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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 1, 2019 3:00am-3:29am PDT

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tragedy in texas where a plane slammed into a hangar killing ten people aboard. we'll have the latest from the investigation into that crash. >> it's just a step. might be an important step, and it might not, but what we're doing today is a step and probably it's a step in the right direction. >> president trump steps into north korea and into uncharted territory for a commander in chief. what that historic moment could mean at the negotiating table. >> and routine traffic stop takes a heart pounding turn. the massive hunt after a suspect dragged a deputy down the road >> and a free agency free for all. the big money deal that could reshape the face of the nba.
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good monday morning. i'm phillip mena >> and i'm richard lui in for frances rivera investigators are in texas searching for answers after a small plane went up in flames at an airport north of dallas the fiery crash killed ten people, two crew members along with eight passengers. just hours ago ntsb officials shared an initial assessment of that crash nbc's dan scheneman has that update for us. >> reporter: sunday morning shortly after take off, investigators say the beach craft twin engine plane slammed into an unoccupied hangar at the addison airport just north of dallas in just moments, the aircraft was consumed by flames and the faa says destroyed a spokesman for the town odison board the plane. no one survived. >> we know two flight crew members and that there were eight passengers. we don't have a lot of detail beyond that at this point. >> reporter: the hangar was left with a massive hole in its roof and outer wall
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nbc news has learned the plane was based in addison and traveling to st. petersburg, florida. scheduled to arrive about three hours after take off >> preliminarily we've noted that the airplane was damaged by impact forces and a post-impact fire my team is starting to gather information on scene >> reporter: the investigation now in the hands of the national transportation safety board who will try to determine exactly what happened and why. dan scheneman, nbc news. >> well, one small step for man, a giant leap in diplomacy for north korea. this week president trump became the first sitting commander in chief to cross the korean demilitarized zone sharing a handshake with kim jong-un some say it could jump glorifie engel has more >> reporter: hey, phillip. it certainly showed president trump's love of the dramatic ant
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trump's few steps into north korea are steps toward peace president trump was first to arrive and walked slowly toward north korea in the no man's land of the demilitarized zone or dmz. still unclear if he was coming, kim jong-un then emerged, walking faster to catch up the two leaders shook hands. president trump on south korean soil, kim jong-un in the north >> good to see you again i never expected to meet you at this place you are the first president to cross. >> reporter: president trump asked and was invited to cross >> i asked him, i said, would you like me to come across the line he said, i would be honored to do that. >> reporter: the first sitting american president to set foot l that president trump wanted to do this had been circulating for weeks, but the logistics clearly
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only came together in the last minute security and american and north korean television crews seemed confuse and had got in e other's way. the president's new press secretary caughthessociated pre. but reistory is often messy, messier still because it all came together 48 hours after an invitation from president trump over twitter >> come on, let's go >> reporter: kim jong-un stepped over the line into south korea and the ritual was complete. >> a lot of friendships have been made and this has been in particular a great friendship. so i just want to thank you. >> reporter: the north korean leader, president trump, his advisors, and family members, went in for extended talks for almost an hour the results, a shared goal to resume talks in the next few weeks and appoint negotiators. >> we're not looking for speed, we're looking to get it right. >> reporter: the president tweeting as he departed for home that stepping into north korea was a great honor.
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it's hard to know if this will actually lead anywhere. the two leaders do seem to have a good rapport they are already talking about a potential fourth meeting even floating the idea of kim jong-un coming to the white nohoh koreay concrete steps to get rid of its nuclear program. phillip? >> all right, richard engel for us richard, thank you >> so the question now, what does come next, a fourth meeting, what will the meetings look like? nbc's hans nichols has more from seoul. >> reporter: for donald trump the first step towards kim jong-un's position may be the easiest. while president trump says he isn't in a hurry, there are major issues before them the biggest, complete denuclearization his critics call it show man ship, casting the impromptu meeting as an elaborate photo op >> it's worrisome this president erratically sets up ameeting without the staff work being done it seems like it's all for show.
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it's not substantive >> reporter: some arguing trump's dramatic approach will falter as a diplomatic tactic. >> this is a ruthless dictator and when you go forward, you have to have clear focus and a clear mission and clear goals. >> reporter: american intelligence agencies have concluded that north korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear arsenal as mr. trump has demanded full agreement by kim for complete and verifiable denuclearization, experts warn, may be a stretch, but it could lead to some progress. >> does that mean this is a deal that is going to lead to denuclearization no, but it's an interim deal >> they needed some way to get back to the talks, and this handshake i think does that. it resets the relationship >> reporter: president trump seemed to acknowledge that one pathway to peace might require him to lift sanctions before a final agreement is in place. >> i don't like sanctions being on this country. i'm looking forward, but sanctions remain, yes. but at some point during the negotiation things can happen.
