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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  June 17, 2019 11:34pm-12:37am PDT

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hailing fleet by next year. how much will it cost me to get the self-driving jaguar to drive me around? >> this is right up your alley. now you like self-driving cars. >> how much will it be? that's what i want to know. >> maybe they'll do it for you for free. >> now they're talking my language. >> all right. how is that tomorrow morning forecast look? >> we're mostly clear tomorrow morning. little bit of fog at the coast line. typical this time of year. no 90, 105 like last week. we drop back down. friday summer starts. summer is almost here. >> thanks for joining us at 11:00. have a great day. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. and now here's your host jimmy fallon
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you very much. [ cheers and applause welcome, everybody welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show. thank you so much for being here [ cheers and applause i hope everyone had a great father's day like a lot of the people, i spent the day on facetime looking up my dad's nose [ laughter ] i go, "dad, you control the -- "what? i think i hung up. "no, you didn't dad. [ laughter ] it's only monday but it's already been a crazy week tensions are rising with iran. and people are worried we might be headed for a war. but america's actually facing an even bigger threat. >> o.j. simpson has joined twitter. >> jimmy: that's right [ laughter ]
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o.j. simpson joined twitter. yeah, if you thought trump on twitter was scary, wait 'til you get a notification that says, "o.j. simpson is now following you." you're like, "oh, my god." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause but it's crazy o.j. made a twitter account. he's already got over 600,000 followers. it's more followers than when he was driving the white bronco [ laughter ] even crazier, o.j. just got a message from trump asking him if he'd be the white house press secretary. that's - [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but the big news about the president right now is his interview with george stephanopoulos. last night, abc aired a special called "president trump 30 hours" about the two days that they spent together i mean, 30 hours they were together at the white house. they even took a trip on air force one. then they rode in trump's limo it was like an overnight date on "the bachelorette." it was really -- [ laughter ]
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during the interview, trump showed stephanopoulos around the oval office. and they talked about how he decorated it check it out >> they give you pictures of carpet this is the ronald reagan carpet they give you pictures of the drapes you see the drapes i chose those drapes [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he was like, "listen, it's always been very important to me that the carpet matches the drapes [ laughter ] it's very important to me. that's right." [ laughter and applause a lot of people are talking about what happened. a few minutes later, trump was sitting behind his desk talking about whether he'll release his tax returns when his chief of staff coughed off camera now watch how the president reacted. >> at some point i hope they get it >> you going to turn it over >> no, at some point, i might. but at some point, i hope they get it 'cause it's a - [ coughing ] it's a fantastic financial statement. it's a fantastic financial statement. and -- let's do that over. he's coughing in the middle of my answer. >> yeah, okay.
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>> don't do that you know >> your chief of staff >> if you're gonna cough, please leave the room. >> i'll come over here just -- >> just can't -- you just can't. >> just to change the -- sorry, mr. trump. [ audience oohs [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow. he's got to get over that. if trump can't talk while people coughed, he's never going be able to debate bernie sanders i mean, come on. [ laughter ] that's right trump kicked off -- kicked his chief of staff out of the room for coughing i can't believe he would be that upset about something like that [ coughing ] i mean - [ light laughter ] it's like, i can't imagine you getting that mad if someone's just - [ coughing ] coughing [ laughter ] it's just that it's -- i mean, it is a little unprofessional. you know [ coughing ] higgins, what is going on? what's happening, dude what >> steve: sorry about that >> jimmy: yeah >> steve: won't happen again [ laughter ] go ahead >> jimmy: you're in the middle -- coughing in the middle of my monologue we got to redo that joke [ light laughter ] >> steve: sorry, won't cough i won't cough. >> jimmy: okay, good anyway, where was i? [ laughter ] the interview -- higgins, what
11:39 pm
