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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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back to business. how long it will take before buses start rolling in. and a major shakeup for the golden state warriors, as it looks to reshape the team. fans react as kevin durant takes the big apple over the bay area. say it's not so, but it is. good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this monday morning, first day of july. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. of course our weather is so much better than new york. >> they got the humidity back there. >> speaking of weather, nice weather to start off the week. >> yes, we're starting out this morning seasonal 60s, cool refreshing start to the day, if you're headed out to the park this morning, it will start out with a few clouds in martinez and cool temperatures, some comfortable weather as we go throughout the day. south bay temperatures in the upper 70s, so we'll get a look at that, and the week ahead, coming up. mike, you have a look at the
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longer commute. >> yes, we're talking about folks driving in for stockton and tracy and everything is moving smoothly. the live shot a good amount of traffic coming through the area. on a very early commute like we have now, before 6:00 in the morning, you may see a little more traffic on the roads, some folks try to edge in, get in early, get out early if you're looking at perhaps shorter hours this week. a lot of vacations floating around. south bay along the peninsula no problems but slowing as they clear through derek and menlapark, no problems for the bay bridge. back to you, laura. >> thanks, mike. 5:01, breaking in afghanistan, dozens are feared dead after a powerful explosion and military assault. you can see the huge plume of smoke from kabul. a car bomb exploded outside a defense ministry building. militants then fired on that same building following the blast. so far there's no official announcement on the number of dead but the "new york times" spoke to one source who says at least 40 people have died and some of the victims may be
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children. president trump is the first sitting american president to set foot in north korea. "today in the bay's" presidents presidents li tracie potts is live with us on what this means for nuclear weapons and sanctions. >> that's the key, marcus. good morning, everyone. it was a pr moment for both the u.s. and north korea for the president and for chairman kim, but what happens next? will they be able to translate this into some real progress on these nuclear talks that have been stalled? >> i never expected to meet you at this place. >> reporter: president trump stepping into history. >> stepping in was a great honor. >> reporter: the first american president to stand on north korean soil, shaking hands with north korean's leader kim jong-un. >> this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate all the
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unfortunate tasks and future. >> reporter: historic but is this symbolic? could it lead to north korea giving up nuclear weapons? >> the next two or three weeks, the teams are going to start working to see whether or not they can do something. >> it's a tall order to convince the north koreans to give up these things. >> reporter: north korea wants relief from economic sanctions. the u.s. wants to end their nuclear program. two summits have produced little progress. the u.s. is going for a third, led by special envoy steven beagn. >> i want to see them stop testing nuclear weapons. >> reporter: president trump is downplaying recent tests as small mice silssiles, not long . >> it's hard to imagine him dismantling his nuclear and missile arsenals on the promise of sanctions relief. >> reporter: the impact unknown. president trump also said he's
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invited chairman kim to visit him here at the white house. marcus? >> that's something we will be watching to see what happens with that. thank you, tracie. >> it is 5:03. immigration rights sto supporters are holding two rallies, one in hayward and the other in oakland. we want to show you video from over the weekend when a group gathered in san diego demanding the trump administration stop separating families. it argued president trump is revoking deferred action for childhood arrival known as daca and ramping up i.c.e. raids. as those protests get under way today, congressman joaquin castro, chairman of the congressional office will meet with a delegation to investigate facilities in texas used to detain immigrants. castro and other members of congress will tour facilities including one in the border city of el paso. back in the bay, months after it closed, the sales force
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transit center is back open but missing one critical component, the buses. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live this morning. pete, if there are no buses, what's actually open? >> good morning to you, laura. no bus service as of yet but we know the center will be open. we're talking about the rooftop park, the food trucks, other amenity also reopen at about qualify a.m. it has been quite a process. the transit center has been closed since last september, nearly a year, the result of the closing due to infrastructure issues that were to blame, specifically fish us found in two beams. after an eight-month review, they concluded that the issue was actually localized to the fremont street location so that's why the transit center is reopening to the public later this morning. today the rooftop part the grand hall, food trucks and art installations will be open to
