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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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>> good evening. thanks for joining us. >> late today it got more complicated. this police shooting turning into a political mess. the feds blaming napa county for the handling of an undocumented immigrant. that man shot at a deputy at point-blank range. a lot of finger pointing is unfolding tonight. cheryl herd in napa. >> sheriffs along with the director of corrections addressing the media tonight. it stems from the video and its very hard to watch. showing a deputy sheriff who was shot at by hernandez. he shot at her. she returned fire. and he was killed. ice saying tonight that hernandez was kicked out of the u.s. three times prior to 2011. the ice statement is under investigation. >> as oof 2017, napa county like all california counties has
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revised the policy to cooperate and be in line with the policies of the state of california. >> what we have to do is continue to learn from the unfortunate incidents. once we get al all the facts. and make a decision. if state law -- >> the deputy sheriff involved in the shooting is on paid leave. we are told she's doing well. we'll have more on this story coming up at 11:00. >> okay. thank you. traffic troubles tonight a big lanes were shut down for a coupleou got wo reopened. traffic is still backed up for miles. nobody was hurt. eastbound 80 also troublesome. because drivers are obviously rubber necking and trying to check out what happened.
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>> violent face off triggering a new controversy on the cal campus. this video gone viral showing a man being punched. tonight campus conservative groups claim the attack was fuelled by partisan politics. live from berkeley with the latest. >> we spoke briefly with the victim today. off camera. who is recovering. now what we're hearing is that he was here on the plaza on tuesday. he was tabling for an organization that's when two men came up to him and in a confrontation began. witnesses say there was yelling and someone slapped the phone out of the victims hand. as he tried to record. the video shows a second man attack hitting him several times. he had been at the table for the conservative group turning point. and featured several signs.
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thclaing the attack was political. >> if you heard what the guy was yelling. calling him a racist and accusing him -- it was partisan in nature. the attack. it could have been. >> this shouldn't be going around. this shouldn't be happening on my campus. this is a free place for different ideas and education. >> this is a picture of the alleged attacker who left the scene. police are hoping that someone can help them identify him. berkeley also released a statement condemning the violence and harassment of any sort. it went onto say they spent millions of dollars to ensure students from across the political spectrum can discuss their believes. there's also no evidence that the attacker or the victim is actually affiliated with the university. >> thank you.
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a powerful show of support for striking oakland teachers. let's show you what it looked like day one of the strike. thousands of teachers, students and parents marching from city hall to headquarters. within the past half hour the teachers union gathered to tell us what's next. >> what did they tell us at the news conference? >> the president of the teach es union says parents and students they spoke with a their feet today. and gave us numbers. 85% of the oakland teachers were on the picket line this morning. and day two of morning. at 6:30 a.m. union president keith brown says he's confident if parents and students continue to show support we might see results during tomorrow's bargaining session. beginning at 9:00 a.m.
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union president and emphasized the pressure is on the district to come to the negotiation table. with a better offer. on wednesday the district offered a 7% raise over four years. a one time 1.5% bonus. the union jekted it. and continues to standby the initial demand of 12% raise over three years and small class sizes. and hire more nurses and counsellors. and calling on parents and students to show the same support tomorrow as they did today. >> strikes are won in the streets. not at the bargaining table. we need strong lines like we had today. >> parents, we are strong together. wex if a an agreement is reached between the district and union. members have to review it and vote on the possible contract.
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which can take time. nobody really knows how long the strike will last. and what victory for each side will look like. again tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. sharp the strike begins yet again. >> before you go. quick question. how many students actually went to school today? what does that mean for tomorrow. in terms of school attendance. and what parents should know. >> we have numbers from the teachers union. it only corresponds to certain schools. for example fremont high school. only eight students attended. that gives you a general con sen us parents knew there was a strike going on and left kids at home. or they t schools. >> thank you. oakland mayor a parent and alumni of the district. took to twitter supporting the teachers. she wrote in part quote.
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goals are shared. the spokesperson tells us that she didn't take her own kids to school today. >> a lot of celebritying putting support behind the teaches on strike as well. >> listen up. >> actor and producer an oakland native put together this video and posted it on instagram. him and other cast members and celebrities from the area showing their support for the teachers. including steph curry. haer. >> so how are parents and students coping with the wory i. we'll have more. >> south bay now the futures of two hospitals remain uncertain. a judge will soon decide whether the county can purchasee cotntyy hospitals by bankruptcy court. the transaction is held up. today the county invited the bay area for a tour of the new wing.
