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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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folks were quick to catch on. that was not going to happen. maybe you will be pranked at some point in the next few hours. >> that would be fine. >> lester holt next. t, the deep impact on the border. the ripple effect for american families and businesses if president trump follows through on his threat to shut down ports of entry with mexico. from beer and wine to fruits and vegetables. >> the estimates are that if the border closes we run out of avocados here in the u.s. within three weeks. >> tonight, the hit on the price you pay. a second woman comes forward to accuse vice president joe biden of inappropriate contact. both women say it wasn't sexual in nature but that it wasn't okay. what biden is saying tonight. new developments in a murder mystery gripping los angeles. grammy nominated rap star nipsey hussle killed in cold blood outside his store. >> turn the murderer in. break the code of silence.
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>> hussle killed just one day before he was set to meet with city leaders about combatting gang violence. chilling new details in the death of a young college student after police believe she got in a car she thought was her uber. the killer triggered the child safety locks so she was unable to escape. tonight, the first question you should ask before getting in a ride share. and a health scare for tv host debra norville undergoing cancer surgery after something spotted by a viewer. what that person saw that could save your life. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening and welcome to our viewers in the west. people on both sides of the southern border tonight are bracing for a possible border shutdown aimed at stopping the flow of migrants into this country and potentially hitting the bottom line for many americans who rely on produce and other products from mexico.
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president trump tonight ordering 750 additional border agents to the region. threatening to close land crossings and to halt aid to three central american countries. we have it all covered tonight starting with hallie jackson at the white house. hallie, good evening. >> reporter: lester, good evening to you. the president from a political perspective is working to turn the conversation back to the border with the focus now on immigration, an issue that's important to him and to his base. a surge to the south tonight with 750 more border patrol agents headed toward the mexican border as the president pushes to shut it down altogether as early as this week maybe. >> has the p&g been asked to support the closure of thesouthern border? >> not as of this morning. >> reporter: although the overall number of undocumented immigrants crossing the border is down from its peak two decades ago a record number of families and unaccompanied minors are now trying to enter the u.s. >> that breaking point has arrived this week at our border. >> reporter: the president has threatened a border closure before if mexico doesn't step up to help.
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>> because i mean it. i'll close it for a long time. >> reporter: white house officials insist this time he's serious. and in another controversial move, the president's also cutting off some $450 million in aid to three central american countries for he says not doing enough to discourage illegal immigration. marlene ruiz is seeking asylum near el paso. they don't want to give us asylum, she says. critics say closing the border won't help stem the flow of migrants like ruiz and neither will stripping aid from those three nations. money that helps fight the crime, violence, and poverty that drives people to leave in search of a better life. hallie jackson, nbc news, the white house. this is tom costello. it would likely only take a few weeks before americans would notice a border shutdown in the grocery aisle. nearly half of all imported vegetables and 40% of imported fruit are grown in mexico. from the cucumbers and tomatoes in your salad
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to the avocados in your guacamole and raspberries in your smoothie, and beer, wine, and tequila. most of it comes from mexico. if the border closes, americans could find themselves short on key ingredients they've come to love. avocados could be gone within three weeks. because of the growing season, california would not be able to pick up the slack for another month or so. >> we might not even be able to find them. number two, if we can find them, they're going to be very expensive. they could go up two to three times. >> reporter: america's appetite for made in mexico has increased with the country demanding fresh foods rather than processed foods. a complete border shutdown could mean no travel by car, bus or foot. bad news for u.s. border states that rely on the relationship with mexico. tonight a lot is on the line with america's third largest trading partner. >> tom joins us now. a lot of american businesses rely on their production facilities in mexico. so what kind of impact
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are they looking>> yeah, that'. it's not just produce coming across the border. it's cars and electronics and plastics and medical supplies. we actually have a trade imbalance with mexico. we import far more than we export. so if the u.s. shuts the border, both sides could pay a heavy price, and it's not just at the grocery store. >> tom costello, thank you. there is another major showdown brewing over the mueller report. house democrats warning attorney general william barr to give them the full unredacted report by tomorrow or they'll try to force him to. nbc's kristen welker has details. >> reporter: tonight, house democratic judiciary chairman jerry nadler demanding attorney general bill barr turn over the full mueller report tomorrow or else face a subpoena. es" barr doesn't turnover the entire document, the attorney general, a recent political appointee, undermines the work and the integrity of his department. the growing showdown after barr promised a redacted version of the nearly 400-page
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document by mid-april, well after nadler's deadline. it comes as president trump has declared total vindication. >> the collusion delusion is over. >> reporter: tweeting today no matter what information is given to the crazed democrats from the no collusion mueller report, it will never be good enough. the white house called it all political theater, noting barr is redacting grand jury material which by law is secret. house democrats tonight also zeroing in on security clearances at the white house after a career official told congress 25 security clearance denials were reversed during the trump administration.presidentw jared kushner. mr. trump has denied having a hand in it. >> no, i don't think i have the authority to do that. i'm not sure i do. >> reporter: democrats even threatening subpoenas to get documents, the white house saying it doesn't comment on security clearance issues. lester? >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you.