are you doing? dude, what what are you - >> steve: i'm taking a cough drop - [ laughter ] because you said - >> jimmy: i know, yeah, yeah >> steve: you didn't want me to cough -- >> jimmy: cough, that's right. >> steve: in your monologue. >> jimmy: that's right correct. yeah, and then -- yeah well, just open the cough drop >> steve: i opened it. >> jimmy: good >> steve: it's open. i will take it okay [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't even think -- i don't think you need it. you haven't coughed this whole time [ coughing ] >> jimmy: oh, god. i'm sorry. [ laughter ] sorry, sorry >> steve: oh, sorry dr.fallon. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm sorry. i'm not a -- i didn't. >> steve: take the cough drop. so i don't cough during your monologue. >> jimmy: please, don't bother thank you. i have jokes to do and here we go back to the monologue. back to the joke sorry. sorry, everyone. [ laughter ] so, the interview -- the interview for -- the interview for george - higgins. [ laughter ] what is going on, dude what - [ coughing ] >> jimmy: all right, all right, all right. [ laughter ] this is insane >> steve: i'm choking on the cough drop >> jimmy: all right, good. now -- yeah. >> steve: i was choking on the cough drop >> jimmy: i don't want -- are you okay >> steve: yeah, i'm fine now >> jimmy: yeah, all right. >> steve: not that would you care >> jimmy: don't be mad
11:40 pm
>> steve: go ahead keep doing your thing. >> jimmy: i care i just didn't know you were just - >> steve: i was choking -- [ laughter ] on a cough drop that took so i wouldn't ruin your monologue my bad i'm sorry. >> jimmy: all right. >> steve: i apologize. continue [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: okay, let's just move on in other news -- [ laughter ] >> steve: yeah, i choked a a cough drop during his monologue. [ laughter ] star of the show said don't -- >> jimmy: higgins, get off the phone. >> steve: okay star of the show wants me off the phone. [ laughter ] okay i'll talk to you later, o.j. [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: what o.j. he's talking to o.j. [ applause ] oh, my god oh, my some - [ coughing ] [ laughter ] the 2020 campaign is officially under way. there are already a lot of polls out there measuring what
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americans like and dislike about the candidates, their feelings on political issues, stuff like that. and some of the polls are pretty interesting here, take a look at this. first one asked, "which democrat is most likely to get things done in washington? 10% said joe biden 10% said bernie sanders. and 80% said jon stewart [ cheers and applause next up, when asked, "which democratic candidate is seth moulton?" 50% said the guy on the left [ light laughter ] 49% said maybe the guy on the right. [ laughter ] and seth moulton said, "can i phone a friend?" [ laughter ] and finally, when asked, "what is the greatest threat facing america? 60% said iran. 39% said north korea and bernie sanders said, "me driving. there you go [ laughter ] it's the polls for everything. >> steve: wow. everything [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: polls for everything here's some business news. later this year domino's is gonna start testing self-driving delivery cars self-driving delivery cars if your pizza doesn't crash into your house in less than 30 minutes, it's free.
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[ laughter ] and finally, i saw that pillsbury is recalling bags of flour due to an outbreak of e coli so if you poke the doughboy's stomach, trust me, it's not gonna be laughter that comes out. [ laughter ] this guy gets it [ applause ] this guy totally gets it this guy totally gets it you know what that means it's time for the "this guy gets it song." [ cheers and applause ♪ this guy gets i this guy get the joke i did this setup ♪ ♪ and the punch lin then he laughed afte i spok it feels like ♪ ♪ everyone got it and that's what love the mos yeah ♪ everyone gets it everyone gets it ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: horatio sanz horatio. >> how are you, jimmy?
11:43 pm
>> jimmy: been great what's up, buddy what's up, dude? >> i'm sorry i didn't get it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what you don't get it >> no, i don't get it. ♪ i don't get i i don't ge the joke ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ i'll neve be lik that guy ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ i guess tha makes me the joke ♪ [ audience aws ] nice seeing you, buddy i'll get out of here [ audience aws ] wait, wait a minute. if you poke the doughboy, he won't laugh. but he will crap himself because he's sick with e. coli [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yes, you get it. >> i get it.
11:44 pm
[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: one, two, three. ♪ this guy gets i he gets it this guy get the joke ♪ ♪ he gets i he didn't right away to know it took him longer ♪ ♪ than most took longe this guy gets it he gets it ♪ ♪ the first guy still gets i still gets i now they both get it ♪ ♪ they get it and both o these guys they get me ♪ [ cheers and applause we have a great show tonight horatio sanz is here [ cheers and applause perry farrell is here. stick around we'll be right back with keegan-michael key ♪ [ cheers and applause this is the ocean.
