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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 21, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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power your day with megared. mr. president, will you strike iran, sir will you >> thank you >> a $110 million u.s. drone blown out of the sky by iran in an unprovoked attack new reports that president trump ordered retaliation, then pulled back a live report coming up. >> a mind-blowing twist at the trial of the u.s. navy seal accused of executing a teenage prisoner >> this is the most surprising turn of events it sound like a script that was written for tv movie >> a neck horn the new health warning about a's bizarrant hunched over
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ur smartphone. >> the man rushes the tsa and plows through the screeners at e to kickoff your friday? "early today" starts right now >> good to be with you on this friday morning i'm frances rivera >> and i'm marlie hall breaking news overnight, a dramatic escalation in tensions with teheran president trump reportedly approved military action against iran to strike back for gunning down an unmanned american drone over the strait of hormuz. but according to "the new york times" and the washington post, the president pulled the plug on the operation at the last minute citing multiple senior officials, the times wrote, planes were in the air and ships were in position, but no missiles had been fired when word came to stand down. nbc's craig boswell has the latest craig, good morning. >> reporter: marlie, good s afma very big mistake shooting down a u.s. drone, "the new york times"
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reports the president, as you said, ordered military strikes multiple senior officials involved in these deliberations and these briefings say the president approved those strikes and those targets, according to officials, included radar and missile batteries. it comes after iran shot down the unmanned u.s. drone yesterday the u.s. says was an unprovoked attack in international waters now, iran says it was over their air space. the military operation in response, after a bipartisan meeting at the white house, and while no >> the goal was to avoid any casualties in so ts s you might call symbolic, although of course it would be incredibl in video you saw just before that sound was the trail of smoke coming down from that pentagon video from that drone. there it is right there. the drone going down just
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moments after it was shot. that is an unmanned surveillance video. now, this latest escalation comes after the u.s. accused iran of attacking oil tankers last week. dramatic escalations in the tensions marlie, back to you. >> craig boswell from d.c. thank you. >> things taking a dramatic turn in the courtroom when another seal who was granted full immunity took the stand confessing he was the killer of the 17-year-old isis prisoner. steve patterson has the shocking details. >> reporter: frances, they are calling this a once in a lifetime moment, the prosecution witness testifying on the stand admitting to the crime during that testimony in a case that's already fraught for the prosecution. a stunning turn in the trial of a highly decorated navy seal platoon leader accused of murder l admissioy medic cory scott testified he
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was the one who killed an unarmed isis detainee, not chief edward gallagher the admission a shocking blow to a case already riddled with challenges >> this is the most surprising turn of events it sounds like a script that was written for a tv movie i don't recall this ever happening in the military trial. >> reporter: scott says he saw gallagher stab the teenage isis fighter captured in iraq in 2017, but testified the stab wound was not life-threatening he was breathing through an airway tube. scott says he killed him because he feared the detainee would be turned over to the iraqis to be tortured and left to die the defense asking, how did you i pu te until estopped breathing. did you suffocate him? yes. did chief gallagher kill the terrorist? scott replying, no with nobody, no physical evidence and now a confession from a key witness, the prosecution's case is unraveling >> i think the panel will be
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extremely hard-pressed to convince gallagher of murder when the prosecution's star witness confessed to it. >> reporter: and scott unlikely to face any charges either before the trial, scott was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony. following scott's testimony, the defense filed a motion to have the case thrown out the judge denied that request, and so now the trial continues upp underneath a cloud of uncertainty. frances? >> steve patterson for us. thank you, steve >> protesters packed a court in philadelphia saying more needs to be done after dozen from duty after sharing offensive and racist posts on social media nbc's ron allen has the details. >> reporter: anger erupting at a philadelphia city council meeting and demands dozens of officers be fired for offensive facebook posts made public by an advocacy group >> we are here on behalf of the people because we will not have
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racist police patrolling our streets. >> reporter: the plain view project published several,000 social media posts from colonel officers in eight cities that endorse violence, racism and bigotry. >> it makes me sick, to be honest with you. it really makes me sick because we are in a position to know better >> reporter: in philadelphia, 300 officers implicated, 72 now assigned to desk duty. the largest number taken off the were youe posts?mo >> no. >> reporter: michelle, retired from the philadelphia police >> it damages the ones that do the good work in this city it damages us all. it damages the city. >> reporter: the philadelphia police union called it an overly broad social medianvhe officers due process. >> what do we want>> rorter: whe investigation grows, strust ronil allen, nbc news, philadelphia >> some alarming news about the effects of spending too much time on your phone australian researchers suggesting humans are growing
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horns on the base of their skulls nbc's stephanie gosk has the details. >> reporter: look up pay attention. sustained bad posture over a tiny screen could lead to one of these. it does look sort of like a horn, but actually this is a bone spur near the base of the skull. researchers in australia examined hundreds of x-rays and found that roughly 40% of people 18 to 30 years old who use their phones more than 4 1/2 hours a day developed the growth the likely cause all that is all like screwed off. >> reporter: the bone spur is something typicall, not young adults >> it's really scary it's a big find. it's a big sign. it's also that we're changing. we're changing the physical aspects of humanei >> reporter: add the horn to a growing list of ailments caused by our tech use, like text neck and texting thumb.
