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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 15, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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that is insane. holy crap. >> tornado on the ground headed toward franklin. >> deafening winds tear through parts of texas as the tornado destroys neighborhoods while driving rains drench other states, turning roads into rivers. and these storms are headed noh and east. >> today is tax day, and while we won't see president trump's returns, we'll hear more about his plan to ship undocumented people to sanctuary cities. >> my name is pete buttiegieg. [ cheers and applause ] >> they call me mayor pete. i am a proud son of south bend, indiana, and i am running for
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president of the united states. >> mayor pete makes it official as the south bend, indiana, politician surprises with a $7 million starting war chest. >> meet a very special secret service agent whose participation in the boston marathon is a monumental achievement. >> millions watch the "game of thrones." apparently not everyone is happy. >> the world is abuzz over the 5th green jacket as tiger woods wins the masters. "early today" starts right now. good monday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we start with deadly storms impacting millions across the country as the severe weather makes its way north and east. it blew through ohio leaving a path of destruction. authorities believe it touched down in shelby leaving thousands without power. as many as ten people were injured. the storm has wreaked havoc further south where at least seven people were killed.
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for more we go to nbc's dan scheneman. >> check it out right here, man. right here. >> reporter: in the south, a weekend of severe storms. an apparent tornado touched down near troy, alabama, the town sprinkled with wreckage. video shot by this drone shows the extent of the damage. further west, severe weather moved through mississippi. debris littered the town of vix berg. part of this roof at the gas station collapsed. 17 towns affected by the weather. >> declaring those areas affected now and will remain under a state of emergency as we go about completing the assessments. >> reporter: other parts of the country still recovering from severe weather that struck saturday. in texas, 140 mile per hour winds swirled through the town of franklin. cars were scattered. homes destroyed. in alto, just 30 miles away, at least two tornadoes swept through town. >> i've been here all my life. and it's hard. >> reporter: a local church offering a refuge for those in
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need. >> and it's just nice to be able to have these people here and welcome us in. and we have emts checking everybody out. >> reporter: in louisiana, a path of destruction in blanchard where a thunderstorm brought down trees that engulfed this home. a spring of violent weather and forecasters warn it may not be over yet. dan scheneman, nbc news. >> and that is the worry, that it could hit some parts. let's collect in with vanessa web. good morning. >> good morning. this is the worst outbreak we've seen all year. started in central to eastern texas on saturday. made its way across the south and southeast, causing over, folks, two dozen tornadoes in less than 36 hours. we're really not done with this path just yet. you can see a squall line continues to form. we are under a tornado watch from mid-atlantic to new york city this morning until 7:00 a.m. so the risk this morning is potential for isolated tornadoes, also those damaging winds could see gusts up to 40
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to 45 miles per hour. the great news here by 10:00 a.m., we're going to see that area of low pressure exit the northeast. behind that, unfortunately, is just a few snow showers. just a deadly and very dangerous weekend. >> wow. we need to watch it. thank you very much, janessa. here's breaking news out of huffman, texas this morning, where they responded to the fire at the home of legendary george for r foreman. he has a collection of 40 cars. officials are working to determine a cause and say it's possible it started with a golf cart. there are no reports of injuries. foreman thanked all the firefighters on twitter and said, don't worry, all is well. >> the white house is bringing the border battle to the democrats' doorstep. president trump is facing backlash this morning over his proposal to send asylum-seeking migrants to so-called sanctuary cities all around the country. nbc's tracie potts joining us now with the very latest from d.c. tracie, good morning. a lot of questions over whether
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the president could actually do this. >> reporter: is it legal? the president insists it absolutely is, but there are questions about that. the idea here is that when immigrants come to the united states seeking asylum, they have to be detained until their court date. where do they wait? at border cities? no, president trump says ship them off to cities mostly run by democrats that insist they will protect immigrants and not work with the federal government. that's what they call sanctuary cities. there have been reports that the president is deliberately targeting these areas because they are run and represented by democrats. the president says they asked for immigrants, so they should get them. >> they want more people in their sanctuary cities, well, we'll give them more people. we can give them a lot. >> the president has no right to spend money appropriated for -- by congress for other purposes to ship immigrants all over the country. >> reporter: and that is the big issue here. also, the president is denying a
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"the new york times" report that he offered to pardon the new acting homeland security secretary if he shutdown the border and faced legal consequence for that. >> he says he now runs the show at the border. i want to shift gears. democrats have set a new deadline for the treasury to turnover the president's tax returns. what do we know about that? >> reporter: exactly. now they're giving the treasury department a few more weeks, until the 25th to turnover the president's tax returns. treasury has already said they're not even sure that that request is appropriate. and the white house is fighting back here saying that even if lawmakers get the president's tax returns, they may not understand them. >> i don't think congress, particularly not this group of congressmen and women, are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages that i would assume that president trump's taxes will be. my guess is most of them don't do their own taxes, and i certainly don't trust them to look through the decades of success that the president has.
