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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 9, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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i mean, elite, right? he started off really poor, and now he never throws the ball away. >> no, he had a struggle in the first four, five games of the season. then all of a sudden he's turned it around. protecting the football extremely well. high percentage completion rate. doing what he needs to do to get the ball down the field and get the ball to the open guy. >> only five quarterbacks have gone for 3,000 yards and completed 69% of their passes. carr in there, has gone 263 consecutive pass attempts without an interception, 14 pass attempts, a club record of 277 set in 2001. jeff, you were an elite quarterback. how hard is it to throw touchdowns and throw for so many yards and not throw interceptions? >> it's very difficult to do in the national football league. you have great competition every week. he's taken a pounding, hasn't
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been protected very well throughout the season. for him to continue to find the right guy on the field, make good decisions, keep the ball out of the defense's hands, that's doing a good job. >> sometimes you have bad luck and the ball bounces the wrong way. wacky finishes in the nfl. we'll show you some of them. and jeff's brand-new top five teams in the nfl. no one has seen his list yet, you'll be first.
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it's time for our favorite moment. it's presented by park city, utah, winter's favorite time. pats taking on the dolphins. a stunner in southy. 7 seconds left. ryan tannehill fires to it kenny stills. stills to devante parker, then kenyon drake. drake running down the field
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somehow finds a seam, takes it all the way for a touchdown. it was a 69-yard miracle. jeff, it makes tom brady 7-10 in miami in his career. >> first of all, that was an awesome play. i don't know why -- i know why gronk is back there, but i don't think they had to worry about the hail mary on thatly. i don't know if they should have had a slow guy, a slower guy as a safety valve. i don't know what it weather center brady in miami. miami has the best of him down there. maybe he needs to stay off the beach until the day before the game, who knows what it is. they seem to get him down there. >> that was a great finish. cowboys hosting the eagles, interesting game too. in overtime, cowboys on the eagles' 15 yard line. dak prescott throws it to amari cooper. he takes it into the end zone, his third touchdown of the game, it was cooper's sixth touchdown since being traded to the cowboys. cooper is the new man with the
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boys. almost twice as many receptions, as well as twice as many yards, six touchdowns to one touchdown. why is cooper so much better when he's got a star on his helmet? >> all of a sudden they start to focus on a guy utilizing his talents, utilizing his abilities. maybe that was not something they were focusing on in oakland. trying to spread the ball around, utilize all of the talent on the field. here's a guy that can definitely be a differencemaker, he's showing that in dallas and taking advantage of the opportunity. they look at him as the number one guy, feeding their number one guy. >> i am the only human alive who has seen a sneak peek of jeff's top five until now. go over your top five and explain yourself. >> i'm going to have to explain myself. new england is still on the bubble. the chargers are on the rise. but when you look at the top five right now, i think you have to look at the teams that are on a hot streak. kansas city number one. they can put up a lot of points in k.c.
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new orleans saints, they win today, they struggled a week a go against dallas, but they win in tampa bay. 11-2. chicago, they showed tonight why they've a team to be reckoned with, taking on the number one at one time l.a. rams and shutting that offense down completely. >> rams only have two losses. >> you're right but i can't put them above chicago after chicago took care of them. the defense could help them win a championship. >> dallas cowboys? >> the last team, the hottest team in the nfl right now. they've won five straight. they're playing good football. they're finding ways to win games. they have a complete team that's playing excellent ball together. >> your five is okay. >> it's legit. >> it's definitely legit. it's fluid. it will probably change. >> it will change, i'm sure. there's room to change. >> it's good. and it is legit. thank you, jeff. thank you for watching "xfinity sports sunday." i'm dave feldman. have a great night.
