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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 1, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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stepping across that line was a great honor. a lot of progress has been made. a lot of friendships have been made and this has been in particular a great friendship. so i just want to thank you. it was very quick notice and i want to thank you. >> president trump steps across the dmz and into the history books. but now the question is can the administration turn show into substance by striking a deal with north korea >> on the runway, a fiery plane crash kills ten people at a texas airport. we'll have the latest from the investigation. >> danger lurking at the beach, a florida family's dire warning after losing a loved one to a flesch-eating bacteria >> and the nba free agency period opens up. it is nothing but nets how brooklyn pulled off a deal
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that could make them the league's next power house. >> and the scientists have finally done it. you can now eat raw cookie dough with a clean conscience. the safe and sweet new treat hitting store shelves. "early today" starts right now >> well, good morning to you i'm richard lui in for frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. will one small step for man mean a giant leap in diplomacy? this week president trump became the first commander in chief to cross the demilitarized zone sharing a historic handshake with kim jong-un supporters say it could jump start talks with korea while critics called it a glorified photo op tracie potts has theatest from capitol hill tracie, good morning >> reporter: it certainly was historic, may just be symbolic the president said notably that the world is watching hover ont everdo so. these ph th korean
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leader kim jong-un,but the reestion remains what does this >> it's just a step. might be an important step and it might not, but what we're doing today is a step, and probably it's a step in the right direction. it is a good feeling, so it could be very good >> reporter: as you noted, there have been two failed summits so far. the u.s. special envoy will lead a third effort the president says with teams from bothsides trying to get north korea to give up its nuclear weapons, the u.s. possibly to give up economic sanctions. that's what north korea wants. we'll see where this symbolic step leads meantime, the president's new press secretarstp a bit in north korea literally as she tried to push past north korean guards there at the dmz, allowing the u.s. american media to get in and get those pictures
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that you just saw. we understand that she suffered some minor injuries in that scuffle and several reporters tweet ed about it. >> all right, tracie potts starting us off this morning tracie, thank you. >> well, the question now is whether the administration can build on this image and strike a deal with kim jong-un and his regime nbc's hans nichols has more from seoul. >> reporter: for president donald trump, the first step of kim jong-un's step in north korea may be the easiest while president trump says he isn't mar issues before them the biggest,t show manship, casting it as a photo op >> it's worrisome this president sets up a meeting without the staff work being done. it seems like it's all for show, it's not substantive >> reporter: some worry trump's tactic will falter
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>> this is a ruthless dictator when you go forward, you have to have clear focus and a clear mission and clear goals. >> reporter: american intelligence agencies have concluded that north korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear arsenal, as mr. trump has demanded full agreement by kim for complete and verifiable denuclearization, experts warn, may be a stretch, but it could lead to some progress. >> does that mean this is a deal that is going to lead to denuclearization no but it is an interim deal. >> they needed some way to get back to the talks, and this handshake i think does that. it resets the relationship >> reporter: president trump seemed to acknowledge that one pathway to peace might require him to lift sanctions before ae on this country. i'm looking forward, but sanctions remain, yes. but at some point during the negotiation, things can happen >> reporter: as trump touted the historic nature of his visit, he claimed that president barack obama also sought a meeting with kim jong-un, but that the north korean leader had rejected him however, obama aides say that is
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flatly untrue and that the former president never pursued a visit or even a meeting. >> thanks to hans nichols for that thank you. >> federal investigators are searching for answers this morning in texas after a small plane crashed into a hangar and went up in flames at an airport in addison all ten people on board were killed nbc's dan scheneman has the latest on the story. >> reporter: sunday morning shortly after take off, investigators say the beach craft twin engine plane slammed into an unoccupied hangar at the addison airport north of dallas. in just moments, the aircraft was consumed by flames and the faa says destroyed a spokesn n says ten people wer board the plane. no one survived. >> we know that there were two flight c passengers. we don'tt of detail beyond that at this point. >> reporter: the hangar was left with a massive hole in its roof and outer wall nbc news has learned the plane was based in addison and traveling to st. petersburg,
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florida, scheduled to arrive about three hours after take off. >> preliminarily we've noted that the airplane was damaged by impact forces and a post-impact fire my team is starting to gather information on scene >> reporter: the investigation now in the hands of the national transportation safety board who will try to determine exactly what happened and why. dan scheneman, nbc news. >> a 43-year-old el salvadorian man is the latest migrant to die in the u.s. customs border protection the man who crossed into the u.s. was being held at a processing senor it in mcallen, texas, where he became ill and collapsed. he lart died at the hospital the man was traveling with his daughter who will remain in the shelter for now. at least two other adults and five children have died in custody since december >> the streets of new york were flooded with rainbows and glitter on sunday as millions across the globe gathered to celebrate world pride commemorating 50 years since the
