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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 7, 2019 3:30am-3:59am PST

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we're looking at a national emergency because we have a national emergency. just read the papers. we have a crisis at the border of drugs, of human beings being trafficked all over the world. they're coming through. and we have an absolute crisis. and of criminals and gang members coming through. ist it is national security. it is arder wall beinghe 7 bh annual golden we've got the biggest moments globes. including the winners and jaw-dropping fashions. a major auto recall. this one involving ford. this morning we'll tell you what's behind the move and what car owners can do. isinstatisti that's getting a lot of attention. more women die during or just after childbirth in the united
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states than in many less-developed countries. plus it was a brutal weekend for weather in some areas, causing mudslides out west and power outages elsewhere. we'll tell you what's in store for today. "early today" starts right now. >> good to be with you on this monday. i'm fran assess rivera. it was a golden night for the golden globes. best year's film and television. sandra oh made history not once but twice. the first actress of asian deaccident to host the a show. no shortage of memorable moments like this epic proposal from maya rudolph to amy poehler. >> oh, my god. what are you doing? >> will you marry me? >> what? y yes! yes! a thousand times yes.
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>> fans on twitter started petitioning they host the oscars this year. on the red carpet, a star was born. this fiji spring water model went viral for photo bombing nearly everyone on the red carpet, posing in the background with that tray of water bottles. her name is kelly cuffberg. she said she was tickled by all the attention she was getting on social media. the surprising wins and the best highlights from the evening. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: yeah. incident was very, very interesting night. tou see how different the red carpet is at this hour as it is picked up and pulled away. how different it is from a few hours ago. plenty of surprises looking back. a lot of surprise recipients also of golden globes. >> "bohemian rhapsody".
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>> a song that rocked the '70s became the movie that rocked the golden globe sunday night. >> thank you for giving me the joy of a lifetime. >> glenn close. >> it gave way to tears on stage. >> best original song for lady gaga. >> olivia coleman won for "the first." and christian bale for dick cheney in "vice." >> thank you to is satan for inspiration on how to play this road. >> "green book"ra regina king won for if be a ale street could talk. the co minute sky method
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captured best comedy, best actor for michael douglas. rachel brosnahan won for marvelous mrs. maisel. globe's co-host sandra oh also celebrated. a best actress win for "killing eve." >> i'm killing eve! >> reporter: and phillip, frances, today oscar albegins for the so of the academy to make their picks for the academy awards. they have eight days to do so. jennifer, thank you. >> we have more than two weeks in the government shutdown. neither side seems any closer to a deal. the white house deal led by mike pence led congressional staffers to make common ground but they didn't make much headway. tracie potts brings us the latest. >> reporter: parts of the federal government remain closed this morning.
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>> we'll see what happens. we'll see whether or not it's settled >> reporter: president trump predicting progress by wednesday after weekend negotiations brought no breakthrough. >> we need to open up government er a at odds over . whether americans should pay for a wall at the mexican border. >> we were trying our best to get the government open aious i >> reporter: they are trying to justify the $5 billion the president is asking for. he is dla to pay for the wall. agreeing to steel instead of concre concrete. >> are we need to look at pore border patrol agents, technology and other means as well. >> reporter: democrats say they are hearing no compromise on the cost. >> in a pound the table way,
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unless i get it my way, i'm going to hurt all these people. that is not the way to go. >> reporter: if the shutdown continues the irs may be forced to release tax refunds. >> think about the hundreds of thousands who are entitled to refund checks that won't receive them. >> reporter: from national parks to want wallets of millions of americans. tracie potts, nbc news, washington overnight, air suspect in the mistakenstonas in a cro aft manhunt. they arrested 20-year-old eric ed a tip. he admitted to driving the vehicle during the shooting and was person. evictim, 7-year-old jazmine barnes was killed while riding in the car with her sisters and per mom her mom was shot.
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a slow explosion setback for ford. ford has had no report of injuries. >> this is the latest piece in what has been a massive and huge recall. the largest ever in the auto industry. we're a long way from seeing this problem resolve in terms of bad takata air bags worldwide. >> reporter: the recall includes some, but not all, models of edge, ranger, fusion, mustang, mercury, milan and mkx and mkz from 2010 to 2014. an tonya gonzalez plans to get hers replaced. >> did you get a notice in the mail? >> yeah. i got about three or four them. >> go underneath the glove box. we will be able to swap them out no problem. >> but the problem is parts.
