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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 27, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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chief is describing a chaotic and deadly ending to a police chase. >> the family of 24-year-old jennifer vasquez says she and a friend were out celebrating the holidays when they crossed paths with police and she ended up dead. tonight the chief of police is telling the department side of the story. >> live in san jose where a visual was taking place for the victim. >> you're right. the chief of police spoke out early this afternoon and behind me the vigil continues into the evening. it's been going on for a couple of hours. family members and friends speaking her tonight. they say they want among other things an independent investigation into the shooting. >> the mother of jennifer vasquez lead a solemn vigil where 60 people came together at the shot where the san jose resident was shot and killed by
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police officers on christmas morning. >> we need to stay together. we lost too many. >> san jose police chief spoke out for the first time since the shooting calling the incident where officers looking for a stolen white toyota involved in an earlier shooting spotted vasquez driving a car that matched the very description, tragic. >> it was a consequence. and it was a tragedy. >> but chief garcia also said vazquez's actions forced officers to act. >> had the deceased not been driving a stolen vehicle, not lead police on a dangerous high speed chase, crashed the vehicle and did not attempt to get away at all costs ramming officers and endangering their lives, hootg and this tragedy would not have occurred on christmas morning. >> still, jennifer's family and those who came to support her say they're not satisfied with the chief's response.
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>> being accused of driving a stolen vehicle is not capital punishment and it's not supposed to be a death penalty. so this notion that there's some measure of justification i think does not hold much water. >> the passenger of the car that was driving was briefly hospitaliz hospitalizedafternoon. >> gusty conditions tore through the bay area today. we're tracking the conditions with just how high the wind speeds got. >> they got above 50 miles per hour. notice the elevations here. over 4,000 feet.
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at mt. diablo 25 miles per hour. the wind speed winding down a little bit. and we'll be watching for some by tomorrow morning and our current wind advisory, tomorrow morning we'll see less wind after midnight. dry air in place. sets the stage for chilly nights ahead where frost becomes more likely in the valley as we approach how cold those temperatures will get coming up a few minutes from now. >> many people were feeling the impact of the wind and the chilly temperatures. melissa continues our coverage live from the state park in walnut creek. no doubt very windy up there today, melissa. >> it was pretty windy up here but the winds have since died down. they took down some patio
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furniture and tree branches and took down challenging conditions for the cyclist trying to climb mt. diablo. >> the 11 mile climb to the summit can be a grueling one. now factor in 30 miles per hour winds. blasting down on you. >> we caught up with him as he pedals toward the peak. he says the climb is always the toughest part but the scary part is. >> i have to be careful on the turn so the wind doesn't blow me out on the road. >> the wind blew away the patio furniture from this house on walnut creek today. >> we have a lot of patio furniture and a lot of umbrellas and they're completely blown over and tables are turned over and they're inside the swimming pool. it's pretty bad. >> he shared with us this picture. he said the wind blew his canopy down and threw it like a toy. no damage to his house. back in walnut creek he's keeping a close eye on the
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overhanging trees in the neighborhood. >> those branches over the years after drought season, they get really heavy and they break off and we had them land on power lines, but it gets really dangerous up and down this road. >> and a spokesperson for the fire protection district tells us because of the rain that we received in the last couple of days there was no high risk for the spread of wildfires. today a spokesperson tells us there are no plans so far today. that's the latest here from walnut creek. >> the wind is responsible for this to a delivery truck about 9:45 this morning. traffic was blocked in both directions as crews cleaned up that fallen tree. no one inside that truck. you can track our forecast with our nbc bay area app.
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we'll be tracking the latest on the wind advisory. >> a search continues for a suspect that shot and killed a police officer. we just learned in the past 90 minutes that police are searching a home looking for the suspect. now this is the man investigators are searching for. he gunned down an officer yesterday morning. investigators aren't releasing his name but they say he's in the country illegally. robert is live with this developing story. robert. >> that's right. we want to give you an update. we did report about a search that was underway at a rural home. we're told now that no suspect was found or anyone taken into custody. again we are at the newman police headquaters where as you can see behind me good news continued to grow and so does the information about the suspect and the fallen officer.