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to show us what they plan to bripg to the new hospital. >> license for 574 beds. >> the chief executive showed off the new wing of the hospital system in san jose. >> we're walking into the rehab center. >> this is where ben is rehabbing his body. >> this is the latest technology in terms of rehab. >> we asked the county executive why the three top bosses wanted to give us the tourment to show services he wants to bring to the hospital in gilroy. a sale of the hospitals hasn claiming the county will decrease services and hours of operation. >> the attorney general doesn't know what he's talking about. >> the county will modernize both hospitals and actually nbz
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services pouring more than $400 million into them. there's the nurses and other employees. who are also fighting the sale. by state law. smith says the county can't honor the pension system or unions. nor the recruit paid time off. >> you understand their concerns? >> i totally understand the concerns. but the best we can do is offer them a job. >> this is one of the icu rooms. >> the facility and equipment is state of the art. smith says this is what awaits the two hospitals if the courts >> whichever way the judge rules the other side is likely to appeal. meaning a final decision is not. senator sanders looks to silicon valley for a key appointment in the presidential campaign. naming congressman to be his cochair in the 2020 presidential
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campaign. sanders says the cochairs will serve as central advisers and lead a massive grass roots movement. >> the war of the words is also escalating between california leaders and president trump. this time all about fuel efficiency. president trump vowed to roll back fuel standards set by obama. california struggled for months in negotiate a comi talks ended. a spokesman for the state says members believe the administration was never serious about the negotiation. governor tweeted the move was a reckless political stunt. >> up next it's not just a google bike. the problem popping up over facebook free bikes. >> also, the governor is in the silicon valley. high-tech ceo who got one on one
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time with governor newsom. >> beautiful day today. 52 in san jose. tracking heavier rain in the forecast. an early look at that coming up. -
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since being elected governor. he spent the day hearing from silicon valley ceos .. talking >> first trip to the silicon valley since being elected governor.
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hearing from ceos talking about tech success and the problems it can create. >> the only reporter invited inside e bay headquarters frs visit. what's the take away? >> the governor came here to e bay headquarters to listen to concerns of ceos. he's also floating a plan to turn tech companies into something like angel investors. >> the governor first visit to silicon valley since taking office. was a m 60 high-tech ceos. >> it's a great sign that so early into the tenure. he's meeting with business leaders. bay headquarters, hearing and airing concern. >> how do we make sure we emphasize computer science in all schools. not less than one in three high schools in california. almost none of those in our under serve community. >> tech has been incredibly successful at generating wealth
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and jobs here. it's also led to heavy traffic and sky high housing prices. >> we spoke a lot about transportation. it's a cost of living or both really important issues for the quality of life here in the bay area. also for all of us as business leaders. employees live here. >> governor numb declined to speak to us. those inside say they're confident he'll work with local companies to bridge the digital divide. >> should and could play a part in more di reversity equity inclusion. >> a plan to encourage tech kpaeps to loan $500 million to developers. the developers would build houses for middle class californiaens. we'll keep you posted. >> okay. is it theft or can anybody use
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the blue facebook bicycles? some of the bikes are ending up abandoned in the neighborhoods near the campus. facebook bikes have been an ongoing headache for the company and the city. the city is working to better educate the community about the bikes. >> i don't want somebody to leave the bike and have more issues. we need a policy in place. make sure we're not leaving another issue by solving one other issue. >> one problem the mayor has been resolved. the police no longer stop riders to check if they work for facebook. after the company said it didn't want that kind of law enforcement involved. >> ambitious plan to help deal with the bay area traffic. once again gaining momentum. all about the bridge. the proposal would link redwood city to new ark by rebuilding the rail bridge. the group including facebook
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hopes to break ground on the project in 2022. community meeting this week. here's the goal. to fix the bridge built in 1910. so trains can cross between the east bay. and peninsula. the estimated cost about $1 billion. >> a monumental loss for san francisco. a celebrated painter and community voice passed away this month. white opened the first black owned art gallery in the city history. sam brock sat down with his wife to understand how his work will continue to unspiinspire ores. >> people knew about my husband. we had an art gallery and studio. >> in the neighborhood of san francisco. 48 year-old love story. >> we got alistening beautifully. >> starting with them at an art gally on hay street. and ended up canvassing an
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entire community. >> how much of a commitment and dedication he had. in his heart as an artist. >> a heart that pumped life into the wall size mural. at the community center. celebrating emancipation from slavery. >> i'm concerned about how can i use whatever vehicle that i could. to the awaken a brother. >> profiled in this documentary. he painted black subjects. as a time sun fra an understanding of black culture. brushing beyond surface banks. you know who is pictures are theirs. it gave us the opportunity to see us in a special in a significant way. >> his portrait sits on this hall of fame wall at the community center. with sports stars and activists. she beams pride. but an important message to the younger black generation. >> find walls here.
