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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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this is off west coral hollow road. it's near the carnegie state recreation area. at last check it's burned 425 acres. it's just 30% contained. we can't see any buildings in the area. you see it right there. it doesn't appear any are threatened right now. firefighters say no evacuations have been issued. we're going to continue to follow the situation and update it online. and thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney in for raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. official bay area fireworks shows will be booming all across the bay area tomorrow night, but the illegal ones, they'v alrey . police from marin to contra costa to santa clara have been getting reports of illegal fireworks for days. in the south bay a neighborhood group is using a makeshift network of home security cameras to try to catch some of those explosions. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from downtown san jose where the city is having its big fireworks show. there's legal fireworks and there are illegal displays as well, robert. >> reporter: well, that's right. the official celebration here is
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a big show. i've been here for it myself. and as you can see, city officials are planning a big turnout. but they also hope the legal shows will cut down on the number of illegal shows. but as many residents tell us, they hear the answer to that loud and clear every night. that explosion boomed through the roosevelt park neighborhood near downtown san jose just the other night, well ahead of the holiday but typical for the illegal fireworks season. >> you know, it rocked the house. >> reporter: but jeff levine didn't just experience the explosion. he and other members of the neighborhood association downtown set up their home security cameras to record the illegal activity in an ongoing campaign tenorcement. >> it affects wiliust regular folks. my eyes are so blurry because it was -- it woke me up several times last night. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies say they plan to hit hot spots. >> we are going to have extra
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patrol, deputies that are kind of covering the areas that are known to have a lot of fireworks and illegal fireworks. >> there's an app that's online that you can report it automatically. you can call 311. and we will get to as many as we possibly can. of course, this is the time of year when we get tons of reports. fir season is year-round, and one errant spark from any firework, even a quote unquote safe and sane firework, could set off a tree, set off a house, set off a brush fire. >> reporter: and again, in san jose the big shows will be here at discovery park as well as almaden lake, oakridge, and at the san jose giants game. and of course even though we know enforcement is tough, if in fact you're caught here in san jose you can be cited and the fine would be $500 for the first offense and if you're caught selling illegal fireworks the fine could be $50,000 and jail time. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, robert. you can expect to see more of
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this in the next few days. check that out. alameda county sheriffs posted a photo online today. what you're looking at is more than a ton of illegal fireworks. they've collected that just since monday. a reminder, fireworks are only legal in a handful of local cities and only those allow so-called safe and sane fireworks. so remember, if you're caught with the ones you see in those boxes you could be facing felony charges. in concord the finishing touches are being made at mount diablo high school for another big 4th of july celebration. 15,000 people expected to attend. gates open at 4:00 tomorrow so people can get a spot there early. fun for the entire family. you've got games, you've got bounce houses, food, music. of course you've got those fireworks. it's free to get in. it's going to go on for 22 minutes, that fireworks show. gets under way just after 9:00 tomorrow night. we've got this independence day weekend covered for you. check out our 4th of july events guide.
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you can find the guide right on the front page of details on the shooting inside the tanforan mall. police continue to hunt for those two gunmen. investigators now say it is likely that it started with an argument between two groups of people. one of them then started firing. a second shooter joined in. when the smoke cleared, two people had been shot. two more injured from crowds rushing to get away from all that gunfire. police have yet to release a detailed description. collecting witness statements and surveillance video. in all that panic a couple of heroes emerged from yesterday' shooting. as hundreds people rushed out and ran, two soldiers inside the mall actually ran toward the gunfire to help the victims. nbc bay area's anoushah rasta skroinz us live from daly city where those soldiers were just honored. anoushah. >> reporter: yes, that's right.
