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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now at 6:00, breaking news. running for president, california senator kamala harris making it official overnight. her announcement, her message and what happens next. plus week five, this morning's update on the government shutdown, where negotiations between republicans and democrats stand on day 31. and extending b.a.r.t., a big step forward in bringing b.a.r.t. to the south bay. we're live with the impact on traffic and businesses as early as today. we're also looking at the king tides and what could be changing with a full moon in process. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. vianey in for mike this morning, give us a look at the commute. >> there's a sig alert on dublin. >> we'll start with the weather today, probably causing some of the issues out there. >> you may have to head out the door a little bit earlier in the tri valley. there are no weather issues here. here is a live look outside, the
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skies are clear, visibility looking good but the roads may still be a little wet. headed to the b.a.r.t. station it's a cool one. you need to bundle up with mid-40s to start. mid-50s later on today as the sun starts to peek out. we'll talk about what's going on across the bay area. vianey, what's happening with the sig alert? >> we've got our sky ranger overhead along southbound 680 in dublin, right before the 580 and el costa connector. it appears there are two lanes open. originally all lanes were completely blocked off. this is a four-vehicle crash, chp is reporting it as an injury accident, and we're seeing delays right now backed up to about nearly a mile. so far, though, those two lanes that have reopened, that's always a great sign. hopefully everybody is okay. we are going to see those expected heavy delays. as of right now, chp is not reporting an estimated time when all lanes are expected to reopen. i imagine there is a lot of debris out on the roads.
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chp was reporting glass and vehicles. again, this is a four-vehicle crash, injury accident, two lanes are now open, but a sig alert remains in place and now he's zooming out, you could see how heavy the backup is. your best bet is going to be to avoid that stretch and take san ramon road. that is the surface street that lines up. look at that. at this point, i think now it's backed up beyond a mile, maybe even two miles. look at that, folks, that is some heavy delays on a holiday morning, not really something that you would expect as you hit the roads. so dublin again if you're traveling along southbound 680, right before the 580 connector, two lanes are now open, that should help ease some of the traffic but the heavy delays are backed up because there were four lanes closed and unfortunately that is an injury accident. all right, now if we can go ahead and tap into my traffic map so i can show you exactly what we're following here, i am going to be giving you updates on my twitter but avoid the
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area. your best bet is san ramon road, the surface street. good news is chp is reporting two lanes open from the originally all lanes blocked. i'll send it back to you. >> that is a tough morning commute. thanks, we'll check back with you. 6:03, wrebreaking news, california senator kamala has ris harris is running for president. we brought you the news this morning on "today in the bay." kris sanchez is following the news for us. this isn't entirely surprising. >> no, she's been giving us a definitive maybe up until this point. she now we can tell you is headed to howard university this morning, her alma mater, to meet with the national media. her announcement came in a video she posted on youtube and social media channels saying the future of the country is about a fight for the american people and values like truth, justice and decency. take a listen. >> that's why i'm running for president of the united states.
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i'm running to lift those voices, to bring our voices together, so please, join me in oakland on sunday, january 27th. >> the event will be at fronk ogawa plaza january 27th, the formal launch of her campaign. we talked with her national campaign position. oakland is where kamala harris was born. before harris was elected to the senate in 2016 as only the second african-american woman in the senate, she was california's attorney general. she was the district attorney of san francisco, and she began her career in the alameda county district attorney's office. check out this tweet her national campaign manager put out "in the first 30 minutes after she announced she was running for president, kamala harris received individual online contributions from all 50 states." so clearly a lot of enthusiasm early. we'll see whether or not she can get name recognition across the country. she will talk at howard
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university this morning we'll bring you what she has to say. capitol hill, it's day 31 without a paycheck for workers as the shutdown lingers on. over the weekend, president trump offered a deal to reopen the government. democrats have already rejected it. "today in the bay's" tracie potts explains why. >> reporter: president trump's offer to reopen the government goes up for a vote in the senate tomorrow. >> this bill would reopen the government. >> reporter: he's offering temporary protection for 1 million immigrants, refugees, and dreamers, those brought here illegally as children. in exchange for $5.7 billion for the border wall. >> straightforward, fair, reasonable, and common sense, with lots of compromise. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi and other democrats call it a non-starter. >> it's outrageous and he's just playing politics and this is a bad deal. >> it was i think an effort to
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prop up the president's sagging poll numbers. >> reporter: despite support from some republicans. >> i think the president's put a reasonable compromise on the table. >> reporter: some conservatives are calling the president's offer amnesty for immigrants. "no, amnesty is not part of my offer" he tweets, adding "thank you" to the 800,000 unpaid federal employees caught up in tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> 6:06 right now. an east bay food bank is asking for help in mlk food drive. the alameda county community food bank calls this an emergency response for families of furloughed federal workers. organizers hope 200 volunteers can assist at the charity's warehouse on edgewater drive in oakland between 9:00 a.m., volunteer also pack 500 bags of food for federal workers caught in the middle of that shutdown. this is a story i've been covering here for years but finally a big step forward today for b.a.r.t.'s extension into downtown san jose could affect your commute. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live along east santa
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clara street with preliminary work set to begin. >> reporter: marcus and laura, in order to run b.a.r.t. through a tunnel underneath downtown san jose, engineers have to know what's down there, so starting today and continuing on for the next several weeks, workers are going to be out here and drilling 150-foot deep holes at different points along east santa clara street between market and third here in downtown san jose. they'll be doing this to select soil samples and map out where the utilities are located. this is not the start of the actual construction of b.a.r.t. to downtown san jose. that won't happen until 2020. what starts today is a recon mission of sorts. >> we're really looking at what's underneath the surface. we need to look at soil conditions and where the utilities are placed, so when it's time to do heavy construction and build the tunnel in the stations, we know where everything is located and what we're dealing with underground.