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we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our first guest tonight stars in two of the summer's most anticipated movies, "toy story 4," which is in theaters and imax this friday, and "the lion king," which is in theaters and imax
11:49 pm
july 19th. this is his summer everyone, please welcome keegan-michael key [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: the people love you. >> oh, my gosh thank you so much. >> jimmy: the people, they love you. >> they're lovely. it's good to be home in new york where they embrace you with your applause >> jimmy: yes! [ cheers and applause you have to be excited >> i'm super excited, bro. >> jimmy: you've got two giant movies >> yeah, it's a really, really -- it's going to be a a crazy summer yeah >> jimmy: i mean, can you even imagine? are you freaking out i mean -- or does it - >> i'm definitely freaking out because it's like, these two movies, especially these two movies it's not like you're just making, you know, "super cartoon six.
11:50 pm
[ light laughter ] it's like, it's "the lion king" and it's "toy story" franchise >> jimmy: they're like american institutions >> american institutions, 100% i feel like i'm betsy ross, and they're like, "we need another star on that flag. [ laughter ] we want keegan to sew it." you want me to sew it? you know what i mean [ laughter ] >> jimmy: making a new flag. >> it's like i'm -- you want me to do a norman rockwell painting i don't know what to do. yeah, 'cause they're so sewn into the fabric of american culture. it's really, really huge yeah >> jimmy: we'll talk about "lion king" first. >> yeah. >> jimmy: because this is -- you go in there. what voice are you doing for - >> so, i'm playing one of the hyenas [ light laughter ] and i'm pretty - yeah, yeah, yeah [ cheers ] >> jimmy: you think i was -- >> it was very appropriate that they laughed [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, hyena. yeah >> and actually i was studying the hyenas from the previous movies do you remember? it was whoopi goldberg - >> jimmy: yep. >> and cheech marin -- >> jimmy: that's right >> and then the hyena that was on crack so - [ laughter ] and so i was -- so i was studying them -- >> jimmy: which one am i
11:51 pm
>> yeah, which one am i? am i playing --? [ laughter ] 'cause if i had a choice i would like to be the cheech marin if you don't mind, 'cause i'd rather have words as my lines other than just going -- [ babbling ] [ laughter ] i'd rather that not be the guy i play if you know -- 'cause i'm a black man. i'm trying not to play crack addicts anymore. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, okay >> i'm trying hard not to do that >> jimmy: thank you. >> you know, trying to uplift. >> jimmy: thank you. >> trying to uplift. >> jimmy: yeah >> but so, ultimately -- hey, you know what, let me answer your question. >> jimmy: yeah >> so, i'm doing my regular voice. i was ready to do something special and jon favreau who directed -- the amazing jon favreau. >> jimmy: oh, he's unbelievable >> director of "iron man," and he directed "the jungle book." and so for him, he's an improv guy, he really wanted us to just bring as much of ourselves to it as possible. and it's unbelievable. it looks -- by the way jimmy, it looks - you guys have seen the trailer for "lion king?" >> jimmy: yeah [ cheers and applause but do you - when you're doing this do you see what it going to look like i mean, did you see the trailer the way we all saw it, and go like, "what is happening?" amazing. >> yeah, i saw the trailer
11:52 pm
i was watching the trailer in a room with jon favreau before a voiceover session. i was sitting in a room, and just a room with couches and equipment, and i'm watching the trailer, and i was like, this is - this is going to be good [ laughter ] this is going to be amazing. he's like, "yeah bro, you're in it." >> jimmy: you're in it [ laughter ] >> we're about to get to work. >> jimmy: that's why you're here >> we're getting up to go to work i'm like, "but did you see the giraffes?" >> jimmy: you're in that >> oh, i'm in it >> jimmy: yeah >> i was in shock 'cause it looks like a national geographic special it looks so real, the technology, the cgi they're using now is so real it looks like you're just watching real animals. >> jimmy: there's also great music in "lion king. did you get to sing in it? >> i did not get to sing [ laughter ] i did not get to sing. >> jimmy: you have a great voice. >> i know. thank you. i appreciate that, but i offered to sing. i said, you guys, you want me to do "circle of life" they're like, "we got beyonce. [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: oh, oops yeah sorry. >> can i do -- can i do "i just can't wait to be king" we got the childish gambino, so we're okay [ laughter ] if you can just stand over there, and go -- [ babbling ]
11:53 pm