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the event was actually a future soldier training. and organizers decided to use it as an opportunity to recognize the bravery and the quick thinking of those two army recruiters who were the first to get to those victims of yesterday's shooting. >> sergeant locklear. >> reporter: tonight, celebrating heroes. two army recruiters were the first people to reach the two victims shot at tanforan mall yesterday. tonight the army is honoring their actions. >> you know, you hear gunshots, people tend to run away from gunshots. but these two individuals ran towards the gunfire. >> reporter: staff sergeant isaiah locklear was at an army recruiting center inside the mall when the gunfire started. this is an image we've obtained showing one of the gunmen during yesterday's shooting. locklear spotted a young man shot in front of the a watch repair store on the second floor. cell phone video shows him working to save that teen boy's life. >> as a soldier, you know, we're in public service not just overseas but also in our
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community. and that's what the training's for. >> i know it was a short time but it seems like it's an eternity. >> reporter: the owner of the watch repair shop at tanforan described a very similar story, telling us his body went numb as he heard one gunshot after another and then saw that first victim drop. >> mostly i was thinking whether it's a terrorist act or something else and if it's going to stop. you know, because it was pop, pop, pop. it was more than like -- obviously more than two, three shots. >> reporter: staff sergeant michael morrow was among the first to reach 9 second shooting victim, another teenager shot in the leg. he says he just did what he knows how to do. >> it's things happen. and what i know is basically when things happen deal your best to deal with the situation and help others and get through it. >> reporter: anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. after three months of searching, sheriff's deputies believe they have finally caught up with the serial flasher on the peninsula. they've arrested taj deshawn
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collins. san mateo county deputies say in late march collins walked up to a girl in daly city and flashed her as she was walking home from school. one month later he did it again to the very same girl. he's also accused of exposing himself to two children in a millbrae neighborhood. new surveillance video police hope will lead to an arrest of a man accused of groping a woman. investigators say he was driving on university and marlowe avenue in palo alto last week near san francis kooeto creek. he stopped his car, got up, walked up to a woman and touched her inappropriately. then he got back in his car and took off. investigators are looking for this newer model white audi with a sunroof and no tint in the windows. an update tonight on a long-running repair to the richmond-san rafael bridge. you may remember a few months ago chunks of concrete fell off the bridge onto the lower deck and onto cars driving by. well, caltrans has been working to replace parts of the bridge since. often triggering huge back-ups at night when traffic is reduced
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just to one lane. as of tonight they say 29 out of 31 joints have been replaced so far, and the project is on track to be finished later this month. another cabin community is about to open up in oakland. this is the city's fifth camp, all of them meant to offer a safe place for the city's booming homeless population. two large camps on the border of oakland and emeryville. but are there enough cabins for everyone who's looking for a spot? nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us now from the site of what will be the new cabin community with the answer. melissa. >> reporter: well, terry, if you've driven by the emeryville and oakland border you've probably seen camps. yo those camps into these cabins up to move all those people from right here right behind me. there are 76 spots. city staff tell me they've completed a census and that's enough room for everybody. but we went to one of those homeless camps and people there tell me that's just not enough room. >> no, it's not enough.
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not with everybody -- no, it's not. >> reporter: jai ridley billups has called this spot under interstate 580 home for the last five years. now at age 51 he says it's time for change. >> it's time for me to stop. reality check. do something different. >> reporter: that something different could be one of the 76 cots in oakland's fifth community cabin site on mandela parkway in west oakland. >> they actually have insulated. they are not by tuff-shed. we're not calling them tuff-sheds anymore. >> they have outlets to charge their phones. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf says the city is offering the cabins to people who live in billups' camp and the camp behind the home depot in emeryville. >> we cannot force anyone to move in here. however, if they decline the invitation, we will have them move outside of the area. >> reporter: where they would go the mayor did not pef.
