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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 28, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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breaking right now at 11: reports that the gunman accused of killing a newman police officer is arrested. these are photos of t breaking news right now at 11:00. reports that the gunman accused of killing a newman police officer is arrested. these are photos of the suspect who police were looking for. there has been an intense search across the state for him. 33-year-old ronald singh recently became a father before he was gunned down on the day after christmas. the sheriff posting about, quote, significant developments in the case. good morning. and thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura. we've closely been following this search for the gunman since the shooting the day after christmas. multiple sources have confirmed to our nbc affiliate in
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bakersfield that the suspect in the murder of corporal ronald singh has been captured. >> the video just coming into our news room. take a look here. it shows the scene of that arrest. the current county sheriff's office arrested the suspect in an area south of bakersfield. and we believe sometime before 8:00 this morning. a large number of deputies were involved, as well as members of the s.w.a.t. team and bomb squad. law enforcement has not yet released the suspect's name, but deputies confirm these are images of him social media. the arrest is not confirmed, but there will be a news conference to discuss what, quote, are significant developments in the case. the county sheriff will follow with their own news conference at 1:00. corporal singh was the newman police officer with the department for seven years. he had immigrated from fiji to the u.s. he was what friends call living
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the american dream with his wife and 5-month-old son. early wednesday morning at 1:00 a.m., an hour after christmas ended, he pulled over a suspect as part of a dui investigation. he radioed in the vehicle description, and moments later radioed shots fired. the sheriffs department confirmed that singh was involved in a gun fight and he tried to defend himself. his partner found him outside his vehicle suffering from a number of gunshot wounds, and he later died at the hospital. >> the sheriff's office says the suspect is in this country illegally and according to a convenience store clerk who sold him beer in those moments of where that shooting happened, he was known to be aggressive. again, recapping sources tell our nbc affiliate in bakersfield that this man has been caught. our bob redell is in modesto gathering more information for us. he will have a live report coming up in about 30 minutes. we sent out this push alert
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around 10:35 this morning. download our nbc bay area app to get breaking news alerts sent right to your smartphone. back here in the bay area, new at 11:00, a standoff is over. it happened at a former center theatre in fremont. this is video from nbc bay area sky ranger. our cameras are there as fire crews strapped that suspect to a board and then used a pulley as well as the fire truck's ladder to bring him down. all of this was done out of safety for those officers, sfifr fighter firefighters and the suspect. we are working to learn more details, and we'll pass those along to you. a live look right now at the big board. you can see right now the dow is up 63 points. yesterday was a wild day for investors. the dow was down around 600 points but rallied in the afternoon to close about 100 points. investigators are still trying
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to figure out how the government shutdown and trade war with china will affect the companies. we're going to -- pardon me -- take a turn here and check on our weather for those last friday of the year. beautiful clear skies out there right now. you can see behind us. >> yeah, we want to take a look live now. look at that, be san francisco right now. meteorologist kari hall has been monitoring this. she is here for our weekend forecast, which, sadly, includes a chance of rain, kari. >> yeah. but i think that rain chance will stay north of the bay area. so we are going to continue on with some dry conditions, and then as we take a live look outside, at woodside, clear and beautiful out there. hopefully you have a chance to enjoy. but you do need a jacket. here's a look outside in downtown san jose. as we have seen some breezy winds. as we go into the afternoon, our highs will only reach up to about 56 degrees, which is about normal. just a degree or two below normal. and as we go into tonight, our winds will start to calm down. and we've had some high wind gusts, but still those winds are rushing in from the north at
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about 10 to 15 miles per hour. and once again, we'll continue to calm down as we go throughout the day as our high temperatures reach up to the upper 50s and lower 60s. not bad at all. we'll talk about what's ahead as we go into the weekend and what to expect as you make new year's eve plans. that's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> all right, kari. looks good, thanks. it now appears the partial government shutdown will continue into the new year. congress is closing out the week without a resolution in sight over the main issue holding up an agreement. president trump's demand for money to build a border wall with mexico, and democrats' refusal to give what he wants. both the house and senate adjourned yesterday before making any headway to solve the shutdown. as nbc's halley jackson reports, the stalemate is pushing some furloughed families into desperation as they head into 2019 with bills to pay. >> the house stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. on monday. >> reporter: after less than seven minutes in session,
