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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 8, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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say the former vice president must do to regain momentum. and a battle in brentwood. new comments this morning as neighbors complain about a motocross track. we'll break down what's really revving their engines this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. i'm in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is here with a look at the commute in a bit but first we have the forecast that has everyone smiling. this weekend was great and seems like we'll have another great day. >> yeah and we'll have a little bit of something for everybody, especially as we head through the week. if you're liking the drizzle and the cooler temperatures in san francisco, you'll see that, but also some sunshine headed toward the end of the week. here is a look at our highs today. it does stay in the low 60s. some very cool air for san francisco, but very mild for the inland areas, reaching the 70s and a few low 80s, but it will heat up so we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike, the roads look pretty clear.
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>> we'll look at the sensors, they're green all over the bay, green on kari's map. sometimes means rain but for us, green means go. altamont pass a little slowing traveling westbound 580 merging with 205, that's natural over there. on the north bay no slowing through american canyon, vallejo a smooth drive between both of those areas. a little slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza. those cash lanes should start to clear up now that all the cash lanes are opening. we do have no problems for b.a.r.t., a nice easy drive. no delays for the b.a.r.t. system but near the 24th street b.a.r.t. station a couple blocks away we have some breaking news. for that, i'll hand it back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. the breaking news is a deadly shooting in the mission district, now a homicide investigation is under way. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live for us at the police department, just blocks away from that shooting, and pete, what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. it was a deadly shooting in the mission district. appears to be in front of some
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storefronts in that area but all of that is under investigation. i want to show you some scene video because we're here at sfpd. according to sfpd, they responded to 24th and capp streets following a shots fired activation. when they showed up, officers said they say awe car driving off from the scene that possibly could have been connected to the shooting but eventually lost the car during the pursuit. they located a male victim on the 3200 block of 24th street suffering from gunshot wounds. officers rendered aid but were unable to save him. now as i mentioned, the shooting is still under investigation. if you have any information to help with this case, contact police. we're live here in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thanks for that update. a new political poll shows mixed results for president trump. it appears that more voters than ever think he's doing a good jo job. tracie potts is in washington, d.c., talking about how a lot of folks are talking about democrats replacing him, though. >> exactly, and there's some
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interesting polling numbers that we're looking at this morning on president trump versus candidate trump, him not doing well on specific issues like gun violence, climate, even immigration and health care, but his overall approval rating as president, that's going up. president trump is more popular than ever, a new "washington post"/abc poll gives him a 44% approval rating, his highest ever. americans trust him most on the economy. >> we're doing better than any in addition on the planet. >> reporter: but 65% believe president trump has acted unpresidential. >> there are people who disapprove of the president or don't approve of the president's performance, who are nevertheless saying in this same poll they're ready to vote for him. >> reporter: in head-to-head matchups with top democrats, president trump loses or it's a virtual tie. >> you look at his poll numbers and they're good for him. it's just way too early. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden's lead is narrowing, despite apologizing
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for his comments about working with segregationists. >> i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception they may have caused anybody. but that misstep defined 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights, racial justice in this country. i hope not. >> he was right to recognize the impact of his words and i applaud him for doing that and having the courage to do it. >> reporter: president trump tweeted requests biden is a reclamation project." but also we've got some political analysts who are saying look, joe biden needs to look ahead and get ahead of other issues that might drive a wedge between him and his own party, democrats, like his vote on the iraq war, he voted in favor of it. kris? >> all right, we'll be watching that. thank you very much, tracie potts in washington, d.c. also new this morning, president trump is calling out
