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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 18, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the service being planned. and job cuts, big news from tesla overnight. at 6:15, the workforce reduction elon musk is promising. "today in the bay" continues right now. good friday morning to you. thanks for watching us here on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. vianey is in for kari hall this morning. we'll get to mike and the morning commute. >> i have a new crash. >> oh no. we'll check on that in a bit. let's talk about the forecast for today. >> we're definitely seeing that this is a bit of our break in the window in terms of getting some sunshine, at least a little bit of it. we'll get breaks in the sun, but there's a lot of cloud cover, i think that's a crash mike is talking about. i saw that pop up on my san jose camera. 51 degrees, and right now in san jose or san francisco rather, 53 degrees. our temperature trend into the afternoon we've got the upper 50s. low 60s with plenty of cloud cover. again, we'll get a break from the rain but the north bay still expecting to see a lot of those
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scattered showers into the evening. now, mike, i think i saw that crash on my camera. is that right? >> sorry, we had to move the camera the at last second because i saw that pop up in the last report. we zoomed in and found more details. a pickup truck right here, you see it barely hit with the hazard lights. folks squeezing by on the left fast lane there. another vehicle here with smashed up front, you see a lot of debris and so the two middle lanes are blocked. a tow truck just arrived even as we speak right here and two chp vehicles in the area so we're tracking the slowdown that appears as you head up toward alum rock from 680. that's the only spot for slowing in silicon valley and it's a light drive around the rest of the bay. this is there north 101 past 680. the other crash i'm tracking is on the san mateo bridge. it may be blocking your fast lane mostly in the service area and i'll show thaw coming you t up, a slow drive from hayward to foster city as well. >> mike, thank you. it is now day 28 of the longest government shutdown in american history. tensions are only getting higher
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between the president and the top democrat in the u.s. house, nancy pelosi. "today in the bay's" scott macfarlane is live in washington. looks like there's no end in sight for this shutdown. >> there is so much political heat it will melt the snow off the capitol dome. there are no discussions or negotiations scheduled. federal worker, asked to go back to their jobs without their paychecks. three-quarters of a million federal workers start the day without the promise of a paycheck and the leaders who could put them back to work started the day without plans to negotiate. president trump has no meetings scheduled with members of congress and blames the top democrat in the house. >> while many democrats in the house and senate would like to make a deal, speaker pelosi will not let them negotiate. >> reporter: the president grounded today's overseas trip by the speaker and top democrats which included a secret visit with troops in afghanistan. in a letter he wrote "i am sorry
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to inform you that your trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan has been postponed." >> we think this is a completely inappropriate action, this is obviously an action directed at the speaker and we think as far as we can tell, this has never happened in the annals of congressional history. >> reporter: the white house says the president is scrapping his own trip to davos for the world economic forum citing the shutdown. throughout the nation, air traffic controllers and tsa officers are among those working without paychecks. >> to say tsa is important or national security is important and then not to pay the people that are performing service as tsa agents i think that's not right. >> reporter: as many federal buildings and park sites remain closed for a 28th day. the u.s. state department is bringing some of its workers back next week. they say they've gotten enough money for two weeks' pay for state department employees only.
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live in washington, i'm scott macfarlane. back to you. >> it's a tough time for a lot of people there, scott, thank you. california governor gavin newsom is extending a hand to tsa agents hit hard by the shutdown. he's pledging to provide benefits including state unemployment as long as that shutdown continues. bay area furloughed workers are invited to share their stories today on the peninsula at representative jackie speier's office in san mateo and silicon valley leaders are organizing a food distribution today for a family of service workers furloughed. at the same time, furloughed nasa ames workers also plan to hold a protest march today to the ground outside of moffatt field in mountain view. happening today a final farewell for a rookie davis police officer gunned down on the job. today officers from across the country will attend a memorial in honor of natalie corona. she was shot and killed last week.