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♪ whatever it is that floats your boat... ...or tickles your tastebuds... ♪ ...or brightens your day... ♪ ...even if you've never tried it before... ♪
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...just know that... you can, in portland. right now at 9. shake-ups in the white house. resigned or forced out? >> i don't know, to be honest. >> at 9:00, shakeup in the white house. the developments in washington as more uncertainty looms for the trump administration. and two high-profile senate
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confirmations. tracking changes in the forecast. rain just hours away from the bay area. how long will it stick around? first, a call to action by teachers in the east bay. dozens are expected to strike tomorrow. >> the news starts right now. thank you for joining us this evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm vicky nguyen with a special edition of nbc bay area news because of sunday night football. teaching a lesson from the picket lines. oakland unified school teachers are going on strike. >> they won't be in classrooms tomorrow. sergio quintana is live with reaction and the impact this is going to have on students. >> reporter: terry, the school district and the teachers union have been in negotiations now for a contract for about two years. and the teachers i talked with today tell me they feel like those negotiations have stalled so they're organizing tomorrow's event in an effort to jump start those negotiations. susie la rare ron and jesse
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shapiro two of dozens of teachers at oakland high school who will not go into classrooms tomorrow. instead they plan on talking to parents as they drop off kids. >> teachers will be lined up on the other side of the street from the school. there will be picket lines and there will be fliers. we expect about 75 of our 90 teachers out tomorrow. >> we felt that the district has not been bargaining in good faith. we're asking for a 12% raise over the next three years, they're offering 5% over five years. that's not even kate moss of living. >> reporter: the oakland unified school district has responded with a statement reading in part, a sick-out is an illegal labor action. teachers who call in sick under these circumstances will potentially be subject to disciplinary action and loss of pay. tonight i also talked with a couple of students who say they plan on supporting the teachers by also organizing a student walk-out. you'll hear from them coming up at 11:00. the teachers from at least four
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other high schools may also be joining in. teachers i talked with tonight say they do not want to go on extended strike but say they will if the district does not budge on some of their key demands. the last time there was a teacher strike in oakland was in 1996, and that lasted a couple of months. also happening tomorrow, thousands of mental health workers at kaiser are set to go on strike. that strike is expected to last five days. workers across california say they're understaffed and have unequal benefits. they also claim kaiser patients seeking mental health care face more wait times for appointments. kaiser says it has hired more therapists to meet demands, and hospitals and urgent care departments will remain open during the strike. a disabled man burned when the room he was in caught fire this afternoon about 2:00. firefighters were called to a
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home on lenai avenue in east san jose. two of the people in the house tried dragging the man out, couldn't do it, needed firefighters to help them. >> i heard the fire engines, smelled the smoke. i came out here and i could see the smoke coming up from the chimney. fire people were up there. they were starting to hack away with their axes. >> the man was taken to a burn center. no word on the extent of his injuries. the forecast, we are tracking some changes in a matter of hours. a live look right now outside over the north bay. rain is on its way to the bay area. a look at the timeline. >> that's right, we're tracking a weak cold front that's already starting to swoop in over northern california. right now the current temperatures still chilly. it's been a cool sunday and we saw mostly dry conditions through the weekend. but now we've got that system approaching. as you head out the door, temperatures in the upper 40s for hayward, 49.
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49 san francisco. overnight lows are once again expected to drop. we're also seeing some pretty dense fog in certain areas up through santa rosa, down to a two-mile distance in terms of the fog. satellite, you can see there's that cold front beginning to swoop in. if i zoom in closer you can see we're already starting to pick up some of that precipitation. as far as the timeline for this goes, the north bay will start to get showers first. it isn't until the overnight hours when we start to see that system begin to trickle from north down south into the east bay and santa cruz mountains in time for that early morning commute. of course i'm going to take you through the timeline. as far as rain totals go, about .1 inches with possibly up to .25 inches mainly for the mountainous areas. overall, though, this cold front will again drop our daytime highs as we head into tomorrow. i'll talk about what we're expecting heading into your monday forecast for your temperatures, and when the rain will move out coming up in a bit.