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>> reporter: this work could impact some of the businesses along santa clara, the people at city fish, for instance, we spoke with them. they believe the work could complicate deliveries and pickup orders. vta, which is managing b.a.r.t. to san jose, tells us the work will require one lane to be shut down along santa clara street, along with some parking spots, but will still maintain access for pedestrians and bicyclists. this is expected to take about seven weeks. when the entire b.a.r.t. to san jose project is finished, we're talking about years from now, this project will extend b.a.r.t. from berryessa north san jose underground to alum rock 128th, downtown san jose and diridon and back up aboveground santa clara so it will be adding four stops. reporting live in downtown san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. this morning, police need your help in finding a man who held up a cell phone store at gunpoint. according to the east bay times, this happened yesterday
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afternoon on monument boulevard in concord. that man took off with money, before getting away. no one was hurt. anyone with information is asked to call concord police. it is 6:08 right now. if you're anywhere near san francisco's embarcadero this morning, this is a sneak peek what you may see on the waterfront. visitors near pier 14 got a good look at the king tides in action. later this morning, supposed to be a similar scene. a bay area flood advisory will be in effect from the inner bay from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. today. so proceed with caution. >> the high tide will be right before 11:00, and it's all because of the moon, and its gravity that's pulling up our tides, and if you missed the eclipse last night, we had a few people that had some better cameras and smartphones, and they sent me their pictures on social media. this one on facebook from hugh beattie who could only see the end of it, that was a good shot and another picture taken in
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fremont, really cool to see all of those and i always appreciate your pictures of whatever is happening with the weather, i'm @karihallweather on facebook and twitter. that say live look at san jose. we'll get sunshine headed into the afternoon as our temperatures gradually warm up. headed over to vianey, what is up with the sig alert? >> we'll start out in dublin, a look at the overall bay area, everything else is fine. great news, chp is reporting two lanes are ohm, it's a four-vehicle crash and this is along southbound 680 just north of alcosta and 580. chp is reporting this as an injury crash involving four vehicles. right now delays are upwards of 40 minutes, backed up to bowlinger street. this is a heavyduty morning for the commute. traveling along dublin southbound 680, expect heavy delays, take san ramon road surface street as your best bet. >> tough commuting in the east
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bay, thank you. coming up on "today in the bay," back on sale, the smaller iphone up for grabs once again. the reason some experts say it will be in high demand.
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right now at 6:13, it's a mostly clear start across the bay area, after some rain moved through yesterday evening. roads may still be a little bit wet. that's a look at highway 101 in
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palo alto. we are going to get some peeks of sunshine, as our temperatures reach into the upper 50s today, and some warmer weather on the way. more on that coming up in less than five minutes. and a sig alert remains for dublin, southbound 680 just north of 580, four-vehicle injury crash, now two lanes are open, but the delays are backed up beyond bollinger canyon road, of about 40 minutes, expect heavy delays through that area. best to take san ramon valley boulevard and hop on after stone ridge drive. i'll have an update on that situation coming up. and a very happy monday to you. the markets are closed for the big holiday. so looking back on friday. tesla got hit hard after it said it would lay off 7% of its workers. sales force says it's going to build a sales force tower in dublin, ireland. this looks like pretty unexciting video, i'll admit,
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but it really is important. it's chinese officials this morning announcing the growth in their economy has slowed. china has the second largest economy in the world. now for perspective, the growth on this, the chinese said the economy was growing at a rate of 6.6%, instead of last year's 6.9%. that's really strong growth either way. that said, it is adding pressure to the chinese to make a deal to end the trade war. official chinese state media also announced there's another gene edited baby on the way. you recall a scientist created the world's first gene edited babies last month, two of them. apparently there's now a third. chinese state television says scientist he jiankui will be punished. it's day 31 of the government shutdown but once the government gets up and running, we are expecting the federal trade comission to hit facebook with big fines over its problem with cambridge analytica, as in like the biggest fines are, bigger than the fine against google, and that fine was enormous, $22.5 billion.
