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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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to t. >> reporter: but the sound continued so igor followed the noise to the back door of this vacant chinese restaurant and started talking to someone through the door. a man told him he was stuck in a grease trap. igor then called 911. and the owner of the building even showed up. >> the vent was smallman. he couldn't get through. he got stuck. >> reporter: this is a picture of him inside covered in grease when the alameda sheriff's office came to rescue him. >> we can confirm this person was not santa claus, but likely a trespasser. we're looking at possible burglary. >> how you got up there? i was sleeping on top of the roof. how you get on top of the roof, how you get inside there? >> reporter: firefighters did manage to pull the man out of the vent. >> it took about 30 minutes. >> reporter: paramedics put him on a gurney and took him to the hospital to be cleaned up and treated for dehydration. >> another day we could have been looking at a fatality here. >> reporter: the sheriff's
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office said the man might face trespassing and vandalism charges. they think he might have been trying to steal some copper wire whether he broke into this vacant restaurant and other recyclables. reporting live in san lorenzo, anoushah ro anoushah rasta, new jersey bay area news. >> the father of governor elect gavin newsom has died. bill newsome iii passed away peacefully at his home in san francisco. this is a photo there on father's day recently, with his two children by his side. bill newsome was at his son's side at gavin newsom's swearing in as san francisco mayor in 2004 and 2018. bill newsome was a well known retired justice and a prominent figure in local politics for decades. bill newsome was 84 years old. >> a high-speed police chase that ends in a crash on 80, it all started at the gatd way shopping center in vallejo.
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officers were looking for people breaking into cars and they spotted a suspect driving slowly around the parking lot. when they tried to pull him over, he sped off. officers chased him onto eastbound 80. he lost control there near the red top road exit in fairfield and crashed onto an embankment. the suspect ran and tried to hide in a creek bed, but a canine found him and he was arrested. >> there is an active scene happening right now. >> switch the camera around and show you what we are looking at. >> our own jody hernandez was one of the first people on scene. she went live on facebook. you're looking at a recording that we posted onto our facebook page. you can see more content from our reporters by liking nbc bay area facebook. >> surveillance video might be the key to a deadly crime in san francisco. here it is. investigators say this shows the moments right after a hit and run in knob hill. this driver who stopped and looked down the street is a person of interest.
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that person in the car there. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us in san francisco and, scott, what do we know at this point. >> reporter: raj, i want do show you just where this happened. a very busy intersection here in the knob hill area. just past here, the intersection of bush and level enworth where the accident happened this morning, you saw the video. police hope it can lead them to the suspect. the video shot from a nest camera shows the driver stop her car on level enworth and bush, get out of the car, look back, then almost immediately get back into the car and drive away. san francisco police say she's a suspect in a deadly hit and run. those who live nearby say this area can be dangerous for pedestrians. >> well, i think you just have to be careful all the time, especially -- i walk a lot. you know, you just have to, you know, pay attention. >> it is a high traffic area and, of course, being next to the hospital there's a lot of
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extra emergency traffic that comes through. >> reporter: police say 58-year-old teresita collins was rushed to the hospital after she was hit. she later died of her injuries. officers are asking that you take a close look at this video. it may help them solve the case. and if you have any information that may help the case, you are asked to contact the san francisco p.d. reporting live in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay, scott, thank you for the update. the most stenson i. catastrophe in california history,g t devase in butte county. the camp fire which tore through the entire town of paradise is responsible for burning down more than 18,000 homes and businesses. the commissioner announced today $7 billion in claims have been filed after the camp fire. and that he expects that number to rise as more claims come in. now, most of the claims are coming from homes. so far more than 17,000 have been filed totaling to
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$16.4 billion. the clean-up is proving to be expensive, too. state authorities said this week moving all the debris in the fire zone is going to cost more than $3 billion. that's what it's going to cost. >> following the deadly shooting at a famed christmas market, a wanted poster has now been issued. you see it there. and the manhunt continues for the suspected gunman. police identified him as french born sharif sha cot. even before the shooting he was considered a potential security risk. now, in the city of strasbourg where the shooting happened, a growing shrine to the victims has sprung up near the site of that christmas market. two people were killed, bin dea wounded in the shooting rampage. >> three years in federal prison, thank you trump's former attorney sentenced today on several felony charges. he asked for no jail time because of his cooperation with prosecutors, but that wasn't enough to keep him out of prison.