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we're tracking weather on the east coast. a severe winter storm canceling hundreds of flights nationwide. there's a live look now at sfo where seven flights were canceled today, over 100 delayed. we'll have more on the storms pounding much of the country coming up in the next half hour. some of the weather out there is turning deadly. to the developments in washington where uncertainty surrounds several positions in the trump administration. the president is searching for a replacement for his outgoing chief of staff and getting some pushback for his picks for attorney general and u.n. ambassador. kelly o'donnell has the latest. >> reporter: a year-end challenge for president trump. his vacancy rate. >> people leave. >> reporter: the hurdle ahead, senate confirmation for two high-profile picks. >> he deserves overwhelming bipartisan support. she's been a supporter for a long time and she's really excellent. >> reporter: but today the path for heather nauert, the
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department spokeswoman and fox news alum, hit a snag when senator marco rubio could not say she is qualified to be u.n. ambassador. >> the things you're asking me, does she have detailed knowledge of foreign policy to a level that will allow her to be successful at the united nations? i don't know. >> reporter: a second act for william barr, who already served as attorney general 25 years ago under bush. his past legal positions and future oversight of the mueller russia investigation are his confirmation tests. >> protecting the integrity of special counsel mueller, i think that's going to be a kind of litmus test. >> oh-oh is right. i'm concerned he's been a big supporter of the patriot act which lowered the standard for spying on americans. >> reporter: no senate confirmation required to fill this weekend's sudden west wing opening. >> john kelly will be leaving. >> reporter: but today the president's economic adviser could not explain a critical fact about the chief of staff's
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exit. >> did kelly resign or was he forced out? >> i don't know, to be honest. >> kelly o'donnell reporting. new tonight, sources tell nbc news the president was expected to name a new chief of staff by year's end. president trump said yesterday he expected an announcement within a couple of days, now it's going to be a few weeks. one top adviser who had been in discussions for the job, nick ayers, will not be taking that post, will go to an outside political action committee. the president wanted a long-term commitment, ayers wanted to take his young family back to georgia. we'll follow the latest developments in washington on click on our top stories for the in-depth insights and analysis. it was a dangerous situation in the east bay. take a look at that video. the picture of the driver of this lexus who was taken to the hospital after crashing into a condo this afternoon. this happened in walnut creek. witnesses say the woman came out of a nearby senior care facility
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and didn't turn right or left onto the road, instead, headed straight into the condo. the city is now checking the building to see if it suffered any structural damage and needs to be red tagged. rude awakening at a redwood city complex as smoke from an unusual fire forced evacuations. round 9:30 this morning a resident at the 201 marshall apartment building noticed smoke on the fifth floor. the culprit was a computer processor about the size of a file cabinet. it caught fire. the person who called 911 told us what he saw. >> it was toxic. so much so that i was worried to breathe it. the hallway, you couldn't see all the way down the end of the hallway, the smoke was that thick. >> fortunately no one was hurt. the issue of gun violence led to a somber gathering in san francisco today. families who lost children in shootings. south bay area democrats coming together to search for solutions. chrissy smith explains.
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>> reporter: an emotional afternoon in san francisco. richard martinez wears armbands to tell the story of people lost to gun violence as he shared the story of his son, christopher. >> chris was shot and killed may 23rd, 2014. he was a student at uc santa barbara. he was shot and killed in isla vista. >> reporter: a vigil honoring shooting victims and survivors. congresswoman jackie speier, who survived being shot near jones town in 1978, among the speakers. >> i know what it's like to survive and feel compelled atmosphere about the violence that takes place in our country every day. >> reporter: the event timed to coincide with the sixth anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. elizabeth moore is with moms demand action for gun sense in america, an event cohost. >> there's 96 pem a day, 33,000 a year, and that's just deaths.
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>> reporter: also house democratic leader nancy pelosi who talked about working to pass legislation. >> we cannot just say to people, i'm so sorry, you're in my thoughts and prayers. what congress does is have a moment of silence and no action. >> reporter: in the crowd the tone about what families are facing. >> chris was our only child. he was everything to us. the nra did not respond to our request for comment. the pro-gun rights organization typically opposes gun control laws. however, has recently signaled its support of restraining orders for gun own there's exhibit so-called red flags. still ahead, moving to safer territory. a decision by a tech giant that's shedding light on how dangerous parts of san francisco may be. a former first lady about to share her story with the bay area. the high-profile event involving michelle obama this week.
