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tv   Today  NBC  January 1, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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the "today" show. >> only an hour long. parade starts at 8:00. happy new year to you. thanks for making us a part of your morning. we'll see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. good morning and happy new year. after a night of music, fireworks and celebrating with family and friends, the world is welcoming a new year. today, tuesday, january 1st, 2019. hey, everybody. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. welcome to 2019. get your checkbooks out. get ready. >> do you still write checks? >> every now and then. >> i mess it up every year. >> i have to write 2019 on my v vinmo and my bitcoin. we have a look at the big stories, your politics and
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health and money that we're going to be talking about over the next 12 months. we're going to open up about things big and small in our lives. and to go along with all that locking ahead, we'll take some time to look back at the lighter moments we were lucky to share here in studio 1a and around the world in 2018. in our next hour, brett eldridge will be here with a special holiday performance. >> we have a lot going on. let's get a look at the top stories from morgan radford. happy new year. >> good morning. thank you so much, hoda. happy new year to everyone, because the country has welcomed in 2019 with fireworks, music and, of course, the optimism that comes with a fresh start. our own matt bradley is live for us in times square, where the countdown crowd had to brace some pretty soggy weather. how is it looking now? >> reporter: good morning, morgan. times square has a hangover this morning. i'm out here. i was here last night and this
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place was absolutely packed. there were hundreds of thousands of people, all of them soaked to the bone but absolutely thrilled to be here. and this morning, this place is filled with cops and workers trying to clean up after this party. you see what a huge logistical challenge this was. there's three tons of confetti that was fired from canons all over times square. seven hours later, this place has more or less been cleaned up. this wasn't the only big party in the country, in las vegas -- there were parties all over the place. in las vegas, some 300,000 people who showed up for an eight-minute fireworks display over the vegas strip. back here in times square, it was our own lester holt that got to press the button with journalists that got to drop the
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ball. he was honoring journalist work. that's an issue you and i can get behind in 2019. >> happy new year. we're glad you're dry this morning. matt bradley live in times square. in washington, house democrats plan a vote to end the partial government shutout when they take control of the chamber on thursday. the strategy is two different bills. one would fund the department of homeland security without extra money for a border wall. the other would keep agencies running until september. president trump said he's ready to go start negotiations because, he says, we need border security and furloughed government workers are looking to get their paychecks. and singer ricky martin is beginning the new year with a new addition to his family. he announced the arrival of his daughter with an instagram post, showing the baby's tiny hands. the 47-year-old singer writes
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that the infant is beautiful and healthy. he says his husband and 10-year-old twin sons have fallen in love with her. now, a look at the national forecast. we have a storm system that's moving off of the east.lingerin today. rain and snow around the great lakes. the four-corners region is seeing some snow this new year's day. the west coast stays dry and cool. cool. meanwhile, (urgent drumming) ♪
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we're ready to gaze into our crystal balls and look ahead to the year in politics, the economy, medicine and more. there's never a shortage of headlines coming out of ha washington and 2019 will be no exception. we start with chuck todd and kristen welker. thank you for being here. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> the politics new year, i think we'll be talking about 2020. we'll be talking about the russian investigation and
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divided government. jump ball. >> i would say this, they go hand in hand, right? as the mueller probe continues to get closer and closer to the president, as house democrats with their new strengthened majority in the house, decided to hold it more accountable. how active is the 2020 race? do we have the weird moment, where those are running for president say we want to run against a damaged incumbent president. don't spend time holding hearings and investigations. the two are going to be linked in some way, because it's about the future of the president. the real wild card is going to be the state of the economy. a lot of people believe, one year from today, we will be in recession. >> that affects the president's prospects for re-election. 2018 was a busy year for robert mueller. yet, everyone assumes 2019 is the time when the mueller
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report, if it comes out, will come out. >> that's right, savannah. it's been escalating in recent weeks. we've seen this president increasingly lash out on twitter, in interviews. and the big question is, what is going to happen. is he ever going to sit for an in-person interview with special counsel? is that going to come to a head? he's submitted written questions to robert mueller. if you look at the number of people who pleaded guilty, in the president's inner circle at one point, about nine point. this is getting closer and closer to him. if you talk to his allies, he is feeling boxed in. will he be able to launch a re-election campaign? and will he be able to legislate? >> you have democrats in 2019, assuming power of one branch of congress. is there division within the democratic party in terms of how aggressively to go after this president?