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the public. when it comes to the bus service, muni and golden gate transit open early july and ac transit greyhound and west cat links are set to open beginning late this summer. reporting live from san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." happening today, it's going to cost you more to drive across the golden gate bridge. here is a live look for you, fast track fee also go up by 35 cents and pay as you go will be 20 cents more. the tolerate is still the lowest for fastrak drivers so you'll want to use the pass. the toll will increase each year until 2024, part of a five-year plan to improve public transportation. if you're taking mass transit around the bay, starting today, fares are going up if you don't use the clipper card. muni riders who pay cash mingle
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fare s $3, instead of $2.75. clipper card users pay $2.50, same for ac transit local single rides for cash payers go up 25 cents to $2.50, single ride fares for clipper cardholder also stay at $2.25. in alameda county, leaders in piedmont expect to add more license plate readers. the ordinance calls for replacing an existing camera at another location. piedmont currently has 39 readers positioned at 15 different intersections and entry points. happening today, the only road in yosemite that goes over the sierra is set to finally reopen with no restrictions. tioga road has been open with restrictions for the past two-plus weeks. as of today, the roads and
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visitor services including restrooms also reopened. later this month, the park expects to gradually reopen lodging, a store and campgrounds. most years tioga road has fully reopened by now but this winter saw more snow. >> look like we're going camping or glamping, kari? >> i'll definitely go glamping. >> i'll make the reservation. >> we'll have a great forecast if you're going to yosemite for the fourth of july, headed into the next couple of days, look at the temperatures. it's going to be beautiful, reaching into the low to mid-70s, a lot of sunshine. if you're headed out to work on your way out the door in antioch, it's going to be 58 degrees, a cool start, but a very comfortable day, upper 70s by noon. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates coming up, and mike, you're seeing some slowing on the peninsula. >> exactly, a little bit of slowing and we talk about why the crews are moving. so still southbound 101 starting to recover, just starting to recover headed down through
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redwood city and east palo alto. not unusual and the freeway is open, just picking up the cones and freeing up the traffic flow. flowing smoothly toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic continues through the maze without a problem but the backup has started to form 5:09, talking about this. the fastrak lanes slowing because of the early build, it will be cleared and then build again later in the day. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:09. coming up here on "today in the bay," making changes to your new speeds. the new action facebook is taking this morning. bad blood, the new feud brewing online between taylor swift and scooter braun. and 5:25, a missing southern california hiker is found alive. brand new for you this morning, what helped him survive nearly a week-long stay. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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welcome back. the metering lights are on early on this monday. there's a crash on the span. we'll sort out the details
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across the bay bridge coming up. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up sharply higher this morning. investors all around the world are reacting to the u.s. and china striking a trade truce this weekend, agreeing not to impose further tariffs on each other's goods at least for now. the u.s. tariff also remain in place. the markets closing out the first half of the year with gains on friday. the dow had its best month since october of 2015 and turned in its best first half since 1999. if you're flying out on the fourth get to the airport extra early. the tsa says a record number of passengers will be flying this week, with 12 million people expected to pass through security checkpoints between july 3rd and the 7th. the peak day wl kely b sunday. the tsa anticipates screening about 2.7 million passengers and crew members on the peak days, that's an additional 500,000
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people than on a typical day. you could also face extra traffic out there on the roads. aaa says the number of drivers is expected to rise by more than 4% this year and some cities will be three times more congested than on normal days. new york, boston, houston and seattle all projected to see delays at least three times longer than normal at the busiest travel times. wednesday is expected to be the worst. more than 41 million people are forecasted to hit the roads and aaa projects the latest to increase by 9% nationwide. as you said laura, pack your patience. >> right? we're going to count how many times newscasters say that during this week. >> 5,622. that's just one day. >> and also around thanksgiving. busiest travel times of the year. >> ding, ding, ding, ding! >> pack your patience, frank. >> absolutely. >> that's three in the last hour and a half. >> see you later, frank. new this morning, apple says it's focused on quality over quantity as it prepares to launch its apple tv plus services. it may be a shot of releasing as
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much original content to attract viewers. the report says anlogical likely release new content every month starting this fall. apple has lined up several big-named projects with shows from j.j. abrams, steven spielberg and oprah winfrey. the first original series will be at the workplace trauma "the morning show" which stars reese witherspoon and jennifer aniston. >> all based on their lives. very dramatic. it's 5:15. facebook will soon change some of its policies involving ads tied to your money. the social media giant has agreed to make all job, loan and credit card advertisements accessible and searchable. the decision comes after a string of lawsuits arguing discrimination when it comes to customized ad targeting. it follows the company's recent decision to make all housing ads searchable by location and advertiser. facebook expects its database to be ready by the end of the year.