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congress is effectively done working for the year, with no movement on a shutdown solution, no urgency and no optimism. >> i don't see a scenario where the government opens back up until a new congress is sworn in. >> at this point, it looks like we could be in for a very long-term shutdown. >> reporter: that's a problem for people like emily garris, whose husband is in the coast guard and won't be getting paid on monday like he expected. >> well, if this stretches on, you know, into next month, it will definitely be an issue for my family. my husband is the, you know, major provider for our family. >> reporter: her family and thousands of others caught in the middle as the president digs in on that demand for a border barrier, blaming democrats for obstruction with the white house blasting them for not getting on board. >> we're stuck. >> reporter: top democrat chuck schumer, firing back. his spokesperson saying, for the white house to try and blame anyone but the president for
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this shutdown doesn't pass the laugh test. >> the one thing we should all want to do, no matter what our political philosophy may be is to keep the lights on. >> reporter: in this shutdown stalemate, a focus on the border, and that's where homeland security secretary kirsten nielson will be today. she's traveling there after the death of felipe gomez-alonzo. he died. he and his mother were trying to escape poverty before both were apprehended. gomez-alonzo is the second child to die in u.s. custody in less than a month. cvp says it's reviewing its policies, and adding secondary medical screenings for all kids in its care. >> that was hallie jackson reporting for us. in the north bay, new clues in the search for a missing inmate from san quentin state prison. we brought live breaking coverage yesterday.
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this is new surveillance video. you can see a man crossing a parking lot and then carjacking a silver suv. police say it likely shows the man who had just escaped san quentin. carjacking this woman in san rafael. this video was taken at home depot around 9:00 wednesday night. this morning, a manhunt is still under way for this man, 21-year-old shalom mendoza. he was convicted of carjacking and a police chase that was televised in los angeles. he is the first person to escape from san quentin in nearly 20 years. officials say he was on a job assignment outside the prison walls wednesday night when he escaped. people who live nearby say they're dismayed an inmate was able to escape. >> i do see people, you know, coming -- prisoners coming out here to clean the garbage cans and stuff and they're under guard. the guards seem like they have everything under control, so i just never really think about it. but, yeah, that does concern me. >> police are now looking for a
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silver toyota rav4. mendoza was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and tan shorts. he has this recognizable tattoo above his right eyebrow. if you see him call 911. a booming business in california. but there are problems for people looking to make money off the sale of pot. the hurdles standing in the way right here in california. plus, breaking news after an officer is shot and killed just moments after christmas day ends. we have the latest on the search and possible capture of a suspect. coming up.
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and breaking news for you this midday. reports of that suspect behind the murder of a police officer has been arrested. you may have heard us talking about newman police officer corporal ronald singh, 33-year-old husband and new father was shot and killed at
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1:00 in the morning the day after christmas. in his death, leaves behind a wife and 5-month-old son. a news conference is expected today at noon to talk about that arrest and more details surrounding this. this happening at 1:00 in modesto. in other news now, the fiance of the colorado woman missing for more than a month and now presumed dead appeared in court thursday for a temporary custody hearing regarding their young daughter. patrick frazee remains in jail on charges of first degree murder and solicitation to commit first degree murder. it's been 36 days since his fiancee, kelsey berreth, disappeared. her body has yet to be found. >> investigators say they are working nearly around the clock to find her, but it could take months to solve her disappearance. in the meantime, the fate of a couple's little girl lies in the hands of a judge. nbc's cathy park has the latest. >> reporter: patrick frazee in shackles thursday, seen for the first time since his arrest,
