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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  May 11, 2019 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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cup. they're half way there with the new obstacle right in the way. game one of the western conference final is right here right now on nbc bay area. >> good evening. thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news coming to you live from the shark tank in downtown san jose. we are counting down toward game one between the sharks and blues right here on nbc. i'm raj mathai here at the shark tank. >> looking good, raj. >> it is the hot ticket in town. raj, the shark tank will be rocking and rolling tonight. >> reporter: it is. in fact, it's going to be in about 30 minutes when the puck drops. the big party is outside and we are joined by the mvp of the sharks, of the entire nhl, national hockey league. this is the stanley cup. this is what kneads to stay here in san jose for the entire year
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instead of just visiting town. we'll chat with the cup and the cupkeeper. phil if you notice has what gloves on. hang tight, phil. we have important questions but first we'll start with the party happening right now on the streets of downtown san jose. sharkies here. no party can start without the sharks' beloved mascot marching down santa clara street about a mile to the shark tank. we have a lot of people outside at the arena before they enter inside. you're somewhere around the street party here. where are you and what's the buzz? >> reporter: what a party it is, raj. i'm telling you the sharks fans are showing their true colors. if you don't have enough teal on there's always face painting. this is 10-year-old jacob. are you going for the whole face in teal? what do you think? what about the half stuff? i think the whole face. let's go for it. people here are waiting for a shark victory tonight.
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>> it's the semifinals. i'm totally excited. i couldn't sleep at all. i was up super early. i have been a fan for eons. >> my friends still give me grief i moved here just for my sharks. >> if the sharks win, i'm going to be very happy about it. >> he would be excited and 5,000 other people out here at the party. so much excitement out here. people are running through the jaws of a giant shark. hundreds waited in line to take a photo with the stanley cup that's with you, raj. that thing weighs 35 pounds and is three feet tall. now, the sharks always represent, and these ladies were busting a move here. let's dance! whoo-hoo! these are true shark fans. they tell me they'll do this every time the sharks make a goal. so we'll see a lot of those moves tonight. back to you, raj.
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>> thank you, marianne. if marianne is having fun with the fans we got to be just as loud. are we ready? [ cheering ] we will go toe to toe with you, marianne, here at the shark tank. okay. it's not just about the fans or just about hockey. it's about family. take a look. a few minutes ago inside the shark tank some real vips, talking joe thornton and his parents mary and wayne thornton here to watch their son. they've been watching him since he was a kid through all of those youth hockey games, through the professionals, from the boston bruins, then finally here to the sharks he is looking for his first ever stanley cup just like the city of san jose luis del toro -- douglas murray is with us now retired. okay. so what are the things here? we see the thornton parents here, your parents who drove you around all the hockey richlks in your youth. how emotional and special is a game like this knowing of all the people that helped you?
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>> yeah. words can't describe it. sadly, i've only been part of the worst day of the year which is when you get knocked out of the playoffs. this is an exciting time. and just as much as the entire san jose and the hockey world wants to win one for jumbo wayne and mary are pretty high up on that list. they are by far the most attending parents out there and they are awesome. >> i remember covering you in my days in sports. you were a hard hitter, a smart guy from cornell. you still look pretty good. you got your teeth and your head on. do that again. >> that's actually a horrible story. it was after my career. i didn't lose a tooth my entire career. afterwards we had a practice before an alumni game or legends game, whatever they called it, and that's when i lost my first tooth. after my career. >> one last question really quick. what's it going to take for the sharks to beat the blues in this
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area? >> at this point you get two confident teams but if the sharks play their game we get so many difference makers and if we play our style of hockey, we're going to go out on top of this one. >> okay. thank you. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> here at the shark tank a lot of people here. alumni, parents, and fans making for a good atmosphere for game one. get on out of the studio. come on down. we're here all evening. >> we're taking the mics off right now and walking out. >> we are counting down to puck drop at 5:00 here on nbc bay area 25 minutes from right now. we'll check back with raj in a few minutes. >> now to today's headlines. we have new video to show you of a dramatic shootout at a san jose restaurant. this is from inside a vietnamese restaurant on center road where a gun fight erupted on thursday. you'll see two men eating at the back of the cafe and a third customer closer to the register.