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so what's the solution prop up tablets on a pillow. hold screens higher. or here's an idea. just put the phone down altogether stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york >> we're getting a first look at the transcript from the closed door testimony from former trump aide hope hicks which reveals white house lawyers stopped her 155 times from answering lawmakers' questions during the seven hours before the house judiciary committee, lawyers intervened on inquiries into everything from james comey' firing to attemptnes co, selecting duke star zion williamson with the first overall pick in the nba dr former pelicannttraded to the ln new orleans were ecstatic by the new face of their franchise. way with some baggage. the 18-year-old was recently sued by a sports marketing
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agency for $100 million. williamson sued marketing earlier this month alleging the contract was unlawful in north carolina they're hitting back saying he left one month into the five year deal. >> the u.s. women's national team wrapped up th cup with a r game they were facing sweden, the team that knocked them out of the 2016 olympics, with revenge on their minds, it took the americans only three minutes to find the back of the net lyndsay horan cut through a pack of defenders to go up 1-nil, another goal in the 50th minute is all the national team needed. they beat sweden 2-nil and move on to play spain in the round of 16 on monday >> millions of people out there hoping for some nicer summer weather, hoping shere in the n. a state of emergency was declared for several counties in new jersey where extreme flooding left people stranded and in need of water rescue.
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look at the football field it looked more like it was ready to host a swim meet after the heavy rain as severe weather moved through the south, they captured the moment the tree fell onto the truck in north carolina. strong winds left a trail of damage to homes and power lines. it might be the first day of summer, but some areas in montana are seeing snowfall when a heviso was issued for counties at higher elevations there are so many things wrong with that. i can't even imagine >> how are we still talking about snow >> we need to ask you that >> this is going to be for the higher elevations above 8,000 feet you could see one to 2 inches across montana today that severe weather is really going to continue to roll through across the plains. things are starting to dry out for north carolina, damaging wind gusts, but we still have rain in the forecast for at least the next early hours before this really starts to push out. across philadelphia, new york, 12:30 things will start to lighten up and finally a break from all ack in the upper 90s
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i feel like we've been talking about rain for the last week here. finally going to get a break for the northeast. still severe weather >> i miss that big round bright thing in the sky can't wait to see it thank you, janessa finders keepers, losers weepers? that is not always the case. police track down a north carolina man after the prosthetic ear he lost at a florida beach was found. the $3,500 ear will be mailed to the owner. >> a north carolina woman also lost an important object at the beach. it was the ring she received for mother's day engraved with her kids names she was reunited through social media. >> keep your walt ll wh shf u want it returned to
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in today's news by the numbers, the the s&p 500 closed at a record high thursday, erasing all its losses that made stocks sell off. it rose 27 points or .9% to 2,954. >> slack shares rose 9% in the debut thursday closing at 38.62. the messaging app company ended the mket value of $21 billion. >> to commemorate the 51 year anniversary at "the new york times" drag square, it was 1.2 miles long >> june is mon lgbtq people in the workplace, 53% faced or
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witnessed verbal discrimination at work. 30% reported witnessing discrimination 43% of people reported not being out at work and 47% believe being out of work could hurt their career the survey looked at 6000 working adults >> some republican lawmakers are in hiding this morning the democratic governor is ordering senators who are dodging a vote republicans walked out after tense negotiations afterade pro greenhouse gas emissions critics say it would hurt trrso avoid the vote fined $500 per day, but an the missing lawmakers will be online fund-raiser claims to have raised more than $15,000 for the republicans on the run >> what a scene at a phoenix airport here, and it was caught on video it shows a man rushing through a body scan machine and taking swings at tsa agents officials identified the suspect as 19-year-old tyrese garner of
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texas. the police report states he may be mentally disturbed and might have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs one tsa agent was taken to the hospital and four others treated at an urgent care facility >> just ahead inside the upside down, a new look at season 3 of stranger things. plus, unlucky in love, lucky in life life a man hits the jackpot in th life a man are my bones strong?th life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it or take xgeva® serious allergic reactions, like low blood pressure trouble breathing; throat tightness; face, lip, or tongue swelling rash; itching; or hives have happened. tell your doctor about dental problems as severe jaw bone problems may happen or new or unusual pain in your hip groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred.
