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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  June 20, 2019 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- amy poehler, psychosexual therapist, dr. ruth westheimer, featuring the 8g band with phillip "fish" fisher. ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause oh, that is just great to hear in that case, let's get to the news president trump held an impromptu press conference today and said he was very surprised that his son don, jr. has been subpoenaed by the senate
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adding, "honestly, i thought he was already in jail. [ lahter ] at a campaign rally in florida last night, president trump predicted that news outlets will be out of business once he leaves office. why, are you going to run them [ laughter ] secretary of state mike pompeo has canceled a trip to greenland to return to washington to deal with tensions with iran. iran i didn't even know we were in tensions with iran all i knew was we were in the middle of a constitutional crisis, a trade war with china is wreaking havoc on the stock market, north korea is launching missiles and all cable news is talking about is the freakin' royal baby [ laughter ] iran [ cheers and applause get in line. pope francis has announced new rules designed to change how the catholic church deals with abuse accusations. and not 2,000 years too soon [ laughter ] [ applause ]
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former trump campaign chairman paul manafort was disbarred in washington, d.c., today. meanwhile dis barr somehow still gets to be a lawyer. [ laughter and applause "wheel of fortune" will air its 7,000th episode tomorrow it's been on the air so long, this was their first puzzle. [ laughter ] ahead of the boston red sox championship visit with president trump today, the white house misspelled the word "sox" in an announcement detailing the team's arrival even worse, this is how they spelled it [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause a man in idaho recently broke a guinness world record after putting 100 lit candles into his mouth at the same time
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on the downside, he completely ruined grandpa's birthday. [ laughter ] today was billy joel's 70th birthday so congrats to the original avenger, piano man pcpc that's right. today was billy joel's 70th birthday his party will be at 9:00 on a saturday [ light laughter ] this is the face of a man who regrets that there's a third joke about billy joel's birthday [ laughter ] is it going to work? is he going to win them back or are they going to keep going worse? [ laughter ] that's right today was billy joel's 70th birthday, which means he's finally old enough to be "movin' out. [ laughter ] [ applause ] ah, sympathy [ light laughter ] and finally mother's day is this sunday while many of us celebrate by
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mother, funny dog mother, dog mother from daughter, dog mother from son, dog mother from everyone, dog mother from both of us, religious dog mother, dog mother sympathy and dog mother blank inside sign your dog's name with your non-dominant hand so it looks like the dog wrote it. [ laughter ] and hey, maybe even draw a little paw print [ light laughter ] finally, give it to yourself in front of your dog. don't forget to act surprised. >> winston, you shouldn't have oh, i love you fur-ever, too so funny you take after your mom. [ laughter ] >> dog mother's day cards from hallmark cards you buy for yourself from your dog on mother's day and coming soon, cards for dog aunts. [ light laughter ] >> i love my sister's dog. but to actually own a dog? in this economy? [ laughter ] no [ cheers and applause >> seth: we got a great show for you guys tonight she is starring in and making
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her directorial debut with "wine country," which is in select theaters now and available to stream beginning friday on netflix. amy poehler is here, everybody [ cheers and applause the one, the only. and we have a surplus of legends for you tonight. because our other guest is a world-renowned psychosexual therapist and the subject the new documentary, "ask dr. ruth," which is in select theaters now and available on hulu beginning june 1st dr. ruth westheimer is here. [ cheers and applause so my goodness, my goodness, you are here on a good one before we get to our guests, the president is lying about the mueller report as his son don, jr. is facing a congressional subpoena for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: last night, president trump held a rally in florida where he once again lied about special counsel robert mueller's report, which established that trump's campaign had links to russia and
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benefited from russian interference in the election, and that trump repeatedly tried to obstruct the investigation. remember i mean every time we talk about this story, i have to restate those basic facts, facts that would, in a sane world, dominate the political landscape for months if not years. because everyone keeps forgetting them. and i'm not blaming anyone it's just too much keeps happening. while we were talking about the mueller report, we found out that trump lost over a billion dollars in 10 years. this [ bleep ] is distracting. [ laughter ] it's like going to book club where everyone read a different book, they all talk at the same time, and instead of rose, people do uncut cocaine while skrillex plays [ laughter ] we can't focus [ applause ] but the report was incredibly damning for trump. for one thing -- for one thing, the report was 448 pages if you went to a parent-teacher conference and the teacher said, "let me get your son's file," and it was 448 pages, that kid's going to military school [ laughter ] but trump's been lying about it, and he did so again last night when he claimed the report
