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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the recent fires in california, especially the camp fire in butte county. i'm janelle wang sitting in for jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. 85 people died in the butte county fire. from the text alerts, cal fire is looking for answers to make things better. robert handa was at the first meeting that local cal fire leaders had to talk about their reevaluation thin this process. >> reporter: that's right. it could be a major undertaking. communities with a mix of urban and rural conditions face the highest risk. and today was the day they met to discuss evaluating and possibly improving the current wildfire responses. a drive through the santa clara county area shows the danger the
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wild land and urban areas faces. many of the most destructive fires happened in that environment and people that we talked to are aware of the similar conditions and how the evacuation plan failed. >> i skipped the 911 process, because 911 doesn't get people to you quickly. >> reporter: fire leaders today met in morgan hill to begin the first step in evaluating fire operations, including evacuation processes in light of what they've learned from recent fires, where they acknowledged the faster fire danger requires earlier notification and evacuation. >> we were starting to ask ourselves questions about how can we improve that reverse 911 component. is there a way for us to systematically message the community? and have an evacuation component with that. >> reporter: and cal fire wants more public education programs so people can learn to evacuate themselves.
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>> we talk about our evacuation process and what we would do. i also know, as prepared as we could be, it would still be a very, very dangerous, scary situation. >> reporter: and that's certainly why cal fire knows working with all the roqlocal f agencies will be so crucial. and today was just the first step in what could be a long, necessary reevaluation. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> it could be life-changing decisions there. state legislators are demanding regulators require pg&e to inspect all its transmission lines in wildfire areas. investigators say a steel hook on the old tower snapped, causing a high voltage power line to spark near paradise.
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jerry hill is a frequent critic of pq andg and e and contends t this is an indication of how little they know their system. >> they don't know the age, they don't know the condition. they haven't inspected properly and they have no grasp of the safety of their infrastructure. >> he dealt a lot with pg&e during the san bruno explosion years ago. he's going to press legislators to compel them to have new inspections. the cause of the camp fire is still under investigation. a flight from oakland to burbank was anything but routine. it came to a stop thanks to a piece of technology. a rainstorm is believed to be one of the factors that caused the southwest flight to slide off. that's when the airport's engineered material arresting system kicked in. it's built into the runway to
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make sure the plane doesn't slide too far. all of the 117 passengers and crew members on board walked off safely. no injuries. scott budman will have more on today's harrowing landing in about 25 minutes. but we want to talk about this special technology. let's bring in stephen stock. you are also an aviation expert. tell us about this. >> it's been around 20 years. they're called arrester beds or technically, engineered material arresting systems. e-mas for short. they are suspended over the ground by metal latticework. it's designed to collapse as an airplane runs over them to slowly and safely stop airplanes that overshoot the runway. >> this plane was already landing. almost coming to a stop. would the material be able to stop a plane moving at a high are rate higher rate of speed? >> absolutely. they designed to stop a plane at
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up to 80 miles per hour. they're very effective. >> in burbank, this was especially necessary. they had an incident a while back. >> back in 2000, another southwest plane overshot the exact same runway. this material was not there of course. that airplane went offer t the runway, through a fence and onto an active highway. nobody was injured. but less than two years after that incident, burbank installed this system to do exactly what it did today, stop the plane that overshoots the runway. >> what about here in the bay area, do any of the airports have the same technology? >> they do. the system is relatively new, only about 20 years old, installed in 106 runways at 63 different airports including sfo and oakland where the runways are not long enough, some of them, to allow a 1,000-foot extra deceleration extension to
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be added. because of that, these airports are landlocked. this system had to be used and installed. in the last couple of years, since 1999, 13 different airports, including jfk, three different times, had used this system all without any injuries and just stopping the plane. so far it hasn't been used at sfo and oakland yet. >> what about san jose? >> san jose's are long enough, essentially to meet the standards, and their planes don't need that extra thousand feet. so the extra length on the airport is already there, so they don't need the system. >> good information. we'll have more on that flight coming in about 25 minutes. it's a somber milestone here that divided the community nearly ten years ago. a police officer shot and killed 22-year-old oscar grant of oakland. it's reopening deep wounds in the community. b.a.r.t. has hired an artist now to paint a mural of grant at the station where he was killed.
