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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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downed trees. the question now how long of a break will we have until the next storm rolls in. quite a day around the bay area. here is what it looks like in san jose. we'll show you how difficult it was. you probably experienced it yourself. the difficult driving conditions all around. clean-up crews and pg&e crews are in overdrive clearing storm drains and easing flooding and chopping up downed trees. to the north, panic after tragedy, a butte county sheriff is ordering evacuation near the burn zone, flash flooding forcing people out of homes this very evening. we have a team of reporters covering all of the angles of the storm. let's begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and what do you see down the pike. >> i think we have a 24-hour break coming our way and then we'll see the next storm move in. i want to let everybody know it doesn't look as strong as the storm system we dealt with today. we really should say even into last night, this storm started this time last night and it stuck around for 24 hours with
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basically nonstop rainfall. now the good news right now we've started to dry out the north bay with rain in the peninsula and south bay and east bay. look at the totals, in 24 hours we picked more in one day than we've seen the entire season, starting on october 1st. two to four inches in the santa cruz mountains and oakland hills two inches, over 1 3/4 and san jose now approaching one inch and that is major rain for the south bay. storm ranger, showing the peninsula had heavier pockets and more continuing into poalo alto through 6:30 and more rain in dubly by 6:31 and by the south bay wet weather returning to morgan hill. flash flood warning in place for the fire burn zones near chico and durham until 9:15. good news, the rain is starting to try to calm down at this point. >> a lot of rain in the region.
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thank you, jeff. one thing after another in butte county. a few weeks ago people were stuck in cars fleeing flames. today people stuck in cars fleeing this. the flooded roadways. plenty of others with being evacuated. cheryl hurd is in chico for us with the latest. cheryl? >> reporter: we are right now on honey run road and there is a lot going on in this area as you can see. we have evacuation orders in place and we just found out that ten people had to be rescued, some of them stuck in cars and some stuck in homes. they had to be helped out of that area. people who live only about eight miles up the road are the same people who evacuated to this area because of the campfire. now they're being asked to leave because of this flash flooding. authorities using evacuation orders, issuing them rather and warnings in parts of butte county including here in chico. as expected, the burned area
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from the campfire is unable to absorb the water. that is leading to all of the flooding. we spoke with a couple who has lived in their home for 33 years and they're not leaving or at least not right now. >> we had to leave for the fire. and we were gone almost two weeks. and so when we got back, it's like okay this is water that is not a good thing. but our little piece of property here is 24 inches above floodplain. >> reporter: well the rain may be moving out but it doesn't seem like it right now because the rain is coming down again. the national guard is here, they are getting -- talking to folks and making sure they live there and warning them to tell them there are flash flood warnings. there are small tributaries and creeks around the area and that is why the flooding is happening. people have to be on alert and we'll have an update on all of this coming up at 11:00 tonight.
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reporting live in chico, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> on going stress for sure. back here in the bay area, the storm is creating a mess on the roadways. this is flooding on 101 in morgan hill this morning. wasn't just the roads. robert honda is live at the san jose international with delays and cancellations that air travelers are having to endure. robert? >> reporter: well that is right. about 45 flights were affected by this rain. it is a very unusual situation for san jose airport which historically has had very few weather delays on this scale before. but it was that kind of day for traveling here in the south bay, whether it was on the ground or in the air. matthew whalen is stranded in san jose due to the weather. he finished work in the bay area for a water recycling company and headed home to raleigh when the faa diverted and canceled flights due to heavy rain. >> wellpy original plan was to
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fly home at a very important meeting and doctor appointment in the morning so kind of -- kind of messed up my whole schedule. >> it is that ripple effect where flights will continue to be delayed until the airlines could catch up later tonight or start up again tomorrow. >> reporter: the rain and wind hit hard but sporadically causing havoc on the road where we saw rain related accidents. >> i was concerned about patio furniture and stuff like that. >> reporter: the biggest tie-up was through morgan hill on 101 where flooding brought traffic to a crawl backing up vehicle news gilroy and making drivers second guess their travel plans. >> usually at this time of the day there is -- to traffic so i should have thought of that before. >> we're up north of town and so it definitely would make me not get on the freeway that is for sure. >> make you feel any different about the rain? >> not at all. i'm enjoying the rain.