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trending now, taylor swift is angry with the way her music is being handled. the pop star is posting about the new owner of her music and master recordings. take a look at what she posted on tumblr. she writes she is sad and grossed out her music catalogue now belongs to scooter braun. she accused braun of bullying for years. justin bieber is standing up for braun saying that braun had supported taylor swift from the beginning. braun is bieber's manager. 5:16 for you right now. "toy story 4" manages to hold its top spot at the box office over the weekend. >> the animated film earned $57.9 million. in second place is "annabele comes home" which earned $20.4 million and will smith celebrating this morning. >> "aladdin" just passed "independence day" as the highest grossing film of my
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entire career. >> disney's remake of "aladdin" which stars smith as the iconic genie passed the $817 million worldwide box office total and "independence day" earned back in 1996. in that instagram video, smith went on to thank his fans. he's pretty good in it. it was fun. >> was it? >> um-hum. >> i have to check it out. >> the triplets will go again any time, marcus. >> let's go! >> they like that popcorn. >> okay, extra popcorn. >> my mom took my son to see "toy story 4" so a lot of good movie this is year. >> i want to see "annabele." i won't take the kids to that. >> all right, we're making plans for the holiday week and it's going to be a great one weather wise. a live look outside at this beautiful sunrise over the south bay, a few clouds rolling by, and we'll see them kind of clearing out as we go throughout the day. heading out the door in santa
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teresa, it will be in the upper 50s at 6:00 and 55 degrees at 10:00. low 70s by noon today so it's going to be a nice one to head outside or go for a run in livermore as long as you get out there early in the day. cooler at 65 degrees at about 10:00, and then at noontime it's 72 degrees. here is a look at all of our high temperatures for the south bay, we're up to 79 in east san jose, 81 in gilroy. morgan hill reaching 83. we'll also be up to 83 in concord today with vallejo reaching 78. we'll be up to 67 for the high in oakland. half moon bay stays cool with a high of 59 degrees. 58 in daly city and windy in san francisco today with at times the fog rolling by, keeping it in the lower 60s today, and low 80s for much of the north bay, sonoma today reaching 80 degrees. we have this brisk westerly wind coming in that's bringing in natural air conditioning but
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also keeping it cool for the coastline, as half moon bay will have wind speeds sustained at about 17 miles per hour and picking up as we go throughout the day. look at how windy it's going to be there, while the inland valleys will still have some brisk winds. we will have mostly clear skies and temperatures warming up, and this is the kind of weather setup we'll see throughout the week, no major change in our temperatures, so if you're liking the weekend weather that we had and today's weather, you're going to see that continuing into the fourth, but i know for san francisco, the fog is always an issue for the fireworks, and unfortunately, at this time, it doesn't look like that fog will clear out, so we'll have to watch that. that may change your plans and where you go see the fireworks on the fourth. mike, you have a big problem for the bay bridge. >> it's not enough fog to cause a problem right now, kari, you're talking about fog on the fourth. i'm talking about the big jam right now on the span, look at this westbound from the toll plaza where the metering lights were turned on, 20 minutes early, we're looking at jammed
5:20 am
up traffic. you see the flashing lights, two more crews headed to the area for that crash reportedly blocking four of your five lanes as you are approaching treasure island. this is the reason why you avoid the bay bridge right now. the chp incident reported they had opened all but one lane now but it hasn't happened just yet so that indicates to me they should be clearing soon, but the backup already you saw that. you can avoid that if you are making the easy choice between that and the richmond-san rafael bridge, choose that one to the north or headed down to the san mateo bridge, that's just as easy, head to the san mateo bridge because traffic south of the bay bridge is clear. you are seeing more folks traveling across 92, probably hearing about the reports as we've been telling you as well. b.a.r.t. will avoid the bay bridge taking it under the water, under all that activity, 20 trains on time and if you are taking ace train trying to do work on the ride in, you cannot on wifi, unless you bring your hot spot, because ace train does not have wifi until further notice. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up here on "today in
5:21 am
the bay," a warning, as you head to the beach this week for the holiday. the deadly bacteria you should be aware of. plus the latest on the investigation into a small plane crash that killed ten people. the clues leading up to the fatal flight. you're watching "today in the bay."