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we expect that to come sometime soon when the government reopens. this was first reported by "the washington post". of course we contacted the ftc and of course the ftc did not get back to us because they're not there. >> because of the shutdown, okay, day 31. >> there we go. we are talking about facebook right now. notice a new feature called community action. it's a new way for users to support a cause or movement. users can basically create a petition and notify relevant public officials or agencies. that goal here is to get friends to hit that "support" button to that petition can go viral. if a smaller iphone is on your wish list, you're in luck. the iphone se is back in apple's line-up of phones. it's a smaller phone. it's got a four inch screen. the phone had all but disappeared after new phones were released last fall. for those who prefer a smaller screen, the se is available, has a cheaper price than before, starting at $249. >> just for me personally the small phone doesn't work. >> it's like the first
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generation iphone they had, it's blocky, square. >> so my phone is back in style. >> just bring back the stuff they didn't sell back in the day? >> it would look like this big in marcus' palms. >> oh. >> so this morning as you're checking your phone, put it down for a second. i've got you covered here, as you get ready to step out the door. we have some clear skies, and also take a look at this shot. we can start to see the reflection of the moon right there on the bay. it's a beautiful start to this morning, after getting those pictures of the eclipse last night. let's talk about these king tides, because we will have extremely high tides and extremely low tides as a result of the gravitational pull of the moon and we will see the high tide happening at about 10:53. ocean beach the high tide comes up to about seven feet and the low tide will be at about a foot and a half below normal, and that happens at 5:41 this afternoon. we also may see some of those coastal areas that got inundated
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with some more water than we normally see. as we look at storm ranger, we are track a few light, spotty showers. other than that, things are eye the questi quieting down after the very active system yesterday. it continues to move away from us and we have a lot of dry air in the pacific that will give us clear conditions headed through the week. as you get ready for your morning drive around brentwood, stepping out the door, you need a nice, warm jacket. you may have to crank up the heat we are temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll get some peeks of sunshine going throughout the day and our temperatures reaching into the mid-50s there. and as you style your hair this morning, overall, it's going to be a pretty smooth hair day, even though it starts out humid, our humidity will be lowering today and it won't be as windy. as we get ready this morning, we have a lot going on here in the bay area to celebrate, martin luther king, jr. day and we look at temperatures across the country, the eastern half, parts of the midwest and look at the east coast, today in new york city that's the high
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temperature, only going to be 15 degrees, that's after a snowstorm exit and i tweeted about that this morning, i' i'm @karihallweather and i also posted it on facebook. follow me and get the weather updates. it will be a nice, dry week for the bay area, gradually warming up into the upper 60s by the weekend. it will be a nice weekend ahead, up to 67 degrees inland, but we will have some very chilly mornings over the next few days and i'll be watching out for the possibility of some freezing temperatures in the valleys. vianey, you've been tracking the sig alert. what is going on now? >> we'll start with a sky ranger view of the crash in dublin along southbound 680, just before the 580 connector. a four-vehicle injury crash. unfortunately, it looks like somebody may have been hurt from this, but now it looks like they've reopened two lanes. they have seen a little bit of a backup initially but now it's backed up to more than 40 minutes, and if we can switch things over to my traffic map, so we can get a view of just how
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heavy those delays are, i'm going to zoom in. now it looks like our maps are picking up another crash ahead and this is backed up all the way beyond bollinger canyon road so expect very, very bad delays. also, expect to see another crash just up ahead, so you may just want to take the surface streets and avoid the freeway all together. oh, and another one literally just popped up as well as i was doing this report, so it just lets you know that we're definitely seeing a lot of activity in dublin. it's going to be a rough morning if this is part of your morning commute. two lanes are open so we're hoping the situation can get better but right now your best bet is to take san ramon valley road, and that's the surface street, and hop on right after that crash along 680, because if not, you're going to be late to work if you do have to go to work this morning. a quick look at your bridge drive times westbound 80 toward the bay bridge you're looking at eight minutes. westbound 84 toward the dumbarton bridge about 11 minutes, and a live look right now at a bay bridge toll plaza, which is still pretty empty. no metering lights to report on
