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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 29, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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a homicide investigation in a san jose neighborhood. breaking right now at 11 -- a homicide investigation in a san jose neighborhood. breaking right now at 11:00. a homicide investigation into a san joseph neighborhood. streets are shut down. a live report from the scene in just minutes. >> but, first, nbc bay area still has that microclimate weather alert in effect. the rain coming in waves across the bay area. a live look now at our radar. good morning and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. >> we started our coverage at 4:00 a.m. on "today in the bay." what's the latest, kari? >>y with ear seeing waves of the
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storm coming through. it's been off. it's been on, but when it's on, it's really dumping down and that's what we're seeing in parts of the bay area. as we get a closer look at the north bay, we're not seeing the rain in santa rosa, but you move east of there, and it's bright red on the radar indicating heavy rain. in petaluma scattered showers, and as we go down to san francisco we did have a break in the downpours and now it's coming back down again, and so we're going to see this moving across the city over the next few minutes. overall this rain has been moving fairly quickly, and so as you get the rain but give it about 20 or 30 minutes and it moves on, and it gives it time to soak down into the ground, and then as we look at sunnyvale we have some of the heavy rain moving through there, moving through santa clara, and now approaching san jose once again. as we get a look at how these storms are moving, being drawn in from the pacific and more energy where that came from, at least in the near term we've seen the thunderstorm activity tapering down, but we will still have that chance as we go
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throughout the rest of the day. as we take it hour by hour, still a lot of activity here, but once again some breaks in between and some gusty winds when the storms do move through. as we go into the evening commute, a lot of the energy will be focused for the east bay and the south bay, but rest of the bay area may see some breaks and maybe even some rainbows in between. we'll be tracking this. also talking about how much rain we've measured so far and how much additional rain we could see. that's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari. we'll take a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger. you can see the roads there with the water just ponding there. causing trouble for some drivers and this morning as well. you can see right here new video showing that rain falling in san jose this morning. can you even hear those drops as they hit the ground or even the camera there. now drivers have had their
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windshield wipers working overtime today. our crews were even out there. they spotted one man out there dealing with the rain the best way we knew how and those drivers are trying to make the best of the current situation. >> we hope you took it slow this morning. this is what it probably looked like on your morning commute. we're joined live from so 1. steve, how is it looking out there right now? you don't have your hood on at least. >> reporter: good morning to you, lauren and marcus, indicated by not having a hood. however, the roadways are slick and the freeways are slick and behind me you see here on 101 and seminary area in mill valley, you've still got a split freeway as these drivers make their way down the 101 corridor. a chance to speak to chp by phone and by midnight there were a dozen car crashes, weather-related car crashes from the golden gate bridge to sonoma
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county. that biggest downpour came just before the "today in the bay" show at 4:00 a.m. and then again at 7:00 a.m. you're seeing the video where we were at the whole food market in mill valley. had a chance to speak to a few drivers about how the rain affected their morning commute. >> i came from novato, and so i woke up to thunder and lightning and wind and rain, so getting on the highway was -- it took forever, and then the highway was slow, but actually the highway wasn't terrible. >> it wasn't bad at all. luckily it let up right when the kids needed to go to school because it was pretty bad this morning. >> i guess one of the things i do i always make sure there's gas in the car if it's going to be raining so i don't have to do it in the morning before school, but, no, just making sure the kids are ready with their rain gear and getting out of the house as smoothly as possible. >> reporter: she made sure her son had his rain geerks and they were all prepared this morning.