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dramatic protests today on the streets of hong kong. at one point, protesters tried to break into the hong kong legislature. a crowd of people have been reportedly ramming a glass panel door. a live look where protesters remain on the streets along with a protesting proposed china extradition measure. demonstrators are protesting the 22nd anniversary of the handover of hong kong to china. the bodies of the father and daughter who drowned together trying to cross the rio grande river are back in el salvador
5:24 am
this morning. photographs of oscar alberto martinez and his daughter valeria created a stir. developing right now, ntsb to s trying to figure out what happened in a plane crash in dallas. all ten people died. the plane crashed intoen empty airline hangar. it was bound for st. petersburg, florida. >> there were two flight crew members and eight passengers. we don't have a lot of detail beyond that at this point. >> the ntsb says it is aware of three videos of the crash which investigators are now reviewing. new details on the story getting a lot of attention this morning. a hiker missing for a week in
5:25 am
southern california is alive. the rescue helicopter hoisted 73-year-old eugene jo to safety yesterday in l.a. county. he became lost saturday after getting separated from his hiking group near mt. waterman. he is in remarkable good health conditions considering he'd been without food and support for seven days. the man says that he survived by drinking water from a creek. new for you this morning, investigating recent deaths in eight americans in the dominican republic, all of them happened in the past year. so far, there's no definitive link between any of them, but family members have speculated the deaths may be a result of toxic alcohol or even pesticides. top democratic senator chuck schumer is calling for federal agencies, including the fbi and atf to help local agencies in looking for possible connections. a warning from a family about dangers at beaches.
5:26 am
carolyn fleming died two weeks ago after she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria. according to her family, fleming was walking on a florida beach when she fell and cut her leg. three days later, she was hospitalized with a serious infection. she suffered two strokes, organ failure during surgery to save her leg. now her son is hoping that no one else goes through the same tragedy. >> to let the public know that they can go to the beach, they can have fun, but there are dangers out there, and try to learn the warning signs. >> you can watch the entire story on the "today" show, it's coming up at 7:00 a.m. now to some wild video out of georgia, and a warning for you, it is pretty cute. dash cam video showing a police officer rescuing a kitten on a highway, during rush hour. the rescue mission started when a call came in to 911 reports a number of cats dropped off on theinterstate. the video shows an officer spots
5:27 am
one of the kittens, places it in a bucket and then he took it to a nearby vetitarian clinic. the kitten has already been adopted. >> you think it would have stopped traffic but they kept going. >> look at that been >> brave. >> 5:27. still ahead on "today in the bay," prices at the pump are going up again. a live report on how much more you can expect to pay across the state, starting today. plus, one of the most successful teams in nba history is officially breaking up. the player shakeup and how warriors fans are areareacting morning. and taking a live look at the, woo, backed up bay bridge toll plaza. you can see there that those drivers are going to have a long commute. mike inouye will get us through the commute in a bit. kari has a look at your forecast coming up. it is 5:27. you're watching "today in the bay."