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as he waves leaping into the race for president, joe biden is grappling with another woman's accusation of unwanted touching. just days after a former nevada legislator went public with her own story of an unwanted encounter with the former vp. andrea mitchell has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, a second woman, a former campaign volunteer posting on facebook that joe biden touched her inappropriately at a connecticut fund-raiser. amy lapos saying he rubbed noses with her in 2009. unwanted contact she described as not sexual. in a statement saying uninvited affection is not okay. objectifying women is not okay. her account not verified by nbc news. she said she came forward after former nevada candidate lucy flores said biden made her uncomfortable in 2014. >> he leans down, then plants this big, long kiss on the top of my head. suggesting ti i felt invaded. >> reporter: biden issued a statement that i have offered
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countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort, and not once never did i believe i acted inappropriately. defending him, former defense secretary ash carter's wife stephanie. for this much criticized shoulder rub in 2015. she writes he was a close friend offering support. biden's spokesman today blasting what he calls a cottage industry of lies about the former vice president, including this cropped image with boy. it was biden comforting his grandson at beau biden's funeral. now all of it a 2020 campaign issue. >> have you ever seen him being too huggy? too touchy feely? n't seen that. y ha >> i believe lucy flores and joe biden needs to give an answer. >> i have no reason not to believe lucy. >> biden is being hit with all this before he's even announced he's running. his allies believe it's because he's polling way ahead of the field and is a likely front-runner. lester. >> andrea mitchell in our washington newsroom, thank you. now to the murder mystery gripping the
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city of los angeles as famous friends and fans mourn grammy nominated rap star nipsey hussle. gunned down in cold blood outside his store. gadi schwartz is there with details on the search for a killer. >> reporter: today, a growing memorial at a store front that yesterday was a crime scene. hundreds turning out to remember grammy nominated rapper nipsey hussle gunned down in front of his south l.a. clothing store. police say the shooter is still at large. right before the attack the rapper tweeted having strong enemies is a blessing, community leaders calling for information to come forward. >> turn the murderer in. break the code of silence. >> this happens every day as a public safety problem here. there's people dying every day in south l.a. >> reporter: hussle never shied away from his past as part of the rolling 60s crips describing what it was like growing up in south l.a. >> riding a bike through the hood, getting shot at. >> reporter: but as an artist he set aside gang differences
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collaborating with members of the bloods. today he was scheduled to meet with leaders from lapd to talk about creating alternatives to gang violence. >> he started local businesses. he hired local people. he donated money to local elementary schools. >> reporter: hu is sle also pouring money into programs to help teens learn science technology, engineering and math. >> to make music that speaks to opportunity, that speaks to inspiring and giving the true story of what i went through. >> reporter: an icon now a victim of the cycle of violence he hoped to change. and l.a.'s police chief was just down here expressing his concern about a recent surge of violence. ten homicides in the last week alone. meanwhile, community organizers out here are saying they don't want to see condolences from l.a. rappers on twitter. they want mows rappers down here in crenshaw trying to finish the legacy that nipsey hussle started. lester?