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each new air bag must be ordered separately to match the make, model, interior color of each car. >> it is not like we're getting the parts in mass quantitiequan. >> reporter: the in convenience could be passed on to the customer. matt bradley, nbc news, jersey city, new jersey. extreme weather on the west coast. mudslides shut down portions of a highway for hours as heavy rain soaked malibu and the surrounding region, trapping drivers and causing accidents. ventura county fire department reported a 40-foot-wide debris flow on the highway. a flood warning for parts of the san francisco bay area. there the storm was powerful enough to force several flight delays and cancellations. a local pier had to be shut down because tides were too high. >> in, wind gusts reaching 60 miles per hour left thousands of residents without power.
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officials say utility companies are working to restore that power. it may take days to get back to normal. >> i don't think they're done with the storms out west. bill, good morning. good morning. what an event yesterday. they had to shut down highway 80 about 2:00 in the afternoon. california highway patrol said no more. there were whiteout conditions. people were getting stranded. we are just about done with it now. that's good. even going through the mountain passes, it will take a while to clean things up. especially for the vehicles that were stranded. the neck storm, tuesday storm is off the map. it's a huge storm. by the time it gets to the west coast it will be weaker. more significant not so much in the bay this time like yesterday. fort bragg, mount shasta, we will get an inch in oregon. snow elevations will be pretty high. we got it with in
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mountain roads back open. in the northwest, not a as bad today. your rain will come in tomorrow. we'll take a look at the week ahead forecast. we're not done in the west. >> bill, thank you. how about some feel-good footage as we slide into our monday. adorable penguins came out to play at the giant ice festival over the weekend. look at that. polar land aquarium is home to the annual festival. the penguins were t briefly play outside in the ice enclosure. ckpack makes it i think too. still ahead, nightedunited' rules for service animals. you're watching early today. ... guess what day it i? ah come on, i know you can hear me.
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according to reports, the three-year veteran died at a hospital from his injuries over the weekend. his department police chief says officer joseph shiners had been in the process of arresting a fugitive. he leaves behind a wife and a young son. you can see corpus christi police officers joining forces to flip that vehicle. the driver hit going the wrong way. they were able to get the man out safe and sound. a surprising statistic getting a lot of attention this morning. more women die during or just after childbirth in the united states than in many less-developed countries. the cdc the numbers are worrisome for african-american women. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: when kyra and charles johnson first met in 2004, they planned to spend forever together. >> kyra challenged me to be a better person in every aspect of my life.
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>> reporter: they were overjoyed when they welcomed their first son, charles. >> he's so handsome. >> reporter: their second son lang sonn oofollowed, delivered through a routine c-section after a healthy pregnancy. it was april 12th, 2016. >> hey, langston. >> reporter: their celebration quickly turned to concern, though, when charles noticed blood in kyra's catheter. he alerted doctors, but says minutes turned into hours. >> i'm begging and pleading for them to do something. >> reporter: finally, he says, after 10 hours, doctors decided kyra needed surgery. but it was too late. kyra hemorrhaged to death. she was 39 years old. >> never imagined i would be sitting here today and that we would have left the hospital without my wife. >> reporter: about 700 women die each year in the u.s. due to pregnancy or delivery complications. and african-american mothers are four times more likely to be victims than white women.
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dr. valerie montgomery rice says the causes of racial disparity aren't fully known. >> i definitely think that there is a level of unconscious and conscious bias that occurs in medical settings. >> reporter: charles johnson has turned his tragedy into action. maternal deaths act. it became law last year. it requires states to review every pregnancy-related death. charles' other fight, making sure his boys remember their mother. >> the toughest question my sons have ever asked me is, is mommy mad at me? why won't we she come home? >> reporter: his answer, mommy is in heaven and loves you forever. >> i think kyra's legacy will be one of being able to show people that regardless of the ances, t wins. ts welker for that report. just ahead, a preview of the biggest night in college football. plus u.s. and china trade
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fast forwarding today. kevin spacey will appear in a nantucket courtroom for arraignment this morning. he's facing charges for indecent assault and battery. the "house of cards" actor accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old in 2016. alabama and clemson will face off tonight in their college football playoff national championship.