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exonerated him and he also claimed that if he had investigated anyone in the crowd for two years, he could have found crimes in their backgrounds, too >> did you see what just happened, by the way no collusion [ cheers and applause no obstruction, no anything. two years on a witch hunt. i could have gotten anybody in this audience, i could have found something on you >> seth: wow, that is an interesting new political strategy [ laughter ] accusing your own supporters of being criminals. he should start calling people out like an insult comic "check out that lady you telling me you've never passed a bad check look at her. [ laughter ] big old fraud face." for obvious reasons, trump wants to move on from the mueller report as quickly as possible, which is why he's waging a war on congress to stop them from reading the full un-redacted report and all the underlying evidence trump is also refusing to hand over documents and telling
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former aides to defy subpoenas he is fundamentally lawless, which is not surprising, because the guy has spent his whole life getting away with stuff. if you left work every friday early to go golfing with kid rock, your boss would be like, "you're fired. and also, "kid rock plays golf?" [ laughter ] seems like a bowling guy in fact, at his rally last night, trump referenced a tweet he had retweeted suggesting that he should get two more years added on to his presidency, and in the process of attacking the media, doubled down on the joke. >> they are a bunch of fakers. there's no question about it but you know, in six years, they are all going to be out of business, folks. [ cheers and applause they are all going to be out of business now, if we want to drive them crazy, i'll say "in 10 years," they'll go crazy see, he is a despot. he is a despot well, 10 or 14 let's see. whatever we like, right? watch. there will be headlines tomorrow
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"donald trump wants to break constitution." >> seth: you don't get credit for predicting headlines that you created. [ laughter ] you can't rob a liquor store and then say, "watch the media tomorrow will say, 'oh, he robbed a liquor store! [ laughter ] he had a gun he was waving it around.'" [ applause ] the mueller report -- it just came out three weeks ago and trump already wants to cover it up and move on in fact, trump is now citing executive privilege to block the release of the full, un-redacted report and all the underlying evidence and yet, he also keeps claiming that the report he doesn't want anyone to see exonerates him and he did it again during an event at the white house this afternoon. >> the report comes back, it's perfect. it's beautiful there's no collusion nobody even talks about collusion. do you know i haven't heard the word "russia" in a long time there's no more talk about russia what happened to russia? the russian witch hunt they don't talk about it because it was so on collusion, which, by the way, is by far -- that's the big deal.
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'cause it was all about russia so i haven't heard the word "russia. they don't use the word "russia" anymore. >> seth: just because you don't hear the word "russia," doesn't mean no one else uses it for one thing, all you watch is fox news where i'm pretty sure they pretend russia doesn't even exist. when they show a map of europe and asia, they replace russia with a graphic that says, "what about hillary's e-mails? [ laughter ] and yet no matter -- [ applause ] no matter how much trump would like to move on, the investigation is very much not over in fact, we just found out yesterday that the senate intelligence committee, whose chairman is a republican, had subpoenaed donald trump, jr. to come back in and testify again about some of the details in the mueller report and speaking to reporters today, trump made clear he was not happy about that >> i was very surprised to see my son -- my son is a very good person, works very hard. the last thing he needs is washington, d.c. i think he'd rather not ever be involved i remember he said to me a long time ago when i was thinking about running, "dad, if i can
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help, let me know. it's not my expertise. >> seth: here's my question. what is his expertise? [ light laughter ] because it's definitely not business, politics, speaking, spelling, writing or standing. i mean, look at this [ laughter ] why -- [ applause ] why does this whole family stand like a bunch of weirdos? don, jr. looks likes he's recording you with a secret mic strapped to his chest. [ laughter ] "could you say that a little louder and closer to my nipples [ laughter ] so the meeting did take place? [ laughter ] so trump and his son are both mad about the subpoena in fact, cnn reported that one option trump, jr. is considering in response to the subpoena is to invoke his fifth amendment rights and another is just not to appear at all and if that happens, one democratic senator said they should enforce the subpoena by any means necessary. >> if donald trump, jr. defies
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the subpoena, he ought to be jailed >> seth: wow, i do not think don, jr. would fare well in jail i mean for one thing, can you imagine his hair with only prison shampoo [ laughter ] so we just got the mueller report three weeks ago and we're still waiting for the full un-redacted version as well as all the underlying evidence now is when the congressional response should start, not stop. and yet, republicans want to declare the whole thing over and move on as quickly as possible >> robert mueller's witch hunt found nothing. and they were trying mueller is done. it's over. >> it's not even worth talking about anymore. i'm done with it >> i'm not going to do anymore enough already it's over. >> the special counsel's finding is clear case closed. case closed. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's really funny when the least interesting man in the world takes that long a dramatic pause. [ laughter ] he sounds like a ghost drifting away in a graveyard.
