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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 7, 2019 3:00am-3:30am PST

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no camp david accord this time as the president remains at odds with the democrats over the funding of a border wall. with the government shutdown now into its third week. it was a golden night in hollywood as the stars came out along with jaw-dropping moments during this year's golden globes. >> actor kevin spacey faces a different spotlight today when he'll face the judge in a courtroom on a sexual assault charge. it was once one of the nation's most secretive places, housing billions in cash and government secrets. today it's got a whole new today" starts right now. monday. i'm philip meja. evacuations have been ordered for anyone within a three-mile radius of bar toe, georgia. a train carrying chlorine tanks derailed and hydrochloric acid has spilled. there have been reports of chemical odors and a cloud in
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the area. more than two weeks into the government shutdown and neither side seems any closer to a deal. a white house team let by vice president mike pence met with congressional staffers to try and kind some common ground but they didn't make much headway. president trump is now proposing to build a steel fence along the u.s. border instead of a concrete wall in hopes of bringing democrats to the table. nbc's jennifer johnson has the latest. >> reporter: president trump now trying a new negotiation tactic to get his border wall built. a steel fence, not a concrete wall, built by american workers. more pressure on democrats. >> it will be less obtrusive, stronger, and we're able to use our great companies to make it. >> reporr: democrats say er he has made and it will be discussd. >> the president promised he'll get his wall with or without congress' approval. >> i may declare a national emergency dependant on what's going to happen over the next
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few days. >> reporter: many doubt that would work. >> the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying, where's the emergency? you have to establish that in order to do that. beyond that, a terrible use of department of defense dollars. >> reporter: this weekend a white house team led by vice president mike pence met with senior congressional staffers to try and settle the partial government shutdown. fingers still pointing. >> the first line chief negotiators said, we're not here to agree to anything, a stunning way to start a negotiation. >> this is the first president in history who shut down his own government. unfortunately there are going to be people who suffer. >> reporter: already suffering, 800,000 federal workers. now a neworry for americans, whether their irs tax refunds will be delayed. jennifer johnson, nbcwashgton. this would be, house democrats will start ramping up pressure on republicans to reopen the government. lawmakers will begin passing funding measures for each federal service impacted by the shutdown. nbc's mike viqueira has more.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, frances. after some four hours of closed-door talks led by vice president pence on behalf of the white house and president trump, and top congressional staffers on behalf of the congressional democratic leadership, it appears that virtually no progress was made in those talks that occurred on the white house grounds. democrats say the white house was not coming off that $5.7 billion figure that the president is insisting on. they are also not coming up with a detailed plan on exactly how they would spend that money if they were to have it. the president for his part late on sunday tweeting out he's come off his insistence on a concrete wall, instead, he said he'd obtrusive. a steel barrier which it's clear democrats are not going to have any of it. nancy pelosi, the newly installed democratic speaker of the house, is pressing forward, trying to keep the pressure not only on president trump, but also on senate republicans. the plan this week, to pass
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piecemeal, bit by bit, bills designed to reopen portions of the government. they plan to start with a bill that would reopen the treasury department and the internal revenue service amid reports some $140 billion in potential taxpayer refunds this year could be delayed as the shutdown drags on. frances? >> all right, mike, thank you. now to one of hollywood's most-anticipated nights of the year. the 76th annual golden globes honoring celebrities from some of the year's best in tv and film. the night was filled with sweeping wins and stunning moments. stephanie stanton is in los angeles with more. >> reporter: frances and philip, the stars celebrated their achievements at the golden globes here at the after parties in beverly hills. this year a big win in the drama category meant a big upset for another musical motion picture. >> "bohemian rhapsody." >> reporter: a song that rocked the '70s became the movie that rocked the goldeob win
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best drama, bringing rami malek a best actor award for his role as queen's lead singer. >> thank you to freddie mercury for giving me the joy of a lifetime. >> reporter: best actress brought another surprise. >> glenn close, "the wife." >> reporter: her genuine shock at beating out the likes of nicole kidman and lady gaga gave way to tears on stage as she encouraged women. >> follow our dreams. we have to say, i can do that. and i should be allowed to do that. >> reporter: for "a star is born," a night that started with five nominations, ended with bust jun win. >> "shallow." "a star is born." >> reporter: lady gaga taking home a globe for best original song. olivia coleman, best actress in a musical or comedy for "the favourite." christian bale, best actor for his role as dick chinany >> thank youme inspiration on h this role.