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fox news on twitter. in a new post he wrote in part "impossible to believe that fox news hired donna brazile, the person fired by cnn." he went on to add that she now hosts the network's "lowest rated show." happening today, a man accused of killing two men in san mateo county is due back in court. malik dasuki will appear before a judge for an arraignment. police say he killed a taxi driver and touring company employee both on skyline boulevard last month. he allegedly killed abdul malik nassir after a ride to skyline boulevard and the next day police say he called specialty towing for help and stabbed an employee, john peckipaki. police have not explained a motive. a fire destroys a garage in los gatos last night on san
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benito avenue. here are photos from the santa clara county firefighters. they had it out in about 20 minutes and saved the home. police are mourning the loss of a dedicated four-legged comrade. he was 12 years old and served seven years on the force. police say he spent the last four-plus years in retirement with his loving family. new details a bay area lawmaker is taking action trying to help the state meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals. today san francisco assembly member field team plans to introduce a new proposal aimed at changing the state's rebate program for clean air cars. his bill would make sure consumers are guaranteed a rebate and are not put on a waiting list. the team says transportation is behind nearly 40% of pollution. and now to the north bay, happening today, helping those in need. you can weigh in on a new santa
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rosa homeless assistance pilot program. the public meeting held at 5:30 this afternoon at city council chambers on santa rosa avenue. the city staff members will take questions about the program during that meeting. that program will work to help those living in encampments underneath underpasses throughout the city. leaders in contra costa county will debate proposed changes to a motocross park. the diablo mx ranch is located in unincorporated brentwood. owners want to add a kids track and camping as well. in the past, the park did have more courses but it downsized a few years ago when the owners reopened it. some neighbors are fighting that new expansion plan because they are worried about all that noise. happening today, a warning, if your commute takes you through oakland and berkeley. pg&e is closing roads as part of a planned pipeline maintenance project. the road between seventh and allston in berkeley will be closed as well as 32nd and
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peralta in oakland. both closures will be from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. pg&e also says that the people can expect the smell of natural gas in those areas. 5:08 now. we want to get to meteorologist kari hall who is tracking a little bit of a cooler forecast for this work week, makes it a little easier to get dressed. >> especially when you wake up in the morning and you don't have to turn the air conditioning on today and we'll start out with temperatures in the low to mid-50s for much of the b in. the re north bay. the rest of the bay area the upper 50s. pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station going back to work today it's going to be right at about 58 degrees as we start out this morning, and then seeing a few clouds rolling by through about 10:00. then we'll see those temperatures reaching the low 70s by noon today. so we are tracking a nice cool start to the day, and mike, you've been tracking a pretty smooth commute for the bay. >> overall, look at this, the big view of the bay shows green all over. we expect all the way over on the right side, a little slowing
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out of 580 but i'm going to zoom all the way down here to surface streets in the south bay, just learned about this from the city of santa clara. fordham at cabrillo avenue. if you don't know the intersection don't worry about it. el camino and lawrence expressway is okay. fordham at cabrilo, a major injury crash. we'll track that on the city streets for santa clara near briarwood elementary but not your typical school year. if you have a day care, watch for activity on the north side of campus. the rest of the south bay just fine. guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, we're following the latest developments surrounding the man once set to become the navy's top officer. he's taking himself out of the running for that job. what we're learn being the controversial relationship that some say question his judgment. and on business news this monday morning, some happy returns for amazon shoppers. speak being returns, good to see you back, scott.
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good monday morning. time to get up and get moving. right now at 5:12, as we start out with a few clouds, los gatos will see the clouds through about 10:00 and temperatures going from the upper 50s to the low 70s early this afternoon. it's going to be another beautiful day, but there is a warmup in the forecast.
