooded area in san jose, not too far from s.a.p. the problems are hitting across the bay area. we have crews fanned out across the region to give you the very latest. g good morning to you. we came on early at 4:00 a.m. >> we have storm ranger working overtime as that strong system moves through the bay area. this tool is unique to nbc bay area because it gives detailed weather reports down to the street. kari hall has been tracking that for us. how are things looking right now? >> we've seen some waves of rain coming through, even some thunderstorms. i wanted to show you all the activity going on but it's been hit or miss. even if you're not seeing rain right now, give it a few minutes. here's a cell producing hail over central and northern sonoma county.
5:32 am
hail size over three-quarters of an inch as it moves over 101, and south of cloverdale, also some live lightning being detected with storm ranger. santa rosa seeing rain that will be approaching here in the next few minutes. napa county, not seeing anything right now. it's been sitting there. i suspect those roads are very wet and some standing water in that area. we'll monitor that. as we bring it down to san jose, not much rain going on now but we've seen it coming through. the nature of this system will be rain in waves. if it's raining heavily, give it 30 to 40 minutes, it will take a break. right at about 8:00 as more people get up and out the door, 9:00 we're seeing scattered showers coming through producing
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some very heavy rain. at 10:00 we're looking at activity that will impact your day. we'll continue to monitor that and give you tools on how to stay ahead of this storm. . mike, you're looking at a commute that's very wet. >> the look behind me, the flag, definitely flapping over there. at the toll plaza where the backup because metering lights are turned on. wet conditions, you saw that on the live shot. be you see this radar pushing over to the east. let's show you the road weather index. traffic and weather, we leverage both systems together. flooding reported along patches of the peninsula. early flooding over here in the same area, walnut creek from
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concord. bob redell is hanging out there. maine, 24 through,s we'll tell you if there are any closures. want right now, just wet roads. >> you've seen the maps and radar. let's go to the crews across the bay area. let's start out with "today in the bay's" pete suratos in marin county. insurance adjusters will surely be busy as well, especially where you are in mill valley. >> reporter: good morning to you, lauren. as you can see, we're not seeing much rain but we're seeing the wind pick up a little bit. and the wind and wet weather probably contributing to what you see here. that tree fell down on a truck. that's what we're seeing here. that's the information we're getting from marin county
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sheriff's department. that was about 12:00 a.m. and they're telling us no one was inside. the tree did fall down. now, it could be a result of the saturated soil we see following a lot of the wet weather we're seeing. you have a combination of the wet weather and winds. we'll show you some video tweeted out by marin county sheriff's office. you see that rain coming down before 4:00 a.m. they tweeted out video of the rain. we're taking a live look at the rain. this tree came down due to the saturated area. live in mill valley, pete suratos, "today in the bay." let's go to kris sanchez with an example of why we need
5:36 am
to be careful on those roads. >> reporter: a few moments ago you showed the car stuck in the water. the intersection is clear but the street sweepers and giant vacuum trucks that cleared out the drain and got the roadway back to normal. they're still runing and gunning on the streets of san jose trying to make sure there are no other trouble spots. that driver cannot realize how deep that water was and tried to drive through. the driver got stuck with water. to the windows and called for help. san jose walked him out to safety. it only takes six inches of water to reach the bottom of most passenger cars and that's enough water to stall or lose control. a foot of water could make almost any car float. it's no wonder weeg seeing so much flooding. this is how hard the rain was
5:37 am
coming down in campbell. coming up at 6:00, i'll show you what happened in some of the low-lying areas around the santa cruz mountains. vianey is up in the summit. in the low lying areas there was a lot of flooding there. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." pete suratos in the north bay, kris in the north bay. let's take a live look at walnut creek. traffic seems to be moving quite nicely right now. take it slow as you head out the door. be sure to follow the speed limit. hang on because those downpours could happen at any time. >> there are scattered power outages across the bay area. mostly in the east bay. at one point 1,000 customers
5:38 am
were without power. power was restored around 3:30. utility crews are working to restore power right now as well. we talked to pg&e overnight and a spokesperson said most crews stayed home last night so they would be ready to roll out first thing this morning. that's a good thing because a lot of people need to get up and get rolling. >> and folks are depending on all of us. we were up here early at 4:00 to make sure you were prepared. b.a.r.t. has been prepared. but they had some flooding, closing one entrance. 20th street entrance at the 20th street station. also had major delays. the equipment problem has been cleared. as far as i know, it's not related to the weather. we'll track those reports. no delays. the ferry system is sometimes affected by heavier winds. many patches with spotty flooding reported, mostly with offramps and on-ramps. reports of some flooding.