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>> reporter: the interracial road trip "green book" won best comedy and srs frt mahershala a. and regina king for "if beale street could talk." surprises in the television categories, "the comisky method" won best comedy and best actor for michael douglas. rachel brosnihan made it back to back wins for "the marvelous mrs. maisel." best drama, and best actor for "bodyguard." cohost sandra on celebrated a best actress win for "killing eve." >> killing eve! >> also tonight, poignant moments. carol burnett took home the lifetime achievement award, which was named for her. actor jeff bridges taking home the cecil b. demille lifetime achievement award. reporting from beverly hills,
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i'm stephanie stan stop. philip, frances, back to you. turning now to authorities in texas who have announced an arrest in the shooting death of 7-year-old jazmine barnes. houston police are charging 20-year-old eric black jr. with capital murder for the drive-by shooting which led to barnes' death. investigators say they are chasing leads which could lead to more arrests. >> reporter: one week after 7-year-old jazmine barnes was killed by gunfire, investigators said a tip led to the arrest of eric black jr. >> mr. black has acknowledged his role in jazmine's murder. and we've also received information that this involves a second individual as well. >> reporter: the harris county sheriff's department says black was taken into custody after a traffic stop. they say he admitted to driving the vehicle during the shooting and was accompanied by another person. jazz mine was riding in a car with her mother and three sisters early sunday when authorities say shots were fired. police didn't believe jazmine
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and her family were the targets. >> this was likely a case of mistaken identity, where intended targets were likely someone else. but instead they fired upon lepore sha, jazmine, and her siblings. >> reporter: initially investigators were looking for a white male in a red pickup. jazmine's mother said she believed the shooting was a hate crime. authorities believe the family was truthful but may have been traumatized after the shooting. >> it's very likely the last thing they did see was indeed that red truck and that driver in that truck, and that's what they remembered last. >> reporter: jazmine's killing inspired an outpouring of support. a huge crowd attended a justice for jazmine rally on saturday. the community united in anger and in grief. dan scheneman, nbc news. nbc meteorologist bill karins, starting off the week with watches and warpings? >> yeah, you'd think we'd have a lot of winter weather, we you'd have to country.
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snowing in duluth, marquette, green bay. the snow is moving into central portions of michigan. roughly 14 million people under winter weather headlines, advisories or warnings. slippery in the northern portions the great lakes moving into western new york and new england in the days ahead, especially later tonight into tomorrow. the snowfall forecast, highest totals, northern upper pen numbers la of michigan. tonight into tomorrow, the reuntainous a 50s in through the ohio valley. as warm as 57 in charleston, west virginia. as we go throughout the week, we're see a big storm on the west coast again making its way across the country. details coming up. >> that seems to be happening. >> it's that time of year. "aquaman" has dominated the
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domestic box office for a third weekend in a row. the dc superheroes film at the top and waking waves overseas with $649.3 million to date. following "aquaman" this weekend was the new thriller "escape room" earning $18 million. and "mary poppins returns" with over $15 million. a family went on vacation only to return to find a stranger living in their home. we'll tell you more about that. the agony of defeat in chicago. oh, no. say it ain't so. plenty more ahead, stay with us. julie! hey... guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike...mike what day is it mike? ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico?
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no word yet about what caused the breach. now imagine coming home from a family vacation only to find a stranger living right there in your house. that's what happened to one georgia family. jacob nucols was arrested after a five-hour standoff with police. the homeowner told police he'd changed the locks on the doors and told her it was his home now. nichols was charged with burglary, making terroristic threats, and obstruction. >> squatter of the year already. to aheart-stopping nfl playoffs. oh my goodness what a weekend it was. let's go to soldier field. the bears, less than a minute to play, then that happened, nick foles to golden philly a one-p. the bears would have one last chance and all they needed is a field goal. >> and -- it hits the upright again, that's impossible! >> a double doink, heartbreaking
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miss for kicker cody parkey. he did have the heart to speak to reporters through glazed eyes after the game. >> there's really no answer to it. i thought i had a good ball. and unfortunately i just didn't make it. i feel terrible. i 100% take that loss on me. it is what it is, but -- i mean, life's -- sun's going to shine tomorrow, life's going to go on. unfortunately it's going to stink for a while. >> life does go on but the bears go home. the other game sunday in baltimore. chargers took a 23-3 lead into the fort but lamar jackson would find michael crabtree, the ra n ravens' first touchdown of the day. they'd get another one after getting the ball back, jackson to crabtree again, but the final, chargers 23, ravens 17. next week the divisional round. we've got the colts at the chiefs followed by the cowboys and rams on saturday. then on sunday, chargers at new england, and the defending champions head to new orleans. still ahead, a once top
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winter is coming. "game of thrones" fans were left on the edge of their seats last night when hbo released a sneaky first look of the new season uring the g short five-second clip of never
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before seen-footage shows denaris arriving in winterfell. hbo is looking forward to the season ahead, season 8 will premiere in april. a former federal reserve facility that once housed billions of dollars during the cold war is now home to millions of pieces of american media. the national audiovisual conservation center is nearly a decade into a project to digitally preserve our history. wvir's matt tallhelm takes us behind the scenes of this incredible collection. >> reporter: closed up in this fortress-like facility in culpepper are more than 6 million moving images and sound recordings in the collection of the national audiovisual conservation center. >> it is the largest and most comprehensive audiovisual collection of any library or archive in the world. >> reporter: center chief gregory lupko carries the keys
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to unlock the underground bunker that stores much of the collection. >> it was a cold war-era, nuclear bomb-proof bunker where they stored money to repump the economy -- >> reporter: 35 vaults that once secured billions of dollars cover two floors of the former federal reserve bank bunker. each floor is longer than a football field. >> no two are the same size, shape, or configuration. we had to fit ourselves into a pre-existing structure. >> reporter: the vaults now house film reel canisters and memorabilia on more than 90 miles of shelving in climate-controlled conditions. >> 50 degrees fahrenheit, 30% relative humidity. you want to be cooler and drier for audiovisual media in general. >> reporter: the master film vault is kept even colder, at 35 degrees, to preserve a collection of negatives given to the center by the major hollywood film studios. >> gigi, best picture, 1958. gone with the wind.