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a lot of crashes happened after the rain and people don't need to slow down because the rain has let up. of course, you want to drive slow and be aware of the road, even when the rain is not happening, as we're seeing you right now. take you back out here live to the 101 corridor, and as i mentioned you want to still slow down. a reminder that those roads are still slick so you want to drive cautiously even when it's not raining. live here off the 101 here in mill valley, peter suratos, nbc bay area news. >> come in and dry off, pete. thank you. the roads are covered with water across the bay area. >> mike inouye has been tracking the highways all morning long for us. >> had the roadway and flooding on surface streets. that was a big problem, but even mass transit had delays. had one of the instances at the oakland 19th street station and had systemwide delays over the last hour. they have been ordered creeping around because of the wet weather. they have to slow the trains and make sure the brakes work really well. no problems reported for the
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ferry system and high winds will sometimes cause those delays. i put the radar back on to the traffic map and you can see all the active radar,on, and yellow where there's still more active rain. you peel that away and still have our traffic data. the green and blue, wet and pud lipping and ponding. the roadways are slick all over the play. getting to the bay bridge, it's drive. check out the waves as well. reports in morgan hill of flooding on the roadway near cochran and 101. we'll get you back out to some live looks. the bay bridge still has a backup and look at the flags blowing. wind advisories across the bridge as well. be careful, guys. back to you. >> thanks very much. new video to show you. check this out. a viewer sent this to us from santa rosa. it's inside her gym. look at all the water coming down. oh, a big bucket and need a mop to clean that up. what a mess. >> and we're also tracking the
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scattered power outages across the bay area, mostly in the south bay. at one point this morning nearly 800 customers were in the dark. many of those impacted are in san jose. now, in the east bay, nearly 500 were in the dark. utility crews are working to restore power there now. we spotted them working to make those repairs in san jose this morning. a pg&e spokesperson said most crews stayed home last night and just so that they could be ready to roll out this morning. >> and it's not just issues on the road. a live look now at sfo where some of those flights are being cancelled. we've learned so far this morning 20 arriving and 20 departing flights have been affected. the faa is implementing a ground stop for all planes flying from the los angeles area to san jose international. this is due to the weather here. now, if you're planning to catch a flight today in the bay area, be sure to check ahead before you leave for the airport. and we're bringing you breaking news right now. nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene of a roof collapse.
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this is at 24th and peralta. you can actually see how the roof caved in. we ear getting reports of lots of roofs leaking and what not because of all the rain, the pounding rain throughout the day, but we're keeping tabs of what is going on. trying to locate what this building is that we're looking at, 24th and peralta. at this point we don't know of any injuries. it could have possibly been abandoned. we don't know. >> look at that big hole. >> yeah, they are using that. we want to take a look at the radar right now. any time you want our nbc bay area app, you can actually see this radar. can you download it and see storm ranger working whenever you are out and this is all free for you, download it at our nbc bay area app for you. >> such a busy morning with all the rain, but there's breaking news that we're covering in the south bay as well. san jose police covering a homicide at one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. >> investigators have been on
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the scene of ayers avenue and lost court and san pedro before noon. we've got more now live from the scene. what do you know about this? >> reporter: i can tell you that the crime scene unit is out here on the scene. you can see back interest it's the big blue van. it's quite the stark contrast to the charming and quaint home that you see there in the distance. that white house with the tall peak. that's the home where they are doing this homicide investigation. what we know at this point is that at least one person was killed in that white home with the peaked roof. investigators have been out here for going on to two hours now. in that time neighbors have stopped by to ask what is is happening and look at how shocked they are to see the crime scene in this neighborhood. this is one of san jose's oldest neighborhoods, and, in fact, it's the neighborhood where former san jose mayor tom mchenry worked. none wanted to speak on camera
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before knowing who the victims or victim might be. san jose police have been out here for two hours. they have not given us a lot of details, but they have been coming and going from that home taking pictures of the crime scene. at this point we assume there's no suspect at large, because if there was, they would tell us a description so that we could help to key you safe out there. when they don't do that, we have to assume they know who they are looking for or more details they are not releasing at this point but will keep asking. in san jose, chrkris sanchez, n bay area news. >> president trump will not pete with vladimir putin at the g-20 summit after all. >> scott mcgrew, that's not the biggest news out of washington in morning. >> reporter: no, it isn't, not by a long shot. the big story michael cohen pleading guilty that he led lied to the senate about trump's business dealings with the russians. cohen says he did not tell the truth when he said trump had
