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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 29, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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mike is tracking the roads and kari you've been tracking that busy radar. >> it's busy. coming through in waves. if you haven't seen the rain yet, you'll see it at some point throughout the morning. a lot of the bay area not really seeing the activity. this is your chance to get out the door. let's head to the north bay where it's been pouring north of santa rosa. we've even been tracking some lightning in that area. we move down to the south bay where we're seeing the rain close in on downtown san jose. moving over santa clara with heavy downpours, also getting ready to move into milpitas. as we get a look outside, golden gate bridge, very slippery. here's a look at how much rain we've measured since yesterday. santa rosa over an inch of rain and san rafael, 1 1/2 inches. napa, three-quarters of an inch. boulder creek in the santa cruz mountains, 2 3/4 inches. oakland, 1 1/2 inches.
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dublin, quarter of an inch. san jose, you saw the flooding, that was from three-quarters of an inch of rain. morgan hill, a little over an inch of rain. we'll continue to monitor that and i'll track the timeline of what else to expect coming up. mike, even b.a.r.t. is reporting flooding. >> this is for the 19th street location. 20th street entrance has been closed because of flooding. they had an equipment problem as well. we're still in recovery mode as the last of the trains affected has to make it to the end of the run. we'll watch for the affects of the rain as the next wave will come through as a lot of commuters hit the roadway about 6:30. right now you see the calming up here, the radar, that's the blobs you see, the green, the yellow and the orange here. a little more rain through the santa cruz mountains. that red sweep, that storm ranger. kari continues to track that.
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the off-ramp could be a situation where spinouts are likely. be careful. 6:01 right now. thanks to kari and mike for that wide view of what's going on. now i want to take you straight to the ground where our reporters are. >> those reporters are spread out across the bay area. kris sanchez, we've seen that rain start and stop several times throughout your live report. >> reporter: i've been putting my hood on, taking the jacket off, putting it back on. city crews have been working not only with all the rain we got overnight, and it was heavy overnight, but this is also what they're working with here. piles and piles of leaves that came down with the rain. debris, trash, all of these things that can clog the storm drain and lead to the flooding. this was the scene on highway 9 in the area of austin way.
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you can see how wide the flooding goes or what's underneath. sometimes the roadways wash through. sometimes there are power lines down. this driver taking a chance, which is not a good idea. according to fema, only takes six inches of water to affect our car. all the southbound lanes were closed. we were at that locations last week and saw crews using a giant vacuum truck to clear out the drains. proof that flood prevention is a proof of the rainy season. i saw my neighbors out clearing the leaves from the gutters to make sure the storm drains were clear because it only takes one clogged storm drain to let that water pond on our local roadways. you still have time to do that and ahead of the next round of
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rain as well. we'll be tracking trouble spots. we'll show you a car that got stuck near the s.a.p. center where we are in san jose today. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. it seems like we always find people who try to drive through the floodwater. >> it's good it's coming off and on. we have the breaks in between, trying to clear the storm drains. we're seeing mostly a break as we track it on storm ranger. as we see some heavy downpours about to work its way onshore for parts of the north bay and moving into san francisco within the next few minutes. let's time it out for you as we go hour by hour, starting to see some cells moving into parts of marin county in san francisco at 7:00 this morning. just a couple of spotty showers here and there but we are going to see it increase in coverage, a little more activity as we go
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through so:00 to 11:00, especially for the south bay and the east bay. off and on rain. once again, a few of these may produce some very heavy downpours, even if it does move through just briefly. we may have some standing water and some gusty winds to go along that. we're also going to have a chance of some isolated thunderstorms throughout the next several hours. all of this starts to taper off later on tonight. then we'll get a break before we see some more rain moving through for the first part of the weekend. we have the next several hours with the heaviest rain coming through. an additional quarter to half an inch of rain possible over the next several hours. we'll be tracking this and also talk about sierra snow coming up in a few minutes. now want to take you live to contra costa county where we're getting reports of a lot of pooling water. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell in walnut creek this morning. how are things looking out there right now? >> we haven't seen the rain coming down in the past hour or
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so. those headlights heading southbound through walnut creek presumably through highway 24, 680 down to the south bay. you can see by the reflection on the roads that they are still wet. overnight, i'm talking before midnight until early, early this morning, we counted about a dozen incidents reported by chp of flooding and pooling on highway 680, highway 24 and 4. we have driven by some of those locations and those areas have subsided. we wouldn't be surprised if many of them if not all have subsided by now. this is video from an hour and a half ago, 580 to 680, dublin interchange. you can see how much the rain was coming down at those times. again, this was us minding our driving and trying to be careful because with these wet roads and this being the second commute of the new rainy season, a lot of
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people still have to remember, you have to slow down. if you don't believe me, listen to these two drivers right here. >> you have to slow down everything. >> how are the other drivers, though? >> drivers going pretty fast. i slow down myself. be safe, smart. you know, help everybody, you know. >> you got to slow down. there's too many idiots on the road. >> how bad is it out there? >> it's not bad. you get used to it after a while. i drive from sutter creek to the mountain every day. you get used to it. you have to leave a little early. that's all. and slow down. watch the idiots on the road. >> reporter: chp will also remind you that even if the posted speed limit is 65 miles an hour, that's the fastest you're allowed to go as conditions permit. if the roads are wet and slick, maybe you want to slow down, hitting it at 60 or 55 instead. as always, the officers will remind you, don't tailgate.