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forced to face kelsey berreth's parents at a temporary custody hearing for their little girl. he was arrested one week ago in connection with the death of his fiancee. the couple's 1-year-old daughter, caylee, was placed in the custody of her maternal grandparents after her father's after last week. that order now extended for another week. a colleague of frazee says the girl's father was her primary caregiver watching caylee at his colorado watch while her mother worked as a flight instructor. >> he was a good dad and watching her and taking care of her. >> does this seem like something he would do? >> no. like i said, i was shocked and amazed when i heard this. and it just doesn't -- it seems completely out of character. >> reporter: it's been more than five weeks since frazee, who did not live with his fiancee, told police he picked up his daughter from berreth on thanksgiving. this surveillance video shows berreth and her daughter at a grocery store earlier that day. the last time she was seen
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publicly. three days later, both her employer and frazee say they received texts from the 29-year-old. berreth's cell phone pinging near going, idaho. authorities offering their assistance in the investigation. >> as you can tell from the arrest, sadly, we do not believe kelsey is still alive. >> reporter: at berreth's home, police found both her cars in the driveway and cinnamon rolls in the kitchen. >> investigators have recovered a number of items that make us suspicious. >> reporter: police searching for clues that will lead to finding kelsey berreth and justice for her family. >> that was cathy park reporting. frazee is scheduled to appear in court next week when he will formally be charged and expected to enter a plea. as for the little girl, frazee's mother, the girl's paternal grandmother, filed a motion to intervene. both grandparents and her father are expected to be back in court to address that matter later next week. a new study out this morning
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by state lawmakers puts a damper an hopes of creating a state-backed bank for the marijuana industry. the point of a state bank is to take the industry out of the shadows, to make it more transparent, regulated, tax paying part of the economy. the report indicates the industry could generate 1. billion. it could require $1 billion in capital. in fact, the state could potentially lose money for 12 years, and the federal laws could play a big role in it all. if they change in favor of legalization, the state banks would be useless. but if laws become more aggressive, the banks could still close and deposit subject to confiscation. with that said, the study recommends a lead agency to help encourage banks to work with those in the recreational marijuana industry, but it did not mention which state agency would take on that role. san francisco's e-cigarette
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maker, juul, could be in a meeting with federal officials. this is more and more teenagers are vaping. the fda is calling for a meeting with executives from e-cigarette companies and juul is on the top of the list. the meeting is to see if companies are keeping with commitments they have already made to adding to the epidemic. the fda says some companies already backing away from their promises. nearly 4 million teens reported using e-cigarettes this year. nearly double the amount in 2017. parents will soon have a new vaccine to help protect their young children. the fda approved vacellis for children ages 6 weeks to 4 years old. it protects them against six diseases including whooping cough, polio and tetanus. it won't be available to patients until the year 2020. soon you can know the exact price of your next hospital visit before you are admitted. a new federal law will go into effect next week, requiring hospitals to publish online the
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prices of all medical services they provide. they will be updated every year. the changes also apply to rehab and psychiatric facilities. a beloved southern california news anchor has been found dead in a los angeles motel room. chris burrows who worked at ktla was found unconscious yesterday afternoon at a days inn in glendale. we have video from the scene. police say they were called there by another man who was in the motel room. burrows was passed out and not breathing. firefighters rushed to the scene, administered cpr and hurried to the hospital where burrows later died. he was just 43 years old. here's what investigators are saying this morning. >> we're waiting for a toxicology report to come back from the coroner's office. until we get that, we won't be able to tell what the cause of death was. it is currently being investigated as a possible overdose. >> we have facebook video burrows just took and posted on christmas day. he actually had been a producer
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for nbc bay area back in 1996. and most recently worked at ktla and several other stations across california. burrows is survived by his wife and 9-year-old daughter. well, the wild winter weather is sweeping across the country this morning, making travel treacherous for people passing through those storm zones on the way home from the holidays. >> nbc's kerry sanders is in birmingham, alabama, with that story. >> reporter: overnight, a winter storm walloping much of the country, spreading heavy snow, ice, rain and anxiety to those in the air. in kansas, high winds and snowfall leading to whiteout conditions. the governor declaring a disaster emergency for the hardest-hit areas. for motorists, crippling snow leading to accidents from new mexico to south dakota. in minnesota, a police car sideswiped by a skidding semi that fled the scene.