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stepped away from a hotel deal in moscow when he started running for president. in fact, the special counsel and michael cohen agree trump kept working towards that deal even after the iowa caucuses in 2016. now the president is named in the court documents as individual one, but it's clear it's the president. but be clear, he's not in legal trouble for trying to make had a hotel deal, something he pointed out repeatedly while talking to reporters on the south lawn this morning. >> there would be nothing wrong if i did do it. i was running my business while i was campaigning. there was a good chance that i wouldn't have won in which case i would have gotten back into the business, and why should i lose lots of opportunity? >> reporter: now, here's where the president could get into legal trouble with the whole cohen affair. remember, just days ago president trump submitted written answers to the special counsel's questions about russia. one of the questions was what communication did you have with
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miek michael cohen and foreign nationals about russian real estate development. >> reporter: maybe he was straightforward and said we had lots of conversations about russian real estate during the campaign but he may have said no, they didn't have any. he said that on the campaign trail. if he said that, he may have gotten himself caught in a lie. we don't know. either way, president trump had no idea his former lawyer was going to admit they talked about it until it was too late and he had already sent the answers. marcus? >> all right, scott. well, coming up, we're watching the skies and that storm hitting the bay area. a look now live at the radar, and you can see the storm passing through the bay area just lingering over many spots. kari will have a full look at the forecast come up next. >> and rain here in the bay area means snow in the sierras. the warning you need to hear before you head out.
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ear weather coverage.
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a live look at the radar along with san francisc
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back to the big news of the day, the microclimate live weather coverage. a look at san francisco and richmond this morning. very soggy morning, and can you so with all the green on the radar, not a lot of relief in sight for the moment. in the meantime, santa cruz mountains getting hit hard by the storm. these are photos from ben loman of tree damage. the grounds get saturated and the limbs get he have and off they come, hopefully not into roof tops or fences that can come toppling down as well. >> the cause of a lot of that, the rain that we've been seeing throughout the area, kari. it's coming off and on but steady. >> reporter: it's been with us for at least 12 hours now and we've been tracking more as we're moving in as we get a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, and it's been very hit or miss. we're seeing it in parts of
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sonoma and napa counties right now with the bright reds and yellows that we're seeing being picked up on our radar as we scan around the bay area. san francisco now not seeing the rain, but look at how it's moving across the bay bridge into oakland and also the richmond area, and then we look at the rest of contra costa county and alameda county where the rain continues along highway 4 and then over towards the bay. also, for parts of the tri-valley as well. as we move down to the south bay, san jose, we've seen some light showers. it's about to get heavier as this wave moves in from the santa clara area and from los gatos up to sunnyvale. really intense rain. a closer look, a lot of reds there from just north of san jose over to milipitas, and then we'll be moving over towards the alan rock area here soon. we go down to the south county where morgan hill and san martin are seeing the rain just moving to the east of 101 where it was
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just pouring. as we take off our storm layer radar you can see what the radars are showing, the regular radar, and it's not as detail and our scan gives you an up to the second look at that's happening and what's falling from the sky. as we look at the region, it's really coming down. even for the central valley and then extending towards the sierra where the snow still continues at this hour. taking you into the afternoon going hour by hour, we'll still see waves of rain moving in, but other areas are just going to see partly cloudy skies, and that's also where we've gotten some pictures of rainbows and things where we're seeing the rain moving on, and i think we'll see a lot more of that into the early afternoon, but the activity really starts to diminish in time for the evening commute and then shortly after sunset our rain starts to taper off. as we go into tonight though, looking at some much more quiet weather, and our additional rain fall totals will continue to
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rise in the bay area. santa rosa has had an inch and a half. napa is almost an inch of rain. san rafael over an inch and a half there, and san francisco, 1.3. pretty good there. walnut creek, 1.33. boulder creek and seneca mountains, over 3 inches of rain there, while san jose has had about a three-quarters of an inch, and we'll continue to at all to up the rainfall totals and talk about what else is ahead in the forecast that's coming up in just a few minutes. laura an marcus. >> all right. thanks, kari. >> let's take you out live to contra costa county where we're getting a lot of reports about pooling water. bob, rain some coming down where you are right now though? >> reporter: not a big surprise given how much rain we've seen, marcus and laura. we're along 680 here in san ramon. you can see the water that we're talking about that's pooled in the roadway.