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watch the space between you and the driver in front of you. reporting live along southbound 680 in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. a live look in mill valley and all of that rain has been pouring down through the bay area, leaving a lot of the soil saturated. it's still too soon to know if that's what brought down this tree you see right there onto that truck. this happened around midnight. this is -- was on east blythedale east of 101. luckily no one was inside that truck at a time that tree fell on it. we're also tracking scattered power outages, mostly in the east bay. at one point 6,000 pg&e customers were in the dark overnight in san pablo and el cerrito area. we talked to pg&e overnight. a spokesperson said most crew
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stayed home last night so they would be ready to roll out if needed first thing this morning. right now it's 6:08. it's a pretty good time to get out the door if you have a short drive to work. this is a little break in the rain. we've been tracking live lightning outside the bay area. and then for the sierra, heavy snow coming down as you go above 4,000 feet. here at home we're looking at some waves of rain. mostly scattered activity that's been moving through the peninsula and parts of the south bay. this is a live look at squau creek where the temperature is now at freezing and the snow will be coming down with the potential for ski resorts to get between 20 to 23 inches. we'll talk about our temperature trend and another look at storm ranger coming up in a few minutes.
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>> we still have chain control for highway 680. kari showed you the purple. over here, the green blobs, that means the radar is still active and going to get more activity as cars hit the road. i removed that radar layer. we can add it or take it away. we'll show you the wet conditions around the area. no major problems for the freeway but we're looking at slowing recovering from 880 to the dumbarton toll plaza. some details were alarming at first but looks like they're okay. contra costa county, slowing that shows up through walnut creek and a number of spots for flooding, off 680. i will talk about the oakland b.a.r.t. station at 19th coming up. the bay bridge toll plaza has metering lights on. we have five crews in the
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field right now covering the storm. continued team coverage all morning long. next, a live report from santa cruz mountains. when nbc bay area detects dangerous weather towards your area. >> we're seeing it on storm ranger. >> we declare a microclimate weather alert and that means you'll get updates every 30 minutes on tv, and online. when storms hit, an nbc bay area microclimate weather alert keeps you prepared.
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right now at 6:13, we're tracking spotty, heavy rain in parts of the south bay. in downtown san jose, some heavy rain. not raining in santa clara. we'll see more activity throughout the morning, causing
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some wet roads. we'll have a chance of thunderstorms at so:00 in willow glen and still some off and on rain throughout the afternoon. we'll take a closer look at storm ranger, what you can expect before you step out the door in five minutes. even if it's not raining, it did rain leaving water on with slick roadways. we're seeing more folks hit the roads. i'll give you a check of transit as well. a very happy thursday to you. look at some of these numbers. the dow up more than 600 point. adobe up big, 7%. i can't explain this. there's no data to explain this but i can explain these numbers. the markets jumped as the head of the fed, jerome powell, used these two words -- just below. listen to him say it and we'll talk on the other side. >> interest rates are still low by historical standards and they remain just below the range of estimates of that level that would be neutral for the
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economy. that is neither speeding up nor slowing down growth. >> i know you're probably not blown away by that, but that's actually exciting. investors think he's indicating the fed is almost done raising interest rates. that's a hope. powell is not supposed to buckle under pressure from the president who wants him to quit raising rates but there is a hint here that the fed may be done or nearly done for now. we're still getting data on black friday. one report shows fewer people went shopping but they bought more stuff. is black friday the best time to buy? we're going to look at some of those prices. we've selected four products, potential gifts. we'll keep an eye on the prices all the way through the holiday season. you see them there on your screen, tracking their regular price, then their price on black friday and then the prices now. let's look at two of them this morning. we'll start with something for laura. diamond earrings, $9,000. do we have that to show you?