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>> there is. there's a divide among washington and the rest of the party. this is going to be a real challenge for nancy pelosi, if she can get those votes. with all of the evidence they are facing and they don't make an attempt to hold everybody accountable, one of the reasons they wanted power was to hold this president accountable. at the same time, they don't want to be defined by impeachment. and they're well aware -- they saw what happened to the republicans who let themselves be defined in impeachment by bill clinton, it ended up strengthening the hand of the republicans. and i think democrats have no choice but to go down this road. and this question is going to be -- what i'm watching is what is the stomach of the senate republicans? they're the ones that are going to have to make an assessment on this one. when do day fish or cut bait?
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>> and it answers a lot on their 2020 prospects. >> i think the economy, has as much to do was anybody. the economy is going well. the economy bailed bill clinton out of his ordeal. what if we're in recession territory? what if the china trade dispute continues to get worse. then suddenly, everything else is going okay excuse doesn't work so well. >> a lot of democrats are looking and saying, maybe this is my year. and next year -- right now, pretty much every democrat is saying that. it's like easier to say who isn't running than who is. perhaps that field will get w winnowed a bit. >> do you like the picks? like former vice president joe biden. and some of the new names that are energizing the base. beto o'rourke.
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he spoke with former president obama, for example. i spoke with one top democrat, savannah. the fact that the field is so big only makes us stronger. look at what happened in '92 and 2008. >> chuck and kristen, we'll be seeing you lots. thank you so much. in 2019, and your money. the stock market was all over the place at the end of 2018. should we buckle up for a wild ride. jim cramer is the host of cnbc's "mad money." a lot of people might be biting their nails, looking at their 401(k). tell us what is going to happen with the market. >> we have had a remarkable run for a long time, hoda. as we get closer and closer to what i would describe as being multiple rate hikes, if we're not careful by the federal reserve, you want to be in different things. you're not going to think about the stock market like we have.
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you will finally be able to buy a krcd. >> some people call the drops corrections. and you look and say, is that a crash? what do you think we're headed for with all of your expertise? >> it seems like we have minicrashes all the time nowadays. if we don't resolve things with china in a peaceful way and the federal reserve keeps hiking, yes, you'll see 1,000 down, 800 down, 500 up. it's the kind of thing that will make some people nauseous. it could be a nauseating year. >> do you think we should take our money out of the stock market? or should you ride this thing out? >> i think younger people have an opportunity to ride this out. as you get closer to retirement, you have to pull more money out. that's not because of defeat. it's because the opportunities away from the stock market haven't been this great in 12 years. why not go -- no sin in owning a cd? no sin in being a money fund. i'm a stock guy. >> what's the right thing.
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if i have money and i want to invest it. where am i putting my money? >> you want to put your money in an index fund. you need the diversification. i think the s&p 500. every broker has one. that's so you can handle the volatility that will be upon us, all year, without a lot of panic. >> someone is thinking about buying a house in 2019. is this a good year to think about that? or do you wait? >> i think you wait a little. people are starting to realize, wow, we're not getting the deductions we used to get. houses are less affordable. interest rates may not be as high later in the year as they are now. >> okay. >> and i think people have to recognize the housing market has been great for a long time. that and the stock market. the party ends. it can't go on. >> you're the optimist, thaoo. >> i used to come here. i want stocks.