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billups says he's applied for a spot in the community but has not been told yet if he can move in. >> it ain't going to be enough tuff-sheds for everybody. i'm from oakland. i'm going to survive. i'm going to survive. >> reporter: mayor schaaf says the goal is for people to move in, get help, get services, and then move on to permanent housing, and we all know half the battle is finding a stable job, which is why caltrans is stepping up asand promising to hire ten people who live in this cabin community. the latest here in oakland, i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, melissa. thousands of people in walnut creek want to make sure that the pool stays the way it is. the city is considering renovations to several parks throughout that city. 5,000 people have signed an online petition asking city leaders to keep the pool at heather farm park. right now the pool is 50 meters. one option the city is considering is creating a smaller pool half that says. city leaders are also looking at new plans for civic park and the shadeland arts center. at this point no decision has
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been made. up next, it's an epidemic. the problem police say is getting out of control in a south bay community. plus a call for backup at ocean beach. the sick sea lion that needed help from san francisco's finest. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. mostly clear in san francisco right now, but what about the fog for tomorrow? i have your 4th of july fog forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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break-in epidemic has officially spread beyond san francisco and oakland. santa clara confirms it's become a hot spot for car break-ins too. smash and grab burglaries have more than doubled in santa clara since this time last year. and now that city is getting some big money to fight back. nbc bay area's scott budman live in santa clara to explain. scott? >> reporter: well, good evening, terry. not only is there technology out there that can help would-be
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thieves find out which cars have laptops and phones inside, but there are large lots like this one here in santa clara that have become their target of choice. farad alzik is locking down what he's putting into his car. a good idea given that in this very spot the mercado mall in santa clara car break-ins are on the rise. >> you're like really vulnerable to getting brokin into. >> reporter: santa clara police officers say their city has seen a 120% spike in smash and grab car burglaries compared to this time last year. and the mercado is known for being wide open with a nearby freeway that allows for a quick getaway. >> people know you're going into the movies. and the cars they seem like they can get in really quickly. >> somebody took my bmw parts from outside the car. i had to spend $130 just replacing that. >> reporter: now with some help from south bay assemblyman
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cansen chu, santa clara is fighting back. $3.75 million in his most recent budget trying to help drivers. >> trying to inform people not to put your wi-fi devices in the car because now they have devices to detect any wi-fi devices. >> r i always take my laptop wi me. is not even safe f in the trunk because they can get into the trunk. so i just take everything with me usually. >> reporter: one spot of good news in all this, santa clara police officers tell us those break-ins have declined quite a bit over the last month. reporting live in santa clara scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. well, this is not a sight anyone wants to see. a struggling sea lion. turns out it crawled onto ocean beach today. it doesn't feel well you can tell. it was rescued by the marine mammal center, which has seen a
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spike in ailing sea life lately. nbc bay area's christy smith joins us live from ocean beach. what do they think is the problem, christie? >> reporter: well, they say it's hard to say for sure but it's easier to pinpoint a cause in adults. we're talking about young california sea lion that they are finding lethargic quiet and thin. and whatever's causing it is not their breeding ground but happens which by the time they get to the shore. at ocean beach a lone california sea lion prompted calls for help. >> we had a california sea lion that seemed to be out of its habitat, and we came to assess it and it was determined by our vets and staff at the center that it needed to be picked up. >> reporter: rescue volunteers brought it back to the marine mammal center in sausalito. this one will have rest and fluid become being examined. it's where zev sparro took a tour. >> i didn't know they had rescued three animals today but i know it's an ongoing issue. >> reporter: in an average year the center sees 50 to 70 young
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sea lion strandings between april and june. this year they've seen more than 200. >> they're coming in skinny, malnourished. these are animals that will occasionally be on beaches. but most places they are normally is either out in the ocean or at an island, sometimes in rocky areas. >> reporter: greg frank frurter is a vet with the marine mammal center. he says they are seeming quiet and lethargic when they reach the coast but seem fine in their breeding grounds. >> whether there's some underlying condition we haven't been able to determine. it could be he related to demoic acid we've been seeing in the adults. >> they're given food, fluid and treated for any other condition pz. >> sumg those animals look good and their weight's back to normal they will be released. >> reporter: we're told that sea lie frn ocean beach today was named betsy and they're remind everybody with the 4th of july coming up and people heading out to the beach that if you see a sea lion you believe needs help of course don't approach, keep your dogs away and call the marine mammal center instead. reporting live in san