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very good. you see what's happening here. you can find them at tiffanies before for $9,000, on black friday for $9,000 and now $9,000. we can conclude they don't do black friday sales. but if you don't need earrings, this is the instapot duo 80, i can show you some prices. those went on sale. $139 before black friday. $69 on black friday. and about the same right now. this proves a couple of things. number one, you don't need to go to black friday, at least for this product. number two,ing lawy inlaura doe an instapot. i saw a shrug out of the corner of my eye. >> i think it's a perfect get. >> because i'll cook for you guys? >> we'll track more of these as the days go on. we have more froukproducts to l at. >> i'm appreciative of anything.
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>> thanks, scott. we're keeping an eye on the microclimate weather alert. widespread rain across the bay area. >> across san francisco and dublin, that rain spotty throughout the day. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking every moment of that. >> we're also getting a report right now of 2 1/2 hours delays for arrivals into sfo. >> i kept looking at this camera because i'm seeing some flashes of lightning there. and then when i look at storm ranger, the rain and lightning is just off the coast. it's getting ready to move closer to san francisco. let's get a look at that as we continue to track the waves of rain coming in. right now it's not raining. look at storm ranger and what we're picking up on as we move in motion. that's live lightning and we're starting to get quite a few lightning flashes there being detected, cloud-to-ground lightning moving closer to san francisco and marin county. once again, it's just off the coast there. we can even see it this morning
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as it approaches. as we get a closer look once again moving into the coast and parts of northern marin county and then we've also seen a lot of lightning in parts of the north bay and northern sonoma county, closer look at that one. we've also had small hail moving through healdsburg and also windsor, in that area. as we head over to the east bay, much lighter activity, very spotty. this is your chance to get to work this morning before some of that heavier rain moves in and then looking at storm ranger parked on san bruno mountain, that's the red scan. you're getting those live minute by minute updates as the heavy rain falling on the san mateo bridge. if you're watching some other stations, it wouldn't have this level of detail as it moves over to the hayward side. it it's moving to the east. as we bring it down to san jose, we're tracking the heavier rain that's been moving through. right now spotty and light activity for the south bay. as we go hour by hour, this rain
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is going to be moving fairly quickly. if it's pouring down raining, give it 30 to 40 minutes and it should start to lighten up. we'll see much more of this activity rolling in from the wave of heavy rain we're seeing just off the coast right now. and it will be moving through by 9:00 to 10:00, which of course this is a lot more busy as people get out there and start driving. at 10:30 we're seeing the heavier rain shift across the peninsula and over to the east bay and tri-valley. at 11:00 to 12:00, good idea to keep lunch inside because it's going to be raining off and on. and then starting to lighten up for the evening commute. we're looking at an additional quarter to half an inch of rain as we go into the next 24 hours. we've been tracking those conditions for your drive going to the summit. let's head over to your forecast
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with vianey. >> reporter: it's still pretty cold and a little breezy. that windchill definitely makes it feel colder out here. you can see the rain very light right now. kind of turn to drizzle which is great news for the commuters behind. they're not getting that pounding rain. it's fairly dark. we've got a nice light set up and it's still dark. that gives you an indication of what commuters face as they drive through highway 17. if i had my hair out in the wild, you wouldn't be able to see my face because it would be blowing all over the place. i want to give you unofficial 24-hour storm totals. i want you to keep in mind these are overnight. this is what we saw overnight. this does not include what we've seen so far. we can pop those up. i can review some numbers so far. some are pretty impressive. so far the 24-hour storm totals in san francisco, nearly is 1/4 inches. by now i'm sure we probably inched that number up.