[ laughter ] that's really all we need from you. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's all we need from you we're good >> i mean, it's beyonce knowles. >> jimmy: yeah >> and every time -- any time you do like a red carpet, i'm not looking forward to the press for this movie >> jimmy: yeah >> cause you're just going to be on the carpet, and they're just going to go so, "lion king." >> together: beyonce >> huh huh? >> jimmy: tell me about her. >> so beyonce's in it. >> jimmy: what was she like? [ laughter ] >> yeah, but it doesn't -- i mean she's so huge a martian could go - beyonce. >> jimmy: yeah >> huh we love her. "blop glorp globop," which means we love her on mars. >> jimmy: yeah, they love beyonce everywhere yeah >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's going to be giant. then you -- then -- but first this weekend is "toy story 4." >> yes >> jimmy: i love the "toy story" movies so much. >> me too. me too >> jimmy: they are -- i mean, and my kids too, but me. i love them. [ laughter ] i'm a sucker for these movies, man. i lose it. >> yeah, every time. got to have tissue got to have tissue >> jimmy: lose it every time >> yeah. >> jimmy: but you and jordan peele are playing two new characters, ducky and bunny. >> yes, that's me. [ audience aws ] >> jimmy: you're ducky
11:54 pm
>> that's me i'm ducky. and jordan is bunny. first time first time in his life he's ever been taller than me >> jimmy: well, good for him [ laughter ] he must be so happy. >> holding that close to his heart. >> jimmy: he must be so happy. >> we were looking at the characters for the first time, he's like, "so i'm the big one [ laughter ] oh, all right. >> jimmy: all right. all right. [ laughter ] >> all right yeah yeah >> jimmy: this one, though, you did sneak in a song. >> we did sneak a song in for this one, yes. they let us do a lot of improvisation, which was really lovely 'cause we got to record together, and in animated movies - >> jimmy: you guys together. >> i don't know if you guys know this, but in animated movies very often you're only recording by yourself. and so the fact that we got to interact with each other was really, really helpful and they put a bunch of lyrics down for us one day. and they said, "so once you guys find out that this thing is going to happen, we were wondering if you could just kind of burst in song. and we're like, "oh, yeah, whatever song you want." and they're like, "no, we don't really have the song [ light laughter ] could you write a song right now? could you make up a song?" and then it was one of these weird moments where i just looked at jordan jordan looked at me, and all of a sudden, it's like -- ♪ we got a kid we got a kid we'll sing this song and singing songs an singing songs ♪ ♪ we're going to
11:55 pm
♪ ♪ we got a ki kid kid kid ki kid kid kid ♪ ♪ >> so we did that. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: not bad. >> my man was ready on the bass he was ready he was like, i just need one more riff, and - >> jimmy: and then i'm in. we got a kid >> two more bars, and -- >> jimmy: oh don't worry about it we're going to bump out to commercial, but we've got a kid. >> but we -- so we sing that song we sang like three other songs we sang for like 20 minutes straight they were recorded for about three minutes. >> jimmy: yeah, they're like - >> and i think there's about five seconds of it in the movie. >> jimmy: it's really funny, and touching, and sweet too. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you guys got to check it out i want to see -- i think there's a clip of keegan-michael key in "toy story 4. take a look at this. >> hey, up here, astro boy >> if you think you can just show up and take our top prize spot, you're wrong >> dead wrong. >> you don't understand. i'm trying to get -- >> cheat the system, and get with a kid yeah, we know. >> no, i need -- >> a child to shower you with unconditional love >> join the club, pal. >> yeah, join the club
11:56 pm
>> come on, help me get out of here >> oh, i'll help you with my foot >> get him oh get him. >> bunny, what are you doing >> hmm >> i can't reach him help me out here come on. >> oh. sorry, ducky i'm not a mind reader, you know >> what's not to understand? >> hmm >> you're going to make me say it >> what? >> with these tiny legs i cannot reach without your help >> oh, yeah. >> all right okay this is what i've been talking about bunny. you need to work on paying attention, and your listening skills ♪ >> ha! how you like that, cheater huh? wow. yeah haha oh, to infinity and my foot. boom [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: keegan-michael key, everybody! [ cheers and applause "toy story 4" is in theaters and imax this friday, and "the lion king" is in theaters and imax july 19th we'll be right back with horatio sanz stick around everybody ♪ [ cheers and applause
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: our next guest is one of the funniest human beings i know you can catch him in season one of "black monday," which is available now on showtime on demand ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my bud, horatio sanz [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: horatio, welcome back to the show. dude, i -- i forgot to tell you how much i love that email i got from you during the sandler show