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>> i feel bad for what happened. >>ows after he was gunned down at a traffic stop. the picture was from a liquor store security camera where he bought beer before the shooting. >> one of our family members was gone. >> please remember the man, please remember the husband. please remember what he was. what he came to this country to do. >> his life was a contrast revealed about the man on the run. >> this suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. he's a criminal. >> the sheriff also said for the first time, he shot back at the suspect calling it a gun fight and he believes the suspect is still around the county. >> evidence leads us to believe he's still in the area plus
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we're working with our federal law enforcement partners to ensure that he doesn't flee the country. >> anything you want to say to anybody harboring him. >> oh, you'll go to jail. >> and again, the suspect trying to leave the country is a realistic threat since as officials said he is not an american citizen. live in newman, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the statewide manhunt did not escape the attention of president trump today. he reacted on twitter noting the suspect is an illegal immigrant and tied the search to a demand for a border wall. you just heard the story, he is leading the search for the gunman. he met with president trump at the white house back in may. he and other opponents of california's sanctuary state law discussed the impact with the president. the sheriff complains the law ties his hands in dealing with immigration officials. for continuing coverage head to our website at nbc bay
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we'll be posting the latest on all of our digital platforms. >> the man charged with murdering 18-year-old nia wilson at a b.a.r.t. station is delusional and paranoid according to his defense attorney that claims he is not competent to stand trial. today a judge agreed saying there's a lot of evidence to prove that and suspend the criminal proceedings. the 27-year-old is accused of stabbing two sisters in july killing the younger sister nia. in a span of six years authorities had to keep him in a psychiatric hold 22 times. a yjudge ordered court appointe doctors to evaluate him. >> if this guy could do what he did and change his clothes carry out what he did so smoothly, i think that's pretty competent. >> he knew what he was doing when he did it, and we're not done. >> the doctors will determine whether he is competent to stand trial. >> some promising news for those that lost their homes in the
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camp fire. the insurance commissioner announced today they won't have to deal with much paperwork to get money to rebuild. we'll turn to our consumer investigator right now. chris, your team has been at the forefront on many of these insurance issues. less paperwork but is there a catch? >> there's a significant one. insurance companies are saying their victims bypass the paperwork about their belongings but they'll only give them 75% of the money that they are owed. if you want 100%, you're going to have to prove what you had in your home with that. an exhaustive item by iteminveo. just ask people in the northbay. we have shown you time and again e have been doing insurance paperwork longer than a year just to get paid. some have even hired what's called a public adjustor. that person fills out all the forms for you and tries to get you as close to 100% as possible for a fee. >> if you don't have your own
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representative, you're at a disadvantage. if you don't do it every day like the adjustor from the insurance company does, then you're at a disadvantage dealing with that adjustor. >> do i fight for 100% or do i take the 75% and be done with the paperwork? well, there's something that we can all do right now to help avoid some of that stress if our homes ever burn down. you can do a home inventory today. even if it's as simple as shooting video and photos of your home on your phone. go to every room, open doors and drawers and send those to the cloud for safekeeping in the event you end up in the same shoes as those people. >> thank you so much. turbulence is the word on wall street but stocks did end up in positive territory today. >> stocks closed higher but that did not happen until late in the day. the dow jones average started the day in the red.
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big time red. some 600 points. a strong surge in the final hours. that last hour was important, the dow up 260 points. >> coming up, a search for an escaped inmate. the new details with the warning about what he did moments before he went missing. >> plus a south bay mushroom farm at the center of a multimillion dollar lawsuit. the damage to the environment it's accused of causing. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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of faking an injury that had her off the job. authorities say this woman -- lieutenant "mandy henderson" -- was spotted doing "strenous workouts" at the gym even though authorities say a woman, this woman here, lieutenant mandy henderson was spotted doing stren yououous workouts a gym. she was booked on charges of fraud. >> a prisoner escaped from s san quisan san quinten. >> they believe he committed the same crime that got him in jail in the first place. sam is live with where the investigation is leading. >> there's images that the police department just released
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tonight that they say shows mendoza committing a carjacking right after getting out here at san quentin. but the biggest question is how did he get out in the first place. >> it lasted about 20 minutes before. those 20 minutes were dangerous. >> in july of 2017, a carjacking suspect lead police on a dangerous pursuit through the streets of west l.a., the man arrested and convicted ended up in san quentin state prison until he apparently escaped yesterday. >> how does somebody get out of such a high security facility like that. so yeah, it was concerning that someone is running around loose that shouldn't be. >> at a home depot, less than two miles from san quentin state prison, police believe he struck again, threatening a woman and stealing her toyota suv. these pictures released within the last hour capture the crime happening. >> the description of the
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escaped inmate was v carjacking suspect. >> police spent much of the day canvassing the neighborhood, asking businesses for surveillance footage. at san quentin officials declined to go on camera but confirmed the last escape happened in 2000 and called the events very uncommon. >> just from a pr standpoint, they should have someone immediately addressing the public and telling them, hey, here's what happened. here's what we're doing to try to rectify the problem and maybe create a sense of calmness in the public. >> and as the search continues this evening, the last known place likely that mendoza was seen was that home depot parking lot. the description of the man, 5 foot 5, 180 pounds with a tattoo of dirty money over his right eye. if you see any of this, please call 911.