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96 people. most are gone. most are dead. they made the contribution. now it's their turn to make a contribution. >> the greatest legacy of all. >> proud history. plaque black history month here. >> it was beautiful today. >> warm. >> hard to come in today. enjoying the sunshine. we have one more day of that. and we'll slowly see things change. a lot of us would like a longer break. but let's get a look outside. clear skies here across the east bay. this is our walnut creek camera looking towards concord. 53 degrees currently. clear skies through tonight. no issues. just a jacket as we'll continue to drop into colder 50s. 11:00 we're down at 44 degrees. as we move through tomorrow we'll start off with temperatures down in the 30 wil
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us. mostly sunny afternoon. nice temperatures here. 59 in concord. 59 napa. 57 in oakland. 56 san jose. and 53 san francisco. i don't see any problems in the forecast. focus things in on the rainfall. we know we have had a lot of rain lately. how does this fit into our water. the rainfall season october 1. most of the bay area is in a surplus. the good news. the problem is we have had so much in a short amount of time the ground is saturated. all the bay area running about to 111% of normal. here we go again. right now the way we see things. another atmospheric river lining up. sunday night. it will be off to the north of us. sunday evening. monday we could see this move closer to the bay area. heaviest rainfall could be to the north of us. we would get wet weather into next week. we'll go over the totals and the
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potential. and what could happen. coming up at 6:48. >> the question everyone wants to snow. the answer to. why did he do it? investigators give a possible motive for why they say jussie smollett orchestrated his own attack.
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our investigative unit has learned cleaning up the streets of san francisco isn't easy. our unit cal osha cited the public works department for violating state safety law. stemming from the city fleet of pickup trucks that haul trash across town to the we discovered last week. city trucks are over loaded and unsecure. even though state law requires cargo to be tarped or tied down. >> the state found the drains at the public works yard were so clogged that crews stips had to wade through dirty water and
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used syringes. public works has two weeks to appeal or pay a $12 money fine. to watch our full investigation log onto our web site. >> hours after his release from jail, jussie smollett is back on the set of the show empire. another show cancelled an upcoming appearance. he was released after posting $100,000 bond. facing a felony charge for filing a false police report. last month he claimed two men attacked him yelling racial slurs. and tieing a rope around his neck. prosecutors now say the actor paid two brothers. one who was an extra on the show empire. $3,500 to stage the beating. because he was dissatisfied with his empire salary. his legal team vows an aggressive defense. chicago leaders are furious. >> absolute justice would be an
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apology. to this city. that he smeared. and admitting what he did. >> the police department went onto add the compensation for the massive resources into the investigation should be repaid. >> smollett was origin will i scheduled to film all week on the show. but variety is reporting that his role has been cut back so he can deal with the legal troubles. and fox released a statement saying the studio is now considering its options. >> up next. what are the parents doing with children. the different options available during the teacher strike. >> my sobriety was important. i didn't feel right with the situation. >> homes are supposed to help people stay off drugs. who is watching what happens inside? we investigate next.
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a lot of parents have to work. >> right now at 6:30. teacher strike directly exacts 35,000 students and their parents. school is in session. but many families don't want to cross the picket line. >> what are the options here? many students are going to solidarity schools. >> redwood heights reck center with the look at what hundreds of kids did today. rather than go to school. not a lot of kids were in class.