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at this hour. back to you. >> busy out there. 6:20 right now. still ahead on "today in the bay," a teenager arrested. the person who police say beat an elderly woman and left her in a park. the updates we're getting this morning, as that victim remains in the hospital. if you're ever feeling ignored by an airline after a sour experience, consider filing a complaint with the u.s. department of transportation. when you gripe there, the airlines are required to respond to the government and you. a lot of times airlines then settle the dispute right then. other times, the feds step in and open an investigation. we put a link to the complaint form on our website, look under the heading "consumer resources." if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the number is 888-996-tips. we're always active on social media. pete suratos actually tweeting about the super bowl. he writes "if the 49ers drafted
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tom brady in 2000, we would have witnessed three hall of fame qbs in a row." you got to wonder who he's rooting for in the super bowl. >> a lot of ifs. >> 6:21 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." >> monday morning quarterbacking. the nhl all-stare
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in san jose. leading up to the game, fans can get closer to the stanley >> we are now a week away from the nhl all-star game right here in san jose. leading up to the game, fans can get a closer look at the stanley cup.
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we're going to have it here tomorrow morning on our set. you can see the championship trophy at san jose city hall in person tomorrow. throughout the week, fans can take part in the nhl fan fare with interactive games, some appearances by players as well. the all-star game will air right here on nbc. we mentioned the super bowl a minute ago, and football fans could hardly ask for more. this, after two thrilling championship games that should set up for a really stellar super bowl. the new orleans saints this morning still feeling a little short this morning at the end of that there. no call should have been interference helped send the nfc championship game into overtime when the l.a. rams had a chance to win with a 57-yard field goal. the kick gave the l.a. rams the victory there, 26-23. new england and kansas city also went into overtime, that's where rex burkhead's touchdown gave
6:26 am
them the win and the third straight super bowl win. tom brady posting this video with teammate rob gronkowski, he and the quarterback jared goff both have bay area roots. brady attended sarah high school in san mateo, jared goff attended marin catholic in kidfield and then cal. >> i don't know who to root for. there's two bay areas boys there. l.a. rams haven't been in it since the '80s. >> close your eyes and just -- >> throw a dart. >> -- throw a dart. >> i watched both games, it was a lot of fun. 6:26. here are some of the stories we're working on this morning at 6:30. breaking news, she's running. california senator kamala harris announcing she's making a bid for the white house. we'll have her message to voters overnight. at 6:45, the layoffs coming for some teachers in contra costa county, but first, out of service. the train lines shutting down in san francisco this week. it is 6:26 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." the latest innovation from xfinity
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we begin with breaking news at 6:30 this morning. california senator kamala harris making a big announcement. she's throwing her hat in the ring, she's running for president. we've got full coverage coming up. i want to say good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this martin luther king, jr. day as well. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now, we want to head over to meteorologist kari hall with a look at your monday morning forecast there. >> the rain that we had
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yesterday evening has moved out, now we have clear skies, and a clear view of the moon, and we are going to see as we go throughout the day a lot of sunshine, but we are also going to have to deal with these king tides today. that's the extremely high and low tides that we get because of the gravitational pull of the moon, and high tide later this morning at ocean beach will happen at about 10:53, and then the really low tide will be at 5:41. as you start out the door this morning, it is cool, all clear. we had a couple of very spotty showers moving through earlier this morning but now things are looking good, and as we head over to vianey, you've been tracking some major issues for some commuters. >> oh yeah. we've got a hot spot this morning in dublin, and look at this. we've got three crashes, let's get right to it. this is all along southbound 680. if that is part of your morning commute, avoid the freeway in general. go ahead and take surface streets, especially just north of 580. there was a four-vehicle injury crash earlier and unfortunately,
6:31 am
it looks luke they're still on scene because somebody was injured. two lanes are now open, though, which will make for some easier clearing, but just up ahead, we're now seeing two additional crashes unrelated to that earlier crash. i want to show you a quick look at your tri valley drive times though, if that's not part of your commute, dublin, here is how the west of the bay area is doing, westbound 580 from grant line road to 680 eight minutes. a live look at the san mateo bridge, i haven't seen any issues on any of the bridges and still no metering lights on at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. 6:31. breaking in us to tell you about, california senator kamala harris is running for president. we first broke the story for you at 4:30, right after she made that announcement online. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has a look at what happened since. kris? >> hi there. in four hours from now, senator kamala harris will speak to the national media as candidate harris at her alma mater, howard university, but she chose to make that announcement in a video posted to youtube and her