12:51 am
"hi -- ho." [ laughter ] mcconnell also said in his speech that he wanted to finally end discussion of the russia investigation once and for all >> that's what i want to discuss this morning -- russia's interference in american elections, the work of the special counsel and the attorney general, and how we can finally end this groundhog day spectacle. >> seth: this isn't groundhog day. every week we find out something new. if anything, we have too much information. following the latest developments in the russia investigation is like trying to piece together the plot lines of the last 20 marvel movies. "okay, so that guy told that guy to fire that guy but he said no and told that other guy he was going to quit so he wouldn't go to jail, like that other guy who shared polling data with that guy or that one lawyer who was lying about that other lawyer's deal
12:52 am
with that other guy. and despite all this, you're telling me paul rudd hasn't aged a day this whole time? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause the evidence is plain as day it's right in front of us. in fact, this week hundreds of former prosecutors signed a letter saying trump would have been indicted if he weren't the president. the letter is a nuanced, in-depth legal argument, but it can basically be summed up in two words -- >> case closed case closed. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with amy poehler, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for 8g band right over there [ cheers and applause and all week long we've had a founding member of legendary band fishbone with us, who are about to launch a summer tour with george clinton and parliament-funkadelic. for more information, follow him on instagram @phdfish and his website on drums, phillip "fish" fisher, everybody. [ cheers and applause thank you for a great week wonderful having you here. our first guest tonight is an emmy-winning comedian and actress you know from the hit
12:57 am
comedy "parks and recreation," and such films as "mean girls" and "sisters," as well as her work on "saturday night live." she directed and stars in the wonderful new film "wine country," which is in select theaters and streaming on netflix tomorrow please welcome back to the show, one of the best, our very good friend amy poehler, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, old friend >> hi, honey >> seth: hi. it is -- it is so lovely to be here - have you here. to be here with you. >> yes >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> i'm so excited. i love fishbone. >> seth: there you go. [ cheers and applause we try to make it -- we try to make it as nice for you as possible >> thank you so much for tending to my musical needs. >> seth: so you flew into town
12:58 am
how was your flight into new york >> it was good, but have you guys seen this movie i wanted to talk to you about. this has nothing to do with what i'm promoting. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> have you seen this movie "free solo"? >> seth: i haven't seen it [ cheers ] yet, i know what it's about. yeah what -- not a fan? >> of climbing things without any ropes? no [ light laughter ] it should be called "white nonsense," this movie. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> i was -- i was watching -- the whole time i kept being like, "he must have to do it for some reason. like, if he -- if he free solos this, somebody lives [ laughter ] and it was - >> seth: or there's something at the top he needs >> or, he needs it >> seth: like the -- like the antidote >> yeah, like right. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> the cure for something. and instead it's just like -- it's something he wants to do. like he has to do it [ laughter ] i was like, "what? and i was like -- i wish they just interviewed an expert that was like, "oh we just checked facts and figures, and he doesn't have to do it. [ laughter ] and then, everybody should go home he doesn't have to do it
12:59 am
i mean, it is -- on the plane i was just watching going, "ugh! [ laughter ] oh what!" >> seth: 'cause i feel like a lot of people have been inspired by this film "free solo. >> okay, it's the same people that do marathons. >> seth: yeah. >> which - [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. >> which, i know you did a marathon >> seth: i did run a marathon. yeah >> and we all know because you told us. [ laughter ] 'cause everyone who's -- am i right? [ applause ] >> seth: no. >> everybody -- everybody who's running a marathon talks about like, "i'm training for the marathon." >> seth: yeah. >> like, "the marathon's almost here." >> seth: yeah. >> like, "come watch me run the marathon." [ light laughter ] and it's like, "you don't have to run it. [ light laughter ] nobody's making you. you're not being chased. [ light laughter ] >> seth: did you -- were you nervous? did it make you anxious watching "free solo" or were you just frustrated >> no, 'cause it was like -- it's like, people that join cults. i'm like, "well, whatever, dude." [ laughter ] like -- i mean, like -- it was like -- everyone was like, "oh -- i mean, at the end of the day, it's just something he has to do. and i was like, "no, it isn't. [ laughter ] i kept yelling, "no, it isn't.
