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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 30, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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it looks like part of the ceiling came down too. >> reporter: the shaking lasted for a full minute. this is the moment it struck at a courthouse. people diving under desks for cover. aftershocks remain a serious concern. >> people should be expecting to feel aftershocks most of today. and potentially for a lot longer time. >> there was a excuse me warning later canceled as it subsided. president trump tweeted to the great people of alaska, you have been hit hard by a big one. your federal government will spare no expense. >> this is a very, very significant earthquake. obviously, as everyone knows. >> reporter: alaska averages 40,000 earthquakes a year. the largest ever recorded in u.s. history happened back in 1964. it hit east of anchorage and was a magnitude 9.2 quake.
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>> now, one of alaska's most famous rptsz nesidents not sparm this earthquake. this is her parents' home in wasilla. she went on facebook that usually the months is in tip-top shape. pay lessen said her house not intact either. we talked to an alaska woman with family here in the bay area. she was going ice fishing when the quake hit. there are sinkholes and cracks which have shut down the highway. she tells us she is confused. lots of confusion on the road when the shaking happened. >> the lights turned off. we didn't want to get stuck or hit under the light poles. so started to go forward. everyone was stopping and not sure what was going on. >> this is the crack in the road
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in palma, two hours away from anchorage. you can see that is a big gash. today's earthquake struck along the ring of fire, ringing the pacific ocean. this horseshoe-shaped area stretching thousands of miles. more than 450 volcanos and several tech tonic plates. the plates in the orange. some of those plates right here in california. let's turn it over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, you will show us how this all ties into the bay area. you have been taking a look also at the aftershocks. >> they have been large. can you even imagine a minute long that they would an earthquake last that long today. most of the larger aeurbgt quak -- earthquakes are quite memorable for us. aftershocks continuing this afternoon. likely will continue for ifot m.
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70 ranking a 2.5 magnitude and higher. today was a 5.7. the largest that i could track on real-time data is 3.6. so how is all of this linked to the ring of fire? it is where 81% of the world's largest earthquakes occur. the pacific plate is massive sitting out here in the pacific. then six other plates border it. in alaska, you have the north american plate and the pacific plate. they go head to head, right on each other, creating the earthquake and all of that movement. this is a side-to-side movement. pacific north north, and the pacific plate to the south. this is what makes this earthquake country. all the pressure moving in the opposite direction builds up this pressure. so we all know we're in earthquake country, simple things you may forget.
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if you're inside when it happens, do not run out of the building. falling debris is a top hazard. be in the interior of the building. that is the best. hallways are not the safest. get under a desk or table. the aftershocks will continue. drop, cover, and hold. social media flooded with the moments during the quake and what happened afterwards, including this video from a security camera. look at the car here. it looks like someone is in it trying to rock it back and forth to get it out of the snow. that is just the earthquake shaking the car. there is nobody in the car. and look at this shadow from the tree. you can see the tree shaking as a result of that big earthquake. there is also drone video we want to show you. this is waldron lake. the ice was eight inches thick yesterday. there are cracks all over this lake. again, eight inches thick of ice. here we have this video showing one of the many roads that
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buckled. it's hard to see what we are even looking at. there's the road. there's the buckle. all of a sudden no more road. luckily, it made it across before it opened up e. while that alaska quake created problems for air travelers, alaska airlines shut down service for a time. robert honda joins us in san francisco at the airport at sfo with all that and how it ended and what rippled into the bay area. >> reporter: it was already a somewhat hectic travel day at bay area airports, and alaska airlines has been assessing damage to the terminals and runways. at 2:30 this afternoon, began diverting 10 flights to a nearby air force base and fairbanks. one traveler we called to was already in contact with friends, including one who sent her this picture of his anchorage home. he also sent photos being widely shared on social media.overwhel. the streets, that would be
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insane to be driving on those streets. scary, obviously. you're driving and the road drops out from underneath you. >> reporter: for travelers in the bay area, they are being cautioned to make alternate plans is since they have confirmed considerable damage that will require significant safety assessments. her friends are conducting the same checks at home and preparing for more. >> obviously aftershocks are a big deal. no one really knows what's going to happen. they were evacuating some of the larger buildings in town because they are afraid of the aftershocks. >> reporter: of course aftershocks make it tough for airlines. officials are doing the best they can to convey the latest information to travelers. and in some cases, issuing travel waivers so they can change flights without any extra fees. robert handa, abc bay area news. when we have an earthquake like this somewhere else, it reminds us we are all at risk in the bay area as well.