5:39 am
stay to the middle lanes. slick roads all around the bay. there's the radar with storm ranger. kari is tracking that. i'm going off her notes because it helps me. >> we all have to work together. all that rain means what in the sierras? >> rain? >> no, no. come on, from our meteorologist? >> come on, man. >> take a look at this. ski boarders, snow -- snowboarders and skiers. i'm just so excited with all the snow. this is pictures from boreal. slopes opened and people headed out. if you're headed to the sierra, pack the chains because they're required up there already. >> it is exciting to see. >> they were already building that snowpack manually and now we can build on it. >> as we take a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler ranger, we're tracking all the activity not just for the bay area but beyond. you can see the snow that comes
5:40 am
down as you climb the summit. we have a lot of activity here with off and on rain. as we head towards the weekend, i know you're starting to make plans. from the coast to the inland areas, there will still be a chance of rain for saturday morning. it's going to be dry, highs in the mid-50s. if you're going to the stanford/cal game, it will be chilly out there with highs only reaching 57 degrees in berkeley. if you plan to go to sierra, today is not your day to drive there. you can go tomorrow while there will be a break because there will be more light snow moving in on saturday. i'm helping you plan out everything with another look at storm ranger coming up in three
5:41 am
minutes. >> thanks, kari. coming up, our team coverage continues with a live report from the santa cruz mountains and -- >> we'll have the latest from washington as president trump tries to explain a tweet when "today in the bay" continues. kae
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5:43 am
right now at 5:43 as we take a look at storm ranger, not a lot of busy activity here as we are taking a bit of a break
5:44 am
before heavier rain rolls onshore. if you have the nbc bay app, you can do the same thing, zoom in and go ahead as you make plans for your morning xhuts. we'll talk about this and track the storm together in less than five minutes. right now we're looking at a live camera. here's san jose. the rain taking a break but the commute kicking in on slick roads. we'll talk about that coming up. president trump did an interview with the new york post last night in which he was asked about a tweet, a tweet he retweeted that said, now that russian collusion is a proven lie, when did trials for treason begin? you see this picture of people in jail. one of the people in the jail cell is rod rosenstein. this is the u.s. deputy attorney
5:45 am
general. the post reporters asked, why is this okay? this accuses the deputy attorney general of treason. president trump didn't explain it but did say rosenstein should have never picked a special counsel. senator working on a bill that would pull support for saudis in yemen. after senators were briefed on the murder of jamal khashoggi by saudi officials. they were briefed by americans. republicans and democrats were furious the briefing did not come from the director of the cia. reports say her cia has tied the murder directly to the crown prince, mohammed bin salmon. senators didn't even get that briefing. >> inc. it would have been a more compelling briefing had has kel been able to speak to us. >> they got a briefing from the secretary of state, mike pompeo.
5:46 am
sayi saying, i do believe i've ready every piece of intelligence, unless it's come in the last few hours. i think i've read it all. senators furious this morning. we'll be tracking this because this is a major move against the trump administration by both republican and democratic senators. you can follow me on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thank you very much, scott. back to our storm coverage there. we want to go to meteorologist kari hall. we've seen that rain sprinkle across the bay area at times. it's continuing throughout the day. >> it will be off and on, coming in waves. at times we'll get breaks. as we get a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. let's get into this and track this storm as we're seeing some heavier downpours moving through northern sonoma county. this one has been producing some hail. i'm showing the purple colors there, showing where the hail has been falling and moving
5:47 am
through. this is northern sonoma county in cloverdale, we're seeing heavy downpours there right now. it's going to make 101 wet north of santa rosa. santa rosa not seeing rain now, but it's going to move in in the next few minutes. it's really starting to taper off there as well as san francisco and down the peninsula. as we get a closer look at what's happening right now, we are seeing some heavy rain that's just moving out of los altos and on 101. as we take off the storm layer, you can't see it's coming down. this is what you're seeing if you're watching other stations. their information is not as up to date and live as ours and also not as accurate. showing all these cells moving through producing heavy rain. one getting ready to move into sun sun sunnyvale within the next five
5:48 am
minutes. here's a look at the timeline. we're at 6:00 and it's going to once again be our break between the next wave of rain moving in. we start to see activity -- starting to ramp up for the 8:00 hour for the north bay as well as the south bay. also the peninsula. as we go throughout the morning, we'll see more waves of this and even the potential of a few thunderstorms with some heavy downpours possible throughout the 1:00 to 2:00 hour before we start to see things calming down. we wanted to check out the rain in the santa cruz mountains so we sent our forecaster vianey. >> reporter: we're seeing the rain has significantly calmed down and we've been here since 4:00 a.m. hour. even though it's want pouring,
5:49 am
it's still dark and possible for debris flowing. i wanted to show you what it looked like with the pouring rain last night with the gusty winds coming in. you can hear the sound of that rain coming down. you can just imagine those commuters as they were driving along highway 17, which is already known to be quite a dangerous area. i also want to show you what some of the additional rainfall totals look like within the next couple of hours. you can see santa cruz expecting a tenth of an inch. all the way through 2:15 you can see a little over half an inch in the santa cruz mountains. if i take you through -- all the way through 3:30 a.m., we're expecting an additional half inch to three-quarters of an inch. we're still not in the clear. still slow it down, please and
5:50 am
still chilly out here. back to you. we were expecting waves of heavy rain ko tom in as well as isolated thunderstorms. a wind advisory up to 4:00 and high waves. the burn scars will be under a flash flood watch. after the gusty winds and rain today, we take a break tomorrow. then will be a quick round of showers tomorrow morning. look at how cool it will be for the rest of the forecast. 30s inland and another round of rain tuesday into wednesday of next week. we'll be tracking all of that for you. mike, you've been tracking the spinouts and wet roads. >> we've had a lot of reports coming in but not a lot of major ones. that's the good news. here's the weather. the radar, the red sweep and the activity as kari is talking about easing off. as more cars hit the roads,
5:51 am
we'll see more activity on the radar. we'll see that combination as it plays out. slick conditions, many patches of slippery roads, spinouts and flooding reported overnight. no major closures for the freeway. that's the good news. we have this major slowing, westbound 84 coming off 880 through fremont and towards the dumbarton bridge, we have the backup blocking one lane. we have slowing onto the castro valley "y," slowest towards 238, a crash after the interchange, continues to block one lane. we'll see a little more flooding through walnut creek. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and a look towards the richmond/san rafael bridge, flooding, so be careful. the important step to protect property which consumer unit says almost no one in the state takes.