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riots of the stonewall inn which ignited the riots. here's joe fryer >> reporter: the streets were packed with a different kind, a vibrant parade, the culmination of world pride which is dedicated to the 1969 uprising at the stonewall inn >> 60 years ago, if this many people were to gather, we would have all been arrested today the city of new york is rolling out the red carpet >> reporter: among the parade's grand marshals, members of the gay liberation front, an activist group that formed right after the riots, orgtd marches when the streets were far less friendly >> it it was literally a group of marginalized people walking for their freedom. >> reporter: it's clear how much things have changed. front and center of the parade, the cast of the popular tv show shining a light on the transgender community. >> it is exciting so many peopl
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looking for us 3 million people have descended and lined the streets of the parade route which stretches for 2 1/2 miles. san francisco's famous pride parade also took place, and paris even paid tribute to stonewall through the spirit of that rebellion still echos across the globe including the city where it all started. joe fryer, nbc news, new york. >> now to a stampede following a fireworks show in madison, wisconsin saturday night after shots rang out just as the show ended. hundreds ran for their lives some trying to take cover near the stage. one person was shot, but is expected to recover. a police officer was also hurt during this stampede authorities believe the shooter another, but so far no arrests >> perfect switch for the brooklyn nets as the free agency period opens in the nba. two-time mvp kevin durant announcing via instagram he plans to sign a max $164 million
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deal with the nets the former golden state star is coming off of an achilles tear and is expected to miss the upcoming season. durant wasn't the only marquee-free agent he will join kyrie irving and deandre jordan irving signed a 1 # 41 million with the nets. deangelo russell, espn is reporting he is going to the warriors in a sign and trade agreement. >> a couple she can els being moved around the last 24 hours >> if anybody should be happy about it, it is that man over there, bill karins the nets fan. >> late nights throughout the winter and spring will be happening. >> some exciting days for the nets, right? >> it's been a while, since jason kidd >> it's been a decade. >> relevant for the first time in a long time all right, let's get into the week ahead forecast. a lot of people traveling, a lot of people on vacation. nice in the northeast, by the way.
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a decent weekend dodging the thunderstorms. hot and humid in the southeast not too many storms compared to how many typically we get in the summertime the worst will be in south dakota, also southern minnesota. that's where we could get strong storms let's fast forward into wednesday, they call this the busiest day of the week for traveling. scattered storms from chicago, indianapolis, ohio, kentucky scattered storms on the gulf coast. with the high humidity level, that's the pattern we're going to be in thursday and friday a lot of areas of the east, we're going to call it hit and miss storms. summertime event, they're not going to ruin your entire day but they'll be around hit and miss in the afternoon hours. hopefully cross our fingers for the fireworks of the week actu it could be up to 110. we're working on our fireworks forecast
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a sneak peek kind of hit and miss storms. right now we don't expect wash outs, so maybe a little delay here or there, but we'll get the fireworks off, i think >> thank you so much, bill karins well, the yankees and red sox got the royal treatment this weekend. prince harry and meghan markle attended the first major league baseball game held in europe the royal couple met with each team at the london stadium where they were presented with gifts for their new baby archie. prince harry's invictus games was chosen as a charity partner for the two-game series. the yankees won both games >> look at that. now they have items for both l nks. get to choose, red sox or yaee hiding at the beach this summer and bringing down the house, the dramatic moment caught on camera in texas i'm jimmy dean and uh,
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probably clean it up to start. >> something about the controlled chaos i think we're into >> blowing it up we know we're doing a little bit. leading the news this morning, a warning for anyone planning a trip to the beach the son of a woman says his mother was killed from flesch eating bacteria. >> reporter: a holiday trip to the coast, a family in mourning after a walk on the beach turned deadly >> there were no warning signs there was a normal day at the beach. >> reporter: wade fleming said it began when his 77-year-old mother stumbled exposing a three quarter inch cut to a microscopic danger th fascitis or flesch eating bacteria so lethal carolyn died two weeks later after complications from ere re to recognize, you know, the dangers, they would have told her to>> reporter: the infection is rare, but the cdc says up to one
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in three people with necrotizing fascitis die even with treatment. >> some of the earliest symptoms of necrotizing fascitis would be an area of redness or swelling that's spreading rapidly an area that's severely painful and/or associated with fever >> reporter: experts say since bacteria most commonly enters the body from a break in skin, wash cuts immediately. avoid bodies of water, that includes hot tubs and pools. if you see any sign of infection, see a doctor immediately. >> i can't do everything that i was able to do before. >> reporter: for 12-year-old kylie parker, early detection saved her life when she contracted the same infection. after multiple surgeries to halt its spread, recovery could still take years >> there is a possibility that it may affect her to where she may normally >> reporter: now the fleming family is sharing their mother's story in hopes someone will recognize the problem they didn't catch in time >> that's what we're hoping to cure t righto educate people to let the public know
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that they can go to the beach, they can have but there are dangers out there. >> reporter: a call for caution ahead of a busy holiday weekend. morgan chesky, nbc news, miami >> all right up next, alladin works magic for will smith's career. plus sparks fly over the taylor swift's back catalog she saidveth erying has changed but does she need to calm down a bit. ! (girl) nooooooooooooo! (man) nooooo! (girl) nooooo... (vo) quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker, and is two times more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. (man andat (vo) bounty, the quicker picker upper. can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope.