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>> gadi schwartz in los angeles tonight, thank you. at the other end of the country there are stilling new details on the murder of a young college student who police believe was killed after getting into a car she thought was her uber. instead police say a killer was behind the wheel trapping her inside. kerry sanders has more now from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: on campus today, a feeling this could have happened to anybody anywhere. 21-year-old samantha josephson killed after a security camera recorded her getting into what she apparently thought was her uber ride. instead police say she mistakenly got into 24-year-old nathaniel david rowland's car. once inside unable to escape because the safety locks were engaged. her heartbroken mother. >> he's taken away a piece of our heart, soul, and life. it sickens us to think that his face was the last thing that my baby girl saw. on this earth. >> reporter: josefson had been with friends at a popular college bar. a day later a hunter discovered her body at 60 miles away.
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rowland seen here on social media post was arrested just blocks away from where he picked up josephson. her death due to multiple sharp force entries. ride share companies say passengers should check the make, model and license tag of your ride. information that shows up on the app. here at usc today, they're launching a national campaign that begins with a simple question. >> we want every college student in america to take a pledge that says they will never get into a ride share without first asking the driver what's my name to make sure that they're getting in the right vehicle. >> reporter: because the driver on their app sees the name of the person they're picking up. >> right. >> reporter: police say they found compelling evidence in rowland's car including the victim's blood and her cell phone. kerry sanders, nbc news, south carolina. there's a mystery unfolding tonight in north dakota. police searching for answers after they say four people were found dead in a multiple homicide inside a business.
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nbc's mor day chesky is following developments for us. morgan, what can you tell us? >> just devastating news for the quiet north dakota town. police got a call around 7:30 this morning asking for medical help at a family-owned business. when they arrived, they found four bodies dead inside. right now investigators aren't sharing the cause of death but are treating this as a homicide investigation. a nearby business owner told nbc news police looked at his surveillance footage recorded between 7:00 and 7:10 a.m. we do know the suspect is still at large tonight and police chief says they're following all leads and are looking for more videos that could provide additional information. lester? >> all right. morgan chesky, thank you. this evening the cdc says the number of measles cases has surpassed the count for all of 2018 and it's only april. a highly contagious virus once wiped out. now 15 states and the cdc blaming the crisis on people not getting vaccinated.
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here's kirsten dahlgren. >> reporter: tonight a nation on alert. the cdc reporting 387 cases of measles through march. 15 more than in all of 2018. making this the second most active year since measles was eliminated from the u.s. nearly 20 years ago. >> 1 in every 4 cases results in hospitalization, so it's a very serious disease and it's readily preventable through vaccine. >> reporter: six outbreaks are currently ongoing in washington state, california, and the new york metropolitan area where officials in one county have tried to stop the spread by banning unvaccinated children in public spaces. dr. michelle myer is a pediatrician nearby. >> we don't want to keep kids under lock an key but we don't really know where they can come in contact with measles. orter: california proposing state health officials say over which children can skip vaccinations to counter what some
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say are bogus. communities on edge tonight as the disease once eliminated continues its spread. >> and lester, we are just getting word from the massachusetts department of health of a new case of measles in the boston area. an infected person who went to at least seven busy public places possibly exposing others to this dangerous disease. >> all right. kiss kristen dahlgren, thank you. the urgent manhunt and miracle survivor after a driver is seen hitting a young girl and fleeing the scene. then a tv host's health battle. how a viewer saw something unusual and sounded the alarm. and we brought you her story first. the little girl who got a visit from drake and a new heart on a new mission. we'll tell you about it. stay with us.
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next tonight, the urgent manhunt for a driver caught on camera in the horrifying hit and run. the 9-year-old victim is lucky to be alive and recovering in the hospital. nbc's miguel a
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almaguer has the latest. the images are disturbing. >> reporter: in the atlanta suburbs, she was playing with a friend on her front lawn when a speeding car blew a stop sign, jumped a curb and slammed into the 9-year-old catapulting the child into her own home. a surveillance camera captures the passenger door swinging open. someone running away. ladariana's mother rushing outside. >> she was motionless. her eyes was wide open. i saw blood in the back of her head and i just knew the worst. >> reporter: amid the chaos, her 12-year-old brother began performing cpr. her father then rushing her to the hospital. >> i couldn't watch her lay on the ground so i picked her up off the ground and took off. >> reporter: suffering a fractured pelvis, the 9-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. >> it's a blessing she's still here. >> reporter: tonight the search is under way for the two people who never stopped to help the little girl, but who officers say will not outrun police.