12:02 am
adam sandler hosted the show, and i just happened to be there and you were like, "dude, i'm watching the sandler show. i'm just getting sentimental thinking about the good old days when we were always there together." >> yeah. >> jimmy: dude, i got so choked up i was so emotional the whole night was -- >> a few jack daniels may have been involved, but certainly - >> jimmy: yeah, no, of course. >> i did mean it with all my heart. >> jimmy: thank you. >> no, it was fun. it's always fun seeing you guys messing around and it did make me go like, hey, what's up, man? how are you doing? then i saw you in beverly hills and we crossed like two ships in the night >> jimmy: wait, can you believe that happened, dude? >> no, it was very strange >> jimmy: that was the oddest thing ever i went to l.a. for like two days and i was driving and i go -- i see this car trying to make a left in the street and i go, i think that's horatio [ laughter ] like, what i'm like, "that's horatio sanz." that's, like, my comedy team we lived in the same office for five years together. i'm like, "yo! and you're like, "what's up, man? you thought it was a fan [ laughter ] you go - you're like, mr. cool, you're like, "yeah, what's up?" i go, "it's jimmy! and you're like, "i love you, bro! it was awesome
12:03 am
it was great you just had a big birthday, man. 50 >> i did, yeah >> jimmy: holy moly. happy birthday [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: that's big we celebrated a lot of birthdays together >> we had many, many good birthdays. you had fun birthdays. i remember we had a few parties for you. >> jimmy: yeah which one? >> one i remember in particular was -- we had it at mcmanus -- in the back room of mcmanus. if you know, mcmanus was one of our old hangs, an old bar in chelsea. >> jimmy: beautiful bar. >> great place but we were hanging out with like, at the time, michael stipe was hanging out with us. we had cool people hanging out with us. [ laughter ] >> so i said, let's just go to mcmanus and have the party there were other fancy places we could have gone to. >> jimmy: oh, i -- oh, yeah, i -- >> right >> jimmy: i totally remember this >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> so, it's jimmy's birthday and all these great beautiful people, funny people just stuck in this dive bar and then like right before we sing happy birthday, i pretend to have a heart attack
12:04 am
[ laughter ] and -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you did a great job. >> well, because - >> jimmy: it might be one of the best acting jobs i've ever seen you do. [ light laughter ] it really was. >> i think for certain it is i don't know if you've seen my work lately. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no, no, no, no [ applause ] >> no, the thing was too, is i was about 300 pounds, and we were like partying a lot those days so it was very believable for the guests [ laughter ] so - agh, ah! ach! ah-ahh >> jimmy: you were on the ground and everything. >> i fell on the ground, "aagh. and then you're like, "oh, my god, oh, my god! and everybody is like freaking out and then i'm like, "heeey! i'm just joking! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we laughed, we laughed. we laughed >> we laughed very heartily and then about six months later we went to a party and i was -- i got the opportunity to sit outside with michael stipe >> jimmy: did he laugh did he like the joke >> no, no. [ light laughter ]
12:05 am
he was there and he was very scared and he told me six months later, he goes, "um, you know when you did that fake heart attack at jimmy fallon's birthday at the time i thought it was the un-funniest thing i've ever seen in my life. [ laughter ] but now that i think of it, i think it's the funniest thing i've ever seen in my life. [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: no one has ever done a michael stipe impression on the show that's pretty good >> thank you >> jimmy: he liked it? he did like that joke? >> he liked it, finally. yeah, no, he's an awesome guy. then he brought around "american movie" guys. remember that? >> jimmy: oh, yeah >> we hung out with those guys >> jimmy: coven. >> yeah, the coven >> jimmy: yeah, i have "coven. yeah, i have -- dude, i never laughed so hard in my life when i saw that with you in the theater. seeing "american movie." we were laughing so hard, i couldn't see i was crying [ light laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: we had so many good moments like that and just so many goof-off moments i was thinking about do you remember when we played with the whiffle ball in the hallways >> yeah. well see, me and jimmy would
12:06 am