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when the gunmen came in one of the men in the back runs out the door but the other man pulls out a gun and starts engaging with the would be robbers. the armed robbery suspects and the man in the restaurant who shot at them were all wearing body armor. it is un-clare clear if police made any arrests. police say you need a security license or other law enforcement permit to legally buy a kevlar vest in california. we're also learning more about a wild car chase and shootout in southern california. >> oh, my god! >> yesterday afternoon's chase began in downey 13 miles from downtown l.a. the car p sped through streets with a woman driving. a man in the passenger seat leaning out the window shooting at the cops. the chase terrified nearby drivers. the driver finally became trapped in traffic seven miles later in the town of vernon where gunfire between the suspect and police erupted. investigators say the man taken
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into custody is suspected of killing a liquor store owner in downey on tuesday. he survived the shatoriout. his condition is not clear. >> to an unusual attack on a cal train engineer. someone threw a piece of gravel or a rock at the train. the conductor was hit in the back of the head. the video is of the train stopped on the tracks. this happened around 6:30 last na night while the engineer's window was open. he had to call for medical help and has since been released from the hospital. the 450 passengers onboard had to transfer to another train. one lot, three homes on it. a new reality for people in a berkeley neighborhood. today potential buyers got a look as neighbors were sounding off about their concerns. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us where the controversy
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lingers on. >> reporter: if we can pan over you can see the gnaw homnew home block, condos, three of them lined up. we did hear some positive reviews around the open house but also neighbors concerned about what this means for density and affordability. >> it's nice. >> the open house on haskel street drew potential buyers and people who were curious. some neighbors stopped by admiring the modern style. eddie jones is a renter and has concerns. >> they are putting up these houses -- >> he believes as the neighborhood of older homes changes buying seems more out of reach. >> little houses are like a million dollars. it's scary. >> they're three site condos lined up, luxury home living. the first is priced at $1.295 million. getting them built wasn't easy. neighbors fought plans to get rid of the dilapidated home on the lot. some worried about traffic and density. there were lawsuits to get the
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project back on track. daniel winkler is the broker. >> how can you justify a dilapidated house is better for the city than three newly built homes with three families living in them? >> he says the price is in line with the average and median price in the city and he believes projects like this make sense to address bay area housing needs. >> you have to build, supply, in order to get this thing to change. the bay area kneads needs to lo like hong kong and vancouver and less like walnut creek. >> not all neighbors see it that way. >> things like this make me worry about teachers and clerks and people who have jobs like myself that just cannot buy. >> reporter: we're back here live. it is not the only place on the block with more than one unit on it but this is the one that has caught the attention. it's the second open house and we've seen a steady stream of people coming by. reporting live in berkeley, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. up next the warriors are heading
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back to the western conference finals but all anyone can talk about today is what an opponent did to steph curry the day before last night's thrilling win. >> we're seeing picture perfect weather outside the shark tank tonight. 70s around the bay area this mom's day weekend but when rain and snow could be making a comeback in the seven-day forecast coming up. continues --. a live picture of the shark tank. tank. each morning,
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sharks and blues. all right. here's a live picture of the shark tank with that big, shiny thing right there. it'll be a face-off between the sharks and blues. game one of the western conference final is right here on nbc bay area. we'll check in with raj outside the s.a.p. center in a few moments. a second decorative medallion has been can stolen in rodeo. it has the community logo on it. someone stole one from the corner of 6th street and parker avenue recently. months ago another one was stolen from the corner of 1st and parker avenue. contra costa county sheriff's department is asking anyone who may know something about what happened to come forward. >> chris paul of the houston rockets might only have himself to blame for steph curry catching fire last night in houston. wait till you hear this. the rockets guard kept curry from practicing at the toyota center in houston the night
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before game 6 according to a report from "the athletic." curry booked the court for an hour on thursday night. when paul heard about that he decided to go there and shoot around, too. curry offered to stick to half the court and let paul have half but paul said no and steph curry was kicked out of the gym. >> wow. >> steph got the last laugh though. after being held scoreless in the first half he erupted with 33 points in the second half, leading the warriors to a series win over that man and his team the houston rockets. >> very nice. up next, here is a live look at the shark tank. we're counting down to the start of game one of the western conference final. we'll check back in with raj in a little bit. >> a forecast with interesting changes ahead. is this our new car?
