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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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temperatures. >> enjoy your four-day weekend if you are taking that. >> how nice. >> lester holt is right now. >> we will be back at 6:00. hope to see you then. breaking news, the major scare at facebook, evacuated after a suspicious package may have exposed employees to a deadly nerve agent the fbi is on the scene. the major league pitcher found dead in a hotel room, the game cancel. the teams d fans in shock. the new questions after president trump's historic step seen around the world, would the u.s. allow north kuse? t >> it's not just wifi. criminals can use this to intercept bluetooth communication. >> tonight what to do to keep yourself from getting scammed.
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and the stunning upset at wimbledon, the youngest player to compete facing off against the legend and her idol. good evening, we begin with breaking news from california, silicon valley where facebook employees were alerted to the possible presence of a deadly nerve agent in a company mail facility officials in mannilo park say a screening dice classified the suspicious mail as a potential chemical warfare agent the discovery forcing evacuation of several buildings miguel almaguer has late details. >> fire in route, code 3 >> reporter: racing to deploy the hazmat team to facebook, the fire department took no chances. first responders and the fbi arriving on the massive campus, quarantining the mail room where
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a suspicious package arrived this afternoon >> we haven't made entry yet to go verify what it possibly is. >> reporter: though the fire department could not immediately confirm what was inside the package, earlier reports indicate possible exposure to sarin, a nerve agent used in chemical warfare >> they have a positive hit for sarin possibly in one of the packages >> reporter: at 11:00 a.m. facebook says the package triggered the alarm. we evacuated four buildings and conducting a thorough investigation in coordination with local authorities >> they put it back in the machine and it came up positive again. >> reporter: tonight as they try to positively identify the substance, two employees who may have been exposed show no symptoms after a scare at facebook miguel almaguer, nbc news. and there is more breaking news tonight we have just learned los angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs was found dead in a texas hotel room today.
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skaggs was just 27 nbc steve patterson has late details. >> reporter: tonight, shockwaves of sadness rippling through major league baseball. the los angeles angels announcing pitcher tyler skaggs was found dead in a hotel room in texas at just 27 years old south lake texas police think skaggs was found unresponsive this afternoon at this hilton with no signs of foul play the team scheduled for an away game with the texas rangers, tonight's game now cancelled the angels saying in hay statement tyler has and always will be an important part of the angels family. our thoughts and prayers are with his wife carly and his entire family during this devastating time skaggs was a california native drafted by the angels in 2009, called up to the big leagues in 2012, the pitcher just two weeks away from his 28th birthday. an angel taken too soon as fans, family, and investigators ask why. steve patteren so, nbc news. also investigators have
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recovered the voice recorder from a small plane that crashed into a hangar moments after take off outside dallas killing all ten people on board. gabe gutierrez is there. >> reporter: after the fiery crash that could be seen for miles, tonight federal investigators are trying to find out how all ten people on that plane were killed. >> pilots were cleared for take off. they acknowledged take off and at this point, we are not aware of any further communication. >> reporter: the twin engine beechcraft super king air 350 like this one slammed into an unoccupied hangar at addison airport north of dallas seconds after take off sunday morning. >> everybody just stand by we had an accident on the field, so expect not to go any time soon >> reporter: cell phone video shows thick black smoke billowing from the hangar moments r h. authorities have surveillance video that shows the entire incident the plane briefly went airborne and was rolling over when it
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crashed into the hangar. >> the fact it lost control as soon as it lifted off and that's indicative of a single engine failure, one of the engines not producing the required amount of thrust so, the other engine, the good engine, literally rolled the airplane >> reporter: officials say the plane was on the way to florida. two crew members and 8 passengers were killed among them gina and steve thelen, a realtor. he had spoken to our dallas station last year. >> a family of four including two teenagers was also killed. investigators have recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the hangar behind me and hope to have a preliminary report in two weeks. gabe, thank you. president trump's moment of good neighbor diplomacy, the short notice drop in on kim jong-un over the weekend made history and provided remarkable images, but leaving serious questions about kim's nuclear arsenal. richard engel has details.