live in new york all year, a a lot, so we would be messing around, like, "let's just go to the office and do something. probably, let's write. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: let's write a sketch >> yeah, let's get ahead of everybody and write a bunch of sketches in july >> jimmy: yeah [ laughter ] >> so we'd go to our offices, and you know, in this beautiful building, so it's kind of awesome to be here then we always had guitars -- the backpacker guitar -- we always had little toys around, the organ and then we had a whiffle ball bat and started playing whiffle ball bat through the hallways >> jimmy: full-on -- >> full-on whiffle ball bat. >> jimmy: pitching and everything -- hard pitching, everything, yeah >> and then we were like jumping on couches probably -- probably, you know, tackling each other, who knows, laughing >> jimmy: yeah, we were wrestling or something >> and then like, you know, it's mostly "snl" on the 17th floor but they also have editing booths a little farther. so while we were in the hallways -- remember [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i think it was whiffle ball when he was like - >> "hey. knock it off."
12:07 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: who was it >> tom brokaw. tom brokaw was trying to edit something. [ audience ohs ] and you could just see him, like -- "i put this one here put me with the gun here [ laughter ] hey, knock it off! [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: we got yelled at -- we just got yelled at by tom brokaw it made us laugh >> basically the only guy at nbc who could yell at us >> jimmy: exactly, yeah. >> tom brokaw. >> jimmy: but then somebody said, "oh, it's just jimmy and horatio. he's like, "well ,if it's just jimmy and horatio. [ laughter ] i'm cool with those guys >> i'm sorry, guys >> jimmy: i'm sorry, guys. >> knock it on [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he did not say "knock --" >> knock it on >> jimmy: he didn't say "knock it on. [ laughter ] "knock it on." now i'm doing jimmy stewart. i want to talk about -- dude, "black monday. you're fantastic in it it's on showtime on demand if you want to check it out it's getting a little emmy buzz, just want to say >> thank you
12:08 am
>> jimmy: congratulations on that, bud. i like that. >> oh, yeah, yeah, it's a great show don cheadle is amazing it's about the '80s so we're all getting dressed up like the '80s, get in smoke-filled rooms, and it's insane how times have changed, you know, as far as -- >> jimmy: yeah >> -- how office politics were even then there weren't that many people of color in the stock market so this kind of -- this dude, who is a real man, he kind of started this office and just kind of took all the people that others didn't want and kind of just like, kicked ass in the '80s. >> jimmy: this is wall street in the '80s, and -- but also this is the crash, right >> yeah. it's the crash >> jimmy: the big stock market crash. >> so now i don't know -- i think they're coming back but i don't know what it will be "black wednesday" or something [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, it did get picked up another season -- "black monday," yeah but this one -- this one you open up a fast food restaurant >> yeah, it's called "fat monday." [ laughter ] -- i eat most of the profits
12:09 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're great in this i want to show everybody a a clip here's horatio sanz in "black monday." take a look at this. >> hey, bartender, this is my last hundred i want 99 drinks and 20 smokes just [ bleep ] do it ♪ thank you. [ phone ringing hey, honey listen, i'm not coming home. but i wanted to let you know i've never loved anyone as much as i loved - your sister. that's right you were right i [ bleep ] your sister. it was nice. bye-bye now. [ laughter and applause >> the '80s. >> jimmy: horatio sanz, everybody. [ cheers and applause check out "black monday" on showtime on demand we'll be right back with perry farrell, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
12:10 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: guys, stay right here all week long. we got some great shows this week michael strahan will be here [ cheers and applause we love michael strahan. willie nelson will be on the show to talk and perform [ cheers and applause and on thursday, our guest will be the one, the only, madonna. [ cheers and applause it's a great week. you do not wanna miss it stick around we'll be right back with perry farrell, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our next guest has been called the godfather of alternative rock he's also the founder of lollapalooza music festival. his new solo album, "kind heaven" is out now please welcome perry farrell, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪
12:22 am