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>> that's right. they weren't. the parents who dropped their kids off here at this reck center say they support the teachers in the strike and glad volunteers at the centers and churches are offering them an alternative. >> it means everything to know your kid are safe and cared for. >> while oakland teachers battle it out with the school district. over pay. and staffing. parents who can't stay home with kids but don't want to cross the picket lines are in luck. >> we want our kids to be safe and have a really successful education. ledthere are more than a dozen solidarity sites offering activities and to keep students occupied. like the remember center and church. volunteers are background checked and know the kids in the
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community. >> nobody wants to leave their kids with people they don't know. >> the salvation army is opening it doors to students caught in the teachers strike. one parent was spotted dropping off meals for the children. before joining teachers. >> the salvation army has been gracious to give them lunch. but don't have breakfast. >> meanwhile the grand lake theater offered a $1 movies. >> this is fwraet. this is a great community oriented theater. >> the three alternative schools we visited today including this one here had an average of a dozen students attend. volunteers will keep them going for as long as they need to. and as long as theokay. of course we'll continue to follow the latest developments on the strike. and any potential deal that could be in the works both on air and online.
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including our web site. which can out our break down on what oakland teachers make and what's at play here. >> stopping the high speed rail in its tracks. the goal op one state lawmakers. new legislation is being proposed to halt anymore state funding for the project. in addition the state senator wants unspent money to pay off debt. that the project is already built up. governor promised to scale back high speed rail. due it being over budget. behind scheduled and mismanaged. president trump wants to cancel a $1 billion grant nrt project and take back $2 billion in federal funds already spent on the fromhe outk like any other home. and popping up in neighborhoods across the bay area. called sober hope homes. >> insider tell us anyone can
6:33 pm
open a sober home and turn big profit quickly. because there's no over sight. this could impact neighborhoods and the recovering addicts. >> we started looking into this after a man reached out about a sober home in san jose. he said he's a homeless vet who needed help quitting alcohol. but instd he wound up in a money making scheme. >> you're on the streets. it's about survival. if they giveit >> he came to the united states mission to get sober. instead he got a pep talk. on how to collect donations. >> get the hundreds. 50s and 20s. no whammies. which means nothing. >> he and others at the home work the streets. >> they go to rich neighborhoods. >> miles says he was bundled
6:34 pm
into a van with 12 other men and dropped off on the street to ask for donations six hours a day. six days a week. >> go to the door and say my name is peter miles. helping homeless men and vets. like myself. and people hit that veteran thing and give you all kind of money. >> it goes in the folder. i saw $25. >> cash. >> i saw really thought it needs to be exposed. >> on the web site the united states mission says it's goal is provide residence with a long term clean and ser home. miles says he kept drinking while he was there. and as long as he went out to collect money, they looked the other way. >> is that what you thought you signed up for? >> no. i thought it was a sober living environment. >> we're a non-profit organization. >> the administrator refutes the claim. >> he said he saw people in the house using alcohol. and using drugs.
6:35 pm
>> we do breath lizing and testing. >> how often. >> we don't have a scheduled thing. at random. >> she gave miles multiple chances to return to the home after he relapsed and asked him to leave. unlike other sober homes, no one has to pay to stay. and the men are giving 10 to 50% of what they raise. the home takes in $20,000 a month from donors. >> $240,000 a year. they bring in? >> probably. yeah i don't know. i don't have the specifics. >> that's a lot of money. >> yeah. >> where does the money go? >> pays for the food, the the vehicle. we're not funded. we're solely supported by the donations. >> the u.s. mission is registered with the irs at religious non-profit. it doesn't pay taxes. >> do you do anything that would
6:36 pm
be characterized as religious? >> go to the church of choice here. they say prayer before they go out. >> we reached out to the secretary general. who over sees the groups five sober homes. it is too bad a disgruntle former member could generate such an mouse. calling the fundraiser an act of religious worship. calls religious solicitation. >> i never heard anything like that. >> he's on a mission to regulate sober homes in california. >> their not licensed or regulated by the state or county. >> the california addiction programs and professionals. offering certifications of sober homes. they can't verify that clients are sober. >> it's a wild west out there. >> yeah. i call it that myself. >> c cap certifies 400 sober hopes. estimates there are at least
6:37 pm