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but his family wants b.a.r.t. to do a lot more. melissa colorado joins us from the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. this was a revealing shooting that really exposed b.a.r.t. ten years ago. >> reporter: and raj, that mural would go up behind me. it's a diagonal wall. and right above that is the platform where oscar grant was shot and killed. his mother says the tribute is not enough. she wants officials to rename the street we're standing on as well as the station in honor of her late son. >> it's very hurtful, you know. all we have is the memories, you know. >> reporter: this coming christmas will be the ninth one wanda johnson has had to celebrate without her son, oscar grant. >> and i get to remember, you know, my last statement to him, to take b.a.r.t., you'll be safe. and then for him to lose his life on b.a.r.t. >> reporter: the 22-year-old father was shot and killed on new year's day 2009 by a b.a.r.t. police officer who was
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ultimately convicted of involuntary manslaughter. b.a.r.t. has paid for a huge mural at the station. >>'s t >> it's the most politically charged project i've ever worked on. >> reporter: it needs the approval of the grant family and b.a.r.t. but oscar's mother wants more than a colorful tribute. she wants to rename the station in her son's honor. >> it would lets know, b.a.r.t. wants this to never happen again. >> reporter: it's an issue that debra allen brought up on her facebook page. she asked her followers, should baurts ever memorialize or name stations after individuals. the post ended up receiving racist responses and allen ultimately took it down, but for the grant family, the damage was done. >> i'm very offended from it,
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and it's very hurtful to me. >> reporter: this morning at the b.a.r.t. board of directors meeting debra allen apologized for the response to her post but not for the post it seveself. it is a long process that will cost nearly $500,000. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. the family of a man who died in a shootout with police in san francisco at a barbershop is suing the city for wrongful death. the extended family of jahad eads gathered. instead of de-escalating the situation, officers fired a dozen shots. they say eads fired at them first. >> the eads family has long roots in san francisco.
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we help the city a lot, and we will always involve. >> members of the activist group, the arab resource and organizing committee wants justice for eads. the ex-girlfriend of rubin foster says she lied under oath to preseotect him. she took the stand and swore she made it all up and that foster never abused her. today ennis said foster did abuse her. this comes two weeks after ennis called police a second time, claiming that foster abused her at the 49ers' team hotel in tampa. >> that's why i did what i did, because i loved him. >> if she lied under oath and she was warned about perjury,
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but she proceeded anyway, they have to make an evaluation. is this a case we should prosecute? >> she was on "good morning, america" this morning. the d.a.'s office says it will not file perjury charges against her. as for foster, he was promptly cut by the 4 thors a couple weeks ago and picked up by washington. foster's making about $50,000 a week but is on the commissioner's exempt list. that means he can't play or practice with the team until the nfl clears him. happening tonight, the los altos planning commission will have its first meeting since one of its members was arrested on dui charges. he was caught driving his tesla. he was taken into custody on dui charges. they think he may have been using the auto pilot feature on his tesla at the time of the incident. in a statement, tesla says the
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equipment is not meant to replace the actual driver. hundreds of pounds of drugs, more than $500,000 and a rocket launcher. the new details we're learning about a major drug bust in one of the bay area's most exclusive neighborhoods. plus. >> the agency to become a less favorable place to work. >> they are having trouble keeping drivers. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. storm ranger showing dry conditions, leading to cold temperatures tomorrow. i'll let you know how chilly it's going to get in six minutes, plus details on how long snow lingers in southern california.