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>> thank you, sam. a mountainview man is accused of trafficking immigrants out of his apartment. police believe he helped illegal immigrants including children from guatemala to mountainview promising them a better life. once they got here, they were abused and sexually assaulted. dozens of people were there. his sister helped the victims cross the border and used threats to prevent them from talking to authorities. >> a silicon valley billionaire is apologizing after admitting he donated money to a political group that spread lies online during a senate election last year. he has been an active fund-raiser for the democratic party but he did not know that the group american engagement technologies was spreading falsehood about alabama republican senate candidate roy moore. he gave the group $100,000.
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it used at atactics to try to influence the election. he denies knowledges of the groups tactics but he apologized and said learned a lesson. >> tesla ceo elon musk wants a judge to toss out a lawsuit against him. he tweeted about a british diver that helped with the thai cave rescue. musk called the diver a pedophile. musk claims the comment was meant as an insult and not a statement of fact and it was a imaginative attack protected by the first amendment. so he wants the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. >> a morgan hills farm is in hot water over waste water. they're accused of pumping waste water into nearby fisher creek. that small waterway joins coyote creek that flows into the san francisco bay.
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the santa clara county d.a. filed a $67 million lawsuit against the farm which strwas o both sides of the avenue. for a year, the farm pumped toxic water from holding ponds and tanks directly into fisher creek and nearby fields. it's home to tiger, sal mamande and frogs. >> it's all thanks to a rescue that safved his life. this is a young adult. he's returning to the ocean with a fellow sea lion today. earlier this month, the marine mammal centeround him with a bad bacterial infection. it's time to go home. he's one of nearly 300 sea lions for this very same infection this year. so nice work over there. >> okay. here now with a look at our very cold and very breezy conditions today. >> yeah. the wind, the first act of part
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2 now dealing with the chilly temperatures. i do have a chance of patchy frost. first let's take you outdoors. clear skies continue this evening. there's a gorgeous view in san francisco where temperatures will be cooling quickly. mid 50s, winds at 16 miles per hour, earlier. they have gusts closer to 30 so the wind speeds are starting to come down a little bit and in san jose, 54 degrees. winds haven't come down quite a bit from earlier. winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. winds at 6 miles per hour. a look at the numbers. already mid 40s around napa, that's a likely spot to find a little bit of frost for tomorrow morning. mid 50s now and likely have temperatures staying up in the hilltop thanks to the winds that will be on going throughout the night. notice the wind speeds starting to drop off through the north bay and east bay.
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a chance of patchy frost for the morning. better chance of frost for saturday morning and you'll see our high temperatures for tomorrow. mid to upper 50s. a couple possible around santa rosa and oakland. the forecast does stay dry even though we'll see more clouds on sunday, but look at those temperatures. mid 50s. san francisco, low 40s as we get into saturday morning. but it's the valley temperatures, much more to contend with on saturday morning. patchy frost becomes more likely. a closer look at how cold the saturday temperatures will get to you. ot tinder.head, swipe right. the popular social media outfit made a change today and it caused quite an up roar among users. football fans showing thee
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before the bowl games. our nbc bay area skyranger caught these 4 fans who have to new video of college football fans showing their love before the championship game.
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these four fans above a billboard in downtown san jose. it's all part of a espn challenge to get attention for the national championship game. it's january 7th. for the next 11 days a fan from each of the final four college teams will be participating. the company gives them snacks, a sleeping bag, and yes, they even have a shower up there. >> good luck. instagram users were surprised this morning with a sudden change. a feed that scrolls left to right instead of the traditional up and down. the head of instagram took to twitter to exchange it was meant for a small test group but a mistake caused it to roll out to a much larger group than anticipated. just restart the app. >> bay area based metal lica is helping college students. they're donating $100,000 to 10
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community colleges across the country. the money is going to go toward programs that help students looking to study a traditional job trade. band members say the group wants to share their success with others so they can find a job where they can do the same. >> still ahead, it's day 6. how federal employees are coming together on social media to brace for the worse. >> plus new information about the drastic toll anxiety has on your health. we'll tell you about the new study from ucsf.