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once president trump's personal attorney and fixer, today michael cohen is a convicted felon facing three years in federal prison. the charges? tax and bank fraud, lying to congress about a trump tower moscow project, and campaign finance violations for paying two women before the 2016 election to keep silent about their alleged affairs with mr. trump. cohen, who once said he'd take a bullet for the president, today told a judge he felt it was his duty to cover up the dirty deeds of president trump. he said blind loyalty led him to choose darkness over light. >> even though he's saying it was blind loyalty that led him to do it, it's also his connections to donald trump that enriched him. >> cohen said the hush money me from hurting his election campaign. the president said they were personal transactions and not subject to finance laws.
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he is the first person to be indicted or plead guilty in robert mueller's investigation into russia's tempering in the 2016 election. >> any time a former lawyer of yours goes to jail is probably not a good day, but i have yet to see any evidence coming from mr. cohen of collusion, and that's what started the mueller investigation to begin with. >> as for cohen, his attorney says he looks forward to an appropriate time when he'll reveal all he knows about president trump. well, we have a major update from congresswoman nancypelosi'. she said if she becomes speaker of the house, she would serve no more than four years. those words came in a statement th decision comes after there were discussions among democrats about term limits and wanting new blood leading the party. pelosi said she is comfortable with the proposal and intends to abide by it. no other democrats are running for house speaker. by agreeing to the term limits, pelosi is almost ensuring she will be elected to that post. >> so what's going to happen with the raiders? where are they going to play
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next season? raiders owner mark davis calling a federal lawsuit filed by the city of oakland against his team, he called that lawsuit meritless and malicious. davis speaking with espn about this suit which was filed in federal court yesterday, the lawsuit claims the raiders' move to las vegas is illegal and the city wants to be paid hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. in that interview, davis declined to say whether the suit means the raiders will not play in oakland next season. he also said the raiders are still relevant despite their 3 and 10 record dh season. they might be playing their games in san diego and san antonio next season. their new stadium in las vegas woen won't be ready until 2020. >> the women accused of trashing a san francisco restaurant during the santa con bar crawl are out of jail. the restaurant they are accused of vandalizing during that bar crawl over the weekend, you can see one woman fighting with employees and another smashing
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the restaurant's door window. they say the two women turned themselves in after seeing this video on the news. they are now facing felony vandalism charges. the manager tells us he is not willing to press charges if the suspects apologize and pay for all the damage. >> the entrance to bart's new downtown berkeley station is back open after someone slipped on the new stairway. the $13 million make over of that station was completed about two months ago, but about two weeks ago, someone took a tumble on what was thought to be a slippery step following one of our rain storms. now, bart closed it off so it could be tested. a spokesperson said they discovered some leaks. those leaks were fixed and the entrance was reopened. >> up next, a judge removed from the bench after giving a stanford swimmer what many say was a light sentence. asking for new help from his supporters. why he wants them to hand over more money. >> also ellen said she's considering stepping away and quitting her talk show.
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the conflicting advice she says she's getting about this decision from those who are close to her. >> and we are tracking some rainfall near the bay area. we'll let you know when that next chance arrives. my brand-new update in about eight minutes. this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine.
