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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 4, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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pomp, politics and protests across the pond after a royal red carpet treatment trump gets down to business on day two of his u.k. state visit and back home, democrats are firing up a fresh round of investigations into the administration >> chicago erupts in violence with over 50 people shot in just days the new mayor's response to crackdown on the rise in crime >> cosmetics controversy, sephora's plan to make up for the grammy nominated star who accused the store of racial profiling. >> the cheating scandal, the surprise legal strategy for parents accused of bribing their kids' way into college "early today" starts right now good tuesday morning
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i'm phillip mena archipelago and i'm frances rivera congress is hitting the ground running this morning fresh from a ten-day recess after months of delays, the house approved a multi-billion dollar disaster aid bill to help hurricane ravaged puerto rico as well as communities hit hard by wildfires, flooding and drought. the legislation now goes to president trump to sign. meanwhile, house democrats are also laying out a road map for their investigations into the trump administration nbc's tracie potts joins us. the mueller report is next week. >> reporter: exactly next week is a busy week we have an outline of that after they come back from the break. first the hearing on the mueller report that will not include mueller, that will not include the attorney general, at least at this point. but this will be democrats' opportunity to layout essentially what they believe is in this report that implicates president trump. that's happening next week
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also, votes are set, some of them final, some of them preliminary to hold several members of the trump administration in contempt, including attorney general william barr, former white house counsel don mcgahn, and commerce secretary wilbur ross, all of them for defying or failing to comply with various subpoenas. finally, next week on monday, president trump's 5% tariff against mexican goods kicks in unless mexico, he says, comes up with some way to stop the flow of illegal immigration, while some republicans are applauding that others are concerned about the impact on trade. frances? >> all right, tracie potts for us thank you, tracie. >> from pomp to politics, after an extravagant welcome to kickoff his first day visit to the u.k., president trump will meet with outgoing prime minister theresa may today to talk everything from brexit to climate change the two will hold a news conference later this morning. it is sure to be a sharp
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contrast from yesterday's royal red carpet treatment nbc's jay gray has all the highlights from london ♪ ♪ >> reporter: president trump and the first family, joining the royal family for a formal state dinner at buckingham palace. >> mr. president, as we look to the future, i am confident that our common values and shared interests will continue to unite us >> on behalf of all americans, i offer a toast to the eternal friendship of our people, the vitality of our nations, and to the long cherished and truly remarkable reign of her majesty the queen. >> reporter: this is just the third official state visit by f the british monarchy a parade, review of the palace honor guard. and two deafening 21 canon
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salutes. that gran dure, giving way to a solemn moment in westminster abby at the tomb of britain's unknown warrior. followed by tea with prince charles and the banquet. every detail set by the queen. but instead of raising crystal, outside the palace gates some are raising their voices the high brow pleasantries of the royal welcome. >> donald trump, go home >> reporter: replaced by raw political emotion. jay gray, nbc news, london >> meanwhile, the shadow of brexit will loom large over today's talks when prime minister theresa may is set to step down at the end of the week the question is whether president trump will use the spotlight to wade into britain's politics nbc's chapman bell ichapman, go. frances. last night was all about ceremony and reaffirming the >> reporter: good morning, special relationship between the two countries, and, of course,
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the queen who does not wade into politics today it is all about this and politics president trump weighing into both where he said boris johnson would make a good next prime minister here after theresa may steps down on friday, and also saying that the brexit party leader niger lead leader nigel should be involved in the discussions business leaders with both sides of the atlantic, business leaders were expected to be from banking, pharmaceuticals, and defense, holding a breakfast meeting to discuss these no doubt, discussing any trade agreements post brexit between the two countries. the two leaders then will move here to 10 downing street where they are expected to ge expecinn subjectsuc this there has been disagreem u.k. standing stronpeined that they will touch on huawei the president has made it clear his distrust for the chinese company, the u.k. has been looking to use them to build their 5g network here.
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so, of course, that will be a topic. the two will meet in 10 downing street and come out for a press conference after, this being one of theresa may's last acts as prime minister before she steps down on friday frances? >> very busy day for both of them and protesters i'm sure we'll be seeing more of. chapman bell for us. thank you. >> a tragic outburst of violence in chicago left ten people dead and 52 others injured this weekend, making it the city's most violent weekend so far this year police growing frustrated, calling it a despicable level test >> reporter: an all-too familiar sight in chicago over w a despi violence with 52 shot and ten killed >> reporter: the shootings began friday night and continued through the early hours monday morning. >> i'm upset as a human being that we've had so many people shot, so many homicides. >> reporter: most of the shootings are linked to gangs, according to police, and the
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police superintendent promised to target the gangs responsible. but he says lax gun laws and court policies add to the problem. >> when we arrest these gun offenders, half of them -- i want you to think about this for a moment half of them get out and are back on the street in a week or less >> reporter: three years ago there were more than 770 homicides in chicago while that figure has declined every year since, it does little to comfort the city's residents. >> i pray every day, pray every day before i come out, lord cover me >> reporter: police have cal hpe violence in the city dan scheneman, nbc news. >> now to a case of a missing mother that has captured national attention as chilling new details surface in the disappearance of jennife according to courtrecovered bloy clothes and sponges which they believe were dumped by her estranged husband. they suspect he didn't act alone. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more.