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santa cruz, over an inch. these are overnight, unofficial rain toelgss. concord, over an inch. santa rosa nearly an inch by now. oakland, over an inch. the san jose airport area, nearly an inch there. we're still expecting more rain. i know that for a fact. i'll go ahead and send it back to you in the studio so you can give us timeline updates. >> we'll see this coming in in waves as we go throughout the day. now as we talked about it, there's a little break before the next round of heavy rain moves in. it will be windy and all drying out for friday. that's only temporary as we get quick moving storms. next week, highs in the low 50s. morning temperatures in the 30s and that's as more rain moves in. i'll be tracking all of that. mike will get you out the door with a few trouble spots. >> we've had to have the entrance to 19th street station to b.a.r.t. closed.
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if you're entering off 20th street, not today. we've also had a delay not weather-related on the tracks. sometimes it will slow the trains down when the wet weather comes in. another round coming in within the next hour. ferry system not reporting any delays. if it gets too windy, they may have to delay those but no delays reported for san francisco bay ferry. an easy drive around the bay. wet roadways and flooding just off 680. now a disabled vehicle around that walnut creek interchange. sounds like it out of the lanes. slowing down to the bay bridge where metering lights are on, of course. and 580 approaching 238, the earlier crash has cleared and it's very light. wetter conditions around the bay. we had a lot of slowing for the san mateo bridge. that's looking better. san jose sees the brunt of that rain over the last hour or so. light flowing northbound. back to you. thank you. we have much more ahead for you right here on "today in the bay." check out this video from pete
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suratos. this was on his drive into mill valley near tiburon and red highway. he'll have a live report coming up. you're watching "today in the bay." as you know...
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rain for us - means snow in the sierra. welcome back, everybody. 6:25. just this into our news room. we're hearing about power outages south of the san jose
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international airport. about 1,000 pg&e customers are out of power right now. they hope to have crews out there and hope to restore it by 9:00 this morning. >> definitely dealing with a lot of situations there, the rain here. and then there's also the snow in the sierra. >> that's the great news this morning. for the snowpack. this is a live look at i-80 at kingville. chains are required already. this is a road headed to the tahoe area. that's where we find mike. >> reporter: good morning. we are at cisco grove above the 5,000 elevation. we have the mix of snow and rain. we've seen snowflakes and also seen rain and also seen the mixture. if you look at this car right here, it means it's this wet, slushy heavy stuff. not powder. this is more the mixture of a lot of water content in the snow which means right now the start of the commute up over downer
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summit is a slick one. chain controls are in effect. they've been moving down as the morning has progressed. again, out there on the roadways, that means it's the very wet, slushy stuff, which makes it very slick. no real big issues on interstate 80. the truckers are behaving with the chains on. if you're driving up here any time today, even tomorrow try to get up here for the weekend, when chain cells are in effect it's a 30-mile-per-hour speed limit for everybody. not just the chains, even the four-wheel drives. you, too, have to take it slow. the whole idea is to avoid any spinouts or accidents that can turn interstate 80 into a mess in a hurry. for now, you can see, we are getting snow accumulation. it's not a whole lot just yet as we're right in that rain/snow mixture right now here in the sierra. at cisco grove. back to you. >> have to get some perspective.
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next up, we'll get kari's latest timing on the rain and how much we'll see. plus, continued team coverage from the south bay, east bay, north bay and the mountains. the latest conditions from our crews on the ground. 6:28 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align
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♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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tracking the storm. you )re looking live at the rain... nbc bay right now at 6:30, tracking the storm.