1:00 am
>> seth: you must have been nice to sit next to on that flight. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> it wasn't great >> seth: i went -- i know you were looking forward to hearing what the royal baby's name is gonna be >> yes >> seth: and then it's archie. >> it's archie, which is great >> seth: and you have an archie. >> i have an archie. [ audience aws ] i know >> seth: were you happy about the overlap? >> i mean, i - [ laughter ] -- i am. i am i have to say, we're so hungry for good news. >> seth: yeah. >> like, just a baby being born and then knowing its name. everyone's like, huddled by the tv >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> like, "a baby was born and they named it. [ laughter ] so, i think they look like a real cute couple >> seth: they do look like a cute couple. >> i -- i love that name >> seth: are you worried that there's now gonna be like a wave of archies >> i am a little bit worried >> seth: yeah. >> i'm a little bit worried. >> seth: 'cause it's a pretty cool name you picked - >> isn't it? >> seth: -- that, kind of, was a little obscure now might be a little mainstream >> yeah, yeah. thanks, seth yup. [ laughter ] >> seth: you could -- you know what you could do now as a burn? you could name him -- you can start calling yours archie i >> oh! [ audience oohs
1:01 am
>> seth: yeah. which might even bump him up in the line of succession >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: you could be --- you could be the first archie. >> i do -- i did like that little cute -- i mean, i love william and harry. i mean - >> seth: yeah. >> aren't my gen -- we love our william and harry. >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> right >> seth: yeah. >> like, we loved, like watching them grow up, and the're so cute and you -- you're the -- >> seth: yup, i'm one of two >> -- two brothers >> seth: exactly >> i have two sons you want them to be like william and harry. >> seth: absolutely, 100%. [ light laughter ] >> you just want them to be friends but also different >> seth: yeah. >> and one of them is in some kind of royal air force. [ laughter ] >> seth: you -- you kind of have a william and harry situation. >> i do. >> seth: your younger one's a little -- a little red head. >> i have a ginger >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. yeah >> seth: so it's a real crossover. >> yeah, so now that you say it, i really feel like they're copying me [ laughter ] like, "get off my job, man." >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: i think they legally can 'cause they're in england. >> yeah. >> seth: i don't think they could do what they're doing here if they were here. >> no. >> seth: you'd be able to sue them >> my lawyers would be on them [ laughter ] and i don't have the english
1:02 am
lawyers that can handle that >> seth: they're very -- yeah. i think, barristers. >> oh, yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> wear wigs >> seth: yeah. that was a thing >> oh, my god. >> seth: you refuse to work with any man in a wig >> never -- i've never worked with a man in a wig. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: i remember that at "snl." it's very problematic. >> it caused a lot of problems at "snl. yeah >> seth: 'cause there were sketches, you would just -- "i will not do this this is silly. wigs are for ladies. [ laughter ] i'm gonna use this as my transition to "wine country. >> okay. >> seth: i went to "wine country" last night. >> yeah. >> seth: i went to the screening. >> we partied a little bit last night. >> seth: yeah. >> we went to the premiere i mean, you went home early 'cause you had a job to do, tonight. >> seth: yeah, but you -- and not just you guys and the cast but like, all your parents stayed out really late >> yeah. >> seth: that's really sweet >> we really -- we really -- we kind of blew the roof off. in fact, we had one of those moments where it was like, "no!" they like, turned the music off. we were like, "one more song!" [ laughter ] and they were like, "no. [ laughter ] like, this is a hotel. [ lauger ] >> seth: this is a story -- "wine country. you directed it. you're one of the stars in it, and is a story of six women going to napa for a birthday party. >> yeah. >> seth: and it is a -- the six -- the core six, which are you, ana gasteyer, maya rudolph,
1:03 am