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miguel amalguer, nbc news. >> thank goodness she'll be okay. we'll take a break. coming up, how an eagle eye viewer may have saved a tv host's life. and new details on mick jagger's health battle. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them.
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with love, california. tonight speculation is swirling about the health of mick jagger. the rolling stones postponing their upcoming tour. jagger citing treatment for an unspecified condition. he says he hopes to get back on stage as soon as possible. meantime tonight, there's news about the health of tv host deborah norville undergoing cancer surgery after she says a viewer spotted something unusual while watching her on tv. with more, here's stephanie gosk. >> you know, we live in a world of see something, say something. i'm really glad we do. >> reporter: tonight "inside edition" anchor deborah norville reveals a fan may have saved her life. >> a long time ago a viewer reached out to say something she saw on my neck. it was a lump. >> reporter: norville told her doctor and
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they watched it closely. >> for years it was nothing until recently. it was something. >> reporter: the lump turned into thyroid cancer, a form that can be treated with surgery. >> there will be no chemo, i'm told no radiation, but i will have surgery and i'll be away for a bit. >> reporter: a similar thing happened to tarik in 2018, the host of "flip or flop" on hgtv. a viewer spotted this growth on his neck. >> we looked at each other and said it's not something might be wrong. something is wrong. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with stage two thyroid cancer. treatable with surgery and radiation. this year it is estimated more than 52,000 americans will be diagnosed with the disease. women are three times more likely to develop thyroid cancer than men. catching it early is key and sometimes public scrutiny may not be a bad thing. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. up next tonight, the girl who's touched so many hearts on a new mission to help others like her.
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a dangerous encounter in san francisco could cost a man his arm. the weapon his attacker used that makes the story so strange. they steal bases but now they're dealing with a different kind of theft. what was stolen from an east bay little league team. finally, we're celebrating the start of donate life month with a remarkable little girl, sophia sanchez. we first told you about last year who got a new heart and the attention of a music superstar. our kate snow on her new mission that's "inspiring america." >> reporter: sophia sanchez stole our hearts last summer when she found out she was getting a new one herself. >> i'm getting a heart, mom! >> reporter: it was just days after that surprise visit from rap superstar drake went viral. >> oh my god! >> you asked me to come. i'm here. >> reporter: now the bubbly 11-year-old is trying to save other lives with a new campaign for organ donation. >> there's so many other people waiting.
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>> reporter: at a press conference today, sophia thanked people for sending so much love. >> when we read the notes and we just see all the kind things you guys say, it makes us cry all the time, but happy tears. >> reporter: there were a lot of tears today. >> maddux was only 8 when he died, but he already understood what it meant to other people. >> reporter: it's still so raw for the family of maddux when he died suddenly last october. they donated his organs. >> somewhere in this country there's a little boy we know that's alive because of maddux. >> reporter: sophia has never met her donor but knew last fall she was lucky to get a heart so quickly. >> it's important for everybody to be a donor and donate their good organs to give other people a second chance in life. >> reporter: she's full of energy running, even surfing. her friends know she's still in touch with drake. >> can you give me drake's phone number? hard pass. >> reporter: she's a regular kid again, all thanks to a life
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saving gift. kate snow, nbc news. >> good for sophia. try to help the more than 100,000 people waiting for an organ transplant. that's "nbc nightly news". i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news,right now at 6: paying more at the cash register, including the virtual one. ♪ right now at 6:00, paying more at the cash register, including the virtual one. the change that went into effect today, bringing up the price of your online orders. plus -- >> please have compassion and grant him mercy. >> a plea to the governor, the request made by the family of a young boy who accidentally shot himself inside of his home. and only three weeks old and homeless. the push to help parents of a newborn find a home in the south bay. ♪ the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for
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being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm janelle wang in for jessica aguirre. we begin with a story out of marin county. he lives there but was arrested in colombia. this man charged with soliciting sex from young girls and apparently he made this trip for this purpose before. nbc bay area's mark matthews live in the community of fairfax. what did you learn today? >> reporter: thomas michael renault holds a license as a registered nurse and is 66 years old. police in colombia he was on facebook offering up to $100,000 in exchange for sex with girls as young as 13 years old. he made seven trips to colombia in the past two years, and when he went this past week to medellin, the cops were waiting for him. colombian police stopped thomas renault in the medellin airport fresh off a flight from


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