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>> reporter: so we'll wait ea fw more weeks to see if we get those tax returns. as we reported, new york is pushing an effort there to try to turnover his state tax returns, which are believed to have much of the same information. >> i hope nobody holds their breath. tracie, thank you. >> mayor pete is officially running for president. the 37-year-old mayor of south bend, indiana, is hoping to make history as the youngest and first openly gay commander in chief. nbc's hans nichols has more. >> reporter: for a small town mayor, pete buttiegieg has big ambition tz. >> they call me mayor pete. i am a proud son of south bend, indiana, and i am running for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: he laid out his vision in three words. >> the principles that will guide my campaign for president are simple enough to fit on a bumper sticker. freedom. security. and democracy. >> reporter: coming home to south bend after crisscrossing
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the country and cable tv. if elected, he would be the youngest president, the first who is openly gay. a practicing ee purse ka palian, buttigieg is challenging vice-president mike pence both politically and spiritually. >> if you have a problem with who i am, your problem is not with me. your kwar he will is with my creator. >> reporter: he arrives on the national stage with a polished resume. harvard grad, rogue scholar, veteran, but little political experience. >> i would stack up my experience against anybody. >> reporter: mayor pete, as he likes to be called, hopes to harness the moment and celebrate progress on gay rights. >> are you not hope of the? >> reporter: walking off the stage with his husband into a campaign that may prove to be difficult. >> all right. that was hans nichols reporting. >> it might go down as the greatest comeback in sports history. tiger woods is back on top after winning the masters, overcoming injury and scandal to bring home
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his first major title in more than a decade. and perhaps even more amazing, he's garnered bipartisan support in washington, d.c. president trump congratulated tiger calling him a truly great champion. and former president obama called his win a testament to excellence, grit and determination. he also got a shout out from tennis great serena williams who said she was literally in tears watching him play. nbc's kathy park has more on tiger's return to greatness. >> here it is. the return to glory. >> reporter: tiger is back, and he did it on the biggest stage in golf. woods, winning at the masters for the fifth time. his first major championship victory in nearly 11 years, bringing fans to their feet. >> tiger. tiger. >> reporter: two shots back from the leaderboard, he didn't start the day swinging, but disaster on the 12th hole for player, after player gave tiger the chance to drive ahead. the 2008 u.s. open was his last
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major title. and after four back surgeries and personal turmoil, it appeared his career had peaked, which he acknowledged. >> you never give up. it's a given. you always fight. >> reporter: but on the hallowed grounds of augusta, woods made history again. the first time he shared the moment with his father in 1997. an emotional moment echoed with his own children 22 years later. >> for them to see what it's like to have their dad win a major championship, i hope it's something they'll never forget. >> reporter: with his fifth green jacket, tiger is back on par to becoming the greatest of all time. kathy park, nbc news. >> as the administration battles with the border, the first daughter and president trump's senior advisor kicked off a four-day trip in ethiopia and the ivory coast. ivanka trump toured businesses run by women in ethiopia, promoting a white house groebl
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economic program for women. the white house initiative is intended to benefit 50 million women in developing countries by 2025. joining me from london with more is chapman bell. chapman, good morning. >> reporter: frances, good morning. receiving a warm ethiopian welcome, it's all about women for ivanka as she launches this initiative with the goal to empower 50 million women in developing countries by 2025. she's the second trump to visit the continent recently after melania trump's visit last year. this, of course, after her father, president donald trump, drew some criticism last year when he reportedly described some of the nations on the couldn't permanent with, shall we say, not so positive language. but her words have been focused on women empowerment and she had this to say. >> we believe that investing in women is smart development policy, and it's smart business. it's also in our security interest, because women, when they're empowered, foster peace and stability.
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>> reporter: trump also tweeting from ethiopia about that devastating plane crash in the country last month, taking a break from an initiative to pay her respects to those who lost their lives, saying she visited the holy trinity church in addiss a baba to honor their memory, frances. >> chapman bell for us. thank you. >> time to check back with vanessa for a look at the day ahead. >> busy week here. we'll continue to see the rain make its way mid-atlantic to the northeast. we have flood watches in place for 4 million across the northeast. the reason being is this band that's making its way across right now. could see some torrential rain. accumulation totals through the next 24 hours, they're about half an inch. as 15 degrees, giving a chance to dry out across the south and southeast.
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so weather looking a lot better for the south, allowing them to pick up the pieces after a rough weekend. >> well deserved. >> certainly going to need that. janessa, thank you. a camera at the brazilian meteor observation network caught this. >> wow. >> look at that. that's amazing. spectacular sight in the sky. it burned up in the sky over the atlantic ocean. but to be able to see a meteor like that with the clouds and everything. there would be a freak out moment if anybody saw that. >> thank goodness for atmosphere, right? just ahead, bad news for your back. why we may be witnessing the decline of reclining seats on airplanes. plus, inside the war on drugs. with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them away as it dries.