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it was based in the south bay, but police say the crime ring a million dollar a year drug operation is out of business tonight. police say the crime ring stretched coast-to-coast. anousha rasta is live in san jose where neighbors were shocked to learn what their neighbors were up to. >> reporter: according to court documents, the four people accused of running that drug ring used a storage facility here in san jose to do business. the san jose police department spent two years on the case and have arrested these men.
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>> in new york, in tennessee and other various locations, it isn't legal. so they can get a premium for california marijuana in these other states. >> reporter: officers busted all four san jose men last wednesday. one at this house in willow glen. a neighbor says the street was full of police cars, and they couldn't even leave for several hours. >> been here for many, many hours that day. it was a lot of police. >> reporter: according to police, they seized more than 800 pounds of marijuana. other drugs like xanax and cocaine. $600,000 from frozen bank accounts, guns and even a rocket launcher. a lawyer representing one of the suspects told nbc bay area, the launcher was a relic he brought back from iraq after he served there during the war. >> you can never imagine this kind of stuff happening this close to our house. >> reporter: police say the men used industrial spaces as distribution centers and then trick tricked freight companies to
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ship their products by telling them the shipments were computer parts and electronics, an operation investigators estimate brought in more than $1 million a year. >> everyone pays a lot of money. you pay money to be safe and still kind of stay away from that kind of stuff. >> reporter: in san jose, anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. well, tonight, it is case closed on a serial ar arson cas that spanned multiple cities. he was convicted for starting a series of cars, mostly in parked cars overnight. multiple cities were hit. bishop's conviction is the end of a months-long, multi-agency case. >> this was a several months' long investigation into numerous fires. approximately 45 actually fires that were investigated. and that takes time, and it
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takes a lot of diligence. >> of those 45 fires, bishop was charged in 14 of them. the most dangerous and almost deadly one happening in antioch in september. a car fire spread to an apartment, trapping a woman and her 8-year-old granddaughter inside. thankfully both made it out okay. muni is hiring, but not many people are sticking around. a new report card is out for muni, and it shows there's room for improvement. it starts with a shortage of bus drivers and why d's touit's tou retain them. >> reporter: through october this report found a deficit of 400 operators. now you might not notice it all the time. because muni fills the gap with overtime. when there are issues like with the twin peaks tunnel, the closure there or construction issues around the corner of the new chase arena, delays can pile up. muni has a manpower problem.
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and it's coming full force. >> i didn't know it was that big of a change now. i mean, i didn't really know what was going on, really. but wow. >> i hope that's not the reason, because i'm mad, if that's the reason. >> reporter: not all riders may know what's driving their occasional delays, but a new report from san francisco's director of policy analysis finds that of the 2300 transit operators needed they only have about 1900, a sizable deficit. >> to have the equivalent of 41411 positions, which is what it was in october, filed by overtime and time and a half gets to be a costly proposition. >> reporter: it leaves the system more vulnerable to hiccups, like the construction curveball near the future chase arena earlier this week. >> it created a hectic day for me because i will to wait extra time and i didn't know it was
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going on. >> it was a pain in the butt. >> yes, it was. >> reporter: the agency's taken steps in the last few months to bring more operators online, chipping that deficit down to about 250 people. >> we're trying to address morale the best we can. we're giving them the best benefits we can to our operators and trying to make sure they have all the resources they need to be successful and safe with their jobs. >> reporter: pay and culture were two of the complaints voiced by the operators who were interviewed for this report. they are trying to deepen their applicant pool and work being wi -- working for training for drivers. >> it looks nice out there. >> lots of sunshine, jeff. >> probably hard to get on public transportation. if you have to, you're like, why? >> earlier at 5:00, jeff said he was going to guarantee this
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forecast for the weekend. >> don't extend my guarantee on me. let's get a look at that micro climate forecast. we did have some rainfall the past two and a half days, but we starting to see things dry out as many of you noticed. we have a look at storm ranger and it's dry notice currein the sweep. we are picking rainfall down there. interstate 5 at the grapevine was closed due to snow. we have a winter weather advisory posted. if you know anyone traveling there or headed there tonight, please watch out for icy conditions. this is in effect through mid night. snow level starts around 4,000 feet. at 5500 feet, snow accumulation at 6 inches. it's moving into san diego.