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the police taking to twitter to ask for the public's help identifying the truck's driver. air travel across the storm zone grinding to a halt. thousands of flights grounded or delayed. getting out of bismarck, north dakota, challenging. >> my flight was cancelled for this afternoon. i wasn't going to be able to get out until saturday. so i am going to get a refund on that ticket. >> reporter: down south, pounding rain in texas, stranding vehicles in houston, while in austin, several rescuers were dispatched to save people from the rising waters. the same in mississippi. flash floods covering roadways, leaving many motorists stranded. back up north in minnesota where the worst is over, sledding, cleanup and good works are on the agenda. >> i have a neighbor, he just had foot surgery, so he can't shovel. so being a good minnesotan, you come out and you clean out the driveways for him. >> reporter: and if you're traveling today or tomorrow for
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a new year's celebration, the best advice, pay close attention to the weather. kerry sanders, nbc news, birmingham, alabama. >> good advice. sure makes us thankful for our gorgeous weather here. and if meteorologist kari hall says rain is on the way, that's not too bad, compared to the rest of the country. >> yeah. and i think the rain will stay away from the bay area. so we're going to pretty much continue on with some dry conditions. here's a look at ocean beach. a lot of people have been going to the beach, even though it's been cool and windy. still just a really gorgeous place to be with the lack of clouds and fog. and we are looking at now in sunol our green hills. of course, because of the recent rain. and then we get the sunshine with that. we've had some really gusty winds, and as we take a look at how high those winds were yesterday in the north bay mt. st. helena had a wind gust of 63 miles per hour, and mt. diablo 53. and fremont in the hills, up to 39 with the gusts there.
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in crissy field, a gust of 30 miles per hour and in san jose, 28 miles per hour there. now our winds are coming in still from the north and northeast, and at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. still a little bit more breezy through the delta and parts of the north bay. but elsewhere, the winds are starting to calm down. and as our winds calm, our temperatures go up. we are now in the upper 50s in oakland, and also napa. but that's one of the warmer spots compared to ukiah, where we started out in the upper 20s. right now we are at 45 degrees there. in concord, we're going to see those highs today reach into the upper 50s. mostly sunny skies. overall, a really nice day. and still once again kind of breezy out there as you head out and about. as we check out our high temperatures for the south bay, morgan hills heading up to 59 degrees. we still have a few more degrees to go from where we are now, but it's going to reach into the upper 50s in livermore, as well as hayward. for the peninsula, we're up to 57 in half moon bay, and for san
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francisco, 58 on the embarcadero. and north bay, reaching up to 60 degrees in santa rosa. as you make plans, maybe you'll be heading to the beach, maybe santa cruz is in the plans for you. we're going to be in the upper 50s throughout the middle of the day, but look at how chilly it gets tonight. so if you'll be out there tonight or early in the morning, it's going to be cold. we're all going to feel some cold air, because we have such dry conditions. there's no storms out there in the pacific, and we have high pressure that is also reducing that humidity. so we are getting some very dry air coming in from the north. and so no snow in the forecast over the next few days. and some very cool air, even settling into the sierra for squaw valley, highs reaching up to 28 today. but then some low 40s for the next couple of days. and then if you're planning to head down to l.a. for the weekend, 49ers hitting the road to play the l.a. rams, and on sunday, we have some beautiful weather there, reaching 63 degrees. not only sunday, but all weekend long.
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here we're looking at highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. and we'll see a slight increase in our cloud cover on sunday, because of the rain that would be passing to the north. once again, i think the bay area will stay dry. still some more cool mornings and some mild afternoons on the way as we finish out this year and head into the new year looking pretty good in the weather department. it's going to be a while before we see any rain, kira and marcus. >> looks gorgeous, kari, thanks. we have some breaking news for you right now. this is from our sky ranger. this helicopter appeared to make an emergency landing on sky west golf course. it's reported that a possible bird strike caused the problem. this, again, is our sky ranger capturing the scene for you. this is at golf course road. it appears miraculously, there were no injuries. coming up, an update to the breaking news on that officer-involved shooting. plus --
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>> did you get everything you wanted for christmas? the mega millions jackpot tonight that could buy everything you didn't get. first- if you )re a fan of collard better act fast. but first, happening now, if you're a fan of collard greens, you better act fast. according to "forbes," they're in short supply. they're in high demand for many as they represent prosperity if eaten on new year's day. some prominent growers are blaming the shortage on the hurricanes that hit georgia in the fall and wiped out their collard crops.