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surveillance aircraft, witnessing a suspected drug boat interception from 7,000 feet above the coast of central america. it's all part of the ongoing war on drugs which began decades ago. >> search warrant. >> reporter: 50 years ago, president nixon declared a war on drugs. and the front lines today are everywhere. >> reporter: we are in the sunny, eastern pacific, conducting a counter drug patrol. >> reporter: in a few moments we'll be airborne with combat mission 6. >> this isn't just a u.s. problem. these organizations are based all throughout central and south america. >> reporter: we're with the u.s. navy on base in el salvador. two p 8 pau side on scramble almost every day to catch traffickers. >> we are like 911 for the counter mission out here. >> reporter: cocaine is passed from cargo ships to so-called
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panga boats that sit low to the water making them hard to detect. the navy posaidon. they have no idea they've just become an acquired target. >> they can look up, they won't hear us or see us, but we can see them. >> reporter: cat and mouse, the cat wins? >> yes. >> reporter: disrupt the route in mexico before the cocaine gets to the united states. those offshore transfers are up to 200 miles off the salvadoran coast. our mission commander, a lieutenant who is 30 years old. >> the war on drugs was old when you became an adult. >> absolutely. >> reporter: is there any way to say winning or losing, it's just an ongoing war? >> as far as what we're doing, i feel like i'm making a difference, even if it is a small difference. it does seem meaningful. >> reporter: five decades later, the u.s. military still at war
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run! run! >> last night hbo kicked off the final season of "game of thrones". and twitter was on fire with fan reactions, with celebrities getting in on it, too. so without giving away too much,
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t pain tweeted, oh, my god, this is already lit. unsullied like mlk in town. oscar nominated director ava duvernay said trying to explain to john snow he is who he says he is for the 9th time, he is who he thinks he is, chrissy tiegen crashed john legend's viewing party. he's apparently a huge fan. the boys had locked them all out because they talk too much. it's a problem. it just came out. you have to stay away from twitter, social media. don't talk to anybody. don't ruin it. >> and you loved it, too. >> sure did. >> if you lie a lot, you may have a strong opinion whether it's okay to recline your seat back really far. delta is making that choice a little bit easier by restricting how much passengers can recline. seats on 62 of their planes are losing about 2 inches of reclining room. they say they're doing this to protect customers' personal space. one travel expert says the airline is trying to cut down on all those fights between travelers because, you know they exist out there with that issue. >> yeah, get out of my room, out
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on this day in 1947, jackie robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball when he made his official debut as a brooklyn dodger on opening day at ebbets field. they celebrate the day by wearing the player's 42. the yankee great, unanimous hall of famer, the last player that's ever going to wear that regularly. >> great to see. all right. as thousands of runners get ready for today's boston marathon, we want to bring the story of a secret service agent who was paralyzed four years ago, and today will join the starting line with the help of a
4:27 am
fellow agent. nbc's pete williams has more on his inspirational journey. >> reporter: gerald fitzgerald was living his dream. four months into his job as a secret service agent, his life's ambition. riding back from an assignment one snowy december night in 2015, he and his fellow agents were hit head on by a car driven by a man high on heroin. police noticed drugs in the car. >> i noticed i couldn't get up. i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: you knew pretty quickly on it was a serious injury. >> yeah, that was immediately evident the moment i opened my eyes after we came to rest in the ditch. >> reporter: the crash paralyzed fitzgerald from the neck down, but that didn't stop him from getting married just 11 days later in the intensive care unit. now he's in intensive rehab in suburban boston. >> i have right arm movement back and sensation throughout my body. >> reporter: he's working in the electronic crimes task force that investigates financial
4:28 am
crimes. he's a father, too, he and his wife joan have a baby girl. he also speaks to students, telling them any choices to use opioids have consequence. >> it's not just dangerous they put themselves in, it's dangers they put others in whether they know it or not. >> reporter: on monday, another big challenge, competing in the boston marathon. >> don is an inspiration. >> reporter: a fellow agent, don, will push him all 26.2 miles in a special wheelchair to raise money for journey forward. >> garrett carries me through those difficult times. he gives me the motivation. we talk strategy. we work as a team to get through tough times. >> reporter: garrett fitzgerald never gave up and the secret service never game up on him. pete williams, nbc boston. >> we're going to be rooting for him along with everybody else. >> thanks for waking up with us on "early today." i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera.
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check out the fun at the annual slush come in lags last where dozens of skiers and snowboaraders attempt to get across an icy pool without falling. ce newsontinues on nbc and . it
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welcome to monday morning. it is april 15th. tax day. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. tracking a new storm that is also headed to the bay area. more on that in just a minute. good morning to you. >> taxes and the bay bridge toll plaza. >> money, money, money. >> monday and rain. just go back to bed. >> right. it's going to start out nice, though. it won't be too bad. a quick moving system moving through this afternoon. mobile doppler radar on san bruno mountain. a couple of light showers from the north. we will start to see the rain spreading across the bay area, going into the afternoon.


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