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facebook, amazon, no. what an opportunity to get a mortgage. no. i like cds. i know -- i can't believe i'm saying this on air, that i like cds. >> but you do. lastly, we saw unemployment was low in 2018. then, we watched gm and all those people saying they're going to lay off a bunch of people. is this going to be a good year for the worker, do you think? or not a great year? >> as the federal reserve raises rates, it will be worse for the worker. big layoffs in retail, unfortunately, always post-christmas. we have that. i don't want anyone to think it will be a recession. that's important. it will be slower. it's been so fast. the world is slowing and we're being impacted. >> all right, jim cramer. >> cds. >> cds all the way. savannah over to you. next up, overseas outlook. we're talking about united states' standing in the world and the state of our relationship with other countries. here with that is chief foreign
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affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> 2018 was consequential on your beat. and the long relationship with allies came under renewed pressure. >> a lot of pressure. he blew up a lot of traditional relationships, he dominated the world stage, president trudonal has infuriated allies from canada, to germany, to the u.k. he's blown up those relationships but cozied up to dictators, vladimir putin, kim jong-un, the summits, unprecedented summits with the totalitarian leaders and embraced the accused murderer of jamal khashoggkhashoggi. >> let's take russia, for example. that relationship. >> that relationship, he's talking about a summit. another summit with vladimir putin. at the same time, he's being
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investigated for the russian relations going back to 2016. here he is, talking about having a summit with vladimir putin, another summit with kim jong-un, without anything to show in either case, with north korea not giving any inventory of their weapons. >> i was going to bring up north korea. we saw that high-profile summit between the two leaders, the president famously declared on twitter the nuclear threat is over. i'm paraphrasing. where do we stand? even then, everyone acknowledged, now, it's hammering out the details. >> the good news is, we're not in a nuclear showdown with north korea. but the bad news is that knnort korea has not delivered any of its promises from the summit. they got world recognition for having the summit with the leader of the free world, donald trump, yet, they've not delivered anything to show they arepanding their missile
7:16 am
program and showing secret tunneling without being willing to deliver on their promises. >> we'll watch what north korea does in 2019, as opposed to what it says. let's talk about saudi arabia. the murder of jamal khashoggi, who was the saudi-born columnist and dissident and critic of the saudi crown prince, obviously, that murder really focused attention, not just on saudi arabia's actions, but the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia. and many members of congress, including republicans, say things have to change. >> this is the first issue that has actually tipped republican senators against the president. turned them against him because he is ignoring the advice of his intelligence agencies, as he did on russia, coming into the presidency. he's siding with those in his family, jared kushner, and secretary of state, his national security adviser, making excuses for the crown prince who is actually being fingered for
7:17 am
murdering jamal khashoggi. >> it's important times. andrea, thank you so much. we appreciate your expertise. now, we go over to craig. >> savannah, thank you. when it comes to your health, there's all kinds of new breakthroughs on the horizon in 2019. folks in finance and advances in mental health. to that, we say good morning to our friend, dr. john torres. good to have you. happy new year, my friend. >> good morning. >> let's start with advances in mental health, prioritizing and normalizing with mental health treatment. >> you'll see that in 2019. being an e.r. doc, that's what we have. people come in with lacerations, broken bones, heart attacks. people with mental health issues are pushed back and wait hours or days to be seen. this is filling that need. mental health urgent cares are cropping up across the country.