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that's a lot of groceries. look at my strong man! don't patronize me... the new buick envision is full of surprises. get up to 16 percent below msrp on most of these 2019 buick models when you finance through gm financial. that's just over 7 thousand on this envision premium. tank. the sharks and blues take the ice in about 15 minutes. a live picture from inside the shark tank. the sharks and the blues taking the ice in about 15 minutes getting into the western conference final right here on nbc bay area. a very pleasant evening for hockey outside. inside the s.a.p. center they're making sure the ice is nice and cool and that right there you just saw it, a $4.5 million secret weapon hanging over the ice, a dehumidifier. the team says it counteracts hot days. all the heat from the screaming fans. the sharks say the dehumidifier is more efficient and keeps the
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ice consistently cool and everything proper inside as the sharks roll on. >> not hot, hot outside but a beautiful day. >> yes. today right now 70s. of course if the sharks stay on through the stanley cup playoffs those continue into june. the odds of you needing something like that do go up the deeper you get into the playoffs. game one western conference finals, weather outside s.a.p. center right now 70 degrees. wind speeds 12 miles per hour. breezy conditions around the bay area making things a little bit chilly around san francisco. currently 60 degrees. winds up at 21 miles per hour. check out walnut creek. you still want the summer-like temperatures. you can find them in the inland east bay. 77 degrees right now. we have breezy conditions. winds 15 to 30 malice piles per. another taste of that during the day tomorrow as the morning begins for mom's day brunch plans with low clouds and misty skies across the bay and coast. through the afternoon notice clearing across the bay and still stuck with some of the low
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clouds around half moon bay and just to the west of the golden gate bridge for tomorrow. high temperatures looking pretty good. mid 70s around san jose. 60s bay side. close to 80 inland around concord, antioch and livermore the warmest day of the next seven days showing up just in time for mom's day around the bay. look over my shoulder. here are some big changes. tuesday into wednesday we see the weather system approaching the coast. by wednesday night and thursday, it will bring a chance of rain. in fact, rain off and on we think as things look for thursday and the system starts to lift on out. it will be a system cold enough to bring us some sierra snow showers. a little taste of winter coming our way. you can see the rainfall projection mainly for thursday and friday. right now could be about 0.3 inch to 1 inch of rain for the bay area. it does say may 17 up on the map and we could see maybe close to a foot of snow up at kirkwood. i think that's good hockey vibes on the seven-day forecast.
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talking snow and rain making a comeback. look at the temperatures cooling for the middle part of the week. upper 60s and low 70s. the good news, it is not going to impact any of the mom's day plans tomorrow around the bay. >> excellent point. thanks very much. we are moments away from puck drop. >> let's go back out live to raj mathai at the shark tank. >> reporter: it is perfect hockey weather. feels like 80 degrees. we'll take you inside the shark tank as we are about to drop the puck and talk about the stanley cup, which is here live with us, and tell you who's going to be opening the opening locker room doors for the sharks. is it tim lincecum? is it jimmy gee of the 49ers or maybe baseball legend reggie jackson? be your best self... .
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the ice is ready...and the clock is ticking... we are closing in on gam the ice is ready and the clock is ticking. we are closing in on game time in san jose. >> game one of the western conference final between the sharks and blues. among the vips at the shark tank tonight not a person but a trophy. raj mathai is anchoring our coverage. what's going on? >> reporter: well, if you're just now tuning in we're getting serious. we are about ten minutes from game time. game 1.
4:51 pm
blues and sharks. a lot of activity out here. of course the stanley cup is here. we'll go inside the shark tank. the players are now on the ice. let's bring in nbc bay area's colin resch. take it away. >> reporter: you can feel the anticipation where you are but look at it inside. the players getting a final warmup. can we just take a moment to savor what is going on in bay area sports right now? the warriors' effort in houston last night to reach the conference finals, and, yeah, look around me here. i am ice level. this is one of the best atmospheres in all of hockey. i'm standing where the players about ten minutes from now will walk out and game one is just a few minutes away. the sharks against the blues. let's appreciate what is happening. that is my advice.
4:52 pm
particularly, for sharks fans, let's appreciate the joes. thornton, pavelski, the cornerstones of this franchise forever. both are legends not just for their play on the ice but their ability to deal with pain. both have had their fair share of injuries and for pavelski a brutal concussion in these playoffs alone. both well aware of the opportunity they have in front of them. >> we've had chances and we know where he is in his career, where a lot of us are. we've been here. it's not just win one for joe. it's win one for all of us. win one for san jose. would be a cool start. special. obviously, it means the world to us and this organization and he's led the way, so, you know, you would definitely be pretty excited to see him lift back up. >> he's our captain and plays big minutes. penalty kill, power play. you know, vocal guy. he's a huge part of this team. to get him back last game, you
4:53 pm
know, fanlly healthy again, which was huge and scoring a big goal, big assist. he adds so much to this game. >> reporter: make no mistake. there is no greater motivation in the sharks' locker room than to get the joes hoisting lord stanley's cup. they're only eight wins from making that a reality. let's start this thing off with a win. what do you say, raj? back to you outside. >> thank you, colin, inside on the glass in the arena. this game is going to start in just a few minutes. we are back here now. you know how the players stay relaxed right about now in the bowels of the arena, not in the dressing room, not on the ice, just outside in the private hallway playing a little soccer. sometimes it's ping-pong. the sharks choose soccer. they've been doing this for years. they're all trying to get the stanley cup. let's bring in the stanley cup and the keeper of the cup phil prichard. we go back about 20 years. good to see you.