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independence day as the highest-grossing film of my entire career. to have my biggest movie at this
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point in my career, i just want to say thank you >> it only took will smith 23 years and numerous blockbusters to finally star in a movie bigger than independence day with the 50-year-old smith playing the genie alladin, now passed $817 million earned by independence day back in 1996. alladin has made more than $874 million globally that's surprising to know as big as a star he is, 23 years. >> that is surprising. i would have thought it would not be the headline now, but congratulations to him moving on to pop star taylor swift, sheasome t manager who recently bought the roshd label big machine for $300 million swift was signedw braun owns the singer's first six albums in her catalog. in the tumbler post, swift blasted braun accusing him of bullying her for years she posted a photo of braun,
4:20 am
bieber and kanye west. this is braun bullying me on social media when i was at milo est point. this is my worst case scenario something to sing about and write about. >> inspiration the beatles didn't even own their music for quite a while. >> michael jackson >> it's part of the music industry >> two of tv's most famous beards have fiy literallyace sn that is someone who looks like when you signed a treaty at fort sumpter, honey >> thought you were going to see jim cramer harden. jonathan introduces david letterman to beard oil in the new interview. they have serious moments as well the two get into a deep discussion on gender identity and lgbtq rights >> letterman's beard is important. every time i see that it's interesting to watch >> that is a life's work right
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there. well earned. he likes to grow that beard, beard chapter. one country has been able to cover evyo wleernehi lowering drug prices, but what does it cost their taxpayers uh-oh, looks like someone's
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still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. as we head into the 4th of july week, many folks across the country are finalizing their travel plans aaa estimates 41.4 million people will be on the roads over the holiday. places like new york, boston, houston, and seattle are all
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projected to see delays that are three times worse than normal, with 80% of all travelers expected to be driving, experts say that july 3rd is going to be the busiest day out there on the roads. >> let's talk about monday and what it looks like before we get to that day. bill karins is here with that forecast >> hazy hot and humid will be with us. it is going to be building in the southeast. this week was veanryd st. louis. not pleasant today st. louis will be 102 heat indices. as wo areas of the southeast, temperatures will be like 106 in northern florida >> aboik exactly >> thanks, bill. when wcoe me back, everyone's favorite guilty pleasure is now edible can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel.
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2020 campaign, affordable health care prima primary dr. john torres went in search of health care exclusions this morning he takes us to germany so see how that country's system works and what lessons could be learned right here >> reporter: chicago native courtney wright moved to germany six years ago. she got her masters degree, met her husband marco, and is working in tech. as a type one diabetic relies on affordable insulin, the drug she needs each day to stay alive >> i get five of these for a ten-year-old >> which is about $15. >> right >> reporter: in the u.s. where insulin prices are soaring, a box could cost hundreds, even with insurance >> it's heart breaking when i see the stories in the u.s. of people rationing their insulin or even going over the border to canada and mexico to insulin. >> reporter: but experts germany is a better model for affordable drugs and health care coverage in general. why? in germany, all workers contribute part of their is have
4:27 am
a salary, 7% matched by their employer into a publichealth insurance pool, ensuring ench gets coverage. >> in germany, do you think they consider health care a right or a privilege? >> i think they definitely consider it a right. >> reporter: another major difference, germany regulates drug prices and medical costs through an independent agency made up of doctors, insurance companies, patients and lawmakers. they have strict limits on out of pocket costs so no such thing as surprise medical bills. when you go home, will you get a bill >>o pay tem isn't ion and doctors ane wn costing people as much, it can't be as good of a system as the u.s. >> i think we can very well compare with the u.s. system >> reporter: now as their country moves toward another election, could there be a new fix for health care by looking at germany, the oldest health
4:28 am
care system in the world dr. john torres, nbc news, berlin >> we could learn a few things from overseas. >> yeah, oldest in the world i didn't know that >> they know how to do it right. hope we can do the same. you can now drown yourself in a pint of edible cookie dough. this is a new treat currently only available at publix they plan to roll it out to walmart stores soon. it is safe i to eat raw. comes in two flavors, chocolate chip and peanut butter chip. you have to jump on it soon. it will only be available through july >> gooey and good stuff. thanks for waking up with us i'm richard lui. >> i'm phillip mena. the news continues on nbc and
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a very good monday morning to you, the first day of july. taking a live look outside, hazy look at san francisco this morning, but we're expecting a sunny holiday week for both san francisco and inland.
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good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's head over to meteorologist kari hall. you've been tracking the weather for us. what can we expect today? >> it will be foggy at the coast and sunny inland and that's what's helping to keep us cool across the bay area. it will be a nice one. a live look outside in walnut creek as we get startedit the u 50s to start and a slow climb as we eventually make it into upper 70s, and for the south county.


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