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we have a live look at the rain this morning. take a look at the radar. nbc bay area storm ranger scanning actively to give you the most accurate view of the rainfall. >> among those issues we're seeing already saturated soil. just look at this big tree which came crashing down onto that truck overnight. this is in the north bay. >> in the south bay, caltrans crews hard at work, trying to clear flooded lanes off the highway 17 off-ramp in campbell. rain keeping crews very busy overnight. power outages to report, too. thanks for joining us early this morning. we actually went on at 4:00 a.m. to get you ready for your morning commute. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. our nbc bay area storm ranger working very hard, tracking that storm for us. let's get straight to meteorologist kari hall who has been tracking every movement of the storm. >> we've seen it coming in waves, heavy downpours across the bay area. even as we look at it in motion on storm ranger, it looks like
6:32 am
spokes in a pinwheel where we see waves of rain coming in. there's just another offshore getting ready to move into parts of marin county and will be approaching san francisco here within the next few minutes. as we get a closer look and put it live, we can see storm ranger tracking some live lightning as well. that's what these icons here indicate with some lightning being detected from cloud-to-ground in northern sonoma county and another one approaching the point reyes area. highway 101 anywhere north of cloverdale and south of ukiah is soaked at this point after very heavy rain continues to move through. we're looking at point reyes with three lightning strikes. as we move over towards the east bay, it's been a lot more spotty here. we had such a busy start to the morning. now things are starting to calm down there, so if you're getting ready to head out the door, it's
6:33 am
the best time to get out the door as well. and san mateo getting in on some very heavy rain. this will end after next 20 to 30 minutes or so. as we get a closer look to 80, 101, it will be wet as we get the bright reds and yellows indicating some intense downpours. for the south bay, it's been spotty. hit or miss activity moving closer to san mateo. willow glen, you have a few more minutes before the rain starts to pour again. we'll talk about what to expect throughout the day. mike, drivers are really having to deal with all this heavy rain. >> fortunately we have fewer drivers as we approach december and the end of the year but they're kicking in for the volume right now. we just saw rain across the san mateo bridge. up until a few seconds ago, it was covered with droplets. this is what you'll encounter. more folks on the roadway as that rain travels through. there is that radar showing you
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from the peninsula side, ready to hit the san mateo bridge again and the south bay. we had already some rain and definitely some issues for flooding along the peninsula and over in walnut creek as well. as we take away the radar, we're showing you green and blue. earlier crash at 17 at the summit has cleared. that was one vehicle involved. usually that's a spinout and wet weather. we're tracking that. slowing northbound 101 through morgan hill. even though there's lighter volume of traffic, lower the speeds to be safe. mike and kari has given up wide views from the maps and radars but now we want to take you to the ground. >> let's start out with "today in the bay's" pete suratos in marin county. i'm sure insurance adjusters will be pretty busy where you are in mill valley. >> good morning to you. we're still here where that tree
6:35 am
came down on a car. we've been showing it to you all day long. you see where that tree snapped in the area. accord willing to marin county sheriff's department they say it happened around 12:00 a.m. no one was inside that car so thankfully no one was hurt. we haven't confirmed this is a result of the saturated soil in the area but that's typically the cause when you see this activity happening. the combination of the saturated oil and winds lead to trees coming down. when we see the storms coming through the bay area. i want to show you some video that was tweeted out a couple hours ago. this was outside of their offices. you see the rain coming down before 4:00 a.m. i showed viewers video earlier and you saw a good amount of rain coming down in the north bay. we have seen those winds pick up throughout the past few hours since we've been on the scene in
6:36 am
mill valley. you see where that tree snapped. no one was inside that car. we'll keep an eye on things. we're live in mill valley, pete suratos for "today in the bay." 6:36. let's head to the south bay with one example of why we need to be careful out on the roads. >> reporter: we had a car stuck under this underpass and we had people say on twitter, isn't that where people get stuff? it's a low lying underpass at stockton and alameda. the roadway is clear after the giant vacuum trucks cleared the drains. the driver just didn't realize how deep that water was and tried to drive through. the driver got stuck with water
6:37 am
up to the windows and called for help. san jose rescued that driver. a reminder here, folks, it only takes six inches to reach the bottom of those passenger cars. that's when you stall or lose control. a foot of water will make most cars float. it's no wonder we're seeing so much flooding in the south bay because this is how hard the rain was coming down in campbell. the south bay often sees the rain shadow effect where we miss the bulk of the heaviest rain but that wasn't the case this time. and we know that there is flooding all around the bay area. 6 inches of rain to move your car up to the bottom of your doorjamb. that's not a lot if you're passing through a low lying area like this one. a lot of storm drains with a lot of leaves. do be aware of that and make sure you sweep out the ones near your home if you don't want a flood where you live. we'll break down and head over to the area where the power is out. we've been reporting this
6:38 am
morning, we'll head over and see what's going on and make sure you know what you need to know this morning. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> the thanks, kris. we're not only covering the storm this morning but breaking news into our news room. the associated press reporting president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen is reaching a new plea deal with special counsel robert mueller. cohen making a special appearance in federal court in new york. in fact, right now. is expected to plead guilty for allegedly lying to congress about a real estate project in russia connected to president trump. this is very late breaking news. scott mcgrew is also in our news room following details. we'll join him with an update as soon as we learn anything new. we're watching that, but locally this is a big deal. the weather, lighter traffic volume. you see the bay bridge toll