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we should see all this rain starting to clear out by tomorrow morning. back in the bay areas not snow but definitely kolcold temperatures. coldest average in the north bay at 35 degrees. need a couple layers tomorrow morning. the good news, we start off this chilly. we get sunshine, mostly sunny, and 63 in napa. 62 in livermore. low to mid-60s from san jose to livermore. and we'll talk more about the shower chance bit end y the end weekend at 6:48 tonight. >> okay. thanks, jeff. an alarming uptick in contra costa county, the mystery behind the increase in animal shootings this year. a wildlife hospital s
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treating twice as many animals an alarming trend in the east bay. a wildlife hospital says it's treating twice as many animals
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with a specific kind of wound. >> it's seen 30 animals, mostly birds, who have been shot, mostly with a bb or pellet gun. it's not clear why people are shooting these birds, but the hospital says it's likely someone thinks they're a nuisance or they're using them for target practice. >> very recently, we've had a crow, to a raven, to a red-tailed hawk to a turkey vulture come in with indications that someone shot it. >> unfortunately, most of the animals don't survive. the wildlife center is reporting all the cases to the department of fish and wildlife. skidding offer the runway, this southwest airlines night that took off from the bay area and weig and was saved by a piece of aviation technology. a special train carries president george h.w. bush to his final resting place, with thousands paying their respects. /
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right now at 6:30, take a look, a frightening landing for this southwest airlines jet, oakland to burbank with turbulence on the runway, and offer the runway, 117 people on board, they all walked away after that plane skidded in burbank. >> a piece of technology is being credited for saving the flight from real danger. let's bring in scott budman.
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>> southwest flight 278 from oakland to burbank landed in a rainstorm and then the plane skidded along the runway. it was anything but a smooth landing for this flight that took off from oakland and landed at bob hope airport in burbank. >> we went to a stop and then a really fast stop. but nobody was hurt. >> i was like, okay, this isn't normal. >> because of heavy rain, the plane skidded along the runway until it landed, until the airport's engineer material arresting system kicked in. material built into the runway to make sure the plane doesn't slide too far. it stopped the plane in time. >> we felt turbulence on the way, and he said hey, there's rough weather down in l.a. just be prepared that this is going to be a little bit different landing because of the short runway. the plane started to like sway,
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i was in the back of the plane, so i felt it more than the people in the front. >> reporter: everyone walked off the plane safely with no reported injuries. now we saw a lot of social media posting from flight 278 this morning. this one shows the emergency crews heading to the plane. the person who snapped this picture said they were inside. the debris left on the runway, this was supposed to happen. the plane stopped in time and everyone got off safely. this shows you how damaged the plane was because it skidded along the runway. >> it could have been a lot worse. a long-time staffer for kamala harris has resigned, following a $400,000 sexual harassment settlement. larry wallace started working for harris when she was a prosecutor in san francisco. the complaint dates back to 2016 when harris was california attorney general. wallace's executive assistant accused of of ssexual harassmen.
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senator harris says she didn't know anything about it. four days of tributes and morals for george h.w. bush ended at a private farewell in houston and burial. jay gray has more on the moving services. >> reporter: after four days of public mourning, today's service was private and personal. >> today we are gathered to celebrate the life of a man that we all adored. >> reporter: 1200 or so, filling st. marten's church where president george h.w. bush worshipped. his oldest grandfather and name namesake honoring his gampy. his best friend and former secretary of state jim baker, struggling to say good-bye. >> because our glory, george,
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was to have had you as our president and as such a friend. >> reporter: long before his passing, bush had asked his favorite group, the oak ridge boys, to sing at his funeral. ♪ bright shining as the sun another favorite, reba mcentire ♪ for thine is the kingdom brought president george w. bush to tears. as his flag-draped caskets left the chapel and adopted hometown of houston for the last time, thousands lined the streets and train tracks leading to college station, as a locomotive bearing his name carried the 41st president back to the place he always felt most comfortable, at his wife's side. jay gray, nbc news, college station. >> a bay area tribute to the late president could be heard throughout the city of alameda.