2,200. in california. leaving the vast majority of people seeking recovery to fend for themselves. >> it's making a profit in two months. >> ceo of shine a light. five sober homes charging 1,800 to 7,000 a month per bed. he used to pay for certification. but doesn't think the standards go far enough. >> a lot don't test on a regular basis. >> they conduct daily drug testing six weeks. and random three times a week after that. and limit access to drugs by limiting access money, wallets and car keys. >> drug dealers are open availability. but can control the opportunity. >> peter miles moved onto a different sober living home. >> it was important. i didn't feel right with the situation. >> there have been 25 bills
6:38 pm
introduced in california since 1999 to regulate sober homes. not one has been signed into law. how do you find a place to go or send a loved one? we posted a resource list on our web site. if you have a story tip for the investigative unit. give us a call. or visit our web site. >> up next a high-tech search in the bay area. the reason fremont police have launched a drone. google is usinr
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maps feature to fight the opioid crisis. the company announced today that it will add a feature showing google using the maps feature to fight the opioid crisis. it will add a feature showing people where to get rid of unneeded medication. after google noticed more and more people searching for places to dispose of opioids and other medications. drugs are obtained from friend and family. if you want to use the feature
6:41 pm
type your address and drug drop off near me. in the google maps web page. >> ipo road show. lift is shifting gears and could create millionaires in the bay area. lift will launch the investor road show in mid-march. lift will be the first ride sharing company in the country to go public. but there's a competition. uber is reportedly a few weeks behind with its own preparations. lift estimates the initial public offering will bring in 20 to $25 billion. road show is expected to last for a couple weeks. >> a missing teen has been found safe thanks in part to technology. a camera attached to a drone to find him. he ran away from a school for the deaf. and there was concern for his mental well being. the drone spotted him near train tracks and he hid in bushes. he was found and he is now safe. >> good use of the technology.
6:42 pm
>> back with us talking about the weekend. we're getting close. >> we are. no big storm this woekd. that's the good news. we have some changes coming our way. a look right now you can see the moisture out there. that's the next storm system. >> appliance really isn't cutting it. exchange is in ord. the store is silent. next.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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dishwasher dispute. consumer investigator a concord woman's month long dishwasher dispit. that would be jumped in to help it. >> you don't like washing dishes by hand? >> she paid $700 for a dishwasher and airport appliance and concord. it looks pretty good here. she discovered the top rack doesn't fully extend oit.
6:45 pm
there's a profile shot. that is about that far back. that is all the way out. that limitation makes it tough to load the top rack. the dishwasher wasn't broken. the rack is designed this way. she asked for an exchange for a different model. one month and calls later she had gotten nowhere. she called us. we don't find an exchange policy. we called. it didn't respond to us. someone from the store called her and three days later. swapped the dishwasher free of charge. she was over joyed. it was finally finished. i'll read you the note she sent us. you are welcome. and if you have a consumer problem. you cannot solve yourself. let us know. or online. >> okay. thank you very much. >> okay. here comes the girls.
6:46 pm
young ladies are making history. eight girls joined the boy scouts troop. they are among the first in the nation to become part of the organization. formally known as boy scouts of america. it's not officially known as scouts. more than 4,000 girls have joined. >> we have a medical update on the two orphaned mountain lion cubs rescued in half-moon bay. the zoo releasing this video of the exams. they are four months old. they were dehydrated and covered with ticks. one has a nose wound from a skunk. they're too young to hunt and fend for themselves. the search is on for a facility where they can thrive. oakland mountain lion habitat is full. the search continues for a permanent home. >> at least in the interim they are taken care of. >> nourishment and healthy.
6:47 pm
wonderful. >> back in the wild in no time. >> we have a heavier rainfall. it will get here eventually. tomorrow will be that next day of sunshine. again we are going to see things change. in san francisco no sign of any storm systems. we are absolutely clear. you can see the stars out there. in the high deaf camera. towards the top of the screen. checking in with 54 degrees and we have more cold 40s coming back. certainly by 11:00 tonight. dropping to 47. this is will set us up with which he willy temperatures through tomorrow morning. patchy frost possible. 32. 38 peninsula. south bay 37. lately we have been used to this. not really a big deal. with this forecast. 32 north bay. san francisco 42. east bay 38. throughout the day the sunshine continues to return. temperatures will warm up. a this february day. down across gilroy 58 degrees.
