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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PST

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camera in emeryville of a good thursday morning. the last thursday of 2018. take a live look outside from our emeryville camera there. look at that beautiful shot there. a little windy out there. kari will have a look at that and the advisory that will take effect in a couple of hours. thank you for starting your day with us on "today in the bay." >> i'm kris sanchez. kari, the forecast is breezy. >> that's going to be the main story this morning, will be the gusty winds and the wind advisory that starts at 7:00 a.m. it's mostly for our bay area hills. elevations above 1,000 feet may have gusts over 50 miles an hour that could bring down some trees
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and also have power impacts. we'll gradually start to see the winds calming down tomorrow. a live look outside as we look at campbell. chilly start with low 40s. as though winds pick up, a lot of sunshine and highs in the mid-50s today. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates coming up and vianey has a look at the commute. >> i'm sure most people will be heading back to work or if you're a lucky one and at home relaxing, enjoy. overall the conditions. green is our sensor for go. not a lot to look at at this hour. a quick look at bay bridge toll plaza, once those pick up, the golden gate, san rafael bridge, all of those will be cautious. we'll have a look at the drive times and what else is going on throughout the bay area coming up. 4:31. breaking news out of the north bay this morning where authorities are looking for an
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escaped inmate. right now who found a way to walk out of san quentin. >> "today in the bay" pete is live in marin county with the latest on this search. you, kris and marcus. they're looking for 21-year-old shalom mendoza. prison officials say he escaped during an institutional check, that's basically a head count that takes place at the prison every night. i want to show you a picture of mendoza. we're told he escaped roughly around 9:30 p.m., activating the san quentin's emergency operation plan as they try to locate mendoza. they say after he escaped, he apparently carjacked someone driving a toyota rav4. let's show our viewers the information on the toyota rav4. the license plate is 6stz502. you see mendoza. he's described as being 5'5" with brown hair, brown eyes and roughly 177 pounds.
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he was sente t deadly weapon tof things, carjack someone. and then he tried to evade police after atn here since about april. if you see mendoza, contact authorities as soon as possible. we'll continue to have more updates on this throughout the show. we're live outside san quentin. >> thank you, pete. might have gotten this push alert and seen it right when you woke up. you can download our nbc bay area app and get alerts right to your smartphone. the hunt is intensz fiing for the man who shot and killed a police officer south of modesto. fear and sadness spreadie sll t that tragedy is unfolding. we spoke with the convenience store clerk who was the last person to see the gunman. >> reporter: detectives left images of the man who shot ronil
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sooin singh. >> as soon as he went out, we saw the officer went after him and moments later we went outside and heard the gunshot. >> reporter: the store clerk says the suspected gunman is not a stranger. she's seen him buy beer before. >> he's been aggressive in the past. >> reporter: the gray dodge pickup truck investigators believe he was driving was hauled away from a nearby mobile home park. a small memorial marks where officer singh was killed. he made a traffic stop at 1:00 a.m. and later radioed for help saying shots fired. singh was rushed to a local hospital but died of multiple gunshot wounds. one family that lives nearby was shocked to hear the officer died. >> he was a good officer. my mom couldn't stop thinking about it. she couldn't believe what happened. >> reporter: at police headquarters people keep brinking flowers, candles and
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balloons for the seven-year veteran policeman. store clerk susana martinez knew officer singh because he was usually the first one to show up when they called for assistance. she offered condolences. >> i'm sorry. i always kept up with the detectives and sheriff's department until 6:00 a.m. it was pretty hard to witness all of that, you know. >> reporter: "today in the bay." >> we'll continue to tlot searchhis afternoon we expect t learn more about a deadly officer-involved shooting in san jose. chief eddy garcia plans to hold a news conference in this case. the family of the woman killed is demanding answers. she says she and her family were out celebrating the holidays and she believes police mistook them for somebody else and open fir on their car early christmas morning. police say they were in a car involved in a shooting earlier that morning. officers say they were forced to
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open fire when that woman tried to ram them with her car. the family plans to hold a vigil tonight. the south bay, so many questions still this morning surrounding a crash this week in sunnyva sunnyvale. chp officers responded to a crash on route 4 tuesday night. they found the suv but it was empty. officers say they looked around and could not find the driver. 13 hours later the driver's family found him a mile away from that crash site. 40-year-old alan willcox of los gatos was found dead. >> we're still trying to connect the dots and piece that together how family members came to be aware of their -- of that party being involved in a collision. >> the chp believes willcox may have tried to look for help and became disoriented. to the nation's capital where we're in day six of the government shutdown. here's a live look at the capitol where thousands of
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federal workers remain off the job. president trump will return to the white house to deal with the issue following his surprise trip to visit u.s. troops in germany and iraq. speaking with reporters, the president acknowledged the outlook is less cheery in washington. he says there's no timetable for ending this standoff over the partial government shutdown. >> how long do you think the shutdown will last, mr. president? >> whatever it takes. we're going to have a wall. we need safety. we need safety for our country. >> neither the president nor democratic leaders are budging on funding for that border wall. >> the government shutdown continues to affect locals and tourists right here in the bay area. in san francisco, ft. fun shortstop ston is closed. they are parking skyline boulevard and walking their dogs. coming up on "today in the bay," if you spent a lot of time watching espn and disney, you
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may soon have to find other channels to watch if you're a verizon customer. the contract dispute that could black out more channels for customers. the clock is ticking towards the deadline to return the holiday gifts. what you need to know if you plan to make a return or change. we are looking live at san francisco right now. what you can't tell from this picture is just how darn breezy it is out there. we have a wind advisory for some spots around the bay area. kari is tracking that.
