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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 5, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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good morning to you. we are looking out our window over the golden gate bridge, which looks pretty different from what it looked like yesterday on the fourth of july. today the 5th of july, nice and quiet this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. breaking news this morning, another significant aftershock after that major earthquake yesterday. more coming up in a bit. as you can see in the bay area how it affected our seismograph, it was a big one, a 5.4. we'll have more on that coming up in a bit. right now we want to get a look at the weather in the bay area, another nice day, and clear. >> well, here is another shot, in san francisco, and there is the fog.
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it kind of moves back and forth so it shifted from the golden gate bridge over the city right now and then as we head to a live look outside in walnut creek i believe, or maybe we shifted that shot in palo alto. there we go, and as we go throughout the day, we'll be slightly warmer, compared to yesterday. i'll have a look at that and the forecast coming up in a few minutes. vianey, how is it looking right now? >> hopefully everybody is safely back home in their beds. a crash to report about, via the chp northbound 680 at mission boulevard, it appears two lanes are blocked because of a crash as far as a series of the crash, no reports on how serious it may be. i noticed slowing on speed sensors. it's clearing out so hopefully they managed to move over to the side and everybody's okay. this is the only crash northbound 680 at mission boulevard, two lanes are blocked. hopefully they get that open in time and a looking clear so
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far. back to you. thi s we were saying that, morning, ts 6.4 earthquake in mojave desert. >> within the last hour, there was a 5.4 aftershock that hit in that same area. this is the strongest aftershock yet. in the 18 or so hours since yesterday's quake, we've had a number of them. "today in the bay's" roz plater is joining us with the latest developme developments. >> good morning. let's show you a little bit of our seismograph as it hit a few minutes ago, pretty impressive here in terms of the size of all of this. we don't know yet if there is damage but i'll be following social media to see if there is any. it is not yet daylight and folks had been planning to get up and work at cleaning and repairing the damage to their homes and businesses but throughout the night they've been concerned initial10:30
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yesterday morning there have been more than 500 aftershocks and that number keeps going up. this times lapse shows the main quake and all of the aftershocks, some registering more than magnitude 5.0. >> the earthquake does not make the big one any more or lelikel any less likely. >> there's a 9% chance larger than 6.4 could hit this next week and 80% magnitude 5.0. seismologists say in 1982 they had a 5.1 quake and triggered aftershocks that lasted some six months later. this could go on for a hank you. the earthquake severely damaged at least three homes. we saw one of them on fire. another caught fire but a third was actually knocked onto its side. >> "today in the bay's" sergio quintana is in rich crest. he woke up to the recent
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aftershock the 5.0. he said it was a jolt but one they've been feeling. they've felt a lot of them. last night he visited a mobile home park where there's still a lot of cleanup to do. >> reporter: there were at last three homes in the town of ridgecrest that were severely damaged because of the earthquake, two of them by fire and this one was knocked on its side. it is taped off to make sure people cannot go in. it has been red tagged and look over here how far it fell over, the woman who lives here was inside at the time of the quake. she says it was very difficult to try to get herself and her niece out to safety. >> everything started like rolling and i grabbed onto my computer and the tv and as i did, my chair fell backwards, me minor injuries, because of this earthquake, about 14 people were air lifted to area hospitals,
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id have to be evacuated. there were some concerns about structural damage. engineers are still evaluating that. as for the concerns continuing, there are some concerns about aftershocks, people are actually feeling them every so often and those could continue for the next couple of days. in ridgecrest, i'm sergio quintana, "today in the bay." we have much more about the quake online from a photo gallery of the damming to what you need to put in your earthquake kit. if you want to check it today. we're tracking the latest on, also on twitter, instagram and facebook and the "today" show is following the earthquake and we'll have more coming up at 7:00. back here at home, new overnight a desperate effort to save a home fully engulfed in the sn. firefighters believe illegal fireworks started the fire. >> all part of a busy night for firefighters around the bay area. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in contra costa county with the latest on a busy night.