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an update to that breaking news we reported earlier at the top of the show. this is a new photo of the apparent suspect being arrested. this is the case where the officer was shot and killed in newman. this was posted on facebook, and, of course, we have a live report coming up for you in just a bit. there is also going to be a press conference coming up at 12:00 today, just to give more updates and details on that arrest and the case. someone might start the new year off a millionaire. that could be a good thing. a mega millions drawing happens in about eight hours. that jackpot up to $348 million, and people across the country have been out buying those tickets. 2018 has really been a lucky year for some players. there was that $1.5 billion mega millions winner in october, which the winner still has not
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come forward. the drawing for tonight is at 8:00. snap, click and report. that's all the san jose fire department wants you to do this new year's eve as part of their online program to catch fireworks violators. firefighters say neighbors can easily take pictures or video of illegal fireworks and report it online. chp crews across the state will also be out to catch drunk drivers. they want you to get a ride from someone sober, call a cab or get a rideshare. coming up, we are following more of that breaking news out of the central valley. the mainly update coming after an officer was killed. a live report from modesto, next. breaking news --
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multiple reports that the man who shot and killed a we'll continue to follow that breaking news for you. multiple reports now that the man who shot and killed a newman police officer has been captured. we've been getting new information by the minute. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live in modesto. bob, what's the latest you're hearing?
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>> reporter: kira and marcus, multiple sources tell our nbc affiliate in bakersfield that law enforcement has arrested the suspect in the murder of corporal ron singh. i want you to take a look at this image we just acquired. it appears to show the arrest. you can see the suspect, he's in that checkered blue shirt surrounded by what looks like two deputies or s.w.a.t. members of the kern county sheriff's office as he's being escorted into custody. now we want to show some video into our news room. it shows the scene of the arrest. the kern county sheriff's office arrested the suspect in an area south of bakersfield. we believe sometime before or around 8:00 this morning. a large number of deputies were involved, as well as members of s.w.a.t. and the bomb squad. law enforcement has not yet released the suspect's name, but deputies confirm these are images of him from social media. the sheriff's department here in modesto, they're not confirming his arrest, but holding a news conference at noon. so in about 30 minutes, to discuss, quote, significant developments, kern county
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sheriff's will follow with their own news conference at 1:00. corporal singh was with the newman police department for seven years. he immigrated from fiji to the united states, was living the american dream, according to a friend, with his wife and 5-month-old son. early wednesday morning at 1:00, this was an hour after christmas ended, he pulled over the suspect as part of a dui investigation. moments later, he radioed shots fired. the sheriff's department confirmed that singh was involved in a gun fight, that he tried to defend himself. his partner found singh outside his vehicle, suffering from a number of gunshot wounds. he died later at the hospital. now, the sheriff's office says the suspect is in this country illegally, and according to a convenience store clerk who sold him beer in the moments before the shooting, he was known to be aggressive. they had recognized him from previous interactions. recapping sources tell our nbc affiliate in bakersfield that the suspect in the murder of
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corporal ron singh has been captured. a news conference will be taking place in the building behind me in about 30 minutes. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> we will bring that press conference after our newscast. and bob, thank you for that update. we will continue to follow all of this breaking story and bring updates as they come in these next 27 minutes of the newscast. and, again, you can watch that live right here when it happens on nbc bay area. the mother of a woman shot to death by san jose police officers is making demands. a candlelight vigil last night for 24-year-old jennifer vasquez. family and friends expressed sadness and also anger. she was allegedly driving a stolen car when she was shot and killed by police early christmas. officers thought she was a suspect in a shooting. friends believe that shooting could have been avoided. >> they could have pepper sprayed her. they could have tasered her. they could have shot out the tires. they could have brought the k-9 unit out. >> had the deceased not been driving a stolen vehicle, had
11:34 am
not led police on a dangerous high-speed chase, crashed the vehicle and did not attempt to get away at all costs, ramming officers and endangering their lives, that this shooting and this tragedy would not have occurred on christmas morning. >> i am demanding an investigation at a federal level. >> you also heard from san jose police chief eddie garcia there, defending his officers' actions. vasquez a's family wants to meet with a district attorney. the man accused of murdering a woman at a b.a.r.t. station is due in court today. john cowell's attorney claims he is not competent to stand trial. a judge in oakland suspended the criminal proceedings for now. the 27-year-old transient is accused of stabbing nia wilson and her sister back in july. nia died. cowell's attorney says over six years cowell was put on a psychiatric hold 22 times. the judge ordered court-appointed doctors to evaluate him yesterday. wilson's family and friends