6:32 am
social media channels. here is a look at that video in which senator harris made her announcement in which she says the future of the country is really about a fight for american values like truth, justice and descen decency. earlier she spoke about why she wants to run. >> i am a career prosecutor, as you said. my entire career has been focused on keeping people safe. it is probably one of the things that motivates me more than anything else, and when i look at this moment in time, i know that the american people deserve to have somebody who is going to fight for them, who is going to see them, who will hear them, who will care about them, who will be concerned about their experience, and put them in front of self-interest. >> in the two hours since senator harris' announcement video was posted it was liked more than 41,000 times, retweeted and she is planning a big launch on january 27th in
6:33 am
oakland at her campaign office, which is at frank ogawa plaz zha. as you know, she was born in oakland. before all of this, harris was elected to the senate in 2016 as the second african-american woman elected to the senate. she was also california's attorney general, the district attorney of san francisco, and she began her career in the alameda county district attorney's office. nbc news will talk with her at 10:30 this morning and we'll bring you what she has to say. marcus? >> thanks, kris. relief for bay area family. san francisco police made an arrest in a vicious beating of an 88-year-old woman. the case shocked the visitacion valley neighborhood where she lives. >> much of us in the bay area here. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us with some new developments on this case. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yes, good morning guys. according to san francisco police the suspect in all of this, an 18-year-old suspect was arrested after committing yet another robbery. here is a picture of that victim we're talking about, 88-year-old
6:34 am
yik oi huang. police believe she was attacked by the suspect, 18-year-old keonte gathron while she was taking a morning walk in her visitacion valley neighborhood earlier this month. police also say the suspect burglarized her home after viciously attacking her. huang is suffering from life-threatening injuries as a result of the vicious attack january 8th. here is what one san francisco supervisor who has been in close contact with the family had to say about her progress. >> we heard miss huang is smiling now, so that is something that has been a positive information that we received lately. >> reporter: a family spokesperson says she's still in critical condition and in and out of consciousof consciousnes. despite this arrest, this is an ongoing investigation. if you have any information, contact san francisco police. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the
6:35 am
bay." >> thanks, pete. good to see some developments on that. >> it's 6:34. the country is remembering the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. today. here in the bay area, altrain will have a special mlk train to take riders from san jose to san francisco. the ride is free for anyone headed to san francisco's annual observance for dr. king. in san jose, the african-american community service agency will hold its 39th annual martin luther king, jr. luncheon at noon. i will be a part of that event. roland martin is the featured speaker there. in oakland the anti-police terror project plans to hold an all-day event at the frank action to celebrate the life and legacy of dr. king. that begins at 5:00 tonight. a young person at the center of a weekend controversy outside of the lincoln memorial is speaking out. >> many of you saw the video of the confrontation.
6:36 am
>> it shows a tense encounter between a native american elder and dozens of young people, many of whom visiting washington, d.c., for a pro life rally. the elder leader said he was trying to keep the peace between the students and a black religious group. yesterday, the student in the middle of the video, nick sandman, issued a statement, it says in part, "i believed that by remaining motionless and calm, i was helping to diffuse the situation." he adds "i never felt like i was blocking the native american protester. he did not make any attempt to go around me. it was clear to me that he had singled me out for a confrontation, although i am not sure why." the school is now looking into the matter. we now know what's next for teachers in oakland. many took to the streets over the weekend. they are demanding better pay, smaller class sizes and more resources. a vote on whether or not to strike is expected to take place a week from tomorrow. teachers have a chance to vote by secret ballot through
6:37 am
february 1st. yesterday, they made signs and banners in case a strike takes place. union leaders and school district officials are set to meet at a hearing later this month. >> 6:36 right now. heads up as you make plans for your commute this week in san francisco, the t line is out of service along third street and won't be up and running any time soon. according to "the examiner" it will be out of service for two months, starting tomorrow, instead of trains, buses will run from embarcadero to bay shore boulevard, and sunnydale avenue. that move is in line with plans to expand mission bay platforms on third street. and it is 6:37, if you're just joining us, we have a hot spot in dublin. our own sky ranger is overhead, this is from an earlier crash along southbound 680 just before 580. it was a four-vehicle crash. unfortunately it appears to be an injury crash. a live look right there, we have crews there looking for clearing out debris it looks like. we have a guy and a flashlight, might be a chp officer making