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"today in the bay's" bob redell is live in davis where no doubt thousands will gather. simply a tragic story. >> reporter: laura, they're expecting roughly 6,000 police officers and deputies from not only the northern california region, but from across america, to attend this public memorial service that will be taking place in the building behind me at uc davis art pavilion later this morning, again to pay respects for city of davis police officer natalie corona. she was 22 years old, when she was murdered last week, a rookie with the police department, just weeks on the job. her father, who himself used to be a sheriff's deputy, told us she had wanted to be in law enforcement ever since she was a little girl. >> after she graduated, she said, okay, dad, can i call you brother cop now? i said, yeah. now, you can. and she just smiled, gave me a
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big hug. >> reporter: officer corona was responding to a traffic accident a week ago this last thursday night, yesterday, when a man rode up on the scene on a bicycle, shot officer corona in the neck and more times after she fell to the ground. the shooter, kevin douglas limbaugh, shot and killed himself after a short standoff with law enforcement at his home, not far from where he had shot officer corona. police don't believe limbaugh knew or specifically targeted her. he did leave a note accusing police are bombarding him with ultrasonic waves and he couldn't live like that anymore. officer corona is survived not only by her father but her mother and three younger sisters. as i mentioned, this is a public memorial service. the doors will open at 9:30 here at the uc davis art pavilion. the service will begin at 11:00. reporting live here in davis, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> such spirit in her smile, too, in the pictures you see. thanks so much, bob.
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it is 6:06 right now. developing this morning, a suspect wanted by san jose police has been shot by officers outside a home in stockton. the shooting happened last night. police say they got a tip from san jose police about the felon wanted for kidnapping and carjacking. during the confrontation police say the suspect pulled a gun, when officers fired. the suspect is said to be in critical condition. happening today, in just a few short hours, teachers will be protesting in the east bay, holding a one-day strike. >> they are calling for, among other things better wages. pete suratos is live in oakland with more on the so-called sick-out. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. we're going to see several teachers taking part in this one-day strike here in oakland in front of oakland tech and speaking to organizers yesterday, they tell me this could be a sign of a larger strike to come. now, as far as the schools that are going to be impacted from teachers leaving to participate, as you mentioned the sick-out or
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one-day strike, oakland and fremont high are taking part, and they are calling on smaller class sizes that they believe will benefit the students. i spoke with a teacher at skyline high yesterday, he understands the impact the short term strike or long-term strike in a future could have on students, but he believes these short term actions by the teachers and staff will benefit all of the parties in the long run. >> i would love things to be fixed. i would love for us to approach education and our students with the best intentions and with a vision that knows that you need to invest money in your teachers and your students if you want to do well. >> reporter: i did reach out to the oakland unified district and they sent out this statement, a portion of it, "we urge them"
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referring to the teachers, "not to engage in this illegal labor action which is not sanctioned by their union, the oakland education association. it is also a move that runs counter to our collective efforts to reach an agreement as both parties are engaged in good faith in the fact-finding process. we want our teachers to know that everyone on the board of education and district leadership firmly believe they deserve to be paid more than they currently are." teacher also meet at 8:00 a.m. and march over to oakland unified for a protest at about 9:30 a.m. we're live in oakland tech, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, pete. 6:09 right now. a new legal seth back for pg&e in a criminal case tied to recent deadly wildfires. a judge has ruled uninsulated wiring may be linked to major fires in 2017 and 2018, including in butte county. that mismanaged equipment may violate the terms set down by a criminal probation settlement
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tied to the 2010 san bruno explosion. pg&e recently announcing plans to file for bankruptcy. it's not clear if this will affect pending lawsuits. also this morning, there's growing concern about long-term housing for hundreds of butte county fire victims, about 600 people are still being sheltered at silver dollar fairgrounds in chico. that shelter is supposed to close by the end of the month. the red cross is now trying to help find those people other housing. right now, a live look outside, and we certainly have some pretty decent skies. it's a lot calmer, but i want to give you an update on how sierra is doing. squaw valley and alpine meadows, we are expecting more snow showers through today, so make sure to check those road conditions or it could be some avalanche warnings out there. the winter storm warning did expire early this morning. we have more snow on the way. heavy snow is expected for sunday. right now 134 inches at the upper mountains, about two feet
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of new snow within the past 24 hours. 21 lifts and eight runs open as far as trails go, so again, be prepared. do not get stuck out there. it's going to be a rough weekend to travel to the sierra. mike? >> that's right, i'll post a link to the highway conditions. chain advisories, and we're advising caution as well. over here we have a smooth drive for most of the bay. two key crashes, san mateo bridge as well as san jose. we'll take you first to the san jose crash where the flares were just lit up so there was a lot of smoke that's clearing now but this will not clear for the time being. your two middle lanes are blocked by this crash and debris. minor injuries reported north 101 just north of 680 just shy of alum rock, where you'll see the build start there. we should hopefully see this start to clear, west 92 but it's stopped right now in our shot past the toll plaza. improvement as they're clearing, slowly clearing the crashed vehicle over onto the foster city side. choose the dumbarton bridge. it's much clearer. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:11 right now.