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in san francisco, some property owners still have a lot of retrofitting work to do. i want to show you where some ret retrofitting is under way so they can withstand a big earthquake. the focus is on soft story buildings. now, the last deadline to file permits was in september. the building department says overall compliance is about 90% right now. but for those who don't, there could be really big consequences. >> which means you as the owner won't be able to lease it, use it for collateral, do anything with it until you're clear and comply with what is required. right now 93se properties. and the owners have two years to complete the work once they file the permits. of course we will continue to follow the latest developments on this earthquake in alaska. that includes online. check out more information at
5:08 pm we have posted it as the top story on the front page. here we are at the end of a very rainy week. we are expecting one more storm to roll through the bay area, and that's in just hours. look out. the sun was out today, but the waves were still vicious. check out the big ones we caught at pacifica earlier today. always good waves to be seen there. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri for a look at the timeline of the incoming system. >> we are dry from the center of low pssure right here. that counterclockwise spin is the strongest part of the storm. this staying away from us. the cold front dropping out of the south, that's what we will see move into the bay area. over marin, napa, sonoma county. the yellow is heavier pockets that are possible. that will push through the south bay by 7:00 a.m. tracking a full timeline on this. how much rainfall and when
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another series of storms could hit the bay area in 10 seven minutes. see you then. the storm that we had left a lot of fresh powder in the sierra. the skiers and the snowboarders were out in force taking full advantage. they are hoping the latest wave of snowfall is going to bring in a flurry of activity. nbc bay area sam brock got the plumb assignment of heading to truckee. let's talk about the business boom for ski slopes. >> reporter: jessica, it's tough. somebody had to come up here. good evening to you both. typically early snowfall is very good for business here in truckee. it comes at a lull normally, late november, early december time period. and you see all the snow that is out here. you have inches on car windshields. behind that, there is piles of snow in the truckee streets. what this means is trails are open sooner. what it means for hotels and restaurants, a gold especially opportunity to whet people's
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appetites for the experience. squaw valley has been open to skiers and snowboarders for weeks. the difference now is that ther kind. >> from one week ago to now, there is no comparison. i'm in love with it. i love how it can just bring the storms in. >> it is awesome. >> we found several die-hards who made the trek to the die-hard area after class as businesses in nearby truckee hope to benefit. >> it excites a lot of people. it gets people up here, wanting to get here. exposure now says eenease moody's restaurant and truckee hotel managing partner j.j. morgan. >> i feel it's setting up a successful season. whether world travelers or just, you know, people choosing where they will go in the united states to go skiing this season. >> reporter: and with the premium on fresh powder, driving skiers destinations, this early
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windfall does wonders for squaw and other resorts. >> really this put us over the edge. we got two and a half feet since wednesday, which is tremendous. we opened a ton of new terrain. we just opened top to bottom. it has been a fast transition into full winter mere. >> reporter: top to bottom is actually the trail that connects upper and lower squall. when that opens up, they tell me it's on. it's not on in terms of the snowfall. very light. a little welt. nothing this dense. we know there is more snow coming. and the timing of it is everything. more on that ahead at 6:00. sam brock, nbc bay area news. okay. thanks, sam. you can stay informed about the timing of that snow and the rain as well by downloading our free nbc bay area map. you have access to the radar, including stormranger scans, so you know exactly when storms will roll through your neighborhood. first out of administrative
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leave, then resigning from the department. a livermore police officer is facing very serious accusations. the officer, who is not being named at this point, is accused oven gauging in inappropriate sexual conduct with a woman he met in june while he was responding to a health-related call at her home. the officer persuaded her to engage in a string of sexual encounters. internal new details about the weapons stolen from an atf r in. investigation. thieve got away with a fully loaded automatic rifle and a o the oakland federal building when it happened. police say they don't want the weapons on the streets or in the hands of gun traffickers. the atf is offering $15,000 to anyone who can help them find those weapons.
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still to come, los altos city official not only accused of driving while drunk but sleeping behind the wheel of his tesla while on his freeway. what they had to do to make the car stop without anyone getting hurt. plus, half a billion hotel guests at risk. the massive data breach at marriott and starwood properties. tonight an update from alaska after the powerful earthquake as the region braces
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for potentially strong after shorbg shocks. also, doctors burned out on the skwrofpblt it happens more than you think. what it could mean for patients when we see you back here tonight. recapping one of our top stories: aftershocks remain a big concern in alaska tonight. this follows a 7-point-0
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magnitude quake t we want to recap one of our top stories. check out that video. aftershocks remaining a big issue in alaska tonight after a 7.0 magnitude quake that hit near anchorage. the shaking lasted almost an in termnable minute. self roads have buckled. we are fortunate that we haven't heard of any injuries or deaths. not sure if that's going to change. stathere of emergency in effect because of the damage. it is widespread. president trump tweeted that the government will spare no expense in providing aid to alaska. a traffic stop unlike any other. chp officers are now wondering if a feature on a tesla helped them pull over a driver who was asleep in the moving car. nbc bay area inut tppwaeu kwrab.