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. welcome to monday morning, also the first day of july. what comes in july? oh, the fog. the fog over san francisco. we've got a sunny week ahead inland. we'll look forward to that. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's head over to meteorologist kari hall. >> it's going to be anywhere from the upper 50s to the 80s today. >> wow. >> we have a wide range of temperatures all because of that fog near the coast, and inland spots like in walnut creek, it's going to be nice today and a little bit warmer as we see our temperatures starting out in the upper 50s. we'll be at 74 degrees at noon eventually reaching up to 86 in antioch. 78 in san jose. oakland today will see a high of 67 and 75 today in napa.
5:31 am
i'm watching that fourth of july forecast for you. we'll talk more about it and mike, you have an alert now. >> i'm issuing my own alert. chp did not issue the alert but i'm warning folks it's unexpectedly jammed across the bay bridge, unexpectedly quick as far as the clearing up. you see traffic moving along the incline in patches. the jam still there as the slow lane is blocked with the flashing lights by the tower approaching treasure island, yerba buena island. westbound commute direction, it's filled in the incline back through the toll plaza coming out of the maze. richmond raph bridge or the san mateo bridge are your north and south alternates and b.a.r.t. is the alternate to avoid the roadway system all together. >> california has some of the highest gas prices in the nation, today the prices are soaring even higher, as a lot of new laws go into effect.
5:32 am
"today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in fremont with what we can expect. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yes, laura, a new state gas tax does go into effect starting today, california will now collect an additional 5.6 cents per gallon of gas. the idea this money will raise about $5 billion a year to help pay for road repair and bridge repair as well as transportation projects, projects for things like public transportation and biking and hiking trails. this means drivers will now pay just over 47 cents a gallon in taxes, and that number will increase over time to keep up with the california consumer price index. you'll recall governor jerry brown signed the new gas tax into law in 2017, state republicans tried to repeal the law with a ballot measure last year but voters rejected that, allowing this new tax to stand. >> you know, in the long run, it's going to help us provide better roads, and better commute times. >> reporter: you're okay with it? >> i'm okay with it.
5:33 am
i don't like it in my wallet but we need it for the roads and stuff. >> we're the biggest economy in the united states, in the world, and we are the most taxed people? it don't make no sense. california, we shouldn't be taxed the way we are, because other states that are smaller and not taxed. no, it just don't make sense to me. >> reporter: here are the latest numbers overnight from aaa. you can see here in the bay area, we are averaging anyfrom where around $3.74 to $3.85 for a gallon of gas and san francisco is the most expensive not just locally but nationally as well. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. another new law requiring background checks for ammunition purchase which goes into effect today. governor gavin newsom says the initiative will save lives, while opponents say it will harm millions of law-abiding gun owners. voters approved the check in 2016 and set an effective date
5:34 am
of july 1st. ammunition dealers were seeing a surge in sales as customers stock up before the requirement takes effect. advocates against gun violence believe the law will prevent fatal officer shootings. today marks the deadline for the state's department of justice to review marijuana convictions, prop 64 loosened rights for cannabis access. prosecutors across the state will have one year to challenge any resentencing or dismissal decisions. warriors fans waking up to the dawn of a new day after what has to be the team's largest one-day overhaul ever. talk about a makeover. dub nation may call it the best of times and the worst of times. check out these two twitter posts for starters. k.d. is gone and the star in the making, deangelo russell will join the warriors with a new four-year deal.