11:35 am
packed that courtroom. >> if this guy can do what he did and change his clothes and carry out what he did so smoothly, you know, i think that's pretty competent. >> he knew what he was doing when he did it. and we're not done. >> the doctors will determine if cowell is competent to stand industrial. mountain view police say this man had a dozen people living with him, and he promised them a better life. when they got here, the immigrants say they were abused and sexually assaulted. officers say his sister helped the immigrants cross the border and use threats to keep them from going to police. now to a wild traffic stop in contra costa county. concord police say a san jose man stole this infinity suv wednesday night at the sun valley shopping center. the owner of the car flagged down police. officers were able to track down the stolen car near the jcpenney, but the suspect rammed
11:36 am
the car into a police vehicle and sideswiped two other cars, and then got away on highway 680. there, he crashed into two more cars, and then ran away. eventually, he was arrested. and santa clara county, a sheriff's deputy is in a lot of trouble. investigators say lieutenant mandy henderson seen here faked an injury and received paid administrative leave. she was caught, doing, quote, strenuous workouts at a gym in las vegas. she was arrested for fraud. the man accused of starting the holy fire in southern california is going to trial. forest clark faces arson charges for the fire, which destroyed a dozen homes and forced thousands of people from their orange county and riverside county homes back in august. clark pleaded not guilty. on the day the holy fire erupted, investigators say clark had been fighting with a neighbor and later set fire to that neighbor's cabin. if convicted, clark faces ten years to life in prison. happening today, rv parking issues will drive yet another
11:37 am
sfmta meeting. today officials will consider banning overnight parking on napoleon street. this is a short street near chavez and highway 101. there are concerns rvs and buses are parking there long-term. this is an ongoing problem in many bay area cities, including mountain view and berkeley. east palo alto is testing out a pilot program by allowing rvs on a government-owned piece of land. tesla ceo elon musk wants a judge to toss out a lawsuit against him. you may recall back in july musk tweeted about a british diver who helped with the thai cave rescue, calling him a pedophile. the diver filed this defamation lawsuit against musk. musk claims the comment was meant as an insult, not a statement of fact. so he wants the judge to dismiss the suit. meanwhile, the embattled ceo's company, tesla, has added larry ellison and kathleen wilson to the board. this is part of musk's
11:38 am
settlement following his misleading tweets about taking tesla private. fire seasons are becoming fire years, according to experts, and it's not just happening in california. fire records were broken across the world from canada to sweden. this is all in 2018. more cities like athens were unusually hit with, according to meteorologists, bad fires. and climate experts say that it's because more hot, dry months. experts add, major evacuations because of fires could become the new norm in 2019. add to a big mystery in new york city last night, led to mass confusion on the subways and a ground stoppage at laguardia airport. in the end, it was all because of a fire at a power plant. >> matt bradley reports, for a short time overnight, there was wild speculation to the cause and it went viral. >> reporter: a mysterious blue light flooding the new york city skyline, and lighting up social
11:39 am
media. >> con ed facility, we have a transformer down. >> an explosion? >> reporter: people in the area expressing shock and awe. >> i was thinking it was the end of the world. >> thought it was a ufo or something. >> reporter: power outages on the ground. >> it did start with a fire, and the fire affected some transformers, and that caused a dip in power for this surrounding area. >> reporter: the blackout causing travel chaos at laguardia airport as the faa had a ground stop for all flights. >> they temporarily stop in new york. >> reporter: authorities ruling out possible causes. >> this appears to be just an equipment malfunction. it does not appear to be any terrorism or suspicious activity involved. >> reporter: but not before the phenomenon sparked reaction online. saquon barkley of the new york giants tweeting, am i tripping? others joking, these gender reveal parties are getting out
11:40 am
of hand. someone call the ghostbusters. the nypd tweeting, we assure you, aliens have not landed in the bronx. this close encounter captured for all to see. >> gender reveal party. that one was funny. another bright light had people flocking to social media last week. you may remember seeing a strange streak in the sky. turns out it was a meteor. nothing like new york, except that it did leave people trying to figure out what it was. did you see it? instagram rolled out a new feature yesterday, and a lot of people were not happy about it. this is what it looked like yesterday. the app, owned by facebook, very briefly switched to a horizontal feed, meaning users had to swipe left or right instead of up and down. instagram says the feature wasn't meant to be rolled out to everyone, and facebook is blaming a bug which has since been fixed. isn't it always a bug? when in doubt, blame a bug. >> right.