[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that is how you do it right there. please that is how you make an entrance you know perry farrell come on. thank you for being on the show and thank you for playing later on in the show i appreciate that. i want to talk about "kind heaven," and get into all that stuff. but i have a lot of questions for you. first of all, how are you? >> i'm doing very well >> jimmy: good >> yourself? >> jimmy: i'm doing good thank you for asking me. yeah, that's interesting >> well, you're a father right >> jimmy: yeah, exactly, yeah. >> father's day. wasn't that awesome? >> jimmy: it was a big deal. yeah dude, did you have a good - >> father's day. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: did you have a good one? >> i had a great one >> jimmy: you did, yeah? >> yeah. >> jimmy: my kids are four and five and they got me stuff. they went to k-mart. and they - [ light laughter ] they got -- they love k-mart so
12:23 am
much it's their favorite place. they love it >> wow >> jimmy: yeah, yeah >> so thoughtful for a four year old >> jimmy: yeah, they drove themselves there [ laughter ] so my wife took them there and she goes, "pick up anything you want for dad for father's day. >> wow >> jimmy: and they just got me things like bubbles and stickers [ laughter ] >> ooh >> jimmy: "paw patrol" stickers yeah, yeah they really thought a lot about me yeah, yeah [ laughter ] i saw a picture of you on instagram. i follow you on instagram. i like to know everything you're up to >> you do? >> jimmy: i do i want to know what you're doing. and this is very intriguing for me 'cause you were antiquing. and i just said to myself, "perry farrell doesn't feel like a guy that antiques to me." >> well, here's the deal we're on tour. >> jimmy: yeah >> so you can do a couple of things on tour you can hole up in your room and then just show up when it's showtime which gets kind of boring after 35 years of touring. >> jimmy: yeah >> or you can go antiquing [ laughter ] we were in boston. so i thought, "let me get something americana to bring home --" >> jimmy: yeah >> "to my house.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: yeah, a great place for that >> and then on top of that i thought, "well, what's the motif? what's the theme?" so being that we've got this new single out, it's called "pirate punk politician. >> jimmy: yep. >> i thought, "let me find some pirate stuff while i'm in boston." >> jimmy: you probably find some good stuff there. >> and so i did. >> jimmy: aha. [ laughter ] >> i found -- i was looking around and i found this giant painting of a pirate that i thought was amazing. it was about as big as a gym, you know, like a gymnasium - >> jimmy: yeah >> like a gymnasium door so it was bout like 14 foot high and five feet wide. >> jimmy: better like this painting, yeah >> and it was this great picture of a pirate. i wanted it. but my wife wouldn't let me have it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she's probably smart yeah, where would you put it >> she is pretty smart well, i said, "you know, we can put at the entrance. and she said, "no. >> jimmy: of your house? >> yeah. she said, "you're going to scare everybody away." [ laughter ]
12:25 am
>> jimmy: yeah crazy pirate for your front door >> yeah, yeah, yeah. but i got the lady's card. >> jimmy: oh yeah. >> so i am going to call her when i get some time and see if i can get the price down [ laughter ] >> jimmy: now, it's ing to go up but you're touring for this -- for the new record "kind heaven" is the title of the album. and it's great, by the way >> thank you >> jimmy: i like "pirate punk politician" which you're doing tonight. >> yes >> jimmy: but that's like -- that reminds me of like perry farrell, when i think. 'cause that's very you and it's very punky. >> it is >> jimmy: it is, right >> it is me. >> jimmy: well, it's in title, yeah but it's very piratey. it's very -- but it is -- it's a trippy record. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i love it. it's really good where did you come up with the title, "kind heaven? >> "kind heaven," believe it or not i was reading a book by, i believe his name is, james mccullough, "1776. basically, you know, the american revolution. and there was a letter one of the soldiers, washington's soldiers, was writing to his sweetheart saying, man, "i don't even know
12:26 am
if i'm going to make it home, back home to see you but we will see each other again in kind heaven." and i just -- i riffed off of that >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i love that. see, i like knowing where all the stuff came from. it's like -- and i'm happy that you're on the show because i want to know - >> thank you i'm happy to be here >> jimmy: lollapalooza, i have just so many questions you start this festival, lollapalooza, it's on its 28th year 28 years >> right >> jimmy: that seems crazy [ cheers and applause it's amazing >> thank you thank you, america >> jimmy: i mean what was that like to get that off the ground >> roots >> jimmy: yeah >> roots have been there >> jimmy: that's right >> yeah. [ cheers and applause i got a funny quick one for you. >> jimmy: yeah, tell me, man >> so, you know, i'm always thinking about, you know, what to do where. and we've got sponsors, right? so one year, we had budweiser sponsor. so they go, you know, "can we put up some signs that say budweiser? and i'm like, "eh, that sounds alright. what about this?