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[ shots ] members of the coast guard fired the cannon 21 times, a rare military honor. president bush was the last u.s. president to see active service in wartime. he served as a navy pilot in world war ii. president bush was no stranger to california, especially in the bay area, as president and vice president he knew the importance of the silicon valley, which was really emerging in the 1980s. 12 days before he was elected president, mr. bush was campaigning in santa clara. this was october of 1988. he gave a speech at applied materials, highlight being technology and business. you can see him on the podium there. please forgive the grain ey photos. this is from my camera. he walked by a crowd of reporters, among them, two 17-year-olds who cut school that day. that's my classmate and i.
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mr. bush knew we were in way over our heads, stopped and asked how we were doing. joh jenna bush hager has a special this saturday night on nbc bay area. no cause for children. the state health department says it detected no radiation risks to the public on the residential parts of the hunter's point naval shipyard. they started scanning the surface of streets, sidewalks and soil where people are living in new condos. they scanned the dirt hillside next to the homes. the health department announced they found no elevated levels of radiation in those areas. they did find a small object, and the radiation level on the object did not pose a safety risk either.
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a group of korean seniors are accusing denny's of being refused service and kicked out. andrew koh hand-delivered a letter to the restaurant. the letter demands that denny's management attend a mediation session with state officials. koh says his group of ten seniors were waiting for more members of their church when they were kicked after ten to 15 minutes for drinking coffee and not ordering food. he believes they were treated rudely because of their age and possibly their race. >> i feel some discrimination here, but it's hard to say, but i feel real, really bad. >> the bay area did contact denny's management through its public relations company to get a comment, but we have not gotten a response as of yet. every wine bottle has a story. the next installment of our bay
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area revelations shares some of those stories from winemakers and growers. born in mexico, hararo came to napa valley. the white house wanted to serve his wines at a state dinner. >> the chef loved tit, i loved it. wanted to know if we could sell them five cases of wine for the dinner. i'm like, um, um, yes, of course. what do you say? you're so happy, you can't believe >> speechless, wow. >> it airs saturday 10:00 p.m. after "saturday night live." >> we will be watching. up next, the nominees are in. the movie leading the pack when it comes to golden globes and a movie no one's seen yet. stay with us. safer... by beefinp
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here's the plan. trying to make those e scooters that you see on our streets safer by beefing up technology. mayor sam liccardo has an idea. he wants to use geo fencing to slow down those scooters if riders drive them on sidewalks and crowded areas. it's essentially the same technology that prevents grocery carts from passing a certain point in a parking lot. the city of san jose is willing to work with the scooter companies to make this a reality. >> we just know this is a needed innovation if we're going to be able to protect pedestrians who have a reasonable expectation that they'll be safe walking on the sidewalk without being run over. >> the mayor and council members are scheduled to talk more about this issue next week. parents of young children check your medicine coverage. certain liquid ibuprofen should
6:41 pm
not be given to a baby. it could cause nausea, headaches and other gastrointestinal problems. it was sold at walmart, cvs and family dollar stores. a movie that doesn't come out until christmas day has the most golden globe nominations. the soon-to-be released movie "vice." it has six nominations. lady gaga is also nominated for best actress for "a star is born". bradley cooper nominated as well for performing and directing. it has five nominations aong with the royal drama called "the favorite" and "green book". we have a lot of viewing to do. >> i just watched "star is born". >> you're 1-5. >> you can watch the golden globes right here on sunday
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january 6. southern california has seen torrential downpours. this is what it looked like at the grapevine. it reopened this afternoon. so strange to get snow. you said some of the lower elevations, like 5,000 feet or something? >> at 4,000 feet you start to encounter that snow. we're looking at six to maybe ten inches at 7,000 feet. >> wow. >> wild weather in southern california. that same storm we had the past couple days. >> we're good here. >> yes, we are good. clear skies. let's get you outside to san francisco. to is gorgeous tonight, and we do have a cool 56. notice how much colder by 1:00 a.m., dropping into the 40s. let you know who gets into the 30s in a few minutes. defying the odds. we'll take you to a salmon hatchery that's a big reason for the resurgence of the fish population. me binge try my new chilli cheese or triple cheese and bacon curly fries
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for just $3. jack. so just so you know, i was like this close to totally destroying your planet until i heard about those fries. that's uh, so thoughtful. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries.