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still ahead this morning, good-bye, dolly. at 6:25, tonight's tribute to the late great carol channing, right here in the bay area. big news out of the east bay. tesla is going to lay off a significant number of people. but first, peeps for breakfast? yeah, would you try it? i don't know. i don't think i would. new option coming to stores across the country. you don't want to miss this, if you love this treat. >> peeps and eggs. >> not my idea of a great breakfast. we have much more coming up ahead on "today in the bay." 6:12.
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000 is . it is 6:15. we have a calm, mild start to our day. a live look at the golden gate bridge. the roads are doing a lot better this morning. not a lot of rain. we have a couple scattered showers far off to the north. we have another system rolling in, possibly for sunday. i'll give you the time line on that, coming up. you're looking at the jam on the san mateo bridge. this should start to improve quickly as they clear the crash on high-rise. they are waiting for a tow truck after this smashed vehicle, a pickup and we'll track the backup. i'll show you how it's extending. good morning to you. a happy friday to you as well. it's day 28 of the shutdown. minutes ago san jose's paypal
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announced it's offering $25 million worth of free cash advances to government workers. elizabeth warren wants san francisco's wells fargo banned from college campuses, after the government study shows wells fargo charges students more money than any other bank, actually more money than any other bank in the study and there were 573 other banks. big story though, the layoffs at tesla. the company announced earlier this morning it would lay off 7% of its workers to cut costs. elon musk says "there's a very difficult road ahead." the company says it will hope that the cost of savings on that will let it make the tesla model 3 for cheaper, so the called low-cost model, which so far is not very low cost. part of the problem with tesla is its tendency to spend money on things other than making the model 3. last week, elon musk announced he would build a new factory in
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china, despite analysts and reporters are fretting about where exactly this money is going to come from. we were talking about this at 5:4 but a little story for you, a little friday story. i was doing some routine research yesterday about a date that i wanted to pull out of the archive of my tv show "press:here" and discovered entirely to my surprise that today is the ten-year anniversary of that television show. we have a clip from ten years ago today, of course this normally runs on sunday morning, ten years ago it was a sunday morning, that's steve wozniak, my very first guess on "press:here." >> i remember that. that was a big get. you were excited. >> it was a very big get, a couple days after steve jobs stepped town for the first time at apple. >> it was timely. >> he did this as a favor. it was major, major news in that time. hundreds of shows, thousands of guests, just about every ceo in silicon valley and because this is ten years ago literally
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today, i can do that facebook thing for you. this is my ten-year challenge that's younger me on the left in case you're not sure which is which. >> ten years ago today, that's nice. i put mine up this morning. >> i'm going to go look. >> i like it. >> you'll find out why i'm a little chunkier in it. >> right, 18 to 28, you're going to get -- >> right here. your segments just got longer, whatever you want. 6:18 right now. new this morning, if you're looking for a taste of easter any time soon, hey, look no further than your cereal cabinet. someone at kellogg's must have eaten peeps a little too close to breakfast one morning because now they're out with a peeps cereal. look out, lucky charms. it's not a rascally rabbit you're dealing with but a little bunny. it is already in stores and thankfully for a limited time.
6:19 am
when i sthau story the first person i thought of is mike inouye. >> yes. always >> always got to try the new flavor of peeps. it comes in chicks as well. if you have eggs with your peeps cereal you can decide if you have peeps, chick or the egg first on your breakfast. >> there's all different colors and varieties, too. lots of sugar. >> more energy! >> can't you explode them in the microwave? >> you can explode yourself if you eat too much. >> let's go on a run this morning, motivation if you don't want to eat some peeps. if you go do, go ahead and enjoy them. current temperatures in the 50s. golden gate bridge a beautiful sight there. the rain is missing. i don't think anybody is missing the rain, though, because we're finally catching a break. you can see we've got a lot of that moisture now far off to the north, but we do have a couple more disturbances moving in, and that's going to trickle in some rain as well as we head in toward saturday and into sunday. right now, we've got about 58
6:20 am