7:18 am
they're set so people having mental health issues and need to be seen, that day or within a couple days, can get in quickly. they're usually staffed with mental health specialists. >> counseling and prescriptions here. >> counseling, treatment, the things they need to get their mental health needs taken care of and get them taken care of in a quick fashion. >> that sounds like a fantastic idea. what kind of fitness trends are we keeping an eye on? >> hike willing be the new yoga. >> hiking? >> indoor rowing will be the new spin classes. and mobility in fitness, especially for men. >> hiking and rowing, al roker, a huge fan of rowing. >> it will be one of those things, when people do indoor spinning, they get good aerobic exercising. with the rowing, they get the upper body work, as well, because they're pulling on that machine the whole time. with the hiking part, it gives you the benefits of yoga, which is basically relaxation, the
7:19 am
mental benefits, gives you the exercise and it's instagramible. people are taking pictures. for mobility, men, that's important. we need strength training with the flexibility. >> what is the new diet trend? >> flexitarianims. that sounds made up. >> it's vegetarian or vegan diets and it lets you put meat and fish in there. humans like variety. that's the problem with some of the diets. you can't stick on them. this brings that variety back in on the diet. >> dr. john torres, thank you. we'll see a lot of you, i'm sure. coming up, we'll keep our look ahead going with the music, tv shows and movies to look forward to in 2019, including a fan favorite that's finally heading to the big screen. and we'll open up about our
7:20 am
hopes and dreams for the new year to come. we're going to share resolutions. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead on this first morning of the new year, we're going to take a moment to look back at the good times we had here on "today." and brett eldridge, who conquered christmas with his holiday album. we can't wait for him to kick off the new year with a special performance in studio 1a. we'll be right back. the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to the doctor just for a shot. with neulasta onpro patients get their day back... to be with family, or just to sleep in. strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease.
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results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you. and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment. if you )re heading over any bridge a very good morning to you. happy new year's's well. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. take some extra change for you if you're heading over any bridges. tolls for all seven state-owned bridges are going up. $7 during peak hours now, all others will cost $6. clean car air driver also have to shell out about $3. this is the the first toll hike in nine years and comes after voters approved regional measure three. get ready for that. bundle up for the cold as well. right, vianey? >> right. how beautiful is that, first sunrise of 2019 and, thank
7:27 am
goodness, we all woke up this morning. right? wind speed definitely significantly less windy than we were yesterday at this hour. right now, look at the temperatures across the bay area. 45 in oakland. however, we're still seeing some pretty clear conditions in the afternoon. temperatures will climb into the 50s but it will still be comfortable, but cool in the upper 50s. quick reminder, that wind advisory does remain in effect for elevations above 1,000 feet through 10:00 a.m. it's still pretty gusty in the hilltop areas, north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. we will see those winds diminish in the afternoon quite nicely. now let's get a check of how the roads are doing. a very smooth commute since we've been on air at 4:30, no major accidents. couple of fender benders, westbound 80 toward the bay bridge, eight minutes, westbound
7:28 am
92, 12 minutes. candy coated sky along the bay bridge. good commute throughout the bay area. laura? >> looks good. nice start to the new year.
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7:30 am
♪ wow. getting the rave going. it's 7:30, tuesday morning, in the club, the first day of 2019. there is the iconic rockefeller center christmas tree. still shining bright for a few more days. here it is looking pretty. and folks skating outside. >> beautiful. when do you take your tree down? >> january 6th. >> wow. >> it's the feast of -- >> calvin. >> tree taking down. >> that's when your tree bursts into flames. >> starting 2019, like you spent 2018. >> january 6th, what my mom always said. that's that. >> all right. >> that worked well.
7:31 am
>> more of those traditions in a moment. also ahead, a superhero, a lion king, a hit show, headed to the silver screen. there's a lot out of hollywood to look forward to this year. we're going to get you excited for the most highly anticipated movies. >> and we're going to dive into the hottest fashion frietrends the new year. including neon in a big way. >> wow. >> i'm all right with it. clear skies. still seeing some chilly temps and gusty conditions in the hills but beautiful live look over san francisco. how is that for a welcomed sight in the new year? the temperatures will still be rather cool into the afternoon, topping out only in the 50s. wind advisories in the hills expires at 10:00 a.m. for elevation above 1,000 feet.