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>> reporter: this is embarcadero near 101 south on-ramp. to be clear, he was not driving erratically. he was just going five miles over the speed limit. that is what initially caught an officer's attention. then they were surprised to see he was asleep. the man in this video is taking a field fo driver's seat as his tesla model s was going 70 miles per hour on highway 101 in redwood city early friday morning. >> approximately 3:37, one of our units was driving southbound on 101. >> reporter: chp said they couldn't get the tesla driver to pull over, so they drove in front of him and started slowing the patrol car down. they think he may have been using the tesla's autopilot
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feature. other tesla owners know how that happens because they have autopilot too. >> it slows down if there is a car in front of you. >> reporter: a spokesperson from tesla told nbc bay area news that the company will not yet comment on the incident but did say that the tesla driver assist features are not meant to drive. >> i'm my hands on the wheel. >> reporter: chp sleeping driver they arrested and charged on suspicion of dui is 45sammic, vice chair of the lowe's alto planning commission and co-tpourpbco o founder of an upscale hotel chain. he is facing dui charges. thank you very much. a hotel data hack has federal agents launching an investigation into the marriott hotel chain tonight. the company revealed up to 500 million guests at marriott or
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starwood properties have had their personal information stolen, including passport numbers and addresses. in some cases, internet hackers took credit card information. stocks fell 6% today. >> i don't necessarily blame marriott than i blame anyone else. i think this is happening to companies everywhere. everyone is struggling to try to solve the problem. >> in a written statement, the president and ceo said, we deeply regret thishaening. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ay long. >> i could here you. >> i said, jeff ranier ra brought out the sun. >> there is a storm coming. >> he gets the good and the bad. >> across the bay area, you had brilliant blue sky shining in your face and the sunshine. everybody pretty much in a good mood from that.
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our high definition camera, well, no fog, no clouds, no rain. it's looking all good. so as we get a look right now, we currently have 56 degrees. as we head through tonight, we will be under mostly clear skies, dropping down to a chilly 50 once we hit midnight. moving into tomorrow morning's forecast, we are going to introduce the possibility of rainfall. keep the umbrella handy. it is nowhere near as big of a storm we dealt with just 24 hours ago. know that going in. cold in the south bay, 41. 38 in the tri-valley. chances for rain in the east bay, san francisco, and the north bay. look at this. down to 36 here for the average in marin, napa, and sonoma counties. let's get you the timing on this. it will start to move in early across the north bay, 3:30. you can see there is going to be widespread is rainfall. a few yellow pockets. that means heavier rain. light green here is lighter rain. darker green is moderate rain. once we hit 7:30 in the morning, that will move down to san jose.
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another batch in the north bay. that will push out by 11:30 in the morning. really all morning long, we will keep scattered chances of rain in the forecast. once we hit the afternoon, we will clear at 2:00 p.m. it should set us up with a nice evening at 7:00. if you have any holiday party to go to, you can leave the umbrella at home and take the heavier jacket. another chilly night coming our way. not a big storm system. still looking good. quarter inch in the north bay. san francisco and the east bay. we will be around trace amounts to a quarter inch for the south bay. rain shadowing in san francisco. maybe a tenth of an inch for you. my extended forecast has nice weather coming our way once we hit sunday. more clearing, more drying in the forecast. by monday, cloud cover returns. and then check this out. rainfall is back by tuesday, wednesday, also on thursday. early estimates show 3500ths to three-quarters of an inch those three days. and lingering showers by
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friday's forecast. 50s here in san francisco. you're also looking at the cool 50s as we head throughout the next couple of days. so hang tight. we're going to get some breaks in here. but there's still plenty of rainfall. i think by next week we will have a surplus in the rain department. that's always good going into december with that. >> absolutely. jeff, thanks so ch coming up, a single bank robber may be hitting the south bay. how many heists police say this man may be connected to. ♪this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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♪ this surveillance photo shows
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man robbing a a serial bandit may be hitting banks in the north bay. this surveillance video shows a man robbing a healdsburg bank yesterday. he gave a note, demanded money. he could be connected to two
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other bank robberies earlier this month. look at the side by side comparison. two different robberies. on the right is a man who robbed a bank in santa rosa. thos similarities are the hat and that wig. holidays are in full swing in san francisco. winter park opened up today at civic center. there is an ice rink, surrounde. brian boitano kicked off the activities. performers broke out the ice. >> we will have free weekends for kids, face painting and other things to celebrate the holiday. make this space available for all. >> it is such a fun place. hundreds of kids came out to check out the ice rink as well. for many incident was the first time on skates, which can be a little worrisome. don't worry if you missed out today.
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the park will be open through early january is. i love ice skating. we should go out and try to do pairs. >> who are you talking to? >> you. do you know how to skate? >> no. >> i will have to do the hamill by myself. a bay area toy flying off the shelves. should [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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in milpitas. this is happening in the green . before we let you go, we want to tell you about some breaking news. sky ranger over a house fire in milpitas. putting out a lot of smoke. happening in the green vy neighborhood. flames are coming out of the house. we will bring you the latest tonight at 6:00. finally, a new fleet of bart car commuters lining up. only nine inches long. it is a bart car toy made of soft foam rubber. it is meant to be a holiday stocking stuffer. it sold more than 200 in just a day. they are $10. nice little stocking stuffer. >> or under the tree. >> yes. >> and you can't break it. lester holt is next. tonight, a major earthquake strikes alaska triggering a tsunami alert and sending people running for their lives. scenes of sheer terror at the airport. schools, stores, homes
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and businesses badly damaged and newsrooms knocked off the air. new aftershocks rocking the region tonight. a police officer now charged with murder for shooting and killing her unard neighbor in his own apartment that she says she thought was her own. a colossal breach at marriott. half a billion customers' private information exposed, hotels including sheraton, weston and the w and regis. putiand the a hh


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