6:48 pm
san jose at 56. east bacon coy. peninsula looking picture perfect. cham beof commerce weather. doesn't get better than this. 56 in redwood city. light wind at 7. similar temperatures in san francisco. in the mission and across wine country. 59 napa. 57 here santa r b shift in the weather pattern. we have the atmospheric river. it could begin to develop out in the pacific sunday. the pineapple express. the subtropical moisture that brought flooding rains last week. this could bring heavy rain next monday tuesday and wednesday. i want to take a closer look and show you what could be different
6:49 pm
with this. as we head into next week. looks like the strongest part could be right up near redding. and northern coastline. like on the bottom edge of it. you can see this moisture plume. again like will pointed towards northern california. oregon border. rainfall totals with this could vary drastically. the new information we have coming in now shows stark contrast. maybe a quarter of an inch next monday to wednesday in san jose. up to the north bay in this one to two inch range. berls eye that 5 intensity changes. and if we see thi we're inge. we'll mono-to tor this into next week. bottom line, know we have rainfall coming back early next week and could be heavy. in the meantime, enjoy the forecast tomorrow.
6:50 pm
it looks great. it's friday. everybody at home is going to be happy with that 58. and sunshine there. >> no complaints here. >> good. >> i like that. >> okay. do you still believe? >> warriors team will be honored tonight at the oracle. it's not the current team.
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rematch of the 2016 stanley cup final. hello erik karlsson a sharks in pittsburg tonight. rematch of the 2016 stanley cup final. less than a minute into the game. sharks strike first. with the early goal. later in the firts period, he scores again. this game now final. the sharks beat the penguins 4-0. sharks are looking good. we have a big event for the warriors. >> right here at the sports desk. warriors are back in action following the all star break. the kings in town. sacramento out of the break over 500. for the first time in more than a decade. for the warriors it's another home stretch. let's face if.
6:54 pm
golden state back in time eveight honoring t 2007 we eam the the number eight seed and beat the number one seed. the latest in the season long campaign to honor the past. as they're 47th and final season at oracle comes to a close. former players will be in attendance sporting the we believe shirts. out in arizona spring training is under way. supposed to be all sunshine and warm weather. really nice all the time right? not this year. it's been unusually cold and wet. to start the 2019 spring training schedule. highs in the 30s in the mornings and 50s by the afternoon. the weather situation and how it could prepare his team for the start of the season. >> looks like maybe it lightens up a bit. hopefully in the afternoon. maybe better than it yesterday. but i don't know.
6:55 pm
>> we have some early games this year. and cold weather. we'll try to make it conducive to that. you deal with what you have to. everybody is dealing with the cold. maybe we're a little bit more used today it come early april. when we go out east. >> does it impact your plans? >> no. it just impacts kind of the hitters are more selective. trying to get a good ball to hit. because you take one bad swing in the weather and it will affect you for a while. >> if someone is in town watching this from i don't know the midwest. they'll have a really hard time feelinor totally. here we are it's cold and rainy in arizona and warm >> sunshine. what are they doing in arizona? >> come back home gentlemen. >> tomorrow we're locked in with a nice forecast. enjoy it. we have high clouds increasing saturday. sunday the atmospheric river
6:56 pm
develops in the pacific. that could arrive monday tuesday and wednesday. it doesn't look as strong as what we went through. and wide varying totals. maybe a quarter to half inch in the south bay. north bay in the one to two inch range. maybe more. still early on the details. we have rain next monday tuesday and wednesday. heading to this sierra you have snowfall. 45,000 feet sunday. another foot of snow possible through next week. maybe a little bit more skiers are going fob super-happy. >> wet clothes to the end of february. >> and march. what will it bring. >> spring is around the corner. >> that's a lot of stuff going on. have a weekend. evening. >> i wish.
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now on "extra" -- >> liar, was jussie smollett's motive money? how much he was fighting for, as outrageous new details emerge today from the fake letter to the brothers buying masks. and the man america is talking about. >> why would anyone, especially an african-american man, use a symbolism of a noose? >> who is the chicago police superintendent blasting jussie? and reaction fromjussie's co-star rumor willis. >cox's fir interview about her private jet emergency with jen aniston. >> we heard this really big loud thing. >> in her own words, the


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