6:39 am
plaza, metering lights on, slick roadways. another round coming in. look at this wind. it is windy in the area. be careful out there as well. that could be an issue coming across the bay bridge, richmond to san rafael bridge. you notice contra costa county and all these centers. as we zoom out, we see the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. those sensors are not showing a big issue. the volume just starting to build as we approach the end of the year. yeah, we're talking about that. we do see lighter traffic flow. now put kari's radar data up there because that's the story of the day. >> you see that rain just throughout the bay area. we're going to see that probably over the weekend as well. >> you see there's a flash of lightning there back behind us. so, we're seeing some rain that's approaching san francisco that has been producing live lightning. we can see it on storm ranger. that's our mobile doppler radar and the icon showing you the
6:40 am
rain and sierra snow. we'll be seeing that and then tapering off. another round as rain moves in saturday, moving from the coastal areas to the inland valleys during those early hours. it's going to be cool. for sunday we're all sunny, looking at highs reaching into the mid-50s as you make plans. if you're going to the stanford/cal game that was postponed because of smoke, this time we're looking at nice weather but there will be the slight chance of rain around kickoff or shortly before that. and then the rest of the game is looking good. the field may be a little wet. it's still snowing very heavily. tomorrow's the break, so the road crews will have time to clear that out. and then some more light snow in the forecast on saturday for heavenly. in the tri-valley if you're keeping it a little close to home, you'll see highs in the upper 50s tomorrow. only 55. once again, that chance of rain will be for the morning hours
6:41 am
and then by sunday we're looking at more sunshine. heading out of town, you've got clear weather throughout the weekend in l.a., they won't see the rain and highs in the lower 60s. we'll take another look at storm ranger and also track those showers moving through. it's coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to that, kari. next, more from mike and kari as people try to plan their day. before you head out the door, remember you can always take us with you. you download our free nbc bay area app. it's great. you'll get breaking weather alerts straight to your phone. and get the specific track of the rain wherever you live and work. >> taking a look at the big board this morning, right there, the dow is down 30 points there. stocks actually opened slightly lower as investors take a breather following that massive rally and a previous session on comments from top breaking federal reserve officials. it's 6:41 and you're watching "today in the bay." man's world?
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maybe for the men. lash volume that speaks volumes. lash blast mascara from covergirl 1 lash blast sold every 2.3 seconds
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right now it's 6:44. now is a good time to try to get out the door and head to work, especially if you're in the east bay. south bay, we have a line of heavy rain moving into the north bay and approaching san francisco. for the south bay, the rain has been more spotty. looking at san jose, a very heavy downpour coming down on 87 at this point. a live look outside at so101 in san jose. we're looking at a chance of thunderstorms in the 9:00 hour. i'll be tracking that and what
6:45 am
else to expect the rest of the day coming up in less than five minutes. as that rain falls on the lens for 101 in san jose, the active rain is a problem and so are the slick roads it leaves behind. we're tracking flooding, trees down and a new update on conditions in the peninsula. breaking news this morning in the russia investigation. we have reporters outside of court in new york city where the president of the united states' former lawyer, michael cohen, has made a surprise appearance. the associated press says he's pleading guilty to lying to congress about president trump's business dealings in russia. nbc has not independently confirmed that. but this comes after hours upon hours of private testimony before the special counsel giving robert mueller insight into some of the most private moments inside the white house and the campaign before it. now, cohen has pleaded guilty
6:46 am
before to violating election laws, but this is bigger because this is a charge from the special counsel. we are monitoring the latest. if we get more information before the end of this newscast, we'll bring it to you. the "today" show will have more and the latest at we're still waiting for word on what's happening with the president's former campaign manager. remember, he's also pleaded guilty but the special counsel now says paul manafort is not cooperating and should get a longer jail sentence. we don't know why manafort isn't cooperating. he said he would. but the suspicion is he's angling for a pardon. president trump did an interview with "the new york post" and he was asked about a tweet that he retweeted that said, now that russian collusion is a proven lie, when do trials for treason begin? one of the pictures is rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney
6:47 am
general of the united states. "the post" reporter asked, why is this okay, accusing the deputy attorney general of treason? president trump didn't explain it but said rosenstein should have never picked the special counsel. the president would retweet a picture for the jailing of a man in charge of investigating him and not giving a reason should give everyone a pause. a lot to track today. we will be watching all of it and i will be on twitter tweeting it. you can find me @scottmcgrew. jumping back to our microclimate coverage, the big storm passing through the bay area right now. i guess it depends on where you are. could be spotty showers and then you could be inundated. >> it will be like that all day long. kind of off and on, especially this morning. we're seeing the brunt of this storm moving through in waves. a lot of us are taking a break now. we can see that very clearly with storm ranger parked on san bruno mountain.