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locations because of safety
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concerns. "spotify" has moved out of its offic a music tech giant in san francisco switching locations because of safety concerns. spotify moved out of its offices in san francisco's mid market area according to the "san francisco chronicle." the music streaming giant moved into the area in 2013 under a program that gave companies a tax break to missouri into that area. now they're operating out of the financial district. the "chronicle" quotes employees saying safety and crime were the main reasons for the move. others share those customers. >> i think the city needs to be cleaned up. i don't know how aggressive people can get, but at some point the issue, the talk on the street, is the issue is the quality of life for people working there. at what point do they have to put up with people harassing them, fights, getting stuff thrown at them, stepping over needles? >> mid market and tenderloin neighborhoods have been plagued by violent crime and poverty for decades. spotify's new place is near
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california and montgomery. happening this week, a former physical lady making a visit to the bay area. michelle obama is set to give a talk at san jose's s.a.p. center on friday. it's part of her book tour for her memoir "becoming." we plan to be there and will bring you complete coverage of that event. you talked about rain earlier? >> it's already showing up on the radar. >> it's not going to give us a break and get warmer? we'll still be cold? >> yeah, it's a cold front. typically when a cold front passes through, the temperatures drop as that cold front makes its pass. so right now the radar is showcasing some of that rain, but it's pretty far off to the north. you can see the line which is that cold front. let me go ahead and point it out for you so you can have a good idea of what we're tracking and monitoring here. here it is. this cold front swoop down. if i zoom in closer you can see exactly where we're seeing some rain. again, pretty far out to the north right now through eureka,
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redding. zooming in closer now, you can see where the rain is through santa rosa, starting to get showers first. then as that cold front begins to come down, we'll see showers move overnight into early tomorrow morning. current temperatures in the 40s. today we got into mid 50s. upper 50s for some interior valleys. temperatures in the 40s. 49 in hayward. 47 in mountain view. 45 palo alto. the timeline, you can see the system on the radar right now. when is it going to trickle down toward tran and the south bay and east bay? 3:30 a.m., you can see it's off to the north. then right at about maybe 5:00, 6:00, portions north of the golden gate bridge will see rain. light showers, some areas of moderate rain possible. fairfield through oakland and san francisco, that's where that timeline, you can see it's sort of trickling to the south. but the chances of the south bay
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seeing that rain begins to decrease every hour that goes by as we head into tomorrow. by 12:00, we'll catch a couple of pockets of showers pushing through. we'll see significant cloud cover and then by 5:10 tomorrow, although look at that it completely moves out and clears out across the bay area. not a huge rainmaker. estimated rain totals, just a little over .1 inches. the green lets you know that it will be between .1 to .5 inches. we might see .25 inches in the mountains but higher totals through santa rosa. hayward, look at that less than .1 inches. very small chance of seeing the rain down in san jose. not even close to .1 inches through san jose and sunnyvale because of that rain shadow and because that system cuts off and tapers off into the afternoon. microclimate highs for today were in the 50s. again we can expect to see that through tomorrow. over the next seven days, a look at what you can expect.
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we'll catch overnight/early morning showers. you might get caught up in light rain for your commute. temperatures only mid 50s for san francisco tomorrow. then we dry out for tuesday, wednesday, and through thursday. then we get another system sort of beginning to form off the coast for next weekend into friday and early saturday morning. inland areas, expect early morning showers. south bay, not really going to get much of this rain, in fact, you might only catch drizzle. by the time you wake up you might not see the rain because of how quickly the system moves in and out. temperatures upper 50s. then we stick to 60s. check out overnight lows. i talked about how those temperatures drop once the cold front passes and that's what will happen tomorrow night. the temperatures again dropping into low 30s for the north bay. hundreds of santas stripped down to their underwear in san francisco today, but it was all
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for a good cause. >> people brave the elements for the tenth annual santa skivvies run through the castro. a lot of people coming out in chilly conditions, all part of the fun. it's more than a festive time. the one-mile run helps raise money for hiv services and prevention. leaders are saying they want to remind people like hiv infection is declining, it is far from over. >> as a political leader, an elected official who's a gay man, this is my community that's been deeply impacted by hiv. i have a solemn responsibility to fight for the end of this epidemic. >> today's run, man, a lot of people. raised over $100,000 to support the san francisco aids foundation. organizers hope this helps stigmas associated with the hiv and lgbtq community. coming up, a look at the top stories we're following.
