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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 17, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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nbc bay area ros plate in walnut creek with more on the prevention efforts underway. roz. >> reporter: the weed abatement program is underway and they gave folks in the eastern and central parts of the county until yesterday for the deadline to homes to this morning they are checking for compliance. and they are checking on vacant lots because they are often next to homes and day care around
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that area. so because those fires there could threaten the neighbors. how the county said it is every property owner's responsibility to maintain a defensible space around their home or business. and by weeds they mean all wild plants, brush, vegetation and litter and anything around your property. if you have not complied, you get two notices and if you ignore those, well it is going to cost you. >> we will quickly issue work orders with our contractor who covers the entire county. they will abate the weeds. property owners will get a lien on their property for the cost of those -- that abatement work and they'll not be happy because it will be expensive. it will probably be at least 200% of what it might have cost them to do it themselves. >> reporter: and in the north bay nor additional efforts to prevent wildfires. cal fire is suspending burn permits for
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counties meaning no residential outdoor burning of any kind ofrd leaves. and back here in contra costa county, if you are in the western part of the county, you have more time and your deadline is june 30th. live in walnut creek, roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the latest there. if you live in san mateo county you might notice smoke after a controlled burn in burling gma until 4:00 this afternoon. a live look outside in san jose. a beautiful start to the workweek. and this is a good time to get out there and get some yardwork down. last week, kari, was unbearable. >> and we are talking about yardwork and monitoring in the weather department and the temperature and wind speed and direction. right now the humidity is high and so we are seeing a good time to get outce tn shore wind
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flow that keeps coastal areas cool and as of right now the ocean breeze is weak to make cooling off tonight, tomorrow it warming up. looks like we'll have much more an have some hot temperatures, but of a brisk wind but still going to have some very dry conditions. as we look at our temperatures now, we're already at 81 degrees in youkia. that is where we'll have the hottest temperatures today. and working in the inland still and it does feel comfortable under the sunshine. but we are a little bit warmer than yesterday at this time. from about four to nine degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. as our temperatures head into the upper 80s, just a touch warmer today. and it will also be a little bit warmer tomorrow. so we're on a trend going up. it is going to go back down. we'll talk about that and what ask -- what is asaid for the week coming up. and if your afternoon commute will take you through
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morgan hill or in that area, buk rest lane and west dunn avenue closed due to a gas leak. this is a photo provided by the morgan hill police department. this isn't too far from the morgan hill masonic center near peak. police say construction workers hit a gas line about half an hour ago. pg&e crews are there working to shut it off. also happening now, the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire is resuming. within the last half hour a fire captain first on the scene of the deadly fire testified there was zero visibility inside of the warehouse. they also said firefighters didn't know the dozens of people were upstairs. the defendant max harris is expected to take the stand later today. harris and derek al manner face involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire that killed 36 people. cameras are not allowed inside of the courtroom but nbc bay area tom jenson is there and he'll have the latest details coming up tonight at 5:00. santa rosa police searching
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for a suspect who robbed a gas station. police say the man entered the shell gas station around guernevilleoad at about 11:00 last night. he then reportedly pulled out a silver handgun and pointed it at the cashier and demanded cash. the man ran toward the nearby safeway with that money. the caldecott tunnel is finally back open this morning following a shooting. the chp is investigating after one person was shot around 8:00 last gh that tunnel connects highway 24 from oakland to orinda. it was closed for several hours last night as part of the investigation. there is no word on the victim's condition. developing now, iran is announcing that it will breach internationally agreed limits on stock of lower enriched uranium in ten days, a move likely to strain tensions with the u.s.non ment comes in the suspected attacks on oil tankers last week in that region. >> reporter: after the crimes at sea, the detective work on land, the two ships damaged by
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explosives now forensically examined for clues. the u.s. accusing iranian forces of tampering with evidence. boarding one tanker before international investigators. the ships crews are safe, shipping in the gulf is not. six tankers targeted in five weeks. the u.s. said this video is proof, apparently showing iranian revolution air guards at the scene of the crime removing a mine that didn't u.s. drone and tried to stop it filming the tanker. it is a dangerous moment with some ship owners now suggesting military escorts for tankers. russia president putin is suggesting america is making baseless allegations. and he met a defiant president of iran. he's now threatening to ramp up iran's nuclear fuel production. the speaker of iran parliament
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suggesting the u.s. was behind the ak that's to provoke conflict. for president trump, big decisions loom. truth or talks. he said the iranians aren't ready to make a deal and neithe. >> iran is obvre iolyrope, most countries in europe are still adhering to the deal. but it is also putting pressure on the u.s., flexing its muscles saying to the u.s., you can pressure us economically, you can impose sanctions on us, you can strangle us economically but we, too, have levers to pull. and one of them is a nuclear lever. bill neely, nbc news, dohalf qatar. and now to decision 2020. president trump will kick off his campaign in the swing state of florida. he's denying a poll showing him behind five democratic challengers. several republican lawmakers are defending what the president said about taking information from foreign governments. >> this was a mistake to say
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this. i mean, clearly -- >> the president said he would report that to the fbi. >> nowjournal" shows half of the public saying no to impeachment hearings. it also shows the president's job approval at 44%. which is down 2 points from last month. bad news to report today out of new york city. fashion icon artist and sociali vanderbilt has died. she was known for her fashion in particular. that popular line of blue jeans. her son journalist anderson cooper released a statement reading in part, she 95 years old and ask anyone closer to her and they'll tell you she was the youngest person they knew. the coolest, most modern. she died this morning the way she wanted to, at home surround by family and friends. coming up, a major recall to check your pantry. don't miss this. the item you need to toss out before cooking dinner. plus --
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>> i love my country. if i had to do it all over again, i would be the first there. >> back home, what a bay area veteran is telling us about the trip you helped make happen. and the supreme court makes two major decisions. the controversial case the justices are dodging. >> after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "california live" followed by "access live" and then "days of our lives" at 1:00.