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the two powerhouse teams will kick off from levi's stadium in santa clara, california, at 8:00 p.m. eastern. "america's got talent: the champions" is going to premiere tonight at 8:00 eastern. it brings former winners and favorites from around the world. u.s./china trade talks are on the way. is wall street taking any comfort that a solution can be reached? let's ask cnbc steve sedgwickment good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's go back a step. the markets on friday were absolutely on fire. we had one of the biggest gains ever on the dow in one day, 747 points, the nasdaq up 4.3%. the market liked the fact that you have a dovish fed chair, jay powell, talking. plus great job numbers, 312,000 jobs created last time around. blew out estimates. the third part of the jigsaw is trade talks ending well between china and the u.s. the other side of the coin is if they end badly.
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some market pundits are saying the market could give back a whole lot of ground. another big story here as well is united airlines, new rule forth emotional support animals start today, saying basically only dogs and cats are allowed to fly as emotional support animals. that is terrible news for those who will have your comfort pigs, peacocks, horses, marmosets, ducks, turkey. no more at ua. back to you guys. >> no giraffes either? no? >> thank you, steve. bill has our monday forecast. and the doink heard around the world. da heartbreak for da bears ahead. you've tried moisturizer after moisturizer
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winter, it's coming. hbo released the firste n seasog globes with a mondtage of the upcoming season. it shows the arrival in winterfell. it was shared on twitter. as april. for every is second of the total of five. fans hanging on to every bit of it. cannot wait. winter is coming. winter is already here for some, i guess. >> yeah. i was just checking. 80 still closed heading up through california, nevada. today, we quiet down after the really active weather yesterday. rain moving in on tuesday. it will continue with us on wednesday, especially northern
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california, coastal sections of oregon and washington state. snow in the highest elevations of the cascades. by the time we get to thursday and friday, we could be watching a new storm. it could ebg to southern california, which was spared for the last one. the hottest styles at the golden globes next here on "early today." i customize everything - bike, wheels, saddle. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike. my calves are custom too, but i can't insure those... which is a crying shame. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ going to extremes for perfect skin? where does it end? new olay whips. while not equal to cosmetic procedures, our b3 complex hydrates to smooth skin.
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go goal. >> and -- it hits the upright again, that's impossible! >> the impossible ha a double doink, heartbreaking miss for the kicker cody parkey, what do you have to say for yourself? >> there's really no answer to it. i thought i had a good ball. unfortunately, i didn't make it. i feel terrible. i 100% take that loss on me. sit what it is. the sun is going to shine tomorrow. life is going to go on. unfortunately it will sting for a while. in baltimore now, los angeles chargers, they were up 23-3 before that touchdown. lamar jackson finds michael crabtree, the first ravens touchdown of the game. they tried to come back with another one. jackson to crabtree combo. it was not enough. the final, chargers 23, ravens 17.
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next week in the divisional round, we now have the colts at the chiefs, the cowboys at the rams on saturday. on sunday, los angeles and the chargers, they go to new england we have the eagles at new orleans. a manhunt in las vegas for a woman who ran out of a nail salon without paying. krystle whipple fatally ran over the worker who tried to stop her. whipple's mother is urging her daughter to turn herself in. authorities say she tried to pay for her $35 manicure with a fake credit card then told the salon owner she was going to her car to get cash. she drove away, mowing down the owner. the stolen car was found abandoned. amazing effort from company is exceeding ast year's deadly camp fire, the brewing company created a brew called resilience ipa, with 100% going to the fire relief fund. breweries across the country have joined in on the effort
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selling the brew. they will collectively collect $15 million. the golden globes were not just about the big wins, they're also about the fashion. if anyone can pull off a green suit, it is idris elba. julia roberts took people by surprise by the pant and dress combo. >> i was wondering. >> lady gaga definity needed a . this is early today.
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the stars were out at the golden globes. we got a complete wrapup of the winners. eye-popping moments including a shout-out on christian bale for his inspiration to play dick cheney. >> thank you to satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role.
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we appear no closer to a solution to the government shutdown, but now we're hearing that the gridlock could irs tax7-year-old jazmine barnes as police announce an arrest and capital murder charge. caught on camera, burng vehe


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