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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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weapons showing one of the gunmen during that exchange, gun drawn. >> i you see is glass shattering all the way down and people screaming. my only thought was okay, are they going to start shooting down here? there were people running on top of the tables. >> mark stein had a closer view before he ducked for cover behind the counter. >> i heard about six shots fire and a bunch of people running in front of my store. one of them was hit and dropped in front of my store and was hit in the stomach. >> two shooting victims in condition. we saw police collect reports at the businesses and offer little by way of an investigation update. as the search for two groups of people go on, mall goers return and some without skipping a beat and others a little scarred.
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>> there was a bullet that hit our window. that shocked me. >> reporter: in a video shared on social media, san bruno police suggested they may have more information on the investigation, but they can't release it to protect the integrity of the investigation. we will be receiving an update in 48 to 72 hours. >> thank you, sam. the two army recruiters in the mall who staked a house while other people ran were honored. the soldiers helped the shooting victims moments after they were. the staff sergeant was recognized today in daly city for risking their own safety to save others. they rushed to the victims to stop the bleeding with one using his own shirt ass a bandage. they didn't think twice at all about jumping in. >> that's life.
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things happen and what i know when things happen, do your best to deal with the situation and help others and you get through it. >> as a soldier, we are not just overseas, but in our community. that's what the training is for. >> kudos to both of those men. the army captain said both staff sergeants will receive more honors in the near future. nbc bay area for the shooting we have it on air and online and on twitter. earlier today we tweeted this video that shows the moments after the shooting happened. you can follow us on nbc bay area. >> a wave of car break-ins that started is moving south. santa clara has seen car break-ins more than double. now with political help and common that. scott? >> terry, thieves malls like th
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and using technology to decide which to break into. you are looking at a thief's playground according to the santa clara pd. the mall is a car break in hot spot. >> people know you are going into the movies. the cars are slow close and i don't know, they seem like they can get in quickly. >> lots of targets with easy access to escape. >> you are really vulnerable to getting broken into. >> one of a record number of people who had car break-ins. santa clara has seen smash and grab burglaries more than the same time last year and attracting attention from sacramento where the south bay assemblyman included 3.75 million to fight back with education. >> trying to inform people not
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to put your wi-fi devices in the car. now they have devices to detect any wi-fi devices. >> he said he is on board. >> i take my laptop with me and lock it in the trunk which is not even safe. i just take everything with me. >> one bit of good news. they had a good month. robberies down about 50% over the last 30 days. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. in concord, a hostage situation with two children ended peacefully. police show up in an area around ellis lake park around five hours and said a father armed with a gun and a machete was holding his child and a second child hostage in an apartment. s.w.a.t. teams moved in and the children ended up escaping. after five hours of talking, the
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father finally surrendered peacefully. >> it toork more than three hours of searching, but deputies caught up with a serial flasher on the peninsula. itage has been arrest and they claim in late march, they walked up to a girl and flashed her as she walked home. a month later, he did the same thing to the same girl. he is accused of exposing himself to two children in a millbrae neighborhood. police hope they lead to an arrest of a man who groped a woman in palo alto next week near the creek. he stopped his car and walked up to a woman and touched her inappropriately. he got back in his car and took off. investigators are looking for the newer model white audi with a sun roof and no tint in the windows. >> another sign of a growing problem. a sick sea lion crawled on to ocean beach and is being cared
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for at the marine mammal center where they have seen a spike in sick sea life lately. they are communal animals and usually not by themselves. do they have any idea what's causing it? >> they know they are lethargic and malnourished, but why is unclear. they seemed healthy in their breeding grounds, but something is happening with these young california sea lions by the time they reached the coast. at ocean beach, they got a lot of attention. rescue and response volunteers rushed in to help. >> whenever you can see the pelvic bones and the rips, that's an indication of mall nourishment. >> they picked up another at lind mar beach, taking them to thehe they did a tour. >> i didn't know they had rescued three animals today.
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i know that it's an ongoing issue. >> the younger animals are out on the island or offshore. the fact that we have seen so many on the beaches and they are coming in skiny and malnourished. >> in an average year they see about 50 to 70 young sea lion standings from april to june. this year it's about three times that number. >> out on the islands, they are seeing the animals that are doing well, but we get them on the beaches and they are skinny. >> they are being examined, but there many questions. >> whether there is an underlying condition. it could be related. ea lions are given food and fluids and treated for any condition. when they reach a healthy weight, they are released back into the wild. with the fourth of july coming up and people heading out to the beach, if you see a sea lion that looks like it needs help.