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it was much worse earlier. definitely 15 minutes ago when we were getting pounded on. take a look at this video that we shot early this morning to give you a sense of the kind of waves of rain that we've been seeing here in contra costa county. this is video from walnut creek. we did check with chp with their computer system and surprisingly here along the 670 corridor through the morning commute. we've not seen much in the way of car accidents. it's been basically flooded roads. a lot of pooling and large puddle and debris in the roadways which has led to dangerous driving conditions and complaints from drivers. >> what are the roads out there? >> they are really bad, man. >> what are you noticeing? >> people driving crazy. >> people not slowing down, not enough distance between cars. it's not good. >> it was actually really bad a few minutes ago because there was an accident back in there, and the whole traffic was stopped. hopefully now everything gets bet sneer what about you?
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are you changing your driving habits when it rains? >> i try not to, but everyone around me is going slow, so i have to. i have to go slow. >> reporter: not only do you have to go slow, it's probably not a bad idea to go slow. you talk to anyone who has been in a car accident, talk to a chp accident, and the posted speed limit, let's say it's 65 miles per hour, that's maximum speed as xns permit. if conditions are wet and slick like they are now, you might want to go a little bit slower and also to remember that chp will tell you this, don't tailgate. reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> take it easy out there. >> storm there bringing a lot of snow to the local mountains there. that's great news for ski resorts and ski lovers. >> a live look at interstate 80 near keenedale. we know that this change required from areas east. traffic is stopped at that
11:21 am
location. at the highest elevations there could be five feet of new snow in parts of the sierra by sunday. mike tecell from our affiliate station took a trip up to sierra. >> reporter: this is just under the 7,000-foot elevation level, and you can see the amount of snow that's fallen here up on the tree branches and down here on ground level, this the snowplow bummer, this a significant amount of snow piled up right here by the snowplows. for drivers, well, that has meant a little bit of a headache out there. chain controls are in effect. truck drivers here trying to turn around. now, they are stalled here, and you can see how this snow has been picked up. waves, snow, and been seeing the rain/snow picks tour and as close as you get to 7,000 feet, the more snow versus rain you see, but it is still very wet snow. let me show you how wet we're talking about. you just come right over here to where you can kind of see the melted areas, and this will show
11:22 am
you how much water content is in that snow. look alternate. this is what the state needs for its water supply. not the best for powder skiers, but this is, as they say, a great way to build a base, a good water content that can freeze up there at the higher elevations and the snow, they can put that on top of there. that's what the ski resorts were hoping for going into the all important december and christmas and new year's time period. back to you. >> good for the economy up there. thanks, mike. come up here, driving at night. the illuminating study about your car's headlights. >> first happening now, an investigation is underway after a transit bus crashed in massachusetts. at least one person had to be airlifted by helicopter to a local hospital. we'll be back after the break for a lot more local news. stick around. our team is fanned
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the bay area. this morning we're on storm watch. our team fanned out across the bay area. this video is of rain captured a couple of hours ago in the santa cruz mountains. troubling findings on tests of the effectiveness of head lice and one all drivers need
11:26 am
to -- headlights and one all drivers need to know about. all two got the highest rating of good. >> though there's been some improvement, nearly half of the vehicles rated still earned marginal or a poor rating. >> across the country half of all car crash fatalities occur at night and 25% happen on unlit roads. now the insurance institute for highway safety is revisiting what it says is a big source of the problem, headlights. >> about half of the models that we tested don't have adequate headlights that provide enough visibility for the driver. >> according to the report, the difference between good and poor rated headlights could mean life or death. at 65 miles an hour, good headlights show these pedestrians at 140 feet and these deer at 220 feet n.contrast with poor headlights, you'd have to be driving 40 miles an hour to have enough time to avoid a crash, but
11:27 am
safety is not standard. good rated headlights are not required by law, and they are often only available when bundled into larger packages that can raise prices by thousand of dollars. >> consumers shouldn't have to pay extra for a good rated head light. it should be a standard feature for all features. >> reporter: of all the headlights tested, 67% earned a marginal or poor rating, and only the genesis g90 and lexus are rated with good headlights across all models, toyota offers the most vehicles with either good or acceptable head light ratings and popular vehicles like the new in order f150 and chevy silverado offer poor rated headlights. chevy declined the nbc news request for comment and ford has yet to coming. >> the rain isn't other just yet for people in the bay area.