degrees in san francisco. 49 in palo alto. 51 for san jose. your microclimate highs will be topping out in those upper 50s. we've even got upper 60s through concord. oakland 63 and check out this high surf warning. be very alert. we're expecting this to remain in police through 5:00 p.m. for the entire coastline. we're tracking dangerous swells where we've seen the impressive video of the waves crashing. keep a safe distance. let's give you a rundown of the futurecast. again, we'll keep the chance of seeing those scattered showers for areas north of the golden gate bridge for the entirety today and early tomorrow morning, notice the majority of the moisture really sticks off to the far north. so i'm not too worried about tomorrow. it isn't until sunday when we see an approaching pacific storm system and that is expected to bring the chance of seeing a widespread rain as we head in toward sunday evening with breezy conditions kicking up and very high tides, as we also look into monday. upper 50s for the remainder of the week but look how we dry out
6:21 am
quite nicely as we head in towards tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so we're not quite in the clear. we're just catching a little bit of a break within the next couple of hours. mike? >> vianey, we're tracking two crashes, lighter traffic around the rest of the bay but the two crashes are messing up our beautiful speed sensors all around at 6:21 this friday. first one silicon valley heads up, folks, as you travel into santa clara, in through scare county, san jose north 101. the good news the tow truck just arrived in the last few minutes and they're hooking up the ford probe involved in the crash. the f-150 i think they were able to drive that bigger pickup out of the area. it looks like it's gone now. this is jamming up north 101 your middle lanes just north of 680, causing this slowdown right here and this will likely lead to some folks taking the capital expressway alternate toward 87. expect that shift but again, a lighter traffic once they clear that hopefully in a few minutes they'll be able to recover through the south bay. coming over from hayward the build on 880 and slowing across
6:22 am
the san mateo bridge. that crash has cleared over toward the foster city side and we've seen in the last five minutes better flow of traffic than in the last 30 seconds we've seen it pause once again. they're clearing more debris and west 92 should clear up. traffic is so light, take the dumbarton bridge to the south, that's a good alternate. head up toward the bay bridge because oakland is moving smoothly. the backup is at the bay bridge though. we have the metering lights. the rest of contra costa county is just fine. the north bay may see some sprinkles and damp roadways registered. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up for you at 6:30 on "today in the bay," more time to get covered. this week's extension to file and what your family should know, if you're trying to get health insurance. we keep talking about this ten-year challenge. i finally caved and posted mine it was when i was fat and happy, carrying triplets. maybe that's why i'm still smiling today, a blessed life. follow me on facebook, laura garcia nbc.
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carrying triplets. for our probl
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area responds team.... 2019 6:25 for you right now, and for our problem-solving nbc bay area responds team 2019 is a lot like 2018. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a strong start to the new year. >> good morning, we're just three weeks into 2019 and our team has already added more than
6:26 am
$66,000 to our tote board, that's 66 grand we have put back in people's pockets just since january 1st. one standout case involves a woman whose name we are not going to use. she wishes to remain anonymous. she contacted us about a flaw in her new home's electrical system, more than $6,000 was in dispute here. we checked it out, sent a few emails and she said she got her money. we are continuing to work with our colleagues over at telemundo responde. recently consumer investigator arlen fernandez helped maria batista in san jose. maria hired someone to install solar panels. the contractor promised a $5,600 rebate. maria didn't get that money until arlen shed some light on the case. perhaps we can help you, too. call us in english or in spanish, 888-996-tips inening learn or 844-408-4848 in spanish. have a great weekend. >> you, too, chris. 6:26 right now. happening tonight, the bay area
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will pay tribute to legend carol channing. >> several theaters dimming their lights at 7:45 tonight. among those participating, the american conservatory theater and the current theater. this comes after broadway turned out its lights earlier this week in honor of channing. look at her there singing at a giants game, she was a three-time tone yea ward winner. she died tuesday at her home near palm springs. she was 97, and she never forgot her bay area roots. she returned often. in 1984, lowell high school named its auditorium for her, where she attended. >> well deserved. >> right? 6:27 right now. next and new on "today in the bay," could a high-profile curfew mean less cash in the south bay? new claims about levi stadium this morning. and a first of its kind program aimed at keeping kids from vaping. at 6:45, how it works plus the bay area company targeted. we're live in davis as
6:28 am
thousands prepare to say good-bye to the fallen officer. a look at the life and service of natalie corona. we're back in two more minutes with news. it )s friday.
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taking a live look outside in redwood shores right now at 6:30 on your friday morning, let's take a peek outside. a live look at redwood shores. nice clear day, compared to the storms earlier this week. a little break for you. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i am and, laura garcia.