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i think we need it so much and especially after the fires. >> reporter: well that attitude was easier to have after caltrans cleared up the mess on 101. but that is not the case yet here at the airport where, as you heard, the weather is still forcing airlines to make last-minute adjustments. life in san jose, robert honda, >> thank you well how about this. stuck in the flood. the downpour flooded this road in san jose. this is underneath the stockton hund cross -- undercrossing near the shark tank and firefighters were able to rescue the driver. and heavy rain is likely to blame for this. look at that. that is a hole in the roof of a building in oakland. one of just a lot of problems popping up all over the east bay. that is a big hole. we are joined live in oakland tracking the problems all day long. and when we saw you at 5:00, this building yellow tagged, not red tagged. that is surprising with the size
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of that hole. >> reporter: yeah, that is right. and i tell you, workers are still here doing temporary repairs inside of the building but the city is saying is that in the heavy rain, a down spout on the corner of the building wasn't functioning right and all too much. the section of the roof caved in is behind the upper wall facade leaning, around the city today there was clean-up underway. water flowed from the front door as clean-up crews worked inside of a commercial space. hours after the oakland fire department responded on a rainy night. >> the truck asked to take a top side view and found a 30 foot hole in the center of the building. >> reporter: fortunately no one was inside at the time. this is video from nbc bay area sky ranger of the partial roof collapse. crews have to call in a structural engineer.
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>> when it partially collapsed, it knocked out one of the sprinkler systems and a large diameter of pipe was ruptured and that caused a significant amount of water to flow. >> reporter: they kept an eye on the upper fas yaud. the building department said the problems were tied to a detective rain spout. >> support beam in the middle and then to remove the existing hanging roof. >> reporter: there were other rain related issues. by macarthur a tree blocked laned until city crews arrived. in oakland caltrans tried to clear standing water in an underpass but it malfunctioned and downtown more standing water, all a concern to people heading out. >> the roads might be slippery and traffic of course -- i was expecting traffic. >> reporter: now workers tell me they think they'll be on scene
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for quite a while. they say there is still a lot to do. again the building is yellow tagged with a notice to stay away from the damaged area except for repair work. reporting live in oakland. christie smith, nbc bay area news. a lot of folks have been sending video and pictures of what you did and saw on the storm in your neighborhood. savannah shot this video which is pretty of waves crashing over the promenade in pacifica. and ashley took this picture of a rainbow into the golden gate bridge. and at the bottom of that screen, you could see the rainbow right there. and angela sent in a photograph during her commute on muni, a shot of the bay bridge from san francisco. if you have a victim -- if you picture or video, tag us at nbc bay area. a woman in hayward said she's the victim of police brutality and has the video to
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back it up. she was complying with the police after getting pulled over when a officer slammed her to the ground. tonight though she's facing criminal charges but insists it is the officer who should be facing charges. nbc bay area jodi hernandez is in hayward with this exclusive story. >> this is where the incident happened. in a parking lot of this 7-eleven. the teenager and her friends had stopped here to get some snacks when they suddenly found themselves surrounded by police. the young woman said what happened next is unacceptable. >> i was angry. i'm hurt. walking around with a black eye. >> reporter: 19-year-old catalina said she's trauma titi by an encounter with police left her battered and bruised. >> now i look at a cop and i get terrified, so scared. >> reporter: two weeks ago she got pulled over by hayward police. police say they had a warrant for a passenger for armed
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carjacking. but she didn't know that. she said she got out with her hands up as directed. but was scared. >> i said what is going on and i did say what is the f is going on. i'm shaking my hands. >> she said an officer slammed her head against the patrol car, cutting her lip. when she spit out blood, she said the officer grabbed her again. >> he grabbed me from the hair and see him slam me against the cement floor. >> reporter: a witness caught it all on camera. once on the ground injured she said she instinctually began to struggle. >> i was in shock and in pain and here i have the knee in my back. >> we don't go out looking to hurt anybody. >> reporter: hayward police say use of force isn't pretty but sometimes necessary. and an internal investigation is underway. >> at the conclusion of the investigation if there is wrongdoing located or
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discovered, our officer will be held accountable. >> reporter: the woman who baked custom order cakes never had a run-in with police before and can't shake what happened. >> i want an apology and to fix their department. i want you to guys to train your officers better because this cannot happen to anybody else. >> reporter: in hayward, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. rescuing people. we'll show you new body cam video that gives the best glimpse yet of those harrowing moments after the campfire broke out. plus -- >> we should write a letter and just try to fix this. >> this bay area 9-year-old whose prompting steph curry to make a change to his shoe line. storm ranger mobile doppler radar still has rainfall holding on. i'll let you know when this moves out and the final system of the week moves in. it is coming up in 15 minutes.