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good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right, a busy night for fire crews across the bay area dealing with the fireworks related incidents. we want to start off with new video we're getting in san jose, check out the flames in that video, multiple trees catching on fire on the 1800 block of lute court in san jose. witnesses claim teens were playing with fireworks in the streets which led to this home catching on fire. a man stepped into action using his own water hose to put out the fire in some of the video. thankfully no one was inside of the home and there were no injuries to report but this is a small sample of the fireworks issues we saw across the bay area. we'll have more on that in the next hour. report "today in the bay." >> friendly reminder there, pete, thank you. new overnight, oneovernight near mt. before midnight when the chp says a car went down an embankment. the passenger died at the scene.
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the chp said the driver had to be rescued and then was arrested. officers are not yet saying what that driver is charged with. 4:37. coming up here on "today in the bay," apple's icloud is back up and running after an outage took it down for a few hours yesterday. how this affected operations for the service. and one fast food restaurant is helping soccer fans cheer on the u.s. women's team, without taking a break. the delivery service that will keep the party going. and taking a live look out at palo alto, a beautiful start to our friday morning. how will things shape up? meteorologist kari hall is tracking the forecast throughout the bay area. you don't introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. good morning. i'm frank holland here at cnbc headquarters, here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up slightly lower this morning. the markets saw gains on wednesday with the dow posting its first record close since last october. the big focus today will be on the labor market. as we get the monthly jobs report, economists are expecting a healthy rebound in company payrolls after a disappointing may. the numbers could help determine whether the economy is stiz weakening. back up and running again after an outage took it down for a few hours yesterday. calendars, contexts and reminders are affected and issues impacting apple pay and other services, the second outage for icloud this year and comes after a day-long outage
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that affected facebook. and chipotle is offering free delivery so soccer fans can cheer on the u.s. women's national team in the world cup final sunday. the chain is serving up the favorite to go orders of three team members. you can choose from three entries including two customized salads and burrito bowls. today is free on all orders of $10 or more through chipotle's website or its app. back over to you. marcus and kris. >> one of my favorite fast food restaurants. >> yes? >> yes. >> i agree with you, it's great. thank you very much. now you made us tracking that weekend forecast for us. >> looks pretty good but it will be slightly warmer. we'll start to feel that warmup today. a live look in san jose with a nice cool start and temperatures going up into the low 70s by 11:00. we'll talk about all of our microclimates, what's ahead for the weekend, coming up next.
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and some folks may be sleeping in, but for those who have to head back to work, look at the live shot in oakland. we have a crash in the east bay i have to tell you about a and a new crash reported in the south bay. what that may mean for your drive times, coming up.
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all right, 4:44 for you right now and july 4th usually means fun in the sun but look here, maybe a bathing suit even but in this case there were still some bathing suits around but typically not your way to
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celebrate independence day you would think. ski season in colorado officially ended yesterday. skiers decked out in red, white and blue made their way to arapahoe baseon for the final run. >> skiing on fourth of july you don't do that anywhere else but colorado and that is it. >> i think you could have done it in tahoe this past weekend, yesterday. so the first time for the basin to have been open this late since 2011. >> we like to show off you can go skiing and swimming, a littl bit of everything with the microclimate. >> ski in the morning and go to the lake in the afternoon. >> in the afternoon, yes. >> only in california. >> perfect weather for us this weekend, kari. >> we'll have nice weather but a little bit hotter than we've seen all takk a live look gett out the door in walnut creek it's mostly clear. we'll see some upper 50s at 6:00 and then temperatures starting to rise as we get a lot of sun again today. at 11:00, we're at 73 degrees,