francisco,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> good advice, christie. thanks very much. as we mentioned earlier in the newscast, a lot of bay area cities are going to have fireworks shows tomorrow. the best attended traditionally is san francisco. as you can imagine, workers have spent weeks setting up for the annual show on the waterfront. as usual the fireworks will be shot off a barge, anchored off aquatic park. starts about 9:30 tomorrow night. more than 100,000 people are expected to crowd the embarcadero to watch the often fog-filled display. >> it's going to be huge. like i said, it's 25 minutes of rock and roll rapid-fire fireworks. there's about 10,000 device that's go off in that 20 minutes or so. so it's going to be exciting. >> there's one big change this year. keep this in mind. treasure island is asking people to stay away. normally the island's a real popular viewing spot. great vuft fireworks from over there. but this year a lot of construction projects going on. you see them right there. created new dangers, forced the closure of roads that could lead to huge traffic problems over
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there. you don't want to spend your july 4th night not really going anywhere. >> question is are you really going to see anything? >> there you go. >> jeff's the one that answers that question for us. >> yes. i'm in charge. i feel the pressure. as we head to tomorrow night. 10,000 explosions, you guys. did you hear that? >> in like 20 minutes? >> yes. it's going to be a big show. i take you outside live to our south bay camera rigfture perfe outside. and 71 degrees right now. we have 60s coming back as we head through 8:00, over as we push into early tomorrow morning. but what about the day? have anything planned on july 4th? it's going to be warm inland. but not too hot. i have you at 83 here in napa. 81 martinez. over to antioch 87. morgan hill 80. closer to the bay 70s from oakland down to palo altdo. and for the coastline a chilly 59 at half moon bay and 63 in
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san francisco. so we will have lots of sunshine away from the coast tomorrow. but what about when those fireworks lift off? i'll take you to a closer look. here's 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. the fog is at the beaches. and we're sunny across those inland valleys. once we get to 9:00 when a lot of those celebrations are beginninging to think about lifting off, those fireworks, we will start to see some low clouds move back into san francisco, oakland, berkeley. maybe down to about hayward. that's really going to be zone of the best chance of those low clouds. it will be mostly clear in the south bay. also for livermore, concord, and for a good part of the north bay as well. i still even think with that fog you'll be able to see something if you're out there along the embarcadero into san francisco. quick look at the top three celebrations. the south bay, great america headed out there. you have temperatures in the low 60s. you might need a light jacket over to the alameda county fair. looking at 62 degrees at 10:00 p.m. and for san francisco some fog as we talked about and we have some much cooler 50s. we'll take a nice long look at the seven-day forecast and
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something i think you will love as we head into next week. i'll have those details at 6:48 tonight. >> okay. thank you, jeff. up next, a changing landscape. we dig into why several popular restaurants are suddenly closing in walnut creek.
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all right. check out a water rescue from tomales bay. the coast guard had cameras rolling as they rushed out to a sailboat. it was sinking. this is in west marin. you can even see the coast guard fighting the current to try to get to the people on that boat. he did manage to stabilize the boat and then ultimately got everyone out safely. we're told outside of a good scare all the sailors are doing just fine. >> nice job. what if yourt a driver? the california public utilities commission has added waymo to a public pilot program. testing autonomous vehicles for shared rides with uber and lyft. it allows google's waymo to give rides to its employees and their guests but only in specific parts of the south bay. so if you're in mountain view, sunny v., los altos or palo alto you just might see a car pull up next to you with no hands on the
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steering wheel. might want to think twice before riding an e hi-scooter. an investigation by "consumer reports" found a lot of people are getting hurt on the electric scooters. at least 1,500 in the u.s. this year. and "consumer reports" got that number by adding up the injuries from just 23 medical facilities. so the nationwide total is sure to be way higher than that. e-scooter companies like bird and lime advise riders to wearq. within the past two weeks three restaurants closed down with closed. little warning. most recent was stanford's restaurant. it's a popular downtown eatery and it's been open for nearly 25 years. recently, though, the business posted on facebook that broadway plaza, all the renovations happening there, were impacting its business. it isn't the only closure, though. mary's pizza shack and evie's hamburgers also closed after their leases ran out. >> my friends from high school, this was their part-time job. this is a lot of their first jobs that they ever had. >> it's a sign of the times. >> mary's pizza shack such a great place. other business owners in the
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area say they're hoping landlords will work with new tenants, especia trouble ends meet after recent wage increases and price hikes for several foods. up next at 6:30, all-out chaos. parents separated from their children, glass shattering from the second story, and a massive stampede. the new details we're learning about last night's shooting at the tanforan mall and our first look at one of the shooters. trying to avoid getting lost in translation. why san jose police have launched a second facebook page.