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>> reporter: as trump touted the historic nature of his visit, he claimed that president barack obama also sought a meeting with kim jong-un, but the north korean leader had rejected him however, obama aides say that is flatly untrue and that the former president never pursued a visit or even a meeting. >> nbc's hans nichols, thank you for that >> the 2020 democratic candidates are rallying around senator kamala harris this morning coming to her defense afternoon the president's son shared a controversial tweet questioning her race some saying the message has echos of the birther conspiracy against former president obama nbc's mike gutierrez has a look. >> reporter: riding a fresh wave of popularity, senator kamala harris was at a gay pride parade in san francisco, but didn't address the issues surroundi her ka campaign. kamala harris is not an american black. she's half indian and half jamaican i'm so sickle of people robbing
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american blacks like myself of our history. it's disgusting. the tweet then retweeted by the president's son, donald trump jr. who added, is this true? wow. harris's father is say black man born in jamaica. her mother was born in india trump junior later deleted his retweet and in a statement his spokesman tells nbc news, once he saw that folks were misconstruing the intent of his tweet, he quickly deleted it harris's spokeswoman shot back this is the same type of racist attacks used to attack barack obama. it didn't work then and it won't work now and her democratic rivals rushed to her defense even drawing parallels to donald trump's birth era tax on barack obama. >> it's disgusting it has no place in our politics. >> reporter: cory booker responded to the tweet with an expletive. saying kamala harris doesn't have anything to prove the smears against harris come as the issue of race takes center stage in the 2020 campaign front runner joe biden has found himself a target because of some
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of his past positions and comments on "meet the press," booker once again took aim, saying the eventual democratic nominee should be someone who can talk openly and honestly about race >> i'm not sure if vice-president biden is up to that task. >> reporter: race relations driving the debate as the campaign intensifies mike vakara, nbc news, the white house. >> police in florida have released some terrifying dashcam video of a traffic stop gone wrong. it shows an officer being dragged twice by a car it all started when police say the officer pulled over the driver for dark tinted windows when the driver got upset, things turned violent. here's nbc's kathy park. >> reporter: this routine traffic stop in central florida saturday quickly spiralled out of control >> put your hands up >> reporter: body camera footage from seminole county sheriff's deputy showed hi rocky to turn off his car several
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times. rudolpred loununch jez out the deputy's gun they showed him racing twartd the interstate with the deputy holding on, dragged, authorities say, 200 yards before being thrown off the deputy's injuries were non-life threatening nbc news has not been able to locate an attorney for rudolph who was arrested after an eight-hour manhunt and treated for a gunshot wound to his leg >> he's going to be locked up tonight and he needs to be in there for a very long time >> reporter: the encounter seemed cordial at first. after the deputy pulled rudolph over for tinted windows. >> rocky, money, rudolph, jr., that name is awesome >> reporter: but then turned combative when the deputy said he smelled marijuana in the car. >> i'm telling you right now, stop, stop stop
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>> reporter: over the last year, similar traffic stops have turned violent across the country. in april, an officer in georgia was dragged by a driver trying to flee. and last year a suspect turned himself in after dragging an ohio state trooper for one mile. back in florida, rudolph faces charges of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer while a deputy is lucky to have survived this traffic stop that was anything but routine kathy park, nbc news >> as we head into the 4th of july week, many folks across the country are finalizing their travel plans aaa estimates 41.4 million people will be on the roads over the holiday, places like new york, boston, houston, and seattle are all projected to see delays that are three times worse than normal with 80% of all travelers expected to be driving, experts say july 3rd will be the busiest day on the road >> and it will be one of the siest days for our meteorologist bill karins.