7:32 am
if you thought 2018 was a big year for entertainment, buckle up. 2019 will give us some of the most ambitious tv shows and music in years. >> joining us with a preview, is mitha. let's start with the movies. boy, folks are excited about "the lion king." >> disney is remaking "the lion king." the voice cast is amazing. donald glover, beyonce, billy eichner. they will be using old hits. >> not animation. >> so, it's somewhere between animation and live action. they're calling it photo realist. it will be different. >> riveting. i know savannah is excited about this one, "downton abbey" the movie. what's happening with that? >> they just wrapped filming. it is getting the big theatrical
7:33 am
release. a lot of the cast that we loved. they are being very tight-lipped about what the movie is about. one cast member let it slip that it picks up eight or nine months after the last episode. >> oh. "captain marvel" brie larson is a superhero. >> we're very excited. "wonder woman ii" was slated for this year. it got pushed to 2020. nice moment for "captain marvel." >> a movie coming up, the"the irishman." >> scorcese is finally doing this with netflix. it reunites him with robert de niro. and one of the big points of this movie, is we see the cast in flashbacks, which they have to be benjamin buttoned.
7:34 am
>> how do they do that? >> 30 years ago. major cgi. i think it's taking about a year in postproduction to get all those effects right. >> it costs a lot of bucks to do that, too. >> just a few. >> "rocketman," about elton john. this is a bio pic? >> it is a bio pic. if you like bohemian rhapsody, it's similar. it will be a little more fantastical than some of the other bio pics. maybe a little elton fantasy around the edges. >> let's move on to tv. the big hit has been "the crown" this past year. >> i love "the crown." >> the new "crown" will not be like the old "crown." >> because the show is tracking the family through the years, they needed to age out the characters. so, they rebooted the whole cast. olivia coleman is standing in as
7:35 am
queen elizabeth ii and she is amazing. it's hard to imagine someone taking over for claire foy but she can do it. >> what is the time jump? >> the late '60s and '70s. so, we'll see camilla parker-bowles. >> it's the end. >> julia loui louis-dreyfus wil on the show. >> we have hoda's favorite show "brooklyn 999." >> are you renaming it? >> coming to nbc. >> i knew it had a couple of 9s in there. >> it is the first season on nbc. the show had been canceled by fox and fans just flipped out. super twitter outrage. and nbc decided to bring it back. >> "veronica mars" will be on
7:36 am
tv. >> that's a teen cult show, played by kristen bell. it was on upn, and ucw. and then, the cast rallied on stickstarter. this is a full season on hulu. >> i like that fans get mad and the shows come back. "game of thrones." >> this is the tv event of the year. >> i know. and if it has its final season, what will people be talking about? >> we'll talk about it all year. just six episodes. but they promised to fill all of the supersized, movie-length. we don't know anything else, to be honest. but i think everybody is really excited to see how it ends. >> take us to music. carrie underwood is going on tour, right? >> yes. she released an album last year. and she's having her second baby. she's taking a little maternity leave, much-deserved. >> she is so good live, it's amazing. >> i heard there's a rumor bruce
7:37 am
springsteen is going to have an album. he is not easy enough. he had a broadway run and the netflix special. >> he's wrapping up on broadway. he's returning to his day job. he's being cryptic about that. he's working on solo recording. >> one of our favorites who keeps coming up with great music is meghan trainor. i mean, every song is a hit. she's a hitmaker. >> she's our little sister, we think. >> she has an album that she said was going to come out last august. she couldn't stop writing music. they pushed it to 2019. and we're hoping that it will be full. >> she started off writing for other people and decided, let me try. and look what happens. she's amazing. >> she seems to write a hit and roll over and go back to bed. thank you so much. happy new year. coming up next, the new year is a great time to set new goals. with that in mind, we're going to set our resolutions, as well as hopes and dreams for 2019. all coming up after this. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. so far, we've given you a look at the year ahead in politics, business and entertainment. straighten up, you two. now, we'll look at what's in store for us. >> at least what we hope in a 2019 brings. here's our resolutions for the new year. >> my own resolution is to make
7:43 am
haley's life better. to be a better mom. to be a more loving parent, to make her life better. >> my new year's resolution to spend more time with my kids. not just quantity, but quality, too. >> i make the same one every year. i should write in my journal. i should exercise. i should eat less. it never works out. >> normally my new year's resolution is to stop biting my nails. it just doesn't work. >> my new year's resolution is to be around as many green bubbles as possible. my new year's resolution is to try to be more present. try to not be paying attention to screens and paying attention to what's going on around me. >> what i like to do in january is be a little more excessive. i eat more, work out less, i drink more. when february rolls around, these people have given up. i start on february 1.