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right now at 6:30, a chilling moment caught on camera. this is the first picture we've seen showing one of the gunmen opening fire inside san bruno's tanforan mall yesterday. tonight the hunt is on to find him and a second shooter. today tanforan reopened for business, but things are far from back to normal. >> as shoppers went back to the mall shopkeepers were busy patching bullet holes and police were combing for leads and video. sam brock has been at the mall all day talking to police and witnesses about that shooting yesterday, talking about the victims and the ongoing search for those two gunmen, sam. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of pieces involved in this investigation, jess and terry. it is not just the shooters but the groups of people involved who police are after. if investigators are any closer to an arrest right now, they're not tipping their hand. but we do know they spent hours here canvassing the mall,
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talking to businesses and witnesses. >> my only thought was okay, are they going to start shooting down here? >> reporter: the anxiety for maria bazani still subsided. she was on the first floor of the tanforan mall food court yesterday when gunfire erupted right above her head. >> people were running and pushing out the door, and it looked like a human stampede. it was a horrible feeling. >> reporter: the lockdown and mass evacuation yesterday leading to hollow hallways this morning. we mainly just found police investigators gathering information and witnesses trying to process yesterday's chaos. >> this morning i woke up 6:00 in the morning, wanted to go to sleep for another hour or so, but i couldn't because it was like playing in my head. you know, it was like a film reel, basically. >> reporter: ark stein ducked for cover behind the counter of his store, timeworks. outside the entrance a gunshot victim on the ground. this is a still we've obtained showing one of the gunmen during
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an exchange between two groups wielding weapons. mallgoers say it's a miracle no bystanders were struck by the crossfire. >> a lot of senior citizens come. they have lunch. they sit. they talk. they chat. they meetfriends. it's always been a safe place. >> reporter: we watched police collect reports at tanforan businesses but offer little by way of an investigation update. as the search for two groups of people goes on, mallgoers return, some without skipping a beat, others a bit scarred. the two shooting victims are now listed in serious condition, which is actually an upgrade for one of them from yesterday. as for all of the personal items and collections that were left behind as people were scrambling for safety from the mall police say they've gone and taken all that up and you can pick that up if some of that is yours from the police station. reporting live from san bruno, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> that is really good information.
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thank you, sam. less than 24 hours after bullets flew inside that mall, people went back to work there today. you can imagiut employees still tried to put the shooting behind them. >> i feel nervous. but it's business as usual. and hopefully the security and the police that are here will make more of a presence after this happening. >> i've been working here for about seven years now, and it's first time anything like this has ever happened. so i feel pretty safe still. you know what i mean? >> as we told you, there were a lot of investigators in the mall today going through, looking for surveillance video. it's not clear if there will be a continued police presence in the mall during the next coming weeks. and we invite you to stay with nbc bay area for updates on the shooting both on air and online and of course on twitter. earlier today we tweeted this new video showing the moments right after the shooting happened. you can see people running out of there. you can always follow us a at @nbcbayarea. the president asks and the military has delivered. military vehicles are in place tonight for president trump's
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july 4th celebration on the national mall. as nbc's craig boswell shows us, the tanks, troops, and extra security are prompting verbal fireworks overt pricetag. >> reporter: president trump's vision of displaying military might becoming reality as tanks take up position near the lincoln memorial for thursday's salute to america. the president promising the show of a lifetime. critics see a different visual. >> when i think of tanks and troops walking down the middle i'm thinking red square, north korea, egypt. not the united states. >> reporter: the president has added fighter jet flyovers, air porous one, and t force one. and the blue angels. >> i think it's worth ittar whatever he wants to do o'celebrate the military. >> if he makes a political statement a lot of people will be upset. >> reporter: mr. trump defending his event saying it will cost very little saying we own the planes and all we need is the fuel. but aconsidereding to pentagon estimates the f-35 costs 30
6:34 pm
thousands an hour to fly. flying air force one is $140,000 an hour. today the "washington post" reports the national park service is diverting $2.5 million toward the celebration, money intendese frity for the p address, paid for by taxpayers. >> if there are ds and protests that sprout up around these activities, tho well. >> reporter: police are bracing for opposing points of view. the baby trump blimp is expected to make an appearance, adding to the spectacle of fighting vehicles on the fourth to celebrate the nation's birthday. craig boswell, nbc news, washington. there are troubling new details tonight about the living conditions for migrants being held along the southern border. the department of homeland security's office of inspector general toured several border patrol facilities in texas last month. a new report says they were "concerned that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent an immediate health and safety risk to federal workers and those
6:35 pm
detained." >> you s alone children. >> the report also found many children held at the detention center hady change of clothes a at least two of the facilities had provided children access to hot meals. border patrol and the president have repeatedly defended the facilities as, quote, adequate. a reversal today from the president, who says he will fight to keep the citizenship question on the 2020 census. a few months still for the census forms to be printed. but the supreme court threw out the question last week, prompting the president's commerce secretary to say the census will go forward without that citizenship question. today, however, president trump tweeted that was fake news and says he will continue his fight to keep it legal. opponents say asking if someone's a citizen would discourage all immigrants, legal or otherwise, from actually participating in the census. the child is getting rabies snotd san francisco after a dog attacked him at a grocery store.