6:31 am
>> i'm marcus washington. vianey arana is in for kari hall with a look at the forecast for today. >> we're drying a bit but still seeing a few stragglers. the icon is showing a couple isolated showers through the interior valleys, also up through the north bay. not everyone is going to see the rain and it's not widespread or heavy all day. it will be light and spotty at times. as far as our temperatures, by about 8:00 a.m., 52 degrees. eventually we'll climb into the upper 50s and low 60s. we will be keeping that cloud cover, but we'll have periods of breaks in sunshine, and this is probably going to be our calmest afternoon before the weekend rolls around with more storms on the way. mike? >> tracking a crash in san jose, vianey, this one is still here in front of our camera, northbound 101, just past 680, just shy of alum rock and just about to clear i hope. there is the tow truck. it's hooked up to that vehicle. the ford probe, chp is on scene as well and flares are out, blocking your two middle lanes. that's why we have the slower drive backing up now, starting back about capitol expressway and 87 as we talked about seeing the shift of traffic, folks know
6:32 am
if you have 101 problems then 87 is your backup and backing up rippling back toward 85. what was an easy san jose drive is seeing the ripple effect. hopefully the lanes will clear soon and the rest of the commute we should see improvement before 7:00 we hope. south county no problems and no delays and improvement across that san mateo bridge that crash cleared. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening today, a final farewell for a rookie davis police officer gunned down on the job. today officers were across the country will attend a memorial in honor of natalie corona who was shot and killed last week. >> "today in the bay" bob redell joins us live in davis where no doubt thousands will gather. bob? >> reporter: laura, marcus, we expect uc davis art pavilion behind me to be a full house when the memorial service starts at 11:00 this morning. we're predicting there might be an overflow on the field nearby. they're expecting 6,000 police officers and deputies, as you mentioned from across the country to come here to pay
6:33 am
their respects for the city of davis police officer natalie corona, who was murdered a week ago last night. she was 22 years old. she was a rookie with the police department. just weeks on the job, when she was shot and killed. her father, who himself was a sheriff's deputy, told us that she had wanted to be in law enforcement ever since she was a little girl. officer corona was responding to a traffic accident when a man rode up on the scene on a bicycle, shot officer corona in the neck. she fell to the ground, he shot her a couple more times. the shooter, kevin douglas limbaugh, he shot and killed himself after a short standoff with law enforcement at his home not far from where he shot officer corona. police do not believe limbaugh knew or specifically targeted her. he did leave a note accusing police of bombarding him with ultrasonic waves and he "can't live like this anymore." officer corona is survived not only by her father but her
6:34 am
mother and three younger sisters. this is a public memorial service. if you are interested in attending here at the uc davis arc pavilion the doors open at 9:30. the service will begin at 11:00. reporting live in davis, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. it's 6:34 right now. in just a few hours, the two men charged in oakland's deadly ghostship warehouse fire are due in court. derek almena and max harris each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths in the december 2016 fire. this morning, defense attorneys will ask the case against their clients to be dismissed because they contend evidence that would help them was reportedly destroyed. both almena and harris are set to go to trial in april. prosecutors are calling for a gag order so the jury is not tainted. levi's stadium isn't quite the cash machine that 49ers were banking for, but the management isn't blaming the team's record. they say it's the city of santa clara's fault.
6:35 am
"today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from santa clara with the finger pointing going on now. kris? >> reporter: hi there, marcus. certainly the 49ers season was a bit of a snooze but the team says it's not that that's the problem but the early curfew at levi's stadium costing them valuable cash. the city of santa clara requires any concert show or festival end by 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and 11:00 p.m. on friday and saturdays. we've reported that. that didn't happen when u2 came to town in 2017, coldplay also played past the lights out this year as did beyonce in 2016. ed sheeran ditched his levi's show canceling his concert over that curfew issue. the 49ers which manage levi's stadium say that is costing them big. "the mercury news" reports the team expects to make $750,000 in non-nfl revenue this fiscal year
6:36 am
instead of $5 million. mayor lisa gilmore said in a statement, "we are going to hold the 49ers to the rules they agreed to when levi's stadium opened in 2014. we can have successful concerts at the stadium on weekdays and weekends and allow for people in our community who work and go to school to sleep during the week." now, i asked folks on twitter who is to blame? at this point, folks on twitter are leaning toward the santa clara city curfew. on facebook folks are skewing the other direction toward blaming management. one person writing to me they should stick to the contract. another person said "leave my team alone." i certainly understand why they're a little touchy, we got a winky face on that one. the latest back and forth between the city and the stadium and the 49ers, we'll continue to follow this for you as well. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. a pivotal day for raiders fans hoping for one more season for their team at the coliseum.