6:48 am
as we get a closer look and go around the bay area, we can see a lot of bright reds and yellows indicating rain coming down at an inch an hour. we're seeing some thunderstorms developing and some lightning rolling in along the coast in marin county and around point reyes, a live lightning strike being detected by storm ranger. also as it moves closer to mill valley, we will see that moving off towards the east in the next few minutes. we're even seeing the lightning in san francisco and probably hearing rumbles of thunder as it's not that far away and rain is closing in on ocean beach and parts of san francisco moving off to the east. also moving into pacifica and up and down the coast. as we move down to the south bay, the rain has been a lot more spotty, but still a very heavy downpour coming down from morgan hill and then up 101. you've seen the rain off and on. if you're driving on those
6:49 am
roadways, it may be light and then suddenly that rain gets really heavy. and then we're tracking it hour by hour. here we are at 8:00. we're seeing very heavy rain moving through solano county and parts of the peninsula and also the east bay. it will be moving into the south b bay. at about 9:00 into the tri-valley with waves of heavy downpours that could produce lightning and make visibility very poor. throughout the day, it's coming in waves. it will be off and on. if you wait about 30 to 40 minutes, the rain may back off if it's raining heavily at that time. at 4:00, the evening commute is so much better as the rain will be lighter and not as widespread as we're seeing this morning. expect the rain in waves and a few isolated thunderstorms. there's also wind advisory in effect. and for the coast those waves may reach up to 25 feet. for our burn scars, especially for the mendocino complex and camp fire, there's a flood watch
6:50 am
in effect. we also wanted to see how things are going in the santa cruz mountain, so we sent vianey with a look at how cars are making it on 17. how is it looking? >> reporter: it's moving along. now that we're starting to get the sunrise, not much in the way of sun because it's so cloudy. the visibility is improving since the rain stopped. we got periods of light rain. so far we've seen the rain really calm down. the winds are still breezy but i want to show you what it looked like overnight. video of just how dangerous highway 17 can get in the santa cruz mountains. if you can roll on that, you can see the winds definitely make it even more difficult because it blows that rain side ways, smacking your windshield. another thing you need to keep in mind, we're still expecting rain, as kari has been mentioning. i want to give you a quick run-through of what we're still expecting through the 7:00 a.m. we could still see less than a tebt of an inch in some areas.
6:51 am
if i take that through 3:15 a.m. tomorrow morning, we are expecting an additional half an inch to three hif-quarters of a inch of rain. wildlife, our photographer saw deer creeping through. slow it down, folks. >> you saw some reindeer? all right. here's a look at our forecast. seven-day forecast showing gusty winds and rain. another quick round of showers moving through on saturday. sunday and monday is looking dry. morning temperatures in the 30s, highs in the low 50s and some more rain on the way. mike, you've been tracking the impact on this to your commute. >> this just in from our friend engineer mike who comes in from the coast in pacifica. you said you're spot on, kari. he's getting blown around.
6:52 am
bringing in amber waves of rain. is that a song? no, that's a misunderstanding of a song. as we take away the radar level, we still see oranges and reds creeping into the south bay. the commute is kicking in. as the rain comes in in this direction, the commute builds right here. this will mean slower drives for the next hour coming up into hayward and san mateo, both sides of the bay and silicon valley. over here we've seen a pretty smooth drive despite a number of reports for flooding. first coming through walnut creek and concord. that's starting to ease up. in towards san francisco. those flooding reports haven't closed any freeways. mostly the surface streets. watch for standing water. over in oakland we had another issue. flooding reported at the 19th street station. your 20th street entrance had been closed because of flooding. those trains are now getting back on schedule. no impact to the ferry.