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my new $3 sauced & loaded fries with curly fries and all-beef chilli or triple cheese and bacon are perfect for a late night video game binge. i would destroy the entire zerkanian armada for those fries. or you could just pay 3 bucks. or that. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries. up river to spawn.
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well, all that recent rain is a cue for salmon to begin their migration to spawn. >> nbc bay area's joe risotto junior shows how one hatchery has slowly become one of the saviors of california's king salmon. >> reporter: in the central valley town of clements, amid woods and streams stands the sign for the fish hatchery and an illustration of what you might expect to find here. so the hatchery here was built in '64 to mitigate for the construction of the dam. this time of year, this hatchery is jumping as king salmon make their way home to spawn. >> so fish come up the river, and they have the option of spawning in the river itself or go along the fence and up into the hatchery. >> reporter: the intuition to return to the place of their birth so strong the fish will jump even when the hatchery gate is closed. >> they are definitely a
6:46 pm
machine. once they enter freshwater, there's no eating, no nothing, moving upstream and tearing up. >> reporter: but for jose setca, a river full of fish was not a typical scene here 20 years ago. >> when i first started in the early '90s, if we had 5,000 fish come back to the river we ecstatic. >> reporter: this hatchery has become one of the state's biggest success stories for restoring salmon populations. last year the hatchery saw its biggest return yet, 20,000 returning fish. the hatchery added gravel to improve spawning and at that time, adjusted water flows to attract fish and is releasing juvenile salmon further down in the delta to improve their chance of survival. >> they really made a commitment to the salmon fishery. >> reporter: inside the hatchery is an assembly line of artificial spawning.
6:47 pm
females and males separated, eggs collected and fertilized. sfla o >> one of the great things about the fish coming out of this hatchery, they tend to be bigger and stronger. >> reporter: the biggest success is at the end of a line, the fishing line in the ocean. >> this accounts for a third of what sports fishermen caught. >> reporter: it accounts for 20% of commercial salmon. >> we're having a contry big ib to fishing. >> reporter: it's what some are calling a model for river restoration that lives up to its billing. >> phenomenal. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. okay, before we get to weather, i just want to say one thing. happy anniversary. >> 20 years at nbc bay area. >> oh, man. >> we have been so lucky to have
6:48 pm
watched you. >> i am so grateful for the station, the viewers and our team. we have a great team. >> you know what i love about you? >> are you going to make me embarrassed? >> he is so passionate about his job. >> yeah. >> every story, every script. you're like in the nitty gritty. i learn so much from you. >> i grew up in the bay area. i take every story very seriously. >> you care very much about our community. >> it comes across. everybody i might, they bring up all of you as well. you're top of the list. >> i appreciate it. thank you to all our viewers. >> i'm embarrassed now, please. >> you asked for it. two days of sun coming your way, raj, happy 20th anniversary. as wei move into our micro climate forecast, traffic moving normal. as we head throughout the next couple hours we will continue to
6:49 pm
drop into the 40s. by 1:00 a.m., down to 41, that is definitely setting the stage for 30s tomorrow morning. let's get a closer look at the forecast. the average in the tri valley down to 37 degrees. peninsula 41 and the south bay at 40. coldest average in the north bay at 35. san francisco 43 and the east bay expecting 40 degrees. mostly clear skies. i want to show you on future cast. it has been so long since we have seen a trend reek thlike t across the bay area. we had all that snow, and back to back storm systems. 10:00 tomorrow morning, mostly sunny skies from the north bay to the south bay. we're going to advance this, and it's going to look like it's broken because there's no cloud cover that's really going to be moving across into 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. get your sunglasses out, keep the jacket handy. by the afternoon we'll see temperatures warm up. they'll still be on the cool side.