11:28 am
a look at when we'll get a chance to dry out and for how long next.
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new video of a oakland roof collapse. peralta and 24th. welcome back. take a look at this new video that we have of this oakland roof collapse on peralta and 24th. it's a warehouse. the roof collapsed and all of the rain that we've been getting over the past few days. no word if anyone was inside at the warehouse at the time or even if the warehouse is in use, but certainly more rain will be cautioned as rain continues to fall. >> a look at the doppler radar with an exclusive look at the rain and sky ranger is out there. a live look at san rafael this morning. the rain has been coming down in many parts of the bay areas. sometimes it comes down in waves, you see a little break and then it comes. >> everyone pretty much got wet
11:31 am
this morning. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the storm as it moves across the bay area. >> still off and on. it's scattered across the bay area as we take a look at storm ranger, and some spots have seen the showers moving through over and over again, and that's where rain fall totals have been pretty high. santa rosa, now not seeing any rain, but there's light showers about to move into the area, and also napa. looking at san francisco now. seeing some mostly cloudy skies and rain has shifted over to the east bay where oakland and up towards concord, it's raining quite heavily at this point. we still have a moderate rain and more rain in los gatos and the santa cruz mountains where there's more of where that came from. i've been looking at another cluster of heavy rain just offshore and moving closer to the peninsula so expect that rain to return within the next 30 minutes. here's a live look outside and
11:32 am
san francisco, from our sutro tower camera. you can see the low clouds rolling by. once again the mostly cloudy skies and wet conditions around the bay area. our camera showing that as well. we'll talk about all of the things that we're expecting today with the waves of heavy rain. had a few isolate the thunderstorms and that chance still exists and our wind advisory continues through 4:00 this afternoon. we're watching our burn scar areas for the potential of debris floes and mud slides. more on all of this and more on the sierra snows coming up in the full microclimate forecast >> thanks very much. you can always stay connected with our free weather app. you should get it. it is fantastic, because you can view in the palm of your hand the exact radar that we use right here in studio. find it all out on nbc bay area. it's our free app. >> not only do a number of parcels and packages surge
11:33 am
during the holiday season, so do the number of package thefts. this is video of police showing a recent porch theft there as it happened last week. we actually froze that image as you can see right here of the man in the video. police are looking for him. they say that he disguised himself as a construction worker and then drives a gold pt cruiser. >> a bay-area woman may soon face charges after authorities say she tried to lib r-- to liberate some non-native fish. she released some tilapia back into the water but they are considered an invasive system. they can reproduce quickly and spread rapidly. they are hoyly tolerant of a wide variety of environmental conditions. >> police are still
11:34 am
investigating f.charged, it could mean a fine or even jail time. >> the giants public relations headache is coming to an end. a boycott of the team is over. civil rights activists called it off after the giants owner took action. it was reported that the owner donated to cindy hyde-smith who recently made a comment about public hanging. she asked for the campaign contribution to be returned. a san francisco supervisor wants to remove mark zuckerberg's name from the city's public hospital. aaron peskin is asking the city attorney what it would take and how much money the city would lose. zuckerberg and his wife donated $75 million to the hospital three years ago. the city renamed it zuckerberg san francisco general hospital
11:35 am