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i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters.
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wall street looks like it will open lower this morning as the recent volatility we've seen in the markets continues. yesterday markets surged following the big selloff. the nasdaq, dow and s&p 500 posting their best day since 2009 boosted by reports of strong holiday retail sales and a rise in oil prices. concerns about the fate of federal reserve chairman jay powell easing up as the white house says his job is safe. the dow jumping nearly 1100 points or 5%, its bgever and bi ers percentage gain since march of 2009. even with that gain the dow is still down more than 10% this month, on pace for its worst december since 1931. big media news, especially if you plan to watch the bowl games on new year's day. verizon is warning fios customers they may lose access to disney, espn and other networks if they can't reach disney by the 31st.
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hbo and cinamax have been blacked out on dish networks due to a similar contract dispute. if you're returning a gift this holiday season, you want to read that policy very carefully. customer experts say many stores have deadlines of mid to late january to return items. for example, amazon will accept holiday returns through january 31st while best buy's deadline is the january 1st. those are your cnbc business headlines. marcus and kris, back over to you. >> now you have time to return that gift we got you -- oh, wait, we forgot to get the gift. never mind. >> we send you love and peace. there's no return policy on that. we don't want it back. thank you, frank. coming up on "today in the bay," we are watching a breezy, windy forecast. >> yeah, especially for our bay area hills. here's a live look outside in palo alto t
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looking good but it's going to be chilly. only mid-40s starting out today. we get a look at our microclimates and the last weekend of 2018 coming up. i can't believe it. get all your 2018 resolutions re-upped for 2019, folks. we have the golden gate bridge, a couple of cars. as the winds kick up, we're watching the bridges. looks like a crash was reported in martina before the toll plaza.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oncup at a time.
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about having the s 4:46 right now. days after the giants announce they are talking to the raiders of having the silver and black play at at&t park, san francisco city leaders say it is not in the game plan. if supervisor-elect has his way,
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the giants will call a time-out on those talks. haney says the raiders and the city of oakland need to work out their differences. >> really the raiders have done this out of retaliation because the city of oakland wants to get some money they believe the raiders owe them. that's between the raiders and oakland. >> haney doesn't believe there's support for hosting the raiders at san francisco city hall. he says eight football games require lots of city services, but near the ballpark restaurant managers say, bring on the game crowds. we'll keep you posted as plans for the raiders' final bay area season continue to develop. the challenge is on. how many days can die-hard football fans live on top of a billboard? >> you heard that right. four college football fans are set to climb a four-story billboard in downtown san jose as part of the espn challenge to get attention for the national championship game, which is coming up in january. it's being hosted at levi stadium this year. for each day a fan from each of
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the fim four college teams will participate. an espn spoeshgz person says they will give them snacks and a sleeping bag. and they'll have showers. who cares up there, right? >> i would. >> we'll see how many days they last. >> your neighbor. >> well, that's to your advantage. >> that could be the game plan. >> that was the reason why they took down christmas in the park so early, right? >> one of the reasons. >> okay. all right. got a lot going on. >> are they going to blow off with the wind? >> it is going to be really windy today. and, yeah, that will be scary to be up there when it's so windy. here's a live look outside in dublin this morning as you get ready to head out. 580 flowing well. all clear skies and no issue with fog. the main concern today will be the weather alert with our wind advisory that will be in effect. mostly for elevations above 1,000 feet. and we're going to see those winds at times ticking up to 25
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to 35 miles per hour. some of those gusts, especially higher up, may reach over 50 miles per hour. of course, that could bring down some trees and have some power impacts. let's get a look at the wind speed forecast. we seeour sustained. that's anywhere across the bay area. once again, the hills is where we'll see some of those higher g as we get a live look outside in san jose, you're looking out the window and about to get dressed, want something to keep you warm, good day for a scarf and boots. as you head out the door around antioch, it will be the low 40s, all clear skies. looking at a nice warm-up as we go into late morning and early afternoon. our weather still mostly quiet even though we have a few weak upper level disturbances moving through. no clouds and our weather stays dry over the next few days. after the gusty winds today, calmer winds tomorrow, highs in the mid-50s and very cold air in time for the weekend.