paula pell, emily spivey, and -- >> rachel dratch >> seth: -- rachel dratch and then also, tina fey's in the film >> yes >> seth: and it is - >> yes [ cheers and applause >> seth: there are so many funny moments and there are so many emotional moments. i found myself getting very choked up during even the funny moments. >> but you love to cry >> seth: i do love to cry. [ laughter ] i love to cry. and i love to cry when i'm happy. >> me, too me, too. >> seth: and i was -- i'm not -- i'm just saying, the moments where you guys were being yourselves -- 'cause everybody is kind of playing a version - >> that's right. >> seth: yeah. >> there's not a lot of acting in there [ laughter ] i mean, it's not a documentary >> seth: but i was getting choked up thinking of how lucky i was to have spent that much time with these incredibly talented people. and it is inspired by an actual trip, yeah >> yeah, we took dratch to wine country for her 50th and then we went to ana's -- for ana's birthday, we went to palm spring and we kind of smashed some of those trips together and then, you know, used creative license to write other things that didn't happen. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i remember one of my favorite stories is you -- on
1:04 am
the flight to the first one you lost your phone on the plane >> okay. so, i like to plan things, and i think i'm good at it and -- so i had basically the entire trip's itinerary on my phone. and then i went in -- and do you guys -- when you use -- when you put your phone in your back pocket and sometimes you go to the bathroom on the airplane and you pull your pants down, you know sometimes -- yes, right [ laughter ] you're like, "did i -- did i --" and so, i flushed the toilet and i was washing my hands, 'cause i wash my hands. [ laughter ] and i was like -- i looked for my phone, and i was like, "oh, my god i flushed my phone down the toilet." and i came out and this is -- when i screw up, i get really mad >> seth: yeah. >> and so i'm like, "i flushed my phone down the toilet." [ laughter ] and everyone was like, "what?" and i was like, "i flushed my phone down the toilet, and the trip is ruined and all of the plans are ruined." and i just sat there and just like huffed and puffed and i was like, "and everything is ruined and it's not gonna be a good time. [ laughter ] and everyone's like, "what's happening? and everybody acted exactly how you would think they would act
1:05 am
maya rudolph, the earth mother, like, big-hearted, was like, "get me some gloves. i'm gonna look in that toilet. [ laughter and applause ana gasteyer, level headed, was like, "you know, maybe it's in your bag." [ laughter ] and i was like, "no. it's down the toilet." [ laughter ] paula pell, forever supportive, was like, "i need a new phone, too. [ laughter ] so when we land, we'll both go buy new phones." [ laughter ] and then emily spivey, who is the most hilarious in times of crisis, was just looking out the window drinking her wine going, "y'all, this is my worst nightmare. [ laughter ] if my phone went in the toilet, y'all, i would die." and then it was in my bag. [ laughter and applause it was in my bag that's kind of us in a nutshell. >> seth: i have a lot more to ask you. we'll be right back with more from amy poehler after this. [ cheers and applause ♪
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>> so we take a really small amount of mdma and it apparently, it can create this common experience that's like super bonding. >> maybe this isn't that kind of trip you know what i mean like, you know, we have a big day tomorrow and this is a marathon it's not a sprint. >> mm-hmm. i thought it was a birthday weekend. >> well -- >> oh, okay. if it's totally -- it's rebecca's birthday anyway, you should download the podcast. it's super interesting it's this amazing t.e.d. talk actually >> it sounds amazing >> i mean, i would do the podcast. >> i'd love to listen to the podcast. >> i did molly in college, but she went back to her boyfriend >> hey-yo. [ laughter and applause >> seth: we're here with amy poehler. that was a clip from "wine country. this was your directorial debut. >> yes >> seth: you're on the cover of "hollywood reporter. this is an excellent - >> thank you >> seth: -- photo of you >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: excellent >> i think it's excellent 'cause it doesn't look like me. [ laughter ] >> seth: it is -- but that's
1:11 am