4:54 pm
>> raj, always good to be in this area. >> just historically this is the most famous trophy in all of sports. on the top the upper bowl, we're looking at the ottawa senators from 1905. we go down and see the philadelphia flyers in the '70s then the new jersey devils in 2002. i see open real estate right here with no names on it. maybe that's where we see joe thornton, joe pavelski, and those guys. >> we're down to eight more wins to go. we've been here all after nan for the sharks fest outside. it's been packed. the sharks fans are respectful. they're ready for the game. it's almost puck drop time. they got two more rounds to go, eight more wins. >> speaking of respect i am not touching the cup. that's not what you do especially without gloves. you have the gloves on. how special is it? people light up when they see the stanley cup. >> they do. there's always a smal ile on th face. fans are respectful. the shark fans have their teal on. they're ready for this game and the playoffs. most of all i think they want to share history.
4:55 pm
we've been back and forth for 20 years with a lot of history. so do these sharks fans. they're ready for it. >> if and when the sharks win the cup they get to keep the cup here or wherever they want for three months. what do the players do with the cup? >> every guy gets to take it home to mom and dad, family and friends, their first coach, their teachers, everyone that is important to them. i think that's what is so special is each guy has a different thing that is important to him and on the heart. they all know the team is much more than what is on the ice. it's all those people at home and they all want to share, whether a party, dinner, hospital visits, cemetery visits, whatever. each one is different. but it's all so special and all represents this stanley cup. >> thanks for joining us. good to see you again. we go back a long time. we just need to keep this cup here in san jose for three months after they win. that's the goal. we're talking about the emotional parts of this game. joe thornton, joe pavelski. it was that hit we mentioned a couple weeks ago against the
4:56 pm
vegas golden knights and a lot of people will say, this really sparked the sharks in the postseason. he was flattened on the ice and maybe this was the most compelling part of the season seeing joe thornton stopping the bleeding with that towel, helping joe pavelski off the ice. you see evander kane and brent burns there. that was an emotional moment for the sharks. maybe it'll last all the way through the stanley cup. then off to the second round, the sharks, they battled the colorado avalanche. another seven-game series. wouldn't you know it was pavelski who returned in game 7 and scored the first goal as the sharks beat colorado. that's how we got here to the conference final. now, the sharks and blues, if you've been around the block for a little while like i have watching the sharks for 28 years you think the sharks and blues have met a lot of times. they have. this is the sixth time the two teams have met in the postseason. one of the most memorable games 19 years ago, game 7, owen nolan with that wacky goal in st.
4:57 pm
louis. i was there when it happened. that arena went silent. the sharks have won 3 of the previous 5 playoff series against the blues and the last time they went head to head was 2016. the sharks beat the blues and they advanced to the stanley cup final. but of course they lost. back out here live, opening the door now for the sharks. it's always someone famous. it's really cool. last time they had the 49ers' offensive line open the doors for the sharks. we have just learned in about four minutes from now, reggie jackson will be opening the doors. so we saw the 49ers' offensive line open the door a few games ago and now it is reggie jackson, the five-time world series champion, the as legend will be opening the doors for the san jose sharks. okay, guys. i'm getting nah the cool arena. back to you in the studio. we'll see you after the game. >> great job. go sharks.
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>> so much energy out there. my gosh. what are we doing in here? we need to get out there. >> sharks/blues next. right here. you don't have to move. keep it right here. we'll see you after the game. go? good tries to get it right every time. great actually does. with clip notes, we save your haircut details so you always get exactly the look you want. great clips. it's gonna be great. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. roxana: when i got into teaching, it was this idea of really transforming our schools.
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great treats you like a friend. from saving your haircut details in clip notes to saving you time with online check-in, great clips makes your life easier just like a great friend should. great clips. it's gonna be great. of the olympic games, the indianapolis 500 and sunday night football, only on nbc. a 76 degree evening in northern california. we welcome you to sap center, sharks and blues game one, western conference final, two of 14 remaining for hockey's grandest prize.


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