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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 10, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PST

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and i )m laura garcia. happening right now: president trump is arriving in southern texas .. to make another newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. happening now, president trump arrived in southern texas. we just saw him get into that black suburbank in right now. he's making another public push for a wall between the u.s. and mexico. this is in mcallen, texas. the president's schedule itself l to meet privately with border patrol agents. he had been standing outside, signing some n auto graphs. talks seemed to fall apart. it is an issue that led to day 20 of the government sh presiin
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sidestep congress by declaring a national emergency. it is a threat democrats most certainly would try tori smbloc. trump insists a barrier is needed to battle the threat of terrorism, gangs, drugs and human trafficking, but the nation is talking about what the president said even before the trip began. >> he now claims that he never said mexico would pay for the wall. scott, we heard him say that multiple time. >> who is going to pay for the wall? mexico, the crowd would respond. yet this morning he said this. >> when, during the campaign, i would say mexico is going to pay for it, obviously i never said this and i never meant they're going to write out a check. >> i can easily go to the archive to trump on the campaign trail. he said something far more e nuancedd in formal settings, lie news interviews and debates in which he did, indeed, say mexico
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would pay for the wall through trade t depended on his audience. >> if you don't get an actual check from the mexican government for aid, $10, $12 billion, however much it will cost, how will you make them pay for the wall? >> i will and the wall just got ten feet taller, believe me. just got ten feet taller. we have a trade deficit with mexico, $58 billion a year. and that doesn't include all the drugs that are pouring across and destroying our country. we're going to make them pay for that wall. >> we have, with mexico, a $58 billion trade deficit. if the wall costs $10 billion, that's a tiny fraction -- if the guarantee you, folks, that mexico is going to pay for the wall, just as sure >> bottom libo, that wall full heard that w100 times, and tha more nuanced explanation.
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but this claim i never said mexico would pay for the wall obviously patently false. >> people know they saw it on the campaign trail quite a bit. thank you. a federalal shutdown hitting home in new ways right here in the pay area as well in mt. view, most federal workers have been furloughed. with payday coming up, this is the first time since the shutdown those workers won't be getting a paycheck. >> federal workers taking their message to the president's doorstep, hundreds rallying in washington, d.c. and across the country, demanding the government reopen. the workers include irs employees, air traffic controllers, tsa agents and more.. it's about getting people back to work. once again, this is the 20th day of the partial government shutdown. andly a break in the rain gives the bay area a chance to dry out. >> but the fog certainly rolled out today. it seems to be hanging around. this is a live look, in fact, right now in san rafael.
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meteorologist kari hall tracking the path once again. >> we did see that fog that developed this morning in parts of the bay area. as we take a live look outside in san jose, it is clear and sunny. beautiful conditions there, but the fog lingers over san francisco and the golden gate bridge where you can barely see anything right now. we do still have some spots that are dealing with quarter mile visibility from san carlos to san francisco and then extending over toward oakland, but elsewhere, we are getting some sun. that will be the trend as we go through the day for the fog to clear out. and we are going to keep least 4 hours before we start to see showers moving in and for the north bay, we could start to see the rain as early as early afternoon but much of the bay area won't see it until about tomorrow evening, in time for the commute. and for a lot of people to head out ofit's oming up in the full
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kari. >> a person of interest is behind bars, in connection to a gruesome hit and run in >> reporter: yeah, good morning that sdsuspect, pete? to you, marcus. we're still working to confirm for sure if that person of interest will appear in court later this afternoon at the courthouse in oakland. as you mentioned, they do have a person of interest. at least one person of interest in custody when it comes to this hit and run that we've been talking about since it took place. we know it took place last wednesday involving a 14-year-old boy, riding his bike near the fruitvale station when he was hit by this car. this car driving him for four city blocks. there's graphic cell phone video you're looking atleading for a drive off in a car. police are not naming the person of interest that they've arrested at this time but they believe they're getting close. they didn't find the other person they believe was involved
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but this is still an active investigation. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the latest, pete. east bay battalion fire chief pled not guilty to embezzlement and drug possession charges. richard stevenson was arrested sunday, ems chief of contra costa county's fire protection district, now charged with feeling isfentanyl and other addictive drugs. he had access to drug disposal areas. they also believe he may have been selling the drugs on the streets. high school senior gunned down in belmont will be laid to rest today. he was fatally shot monday night. he was a senior at carlmont high school and played on the football team. investigators are still looking for the shooter. a number of src warrants were served across the bay area, including a home in pleasanton. police tell us they're following promising leads andt anyone
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to call them with tips. on the bay bridge toll plaza, your eyes aren't fooling you there, that pickup going the wrong way on the bridge, on the approach to the eastern span.d a the pickup was passing the toll plaza, heading to oakland, coming close to cars heading right at it. luckily the wrong-way driver eventually veers off the road. it happened about 4:00 this today in the bay was preparing to go on air. chp is now investigating. turning bart cars into housing for the homeless may or may not start to criticalize as soon as today. they're debating the future of the so-called legachundreds of soon to be retired thanks to a other options being considered are reusing them for hotels, selling those cars to other transit systems or turning them into scrap metal. commuters in contra costa county have a new connection to san francisco. new sf bay ferry launch service between richmond and san
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francisco. the ride lasts about 35 minutes. new ferry route goes directly from san francisco to richmond no stops along the way. the ferry service says more than 3 million commuters used the ferry last year. happening now, going, going, gone. say good-bye to at&t park if you can look at it there. right now the team holding a news conference to make that official first came out last night. a deal that's supposed to last 20 years. official terms not yet known but should be upwards of $200 million. we talk tot fans who say they' miss the most recent name. >> definityit. this one lasted a while. but, yeah, man, bumm.ned few ti.