5:52 am
first, happening now, the search for victims continues in butte county. yesterday no new bodies were discovered. the death toll for the camp fire stands at 88. searchers have gone through 18,000 burn structures. the active search for remains concluded, but some residents will be allowed back to many burned out areas late next week.
5:53 am
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our team is fanned out across 5:54 right now. this morning we're on storm watch. our team fanned out across the bay area. kris sanchez just tweeted out of san jose where crews are clearing the trash and leaves from the storm drains. follow kris, her handl handle @krisnbc. this month's storpz are an important reminder to all of us about flooding, whether you own or rent. >> reporter: you're probably not covered for flooding. that's the bottom line here. everyday homeowners renter's insurance did not pay for flooding. you're required to have a special policy from the national insurance regulation run by f a fema. only 2% of californians has it.
5:56 am
we know there's a gap firsthand. out of 12,000 plus calls for help our responds team has gotten over two years, only five about flood insurance. mike a call to your flood insurance. unlike other insurance, you don't have to shop around because there's only one provider and that is fema. flood insurance is usually optional. even if you live in a flood plane. the good news is that it's usually cheaper than regular homeowners coverage. so, you don't have to budget quite as much money for a second layer. protection. if you have an insurance question or any other question, give us a call, 888-996-tips or online at new this morning, another big revelation in facebook's data privacy battle. according to internal e-mails seen by "the wall street
5:57 am
journal," facebook once weighed the idea of charging companies for continued access to user data. the e-mails which date back to 2012 reportedly show facebook pushing some advertisers to spend more in return for increased access to user information. marlboro maker altria in talks to take minority stake in juule lab. >> juule was last valued at $16 billion. according to "the wall street journal," any deal between the two companies is likely several weeks away, but would represent a major reordering of the cigarette industry. altria has seen its stock fall nearly 20% over the past year as it struggles with declines in traditional smokers. also new, apple has an update on the newest iphone. the tech giant saying the iphone xr has been the best selling model since it hit the market last month. this is apple's first official
5:58 am
comment on how the newest iphone sales are doing. it's come at a time when the company is struggling with slowing iphone demand. this morning tesla has a new milestone to celebrate. >> the owners have clocked in a ch whopping 1 billion miles with autopilot engaged. according to tesla, that's 10% total mileage driven by its electric car owners driven around the world. elon musk says their electric cars could have full self-driving features by next year. autopilot was first launched in 2015. in new york city, rockefeller christmas tree is twinkling this morning. the lights were turned on last night for the first time this season. we want to show you that live look. beautiful shot this morning. this year's 72-foot norway spruce known as shelby is the first to be donated by a same-sex or latina couple.
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, nbc bay area issuing a microclimate weather alert. we brought in extra help for our morning team to expand. our crews tracking the storm with the help of storm ranger. we have the most accurate and exclusive tools to show you where that rain is falling and it's falling everywhere. some of the biggest issues overnight flooded roads. this is what it looked like early this morning near los gatos. >> also all of those problems happening during that morning drive for you. we now know the wet weather impacts to your commute. mike has an update, looking at the problem spots for you this morning. good morning to you. thank you for starting your day with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we went on air at 4:00 to bring you the latest coverage.
6:00 am
mike is tracking the roads and kari you've been tracking that busy radar. >> it's busy. coming through in waves. if you haven't seen the rain yet, you'll see it at some point throughout the morning. a lot of the bay area not really seeing the activity. this is your chance to get out the door. let's head to the north bay where it's been pouring north of santa rosa. we've even been tracking some lightning in that area. we move down to the south bay where we're seeing the rain close in on downtown san jose. moving over santa clara with heavy downpours, also getting ready to move into milpitas. as we get a look outside, golden gate bridge, very slippery. here's a look at how much rain we've measured since yesterday. santa rosa over an inch of rain and san rafael, 1 1/2 inches. napa, three-quarters of an inch. boulder creek in the santa cruz mountains, 2 3/4 inches. oakland,


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