6:53 am
higher winds can often create delays or changes to the schedule but none reported right now. towards the richmond side of the richmond/san rafael bridge, chp says it's calmer but we'll keep it in mind as the system comes through. 6:53. happening now, the search for victims continues in butte county. yesterday no new bodies were recovered. the death toll for the camp fire now stands at 88. searchers have now gone through 18,000 burn structures. the active search remains -- for remains has concluded. some residents will be allowed to some of the burn areas early next week. here next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including toppled trees, damage and that is not all. strong winds really hammering the bay area this morning and it's not over yet. we have live team coverage across our viewing area. plus, a reminder for all of us. we'll show you how to avoid this driver's bad luck as you hit the roads this morning. and new reaction coming from
6:54 am
people who have to contend with mother nature overnight. it is 6:53. back in two minutes.
6:55 am
here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
6:56 am
before you head out the door, the rain is the top story this and good morning. welcome back before you head out the door. it's 6:56. that rain, our top story this morning. we have been actually on since 4:00 this morning to get you ready for that commute. >> let's start out with a look at nbc bay area storm ranger.
6:57 am
this is a big look at where that rain is falling. another wave of rain is approaching as well. and it certainly impacted our crews overnight. >> a live look in mill valley and all of that rain leaving some soiled saturation there but it's still too soon to know if that's what brought down a tree right onto that truck right there. this happened around midnight on east blythedale, west of 101. no one was inside the truck at the time. to the south bay, look what happened at the alameda in san jose. a driver didn't realize how deep that water was and tried to drive through. the person got stuck in the water, up to the windows. they called for help. fire crews had to come in and rescue that driver. all of this was due to a clogged drain. it's now been fixed. the lesson here, obviously, turn around, down drown. in the meantime, in contra costa county, a live look in
6:58 am
walnut creek this morning, where the showers there have been on and off. you can see how spotty it is in some spots. certainly you want to slow down before you head out the door. our crews are still on the highway taking a look at what you'll experience on some of them. the roads still wet. this is the drive in for one of our reporters this morning. a lot of people say they're taking precautions. >> driving slower, trying to watch out for the other people. >> how is it out there? >> well, as early as i leave, it's not too bad. but it gets crazy because i drive around all day. people just don't seem to slow down in the rain. >> that's why the chp is advising to take it slow as you head out the door. if you're heading to the sierra any time soon, plan to drive, make sure you bring those chains. here's a live look along interstate 80 near kingvale. chains required from this point eastward. be sure -- look at this. yeah, the skiers and
6:59 am
snowboarders, pretty pumped about all of that snow you see right there. this is video from last night when the die-hards hit the slopes when the first flurries were falling. at the highest elevations, there could be 5 feet of new snow in parts of the sierra by sunday. this is a good thing for the skiers. but we'll see the continued rain in the bay area. >> we'll see waves of rain throughout the day and thunderstorms throughout the next several hours. we're tracking it with storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar as we get a look at a cell moving through marin county that could bring in small hail for san rafael and marin. watching that. where you can see the purple, that's where we're tracking the hail moving through and live lightning on storm ranger. we'll see more waves of this. more updates coming up. the next wave of rain is a concern for commuters. >> i'll show the map with kari's radar. it's coming from the left side, off the coast towards highway 101, 280, through san mateo.
7:00 am
i clear the radar activity, which means more spots where traffic is on the san mateo bridge. the south bay, we'll get more crowded as the rain comes in. >> and more power outages in the south bay as well. next local update coming up in half an hour. ♪ good morning. coast to coast threat. a massive storm system set to sweep across the country. evacuations ordered in fire ravaged california overnight. the midwest bracing for blizzard-like conditions. severe weather expected from the from the south to the northeast. ns of millions in its path and al is tracking it all. not off the table. president trump signaturing he could pardon his former campaign chairman paul manafort as we learn more about how the president answered some tough questions from the special council. we're live it at the white house. paying the price.


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