7:44 am
it's genius if you think about it. i hope this is a year where we decide to focus more on the things that unite us. >> i hope that, in 2019, we can dial things back and we can talk to each other. the things that make us different are far outnumbered by the things that bring us together. >> i want less stress and more dancing. i want less worry and more joy. i want our house to be a peaceful place, where you get nourished. and then, you go out in the big wolde. i want our life to be peaceful. i look forward to haley turning 2 in 2019. i look forward to the next word she says. i look forward to her looking at me with that little devilish
7:45 am
grin. and i know she gets the joke. >> with calvin, everything is a milestone. so, just his birthday and just to see what he's going to do next, if i'm being totally honest, for 2019, we would love to expand our family. i'm not making an announcement. but that would be a dream of ours. >> next year, vale goes to kindergarten. that's a big deal in our family. i can't believe my little girl will be 5 years old next year. >> oh. i'll tell you what i'm looking forward to. 2019 is the year i turn 40. i decided i'm going to celebrate the entire month of may, like the queen's jubilee. it will be a nonstop party. >> i hope everyone has an incredible new year. i hope all their dreams come true. >> smile. one extra smile a day will go a long way. >> slow everything down. slow down your speaking, your eating, your talking, your -- just slow it down. and i think sometimes in that, you get a new perspective. >> happy new year.
7:46 am
>> here's to 2019, guys. >> i know. >> we should replay this for next year's show, to see how we did. >> so we can feel bad? >> the resolution is the same every year. >> it's fun to make them. you don't have to keep them. >> it's like, you can make the reservati reservation. you just can't keep the reservati reservation. >> i can guarantee you one thing. a lot of laughs. we never fail to have fun around here. >> we try to prove it, with our favorite moments o (client's voice) oww, it hurts... (danny) ...that you're not using smarter tools to manage your business. you work too hard to work this hard! collecting receipts? is it the 80s? does anybody have a mixtape i can borrow? you should be chasing people's pets... ...not chasing payments! quickbooks gives you a sweet set of business tools... ...that do all the hard work for you. you may groom corgis, but you don't have to work like a dog.
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it is 7:55. skies are clear. welcome to 2019. we're off to a chilly start but at least the winds are starting to calm down a little bit. 43 in san jose. look how clear it is in san francisco. still breezy, wind speeds at 14 miles an hour. as we head into the afternoon, temperatures will top out only into the 50s for today. we're talking about a high of about 53 degrees in san jose, 55 for san francisco. 57 for santa rosa. bay area skies will remain clear and sunny. our daytime temperatures, paired with breezy conditions, will still feel chilly. i want to remind folks we are still under a wind advisory just with elevations above 1,000 feet, north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. we're expecting to see that wind advisory stay in place at least through 10:00 a.m. after 10:00 a.m., we should
7:57 am
start to see the winds diminish and that should make for a nice afternoon, still breezy into the later hours. let's get a check of the roads and see how that's going. great commute so far. bridge drive times westbound 80 toward the bay bridge, seven minutes, westbound 92 to the san mateo bridge, 12 minutes. no metering lights on at the bay bridge. you can see how clear it is there and also a nice little shot. clear skies into richmond. scott? firefighters trying to determine if illegal fireworks started a san jose house fire that started around 3:30 this morning downtown on fifth street near julian. for more, including dramatic video of the scene, go to our twitter feed. overnight video showing people camping in the cold for the rose bowl parade. you can watch that live coming up in about five minutes. of course, that's follow bid the winter classic hockey game.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> hello, from pasadena. happy new year. i'm hoda kotb. >> i'm al roker. >> are you ready? let's start the show. ♪ ♪ it's such a good sensation ♪ such a sweet sensation from pasadena, california it's america's new year's celebration. th r


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