6:38 am
sure the roads are clear and safe for everybody this morning. they have reopened two lanes but the delays are backed up to nearly an hour beyond bollinger canyon road and that's definitely causing some issues but in addition to that, we have two accidents up ahead. let's look at my maps because we're noticing a hot spot there. look at this, we've got not one but three accidents along the southbound 680 stretch, so we've also got some issues in pleas t pleasanton. avoid southbound 680 and hop on after more closer toward the pleasanton area, now you'll be stuck in traffic for quite some time. there is no expected time on when all lanes are expected to reopen, but as you saw there, the crews were working just to make sure there was no glass or any debris from this four-vehicle injury crash. really not a great way to start a typically holiday-light commute. >> that's what you expect. thanks for watching that one. coming up for the weekend, a lot of people, extended weekend but looking ahead to this coming weekend. >> we'll have great weather to
6:39 am
look forward to as well as we are going to get a chance to dry out, going into the next several days. we're looking at some upper 50s this start out the week but then some upper 60s in time for saturday for our inland valleys and san francisco heading into the mid-60s, and you see all of that sunshine that we have coming our way. if you're headed out of town, maybe going to the sierra, you shouldn't have any issues getting there and back. no major storms helded our way for the next several days but it will be warming up and by the end of the weekend, we will be in the mid-40s there. if you are planning to head to the beach, santa cruz, it's going to be in the upper 60s, and some peeks of sunshine. it won't be all clear and sunny all weekend but not a bad place to relax and if you're going out of town to l.a., it will be in the low 70s there, but there will be some more clouds moving by, all throughout the weekend. we've had our fair share of clouds, and now it's clearing out, so we'll talk about what's going on today with our temperature trend, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to that, kari. all new overnight, a fire
6:40 am
along the peninsula, the damage this morning to a $6 million home. and one of our top stories, a big step forward in bringing b.a.r.t. to the south bay. we're live with the impact and traffic and businesses. plus, it's now day 31 of the longest shutdown in american history. we'll tell you more about it when "today in the bay" continues.
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6:43 am
the time 16:42, the moon is setting and we are a few minutes away from sunrise. a live look at highway 101 in san jose. our temperatures go from the upper 40s to some mid-50s today. it's still going to be kind of cool, and a mix of sun and clouds, but we will be warming up, going throughout the week. more on that in the forecast, coming up in less than five minutes. and we're still seeing major delays for southbound 680. we have a hot spot if you're traveling through dublin this morning. we have three crashes, one that's causing big impacts as a sig alert remains in place. two lanes are open. expect delays backed up through bollinger canyon road. take san ramon valley boulevard. i'll have an update on the rest of the drive times. 6:43, a live look in downtown san jose this morning where b.a.r.t.'s big push into the south bay is taking a big step forward this morning. starting today and for the next several weeks, workers are digging down 150 feet at
6:44 am
different points along east santa clara street between market and third here in downtown san jose. they'll be doing this to select soil samples and map out where the utilities are located. this project will extend b.a.r.t. from berryessa north to santa clara. >> we need to look at soil conditions and where the utilities are placed so when it's time to do heavy construction and build the tunnel in the stations we know where everything is located and what we're dealing with underground. >> vta, which is managing b.a.r.t. to san jose tells us the work will require one lane to shut down along east santa clara street along with some parking spots, but access will still be maintained for ped rooen pedestrians and bicyclists. it will add four new b.a.r.t. stations in the south bay. actual work on the extension is scheduled to start next year. dozens of tutors in and around richmond will reportedly lose their jobs in a matter of months.
6:45 am
according tos "the east bay times" the west contra costa school district announced about 80 layoffs on friday. half the cuts will be through attrition and reorganizing. the district will also eliminate its graduate tutor program amounting to about 40 tutors. pink slips are supposed to be handed out in mid march. right now, both sides of the los angeles teachers strike are trying to come to an agreement as we come to week two of the stalemate. they're trying to spend the holiday weekend in hopes of ending protests that cost students five days of classes so far. the school district wants to focus on salaries. the union has a large list of demands, including a greater role in decision-making. quarter to 7:00 right now. firefighters trying to determine what sparked a fire that damaged a multimillion-dollar home in los altos. it started at midnight at a home on van buren street near alta mesa park. these are images from firefighters. the home lists at more than $6 million. the fire damaged the second floor and attic of the 4,000 square foot house.