11:41 am
meteorologist kari hall tracking this beautiful weather we're having right now. >> we're getting more sunshine. here's a live look outside in downtown san jose. it's still pretty breezy out there, as you head out for your lunch hour. we're going to reach into the upper 50s today, and that's it. it's going to be a cool down. we'll talk about what's ahead and the rest of the forecast, coming up. per food delivery app is sending meals 1800 miles away. oh, and, yeah, without her authorization. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. -brs
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-reports that suspect has been arrested. we're continuing to follow that breaking news report. the suspect you see right here in the shooting of a newman police officer has been captured. that newman police officer, corporal ronald singh, 33 years old, a husband and a father of a 5-month-old. he was shot and killed at 1:00 a.m. the day after christmas. the news of a press conference is coming up in about 15 minutes. of course, we want to continue to follow that for you and bringing you those developments as they happen. you know, even though it gets quiet around the holidays, nbc bay area and telemundo 48 continue to make noise for customers. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a look at some recents for our english and spanish-speaking viewers. >> bay area responds and has now
11:45 am
received more than 12,000 complaints. and we returned more than $2.3 million to our viewers. here's how we do it. one case at a time. over at telemundo, customer investigator arlen fernandez just helped out segundo in san francisco. she made a mistaken purchase, and got all her money back. over at nbc bay area responds, we recently spoke up for amy in san francisco. she told us her delivery service account was hacked, and thieves had racked up $84, sending food to a hotel in minnesota. amy reported the hack, but said the delivery company wasn't responding, so we made contact. and then amy got her $84 back. maybe we can help you, too. our responds tip lines are
11:46 am
available 24/8. english, 888-996-tips. spanish, 844-408-4888. now we look at our weather for the last weekend of the year. >> a lot of people going to parties and have big plans for the weekend. we've got some very nice weather that shouldn't interrupt any of your plans. although you might have to make some adjustments, because it will be quite chilly. here's a live look outside in fremont. the clear blue skies and notice the flag over here in the corner of the screen. it is still flapping furiously in those winds that have been whipping up and at times we have seen those gusts in parts of the bay area at 50 to 60 miles per hour. now things are starting to calm down. here's a live look outside at 101 in palo alto, and everyone out there enjoying that sunshine. but you do still need to at times turn the heater on just to knock the chill out of the air. we're heading into the upper 50s
11:47 am
today, and reaching high temperature at 4:00 here and cool down quickly for tonight. make sure you always have that jacket somewhere close by. our winds are looking so much better. it got gusty for a little while. we have a north to northeasterly wind, and san francisco, as well as the delta, feeling most of those breezes right now. and napa, wind speeds at 15 miles per hour. for martinez, also still a light breeze. as our high temperatures head up to 58 degrees for the middle of the day. and all of the numbers that we've seen recently throughout the week are about normal as we head up into the upper 50s by the end of december, we should be seeing numbers like this. and as you look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, it looks like our seasonable weather continues. and we're going to see for the east bay parts of the east bay, upper 50s, low 60s. up to 58 degrees in san mateo. 59 in redwood city. 59 degrees in the mission district. and the north bay reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s.