6:36 pm
this is a picture of the dog's owner who took his dog and left without giving any information on the dog's vaccinations. police say the dog bit the 3-year-old boy's hand for no reason and they're trying to find the owner. the first bridge on highway 17 is now on track to be xheeted in a few years. highway 17 is the o'most deadly site for animal crossings but that may soon change. dag tunnel beneath 17 for animals to cross safely. they just raised enough money to complete the project. the animal crossing is set to open in 2022. lost in translation. the police department says its message to the city's immigrant communities is not getting out clearly so what do you do to fix that when you're in the heart of silicon valley? you turn to social media. here's nbc bay area's damian trujillo. >> [ saeki [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: facebook in
6:37 pm
espanol. the police chief says there was a gap between the message he was trying to give the immigrant communities and the message they were receiving. >> it's important they hear our message loud and clear, that we are here to protect and defend our immigrants, whether they're documented or not. >> reporter: the chief wants to make it clear that he's ready to arrest anyone who breaks the law, whether they're undocumented or not. but he felt the message going out was that his officers were targeting all undocumented immigrants. so the chief spoke at churches and he met with latino business leaders to try to clarify his f page can reach an even wider audience. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: community activists are applauding the move. >> they all do facebook. our latino population, they all do facebook. so yes, this is great. because having that in spanish will help to try to open up the communication. >> reporter: the page features three spanish-speaking officers and the sergeant giving crime prevention tips and on occasion
6:38 pm
the chief will make an appearance to clarify or reinforce a point or a policy. >> so the message has to be clear and they have to know that we have their back and we have to send that message as loud as we can. >> that was damian trujillo reporting. san jose pd's next project, a facebook page in vietnamese. for another booming immigrant population in san jose. well, up next just in time for independence day the new group of american citizens naturalized on a historic warship in the bay area.