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and here is a look at some of the news making headlines around the nation and across the world. demands for the leader of hong kong to step down are growing louder as "new york times" reports. angry protesters are not expecting an apology over controversial extradition bill. it could send people to mainland china for trials and punishment. and back in the u.s., the supreme court is dodging a case about a colorado baker's refusal to serve gay according to usa today t
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court. the supreme court also declined to change the so-called double jeopardy rule. and elon musk is deleting his twitter account coming ten months after his use of the social media site landed him in trouble with u.s. regulators. and we checked and his account is still on twitter under a different user name. today boeing executives are apologizing for the deadly 737 max aircraft crash. one plane crashed in indonesia and the other in ethiopia killing 349 malfunctioned caus dowing t and the pilots to lose control. boeing executives are now focusing first and foremost on getting the max back in the air with new software. >> we're making solid progress. but our regulators will decide when the max returns to service. >> u.s. plain-maker still
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struggling to gain trust of pilots and travelers and the ceo said there is no word on when the max could fly again. [ bell ] and the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. a lot of claps right there. and some news out there. the nasdaq and the s&p and the dow all up now. the dow is up 61 points. but stocks rose slightly today as investors look ahead to crucial federal reserve meetings this week. developing now, a suspected gunman is dead after investigators say he targeted a federal building in downtown dallas. officials say 22-year-old brian isaac clyde exchanged gunfire with law enforcement this no one else was hurt. a short time later police blew device attached to the trunk of his vehicle and investigators believe clyde was working alone. today marks the 25th anniversary of the infamous o.j. simpson bronco chase where he
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led the lapd on a slow-speed chase around the los angeles area in his white ford bronco. he was charged with the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend rongoldman and later returned to his home where he surrendered. police followed the chase and spectators held signs saying go o.j. and captured the attention of 95 million people and he was later found not guilty. and people in indiana waking up to tattered homes and churches and destroyed high schools. so far the national weather service confirmed nine total tornados touchedown. trees and roofs. bo clean-up crews are working. so far no injuries have been reported. today an 8-year-old boy in north carolina is recoring from a shark bite. as kerry sanders reports, he's the third victim of a shark attack in the waters of that state this month. >> reporter: vacationers flock to baldhead island in north carolina for summer fun and. butboy, the
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pristine waters near the cape turned terrifying on sunday when a shark attacked him near the show. >> responding to a shark bite. >> reporter: the shark grabbed him by the leg but left with only puncture wounds. it is the third attack in the north carolina coast this month a bite to him with a ten-inch wound and two weeks ago page winter lost her left leg and two fingers fighting off a shark. >> and when i pulled her up, a shark came up with her. and it was a big shark. >> reporter: a one-time marine her father now an emtpunching the predator, likely saving her life. >> and i hit it with everything >> i think i could m for the environment too. >> reporter: her father just graveful she survived. >> a shark took her leg but it didn't take her spirit.
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>> reporter: experts say that typically there are only two to three shark attacks along the north carolina coast in a given year. so the fact that there have been three so far this year is certainly getting attention. this as the beach season is just beginning. kerry sanders, nbc news. well we're learning about a whale stranded in san francisco bay. biologists say the whale nicknamed ali is in poor health. it has been stuck in the waters near alameda for more than two weeks. officials say that she appears to be under weight with a poor skin condition and has moderate amount of whale lice. they are asking you not to approach that whale. new details helping developers in brentwood are taking a major step forward on a bold new project this morning. if approved, 2400 homes would be built north of ball for and east of dear valley.