11:48 am
that's where we have to watch out for very dry air and some quickly falling temperatures tonight that may dip down to freezing in some of our valleys. we can see that high pressure in control as we don't see storms developing. and we notice with the wind flow, high pressure, it's always clo clockwise, so we can see the clouds going way up and over around the bay area. so we are still looking pretty good over the next several days. if you have weekend plans to take you to russian river valley, it reaches 60 degrees there. and we are not going to see many changes heading into the weekend. heading farther south to carmel valley, also with some highs reaching near 60 degrees and partly cloudy skies for saturday as well as sunday. in our seven-day forecast, we do have some cold temperatures, and tomorrow morning you want to make sure -- maybe even tonight, before you go to bed -- if you have any sensitive plants you're worried about freezing and you live in a valley, make sure you cover that plant or bring it inside. those are things we'll have to
11:49 am
watch for as our temperatures dip during the next several mornings. some cool air and our highs reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s. but notice that it stays all dry. so even as you make new year's eve and new year's day plans, we are not going to see any storm systems moving our way. and it looks like that dry weather continues into next week. and at this point, we could use some rain, but if we don't get any in the near-term, we're still doing okay. and you probably know this, especially in those east bay hills that they have turned all green. let's keep it that way, but for the next few days, we do have some sunshine, and nothing but in the next seven-day forecast. marcus and kira? >> looks good. if we can't get the rain we need, we'll take that sunshine. thanks. coming up, a plan completes what was once thought impossible. he crosses antarctica alone without any help. the bone-chilling journey that is amazing everyone.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
the world where an oregon man has became the first an amazing feat at the bottom of the world. when an oregon man has become the first person to cro cross antarctica alone. >> reporter: at the end of the year, desolate antarctica became a racetrack of sorts with two intrepid adventures vying to make history. one a 33-year-old man from oregon named colin owe brady. >> i'll be attempting a world first. >> reporter: the solo unaided adventure started november 3 when he and an english athlete set off on the 900-plus-mile trek. he took the lead and reached the south pole, averaging 15 to 20 miles a day. >> i went through some really deep places in my mind and some were scary and dark, but it was all about trying to maintain that positive voice in my head. >> reporter: then on christmas,
11:53 am
with the finish line oh so close, he embarked on a sleepless 32-hour push, sprinting nearly 80 miles to reach the end. his first call was to his wife back in oregon. >> it was an emotional conversation. it was a lot of pride and we were just all screaming and hooting and hollering and happy he was there safe. >> reporter: it's a remarkable feat for him, who ten years ago was severely injured in a fire that left burns on nearly a quarter of his body. but that didn't stop him from finishing triathlons, scaling mountains, and now conquering antarctica. this morning, he's still there, 40 pounds lighter, waiting for rudd to finish. but he's eager to share his story, what he calls his letter to the world, reminding us all to dream big. joe fryer, nbc news. >> wow. >> amazing. >> so cool. great he has those photos. no photos, or it didn't happen, right? >> something to tell your grandkids. >> we'll be right back. from bay
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
state capitol. the new laws you )ll need to knw starting next week. plus: vianey is tracking your new year )s eve forecast as you prepare to celebrate! join us monday morning from welcome back we want to again show you this new photo of the welcome back. before we go, we want to again show you this new photo of the apparent shooter suspected of killing a newman california police officer, just after christmas day. he was arrested this morning in bakersfield. this photo was posted on facebook, and we have confirmed with a few of our nbc affiliates that this suspect is currently under arrest. there's a news conference in four minutes at noon from the police department, and we will
11:57 am
air that live when it happens. a final look at the final weekend of the year. >> yeah, looking pretty good. we really can't complain, because we have a lot of sunshine. even though those morning temperatures will be chilly, by the afternoon, that will be a distant memory as we reach into the upper 50s. and we're still going to see more weather like that going into next week. dry over the next seven days and as we welcome in the year 2019. >> gorgeous way to end the year and welcome a new year. thank you for that, kari. your gift to us. >> that does it for us for this midday. make sure you have a great time this weekend. and don't forget, coming up at 12:00, there's a press conference for the rest of the person behind the shooting of that police officer in newman. we're going to post it on our instagram site, as well. make sure you follow that for us. >> you can get all the latest information all day on we hope you have a great rest of your 2018.
11:58 am
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we interrupt with breaking news. the arrest of the person possibly behind the shooting of a newman police officer has been captured. right now we want to go live to that press conference. >> randy richardson and officer ron singh's family, along with others representing law enforcement. we also have assembly member flora, annette rees from the district attorney's office. this is a show of unity and solidarity. it speaks to the relationships and partnerships that exist in helping to protect our community. before i introduce officer singh's brother, i am pleased and very proud of the fact that the suspect is in custody. he has been apprehended in bakersfield.
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