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a monster storm turning deadly. the latest on severe weather hitting much of the country. 18 million people feeling its wrath. in this era of legal pot, it is an item some say works wonders. how powerful is cbd oel? ♪ ♪
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♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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we )re on with a special edition of nbc bay area news due to sunday night football. welcome back, everyone. >> this is a special edition of nbc bay area news because of sunday night football. here are some of the top stories we're following. oakland unified high school teachers are planning a one-day strike tomorrow over a disagreement between the union and district leaders on a work contract. negotiations have been going on for nearly two years now. the teachers plan to march to city hall. the oakland unified school district is responding with a statement tonight saying in part, teachers who participate in the quote sick-out may be subject to disciplinary action and a loss of pay. teachers participating tomorrow are not allowed to use sick leave to take action.
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in san francisco, a vigil held to honor victims of gun violence that included families who have lost children in shootings. among the demonstrators congresswoman jackie speier who survived the jones town massacre in 1978, and congresswoman nancy pelosi. the event was timed to coincide with the sixth anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. the president is searching for a replacement for his outgoing chief of staff. he needs congress to approve his picks for attorney general and u.n. ambassador. some top senators have concerns over heather nauert's qualifications to be u.n. ambassador. for william barr, his past legal positions and future oversight of the mueller russia investigation will be his confirmation test for attorney general. a top adviser who had been in discussions with the chief of staff job, nick ayers, will not be taking that post, will instead go to an outside
9:32 pm
political action committee. concerns about freezing rain and snow as temperatures hover around freezing in much of the country. over a foot of snow has fallen in parts of north carolina. that storm system is affecting 18 million people in seven states. it's been blamed for at least four deaths. tammy leitner is in north carolina with more. >> reporter: tonight the monster storm dumping heavy snow and freezing rain has turned deadly. three people died in a south carolina home from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. an incident authorities say is storm related. and in north carolina, a man killed when a tree fell on his car. the news coming as large parts of the south remain crippled. >> i'm a little nervous, ain't going to lie. >> reporter: american airlines canceled 1,100 flights for today and more than 300 for tomorrow. residents across the region being warned to stay home. >> don't put your life and the lives of first responders at
9:33 pm
risk by getting out on roads covered with snow and ice. >> reporter: a state of emergency declared in north carolina and virginia with some areas expecting up to 2 feet. north carolina has been getting pounded with snow, leaving treacherous road conditions. and snowplows have been working around the clock. over 500 crashes reported in the state just today. >> absolutely worse than i thought. >> reporter: bringing greensboro to a standstill. >> we are getting more snow in one day than we get the entire year. >> reporter: across the carolinas, roughly 500,000 people expected to lose power and the new concern, that the snow left behind will turn to ice overnight. tammy leitner, nbc news, greensboro, north carolina. we continue to follow developments in the case of a chinese tech executive arrested in canada now facing extradition to the u.s. today china summoned the u.s. ambassador to demand the warrant against meng wanzhou be dropped.
9:34 pm
she's charged with covering up links with a firm that tried to sell equipment to iran despite sanctions. she's in jail in vancouver awaiting extradition to the u.s. where she would face charges of conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions. china is vowing grave consequences if she isn't released, calling her arrest an unreasonable violation of rights. >> china could do many things which will cripple the u.s. economy. >> u.s. lawyers are opposing bail for meng, arguing her wealth makes her a flight risk, saying she has used seven passports in the past decade. her arrest came as president trump and china's president called a truce in their trade war. it could make future negotiations difficult. we are following new developments in the jamal khashoggi murder case. saudi arabia's foreign minister today ruled out extraditing suspects in the killing. the chief prosecutor in istanbul, turkey, has filed warrants for the arrest of two former senior saudi officials.
9:35 pm
turkish leaders said last week they concluded that two top saudi officials helped plan the journalist's killing. the saudi foreign minister said no to the idea of sending the suspects to turkey for prosecution. >> with regards to issuing an arrest warrant, we don't extra tight our citizens. i believe turkey's constitution prohibits the extradition of turkish citizens. >> khashoggi was killed october 2nd at the saudi consulate in istanbul. audio of the killing was recorded. according to a source who has read a transcript of the killing, khashoggi's last words were "i can't breathe." words on shop windows removed in paris today after violent protests erupted for the fourth consecutive weekend. demonstrations led by the so-called yellow jackets, the protesters left a trail of destruction with businesses vandalized and cars set on fire. this follows weeks of protests spurred by a proposed gas tax hike and a distaste for president emmanuel macron's
9:36 pm
liberal economic reforms. many calling on the president to resign. >> i don't know if macron's resignation is a necessity, but he must completely change his mind and increase the wages, the low wages, and decrease taxes for poor people also. >> yesterday's protests resulted in more than 1,300 arrests and 135 injuries. france's finance minister says the demonstrations are harmful to the economy and all the damages will be paid for by the government and the people. turning to health news now, a big new trend is under the microscope. cbd oil is a product of hemp and a cousin of cannabis. many users say it works wonders. some doctors remain skeptical. nbc's dr. john torres explains what we know and what we don't know. >> reporter: in the kentucky countryside, hiding behind a crop of corn lies a tidy row of a mysterious plant thought to have medicinal powers. >> this is hemp.