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he is an mvp and three-time nba champion changing the game of basketball and she's from napa changing the shoe game for girls. together steph curry and reilly morrison are generating a lot of buzz after she wrote him a letter. nbc bay area's spoke with her viral request. >> reporter: just when you
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thought steph curry couldn't get more popular, the all-star is capture hearts off the court for a letter he wrote to a 9-year-old girl in napa who happens to share one of his daughter's names. >> he made my daughter's day, week, year, millennium. she's over the moon about this. >> reporter: chris's daughter reilly wanted a pair of his shoes. the curry five for her new basketball season at school but she was disappointed when under armor only offered them for boys and so she decided to go trait to the sor to the source for an answer. she said girls want to rock the curry five and reminds him he has two daughters, one named reilly and that he hosted an all girls basketball camp. the golden state warrior responds with his own handwritten letter. >> and i was really happy it wasn't typed it was handwritten. so surprised because he's such a busy person.
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i was not expecting anything like that. >> reporter: he told reilly he spent the last two days talking to underarm your that makes his sues. the all-star said they had smaller shoe size labelled as boys but they are correcting this now. >> we as parents have taught her to use your voice to make a change and she is and we couldn't be more proud. >> reporter: the two time mvp promised to send her a pair of the curry five and the curry six when they become available. i want to make sure you could wear my kicks proudly he said. he also invited her and her family to celebrate international women's day with him at an event on march 8th in oakland. meanwhile basketball players in san jose told us they heard about the story and it is about time this topic was discussed. >> it is taken a lot of years for them to finally bring awareness to the topic of women not having shoe -- basketball shoes in their size in the
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section. >> anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> and as you could imagine with the cuteness factor, social media is busting. conner said love this, now my girls want curries, guess we'll go shoe shopping. and loop tweeted a 9-year-old girl wrote a letter to curry about how he didn't have the shoes in girl sizes and his response and this is why he's my favorite player. and wow, steph curry hand writes a girl a letter to respond to her shoe concerns and i hope under armor appreciates how rare he is and rectifying the issue. and now baseball. could the a's latest ballpark proposal be the home run fans are homing and waiting for. a open house just wrapped this up evening in oakland. a lot of people have questions on what is happening here. on display were those artist rendering of the 34,000 feet privately financed ballpark near jack london square to include the elevated park with the sloping rooftop garden.
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the a's are planning to revitalize the current site to demolish the stadium and turn into a housing and retail complex. fearing for his life and yet trying to help save others. a butte county sheriff deputy turned on his body camera three weeks ago as flames from the campfire ripped around him. check this out. >> [ inaudible ]. >> that is stephanie aaron driving through paradise trying to find these four nurses evacuating a hospital and got stuck. his patrol car brakes down so he gets out of the car and walks and then he finds the nurses. then he and the nurses are rescued by firefighters who are driving by in a truck and a bulldozer and he flags them down with his flashlight. >> get in. come on. >> hurry up.
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>> now the officer made sure that everybody got in there and the video was safe and everybody was able to make it out safely. now if you want to see more watch the four minute video on the website and it is gripping. it is let's get back to the weather coverage now and this is what it looks like in the sierra today. wow, amazing to see the snow. great for the slove -- sloped but not so much for the commute to tahoe. people spinning out in four by fours. that is chain control in the summit. donor summit. jeff ranieri is with us looking at this. it is beautiful. the 5:00 news we said you were driving sunday when there is a break in this rain and the snow. >> we need to manage to get the day off on monday. our bosses are watching. let's hope. >> i'm not sure that will happen. but it does sound nice if you could find a break in that weather. we'll talk about when we are going to see that next storm system rolling in here in just a minute. but i do want to get you a live look at storm ranger. it is our mobile doppler radar.