6:37 am
right now, we don't know where the raiders plan to play in 2019. the team owner mark davis, is expected to sit down today with the coliseum authority to negotiate terms for a possible swan song at the coliseum. this is despite the fact oakland is now suing the raiders for skipping town for vegas starting in 2020. >> 6:37 right now. happening today, an important deadline to tell you about. >> it is the last day to enroll for covered california health insurance. "today in the bay's" kira klapper joins us with what you need to know before you sign up. >> hey, marcus and laura, good morning to you. the deadline to sign up for health care coverage under covered california is midnight tonight. it was extended earlier this week. the change was made after a surge of interest that saw more than 15,000 californians sign up and select a plan on monday. according to the agency, the majority of the uninsured californians who are eligible for financial help either do not know, or mistakenly think they don't qualify. you can find out if you're eligible for financial help and see which plans are available to you by going to covered
6:38 am
california's website. you just need to enter your zip code, your household income and the ages of the people who need coverage, that's under the compare tool. depending on your income, some californians may qualify for the low cost or the no cost medi-cal program. if you don't have access to the internet, you can also call the covered california service number. that number is there on your screen, 800-300-1506. if you sign up tonight your coverage will already start in just about two weeks, february 1st. >> good stuff, kira. don't assume you can't get something. check to make sure that you have your options. looking over here a lot of options for your drive, a smooth drive for most parts. we are looking at san jose though, north 101 and north 87 show that build coming off of capitol expressway. the reason is because that build formed on the bay shore freeway when we had light traffic. the good news we saw in the last two minutes, i watched as crews
6:39 am
cleared over to the shoulder north 101 just past 680, all lanes have now cleared in the last three or four minutes. we've seen the start of improvement there, and that's good news coming up through silicon valley. across the san mateo bridge, good improvement as well, i've labeled that as well as the dumbarton bridge, the earlier crash cleared on the high-rise but the dumbarton bridge never had slowing. and the crash over in concord i'll check what's going on for 680 there's slowing off 242. >> good to note there. friday, finally here, weekend, a little bit of clearing for us, a little bit of window. >> just a little bit. we have one window before that rain moves in again but i think we'll watch enough sunshine to the point where people can finally leave their house and go outside. i know my dog has hated being cooped up inside. he hates the rain. he hates the wind, but coast, bay and inland can expect to see a slight chance of showers early in the morning tomorrow, but more or less it will be more off to the north bay, not really widespread, not a big storm. temperatures will be in the upper 50s.
6:40 am
as far as sunday's forecast, well this is where we have our pacific storm system and this one is going to bring us the best shot of seeing widespread rain. it's also going to kick up those winds. we're also monitoring the king tides, we're expecting some high tides into monday's forecast. now, i know a lot of folks are wondering about the sierra forecast. you've still got to be on alert, that storm warning did expire as of 4:00 a.m. however, we're tracking more snow this weekend. we've got a chance of seeing some showers and rain. i know they've been working very hard to clear those roads, but because we've got so much changing weather, you may want to see your best open window early saturday morning, and the worst window for sunday, with the new snowfall with the storm system. please follow all of the signs. avalanche warnings could be posted. they're monitoring that situation. it's been very dangerous up there, so please be mindful. temperatures will dip down into those 30s. once the storm systems fall through, we'll see additional snowfall and that's going to be
6:41 am
fantastic for all the snowboarders and skiers. back to you. >> um-hum. >> thanks, vianey. next, new demanding answers, the step a family of a contra costa man is taking after police shot and killed him. what they're asking for this morning. plus, more separations. the numbers in a new government report about just how many kids were split from their parents at these southern border. >> you may have heard this before but again, extremely serious allegations against the president of the united states this morning. let's take you out to the big board in new york city. dow industrials gaining about half a percent. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:44 right now. if you need to get to work for 7:00 a.m., leave now. temperatures in the 50s, light scattered showers. overall pleasant day. we'll catch a little bit of a break from the heavy storms before we see more rainfall move in and we're tracking more snow nor the sierra, the blood moon and the king tide. >> you're watching one tow truck leave and another with flashing lights on the shoulder for north 101. we have improvement in the inle million at the bay bridge, and see if there's a need for improvement there. >> thanksmuch, vianey and mike. a live look in oakland teachers plan to protest stalled
6:45 am
contract talks. some are threatening to walk off the job. teachers are organizing an unsanctioned sick-out. teachers from across oakland plan to rally at oakland tech before marching to headquarters. >> i would love things to be fixed. i would love for us to, you know, approach education and our students with the best intentions and with a vision that knows you need to invest money in your teachers and your students if you want it to do well. >> district leaders say they understand teachers' concerns but promised to keep schools open today. another rally is planned for this afternoon. the family of a man shot and killed by police officers in pittsburg is now reportedly filing a civil claim. the shooting happened 12 months ago. the suspect terry eamons was shot and killed in his car in a nations parking lot. officers claimed they believed he was reaching for a gun seen in his center console. the officers were not charged.