5:35 am
russell comes to the warriors thanks to a reported trade with the brooklyn nets, it was the first time all-star this season. the warriors have reportedly resigned splash brother klay thompson to a five-year max deal. thompson injured his knee in the nba finals and may not see the court at all next season. another fan favorite is gone, the warriors traded andre iguodala to memphis. iggy has been really a key part of the championship run, he even won the final's mvp in 2015. the reason the nets traded deangelo russell is partly because they shelled out big bucks to sign a trio of nba stars, that includes the big prize in free agency, kevin durant. fans we spoke with said they were sad but they're realistic about the future. >> steph, klay, rim from the get-go. >> klay will get healthy, return from injury, and we got steph to back the team up. he's always been the rock of the team so it's perfect. >> people may wonder why the warriors traded iguodala, who
5:36 am
wasn't a free agent, but they needed the salary room to obtain deangelo russell, who is just 23 years old. san francisco giants ceo lar ray baer will return this week. major league baseball suspended baer after this video surfaced several months ago shows him getting into an altercation with his wife. the giants sent out a statement saying baer focused on regular counseling during the three-month absence. in a statement baer said he was truly sorry, adding, "i've been able to step back and take stock of myself as a person, and as a leader. i am wiser for it, and the work continues." 5:36. two rocks painted to honor a fallen sacramento police officer from the bay area have now reportedly been restored. someone recently painted over them in an act many found offensive. the rocks are in el dorado, honored tara o'sullivan shot and killed june 19th, someone then painted over the rocks and took
5:37 am
down the wreath and flags. o'sullivan died responding to a domestic violence call. "the sacramento bee" reports boys repainted the rocks with messages for o'sullivan and police. a san francisco filmmaker recently re-arrested in connection with a deadly shooting, is expected to appear in court today for a preliminary hearing. police arrested kevin epps in may, accused in the deadly shooting of marcus polk three years ago in the glenn park district. prosecutors released him because the evidence at the time was thin. since then, prosecutors say more convincing evidence has emerged. 5:37 and the santa rosa fire department wants you to be prepared for looming danger ahead. you probably already know the power outages may be coming during red flag warnings. pg&e says people in santa rosa might be affected if they are served by a line that runs
5:38 am
through the high risk area. utilities blackout system affects 31,000 miles of power lines, and high threat areas and all 5 million customers in california. santa rosa fire department also telling residents fire station also literally fly a red flag, this is outside the firehouses, to signal critical fire danger. a sonoma county man remains missing near the grand canyon. 66-year-old peter francis schwab from healdsburg was on a river trip at the narrows inside zion national park. he was last seen friday. grand canyon rangers have been scouring the area ever since but so far, no luck. this week, vallejo is looking to pass new renter protecti protections. >> the city council is set to ratify a proclamation to landlords to raise no more than 10%. in response to notices of rental increases in excess of 100% for tenants in the strawberry hill and holiday gardens apartment
5:39 am
complexes. 600 tenants at the properties have already been impacted. 5:38 right now. happening today, san jose mayor sam liccardo is attending a conference across the nation. the conference of mayor also take place in honolulu. the big topics being discussed include transportation and affordable housing. this week hundreds of dogs at the oakland animal shelter and the east bay spca will be moved to a quarantined area off-site facility, because of outbreak of canine influenza. the dogs will be unable to be adopted for four to six weeks so pet food express is launching an emergency food drive to feed the dogs until they can find their forever homes. it along with nutri source dog food will match every bag of dog food donated. that means every bag donated, the quarantine shelter gets three.
5:40 am
>> 5:39 right now. starting today, if you have an overdue book, don't you worry about it if you live in the east bay. a library system there is turning a new page when it comes to people who don't return books on time. starting today, the oakland public library will no longer charge overdue fines. the library collected almost $78,000 in overdue fines in 2017 and 2018, but they spent more than twice that amount in staff timing trying to collect the money. the library also found that 70% of the people who were blocked from borrowing because of overdue fines were some of the poorest in oakland. >> there are stories where parents wouldn't sign up their kids for a library card because they were concerned about racking up fines, so people will just stop using the library or not start using it to begin with. >> what happens if the book
5:41 am
isn't returned? within 30 days past due the date, the library will charge to borrow the cost to replace the book until that person returns it. this is my alert, not chp's alert, it's not a sig alert. it's a mike alert. the bay bridge we expect lighter traffic but the span itself, you see the flashing lights still handling a crash, at least two vehicles remain to be cleared through the area and so traffic is jammed up coming up the incline and really bogs down until this tower, which is just shy of the tunnel for yerb yerba buena island and treasure island. this thank is the slowest spot. it may send traffic to the richmond-san rafael bridge or san mateo bridge. slowing 880 approaching 92. a crash in san jose but on city streets and we're looking at an easy drive 101 with the burst of traffic we expect right about now anyway, good news, i guess. >> there you go. good news for us today is that it's going to be nice but the question is this weekend, will it be nice?