3:20 am
1939. oscar winner for best picture. poregy and bess, a very rarely seen film. >> reporter: the rarest and oldest locked behind a set of double doors leading to another wing of vaults. >> they all look somewhat like this. >> reporter: these 124 vaults store just 1% of the center's collection. fire code requires these highly flammable nitrate films be stored to strict standards. >> once you have a burning reel of nitrate film or a burning vault of nitrate film, there's nothing you can do to put it out. >> reporter: the reels feature the first moving images from 1893 through the golden age of hollywood. the collection grows by as many as 100,000 new items each year. dvds, video games, vinyl recordings of bob hope, cassettes of judy collins, and
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recordings of everything from congressional speeches to "the godfather" on vhs arrive at the center for preservation. >> we've got a 128-year period up until the year 2018 that we are trying to comprehensively collect who we are, what we're doing, what our dreams are, what our disappointments were. is best represented in many ways by the audiovisual material. >> wow, fascinating. so much of hollywood so far away from hollywood there in virginia. >> yeah, who knew, hidden treasure. bills tracking a winter blast heading toward the midwest. and new trouble over the shutdown showdown. how the impasse could impact millions who rely on the government to eat. you've tried moisturizer after moisturizer
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nantucket courtroom for arraignment this morning facing charges for indecent assault and battery. the "house of carded" actor accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old in 2016. alabama and clemson face off tonight at the national championship. the two powerhouse teams will kick off from levi's stadium in santa clara, california, at 8:00 p.m. eastern. this is the fourth year in a row alabama and clemson have faced off in a playoffs. a new twist on an nbc hit reality competition, "america's got talent: the champions." it's going to premiere tonight at 8:00 eastern. the contest brings together former winners and favorites from around the world. with the federal shutdown in its third week, there's growing concern it could impact the lives of millions of people who depend on the government for their food. nbc's hans nichols has more. >> reporter: for families that rely on federal help for food, the shutdown could leave them with an empty table. >> it's going to affect me because then i won't be able to come in here and buy my groceries. >> reporter: absent a deal
3:27 am
between president donald trump and congress, federal funds for food assistance could run out next month, affecting some of the 38 million americans who rely on the program for their basic needs. >> a lot of people are one paycheck away from being in the situation of needing food assistance. and it's really a challenge for us to get people to realize how broad an issue it is. >> reporter: the department of agriculture has only guaranteed that eligible households will receive monthly supplemental nutritional assistance program benefits for january, but made no promises for february. a "washington post" analysis says the program has only $3 billion in reserve, which would cover just 64% of february's obligations. >> if the shutdown continues, millions of people that will not be able to afford food. and i think this is just absolutely unconscionable. >> thanks to hans nichols for that report. the sky above western india is especially vibrant this time
3:28 am
of year. the 2019 international kite festival kicked off yesterday. master kitemakers and flyers from more than 45 countries are attending this nine-day event. during the festival, kite fighters will go to battle. i love this part here. the participants, they coat their thread in glue and crushed glass. crushed glass and glue, just so they can cut their competitors' strings. life that idea. not just a boring kite festival, how about that, right? >> veryintense competition right there. some familiar faces are celebrating birthdays this january 7th. nicholas cage turns 55. blue ivy, daughter of beyonce and jay-z, is 7. yann wetter turns a favorite here at nbc, katie ic2 today. i'm frances
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we're looking at a national emergency because we have a national emergency.
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just read the papers. we have a crisis at the border of drugs, of human beings being trafficked all over the world. they're coming through. and we have an absolute crisis. and of criminals and gang members coming through. ist it is national security. it is arder we've got the biggest moments wall beinghe 7 bh annual golden including the winners and jaw-dropping fashions. globes. a major auto recall. this one involving ford. this morning we'll tell you what's behind the move and what car owners can do. isinstatisti that's getting a lot of


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