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in fact we have two of them. the live scan showing up right now. of course our storm ranger here in the bay area. then our l.a. station has theirs scanning as well picking up the wet weather in los angeles. we want you to know flash flood warning in the fire burn zones where they've had one and a half to over four inches of rainfall, that would stay in effect through tonight and a winter storm warning, we're looking at six to 12 inches of snow at 5,000 feet. go above 7,000 feet and it is going to be one to two feet. so real tough travel to the north and east and as a lot of us know, right here across the bay area today, now the one thing we are seeing right now, i want to be clear about is we are drying out in the north bay. everything is pushing off to the south. so we have this residual rainfall left and even though it is light to moderate rainfall, the ground is so wet you're driving around and it almost feels like a heavy rain that is coming under the windshield with the wipers on medium to high. more rainfall here in san jose through 6:51 tonight. so what about the timing on
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this? we do expect things to dry out once we hit 11:30 and some clearing in the skies for tomorrow morning it is a partly cloudy start. no rainfall expected at 7:30. i anticipate staying dry through 3:30 in the afternoon tomorrow but then we have our next storm system lining up to the north by 11:00 p.m. on friday. that is tomorrow. looks like the first wave of that wet weather would get here by 3:00 a.m. on saturday. we'll take you through the full time line and how much rainfall we'll get and have team coverage from our sister station telemundo at 6:48 to look at the rainfall and the impact on our rain season at 6:48. >> we'll see you then. we're seeing a lot of flooding. it could happen anywhere in california. up next, the important step to protect your property, which our consumer unit said almost no one in the state takes. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ f we can learn something from this. the week's storms are an
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important reminder about flooding. whether you own or rent. >> consumer investigator chris chmura tells us why. >> reporter: you're probably not covered for flooding and that is the bottom line here. every day homeowners or renters insurance doesn't pay for flood damage. when there is rising water, need a separate policy from the national flood and insurance program run by fema. here in california, almost no one has it. fema said it is 2% of us. california has about 13.5 million homes and condo and mobile homes but only 295,000 flood insurance policies. we know there is a gap firsthand out of the 12,000 plus calls for help our response team has received over the past two years, we've had just five questions about flood insurance. there is an easy way to fill the void. make one call to your insurance agent. unlike other insurance, you don't have to shop around because there is only one provider and that is fema. flood insurance is usually
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optional, even if you live in a floodplain. the good news here is that it is usually cheaper than regular homeowners coverage so you don't have to budget quite as much money for a second layer of protection. if you have an insurance question or any other question for that matter, give us a call at 888-996-tips or online at >> thank you, chris. still to come, our microclimate weather continues. and a tree lot picking up the pieces but concern for what may lie ahead. plus -- >> there would be nothing wrong if i do do it. >> president trump on the defensive, the guilty plea from his former attorney that could put the commander-in-chief in legal trouble. 30
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north bay toppling right now at 6:30, not the trimming of tree you expect. rain toppling christmas trees. ahead of the holiday in the big shopping day for trees. that was just one spot where the storm created problems in the north bay. >> sack brock joins us in san rafael, holiday shopping or just getting around town was challenging today. >> reporter: there is a lot of issues. the christmas farm here has been in business for about 50 years and periodically has seen weather-related mayhem so the trees around me standing now, when workers got her this morning they were all
6:31 pm
waterlogged and toppled. it took heavy lifting to get them back up again. >> did your heart sink when you saw this? >> oh, yeah. it is hard work and the big trees especially. >> reporter: before getting back to business, javier and his coworkers had to get a couple of hundred trees back on their feet,. >> we might not do the larger ones because it issous -- it is dangerous. >> reporter: if it was odd, so was the relative inactivity elsewhere in marin county. >> i was expecting much larger puddles but they are looking bone dry. which is a good thing. >> reporter: mark is describing small sections of the creek that currently don't have anything flowing through them. in the hearst of downtown, the occasionally trouble some body of water bubbles and flows without issue. >> i thought there could be flooding. but the power did go out last
6:32 pm