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by saturday morning we may start out with freezing temperatures in the inland valleys. slight chance of showers in the north bay on sunday. other than that, a lot of dry weather and some near season anl temperatures for the start of 2019. heading over to vianey, who's tracking the roads, any issues yet? >> overall major issues, no. here's an overaall look at the bay area. the south bay looking good. east bay is looking good. so is the peninsula the way out area, we have two small issues. northbound 680, the left lane is blocked. this appears to be a minor crash but just enough to the point where those two vehicles are blocking one of the lanes. that could cause some slowing. we also have a stalled vehicle. this is near martinez. this is along northbound 680. marina vista avenue, one lane is blocked because of this poor person trying to get to work this morning, who is now stalled out. hopefully they get to the side safely.
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here's a look at your bridge drive times. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge, eight minutes. if we're in luck, the metering lights won't come on much later because of the still light holiday traffic. 4:50 now. to a developing sorry. a san jose family is mourning the loss of their daughter who was found dead over horseshoe bend in arizona. it's a popular tourist traction with a view of the colorado river and red cliffs near the utah border. there are no barriers there. police say the teenager and her family were visiting arizona when the girl accidentally fell off the overlook on christmas eve. rescue crews recovered her body on christmas morning. 4:51. the countdown to 2019 is in full swing. with the new year comes new laws starting january 1st. >> "today in the bay's" sam brock breaks it down for us.
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>> reporter: the me too movement marked more than just a cultural awakening for america in 2018. it signaled the urgency to act for one of the most progressive states. >> california will take the lha. >> reporter: jessica works for equal rights. they co-sponsored legislation apply the tees courts fairly standard for sexual thharassmen and holds corporation's feet to the fire. >> we've seen the sneak yl tactics corporations use to silence workers. >> reporter: california witnessed more gun violence tragedy bringing communities to their knees. >> this doesn't happen anywhere else on planet earth. >> reporter: as gavin newsom steps into the governor's office, the state's gun laws are about to tighten. the age for buying long guns jumps from 18 to 21, and bump stocks will be officially banned. other laws taking effect january
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1st, all mail ballots must be prepaid by officials, plastic straws can only be received by special request, and motorize the scooters don't require helmet for 18 and older. >> when you're on a bicycle or scooter or motorcycle, you have whatever you're wearing to protect you. so, the fact that a helmet isn't mandatory is just mind-boggling. >> reporter: and despite the new law, the sfmta strongly recommends all scooter riders wear a helmet. it's part of their best practices, same thing for the department of health, which is currently studying the number of people injured without wearing helmets using nontraditional transportation methods. the first look at those results will be available in the next six months. reporting live from the embarcadero, sam brock, nbc7 news. coming up here on "today in the bay" -- >> a product arrives addressed to you but you never ordered it.
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do you pay for it? the federal trade commission says no. federal laws prohibit mailing unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment. as for the prod ftc says it's y. you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips or online at loan payments are higher than monthly auto loan payments are higher than ever with a growing number of people borrowing at least $50,000 to buy a new vehicle. the average monthly payment for a new vehicle is climbing to an all-time high of $530. the average used vehicle loan payment also hit a record high at $381. auto sales are on pace to top 17 million vehicles for the fourth straight year. the best stretch of sales ever in the u.s. we have more news coming up for you right after the break. mountains have a new group of
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neighbors. in the s them prancing around san jose road. a security camera captured the big cats strolling up a driveway like they live there. people who live nearby are encouraged to keep their pets inside. the big cats could see them as a light snack. the national championship game at levi stadium is impacting san be jose's christmas in the park. >> a crew spent the day yesterday breaking down the decorations and rides. usually christmas in the park runs past christmas and through new year's day but want this year. coming up n as we go throug day. as we head towards cupertino, i today with a lot of sunshine. sunshine continues in our forecast. and this is a live look at how the bay bridge toll plaza is
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doing. i'll give you a look at your lks drive times and how the rest of your bridges are doing coming up. breaking news. a convicted carjacker escapes san quentin. now he's suspected of doing it again. the inmate leading police on this intense search.
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right now, just seconds before 5:00, breaking news to tell you about. the search for a fugitive, an inmate escapes from san quentin
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state prison and he may have already committed another crime. a live report coming up in just moments. good morning to you. thank you for starting your morning right here with us. was >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off this morning. we'll get to the breaking news in a second. we want to make sure you're ready for your day whether you're headed out to work, maybe hitting the road early. it's going to be breezy out there. >> that's going to be the concern today. the wind advisory that starts at 7:00 a.m. mostly for bay area hills. if you will be driving, you will need to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel as our winds kick up to 20 to 25 miles per hour sustained and gusts may reach over 50 miles per hour, which could bring down some trees. we'll start to see the winds picking up by 10:00 to 11:00 this morning and gradually subsiding going into tonight. i'll have a look at that. end coming up. vianey, drivers on the bridges will have to watch the wd so far it seems like that's
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