5:42 am
>> it will be nice for the weekend but starting to heat up a little bit. we're going to have a mild week, as we get closer to saturday and sunday. we're going to make it into the mid 80s before a lot of people, the weekend starts on thursday, the fourth of july and look at how nice it will be. inland valleys reaching the upper 70s, and then for san francisco, staying cool with some lower 60s, reaching into the upper 60s as we get a little bit more sunshine on saturday. in the tri-valley, on friday, we're reaching into the mid 80s there, up to 90 on saturday, and 88 degrees on sunday, and if you're making it a beach weekend headed to santa cruz, it will be nice with highs near 70 degrees this weekend. we'll take a look at -- >> we'll take a look at that temperature trend coming up with kari. looks nice in santa cruz this weekend. thanks. 5:42 for you right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," a warning if you're headed to southern california for the holiday. new this morning, an alert if you're going to the beaches and talking about sharks.
5:43 am
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good monday morning. at 5:45, as you get ready to head out the door, a few clouds rolling over the south bay right now, and we'll start to see skies clearing for the rest of the day, upper 50s to start, nice and cool.
5:46 am
warming up into the low 70s at noon. we'll talk about the forecast coming up in less than five minutes. right now we're following the big backup at the bay bridge, the earlier crash still has to be cleared from the span, may send folks to the richmond-san rafael bridge. we'll show you how things are shaking out coming up. new overnight all lanes of southbound 101 are open again in san jose after a crash involving several cars, including one car that rolled over and another caught on fire. the crash happened at about 1:00 a.m. at tully road. firefighters say amazingly, no one in any of the cars sustained any major injuries. one person was arrested at the scene. five people still recovering after a deadly crash over the weekend in orinda. two people were killed. this was the scene early sunday morning, a mangled mess of cars on highway 24 in orinda near the caldecott tunnel.
5:47 am
the chp says two cars crashed head-on after one of the drivers was going on the wrong side of the highway. police say the wrong-way driver and his passenger were killed. alcohol and drugs believed to have played a role in his crash. turning to decision 2020, california senator kamala harris is jumping up in the polls. this is after shining during last week's debates. harris took to the stage not holding back after going after front-runner former vice president joe biden. the latest numbers taken right after the debate asked democratic primary voters who their first choice for president. joe biden is still in the lead with 33%. senator bernie sanders is second with 19% and senator kamala harris is tied in third with 12% along with senator elizabeth warren. closing arguments are scheduled to begin today in the trial of a navy s.e.a.l. accused of war crimes. special operations chief ed guard gallagher is ccused of
5:48 am
killing an injured isis active. he faced a court-martial in san diego and answers to charges of murder and attempted murder. nearly a dozen fellow s.e.a.l.s testified during the trial. >> 5:48 right now. the oroville dam is officially dam open to the public, two years after it was forced to close due to the failure of the main and emergency spillways. people can walk and bike the more than one-mile long road. it was closed in april because of the melting snowpack, and because in storms of 2017 drenched the state and the spillway broke apart. lifeguards in and around san diego are warning beach goers to be aware of sting rays. swimmers are seeing higher numbers of sting rays around san diego because the water is usually warmer in that area right now. one surfer had quite a day yesterday, he says he stood up
5:49 am
for the first time ever on a surfboard and also took a painful pop from a sting ray and ended up soaking his foot in hot water for about an hour. >> i'm sure it wasn't a shark because i still have my foot and when i came in, i saw it was bleeding. somebody pointed out it's probably a sting ray and i realized you're probably right, there's a sting hole puncture in my foot. >> yikes. >> ouch. he says it won't stop him from surfing and riding the waves because rays tend to hide in the sand when they hunt. experts recommend shuffling your feet through the sand to avoid getting stung. >> or? >> stay out of the water. i'm looking at that shot, like wow it's sunday, sunny at the beach in san diego. a lot of times it's foggy. that's what we're seeing in san francisco this morning, starting out with some mostly cloudy, foggy conditions, a live look in oakland as you get ready to shed out the door and the clouds are a little bit higher.