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grab that person's [ bleep ] if you don't mind standing up all over this beautiful arena and just [ bleep ] that [ bleep ] you've been holding. >> we're about to walk into the oval office. >> where do you [ bleep ] your biggest [ bleep ], in there, upstairs, in your study? >> i really -- all over. >> they caught him frustrated. he's a total germ owe phoenix open i've seen it full picture, god forbid you lick your finger and [ bleep ] he'll >> hey fish i'd be pretty [ bleep ] if you [ bleep ] me >> oh, man dr. seuss, if he only knew how that was being played now. a hollywoodsuper couple have reportedly broken up they went to social media to address their alleged split. >> what's happening? what is pap going on >> it's over between us. >> he it's over between us oh, my god, what are you going
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to do. >> i felt suffocated >> you felt suffocated by me i was overbearing? >> they usually stay out of the spotlight, but they poked fun at the rumors i guess it's over at in touch weekly have fun selling magazines this week and that's the way to do it they're huge stars they usually keep quiet. they went on to joke saying, os, for the third time way to get at them but who is counting? >> good they have ns hu get ready. things are about to get three times stranger >> we're going to mdu. we're going to end your -- then we are going to end everyone >> netflix just dropped this trailer for their '80s inspired hit giving us a darker look at the third season mike and the gang are all back
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for the latest installment out on july 4th. it looks ominous >> it does from matrimony to jackpot alimony. a judge ordered a detroit man to share the $30 million winnings with his ex-wife he bought the ticket in 2013 when the two were already separated. since their divorce wasn't finalized until 2018, a judge ruled she ts tgeo keep $50 million saying it isn't over until it's over. "early today" will be right back for public education. where schools provide students find their passion, and learn in an environment that encourages discovery at their own pace. these schools may not be for everyone, but they are here for anyone. future business leaders, programmers, writers. kids of all abilities. whether you're facing a challenge, or want to be challenged.
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they are rocked by the w was a encounter for this group from rio de janeiro, and they were lucky enough to capture the moment on camera veryent at that. >> lucky they got to show it off. up next,g ea with senator elizabeth warren and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. try downy fabric conditioner. unlike detergent alone, downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning and smoothing fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. ooohhhh ♪
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but we're also a cancer fighting, hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born the first democratic debate here on nbc, and today senator elizabeth warren tells our own harry smith her big idea to end crippling student loan debt. >> what is your big idea >> it's to cancel about 95% student loan debt and to make
4:26 am
college technical school, two-year, four-year all free and tuition free >> it was a perfect day for retail politicking when we spoke with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren in portsmouth, new hampshire. >> i can tell you're into politics >> reporter: warren's plan would cancel up to $50,000 of student debt for 42 million americans. she also wants free colleg inst. to pay it, she would tax wealth 2 cents on every dollar on fortunat fortunes greater than $50 million. let me be cynical and say this is a play for millennials ee for me this is personal i'm somebody whose dad was a janitor. i had a dream to be a public school teacher and i wasn't going to be able to do that without a four-year college. i thought i'd completely lost it until i found a commuter college that cost $50 a semester i have lived my dream. and i love this work
4:27 am
but that option is just not out there for kids today >> reporter: so the idea that comes up, this is wealth distribution >> here's the deal any time you look at a budget, a budget is not numbers, but truly a statement of our values. what i want to do is say cents, guys, up at the top pitch that in so everybody els debt making public college free. that's elizabeth warren's big idea harry smith, nbc news, portsmouth, new hampshire. >> next up, andrew yang talks about his big idea on "nbc nightly news" and don't miss the first democratic debate in miami on june 26 and 27 on nbc, msnbc and telemundo. >> a political lightning rod is giving it another shot in alabama. roy moore says he's running for the senate again in 2020 despite push back from republicans his previous campaign was derailed by accusations of sexual misconduct by several women when they were teenagers
4:28 am
and he was in his 30s. moore was defeated by democrat doug jones in a 2017 special election >> a boston-area family was in for quite a surprise when they took their bull dog mortimer to the vet. and guess what they found insideacefiers luckily they wer ♪ espp luckily they wer love them, hate their laundry, protection. lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria. detergent alone can't. lysol. what it takes to protect. ®
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welcome to friday morning. a live look from the east bay. good morning walnut creek, good morning, bay area, if you're up early, getting a jump on your weekend plans, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. the weather outside, kari? >> it was great yesterday. it was really nice and comfortable. today just a little bit warmer but not much. and we're about to wrap up spring here in the next four hours. this is a look at the cloudy skies over san jose and campbell will start out with upper 50s and normally we're reaching 80 degrees.
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weovehat today and hotter tomorrow. we'll look


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