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so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or... around the yard. on the shelf... or even... out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side. advancing the health of the people, plants and pets you love. so, from all of us at bayer... - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. newsroom. it show a carjacking that may be tied to an escaped inmate
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from san quentin prison. you )re looking at surveillance video from the home depot in san rafael, last night around 9. it shows a man walking crossing the parking lot - and then car-jacking a silver s-u-v. last night about 9:00, it shows a man walking across the parking lot carjacking a silver suv. police say the victim reported that the man acted like he had a weapon and threatened to kill the victim before taking the car keys. and you can then see the man drive out in the suv. police say it's likely that the carjacking suspect is mendoza. he escaped from san quentin sometime right around 6:00 p.m.. he was part of a work crew outside of the prison perimeter but still on prison grounds after the escape. >> now to the latest on the government shutdown where there's no sign of movement or negotiations underway. >> how both sides are digging in. >> capitol hill is practically a coast town.
6:31 pm
officers locked, and since saturday, a shutdown negotiation, apparently non-existent. >> i don't see a scenario where the government opens back up until a new congress is sworn in. >> there's no further business to come before the senate. >> just a formality. most lawmakers not here and not expected until after the new year. the only public signs of talks between president trumps andtwi. the president slamming what he calls democrat obstruction of thego the federal employees effected by the shutdown, do the dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are democrats. angry lawmakers treating federal employees like poker chips at one of his failed casinos and from senator bob menendez, most again our stable genius president is spewing lies. >> we need to resolve this
6:32 pm
situation and this is just another side of washington's dysfunctionalty. >> from coast-to-coast, reminders of the government at a partial stand still. federal employees using the #shutdown stories to share how they are bracing for financial hardships. in kentucky, a barbecue spot pitching in to help. offering free meals to federalm >> we're feeding all the government employees until they go back to work. however long it lasts, it lasts. >> the senate's number two democrat admitting there's no end in site. >> they'll get 24 hours notice before they have to come back to vote. so far no such notice has been given. blayne alexander. >> the effects of the shutdown are being felt in joshua tree national park. it also closed the visitor's center. the entrance is unstaffed but people are still being allowed to drive sinto the park.
6:33 pm
more than 400,000 federal employees are notorking and are still without pay. >> president trump's homeland security secretary will visit the border tomorrow. kristen nielsen will travel to texas. the department has come under criticism for the deaths of two migrant children both 7 and 8. they were detained at the border d i u.s. custody after that long trek through mexico. she ordered new protective measures including new medical screenings for detained children. >> we turn back now to our weather alert. a wind advisory causing blustery conditions across the bay area. for some a hazard, for others a blessing. they were out enjoying the strong winds. he's been tracking the conditions and joins us now from the weather center. >> we're starting to see the wind speeds back off, especially around places like san
6:34 pm
francisco. currently a chilly 54. as you see here the areas in orange, the santa cruz mountains, some areas might see some gusts close to 50 miles per hour but that's mainly above 3,000 feet. we'll see less wind as we approach midnight. the wind advisory expiring at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and then the attention begins to shift so chilly nights ahead. the first of our patchy frost nights. early tomorrow morning here in the north bay and the wind sheltered valleys, there's a chance you could see it in the morning. colder temperatures become likely. a look at that hour by hour in our forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thank you. remember you can track the forecast with our nbc bay area app as well. we'll be tracking the latest on this wind advisory. >> if your waiting for your new tesla to arrive, this could be one of them. that could be ites are all head
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trailers in front of tesla in fremont earlier today. we counted 10 trailers loading up cars and could be a sign to deliver them until the december 31st deadline for tax credit. in a tweet, elon musk said that tesla will cover the tax credit difference if they can't get everyone their cars by the end of the year. we reached out to tesla. the company didn't get back to us. >> people are paying the highest ever monthly payment for their cars. here's why. one out of five people are borrowing at least $50,000 to pay for a car. not just electric cars like tesla but you pick up suvs very popular now. the average new car payment is up to $530 a month for used cars. >> if you have been out of the market for five or six years, then these numbers can be surprising but for the average consumer that comes back into the market every 35 or 36
6:36 pm
months, they're still higher than what they saw previously and they're certainly not going to go down. >> the new data predicts car prices will continue to go up since people seem willing to make these high monthly payments. >> depression and anxiety may be as harmful as smoking and obesity. atucked 15,000 adults for four years. psychological distress can increase your odds of heart disease, stroke and arthritis just as much as smoking and excess weight. those with depression are more likely to complain of aches and pains while mental illness can take a toll on one's health. they found no link to cancer. >> parents will soon have a new vaccination option to help protect their young kids. the fda approved the new vaccine for children ages six weeks to four years. it protects them against six diseases including whooping cough and polio and tetanus.