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>> reporter: jennifer dulos's estranged husband and girlfriend were shackled and standing before a judge >> $100,000 cash surety. >> reporter: ten days after the mother of five was seen dropping her kids at school, the two were charged with tampering with or hampering physical evidence and hindering prosecution. they paint a grim picture citing multiple blood spatter in jennifer's house and taemts to clean the crime scene. investigators came to the consensus that a serious physical assault h and jennifer dulos was the suspected of the warrant, i, ty have searched for dulos's mansion and connected to his real estate development company. the affidavit says they have video of dulos discarding items that appeared to be blood stained and they have now recovered jennifer's bloody clothes. for the past two years the estranged couple has been in a contentious divorce and custody
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battle jennifer once telling the court, i'm afraid for my safety they had no comment outside of court while jennifer's shocked community comes together to pray as the search for answers intensifies. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, norwalk, connecticut >> the man who pleaded guilty to throwing a 5-year-old boy 30 feet at the mall of america was sentenced to 19 years in fridays on the little boy has made a miraculous recovery and in a statement read in court, his mother said i refuse to be full of anger and hatred. i refuse t pence is traveling to tulsa, lahoma "today's special value today. this will be his second trip he will visit a food bank and areas devastated by the recent flooding they shared these images after touring the impacted areas
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there have been 28 reports of levee breaches across missouri meanwhile many areas around arkansas, the only way to travel is by boat there's more rain on the wray. the river is expected to keep rising >> let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins tracking all that of for us this morning. good morning >> good morning. arkansas seeing thrlgz crest finally. like tulsa, it's taken a long time for that water to get down the arkansas river we're waiting for portions of the illinois river and crest in the st. louis and mississippi which looks like should be thursday here's what we're looking at 252 locations are still in floo. some places are crested,e water to get completely low enough to consider it not in flood levels. more rain is on the way. we can see a line of storms this morning from texas through central oklahoma a few storms up there in areas of nebraska. not widespread yet later we'll see additional storms forming locally it does look like 3 to 4 inches of rain in the next couple days, especially from the houston area up towards
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alexandra, only maybe an inch or so around oklahoma city. the forecast has imp ro there is our thunderstorm threat later today. watch out airport delays possible in kansas city ane comk about the chilly weatherer and temperatures as i said, it did snow in high peaks in northern new england yesterday. >> people have their pool open, pool floats, and it's snowing. >> thanks, bill. in today's quick hits, five children survived a crash in peru after a car making a u-turn lost control and rammed into them the victims are a 3-year-old boy and four girls the driver was a teacher who is now in police custody. >> after winning 32 shows in a row, holzhauerhas been defeate
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play and be their best and for these dogs there's no better food then blue freedom made without the grains that contain gluten free your dog with blue freedom new on, exclusive reporting shows government efforts to reunite families left some migrant children waiting in vans overnight. according to emails obtained by nbc, last july 37 kids ages 5 to 12 arrived at the port isabel detention center near las fresno, texas. they were stranded between 11 and 39 hours because the facility wasn't ready. a spokesperson called the incident unusual and said the children have all been reunited with their parents since then their child has spent more than a few hours waiting. >> shocking new twist in the college admission scandal. lawyers for some indicted parents including actress lori
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loughlin said they weren't bribes, but charitable donations. it came during a status hearing in boston federal court. prosecutors accused 33 parents of bribery scheme to help children secure admission in 33 colleges 13 people pleaded guilty including actress felicity huffman. they are expected to be sentenced in coming months >> police have their own cars as part of the sexual assault investigation. officials say 150 police cars are now being investigated for evidence after a woman told investigators that she was sexually assaulted by a baltimore officer. the woman reportedly was unable to provide a name, but said the officer drove a white police car. authorities say detectives are working to quickly identify any officers who may have been involved and to fully establish the facts of the case. >> just ahead, a massive medical data breach leave millions exposed and the day the music died why plape is killing off itunes next on "early today."