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they keep dogs away and call the center instead. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a reversal from president trump who said he will fight to keep the citizenship question on the 2020 census. only a few months remain for them to be printed. the supreme court threw out the question, prompting them to say the census will go forward without the question. however today, president trump tweeted that was fake news and he will continue the fight to keep it on the census. asking if someone is a citizen would discourage all immigrants, legal or otherwise, from participating in the census. >> fireworks will be lighting up the sky over many cities. the biggest in san francisco. as you can imagine, workers are setting up today for the annual show. the fireworks will be shot off from a barge off aquatic park. it starts about 9:30. people will flood the city to
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watch the elaborate display. >> it's going to be huge. 25 minutes of rock 'n' roll, rapid fire fireworks. there is about 10,000 that go off in 20 minutes or so. it's going to be exciting. >> rock 'n' roll rapid fire and be advised treasure island is not recommended as a place to watch. visitors are told to stay away because of the large construction project going on over there. officials say closed roads could create major traffic problems and a lot of people try to go to watch these fireworks. in san jose, workers are setting up equipment and barriers for the big celebration at discovery meadow. there will be a series of events tomorrow night. the big boom coming around 10:00 p.m. the hope is that big community celebrations like this will help cut down an illegal fireworks show. >> illegal fireworks are just that. illegal, dangerous and expensive. so come down and enjoy a free
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fireworks display that is professional and doesn't cost a thing. you will be safe. >> that's not only option. fireworks shows will happen near almaden lake and the shopping center and the giants game. in concord, the stage is set at mt. diablo high school for a celebration. 15,000 people expected there. gates open at 4:00 and people can get a spot early. there is fun for the entire family with games and bounce houses and food and music. of course the fireworks are going to be there and it's free to get in. twoot minute show gets under way after 9:00 tomorrow night. >> they listed events in every bay area county. >> coming up next, a changing landscape when we dig into the closure of popular restaurants in walnut creek. >> a social media outage and the
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problem for facebook, instagram, twitter and others today. >> i'm jeff ranieri. i will have the july 4th forecast and where this cloud cover is going to be headed in about eight minutes.
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>> popular restaurant shuttered in the east bay. three restaurants closed for good. what's behind all the closures?
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sharon went to walnut creek to find out. >> they know why customers like coming. >> a nice environment and nice election. >> they were worried when they saw all the construction. >> my husband said as we were walking, it has to have an impact on the business. >> the sign said a little construction and a big wall won't stop us from serving. we are trying to confirm why they suddenly closed, but three established businesses have suddenly gone dark. mary's pizza shack had a sign taken down, doors off and lights out. the chairs turned upside down and a new menu saying what's to come. >> this is the part-time job. a lot of the first jobs they ever had. >> the property management said they had a natural expiration of their lease which was apparently for 20 years and had nothing to do with the whole foods agreement that almost caused
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them to shut down. >> it's a sign of the times. >> at mary's pizza shack, you find a goodbye sign saying the lease was not renewed and thanking them for being part of the family for 22 years. the family owned businesses like rocco's are doing what they do best. >> i'm here seven days a week. i think being here is really setting the tone for the staff and the customers. >> he hopes landlords will work with tenants keeping 92 mind challenges for mom and pop restaurants while new businesses move in. this is having an impact on the local economy. one manager said at least 50 in walnut creek, nbc bay area f the massive construction site fire in santa clara that destroyed a-story development. we learned it will be another week until the investigation is completed. they will have to do a review of
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the instruct tower see if the concrete slab can be salvaged f. it can't, it too will have to be demolished and the developer will rebuild from scratch. social media user his a hard time getting on facebook, instagram, and twitter today. all three had issues that impacted millions of people. the problem started this morning when people were having problems seeing, uploading and sending pictures and videos. twitter had an issue with the direct messaging. facebook and twitter said they are working to fix the problem. california became the first state to ban discrimination for black employees and students based on hairstyles. they joined gavin newsom for the signing ceremony. a high school wrestler was humiliated because of his braids. they said it's time cultural expression is recognized.
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they don't have to alter that to meet the perception of the workplace. all of these are quite professional. >> natural hair is a movement. healthier than using chemicals and part of a burgeoning business model nationwide. >> jeff ranieri joining us now. i read that right this moment is when most people are hitting the road doing their fourth of july traveling. >> i can believe it. i was stuck in traffic this afternoon. if it's getting worse, it's going to be hard to get going. as you do, we have some weather tonight. i want to start off with a look at the fog. every year at just about this time, the big question continues to be where is the fog and how thick is it and are we going to see the fireworks? a wide view of the fog right now at this very second. it's widespread across the coast line.