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and continuing to go up. check out the seven-day forecast. it's already up at the bottom of the screen. a look at our high temperatures, we'll top out in the upper 80s today in the south county, with morgan hill reaching 87 degrees and in milpitas, expect a high of 81 degrees. for the east bay, concord tops out at 88, while antioch reaches 90. a little hotter than yesterday. oakland up to 72, and staying cool in half moon bay with a high of 64 while palo alto reaches up to 77 degrees in san francisco. breezy winds and slightly warmer temperatures reaching the upper 60s with some upper 80s in the north bay in santa rosa, while ukiah reaches up to 93 degrees. if you want to check out some fireworks tonight, head over to russian river valley. monte rio beach will have temperatures reaching into the mid 80s. a lot of festivities going on throughout the afternoon and after dark, they'll have their
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famous fireworks going on right there at monte rio beach and the temperatures about 73 degrees. so really nice. also fireworks tonight at the alameda county fair and we start out with temperatures in the mid 80s, but by the time the fireworks begin we'll be at 66 degrees so a wide range in temperatures and we're going to see a few more changes heading into the weekend as high pressure builds out in the pacific, and we get more of a northerly wind, blowing offshore at times, but as we go into next week, a storm system approaching the pacific northwest will bring us the reversal in winds, some coolert going down fairly quickly, after seeing those high temperatures reaching into the mid 80s, in the inland valleys. we're headed back to the 70s on sunday into early next week. vianey has a look at the morning commute, only a couple of slow spots. >> we've got some slow spots, two crashes to tell you about a. i want to start with an overall look. i have one along 680 and one downn that new
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crash right now, chp is reporting that the number one lane is blocked along the northbound side of 87 near the 280 interchange so pretty much right near that interchange we have the number one lane blocked and it appears there may be activity off to the shoulder. as of now, our speed sensors aren't picking up slowing. i assume the roads are empty, folks didn't head back to work this morning so hopefully that eases some of the traffic from lanes being blocked. we have the crash along northbound 680 at mission boulevard, where two lanes remain blocked due to a crash. as far as the seriousness of the crash i'm waiting to see if they update that. hopefully nobody is seriously hurt. your south bay drive times not being affected by that crash. northbound 87 from highway 85 to 101, only ten minutes. i have a feeling today we'll feel somewhat of a holiday light commute. everybody keep on driving safe. back to you. in bodega bay, a deputy shooting is under investigation, it happened about 7:00 last
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night, when sonoma county zep o deputies responded to a report of a man attacking people near pelican loop. deputies say when they ai have had radio, the suspect turned on them and one deputy fired. they are not saying at this point whether that suspect was armed, but he is also accused of stealing a car. the suspect and several victims were taken to a nearby hospital. and as expected, big crowds showed up in san francisco last night to watch the fourth of july fireworks. >> unfortunately the fog joined that party as well. people who stuck around bundled up, watched the light show in the sky and for those who didn't bundle up, well, i'm pretty sure they were part of the tourist crowd that forgot to read up on san francisco's summers, of course. >> you need a sweatshirt. nobody said that. they didn't prepare us for that. we're excited. >> it's a little chilly. it's not bad in the sun but the wind is making my >> you can always spot a tourist out there. the cold and drizzly weather
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didn't thin out the crowd. thousands of people stayed around to watch the show. and talk about celebrating the holiday in grand style. >> yes, it's what the a's and their fans did yesterday at the coliseum. how is this for a patriotic first pitch? delivered by 100-year-old world war ii veteran andy anderson. as for the game, things were close in the eighth inning against minnesota. marc marcus simian hit a grand slam, happy birthday, america. coming up here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> two languages and just one mission, to save you money. i'm consumer investigator chris. "nbc bay area responds" and telemundo responde next. first, happening now, a helicopter carrying seven americans to ft. lauderdale, florida, crashed overnight, killing everyone on board. it has just taken off from grand
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. and good friday morning to you. taking a live look out in dublin there. you can see cars already on the road, getting started with the day. vianey in for mike this morning. she's going to get us through that commute coming up in just a bit. 4:53 right now and two languages, one mission, to get consumers justice. >> and often we get some money back, too. consumer investigator here chris chmura with a couple of o team