night around 12:00 or something like that. >> reporter: power outages and closed on-ramps filling out the storm staples. hopefully just some bumps in the holiday road. and i just spoke with a marin county sheriff's department a few minutes ago and they tell me as of right now there are no weather-related issues on the radar and hopefully it stays that way through the rest of the system. live from san rafael, sam brock, nbc bay area news. here is a live look at our satellite radar and there is still green on the screen. jeff ranieri is tracking the rain, coming in right now and another storm on the way for the weekend. jeff will rejoin us in about 15 minutes. guilty, president trump's former lawyer and confidant michael cohen admitted he lied to congress about the trump corporation business ties to moscow. blayne alexander has reaction from washington, d.c.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: today michael cohen, president trump's former attorney and long-time fixer, pleading guilty in federal court to lying to congress. something cohen admits he did out of loyalty to his boss. >> he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about. >> reporter: that project, a now scrapped deal to build a trump tower in russia. according to the plea agreement with special counsel robert mueller's team, cohen lied to congress about the timing of the discussions with russia, telling the senate intelligence committee last year talks on the project ended in january 2016. when in reality they went into the summer and well into the 2016 campaign. >> when i run for president, that doesn't mean i'm not allowed to do business. i was doing a lot of different things when i was running. after i won, obviously i don't do business. >> reporter: the top democrat mark warner said today's plea shows a pattern. >> folks affiliated with trump dealing with the russians, then
6:34 pm
lying about it to the fbi or to senate and house committees -- >> reporter: from the president's defenders. >> i have yet to see anybody indicted for colluding with the russians. >> reporter: as president trump heads to argentina for the g-20 summit and a planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin. but on board air force one, president trump canceled that meeting on twitter citing russian aggression toward ukraine. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. protesters temporarily shut down a utilities commission meeting in san francisco today. [ chanting ] >> you could hear them and see them. they are demanding the commission hold pg&e accountable for the fire in butte county which was the most destructive and deadliest wildfire in state history. this is the cpuc first meeting since that downed pg&e trans
6:35 pm
mission line is suspected of sparking the fire. the commission orders pg&e to follow new safety recommendations from a consulting group but the protesters want more. >> this is the mask that i wore for a week. it is hard to breathe through because it is full of toxic air but it is important to show the impact and not just the 88 dead and counting in paradise. but the thousands, the millions who had to breathe in toxic air. >> pg&e did send us a statement a short time ago saying it is already implemented a majority of the safety recommendations and on track to add the rest of them within the next year. pg&e is under scrutiny for many reasons because they decided not to turn off the power lines in butte county when pg&e knew a high windstorm was coming. the utility did, though, cut power to thousands of home in the north bay last month in advance of high winds. our investigation unit learned there is evidence that decision may have prevented as many as a
6:36 pm
dozen wildfires. here is jackson vxson van derbe. >> when you look at pictures, it is terrifying to see the extent of the damage to that equipment. >> reporter: these photos were taken after a windstorm in mid-october. 18 pg&e lines were damaged or fell. another five had branches on them. but not a single fire. pg&e had turned off power in advance of the storm to 60,000 customers in the high fire risk zone. >> you would think that when they saw the successes of october that they would have taken the action in november. >> reporter: but pg&e critics state senator jerry hill said the utility did not learn from that success. >> we protected a lot of people by turning the power off and by not turning it off in november, we put a lot of lives, 88 to be precise, at risk. we lost their lives. >> reporter: in a report to
6:37 pm
regulator this is week, pg&e executive patrick hogan explained that forecast conditions in butte county did not merit shutting off the power there. he stressed turning off power to our customers is a decision that does not come easily. it is not made lightly and will be exercised only as a last resort. plus the company does not unplug high voltage transmission lines that carry power to regions outside of fire zones. and it is one of those lines that the center of cal fire investigation into the cause of the deadly campfire. senator hill said it is time for the utility to turn off all its lines to meet the danger. even if it means headaches for customers because the risk is so great. >> i think frankly there were more concerned about the political and the public relations fallout. >> reporter: pg&e did not comment for the story saying the reports to regulators speak for themselves. jackson van derbeken, nbc bay area news.