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the partners gathered more than enough signatures to get the petition on the ballot. but voters are worried to put strain on the infrastructure. city council will take up the project next week and could put it on the ballot this november or november of next year. it could also delay it by asking for a special report. well this is the story we've followed every single step of the way right here on our midda >> absolutely. the martinez world is back in the bay area this morning. 96-year-old jake larson returned from normandy following the 75th anniversary of d-day. we caught up with him at the favorite spot, the bagel street cafe and in france he met the president and made national news from all over the country who saw his story and were moved. he came home to find letters and even money mailed to the bagel shop. >> even when i wake up in the morning, i'm sleeping in my own bed and i say that is this
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really happen to you? were you back in france? celebrating d-day. it is so amazing. it is far beyond celebrated to keep it going. don't forget you helped jake make it to normandy. since his story aired here on nbc bay area, thousands of dollars were donated to cover the cost of his trip. he's already working on a book. he said he plans to use that extra donation to get that published and plans to call it "the luckiest man alive." >> i don't get tired of seeing video of him. >> he's on it. writing a book. the bagel shop. he could take a stroll outside. it is nice. >> it is nice to get out there. think about this time last week. san francisco hit 100 degrees. >> wow! >> now a distant memory. even though we're starting to see our skies clear and that fog roll away from the coast.
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right now in ocean beach it is 57 degrees. it is going to warm up just a little bit more over yesterday because of all of that sunshine. we're also clear as you go inland. this is a live look outside in walnut creek. andt warmer today. but thankfully not as hot as it was last week. we're talng as you make plans t outside, you're going for a walk, there is still a nice little breeze going on and we'll keep the sunshine. the seven-day forecast is coming um at the bottom of the screen and come on over and check it out. it is warmer over the next couple of days. we're reaching 81 in san jose. 87 in livermore and in antioch. and also santa rosa is reaching 87 degrees today. oakland upper 60s. and some upper 70s for palo alto today. but as you get out for that walk, you're sin outside. heads up, there is still a lot of grass and weed pollen in the air. and so as we also talk about our wind speeds, it is going to question breezy out there.
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especially tonight at the a's game as temperatures drop at first pitch at about 67 degrees. make sure you're wearing a nice warm jacket out there. but a nice event. and about what is going on we have high pressure and a very weak ocean breeze coming in so it is keeping the coastal areas here. cool. while the inland valleys are heating up and this high pressure will start to back off go toward the middle of the week. and a stronger ocean breeze is going to create high temperatures in the 60s and 70s from thursday into friday. but then by the weekend, we start to see that high pressure building once again and so it is going to start to warm up. notice our winds coming around that area of high pressure clockwise to give us a northernly wind and with that not much of an on shore wind flow. so looking at seven-day forecast, upper 80s for tomorrow. as well as today and tomorrow. but then lower 80s on wednesday. the we go we reach the upper 80s inland
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slightly warmer than normal as and san francisco seeing more sunshine after the morning drizzle, low 70s and more sunshine in the forecast for the next couple of days. and then slightly cooler on thursday before the temperatures remain at a comfortable level for the weekend, we're talking low 70s. so all around looking like a good week. just a few of those rises and falls in our temperatures over the next few days, laura. >> thanks so much, kari. well new today, a new way to make money off your car. instead of driving people in your car, companies are helping you rent out your car. on the car-sharing website toureau people are listing their cars for rent. their encouraging car share companying to follow the same requirements as rental car companies. check your frig. ragu issuing a nationwide recall saying the pasta sauce may contain fragments of plastic. you could find the full list of recalled sauces online. and coming up here, it is time to paychaa up. will make g
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on herl growing. more thanhis year. so far 28 states have been affected by the outbreak including right here in california. the number marks the greatest number of measle cases in 27 years. more news for you right after the break.
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teens always on social media and mike inouye had a great weekend celebrating father's day
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and we're happy for him. he posted this photo to facebook saying his family took him to see "hamilton" in san francisco. well deserved. a nice father's day gift there. i can't believe how kids are getting. be sure to follow mike on facebook and twitter and instagram. san francisco 49ers legend joe montana recovering. >> he underwent shoulder replacement surgery. doctors working on the same throwing shoulder responsible for so many of the touchdowns throughout his career. he told the mercury news the hardest thing to deal with right now is dealing with the bulky brace that he has to wear at all times. oakland mayor libby schaaft to each other as part of the nh plan to announce how much money they raised during the six-game showdown. the mayor will also ship out oakland products to toronto's mayor as part of that wager. they include a p bay coffee, a case of old canned beer, a jar of erett and jones
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super q. barbecue sauce and a oakland hoodie. >> and a big party on the streets of toronto. the victory parade underway. and the team expects 2 million fans to show up to celebrate the nba championship. after drake is even -- in attendance and the raptors beat the warriors in game six. >> a check of the forecast. >> heating up in the valley and reaching into the upper 80s. same thing tomorrow. and then a cooldown toward the end of the week but the weekend is looking warm but nothing we can't deal with. >> right. better than the 99 -- >> right. >> in the central valley. >>u to ttrrow morning. right
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live," kate plus date. >> holy cow. >> she raised her eight kids and now she's looking for a man. >> then nick cannon's new gig. >> he's taken over our tvs and now taking over the airwaves.
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he's inviting dani in for a sneak peek. and plus sex and lies and scandal. >> and you were her best friend and wasted no time before swooping in like a vul cher. >> spilling secrets about the new series. >> and a cake that reflects the flavor of the times. >> look at how beautiful. >> well-done. >> it is all happening right now on "california ♪ ♪
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