6:37 pm
they teamed up to develop that vaccine. it's administered to kids via a series of three injections but it won't be available to parents until 2020. >> still ahead, a life saving measure just in time. a young girl in the south bay suffering from a lethal liver disease gets a christmas miracle. her story, up next. thmourning t
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their own. former wide receiver warren wells died this morning in beaumont, texas of congestive heart failure. he was 76 years old. wells played four seasons with the raiders -- from 1967 to and he helped the team win the a-f-l championship in sixty-seven. the team tweeted he, quote, "will forever be a part of raiders lore." >> he played four seasons with the raiders. he tweeted he will quote forever be apart of raiders lore. services will take place after the new year. >> a family is expressing gratitude after a young family member received a lifesaving organ donation. you would never guess that
6:40 pm
4-year-old penelope suffered from a terminal liver disease. she was placed on a wait list and her family was hold to expect a long wait but a liver became available in a week. >> we were shocked but we were happy but at the same time we knew that was really sad. >> her family says they are grateful for the organ donor and their family. there's 1,600 people still waiting for an organ transplant in santa clara county. anyone can register as a donor. >> a musical tribute to carrie fisher. her daughter performed one of her mom's favorite songs. >> lourd posted this video on instagram of her singing these days written by jackson brown.
6:41 pm
one of fisher's favorite songs. she died days after suffering a heart attack on an international flight. she was best known for her portrayal of princess lea in the star wars series. >> okay. we turn our attention now to rob. earlier we were talking about that tumble weed video. >> tumble weed, excited about all the wind now. the wind is backing off. we still have the clear skies. what we're watching now will be who can find patchy frost on the windshield tomorrow morning. it won't be san francisco but the north bay, stay tuned. more on that coming up. many com
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delivery. consumer investigator chris chmura says you have some surprising rights when unwanted merchandise ends up at your front door. soon - you could know the exact a product arrived addressed to you but you never ordered it. do you have to pay for it? the federal trade commission says no.
6:44 pm
they prohibit mailing unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment. as for the product, the ftc says it's yours. you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift. let us know, the number is ould know the exact price of your next hospital visit before you're admitted. a new federal law will go into effect requiring hospitals to publish online all medical services that they provide and that list will be updated every year. the changes also apply to rehabilitation and psychiatric faciliti facilities. >> the holidays are heading toward the end. they continued a long standing tradition to help. this morning they held the 32nd annual chipping of the trees eve
6:45 pm
event. they also announced curb side pick up will run january 7th through the 11th. >> there's always the right place for everything in san francisco at the end of its life. that goes for christmas trees as well. >> last year, they recycled more than 500 tons of christmas trees. to try to give you perspective on that, that's the weight of two boeing jumbo jets, if that gives you perspective. it's just a lot is what we're trying to say here. >> talking about the wind going away. >> wind going away. that would not have been good woodchiping weather we saw numbers as high as 63 miles per hour. the elevation generally above
6:46 pm
3,000 feet. and san jose 28 miles per hour we're still watching that wind advisory for the hilltops. until about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see the speeds here continuing to drop off as we head into your friday. right now, san francisco clear sky, 56 degrees. no frost for you tomorrow morning but stay tuned in the tri-valley. maybe not tomorrow because the winds that are right now still gusting up to 23 will likely prevent things from getting too chilly around dublin and livermore. in san jose, 54 degrees and a breeze down to s the footprint the wind advisory. for the hills above 1,000 feet. through 4:00 a.m., though some of our future cast models hour by hour. notice they'll maintain some of the breezes in the north bay and east bay.