6:46 am
according to "the east bay times" the family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. there is a new push to make young people aware of the dangers of vaping. >> we are launching what i, is the first program really that's designed to help young people, young adults, teens quit vaping. >> that is ahead of the truth initiative appearing later on nbc's "today" show. the group is known for its powerful anti-smoking ads and now focusing on san francisco's juul. the campaign includes letting young people and families know vaping risks are just as dangerous as cigarettes. thousands more children than previously first thought were separated from their parents at the southern border before the zero tolerance policy, according to a new government report that found the total number of children separated from a parent or guardian by immigration authorities is unknown. the government has previously identified more than 2,700 children in its care.
6:47 am
another blockbuster accusation against the president this morning. >> scott mcgrew, one of the more serious than the president has ever faced. >> very, very serious. good morning to you, the allegations first raised by buzzfeed. nbc news has not confirmed them. the two breaking the news one won the pulitzer prize, the other was nominated. buzzfeed quoting two law enforcement officials president trump directed his then lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress about trump's business dealings in russia. now, we do know cohen lied to congress. he's admitted to it. the new allegation is president trump directed him to lie, and that is a major crime. that's witness tampering, and obstruction. how serious? these are the types of crimes that richard nixon was almost impeached on and bill clinton was impeached on. these are extremely serious
6:48 am
allegations. let's read from the articles of impeachment. nixon's, which of course were never submitted, he's accused of condoning false or misleading testimony in duly instituted judicial and congressional proceedings. clinton's included "efforts to influence the testimony of witnesses and to impede the stofr ry discovery of evidence." now the president's new lawyer, rudy giuliani, has responded to these new allegations and said, if you believe cohen, i can get you a great deal on the brooklyn bridge. it's notable, more than one senator asked extremely specific questions about presidential obstruction of justice to william barr, president trump's nominee for attorney general, during his hearings on tuesday, questions like "a president persuading a person to commit perjury would be obstruction, is that right? yes," he answered. it's day 28 of the government shutdown. no end in sight. we will be covering how the
6:49 am
white house reacts, and it hasn't, but when it does, we will cover how the white house reacts to these allegations on twitter. you can follow me @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. it's official, winter break over for all kids, including those on "saturday night live." the cast returning tomorrow night with an all new show. it includes alex moffitt and michael dane playing the trump brothers. they seem like brothers from another mother. >> we didn't know each other before the show and i feel like he's my real brother. >> they like working together. marvelous miss maisel star rachel brosnihan hosts and led zeppelin lovers should want to tune in to this one here on nbc. >> it's going to be a good show. good weather for us today? >> um-hum, very calm. i think today is probably our most peaceful day and maybe into tomorrow. you guys have a chance. >> thank you. >> it will be cloudy but it
6:50 am
makes for beautiful weather, so please make sure to share those with us at nbc bay area or tweet them at me, nbc vianey arana. 53 degrees today. the strong, gusty conditions we're not worried about that right now. we have moisture far off to the north now so north bay expect to see some showers. you can see moisture centered over sacramento and this will bring some dangerous conditions for the sierra, which is why we're monitoring the conditions up there. your best travel days are probably going to be tomorrow morning but always check on nbc bay area app and waze at the traffic team and we'll give you the update on that. microclimate highs for today will be in the upper 60s. 67 for san jose. 59 for san francisco, upper 50s, upper 60s, but we're monitoring the king tides as well as we head in toward sunday and into monday. we have the high surf warning for the entire coastline in through today at about 5:00 p.m., talking about a swell of
6:51 am
45 feet. squawk creek, lake tahoe looking beautiful, 32 degrees. look how calm and peaceful it looks. they've done a great job of clearing roads but we have big changes up ahead and we're going to start noticing a lot of the snow showers really roll in heavy saturday night into sunday morning and these are the additional accumulations we're expecting from the snowfall, 14 more inches near king bridges and this is on top of what we've seen. we have a lot of snow at the base. so as of right now, the next seven days, breezy conditions clear out sunday into monday and a calm spell and more sunshine on the way for the start of next work week but of course we'll be monitoring the high tides. mike? things are calming in san jose. one set of flashing lights, not even flashing. they calmed the lights for the tow truck on the shoulder north 101. traffic flowing much more smoothly, the distraction is limited. traveling north past 680 the
6:52 am
earlier crash cleared from lanes about 15, 20 minutes ago. we had good recovery. holding steady, slower drive capitol expressway toward interstate 280 and 680 and north 87 shows slowing. twh we have this build for this portion of san jose. coming south county everything is fine slowing through this portion and the rest of silicon valley looks good. mountain view and santa clara looks good. the peninsula without delay getting over there, slowing for the san mateo bridge but good recovery after the earlier crash cleared from the high-rise. we were tracking that all. there may be damp roadways for the north bay so keep that in mind. coming in from the north bay, south 680 slows past by highway 4 off of the benicia bridge. reports of a disabled vehicle at the merge with 242 but looks like it extend farther south. nothing on the chp report. note the slower drive but once you get to the walnut creek interchange, you are just fine. the bay bridge toll plaza has its metering lights on and do you have the backup there and here again as we talked about the san mateo bridge improved
6:53 am
from the earlier crash but now that volume of traffic causes it to ebb and flow, more ebbing right now. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:52 right now. happening now, listen to this, check your fridge. perdue recalling more than 68,000 pounds of chicken nuggets nationwide after people found pieces of wood inside them. the company says there have been no confirmed reports of illnesses. the recall includes 22-ounce packages of gluten free chicken nuggets. the best buy date is october 25th, 2019. i've tweeted out a link for you as well. and next here on "today in the bay," a quick look at the st top stories including job cuts, the layoff elon musk from tesla is promising. today thousands of people are set to say respects to a young police officer killed in the line of duty. the service being planned. we are there live in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay." the latest innovation from xfinity
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isn't just a store. it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store.