kind of the dream in a photo >> it is the dream is for somebody to be like, "who is that french -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- woman? and you're like, "it was me. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] whereas i believe -- i still believe it was a great honor we were on the cover of "entertainment weekly. and i think it's that case, if it's definitely both us and we both looked terrible [ light laughter ] >> yeah -- >> seth: just bad. >> we just don't - >> seth: yeah. [ laughter and applause just bad >> just bad. look what's happening here >> seth: i know. it's -- you know what it is? it's like we -- it's like we weren't available so they went to madam tussaud's >> yes [ laughter ] those are the kind of people that show up at home, and they're like, "i'm home, honey." and it's like, "you seem weird." [ laughter ] and you're like, "no, i'm not weird. i'm your husband let's go to the bed we sleep in and make love. and you're like, "this is -- something's off, but i'll go with it. >> seth: "nothing is off we've been married for 11 years and 5 days." [ laughter ] this -- because again, it's inspired and everyone is playing themselves there are a couple of other things dratch's character throws out her back >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: and that, of course, reminded me -- dratch once --
1:12 am
this is something that's never happened at "snl," except for this she threw out her back in the middle of read through >> yeah rachel -- and this -- we based the scene in the movie off of this real thing, which is -- you know, when you get to a certain age, you just hurt your back just like going like this >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> you don't have to do anything and so, i think she just turned to talk to someone and she was like, "oy! [ laughter ] and her back went out and she couldn't move. and so she did the read through lying on the floor - >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> -- with about 100 people in the room and she was killing >> seth: yeah. >> -- 'cause she was just holding her scripts shouting from the floor >> seth: and you couldn't see her. everybody's at a table and she was like, basically under the table. >> she was under the table and johnny knoxville was the host and he was a nice, amazing host >> seth: a gentleman >> and he very helpfully reached into his pocket and just pulled out a bunch of loose pills [ laughter ] and they all had different colors [ laughter ] and they didn't have any tags. there's no bottles >> seth: yeah. >> and he looked at me and was like, "ugh, these are all uppers these aren't gonna work.
1:13 am
[ laughter ] l so -- and then i'll remember this, too, is that the nurse -- the nbc nurse came up and gave dratch her, you know, vicodin, or whatever, and she was, "oh. and there was like, the vultures there was like ten people that'd be like, "dratch, you going to use the rest of that vicodin?" [ laughter ] and i was like, "get away from her. [ laughter ] there was like, so many people trying to get her pain pills >> seth: and then -- >> don't do pills, you guys. >> seth: yeah, don't do pills. >> seriously >> seth: yeah. come on, guys. that's not what this is -- if there's any message. [ laughter ] you also -- there's someone that you have loved for a long time, which is judge judy. >> yeah. >> seth: and you got to present judge judy - >> yeah. >> seth: was this a lifetime --? >> it was a daytime emmys lifetime - >> seth: gotcha. >> -- award. and i mean, how great is judge judy >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, she's the best. [ cheers and applause and so tiny, too she's very tiny. i mean, she's just a boss. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, and i just love everything about her also i really genuinely love her show now "judge judy" is the opposite
1:14 am
of "free solo" to me >> seth: yeah, okay. [ laughter ] >> like, i'm watching "free solo." i'm like, "what's this guy -- just don't go up." i don't know "don't go up how 'bout that?" [ laughter ] and then i watch "judge judy" and judy's like, "what are you, stupid?" and i'm like, "exactly." [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. she should have been - >> she should have been -- >> seth: she should have been at the top of the mountain. >> oh, my god. >> seth: being like, "no, no, no." [ light laughter ] >> she would have been like, "you happy are you happy that you missed your life for nothing? stupid dumb dumb, dumb, dumb >> seth: so what three out of five stars for "free solo"? what do you give it? >> i did watch the whole thing >> seth: all right that's good. that's - >> but there was a part of me -- i was like -- oh, god. this isn't gonna come out right. that was like, "this guy better die. [ laughter ] i'm sorry. i know that's bad. >> seth: no, that came out great. that came out great. >> but i was like, "if this dude doesn't die, why am i watching this?" [ laughter and applause is that bad? i'm sorry. i'm glad he lived. i'm glad he lived. >> seth: i am, too >> but - >> seth: i am too. >> -- he didn't have to do it!