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>> this is a high pressure forecast >> not at all given those numbers. >> you didn't get the joke we got it. >> meteorologist jokes >> it is the weather, yeah bad weather jokes. the week ahead forecast, monday today we have storms in the northern plains. hot in the south and all in the gulf coast dodging showers and storms here's wednesday we told you it's the busiest day on the road. scattered storms across the midwest and southern portions of the great lakes and right through the ohio valley. hot and humid in the southeast even by southeast standards it's going to be hot. we're going to see heat indices 110 in a few spots by the time we get to friday, day after 4th of july, notice how much green we have on the map. it's one of those forecasts it's going to be hot, it's going to be humid and in the afternoon and evening there will be a chance for storms. not everyone will be hit, but a couple people will bwe have nums
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morning ongoing through the dakotas and also areas of minnesota. we do have a risk of a few severe storms today. we'll show you who has a chance of those a little later. >> thanks, bill. talking about a dude, where's my car moment police in pennsylvania are trying to figure out how this car got wedged between these buildings. this subaru here somehow managed to get stuck between two brick buildings at a retirement home the fire department needed to use a crane to lift that car out and lower it into a tow truck. thankfully they were able to safely free the driver, but there is still no word on exactly how that crash occurred. >>up i don't kn somebody had a crazy weekend in pennsylvania, you know, wakings. and 50 years after the stonewall
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two people were arrested in r on sunday, dropping to the ground in the middle of the street and forming a human chain. the demonstrators were reportedly protesting the police presence and corporate involvement in the parade. >> meanwhile on the other coast, the streets of new york were flooded with rain bows and glitter sunday as millions across the globe gathered to celebrate world pride, commemorating 50 years since the riots of the stonewall end which ignited the gay rights movement. here's nbc's joe prior >> reporter: the streets of new york were packed with a different kind of traffic. a vibrant parade, the culmination of world p dedicate9 uprising of the stonewall inn. 50 years ago if this many people would have gathered -- >> we would have all been arrested today the city of new york is rolling out the red carpet gay liberation front, an grand marshals, members of the activist group thatformed righ
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after the riots, to organize marches when the streets were far less friendly. >> it was literally a group of marginalized people walking for their freedom. >> reporter: it's clear how much things have changed. front and center, the cast of the popular tv show shining a light on the transgender community. >> it's exciting so many people are out here looking for us for up liftment. >> reporter: more than 3 million people have lined the streets along the parade route which stretches for 2 1/2 miles. san francisco's famous pride parade also took place, and paris even paid tribute to stonewall through the spirit of that rebellion still echos across the globe, including the city where it all starte>> just way some students are protesting college loans. and talk about nets gain, how brooklyn dominated they won a free agency. you're watching "early today."
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we are about to see plenty of old faces in new places as the nba free agency period started off with a bang. two-time mvp kevin durant is moving across the country, announcing via instagram he plans to sign a mass $164 million deal with the brooklyn nets the former golden state star is coming off of an achilles tear he's expected to miss the upcoming season. he's not alone in choosing the
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nets reports say durant will be joined by kyrie irving and deandre jordan irving a six-time all-star signed a $141 million deal to be in brooklyn. boston already found their man to replace kyrie they signed hornets guard kemba walker to a similar $141 million contract what a difference just a few months makes we were talking about possibly the knicks getting kevin durant, kyrie and zion williamson. here we are 0 for 3. >> all low-budget deals, too still ahead, school ask out but many won't be paying off their college loans. we'll tell you why so-called studenlot an rebels are risking credit catastrophe by potentially defaulting on their debt uh-oh, looks like someone's
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some of the biggest issues right now on the campaign trail, student loan debt is affecting millions of americans struggling to keep up with payments and now a growing group is refusing to pay, intentionally defaulting on their loans in protest. but as nbc's morgan radford reports, those decisions come with serious risks >> reporter: this stack of paper -- >> i received these late last week >> reporter: -- is worth more than $80,000 in college debt when you get these, what do you do with them >> i put them in a pile and i'm waiting to shred them. >> reporter: but mark asked us not to use his real name for privacy reasons, says he'll never pay it is this a protest? >> it's definitely a protest >> reporter: protesting what >> the egregious debts, the private industry, all of it. >> reporter: he's part of a growing online community of debt defaulters their oal, to spark a nationwide debt strike, drawing attention to the nearly 45
3:27 am
million americans with student loan debt. and since each state has a limit on how long a creditor can try to collect on private loans, mark says it's a fight that also makes financial sense. >> if i were to default on the private loans, then my rate goes down to 15 to 25% of my income that's way more reasonable than $2,400 a month that's double what i spend to live here. >> you have one last opportunity to resolve it. >> reporter: but experts say that strategy can come with a hefty personal price, especially if collectors decide to sue. >> worst case scenario is your t least seven years or longer. your bank accounts are frozen. your wages are being garnished the interest is accruing and you can't sell or buy your home >> we need dramatic reform i see posts all the time where people are concerned about, well, suicide might be my only
3:28 am
option it's overwhelming. >> reporter: what some see as a shred of hope amid a national crisis morgan radford, nbc news, indianapolis, indiana. >> well, while people were celebrating world pride on sunday, a different kind of festival was happening in columbia >> what is he doing or saying? that's the annual donkey festival kicked off this weekend the contest for the best bray. this honors colombia's farmers who rely on donkeys to help with their crops. ale competition? that was dog gone good >> thanks for watching "early today. i'm richard lui. >> i'm phillip mena. arming up onved a shk
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nobody knows how things turn
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out, but certainly this was a great day. this was a very legendary, very historic day >> president trump takes a historic step into north korea, but will it be enough to make strides at the negotiating table? a fiery plane crash claims ten lives on a texas runway this morning. new details on the investigation into what went wrong a rebirth of the birther movement the growing backlash after donald trump jr. questions senator kamala harris' race. catalog. why bad blood with the buyer means she cannot just shake it off. "early today" starts right now very good morning to you, i'm richard lui in for frances


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