12:27 am
i said, "what about when the roots are playing, we get a giant keg of beer. and then we just like drop -- grab some people like it could be as -- oh, it can be, you know, a small handful of people and say, 'you guys can go and watch the roots right onstage with a keg of beer but you got to finish it before their set is done.'" and we did it [ laughter ] i don't know if i ever told you guys that. >> jimmy: oh, my god >> so we had some people partying >> questlove: word >> jimmy: yeah, no way >> yeah, it was a trip >> jimmy: that's crazy i mean i've been to lollopalloza but on the other side i've been as a fan >> yeah. >> jimmy: i've just been enjoying, many times i've loved it so many -- i have so many lollapaloozas. but to have a festival like that running successfully, and running so well, and organized, it's tough to keep that up i mean, that's an amazing feat congratulations on it. >> i know, i'm really tired. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you go around cause we just had j. balvin on the show and i know he's going to be the first latin artist to headline lollapalooza, which is a big deal
12:28 am
>> yeah. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: good do you get to -- >> in chicago. >> jimmy: yeah >> you were talking about the american one >> jimmy: yeah >> cause now we're international, you know? >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah, i had seven around the world. and we just keep expanding where the people love music. man, that's where we're going to go. >> jimmy: that's awesome that you're doing that man. [ cheers and applause >> that's the roadmap. you love music, we're coming to your neighborhood. >> jimmy: keep making music. keep supporting musicians. we love you here at the show and come back. alright, whenever you want >> thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: thank you buddy. perry farrell, everybody [ cheers and applause his new solo album "kind heaven." you can catch him on his "kind heaven" tour and at lollapalooza this summer in chicago. [ cheers and applause up next, perry's gonna perform for us stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause come on. they love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ we're the slowskys.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: performing "pirate punk politician" from his new album "kind heaven," once again, perry farrell [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ask me any simple questio i'm an information contradiction ♪ ♪ oh ask me any simple questio i'll bash you with m fiction diction ♪
12:33 am
♪ pirate punk politicia i got you in a bad position ♪ ♪ pirate punk politicia and i don't need nobody's permission ♪ ♪ split your countr down the middl break out old banjos and fiddles ♪ ♪ disconnect all your angel soul gather up now let's go ♪ ♪ pirate punk politicia i got you in a bad position ♪ ♪ pirate punk politicia
12:34 am
and i don't need nobody's permission ♪ ♪ stood you up no with a win got you all to double think ♪ ♪ i'll cut your job and raise your ren 'cause i'm you so called president ♪ ♪ pirate punk politicia i got you in a bad position ♪ ♪ pirate punk politicia and i don't need nobody's permission ♪ ♪
12:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pirate punk politician ♪ ♪ pirate punk politician ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause
12:36 am
>> jimmy: oh that is how you do it, right there. >> thank you >> jimmy: that is how you do it perry farrell. [ cheers and applause "pirate punk politician. "kind heaven" is out now my thanks to keegan-michael key horatio sanz perry farrell, once again. [ cheers and applause and the roots, right there, from philadelphia, pennsylvania stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. thank you for watching have a great night i hope to see you tomorrow bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- kevin bacon, from "spider-man: far from home," actress cobie smulders, host of "klepper," comedian jordan klepper featuring the 8g band with jessica burdeaux ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that's what i like to hear in that case, let's get to the news prring an interview yesterday,


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