1:15 am
>> seth: he didn't have to do it >> there was not a gun no one's holding a gun to him. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> no one was in trouble >> seth: yeah. >> he literally could just not do it. >> seth: yeah. >> and no one would even know he didn't do it >> seth: yeah. >> except for like three guys. [ laughter ] sorry, i'm glad he's alive, though and what an athletic -- what a feat [ laughter and applause >> seth: amy poehler, everybody. [ cheers and applause "wine country" is in select theaters you can stream it on netflix tomorrow we'll be back right with dr. ruth westheimer. [ cheers and applause ♪ the pink? go mets! go time daddy! [ giggling ] ohhhh man. took my hat off. [ "to love somebody" by bee gees playing ] that's crazy! [ crowd cheering ] [ screaming ] let's go mets! ♪ [ cheering ]
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1:21 am
>> seth: hello >> hello, there. >> seth: hello i'm so happy you're here >> you two were funny. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, thank you >> amy: thank you. >> seth: you were watching backstage? >> i certainly did >> seth: that's great. >> i heard every word. >> seth: that's wonderful. you brought a book >> guess what? you are too young. >> seth: okay. >> but i watch part of her television show. you are a little bit too young, but do not take it on an airplane i don't want it to fall in the toilet [ laughter ] i'm giving you - >> amy: oh it's - >> "sex after 50." >> amy: "sex after 50. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> but not on an airplane. [ laughter ] >> amy: oh, my gosh. >> seth: yeah, when i get to be 50, which is right next to you, can you lend it can we share it? >> amy: yeah, well, we'll see what kind of shape it's in [ laughter ] >> and then you call me, and then i get you the book, too >> seth: oh, thank you very much >> amy: thank you. >> seth: this is a bit of a homecoming for you you used to record your radio show "sexually speaking" right
1:22 am
here >> i love this building. you are too young. [ laughter ] you don't know about it, but i did the radio program on the eighth floor, where you are -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- for ten years, every sunday night not, like -- not taped >> seth: you did it live >> i did it live from 10:00 to 12:00 and guess what come here. >> amy: yes, ma'am [ laughter ] >> when people - when people came home on sunday nights from the hamptons, for example, they went into their cars and they listened to "sexually speaking wyny" right from this floor. >> seth: wow >> and by the time they came home, they were nicely sexually aroused. [ laughter ] >> amy: yes. >> seth: that's great. yeah >> amy: very good. >> and 10 years. 10 whole years i did that. now when i meet somebody who tells me that they listened to me, because it became number one rated -- >> seth: yes >> i raise money for all kind of good causes like you do and like you do
1:23 am
and so i say, "so that means that you came home, you had some good sex while listening give me a little money for one of my channels." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: very nice >> and guess what? and i'm getting it >> seth: you're getting it >> and i'm getting it. >> amy: that's terrific. >> seth: i imagine because of who you are and how iconic you are, people feel very comfortable asking you questions about sex. >> yeah, but i don't want you to ask me questions about sex now >> seth: okay. >> i want you to say, "a friend of mine has a question." >> seth: ah. [ laughter ] >> not you, seth >> seth: gotcha. gotcha >> amy: that's smart that's smart >> not you >> seth: gotcha. a friend of mine - >> yes >> seth: -- is a talk show host, and -- [ laughter ] having to perform in front of an audience all day, does that make performance later in the night harder >> amy: oh, very good question >> very interesting question i think -- looking at you, i have to tell you something >> seth: okay. then i'll tell my friend >> amy: don't listen [ laughter ] >> i tell you something, you tell your friend
1:24 am
>> seth: yeah. >> looking at you, it actually makes your performance better that night >> seth: oh, good. [ cheers ] >> because of them >> seth: gotcha. >> because they all applaud you. >> seth: gotcha. yeah >> and laugh, so it should be better >> seth: okay great. i'll tell jimmy fallon that. [ laughter and applause oh, i didn't know -- my friend. my friend. my friend, my friend [ cheers and applause >> but if you are -- if you are too tired -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- then go to sleep now you have two small children. >> seth: i do, yeah. >> so it's difficult, but you could try. go to sleep, put the alarm at 4:30. get up, have some good sex, and go back to sleep [ cheers and applause >> seth: i - >> amy: now, that sounds terrible >> seth: now - >> amy: that sounds terrible >> seth: yeah, i will tell you that my wife - >> no, no, no, no. [ laughter ] >> seth: my wife would be so not psyched. >> amy: dr. ruth, with all due respect, if i heard the alarm go off and i heard a tap, tap, tap on my shoulder at 4:30 in the morning, and i said, "what's