6:46 am
the three people who live there were not home at the time of the fire starting. new details on the recovery process following the deadly camp fire in butte county. crews there are starting to clear that debris from lots starting next monday, according to cal oes. the november fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. 86 people were killed there. that fire tore through the entire town of paradise, as you see here, destroying more than 18,000 homes and businesses. it 16: -- 6:46 right now. today is day 31 of the government shutdown with no end in sight. >> scott mcgrew, there was an effort over the weekend to come to a deal. >> the president offered what he said was a compromise, marcus, but when democrats got a look at the details, they didn't like it. for that matter, neither did conservatives, who pushed back at the president's offer. president trump offered to suspend deportations of dreamers and immigrants under the temporary protected status for a limited amount of time, in
6:47 am
exchange for money for the wall. it was not a good enough deal for the democrats. daca kids will remain protected anyway until the supreme court agrees to hear the case. notably, the president defined what he meant by a wall in saturday's speech. he said "this is not a 2,000-mile concrete structure from sea to shining sea. these are steel barriers in high priority locations." the president's lawyer rudy giuliani was on nbc's "meet the press" on sunday, responding to the now very questionable report from buzzfeed that the president told his previous lawyer, michael cohen, to lie to congress, as you no doubt heard late friday. the special counsel's office made a rare public statement to say this report was not correct. giuliani also made news when he said the president was making deals with russia much later than we first thought, all the way into and beyond the november 2016 election. >> well, it's our understanding that they went on throughout 2016, there weren't a lot of
6:48 am
them, but there were conversations, can't be sure of the exact dates but the president can remember having conversations with him about it. >> throughout 2016? >> yes, probably up to, could be up to as far as october/november. >> we're not sure the strategy here but giuliani does this often, reveals facts that are not favorable to his client, the president. if president trump was making deals with russia as late as november, it means he was making deals when he said in july of 2016 "i have nothing to do with russia." he was making deals when he said this. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. looking ahead to 2020, kamala harris running for president. our kris sanchez has that well covered. we're covering that at
6:49 am in the meantime, follow me on twitter, @scottmcgrew. the rare sight thrilling stargazers last night although it was tough to catch in the bay area. we have video from new york and seattle of the super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse. coinciding with last night's super moon. the earth between the sun and moon gave the moon some really incredible color there. here as i mentioned, tough to see unless you happened to be watching at the right time. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman had a pretty good view when the skies managed to clear. he tweeted out this image. the next total lunar eclipse won't happen until may of 2021. but so large and kari talked about that gravitational pull, making the -- >> tides. >> exactly, the king tides. >> a lot of people didn't see it until the end, the clouds were rolling by. i got a couple of pictures and love to share those with you and i really appreciate you sending those to me on facebook.
6:50 am
i'm @karihallweather. hugh beattie said he could only see the end of it but a good picture and this one, tomas allen took this one from fremont with a telephoto zoom lens. i don't know what that is but it's better than a smartphone absolutely, it's a great picture. looking now at the moon, as it gets ready to set over san francisco, skies are clear, and all the rain that we had yesterday started to move out. king tides, we are seeing some very extremely high tides, as well as low tides, and it could cause some flooding shortly after 10:00 to 11:00, so we'll be watching that especially for all of our low-lying areas, not only for the coast, but the bay as well. now that we are starting to see our weather clearing out, only a few spotty, lingering showers being tracked on our storm ranger, and as i open up the picture, you can see there's a lot of dry air in the pacific. no more storms moving our way and we will continue on throughout the week with some
6:51 am
nice and quiet weather. as you get dressed this morning, you do want to make sure you grab a nice warm jacket and then pants will keep you comfortable, too, but they do need a lot more layers, as we look at what's happening for the midwest, and also out east, as we look at high temperatures for today on this martin luther king day, a lot of parades and outdoor ceremonies and festivities going on and today in new york city it's only going to be 15 degrees. that is just bitterly cold. while we will have some warmer weather moving in, we can brag about this, look at the saturday forecast for the inland valleys, reaching 67 degrees. san francisco also not bad at all, we go from the upper 50s today to the mid-60s by saturday into sunday. vianey, you've been tracking the sig alert. any improvement there? >> some improvement. two lanes have been reopened but dublin is definitely a hot spot this morning. the rest of the bay area if we start out here, the south bay has been doing great, just a couple fender benders. this popped up along the
6:52 am
peninsula. i'll like into that. san mateo has been good, the bridges are great. this is your morning headache. if you're driving anywhere along southbound 680 an earlier crash involving four vehicles unfortunately there was an injury crash, did cause a sig alert to be issued and they have reopened two lanes but you could see the traffic backed up beyond bollinger canyon road and unfortunately just up ahead, a number of unrelated fender benders also impacting along southbound 680, so this is going to be probably the roughest commute so far. there is no estimated time on when this is expected to reopen, as they're clearing out a lot of debris and broken glass. we just hope that that person is okay with those folks okay out on the roads. a quick look at your bridge drive times, westbound 80 toward the bay bridge looking at eight minutes. westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge 13 minutes and a live look right now at san jose, we've got a smooth commute through there, this is more like it. we like seeing that holiday light traffic. back to you. >> we do, thank you very much. 6:52 right now.