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in contra costa county an early morning fire slowed the ride to work along highway 680. the fire was burning just south of pacheggo boulevard. firefighters spent hours hunting for hot spots. investigators say it could be a spark from a passing car or possibly a cigarette. congratulations are due this morning. in the bay area america gained 78 new citizens just in time to
6:41 pm
celebrate the birth of our nation. >> congratulations. you are now u.s. citizens. >> newly pledged americans from 25 different countries. they were officially naturalized aboard the "uss hornet." it's a carrier that was built in part by immigrants. >> i feel like crying because it's something that when i came from my country i wanted to be a citizen. >> this naturalization ceremony marks the end of a years-long process to become a u.s. citizen and the right to call yourself an american. >> and always so emotional there. the woman really crystallized it, very well said. >> such an honor. >> jeff ranieri here now talking about this for a lot of people four-day weekend starting right now. >> so nice outside. we do have the fog, though. we'll talk more about that fog forecast coming up in a few minutes. highly unusual advice. add your kids to your credit cards. even the little ones. i'm consumer investigator chris chmu chmura. that unexpected step might protect them from identity thieves. we'll explain how. a family tradition
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we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with free denny's delivery. see you at
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okay. it seems a little goofy to ask you but does your toddler have a credit card,r erave a mortgage? probably not. but it's possible they may actually have one and you're in the dark and don't even know it. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joins us to explain a troubling trend in identity theft. >> we have a warning for parents tonight. i know i have to stand here and ask those kinds of questions myself. but crooks are going after kids' clean credit records. it is a gold mine for them and a mess for you to clean up. even worse, you might not know someone has stolen your kids' identity until years after the damage is done. dinner at home with a date she met online initially went well for kimberly in contra costa county. but then -- >> sometimes your gut just tells you something's not right. so i broke it off. >> reporter: a few weeks later kimberly realized something was wrong. her credit monitoring service sent an alert that someone had opened credit cards in her name. kimberly suspected her date. >> he must have went into my
6:45 pm
office, my makeshift office, which really was a bunch of boxes, and stole personal items, stole my social security card, stole items, credit card bills, stole my son's passport. >> reporter: she later learned that put her boy at risk for i.d. theft. it happened to the becerra family. a claimed their newborn baby on a phony tax return. >> who would be doing that, going out of their way to get an extra $2,000 on their tx return by stealing a baby's social? >> the social has a lot of value because it's a clean slate. >> reporter: al pascual is frud research director at javelin strategy in pleasanton. and i pulled the credit report and there isn't going to be one, which means i can create any identity i want around it. >> reporter: javelin estimates thieves hacked more than 1 million american kids' i.d.s in 2017 then stole $2.5 billion, posing as those children. >> many of these kids are not going to find out until they turn adults. >> reporter: wait a minute. what's a bank doing giving a loan or credit card to an 8-year-old kid?
6:46 pm
i.d. thieves are exploiting a weakness in the system. pascual says banks and lenders don't verify names and ages against social security numbers. they just check with credit bureaus. >> unless someone has actually applied for credit, t no credit report. and so those are what we call no hits. >> reporter: no hits means a clean record, and an and runs . years later the now adult victim learns their credit record is already ruined. so what should parents do? paige hansen with lifelock recommends a step you might not expect. create a credit file for your child, then freeze it. >> add them as an authorized user to their parents' account. >> reporter: you don't have to actually give the credit card to your kids or even tell them about it. just add them in the background. >> what that'll do is it will establish a line of credit at the credit bureaus. then they can under the new law
6:47 pm
freeze their child's credit. >> reporter: freezing your kids' credit file as well as yours is fast and free. you can do it with all the major credit bureaus in about half an hour. we haveosted links to help you get started. they're on our website right now. >> that's such good information. you would never think of doing that. >> and it sounds crazy. but you know what? you think about it and you lay it all out. okay, they're going to get in and going to have a clean report, got to shut it down by starting a credit card, oh, i exactly.does make sense to giv> just don them know it. >> exactly. can you imagine the charges? >> yeah. if you have a consumer plaint for us to investigate give us a call. 888-996-tips or visit >> okay. jeff, you were talking about traffic coming down here. i was driving around and it seemed like everybody was off. is no one working? >> half days. >> so much traffic. >> i know. >> hard to come into work today. we love our jobs, but man. the weather outside combined with everybody else getting that time off. it was difficult. let's take you into that
6:48 pm