and trauma center. recent scandals at facebook will reflect poorly on san francisco. >> making headlines across the world, legal authorities in argentina are considering a request from human rights watch to prosecute saudi arabia's crown prince. he could be facing crimes against humanity. the group's move is apparently at embarrassing the crown prince as he attends the g-20 summit in buenos aires this week. nbc's sarah harman reports. >> reporter: as the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman arrives in argentina, they are considering investigating him for war crimes due to the saudi-led war in yemen that's killed thousands of civilians and left children starving and it's also made reference to the torture of saurdies, including
11:36 am
jamal khashoggi. the prince arrived in buenos aires wednesday and was taken to the embassy which is being guarded by dozens of police officers. the city is expecting massive protests in the wake of the g-20 summit. sarah harman, nbc news, london. new at 11:00, a male birth control could be one step be coming closer to reality. 400 couples have been invited to take part in a worldwide study testing a contraceptive gel. in the study men will apply the gel to their back and shoulders daily until their sperm count falls low enough. at their point their partners will stop taking their own birth control. [ bell rings ] >> the opening bill there of the new york stock exchange where the dow is actually 43 points there. stocks trading slightly higher
11:37 am
today, but hopes of a trade deal -- due to hopes of a trade deal between the u.s. and china. the popular sporting goods store dick's is taking a big hit to its bottom line following its decision to curb gun sales. >> "the wall street journal" reporting it's a stand that's costing the chain a lot of money. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the details. >> reporter: this morning a sports retail giant feel the effects of its strong policy. "the wall street journal" reporting that sales at dick's sporting goods are down nine months after the chain rolled out tougher restrictions on firearm purchases. the report highlighting weak earnings from the company's hunting and electronics department, citing a conference call between executives and analysts. sales online and in stores reportedly fell 3.9% during a recent quarter. in february dick's announced they would no longer sell guns to buyers under 21 and that they would end the sale of
11:38 am
assault-style rifles and high capacity magazines. walmart followed suit also halting ammo sales to customers under 21, those actions coming in the wake of the country's darkest days. on february 14th a horrific a mass shooting at stoneman douglas school in parkland, florida, brought about calls for change. >> when we saw the kids and the grief they were going through and how the kids organized to really have their voices heard, we talked amongst ourselves and said if these kids can be brave enough to do this, we should be brave enough to make a change ourselves. >> the company revealing they had sold a firearm to the shooter, though not one used in the massacre.
11:39 am
>> we followed all the rules. we did exactly what we're supposed to do, and this -- this -- he was able to buy a gun from us. >> a company deeply impacted by a devastating tragedy, paying price for taking a stand. >> kristen dahlgren reporting there. nbc reached out to dick's sporting goods for further comments and we did not hear back. >> america's wait for the world chess champion. norwegian magnus karlsson is keeping his title after he beat his u.s. opponent in a tiebreaker event in london. >> thanks to my opponent for a great fight. he showed himself to be an extremely strong player. >> it wasn't a good day for me hand magnus played very well, and, yeah, i had a very bad start, unfortunately. >> this wasn't necessarily an easy win. the pair faced off 12 times over
11:40 am
actual and a half weeks. 12 games played to 12 draws. a first in the history of world chess championships. wow. >> no kidding. >> probably a good day to maybe stay inside and play a game. kari, how long is this rain going to be around? >> a look at sloppy road conditions and the rain coming down in palo alto on highway 101. now, here the rain will stop at about 5:00. that's right around sunset and the evening commute will take a closer look at storm ranger and see what's ahead. that's coming up next. (anywher but next: the important step to protect property - which >> flooding can happen anywhere in california. coming up next, the important step to protect your report, a consumer unit says no one in our state usually takes advantage of this.