9:37 pm
>> reporter: hemp, a type of cannabis plant that contains a chemical called cbd. it doesn't make you high like marijuana but it is creating a national buzz. >> cbd. cbd. >> reporter: sprouting up everywhere, in everything. lutays, beauty products, baked goods, even dog treats. as the cbd frenzy grows, who does the confusion. >> does cbd work? >> yes, it works for anxiety, it works for pain, it works for any inflammatory condition -- >> no, we don't know any of that. if you go in with this expectation, with all of society saying this is going to cure you of whatever ails you, it will. >> reporter: laura freeman was thrown off a horse 12 years ago and suffered pain until she tried a surprising treatment. >> the cbd worked and was an absolute miracle. seriously. >> reporter: now laura has turn her farm into a hemp empire. making and selling everything
9:38 pm
from cbd lotions to chocolates. in colorado, dr. joe cohen has stopped delivering babies. instead prescribing cbd to patients with an array of illnesses. >> you need to take this twice day every day. >> reporter: earlier this year the fda approved the first and only cbd medication, a treatment for two rare forms of epilepsy. >> there's no proof cbd works for anything other than seizures, yet you're prescribing pain control, alzheimer's -- >> there's no proof from a traditional melber suspecttive. there's plenty of proof from seeing patients and seeing results. >> reporter: cbd supplements are not tested, approved, or regulated by fda, but cbd fans are not waiting for proof. >> i couldn't be doing what i'm doing today without cbd. it's change midlife. >> reporter: a phenomenon growing faster than the science. >> that was nbc's dr. john torres. up against the big foe and the raiders somehow got it done.
9:39 pm
>> derek carr delivering a big game on the heels of last week's effort. here's dave feldman with more in sports. coming up next in sports, an update on draymond green. plus a wild day across the nfl with a last-second finnish oakland and george kittle entering the nfl record books. w permanente mental health clinics across the state plan to walk off the job monday. the demands they )re making. plus: what happens when you lose your license at the airport?! the print out that will give you hope. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
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i'm dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk. george kittle has been a bright spot in a tough year for the 49ers. the second-year tight end entered the record books today. the denver broncos were at levi's and kittle put on a first half the likes which of we have never seen. 49ers' first drive, nick mutual lips finds kittle. i mean, this was just the beginning. 31-yard gain. that led to a niners field goal. now end of the first quarter. mullins hits kittle over the middle.
9:42 pm
you remember yac, yards after the catch? there's a lot of them. 52 yards for the reception and that led to another niners field goal. second quarter. off the play action. mullins says, i might as well find the guy from iowa. the former hawkeye rumbling 85 yards for the touchdown. 49ers win 20-13. kittle finished with 210 yards all in the first half. four yards off the all-time record for yard busy a tight end in a game. kittle also became the single-season franchise leader in receiving yard busy a tight end and spoke with our postgame crew after the game. >> are you aware that you have more receiving yards than any tight end in the history of this franchise? and they started playing in 1946. >> i know now. >> did you know before you knew? >> yeah, my mom made sure to let me know i needed 107 yards today. she told me that five times.
9:43 pm
richard sherman did too. yeah, it was pretty fun today. raiders/steelers. two minutes left, oakland down four. derek carr to steph roberts over the middle. that's a huge 47-yard gain. raiders are in the red zone. later in the drive, fourth and goal for oakland. carr finds derek carrier for the touchdown. raiders take the lead late. under 20 seconds left. ben roethlisberger to james washington. he laterals it to juju smith-schuster. the hook and ladder. steelers are in business. 40-yard field goal for chris boswell to send it into overtime -- it's blocked. it was blocked. boswell loses his footing. raiders survive 24-21. jon gruden is fired up. miami had a crazy finish between the dolphins and the pats. pats up five. final play for miami.