microclimate forecast on this thursday that feels like a friday. and you've got blue sky out here in contra costa county right now. this is looking right at mount diablo sitting up over 3,000 feet. currently you're at 81 degrees after a high 86. this was one of the warmest locations. and as we move through the next two hours we'll drop down into the 70s and then some 60s coming back later on tonight. overall really nice evening moving on in. let's focus in on july 4th. i'm not going to leave you behind. you can see at 7:00 in the morning we'etou prepared here for this big day for a lot of you. low clouds, fog, right here at the coastline moving into also contra costa alameda counties near berkeley and oakland. start off mostly clear in the north bay for a lot of the east bay and the south bay. so again, closer to the bay, closer to the coast. we have that fog to start off and also some cooler 50s. nothing that's going to be too hard to get to here as we head through your thursday forecast. 55 in the south bay. 57 in the peninsula and the
6:49 pm
tri-valley at 54. more 50s for the east bay san francisco and the north bay. so maybe a light jacket to start. but i tell you what, temperatures are going to warm up and fast tomorrow. it's not going to get extremely hot but you'll feel warm if you're out in the sun. you'll need the s stuff. temperatures right here in san jose at 78 degrees. morgan hill at 80. gilroy 79. over to the east bay some of the warmest weather antioch and pittsburg up to the upper 80s. concord at 86. closer to the bay. that slight wind off the water. we'll have you at 74 in hayard. chilly in half moon bay but hen you head over to redwood city, 75. san francisco we know how many of you head out to the embarcadero. it's a cool one. 63 degrees. winds out of the west. napa, sonoma also down to novato and mill valley a mix of 70s to also low 80s. looks really great as we move
6:50 pm
through the day, then once we hit time for those fireworks to lift off tomorrow night each and everhoseyireworks off fo tomorrow's forecast by the evening at 9:00 we will see some low clouds moving into san francisco possibly to oakland and hayward. otherwise, a really nice evening moving in and even right here in san francisco i think we'll be able to see some of that action right at the embarcadero. 60s in san francisco as we head through the next seven days. nothing too unusual coming our way. for the inland valleys it's warm. here thursday, friday, and saturday. mid to upper 80s. but notice by sunday a cooling system off to the north. that's going to drop us down to the 70s. also into monday and tuesday's forecast. so well below average as we head through the early part of next week. it's going to be really good. we can usually have 100s this time of the year. so that is very, very comfortable. i can't wait to be off tomorrow, like everyone else. it's going to be nice.
6:51 pm
>> but you said you love coming to work. >> i do. but you know -- you get it. right? >> jeff, thanks v now we know w going to be in that world cup final. the dramati show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today.
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6:54 pm
the u.s. women's soccer team punched its ticket to the world cup final yesterday. today they sat back, they watched to see who they'll play for soccer supremacy. >> the netherlands faced off against sweden in the second semifinal. 90 minutes didn't do it. didn't have a result. so the match went to extra time. that's when the netherlands scored the only goal, and they go wild. 1-0 the final. it is set. the u.s. versus netherlands. sunday morning 8:00 a.m. sunday morning at 8:00 for the world cup. and you can watch that match on our sister station, telemundo 48. 15-year-old phenom cori coco gauff was back in action at wimbledon after stunning the tennis world and knock out venus williams in the first round. well, today she faced off against magdalena rybarikova
6:55 pm
from slovakia. coco kept going. in the second set she won this one going away. 15 years old. and she's going on to the third round. freedom, fireworks, and stuffing your face with hot dogs. of course you know what we're talking about. part of the 4th of july holiday. and today the weigh-in ceremony for tomorrow's big annual hot dog eating contest on coney island. they actually held the weigh-in at the top of the empire state building. and yes, san jose's joey chestnut the reigning champ hoping to extend his dominance in the hot dog world. he's won every year except once since 2007. chestnut set the world record when he inhaled 74 dogs with the wet buns during the ten-minute event. the wet bun is the key. you have to moisten the bun, terry. >> we changed our video from the 5:00 where everybody was stuffing their faces with hot dogs, and we just showed the weigh-in. i think that was your request. >> are you more hungry for a hot
6:56 pm
dog or less now? >> i'll wait till tomorrow, let you know then. >> nice day tomorrow. >> i'll go for a burger. let's get a look. san francisco tomorrow we get the fog rolling in at 9:00, 10:00. still should be able to see something. temperatures during the day 85 and sunshine inland. really nice. >> no soggy buns. >> no. we'll be back at 11:00. >> bye-bye. just when you thought you were done painting...
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to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
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♪ >> now on "extra" -- brand-new turmoil at "the view." >> let me just finish. >> part of your job is to listen to me. >> on-air fight, behind-the-scenes feuds. we're breaking down the headlines. >> you know what? i'm done actually. >> is meghan mccain leaving "the view." ? >> the first picks of chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger's honeymoon.
7:00 pm
break shelton's honeymoon and he is geared up for a 4th of july. >> backyard barbecue. >> ws most hillbilly shoot, opening up about love. >> i never tire of it. >> and revealing his tv special. >> and the "real housewives" of the o.c.


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