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first home already knows how hard it can be in the bay area. but now - there )s a new opp do you know anyone trying to buy their first home knows it's hard, especially here in the bay area, but there is good news and opportunity for some south bay families. >> millions now available in loans thanks to a unique new program but you still have to meet certain qualifications. >> to not be able to come close to buying a home in the foreseeable future is a little frustrating. >> like many young families in silicon valley, the santoses had nearly given up on the dream of buying a home. it's too expensive. they can't save enough fast enough. >> we talk about it every day. >> it's more of a dream. >> like driving around and
11:44 am
looking at the prices of home that never seemed possible and now it's just exciting. >> reporter: so they were fascinated by a new county program that's looking $25 million to first time home buyers like themselves. the first workshop meeting drewmore than 300 people. here's part of how it works. if you're a family of four making less than $150,000 hoping to buy a home of up to $800,000, you come up with 3% down, the county loans you up to 17% of the purchase price for a down payment. once you sell the house you pay back the interest-free loan and a share of the equity. >> it allows the home owner to have a fighting chance at affording a home, building up that equity and paying us back so that we can give that money out to the next resident of our community. >> reporter: the county estimates there's only 350 homes below $800,000 in the south barracks but this is a step towards keeping families here who want to be here.
11:45 am
>> we have a little bit of money in the bank but not enough to compete with what's going on around here, but with this program, again, that puts us in the ball game. >> that was ian cole reporting. again, the new program has a lot of guidelines. we've posted a link to the story which includes exactly how it works. this week, successive storms and an important reminder whether you own or rent. >> chris chmura explains why. >> reporter: you're probably not covered for flooding, and that's the bottom line here. every day renter's or home insurance does not pay for flood damage. when there's rising water involved, you're required to have a separate policy from the national flood insurance program run by fema. here inful no one has t.fema says it's 2% of us. california has 2.5 million mobile homes, condo and only 195,000 flood insurance policies. we know there's a gap firsthand.
11:46 am
out of the 12,000 calls for help, our response team has received just five questions about flood insurance. there's an easy way to fill the void. make one call to your insurance agent. unlike other other insurance you don't have to shop around because there's only provider and that's fema. flood insurance is optional even if you live in a flood plain. the good news is it's cheaper than homeowner's coverage. you don't need to budget more money for a second layer of protection. if you have any other questions give us a call at 888-955-tips. >> a lot of us will have to do some cleaning up around the house after all this rain. >> gets you thinking. we're seeing heavy rain moving. in our storm system is bringing waves of it across the bay area. we're tracking it on storm ranger, hour mobile doppler
11:47 am
radar and get a look at the bay area as we first go to the north bay where we've seen over an inch of rain in many of these cities and santa rosa is starting to see the rain coming down once again. we're also seeing heavy rain moving through napa. that will be moving into solano county within the next few minutes and then i'm tracking this heavy cell that is just off the coast of the half moon bay area. it should be there around 12:16, so if you're trying to time it out of to get out the door, should be reaching san mateo at 12:32. as of now i'm not seeing any lightning with this, but we've seen that throughout the morning, and it's been very spotty for the east bay, hit or mix and it seems like some of the rain has been moving through the same areas, walnut creek, really soggy as it continues to move east. looking at the south bay, san jose, moderate rain still
11:48 am
falling and we do have more heavy rain where that came from. as it continues to roll through the santa cruz mountains and los gatos and south san jose. watching the rain totals add up there, and more waves of it as we still see the storm system producing really heavy rain in spots. there have been some breaks in between and that gives the water enough time to soak into the ground. hour by hour what, to expect the rest of the day, more of the same. more of the spotty showers moving through, but i think we'll see a lot less activity as we go into the afternoon. into the evening commute, a lot of the rain that we'll see will be focused across the south bay and possibly the east bay as well until this storm system winds down. here's a live look at the camera in tiburon. love this shot has the clouds break through the clouds. you can see the rain that was left behind. the high waves that we can see right now from our ocean beach camera, and there's another storm system moving in on saturday. the next one will arrive on