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oracle park called sbc and then, of course, at&t. that's the fourth name since it opened in 2000, one more than the number of giants championships during that same time. i've seen all the changes. to add squust and remember, marcus. >> we just have to learn the new ones. oracle. dozens of residents in one apartment building suddenly learning that they have just days to move out of their homes. plus, a brutal attack leaves one woman near death. the desperate plea for her grandchildren and the latest on the search for her attacker.
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francisco police need your help to find whoever robbed an elderly woman and left her struggling to survive. developing right now, san robbed an olice need your helpr elderly woman and left her struggling to survive. needless to say, family members are shocked. bob redell reports from the
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scene. >> reporter: the victim's granddaughter describes what it's like to live in this neighborhood where her grandmother was attacked. she said we're all living in fear of each other, and that's just not right. this, after her 89-year-old grandmother was attacked on visitation avenue, a few blocks away from john mcclaren park here in san francisco. 89-year-old wong, seen here in photos provided by her family, is now in intensive care, suffering from life-threatening injuries. the attack happened this past tuesday morning around 6:50 a.m. it the call came in as a burglary at wong's home. they found herouse onndition. you can see what the scene looked like by this facebook video posted by her granddaughter. her granddaughter says this is the second time her granhe as you're about to hear in her voice, she's at her wit's end. >> it's just hard. anyway, i'm posting because i'm
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tired of this and i want there to be peace in the southeast. i want to take some action, some community action. can't we just all come together, damn it? >> wong's granddaughter also spoke at a news conference yesterday, arranged by newly elected supervisor walton during which he demanded police build a new substation in this part of the city to help reduce crime. whoever did that. thank you, bob. redell, nbc bay area news. >> hopefully they capture follow-up now, may be perfect to tell you just ahead of lunchtime. re main lettuce is over. illnesses, you'll recall, started in october. 62 people in 16 states got sick, several were hospitalized. this eventually was traced back to adams brothers farms in santa maria. the cdc says no one new got sick since december. all potentially affected lettuce is off the shelves now.
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>> not a big turnaround on the market today but stocks are up right now, despite the fact that earlier the stocks actually slipped on some earning with worries with the government shutdown fears. two versions of tesla's most popular cars are to be taken off the market. tweet late last night, elon musk said come monday, tesla will no longer be taking orders for the lowestge of model s and model x suvs. higher end versions of both models are still available but will come with bigger price tags. tesla did not respond to questions as to why. tenants have learned they have until the end of the month to move out.
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the hotel president apartments were purchased last summer. the property was a hotel and later was converted to apartments. the owners now want to turn it back into the hotel. the new owners refuse to push back the eviction date because they never reach aid deal for concessions from the city council. the city of san jose is also moving forward with a plan to help the homeless. council just approved a rezoning request southeast of willow glenn, allowing shipping containers to be converted into 60 housing units. they will be placed near evans lane and canoas gardens avenue. when it comes to the healthy price tag, $600,000 per unit, that's about $2,500 per square foot. ea mudslide hit montecito, the community is coming together. ♪
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>> candlelight vigil was held to honor the 21 people who lost their lives there last year. the mudslide happened after more than five inches of rain fell over the so-called thomas fire burn scar. 100 homes were destroyed and crews performed dozens of rescues. new this morning, the deadly camp fire in butte county tops the 2018 list of costliest disasters in the world. according to a new report by the german globalsunce fi. 86 people. on "ellen" today, a little boy who spent his short time -- lifetime there, helping hundreds of dogs and cats in shelters find loving area. he help eed made videos to help shelter animals find homes. he is even getting a national award for his work.
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>> we do other animals because i actually once made a video of a guinea pig. >> oh, really? >> his name was nibblet. >> did nibblet get adopted? >> he got a home as fast as a dog would. >> that's fantastic. >> so cute. you have to watch "ellen" today to see what she actually gives him. it's getting a lot of attention with more than just an award here. ellen on nbc bay area at 4:00, followed by nbc bay area news at 5:00. 5:30.catch lester holt and noois catch an all-new titan games on nbc, unique challenge fitness competition designed by dwayne "the rock" johnson. carla miranda of san francisco was chosen to compete. that's who we're rooting for. it airs right here on nbc bay area tonight at 8:00 p.m. nice way to represent us. representing today, no rain. a lot of people are happy about that, but it's not gone for
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good. >> it's january, so now in this time, we get those waves of rain every couple of days and this is our break. maybe people are heading out for a nice long walk along ocean beach. we have some beautiful weather there, but the waves are still high. we have some dens fog in dublin this morning but since then has cleared out. we are in for some sunshine the rest of the day. we're also seeing those clouds in the distance as we talk a live look outside at palo alto. going from the low 50s into the upper 50s there today. it won't be as windy as we've seen recently. we do have patches of fog in san francisco, oakland and to san carlos but most other areas are starting to clear out. the seven-day forecast is coming up on the bottom of the screen. as we check out los gatos and what to expect the rest of the day. 62 will be our high temperature. it will cool off pretty fast, mid 50s by 7:00.