9:44 pm
ryan tannehill finds kenny stills over the middle. kenyon drake ends up with the ball. and kenyon drake's going to score. 69 yards. dolphins are winners 34-33. eagles/cowboys in dallas. in overtime, dak prescott's pass is deflected into amari cooper's hands for the game-winning touchdown. remember he was a raider. he's really enjoying life in the big "d." cowboys win 29-23. draymond green will be back monday when the timberwolves come to town. green, who has missed the last 11 games and 14 overall with a sprained toe, coach says there will not be a minute restriction when he comes back. that's sports. i'm dave feldman. more news after the break. a viea
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person hitching a ride on the
9:47 pm
here's something you definitely don't see every day. a viewer took this picture. you see the guy in the front? he's hitching a ride on the back of a muni train. the person who took the photo says it happened about 8:30 this morning. the man rode the train's coupler into the tunnel. police were reportedly chasing him on foot when the man rode into the tunnel. a muni spokesperson tells us they heard the man was stopped before the train reached the tunnel. muni says someone riding a coupler inside the tunnel is rare and quite dangerous. san ramon, a touching tribute to a loyal member of the police department. officers held a procession of patrol cars and gave one final salute to their four-legged friend and partner hector. hector was a 7-year-old german shepherd who had cancer and his health took a turn for the worse. he'll be sorely missed by the whole department. rooting for the real heroes. a bay area police department honored on a big stage today.
9:48 pm
fremont police officers were recognized in dallas at halftime during that cowboys/eagles game. fremont joined several other agencies as part of a first responder preern ation game. at home, another holiday tradition on the peninsula. >> a dream come true for lego enthusiasts. the lego user group kicked off the annual show in palo alto, the 15th year of the popup exhibit that features thousands and thousands of legos. fans formed into a miniature city, not that miniature, it's big. if you missed it, the show runs through mid-january. it's at the museum of american heritage. we're going to turn attention to rain on the way? >> we do, light rain, a little bit, enough to create the sheeting on the roadways. the weather today was fantastic. we were just talking about that saying we have the fog in the morning, we have the cloud
9:49 pm
cover. the cool temperatures gave us a nice december day. here's what satellite radar is like right now. the cold front starting to sweep through. you can see some moisture up in far northern california. zooming in you can see how close it is to san francisco and the north bay. you can see it's still pretty far off to the north. the next couple of hours we'll see this start to trickle, starting to get light showers moving in through santa rosa. even along the san francisco bay, light drizzle as well in the next couple of hours. i also want to touch base on the situation going on right now in north carolina. because this is what the current storm looks like right now on satellite. you can see the intensity of this. i kind of want to take you through the color scheme. you're seeing green, it's the rain. the pockets of red and yellow here, the orange, these are heavier downpours. it's the pink and white where the wintry mix is. that's where they're dealing with extreme cold temperatures. unfortunately they're still
9:50 pm
under a winter storm warning, expecting to see a couple more inches of that snowfall overnight into the henderson area. unfortunately as well, we're also expecting on top of the snow to see a drop in temperatures out there. if you have family out there, call them, make sure everybody's safe. the winter storm warning is expected to remain in effect at least through tomorrow because of the dangerous conditions overnight. bringing you back home, our current temperatures here in the north bay, 49 degrees in napa. 47 in santa rosa. down through the south bay, 50s. it doesn't seem like a huge drop in temperatures, but remember, the system's only going to make it colder. hour by hour, by 4:00 a.m., the majority of the moisture seems to stick off to the north. right between 5:00, 7:00 a.m., we'll start to get this line that begins to move further down south of the golden gate bridge through half moon bay. east bay through fairfield getting the rain. south bay might not get any measurable rain as we head towards tomorrow afternoon.