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up next at 6:00, san francisco's changing skyline. here is a live look at how it is catching the eye of lego. --to l
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the "bristol hotel" on mason street was built in 1908, but it )s about to help solve a 21s- from homeless in san francisco to living in a hotel, the bristol hotel on mason was built in 1908 but about to help a 21st century problem. instead the housing it will be a transition home for 58 people living in shelters. london bree the mayor found $6 million was needed to make it happen so she called on ceo sales force mark benioff who is a proponent of housing the homeless. >> these units, these units that we have here today are going to go to the people currently living in places where they have to share bathrooms. and when they were told that they were coming here to the bristol with their own private bathrooms just like the rest of us they're moved to tears. >> the people moving into will be charged reduced rent starting
6:41 pm
at $500 a month. how would you build our iconic city. lego is taking a crack at san francisco. let's take a live look over the skyline. so many notable buildings and landmarks to choose from so here we go. part of the lego newark tecture release the toy company is building a lego set for san francisco. it is about time. >> transamerica. >> and there is the sales force building and golden gate bridge and the box cover featured alcatraz and the painted ladies. they are due out in february. maybe they have some fog. >> wouldn't that be cool. >> my daughter loves legos. >> in february. >> could you hook pieces on the back and make fall. >> you are adding to it. >> cotton. >> i like that. getting very realistic. >> that is the cue to go outside. >> doppler radar still having spotty showers and we're tracking that and a new system for the weekend and sister
6:42 pm
coverage from telemundo and what this is doing for our rainfall season. and bringing silicon valley technology to map out the burn zone. the bay area company part of the largest drone deployment to a disaster zone. stay with us. ty this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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as we showed you earlier at this hour crews in the fire zone of butte county are doing some critical work helping to keep people safe from flooding. just last week they also did important work from the air. >> we see ground breaking effort to map that burn zone. >> the flames extinguished. the rural town of paradise, california, replaced with memories and ashes. from the ground it is difficult to take in the enormity of the campfire and its 26 miles of havoc but from the air -- the scope of the devastation comes into view. >> devastation comes through a community and people want to go back to their home to see what is left. >> in a first of its kind disaster operation, a coalition
6:45 pm
of 16 northern california law enforcement agencies teamed up last week to become the eyes of the community. >> we all work together with a plan in mind and that plan was to map the city of paradise. >> led by the alameda county sheriff department unmanned aerial vehicle team, what you know as drones, the agency took to the skies above the burned areas over two days. >> it is the first time a uab coalition was formed. >> reporter: 16 teams carried out 518 drone flights collecting 70,000 images over 17,000 acres. >> it is remarkable to see how badly everything was burned up. >> reporter: the agency then turned over the data to the tech company drone deploy which turned the images into detailed maps. >> and we processed the images into one very large map around 26 square miles. >> that is terrible to see this entire neighborhood -- >> this is by far the largest
6:46 pm
and most well coordinated effort that we've seen in terms of using drones for disaster response. >> the company founder said the data publicly released just days after it was shot will help victims survey properties, file insurance claims and eventually rebuild. >> they could just zoom straight up to the area and zoom in and see in high resolution what is going on. >> reporter: emergency responders sifting through the burn zone and the maps captured about the recent rains are aiding in the search for victim remains. >> pretty amazing technology. it will be very helpful to our community and certainly helpful to our search effort. >> reporter: sheriffs say not long ago a mapping operation of this magnitude would have taken weeks of leg work and now this technology is another emergency response tool at the time when it is needed more than ever. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> very interesting to see. as for our bay area concerns, we're talking about so much flooding and more rain on
6:47 pm
the way. >> together with the telemundo we're tracking rain totals during the microclimate weather alert. let's turn things o-- over to jeff ranieri tracking this. >> and our storm system is trying to move out of california. we do want to let you know up here near chico and paradise and the burn zone under a flash flood warning until 9:15 but the worst of the rain is over there. we have full details on the damage and what is happening at now a wider look at storm ranger and the current scan and the good news, we are starting to dry out here across the north bay as everything pushes on to the south. we'll put a track on some of the shower activity along the peninsula into 7:19 in san jose and what a storm this was. certainly producing damage across the bay area. as we basically had 24 hours of nonstop rainfall here. these -- totals impressive. 1 in 77 in hours and san
6:48 pm