11:49 am
tuesday, and dealready see them lining up out there in the pacific. it is below freezing in squall creek and beautiful scenery around the tahoe area. president you can barely see on that camera. we're looking at an additional 18 inches of snow in kirkwood, and for the weekend, i know you're making plans. it's looking good for the stanford/cal game on saturday. rain will be wrappingup before kickoff. >> finally they will have that game. talking about your faelgs when picking up essentials. mental health clinics are opening up inside of walmart stores. more on that coming up. meaning "
11:50 am
11:51 am
a boston-based company is trying to deliver mental health care to under-served 5%-based company is trying
11:52 am
to deliver mental healthcare to underserved communities by leasing space for their clinics inside of stores. >> the first location, a walmart in texas. that's been open for about three weeks now. morgan radford has a closer look. >> reporter: we all know you can go to walmart for things like toothpaste, hair products and even prescriptions. but therapy. >> in carrollton texas, there's a brand-new mental health clinic now open inside of a walmart to see a mental health professional for things like anxiety, depression or the stresses of everyday living. >> we think having it in a group like this makes it easy to reach out and get care in a comfortable place. >> reporter: beacon health options runs the clinic and their goal is to offer services
11:53 am
to people in rural communities who might otherwise not get care. >> we will have a service provider there, a licensed clinician who is able to leech out to you and determine what services you might need. >> reporter: and while they don't write you prescriptions on site they do offer you therapy sessions, charging $140 for the first assessment and 110 for each assessment after that, offering a sliding fee service for those without insurance, and now the question is will people go? >> i'm always at walmart. why not. >> walmart is going so big. kind of a little bit much. >> clinics say these clinics are a band-aid for a much larger problem. >> adding a single provider in texas is going to do nothing to address the larger issue of lack of access. >> reporter: still, many consumers say the more access the better for everyone. >> it doesn't matter who it's
11:54 am
serviced by. if walmart wants to jump in on that, good for them. beacon health options hopes to expand to other locations. as for walmart, a spokesperson says even though the new mental helt clinic is run by the store, it's run strictly by a separate healthcare company. we )re not o!
11:55 am
11:56 am
another storm is brewing and it may impact your weekend. kari tracks any changes to the forecast. we're not out of the woods. kari will track any changes to the weekend forecast. >> a woman's gift certificates were worthless. we'll get her money back. do youd go back in time-- do something a little differently-- or alter what happened? we )r okay. do you ever wish you can go back in time or do something
11:57 am
differently or alter what just happened? we have the feeling that the parents of one young child has a that feeling. take it a look at this. a 6-year-old boy broke free from his parents and climbed on to the stage there. you can see that's pope francis reading his catechism. it happened yesterday at the vatican, most likely when he had his private audience. the boy's mother came on the stage and said he was speech impaired and the pope let him keep playing. love children. >> he has a story to tell. >> can you imagine. >> the photos that we've been seeing around here wet, wet, wet. >> yeah. we'll see more of that throughout the day, and we'll have more live updates throughout the afternoon and also on >> we'll see you tomorrow
11:58 am
starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> thanks for joining us. sfx: tinny headphone music
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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5, 4, 3, 2, 1! go! >> all right. if that doesn't make things official, i don't know what does. the holidays are here. welcome to "access live." i just love seeing that we were just in new york, guys. we saw them bring the tree in. saw it all kind of boxed up. yes, we did. and thousands turned out there last night to watch the tree lights go on. a tradition since 1931. such a really pretty tree. >> in the mood. >> so good. >> great performances last night. >> john legend, tony bennett, diana ross. one of the best parts, though,


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