9:51 pm
you can see 11:30, 12:00, we still don't really see much rain through the south bay. but it will be just enough to kind of come under .1 inches for portions of the north bay. as we head into the mountainous areas, we could see higher precipitation totals. overall this is what it's looking like for tomorrow. you can see less than .1 inches. this will trickle down in san jose. highs tomorrow will be in upper 50s. it's going to be a cool afternoon, but into the overnight hours, temperatures are expected to drop into the 30s. 58 for oakland. 59 san jose. the next seven days, this is your forecast. we dry out by tomorrow afternoon, then the temperatures overnight will drop down as well. then we clear out nicely for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. and you notice the rain chances i put in there for friday. this is also looking like a pretty weak system, so we're not expecting heavy rain. hopefully that trickles out just in time to have another beautiful weekend next weekend.
9:52 pm
>> anything further down the road? see any big storms coming to make a dent in the water? >> the 10-day outlook, not yet. we're just getting into the rainy season, so we have january and february, which are big rainmakers that we look forward to. still ahead on this special edition of nbc bay area news, a christmas tradition in new york city. you'll want to hear, not just see. the holidays always bring out big movies at the box office. we'll take a look at what's buzzing in theaters. a
9:53 pm
this is a fight. not to the finish. a but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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we're in memphis, ♪tennessee, a city with one of the highest increases of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. hundreds of tuba players gathered to play christmas carols at rockefeller ♪ unmistakable sound. >> one of them's out of tune, i can tell from here. >> excellent ear. >> i think it's the one back there. >> remind me not to play my tuba around you. hundreds of tuba players, one out of tune, gathered to play carols at rockefeller center.
9:55 pm
musicians played under the famous christmas tree. the event has been going on for 45 years in new york city. the unusual tradition has also been established in over 200 cities around the world. cold weather sets in. one south dakota police department is making sure its crime-fighting k-9s stay warm. spoiler alert, this is awfully cute. the newest rapid city k9 officer has snow boots to wear on duty. one officer decided to get the dog boots after another k9 spent the night trekking through the snow during a pursuit. the pup tried on his new kicks and you can see it takes awhile to get used to it. a little bumpy start. put down the paw, put it down. anyway. officers say the k9 has since adjusted to the new boots. >> they don't look them. we got those for our dogs and they'd rather walk through the cold. >> they'd never do it to themselves. >> that's true.
9:56 pm
the back leg kicking there. if you're going to the movies we have options for you. >> including a classic from steven spielberg that will be back on the big screen. here's a box office repreview for the week ahead. >> our hatred what is they look for. >> reporter: saoirse ronan in "mary queen of scots" based on mary stewart who marries the king of france but becomes widowed at age 18. mary returns to the british isles to reclaim her throne, only to find english cousin queen elizabeth i, played by margot robbie, ain't having it. "mary queen of scots" is rated r. natalie portman plays a pop star whose talents are discovered during a national tragedy. her path to the spotlight is a jagged line. it's rated r. lucas hedges is a boy erased
9:57 pm
playing a drug addict returning home on christmas eve. the move matches mom julia be ro werts off guard but she commits to keeping her son out of trouble even if it destroys her marriage. "ben is back" is rated r. >> you are good. >> who says that? >> everyone. >> a steven spielberg classic returns to theaters in "schindler's list." this best picture oscar winner celebrates its 25th anniversary with a restoration that tells the story of a businessman looking to profit from world war ii but instead becomes a guardian, saving more than 1,000 jews from the holocaust. "shind berg's list" is in limited release. now is it going to be movie-going weather? >> i would say it would be good movie with fer you like to be cozy inside. tomorrow the temperatures are only topping out in upper 50s, even for inland areas. it says a.m. showers there because the rain should clear
9:58 pm
out by mid-afternoon. we dry out through the middle of the week and get another system coming in. this is kind of attached to two systems. we get a friday, then a break by saturday, then a better chance of seeing heavier rainfall next week. we'll see, i know you were hopeful about the rain. >> i just would like the reservoirs to fill up. everyone to be happy. >> next week we might see a better chance. >> i'm going to hold you to it. >> all right. we're back at 11:00, join us then. >> thanks for watching.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
it was just such a shock. she thought he was killed and she thought he was poisoned. i didn't know what to think. >> he wanted to have kids. he wanted to start a family. >> otherwise healthy 41-year-old men usually do not drop dead. >> correct. some things aren't adding up. >> you believe there's a possibility that your husband was poisoned? >> not even for a second did it ever enter my mind that he would be in danger.


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