5:50 am
on your way out the door to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station upper 50s and we'll see skies clearing throughout the morning. a slow warmup in temperatures as we stay in the 60s. this is a live look outside in san jose as we see cloudy skies rolling by. cool temperatures, so grab a jacket before you step out and then later on today, t-shirt will be all you'll need because our temperatures will reach into the upper 70s and low 80s for many of our inland areas, but there will be a few spots reaching the upper 80s, like antioch, up to 86 degrees. also 86 in ukiah, while santa rosa will see a high of 82 degrees there and low 60s in san francisco. we have some very brisk winds picking up and also the marine layer at about 1500 feet and below. we'll see the low clouds and fog along the coastal areas, keeping it much cooler, but also the clouds and gusty winds will carry in the cooler temperatures for the inland valleys today. we'll see the clouds clearing out at least for the valleys but
5:51 am
looking at how windy it will be at half moon bay, 24-mile-per-hour winds later on this evening, that may get a little bit higher at times with some of the higher gusts. temperatures stay the same as we stay stuck in the same weather pattern throughout the week. it's nice to have some normal weather but it will be heating up a little bit more going into the weekend. mike, you're tracking that ripple effect. >> that's right, the effect rippling out from the bay bridge, as we have that crash still not clear from the span, although traffic is flowing better up the incline. here the richmond to san rafael bridge going from the east bay across to the north bay, this time headed westbound. one alternate for the bay bridge you see a good volume of traffic, we expect lighter traffic flow for the morning commute during this holiday week for some, we know it's fourth of july holiday, not until thursday but a lot of folks bridge the gap and early backup at the toll plaza continues to go back in toward the maze. that span still blocked, one lane blocked mid span toward treasure island, jamming up
5:52 am
folks but the incline is flowing a little better now. you can take the san mateo bridge to the south, slowing 880 and past the dumbarton bridge but the crash is cleared 101 to the shoulder, oakland road, not a problem for san jose. a live look at across westbound 92 but this may get much more crowded over the next 20 minutes. we'll track it. back to you. >> we'll be watching for it, thanks so much, mike. happening for you now, a developing story out of the dominican republic, swift justice for the men accused of shooting a red sox legend david ortiz. the suspects in the case, including the man accused of planning the attack, were sentenced to a year in prison. ortiz was shot in early june while at a nightclub. police say the attackers had meant to kill another man who was sitting at the table with the popular baseball star. ortiz is recovering in a boston hospital. at 5:52, here is a look at what's coming up in our next hour. fireworks takeback. we told you it would be happening in contra costa county this past weekend. we'll look at how successful
5:53 am
firefighters say it was. but first -- >> this could truly be game-changing. >> a different approach to one type of cancer. all new this hour, the hope doctors say it's giving them. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. 5:55. kari hall is post being fireworks already happening this is officially summer. k.j. loving the firework show. follow kari on instagram as she explores what's going on in the bay area. >> when i was a kid, i used to be afraid they were going to fall on me. >> i is some dangerous things with those things. more men with early stage prostate cancer trying a new approach to treatment. >> that treatment doctors say some of the men are opting not to immediately choose surgery. instead they're doing active surveillance that involves immunotherapy and follow-up blood tests and biopsies to make sure it doesn't change or grow. >> the ideal world, the disease is cleared or stays low grade and low risk. >> now that patient says he gets
5:57 am
tests every six months to make sure his early stage cancer is under control. doctors say this approach could delay surgery or chemo for some men whose cancer is not aggressive. it's july and school is out for the summer, so swimming safety really top of a lot of people's minds. >> it should be. so many are visiting beaches or lakes or swimming at home and at home is where 75% of drowning deaths involving kids can happen. the cdc says drowning is the leading cause of unintentional deaths in the u.s. >> the red cross really wants to emphasize that learn to swim can save your life. statistics have shown if you are at a guarded beach you have a 1 in 18 million chance of drowning with deaths, which are pretty good statistics in my book. >> as he just said if a lifeguard is there, you'll probably be
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