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♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ "aaron persky," the recalled superior court judge in santa clar a request from a controversial former judge. aaron persky is asking his
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supporters to help him payoff his legal debt. persky gained nationwide attention after sentencing former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail. brock turner was convicted of sexually assaulted a woman outside of a fraternity party at the stanford campus. they recalled persky earlier this year and a court ordered him to pay $135,000 in attorney's fees to the recall campaign. we have learned persky recently sent an e-mail to his supporters asking for help to pay the fee by the end of this year. >> i think it's a fine thing. he ner attorney's fees and i know he's got a lot of support in the legal community. >> there are many more worthy causes right now than paying for aaron persky's bad decision making. >> that was michelle dauber who led the recall campaign. and said persky has to pay those fees. persky's attorney says his client has a lot of support within the legal community, and
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shouldn't have too many problems raising that money. dr. christine blasey ford from palo alto is speaking out for the first time since testifying in the judge kavanaugh hearing on capitol hill. on twitter, she announced the winner of sports illustrated's inspiration of the year award. >> her courage inspired other survivors to end their silence, and we all know the results. rachel hollander, i am in awe of you and i will always be inspired by you. >> quite an endorsement. rachel is a lawyer and former gymnast who is the first to publicly accuse former dr. larry nassar of sexual assault. her allegation led to more than 300 women coming forward. dr. nassar is now serving a life sentence in prison. >> after 15 years of hosting her afternoon talk show, ellen degeneres is thinking about signing off. as the world's highest paid talk show host, she said it's not about the money. the new profile in "the new york
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times," she said she wants to do other things. she's actually torn between her wife porsche de ross i and her brother. her brother said people need her up lifting show. her wife is encouraging her to do other things. she has a debuting show on netflix. she extended the contract to 2020. she almost said no, and has made no decision what to come after that. it was a joke when superstar steph curry suggested astronauts never landed on the moon. he accepted the opportunity to tour nasa in houston. he was surprised how big the story came since he claims he was obviously joke being. the brief comments came during a recent interview on a podcast. >> get ready to book your ticket. united airlines is expanding its service at sfo. in a few weeks when the new year starts, some of the destinations selected, new delhi, seoul,
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amsterdam, and tahiti. the airline celebrated that announcement with a poll indonesian theme party at s.f.o. >> it was one year today that san francisco lost a cherished leader. former mayor ed lee, his sudden passing came as a shock. today friends, family and fellow advocates spoke glowingly about the impact he had on the city. nbc bay area sam brock joins us live from city hall where a special ceremony took place on the mayor's balcony. sam. >> reporter: janelle, good evening. i was there last year. it was just a mood of not just grief, but a total loss for words. this year, a celebration of mayor lee's life, not just for what he did inside of those halls, but for the time and the energy that he poured into achieving social justice outside of them. ♪ over the rainbow ♪ >> reporter: through song and story and stately ceremony, san francisco honored former mayor ed lee. >> who rode around with a broom
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and a shovel in the trunk of his car. >> reporter: a man who wore many hats in a lifetime, dedicated to public service. >> his time as purchaser for the city and county of san francisco or his time as director of department of public works. >> reporter: and the list goes on. but the real legacy of san francisco's first chinese-american mayor also lives in this little building at clement and 9th avenue in the richmond district. here, you'll find 14 units and the seniors who occupy them, after being booted from their homes decades ago for pricey development. >> so ed saved the residents twice. >> reporter: then a floppy haired lawyer for the asian law caucus, ed lee wouldn't stand for it. so he got them new housing. >> this project at 9thement rep small things that ed did, and he did hundreds of small things that most people don't know about. >> reporter: as lee's mother, wife and two daughters looked on
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beaming as some of those accomplishments were recognized today, they can also rejoice in the many hidden treasures. and there is just an incredible footnote to that, which is mayor lee's wife anita, didn't know until two weeks ago that her husband had a hand in that 9th avenue project, a project that was just bought with help by the city will now become permanent affordable housing. reporting live here from city hall, sam brock, nbc bay area news >> one of the nicest and most effective leaders we've had in the bay area in a long time. >> so many great things including affordable housing. jeff, we had the ground fog this morning. is it sticking around? >> possibly a little tomorrow morning. doesn't look as thick and slow for the morning commute as we head into tomorrow morning. that's the good news. we are still managing to hold onto some rain chances as well. let's take you to microclimate forecast, and i do want to start off with a look at s.f.o. with the fog we've dealt with lately.
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that ground fog which is different than the typical san francisco fog, i wanted to show you it's clear right now. so if you're taking off tonight or picking somebody up, you shouldn't have any delays due to weather. right now 55 degrees, and you'll notice as we head through tonight we're dropping down to colder 40s once we hit 10:00 p.m. let's get a expansive look at the pacific. it sets up well at what could be coming our way. we have rainfall close by. eventually we're going to get some of that to the bay area, but right now it's dry. you'll be able to see on storm ranger, no rainfall here from the south bay up to the north bay. so i don't think any rain drops in the forecast for tomorrow, patchy fog. i think the best chance will be in the tri-valley with the cold 39, 46 in the peninsula, and some sun expected in the south bay at 44. also potential, little bit of fog in the north bay down to 38. jacket weather in san francisco with 46. starting off with 44 in the east bay. now, the change in temperatures tomorrow, it's going to be subtle but i think we're going to warm up 2 to 4 degrees.