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here is a look at our highs for today. actually a little warmer than normal with morgan hill reaching up to 63 degrees. for the east bay, we're heading up to 59 in livermore and 62 in walnut creek. mostly upper 50s for parts of the peninsula, redwood city, 59 in san francisco. reaching 57 on the embarcadero. we will see those upper 50s as well for much of the north bay, napa reaching 60 degrees. let's take it hour by hour as we take a look at what to expect, as we're seeing mostly clear conditions out there and then the cloud cover will be increasing during the overnight hours. there may even be patchy fog initially before those clouds move in. noon tomorrow, there will be rain chances in the north bay. make sure you have the umbrellas somewhere close by and then much more of the bay area, we'll see more of those showers in time for tomorrow evening's commute and rain will be off and on tomorrow night as well as saturd saturday.
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it looks like there will be a chance of rain. as we go into the afternoon, everything clears out once again. that will be your time to get outside. with this next wave of rain, we're looking at the possibility of anywhere from .3" of rain along the coast to .50" for the rest of the bay area. a live look outside in yosemite, absolutely gorgeous there. seeing a lot of tweets coming from the resorts that are excited that we do have a day to get outside. but look at how much more additional snow may be on the way, especially from sunday into next week as we get more of these weather systems moving in. here, we're at still a pretty busy weather pattern after that fog this morning. mostly sunny taper off and then another storm system moving in on sunday will keep us in with some scattered showers through at least the middle of next week, so want to me sure you keep in checking in every day as to when to make plans as to when this rain will be moving
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through. marcus and laura? coming up, one young athlete beating the odds on the hard court. physical obstacles she has overcome that has turned her into an inspiration everywhere. mike pompeo is in egypt, meeting with the country's foreign minister. this is the first visit to the middle east since president trump's abrupt announcement that he will pull 2,000 troops out of syria. $60,000 reward is being offered for kentucky armored truck driver accused of taking the vehicle and the cash inside. police say this happened last m. the break. we're back with more news after
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check out this photo he shared writing: "molly is not allowed to play outside when it )s raining." check out this photo. molly is not allowed to play outside when it's raining. >> he needs to take his bunny he is. like this. all right. brand new show is airing right here on nbc bay area right after the midday show. >> that's right, "california live" focuses on the state's hidden gems. here is a look at what you can expect today. >> daddy talk from nick lashay. >> new hope for couples that want to have a baby. >> how getting naked 220 degrees below zero will make you feel better.
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>> all happening on "california >>t airs right here at 11:30 on nbc bay area. this next story will make you dance. you might say the current gas shortage, mexico is forcing some drivers to face the music. in some cases more than others, here is the new video, mariachi band entertaining people as they wait in those long lines east of mexico city. those gas stations are actually running low on gas because the government is cracking down on fuel theft. >> craziness with the dancing there. meghan markle has new royal duties, announcing two organizations markle will focus on, the national theater and the aswealat universities. the duchess of sussex will also devote her energies to two charity groups. one works with the group empowering women in the workforce, the other helps support neglected animals.
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also new this morning, this is an amazing story. no fingers, no leg, no problem for one high school basketball player in illinois. >> born with a condition that deformed her fingers and leg but she is not letting that stop her from being a star there on the basketball court. you can see her right there. she can shoot. she can run fast. her coach even named her the team's captain. >> i also work hard to let other people know in the crowds or on the other team that amputees like me can do anything or little kids can do anything. i just work hard to prove them wrong. >> just a sophomore and is already captain there. she still has two more years to play. she's continuing to be a huge inspiration for others with disabilities. we've been talking about the fog. 's clen areas as well. clear day from the rain. >> dry conditions today. part of the day tomorrow. i just love this shot.
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this is a look at san francisco where you can see those clouds rolling by parts of the city. you might be on the west side of the city and see those clouds in the distance. as we go through the rest of the forecast, we are going to see rain moving back in, starting tomorrow afternoon. another round of rain on sunday. we're still going to have more wet weather early next week and looking forward to the rain but also those breaks to let it soak in. >> and lets the mountains get all green. >> and white in the higher elevations. >> snow. snow. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast at 5:00. >> latest information
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new hope for couples that are having trouble getting pregnant. >> i asked my friends for an
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embryo. >> straight up i want an embryo? >> i want an embryo. >> the revolutionary new development. >> are you going to tell him? >> oh, yes. nick lashay, brand new app helps him stay connected to his three adorable children. then danny and i dive in. >> i can't! >> it's 220 degrees below zero and we're naked. >> oh,


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