6:53 am
happening now, just in, the university of notre dame will be covering up murals of christopher columbus. university's president called the murals insensitive to the consequences of indigenous people of columbus' voyage. president reverend john jenkins says the goal of the change is to respect the historical context of the paintings but recognize hardships native americans faced. it's not clear when the murals will be covered. and next here on "today in the bay," a quick look at those top stories, including a multimillion-dollar decision this week in contra costa county. the factors being considered as leaders decide whether to approve a new stadium. plus, we've been telling but this big breaking news in the last two and a half hours. california senator kamala harris makes it official overnight. she is running for president. her announcement, her message, and what happens next. we're back in two minutes with more news. you're watching "today in the bay." before you head out the do
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6:56 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay-- california senator welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the taupe stories on "today in the bay." >> california senator kamala harris running for president. she made that announcement in a social media video released this morning. she is planning an event in oakland january 27th to help launch her 2020 campaign. she was california's attorney general before being elected to the senate in 2016. an east bay food bank is asking for your help in an mlk
6:57 am
food drive. the alameda county community food bank calls this an emergency response for families of furloughed federal workers. organizers hope 200 volunteers can assist at the charity's warehouse on edgewater drive in oakland between 9:00 a.m., and volunteers will be pack 500 bags of food for federal workers caught in the middle of that shutdown. pg&e's bankruptcy has san francisco leaders talking more about more than just power plan. "the examiner" reporting some are rethinking the future of renewable energy. clean power sf talks about the possibility of green energy programs slipping through the cracks in the midst of pg&e's troubles. supporters are now calling for a new locally sponsored green energy platform that would include pouring resources into more green energy projects. new this morning, an east palo alto woman is accused of breaking into a stranger's home.
6:58 am
police say she livestreamed the whole thing using the victim's cell phone. in the social media rant, the woman invited people over to the home to throw a party, before stripping down to her underwear. she now faces two felony charges this morning. a multimillion-dollar decision in the city of concord. tomorrow in concord they will discuss an 18,000 seat stadium proposal. it includes a soccer stadium along with a convention center and hotel. it would be built on vacant land near the concord b.a.r.t. station. that plan comes from an investment group that rent recently purchased the rights for a u.s. soccer league team. early estimates say that the stadium would cost an estimated $750 million and could require significant financial support from the city. we have some breaking news coming from san diego. take a look at these pictures into our newsroom. a tree has come crashing down into a home. reports this morning it actually killed two people, and others may have some major injuries
6:59 am
there. we understand that rescuers are inside the house right now, possibly trying to rescue people that are still inside. you see them there, trying to work through the branches of this tree. the problem is, some of the high winds that have affected that area, it's actually a high wind warning, they say gusts were up to 25 miles per hour. crews were attempting to get to a woman inside the house when the tree collapsed even further. so we'll continue to monitor that, but that's in the point loma heights area of san diego. are we seeing anything like that around here? >> no, that's the storm system that just passed through the bay area, now moving through southern california. our weather is going to be improving today, seeing some sunshine not only today but the rest of the week. vianey has been active this morning, keeping an update on the sig alert. it's a hot spot in dublin. >> it's been rough. we are seeing that two lanes are open, but the rest remain closed, and we have additional fender benders just up ahead. right now, the delays are
7:00 am
upwards of an hour, if you're traveling through that area. >> it's a holiday for a lot of people. thanks for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> joining us for be . ♪ good morning. gridlock at the airports. this morning what you can expect as you head out the door. breaking news. reports that at least five people have died in a suicide attack on a u.s.-led convoy in syria overnight. the second ambush on americans there in less than a week. we're live with the very latest, and new images just in from the scene. blame game. president trump attacks democrats for rejecting his latest offer to end the


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