1:25 am
going on!" and they said, "it's time to have sex" -- [ laughter ] i would kill that person [ laughter and applause >> all right, i'll think of something else >> amy: that's too early that's too early >> seth: you do not comment on politics, but the president tweeted about windmills recently, said they caused cancer and you took this -- as a public service, you tweeted about windmills. which, amy, can you read that for me >> amy: yes, thank you "since windmills are in the news, a caution about the windmill position, where the woman swings around. a penis can be damaged it's called peyronie's" -- am i saying that right? >> seth: peyronie's? >> amy: -- "peyronie's disease, so be careful, please. >> seth: wow, that so is helpful. >> amy: and i appreciate that. [ cheers and applause >> so maybe that's a better idea than the other one >> seth: now, when you say the windmill position, i'm assuming the idea is that it looks like a windmill that the - it's the full -- >> whatever your imagination wants it to be
1:26 am
>> seth: every part of my imagination i would've assumed the penis could get hurt [ laughter ] there's no version of it where i'm like, "this would be fine. >> amy: well, you've got to know a -- you got to know how to do it i'm with you i get it [ laughter ] >> seth: and is there a way to also -- the windmill position sexually, can you then harness the energy from that [ laughter and applause like are -- if your kids see the lights flickering, are they like, "oh" >> it all depends on your brain. >> seth: yes >> because sex is not between the waist and the knees. sex is right up here in your brain. >> seth: you're very driven. you've accomplished so much. written so many books, had so many shows but one of the most wonderful things about this documentary is it is the story of how you escaped the holocaust. did you feel now it was -- it certainly strikes me as now, with everything that's happening in the world in terms of anti-semitism, it seems like now is a really good time to tell this story and remind people about what happened. >> so on a serious note, first of all, there are people who
1:27 am
deny the holocaust, and i thought if they look at my story and go and see the film. and it happened and then there are people who have what is called "holocaust fatigue. they don't talk about it anymore. we talked about it enough. i don't deal in politics, not like you i just watched you [ light laughter ] however, these days i do stand up and i say how upset i am when i see children being separated from parents, because that was my story if my parents had not sent me to switzerland, i wouldn't be alive. i would be in auschwitz. so we now have an exhibit. i would like to invite you to come, at the museum of jewish heritage, a living memorial to the holocaust. it's called "auschwitz not far away --" uh, "not long ago." not "far away. so i certainly have to stand up
1:28 am
and say with all of the things that are happening now, it's not just anti-semitism, it's anti-muslims, it's anti-church it's a lot of things we have to stand up and be counted. even you comedians, i believe that you should entertain, but you also should stand up to be counted for serious things >> seth: well i -- [ cheers and applause -- can't tell you what a wonderful service -- >> i want to tell you something, in the jewish tradition, it says that, "a lesson taught with humor is a lesson retained." so you people are performing an important service, because by your laughing, by her talking about the cell phone that was in her bag -- >> amy: it was in my bag [ laughter ] >> i think that's a good point by saying, take some time out and laugh a little and listen to some music >> seth: all sounds good to me
1:29 am
[ cheers and applause thank you so much for being here what an honor. >> amy: what an honor. >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: dr. ruth westheimer everybody. "ask dr. ruth" is in select theaters now, and streaming on hulu june 1st. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪ de us, dear lexus, it is with a very gratesful heart that i write you about your amazing employees. eric volunteered to come to my rescue that evening. a mom, these things really matter. from this day forward, i'm a lexus customer for life. thank you. sincerely... ivy, kim, david, greg. crafting every experience for our guests with the same level of care we craft our vehicles. that's what makes lexus, lexus. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. lexus. we want your sandwich to arrive freaky fresh®, so we only deliver within 5 minutes of our stores. and not... farther. ...he's new.
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to amy poehler, dr. ruth westheimer, phillip "fish" fisher and of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪


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