6:50 pm
as kro the, after our storm system moved in, moved out, it helped level off the temperatures in the bay area. that's why we're not seeing any big differences. low 60s for the inland valleys of the east bay. 62 in concord, 59 in oakland. upper 50s to low 60s for the peninsula. 61 in palo alto, 59 in daley city. it's usually windy this time of the year, wind out of the west at 6 miles per hour. not much in the way of wind, sunshine, it's going to feel like december. through the north bay, 62 in novato. and my extended forecast again, a guarantee on great weather the next two days. lots of sunshine, upper 50s. by sunday at 10:00 p.m., a chance for showers. i wouldn't cancel any weekend plans over this.
6:51 pm
trace amounts to a quarter of an inch. we've lowered totals, the way things are looking now. and we'll be dry tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we stay with a mix of 50s and 60s. lots of us may be heading to the mountains, 38 on friday, 40 on saturday, maybe snowshowers by next monday and cold 30s into next week. that hooks good. what about ski resorts? it's on you to check who's open, who's not. look at these totals. 37 inches at ms. rose. north star, 26 inches. if we can keep up with this pace through the next couple months, we're going to have a very good year ahead of us. the pattern right now shows over the next two to three weeks, two to three storms. keeping our fingers crossed on that. >> powder. something special is happening at laney college. the school's football team is on the verge of winning it all.
6:52 pm
colin resch joins us next. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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been a lousy football season for the bay area. but we did find one team -- that )s shining bright. well, for the most part, this has been a lousy football season for the bay area. but we did find one college
6:55 pm
shining bright. >> laney college in oakland. some people didn't know laney had a football team. >> opposite sides of the spectrum. the raiders are 2-10 right now. while john beam's squad here is 10-2. in more than 50 years in football, the eagles have never played this halate into the season. >> last year we made it to the first round of playoffs. this year we're going all the way. >> the eagles will try to finish off a dream season with a win over ventura college in southern california. >> it means the world to everybody. ta it's pinnacle. they're already winners. this age group, how many of them are dead, in jail, on the streets. they win every day when they show up to laney college to go to school. >> they don't see a lot of good
6:56 pm
things happening. when you get to do something like this and something positive going on, it means the world. >> just want the game to hurry up and come. >> the defensive tackle is like many players, born and raised in oakland. overlooked coming out of fremont high school, he now has multiple division one offers. >> a lot of people look down at us. especially the underdogs, especially going into the game. ventura's ranked nun third or fourth in the nation, we're sixth. a lot of people think they're going to win. they have a rude awakening coming for them. >> do you think you have good chances? >> i love our chances. no doubt we're going to get that w. >> a 1:00 kickoff at sacramento city college. in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> how about that. we have a title game in the bay area. >> we're rooting for laney college. >> good weekend coming our way, too. >> thank you for joining us,
6:57 pm
have a great evening. >> we'll be back at 11:00, hope to see you then.
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now on extra. two golden globe stars are born. bradley cooper and lady gaga leading the nominations today. >> it's a big one. i'm just grateful. >> julia roberts' son. >> give her a golden globe statue. >> you plus the surprise snubs. prynka chopra's first interview after her wedding. >> i wanted the longest veil in the world. >> what joe jonas revealed about the wild party. george and amal clooney totally decked out for a new york date night. why mrs. clooney is laying into president trump. >> the u.s. president -- >> tea


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