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unfortunately not going to be going anywhere if you have plans at our beaches. i expect the low clouds and chilly temperatures. let's get you into the july 4th holiday. we have the fog with the low clouds. for the rest of the bay area, you will start off with the sunny skies. overall we have a decent start with us here and chilly 50s moving in for the trivalley peninsula and right here across the south bay. fog would be the most numerous here in san francisco. 54 o to start. east bay at 57 and the north bay at 52. as we move through the day, we will get sunshine moving in. temperatures will be warm ask a lot of your plans for the day are looking good. barbecue going on in the south gatos. a little bit warmer for a few spots like antioch and pittsburgh. closer to the bay at 70s.
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hayward is 74. the peninsula is 78. up to san francisco,ed headed to the embarcadero, a chill 63. westerly winds at 18 miles per hour. for marin and napa and sonoma counties, lots of low to mid 80s from napa to novato to santa rosa. for the afternoon tomorrow we get the sunshine as we mentioned. as fireworks lift off around 9:00 to 10:00, depending on your location, we are looking at the low clouds likely returning tos. good for the south bay and livermore into concord and a lot of the north bay. if you are heading to san francisco, the fog rolls in and you will be able to see something. you stay with 60s throughout the next seven days and check out the inland forecast.
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we are in july although it looks nothing like we should be seeing in july. thursday, friday, and saturday. this is what i'm talking about. by sunday, monday, and citizen. we drop down to cooler 70s as the storm system moves off to the north. that's going to be good uf enough to keep us out of the 100s. fantastic news. typical forecast. it comes in and so does the fog. >> coming up, a taxi may be driving itself. the move california took for automated taxis to hit the road.
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>> expect to see more of this in the next few days. alameda county sheriffs posted on line today. what's in the box in 2,000 pounds of illegal fireworks they collected since monday. fireworks are only legal in a handful of cities and only those allow safe and sane fireworks. if you are caught with those in the box, you could be facing felony charges. >> a water rescue caught on camera in west marin. the coast guard had cameras rolling when a sail boat starts to sink into the bay. one jumped into the water and started to stabilize the boat so they can get everybody out of there and the good news is they got everybody out and everybody is okay. >> what if your next taxi doesn't have a driver.
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they got close to the ride share. the public utilities commission added autonomous vehicles like lift and uber. the rides are limited to the parts of the south bay. don't be alarmed when the car next to you as no one behind the steering wheel. >> 78 new citizens to celebrate the birth of our nation. >> congratulations, you are now u.s. citizens! >> here are the newly pledged americans from 25 different countries officially naturalized on the uss hornet, the carrier built in part by immigrants. >> i feel like crying because when i came from my country, i wanted to be a citizen. >> the naturalization ceremony marks the end of the years long
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no annual fee. to apply, visit >> trying to solve a huge
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problem, homelessness. one of the bay area's biggest cities has a solution and some say it doesn't go far enough. >> celebrating fourth of july french-style. you are looking at the 1,148 footlong french container ship. it's almost as long as four football fields and under the golden gate bridge. they furled the american flag and had a display to celebrate independence day. they will dock at the port of oakland. >> one way to think about the fourth of july. here's another. they 83ed in for the big effect and last year he ate 74 hot
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dogs. if you are keeping score at home, that was a new record. the women's champion ate 37 hot dogs in last year's event and one thing i can guarantee, jessica aguirre is not participating and not watching. she can't look at this. >> i am a fan of joey's, but i can't watch him stuff his face with the hot dogs. >> it is such a huge event. they dunk them in water to get the bun wetter. >> it's no good. >> maybe a hamburger for you for july 4th. no hot dog. >> this man only eats it without a bun. >> occasionally a bun. >> what are kind of weather are they going to have? >> everybody knows my secret. san francisco fireworks july 4th at pier 39. temperatures in the 50s and a little bit of fog. still think you will be able to see the fireworks. >> lester holt is next. see you back at 6:00.
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breaking news tonight. the heartbreaking new images from the border drawings from detained migrant children, depicting themselves in cages, as outrage grows over dangerous conditions found inside these facilities by government investigators. doctors now issuing dire warnings. >> the psychological effect that it will take o- you can't even explain. and tonight, the urgent search for a 2-year-old girl swept away from her mother as they crossed the rio grande the navy s.e.a.l. walking free after a bombshell verdict acquitting him of murder the sentence h


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