6:47 pm
that's going to set us up for pretty chilly temperatures. highs tomorrow, similar to what we had today. just a lot of wind outside for the afternoon. and all throughout the north bay and even bayside temperatures trying to get into the low 40s and mid 30s. so we know saturday morning is going to be cold and right now no active weather advisories is around most of the bay area and weekend plans include areas south of holiday travster and c from the south and to the north up here.
6:48 pm
frost advisory, it's possible. stay tuned tomorrow to see if some of these get extended into the north bay and east bay valleys. things will be dry and cold for the weekend and for the better part of the ten-day outlook. look at that. that's all the way out to january 6th. we have had a great december but that pattern is starting to dry up just a little bit as we head into the new year. here's the culprit. high pressure off to the west. weakening that. low, east of the sierra and the pattern of north winds might reset for christmas eve. right now clear skies, breezy, maybe a little bit chillar's da and all the way through the 2nd and 3rd. that high moves on. west of us here. we'll stay dry as we go into the new year and you saw on the ten-day outlook, things may be staying dry for longer beyond what you're seeing in the 7-day forecast. it's going to be chilly, again, the warmest spots around the bay
6:49 pm
area saturday morning will be in the low 40s. but those valleys with the north bay, east bay, and south bay, it's possible. we'll have to keep an eye on the weather models. you might see upper 20s in the colder spots. skies stay clear and winds back off like we think they will. cold start pets. hoping for a come back tonight >> always. after a christmas day. u. >> coming up, the warriors i do predict a record at the oracle arena tonight. i'll explain how i'm positive i'm right after this. >> you heard it here first folks. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome.
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xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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sky. this is video from queens. videos and pictures are lighting up social media >> breaking news out of new york. an unusual blue light in the sky. this video from queens. they're lighting up social media right now. they all show the big blue light, according to the utility company, a transformer exploded. that's what sparked a fire. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest on air and online. pretty spectacular site there. >> you can expect a packed house at oracle arena tonight. it's going to be a record selling crowd. >> and hoping for a better showing of what happened
6:53 pm
christmas day. that was painful. >> happy holidays, everybody. i hope you had a great christmas. the warriors did not. they were colbbered by the lakers. the king played only 21 minutes and the lakers still won by 26. clay thompsonm the field. for the season, thompson a career shooter and beyond the arc. his work and his shooting woes and whether his teammates had his back.
6:54 pm
not shooting the ball well. one of the best shooters to evee say. >> what is someone going to tell me about my jump shot that i can't fix? at this point. unless it's reggie miller or ray allen, i don't know who i'm supposed to listen to. larry bird. i'll listen to steve. steve shot 45%. but other than that, it's like i have done this job long ough time, i know what i need to do. >> he makes a good point. warriors will try to shake the holiday blues when the blazers come to town. they tipoff on nbc sports bay area. recent history with portland has been very kind. golden state won 17 of the last 22 meetings including the last 8 at home and steph curry will play and that's all good news. it's puck night down at the tank in san jose. they dropped the first three. they'll host the anaheim ducks. up b points in the pacific division. coverage starts at 7-on-nbc
6:55 pm
sports california. we'll see you then. that's all for sports. >> one more sports story. just one more. he has done it again. that man right there, lebron james is the male athlete of the year according to the associated press. it's the third time james has done it. also on the list, kansas city chief's quarterback and triple crown winner justify. >> the votes are counted. hillary clinton did not win. michelle obama did. she won the top spot on the list of the nation's most admired women. that ends hillary clinton's run of 17 years. barrack obama tops the list of most admired men for the 11 year in a row. president trump was second followed by george w. bush, pope francis and bill gates. oprah winfrey was number 2 and then hillary clinton, melania trump and queen elizabeth. >> quite the mix. >> that's quite a mix. >> tonight at 11:00, they're
6:56 pm
still on the run. the latest on the two manhunts still underway tonight. the search for the gunman and the search for the inmate that escaped from san quentin prison. crews are working both stories. plus new images and video from new york where all eyes are on this. a strange looking blue sky believed to be the result of a transformer fire. new information tonight on our 11:00 newscast. >> thank you for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> have a great night everyone.
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all new details on the dress, and what liam told us about starting a family. >> we're at blake's holiday pajama party many gwen going into 2019 grateful for love. her plans to rock vegas in the neyear. and from celine to elton john to jay low who she studied on the strip. >> is that because you're a fan or doing homework. >> days after posting this bizarre video. >> you wouldn't rush to judgment without facts, would you? >> an


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