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that would be noticeable enough to make it feel a little more mild outside. see our forecast tomorrow does have a lot more locations in the 60s. in fact, going up to 66 in east san jose, 65 right there in gilroy, and 63 in cupertino. also, more of these upper 50s and low 60s throughout the east bay, but primarily low 60s from vallejo to danville, right back to hayward, along the peninsula you've got a cool 59 at half moon bay. over to redwood city 63. heading to san francisco, we're even push ing it to 62 along the mission. again, sunshine for the afternoon. and for marin, napa, sonoma county, 65 in santa rosa. 64 here in napa. so we get sun for tomorrow, but a new change coming our way once we hit friday's forecast. cloud cover will increase by 7:00 a.m. on friday. maybe a spotty friday in the north bay. a storm then moves in by 4:00 p.m. marin, napa, also sonoma county possibly moderate and
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heavier pockets. but here's the thing. watch as i advance this. this storm really breaks apart. we likely will not see anything down here in san jose. so it's kind of a have and have not with this storm system. so, we get that chance of rain on friday, but again totals would range from nothing to about a quarter inch, better chance of that quarter inch in the north bay. second chance on sunday with totals of a quarter to a half inch. better bet for everybody to get rainfall from the sunday storm. we dry out test and wednesday. it stays cool here across those inland valleys as well over the next seven days. i'll have a look at what we can expect across the sierra. it's coming up at 6:19 tonight. >> if i have to put upmy roof h and do all your shopping on sunday. >> you could do friday if you don't mind a few sprinkles. >> yeah, i might break my leg. i'll see you sunday. >> saturday lights, sunday shopping. >> thank you, jeff. beast mode is opening up a restaurant in the east bay.
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the thoughtful meaning behind the restaurant's name and the one rule marshawn lynch has for anyone who comes to eat there.
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so we don't want you to pay one cent more than you need to for health care. at covered california, you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered.
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visit today. the california fish and game commission will keep abloney drivers are out of luck two more years. the california game commission will keep it closed through april 2021. the goal is to give the shell fish population thebi this entire year. measured the health of the abloney population and said conditions have only gotten worse since 2017. >> dinner time approaches this sounds good. in the mood for ox tails or cat fish, if so raiders star marshawn lynch has just the place for you. this friday beast mode is
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opening a new restaurant in emeryville. it's called rob bens named after his friend shot and killed in 2017. very sentimental. it's going to feature soul food and lynch has a friendly warning to anyone who visits. >> you ain't going to touch your food, you don't mind, right? baby, you got ox tails? you don't know what you're missing. >> he goes on. the lighthearted video on instagram encouraging people so stay off their cell phones while eating there. that's a great rule. in fact, signs say no phone zone are placed throughout the restaurant. >> well, speaking of your cell phone, can you ditch it for a year? for $100,000? the company vitamin water is making that offer. the coca-cola owned company hasn't given many details how it plans to monitor the phone use of participants, but it did say a lie detector test would be involve. if you're up for the challenge you can enter the contest on instagram and twitter through early january. vitamin water will choose one
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lucky participant. if that person makes it the full 365 days, smartphone free or she will win $100,000. >> 100 grand? >> that's a lot of money. >> we should just use our pagers. remember that? >> i have to dig that out. >> the kids loved it. the surprise from an olympic gold medallist in the south bay. we'll show you next. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast.
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he was able to secretly tonight at 6:00, caught peeping at a local hotel, the way he was able to secretly record guests. that story tonight and more in our 6:00 newscast. >> finally at 5:00 we had v.i.p.s on the ice. christy yamaguchi hosted a party for san jose's back lot elementary school. a lot of skating of course, and a lot of focus on yamaguchi's elise dream foundation which is all about early childhood education. another former national champion, edmonds, choreographed and performed a routine with the young skaters. among the young skaters, yamaguchi's own daughter following in her mom's ice skates. >> she's got that natural talent. >> what a day to be out there. >> sunshine. >> so nice. thank you for joining us at 5:00. as a reminder, lester holt is back with nightly news.
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>> we'll be back at 6:00. hope to see you then. tonight, a stunning moment in american history. the president's long-time former lawyer and fixer michael cohen sentenced to three years in prison for hush money payments to a former playboy bunny and a porn star. prosecutors say then-candidate donald trump directed him to do it in order to keep them quiet before the election. cohen telling the court, i felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds. tonight the deal between the feds and the publisher of "the national enquirer" that could spell trouble for others in the trump campaign. new turns in the massive terror manhunt for the radicalized gunman who opened fire at a christmas market. it's the deadliest drug in america. more overdose deaths than heroin. the anguish m


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