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. here are the top stories on today welcome back. before you head out the door, 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> breaking news we're following this morning, tesla's ceo elon musk talking about a difficult road ahead for the carmaking company which announced plans to cut its workforce. tesla says it's laying off 7% of its staff. we looked at some numbers and that could mean around 3,000 workers being cut. no word yet on how many cuts will impact the fremont plant or
6:57 am
other bay area locations. tesla shares fell more than 5% at the opening bell. >> a live look in davis right now, where thousands of mourners are gathering to remember a fallen hero. davis police officer natalie corona was shot and killed a week ago, a day ago last week. she was on the scene at a traffic accident. she had been on the job for just a few weeks. a man on a bicycle ambushed her. he later killed himself. corona is the first davis police officer to die in the line of duty in 60 years. 6:57. california governor gavin newsom extending a hand to tsa agents hit hard by the shutdown pledging to provide benefits including state unemployment as long as the shutdown continues. bay area furloughed workers are invited to share their stories on the peninsula at representative jackie speier's office in san mateo. silicon valleys are organizers a food distribution.
6:58 am
ngata ames workers plan to hold a protest march today happening outside the grounds of moffitt field in mountain view. this weekend a heads up on sunday night. look skyward, a super blood moon eclipse is supposed to kick in after 8:30 if the clouds aren't there, when the earth will fully block the sun's reflection of the moon. one expert explains how the earth's shadow brings stunning colors to the moon's surface. >> it's seeing all the sunsets and sunrises on the earth simultaneously and of course they tend to be red because the sunlight is coming through the dust in our atmosphere. >> that was dr. seth shastack, an astronomer who will speak on "press:here" sundays with scott mcgrew. watch that sunday morning after "meet the press." time for a quick look at the forecast and traffic before we go. >> nice day today. we have a couple of areas of
6:59 am
cloud cover, but the temperature's mild. it's not very cold. temperature also top out in the upper 50s/low 60s and we'll keep a chance of seeing scattered showers plainly off to tmainly . as we head in toward sunday we're monitoring another pacific storm system, not as strong as what we saw, but still enough where it could bring widespread rain and it moves out in time for the start of the work week and we'll see a nice clearing with light scattered showers into early saturday morning for inland areas as well. >> good news for the commuters in san jose, the crash cleared. >> completely cleared. we had the activity on the shoulder but our live camera i watched the tow truck drive safely away. all lanes cleared north 101 but slowing headed up 101 and 87 into the downtown area. san mateo bridge scattered for that volume of traffic. no problems, earlier a crash cleared. palo alto, a beautiful drive in
7:00 am
toward the sun, not toward the sun, into the sun, not toward the sun. >> hope sunny skies are ahead for you. thanks for joining us this morning. local news update in half an hour. >> join us for our midday newscast. have a great weekend. good morning, here we go, a dangerous mix of snow, ice, and rain making a mess of the morning commute for tens of millions, and right behind it an even bigger storm that could dump two feet of snow. 108 million people from the rockies to new england in its path. we've got everything you need to know before the long holiday weekend. eaking overnight, bomb shell, the new report that says president trump himself ordered his lawyer, michael cohen to lie to congress, a potential game changer with claims that the special counsel robert mueller has e-mails, documents, and testimony to prove it. what the president's side is saying this morning. avalanche, a wall of snow at a popusk


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