francisco near one inch and approaching one inch in san jose and a little bit less if fremont with 5200. so no doubt the rainfall in 24 hours making a big dent in our rain season. as we talked about, we're joined now by gabby deon from our telemundo station, our sister station here in the bay area and how do the numbers look so far for the rainfall season. >> good evening. of course when we talk about rain we see the problems and inconvenience but we have good news talking about our rainfall. i want to show you the numbers right now. santa rosa has received more than six inches of rain since the rainy season started. that is going to get us close to 100% of average for the rainy season. we only missing a quarter -- half for that city and in san francisco we see less than a quarter of an inch. so we are definitely going to make an impact with this rain and make progress with the rainfall deficit and we have more rain coming our way so maybe we'll change those negative numbers to surplus in a
6:49 pm
couple of days. so we'll talk about that rain coming on the weekend. >> thank you so much. certainly a great boost for us here to keep us out of a severe drought in the bay area, so as gabby was mentioning, we do have another storm system on the way. it is just off to the north. we think by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow into saturday, that would bring more wet weather. we'll go over the timing in a second but a break through tomorrow morning forecast. we have sun mixing in with clouds and leave the umbrella in the backseat but have your jacket. starting off with the 40s from the south bay to the tri-valley and cold 40s from the east bay into san francisco and the north bay. now as we get a closer look at tomorrow's forecast, we'll start off that dry weather. that is great news. as we head through the afternoon, continual dry conditions. a little bit of cloud cover filters in but a nice day. then as he -- we hit 11:00 on friday the next storm nowhere near as strong as what we just dealt with that will move off to
6:50 pm
the south and by 3:30 in the morning on saturday rainfall in the north bay and that continues into 6:00 a.m. on saturday and then eventually clear out by 1:00 p.m. on the saturday forecast. totals with this much, much lower. only 5 hundredths of an inch on saturday. we dry out on sunday. also on monday, so good news for you. but it does look like more rainfall by next tuesday and wednesday. keep your jacket handy here in san francisco. 50s over the next seven days. also more 50s here for the inland valley and notice the morning lows down close to the freezing mark on monday morning. so you will need that heavy jacket. at least to start into next week. and as gabby and i were looking at the forecast models behind the scenes in the weather center, it looks really good over the next couple of weeks, right, gabby to keep this up. >> the past couple of weeks the average was 2% or 7% and so 00% of the average since the rainy
6:51 pm
season so a lot of rain that we need it. >> good to see it finally. >> we work hard. you know who is working really hard this week. >> these two. >> all in a day's work. >> thank you. well better late than never. the big game on again ready to be played. we are joined next from berkeley. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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okay, from local hero to hated villain. >> richard sherman is returning to seattle this weekend as a 49er. >> you just expect after you've done so much for a franchise that they wouldn't cut you while you are hurt. it is more of a respect thing than anything. >> he's a little bitter. how things ended in seattle. well guess what, niners at seahawks this sunday at 1:25. now you could do something about all of that. >> okay, take two for the big game. >> originally scheduled for november 17th but we were smoked out so the big game is this saturday. here is nbc bay area's collin rush at cal. >> i'm guessing stanford fans may arrive late on saturday. this is why. the first 10,000 through the gates here at memorial stadium will receive this bobblehead. kevin mowen the play and know where gary tyrell's tr-- trombo
6:55 pm
is. on the turf. can they outperform stanford on the turf this saturday. the rivalry hasn't been much why years. stanford hasn't lost a big game since 2009. >> it is huge. but wanting to and getting -- hoping, like i said before, that doesn't get it done. you have to go play well. so we want that feeling then we need to go play well. >> whoever plays will be better and that will essentially be the out come of the game because every time we play calle lot of trash talk and chippiness because -- this is the game. >> cal came within three points of winning last year. the memory still vivid for tam ron. >> so much family coming to that game and i told them we're going to win and we came up short. a bigger chip on your shoulder
6:56 pm
now. >> 1982 was as special as it gets, but this game on paper about as even as it gets. cal is rolling. four wins in the last five games and the records heading into the 121st match-up identical, both 7-4. >> it is always better when both teams have a winning record and going to bowl games and both teams are excited about this game. knowing that one will finish ahead of the other in the ranking. >> saturday's big game, the time is fitting with kicking off at high noon. in berkeley, colin resch, nbc bay area news. >> that should be fun. jeff ranieri, high noon in berkeley. what are we looking like on saturday. >> we might have a passing shower at the start. could you see the future-cast shows at 11:00 a.m., for people out early, rain. so bring the poncho or umbrella whatever you prefer. maybe a spot shower for the beginning of the game. done by 1:00 p.m. and moving on out. >> that is good. no deluge. >> thanks for joining us.
6:57 pm
have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
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