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responde and they have wracked them up recently. >> first the big picture here. for three years now, we've asked you to send us your consumer problems in english or spanish, and you have, in a major way. between our teams, telemundo 48 responde and "nbc bay area responds" you've sent in 21,822 calls for help. let's look at two cases where we helped put money back where it was. at telemundo 48 responde, arlen fernandez helped ana in oakland. she alerted her bank about $4,089 in unauthorized charges on her credit card but said the bank failed to act so arlen started asking questions, then the bank cleared s," we spoke up for s bruno. he told us his home appraisal had gone sideways during a loan application. we helped straighten it out and got daniel the $425 appraisal
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fee returned in full. perhaps we can help you, too, in english, 888-996-tips or in spanish, 844-408-4848. have a great weekend. >> all right, and the weekend is upon us. so our warmer temperature tempe "today in the bay's" kari hall is tracking that. >> we'll feel it in concord today. starting out with low 60s, sunshine. we'll see mid 80s by early afternoon. so the temperatures starting to crank up but peaking tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in the forecast cge saw that holiday light traffic yesterday, i am noticing that unfortunately there are a couple folks that had to head back to work today, but that's okay, because so far, it looks like we have no big issues. i'm still following a crash down near the south bay, also in the east bay. i'll have a look at how your bridges are doing and drive times throughout the entire bay area coming up. plus breaking news overnight, a new aftershock striking southern california. one happening just within the hour. a 5.4.
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going to have a live report coming up for you in a bit with details. you're watching "today in the bay." to an d.c., pull all
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units out from your station. >> more of a back was a good aftershocks. we are tracking overnight developments following the strongest earthquake to hit southern california in more than two two-decades. people in the region feeling shaky again this morning. we'll tell you what we know about the cleanup efforts under way as well. plus a salute to america went on as planned in
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washington, d.c., but president trump's tribute to america and america's history didn't come without its share of backlash. how critics let him and the crowd know they were not fans of the big event. and amazing, new video this morning, as flames engulf a san jose neighborhood and we now know it's all because of illegal fireworks. the extreme efforts people took to try to put it out. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you on this friday morning. thanor i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. of course we know there are still illegal fireworks out on the streets, if you have them, don't set them off because it is hot out there, kari, and i imagine the fire danger is high. >> hotter and dryer conditions and the breezy winds still picking up. this is a look at our start this morning in san jose, just a few clouds rolling across the city right now. headed over to evergreen in east san jose, the upperning0s and ts
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in the forecast as we go into the afternoon. we'll talk more about how hot it gets this weekend, coming up. vianey has got a couple of trouble spots on the roads. >> looks like a couple of fender benders but it may be enough to disrupt your morning commute if you live near the south bay, traveling to the south bay, northbound 87 right here, the 280 interchange, the number one lane is blocked due to a crash and they're working to clear that out but i did notice a little bit of a change in the drive times throughout. so let's look at some of the bridge drive times as well for the folks headed on the bridges. westbound 580 toward richmond bridge, eight minutes. westbound 82 toward east san mateo bridge 11 minutes. it's fair to say we're looking like it's a holiday friday. i think a lot of folks got lucky to get a four-day weekend and this i'll send it back to you. in southern california yesterday's 6.4 earthquake in the mojave desert.
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>> within the last hour, a 5.4 aftershock hit the same area and it is the strongest aftershock yet in the 18 or so hours since yesterday's quake. "today in the bay's" roz plater is here with the latest developments. good morning, roz. >> good morning, indeed. the shaking and the aftershock this morning, folks are expected to gather at the walmart in ridgecrest, that's ground zero for where they're handing out emergency supplies. they were lining up last night and expected to come back there again this morning. now some businesses have already begun the extensive task of cleaning up after much of their merchandise hit the floor when the 6.4 quake struck about 10:30 yesterday morning. it sparked fires at a couple of me


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