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>> a racket wedge going on all right. there are some big changes coming to apple. c.e.o. tim cook made some huge announcements on what's to come at the worldwide developers conference on monday, including updates to operating systems, privacy upgrades, and the death of its iconic music streaming app. here's nbc's liz mclaughlin. >> reporter: apple c.e.o. tim cook kicked off thloper conferee >> and welcome to wwdc 2019. >> reporter: where thousands are gathered to learn what's next for apple's products and this year, a nail in the coffin for itunes. >> the new mac catalina is going to get rid of itunes and break it into three apps which has been a long time coming. >> reporter: the ipad is getting its own apple operating system and the apple watch is getting its own store. >> they will run independently on the watch >> reporter: the company is moving away from products dependent on smartphone, the newest iphones took center
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stage. >> it's i.o.s. 13. >> reporter: boasting faster speeds >> it's up to twice as fast. >> reporter: and the addition of swipe to text and dark mode. features already available on android q. another change to match google ambitious updates to its maps, including street view. but apple aims to stand apart as a tech company that prioritizes privacy and security announcing features that restrict how iphone apps collect your data and the ability to sign in with apple announcements just one day after a researcher exposed a flaw in apple's mac i.o.s. >> so much of our data is in so many different places it is a challenge for the entire industry >> reporter: and for developers working to secure the next generation of products liz mclaughlin, nbc news >> still ahead, a massive data breach at one of the nation's biggest blood testing chains and sephora accused of racial
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weekend, some of the that warmth slides to the east new york city should have three days in a row in the 80s looking typical, pretty nice >> about time we got great weather there. thank you, bill. just ahead, how old is too old to be living with your parents? 'lta authawh we come back. cl and sometimes ineffective. for better value, tackle grease with dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. it provides 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, which cuts through tough kitchen messes, pre-treats laundry stains, and even tackles grease build-up on car rims. tackle tough greasy messes around your home, and save money with dawn ultra. brand power. helping you better. air wick take in fragrance inspired by nature with air wick essential mist. it transforms natural essential oils into mist; filling the room with fragrance, pausing when it's just right. experience air wick essential mist. that's an aggressive yellow.
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pretty great, huh? if you're a banana. i find it very... appealing. kellogg's raisin bran with bananas. two scoops meet real banana slices. i've done a good job of raisin ya. in today's top stories, an alarming revelation from the giant blood testing chain, quest diagnostics. the company says personal information of nearly 12 million patients may have been exposed including financial and medical data quest says the breach happened through a billing correction vendor, but the company says lab results were not part of that breach >> the federal judge has denied a request for better prison conditions from convicted mexican drug king pin joaquin
4:26 am
el chapo guzman. guzman was found guilty in february of running a criminal enterprise and other drug-related charges, was denied outdoor exercise time, ear plugs and unrestricted commissary access his legal team argued this was cruel and unusual punishment they claimed some demands might be part of an escape plan. he is set to be sentenced june 25th >> one of the cosmetics chains sephora will close an hour wednesday for diversity training after an accusation from a grammy nominated singer. nbc's stephanie gosk tells us what happened. >> reporter: sephora called the campaign, we belong to something beautiful. >> where diversity is expected, self-expression is honored all are welcome. >> reporter: that's not how r & b artist sizz a felt when she shopped the chain in april posting sandy sephora called
4:27 am
security to make sure i wasn't stealing we had a long time of talk you have a blessed day, sandy. the company responded a day later. you are part of the sephora family and we are committed to ensuring every member of our community feels welcome. the company is going to close more than 400 stores on wednesday for a one-hour inclusivity workshop, but says this decision and the diversity campaign were not because of sizza's tweet. last year starbucks closed 8,000 coffee shops for similar training sizz a was shopping for rihanna's makeup line fenty which prides itself for selling to everyone. >> 28 years old and still living at home, you might have overstayed your welcome. through s there is a new survey by t.d. ameritrade that is the age when it becomes
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embarrassing to crash with mom and dad. it is making it more acceptable to live with parents home bodies over 28 were still stigmatized. out of all the age groups polled, they called the situation embarrassing are you upstairs or downstairs in the basement? >> they keep calling it roommates. it does make it hard to date >> it happens more and more. all right. all right. reveals which disinfectant this bleach indicator test can leave harsh chemical residue on your food surfaces. what do you do with that? like, who's going to eat that?, lysol daily cleanser uses three simple ingredients to leave surfaces free from harsh chemical residue. lysol. what it takes to protect.®
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welcome to tuesday morning. good morning, walnut creek. a warm one on tap. it's early. 4:30. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez. marcus garcia -- oh!
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marcus washington is off today. it was warm even walking out into the parking lot this morning. >> we can notice the difference. mostly clear skies and 50s. a live look at san jose. santa teresa will stay in the 50s through 7:00. after that,


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