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>> reporter: president trump made history and television drama meeting north korean leader kim jong-un at the most dangerous border in the world. north korean cameras capturing kim greeting the president >> i never expected to meet you at this place. >> reporter: then president trump becoming the first sitting american president to set foot on north korean soilhashake, th crossed >> reporter: at one point security keeping american press away the new white house press secretary stephanie grisham trying to help u.s. cameras get inside but tonight this is how it's all being shown to the north korean people
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north korea's propaganda station gushing over it saying the unexpected summit transcended expectations and shocked the world. >> a lot of friendships have been made and this has been in particular a great friendship. so, i just want to thank you >> reporter: but was anything more than friendship achieved? "the new york times" reports the white house may accept a nuclear freeze allowing north korea to keep its nuclear weapons as long as it doesn't build any new ones that would be a step backwards in the u.s. position but national security adviser john bolton disputes the reports tweeting he's not discussed or heard of any desire to settle for a nuclear freeze president trumsa meein the next to restart talks on north korea's nuclear program which had been stalled lester richard engel tonight, thank you. on another nuclear front, president trump issued a new warning after iran breached new clear fuel limits set by the 2015 deal that the president withdrew from last year. nbc's hallie jackson is at the white house. hallie, what do we know about this >> reporter: the u.n. nuclear watchdog is confirming today that iran is now in violation of the uranium enrichment limits set by the nuclear deal
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it's a move that's intended to put pressure on europe to achieve relief against sanctions against iran the european leaders are treading cautiously looking to deescalate tensions. the president asked today about his message to iran says they are playing with fire, and the white house is threatening to keep up its maximum pressure campaign until iran changes course lester >> all right hallie, thanks for this year's annual fourth of july festivities in no fighter jet flyover, tanks will be included though they will be parked to prevent da to city roads. to hong kong where half a million protesters took to the streets in a demonstration to weaken the justice system. there were clashes, big ones with police. nbc's bill neely is there for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight mayhem in hong kong. riot police firing tear gas, scattering thousands of protesters
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they had stormed the main government building, demanding the end of the law tightening china's grip on the city >> this isn't just a hong kong crisis this is the biggest popular challenge that china's president xi since he came to power seven years ago. >> before the violence hundreds of thousands marched peacefully today, the fourth mass protest against china's hand-picked leader here. they want her fired. >> it's very sad to see. >> reporter: and china is shaken, blaming foreign agitators for the trouble. already challenged from the outside on trade by the u.s. and now from within by its own people lester >> all right, thanks let's turn to 9/11 first responder louis alvarez who died this weekend just weeks after testifying before congress
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days before his death, he made a final push to get help for all the other 9/11 responders and their families >> when louis alvarez appeared on capitol hill in june, the effort it took to get there could be seen on his face. >> you made me come down here. >> reporter: days later, the nypd veteran was put in hospice, the cancer he developed from months working at ground zero was no longer treatable. but alvarez didn't stop fighting a handwritten note obtained by nbc nu s shows he made a personal plea to mitch mcconnell. senator mcconnell, i don't know if you remember me my name is detective louis g. alvarez, he writes i want you to know that my time to leave this world is fast approaching. my goal and legacy in this world was to see the vcf bill passed the bill would extend benefits to victims of 9/11 related illnesses for 70 years >> we can't wait another day >> reporter: early saturday, alvarez died the funeral is on wednesday.
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his commitment to the cause, something he hopes his children would remember >> i taught them you start a job, you finish it >> reporter: the note to mcconnell delivered by a group of 9/11 first responders came with a gift, alvarez's nypd shield, as a reminder, he writes to mcconnell, of my legacy and yours. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york a number of 2020 democratic candidates have rushed to defend a rival senator kamala harris after some on social media questioned her racial identity including the president's son donald trump, jr. andrea mitchell has the story >> reporter: kamala harris riding a wave since her break out debate performance she's now facing tweets challenging her identity as a black american to speak out on race >> as the only black person on this stage, i would like to speak on the question of race. >> donald trump jr. tweeting thts true wow, questioning whether harris is african-american. the president's elder son later
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deleted the tweet, a spokesman saying once folks saw he was misconstruing the intent of the tweet, he quickly deleted it but trump's senior adviser katrina pearson also tweeted obama is actually african-american kamala harris is not who is best to speak for the african-american community in february harris compared a tax like this to the birther movement the president once championed >> this is the same thing they did to barack. >> yes >> this is not new to us >> reporter: harris' rivals are leaping to her defense >> you see what they do, put something out there, and then he deletes it so that he can say it was just a mistake >> reporter: meanwhile joe biden speaking friday about how young black men are stereotyped. >> we've got to recognize that kid wearing a hoodie may very
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well be the next laureate and not a gang banger. >> reporter: to many hitting the wrong note >> this is just another example of just conversations or lessons that joe biden shouldn't have to learn. >> reporter: the harris campaign saying her toughness will persuade democrats she can be the toughest against president trump. >> andrenks. in mexico it was in the 80s just before the city got buried in more than three feet of hail. cars buried, buildings damaged, but no injuries. now the excitement at wimbledon. american coco goff, the youngest player to qualify for the tournament beating her rival venus williams blaine alexander has the story >> reporter: at just 15 years old -- >> standing ovation. >> reporter: cocoa goff has played her way into wimbledon history.
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winning her very first wimbledon match against the player who won the championship five times, venus williams coco's parents over the moon >> this is the first time i ever cried after a match. i'm literally living my dream right now. >> reporter: since first stepping on the court, coco has idolized the williams sisters. she keeps a post of of serena on her wall today's match up truly one for the ages at 39, venus is the oldest player to take the court at wimbledon this year, 24 years coco's senior. venus was here competing for her third wimbledon title in 2004. that's the same year coco was born >> i'm really happy to see her playing great. >> after the match i told her thank you for everything she did. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. >> reporter: passing love from one tennis great to the next blaine alexander, nbc news, london >> living the dream. the warning before your family goes to the beach this summer, reports of a deadly
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bacteria on the rise and the three things you should do if you're flying this july 4th to avoid scammers stay with us next a warning if your
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next a warning if your family is hitting the beach for july 4th a grandmother who went for a walk along the ocean appears to be the latest victim of a rare but deadly bacteria. experts say one strain of flesh eating bacteria appears to be on the rise here's kerry sanders >> reporter: scientists fear what you can't scrape in florida, wade flemings 77-year-old mother died 13 days after scraping her leg walking on the beach that's where she came in contact with the deadly bacteria >> she came back home, went to bed. her friends had to break into
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her house the next day and find her basically unconscious on the floor. >> reporter: kylie parker also in the gulf of mexico. it took three surgeries and strong antibiotics to save the 12-year-old. >> i can't do everything that i was able to do before. >> reporter: and it's not isolated to the gulf of mexico as ocean temperatures rise, so does the spread of the deadly bacteria a recent study found five victims of flesh eating bacteria in the waters off delaware compared to one case in the eight years before >> this is one example of the potential impact that climate change can havccurrence of human disease. >> reporter: experts sayest wares and bays where the salt water is mostly stagnant is ideal for the bacteria to grow tonight doctors say be on the alert for unusual and painful skin irritations and if you have a cut, stay out of the fresh and salt water. kerry sanders, nbc news, florida.
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we've got more to tell you tonight. up ahead how to protect yourself from airport hackers this week and the underdog whose emotional win is inspiring america
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if you're among the record number of americans expected to travel this july 4th, security experts warn cyber criminals could be targeting you throughout your vacation nbc's tom costello explains how to protect yourself. >> reporter: take any train station, airport, or hotel, experts say they offer the perfect trifecta of hackable data, personal information, credit cards, airline and hotel loyalty programs everyone's worried about their physical security. but the more immediate threat may be their cyber security. charles henderson runs ibm cyber security, hacking the world's hackers. his warning, that strong public wifi signal could be a tempting trap >> it is very difficult to know that public wifi is legit. and a criminal can set up fake
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public wifi with a device just like this very easily. >> reporter: it may say airport or hotel or coffee shop wifi, but one click could give hackers access to everything on your phone including unprotected apps even if you stay off wifi, you could be at risk hackers have targeted public usb charging stations with viruses that steal your phone and computer data. >> not just wifi criminals can use this to intercept all your bluetooth communication. my watch, my phone, everything >> reporter: the latest hacker tool, a sting ray that literally hijacks your cell signal >> this is a device that can mimic a cell phone tower >> this? >> yeah, this is >> reporter: and it's happening a lot. >> last year alln traveller records were compromised, many in hotels, airports, and train stations >> reporter: the expert advice, stay off networks you don't know avoid public charges stations.
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carry batteries instead. and rip up used airline tickets and luggage tags your personal data has never been more at risk. tom costello, nbc news, dallas >> we can't let our guard down anywhere up next the golfer who's overcome so much to inspire america.
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bay area billionaires on a secret spending spree. what they're quietly buying up on the peninsula next. finally tonight the emotional victory for an underdog who had almost given up but for love of the game and his family came back to win. >> reporter: this weekend, nate lashley taught us what can happen when you never give up, not because he was an alternate who wasn't even supposed to play in the rocket mortgage classic
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or because just five years ago he was selling real estate the 36-year-old rookie entered the tournament ranked 353rd in the world. but this isn't just about fighting through adversity on the golf course. >> i would give anything for my parents to be able to be here and share this with me >> reporter: when lashley was in college, his parents and then girlfriend were killed when their plane crashed in a snow squall they were flying home after watching him play. >> for a lot of years it was just tough you know, it was tough mentally to stay focused on the golf course >> reporter: so he walked away from the game until he was finally ready to follow his dreams again this weekend sharing his win with sister and new girlfriend, the memory of his parents there too. >> i was -- when i was younger, without them, i wouldn't be here right now. >> reporter: a moment they surely would have been proud of, earning nate a spot at next year's masters and a place in a lot of new fans' hearts. >> and you can hear more from
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nate tomorrow morning on "today." that's "nightly news" for this monday i'm lester holt. for all of us nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. right now at 6:00, hundreds of suitcases sitting on the tarmac. the problems that had flights delayed and travelers waiting for their luggage at sfo. a scare at facebook's mailing facility. what brought the fbi in and pushed workers out. the news at 6:00 starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeney in for raj tonight. >> for the first time since it went up in flames on friday, investigators were finally able to enter the charged shelf that condo construction site in santa clara, they did it today. now begins the work of figuring
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out what sparked the worst fires the south bay has seen in years. robert honda was there. the site in santa clara, what do we know? >> at this end of the construction site, you can see just how impressive these condominiums would have been. these are the ones that remained relatively in tact, while others, you can see the destruction and why investigators had to tread softly while looking for clues. >> angela lives right behind the condominium complex and shudders when she recalls the flames so close to home friday. >> it's crazy.


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