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we'll talk more about that in less than five minutes. hey, not supposed to be this many people here at this time. this is 5:12. all lanes filling in at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will track it as the cash lanes open for the remaining two lanes. i don't think it's going to improve though, we'll see. and good morning, and happy monday to you as well. deutsche bank stocks slightly higher after the company said it would restructure and lay off thousands of american worker hes. as of today, you can return amazon packages at kohl's store. the stock market, which has been at or near records will likely sink again today because of good news. you remember on friday, we got the word the economy continues to grow with nearly a quarter million new jobs added to the american economy in june. well, that's discouraging news for people who were hoping for lower interest rates. the president once again attacking his own pick for fed chairman jerome powell saying the fed doesn't know what it's
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doing. we get the minutes from that fed meeting on wednesday. now let's assume for a moment economist at the fed do know what they're doing. they raise rates to battle inflation, but we haven't seen much inflation. they lower rates to spark economic growth, but we have growth without it. so rates really haven't moved lately. british airway also pay a record fine to british regulators for accidentally exposing very personal information about its passengers to hackers. ba says it was a victim along with the customers who were diverted to a fake website. this week the white house will hold a social networking summit to talk about issues with social networks. we're not sure who is going or invited. president trump often critical of twitter but as far as we know, twitter hasn't been invited. facebook may not be on the list either, which kind of doesn't leave any obvious alternatives. we know the president is very angry at twitter. he met with jack dorsey you'll recall accusing twitter of not letting people follow the
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president. we don't really understand what he means by that. you go to real donald trump, click follow and there is your issue. if you don't have facebook and twitter, and this is thursday, i'm not sure who is going. >> and instagram is part of facebook. >> exactly, snapchat and all of those things. who is going to meet? we'll continue to follow it and maybe we'll know more later. >> all right, thank you very much, scott and welcome back. >> thank you. talk about being on top of the world, team usa women's world cup team now on the way back to the united states after an historic second straight world cup title. maybe you watched the team defeat the netherlands in paris yesterday 2-0. we know for sure new york city will hold a ticker tape parade for the champs on wednesday, but it's not clear if president trump will invite the team to the white house although he did tweet out a congratulatory message to them yesterday.
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all right, to a follow-up now, the news feed may be filled with people trying to open up bottles with spin kicks. >> but now pop star mariah carey is taking the trend to a different octave. take a listen. ♪ i told you a different octave. like it was really that high. anyway, it started with mma fighters challenging each other to spin off the tops of bottles with only their feet and it went viral current ufc champion max holloway did it challenging singer john mayer to do it as well. several other singers and actors getting in on that. >> is she really not -- i mean -- >> but it's pretty cool. it's a different take on it. >> yeah, i did that. >> she hit that note. >> she is amazing. she's a little nutty but she's
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amazing. my favorite kind of crazy. >> 5:16 for you right now. taking a look outside this morning, it's going to be another nice day for us. >> we can really enjoy the cooler weather for now, because there will be some changes ahead and we are seeing a beautiful sunrise this morning, taking a live look outside in walnut creek, as we see a few clouds rolling by. all of those clouds will start to clear out, as we go throughout the day. if you're headed out to the park early this morning, it's going to be in the upper 50s and we will see a lot of clouds passing by, but it will start to clear out later this morning with temperatures in the low 60s and at 11:00 we're at 67 degrees and at 1:00, we're only at 71 degrees. we know it's a cooler day. let's go hour by hour for all of our microclimates. we see some low 70s for the east bay valleys, while the coastal areas stay cooler, with some low 60s in san francisco, going throughout the day, we'll stay in the lower 60s while the east bay and the tri-valley as well as the delta we're seeing some
5:18 am
temperatures in the upper 70s and then it comes back down going into the evening. so a few spots will reach the low 80s. we're all spending more time outside, and if you're allergic to grass, pollen, it's moderate right now. we also have a moderate amount of tree pollen, with mostly juniper and pine as well. so we're going to have some nice and comfortable weather to start out this week, but then as we head toward the middle of the week, some changes ahead, even as that storm system clips f northern california and the pacific northwest, we'll start to see some high pressure building across the desert southwest, and that's going to cause some warmer air here in the bay area, so the winds shift direction, so we go from an onshore wind flow and cooler air to the winds blowing offshore and temperatures heating up into the mid to upper 80s by the week's end. headed into saturday and sunday, we're in the mid 80s, while san francisco will have a slight warmup. we'll just see more sunshine, and mike, you're seeing that early backup at the bay bridge. >> yes, you know, but i think
5:19 am
kari it's because a lot of folks after a holiday try to get in for the early commute and it will ease off a little bit, that's what i'm hoping today because we had this backup forming just before 5:10 this morning. it's 5:19 now. the metering lights should be turned on and the fastrak lanes are moving well. a lot of folks maybe skipped work last week or took vacation days, whatever they want to call t maybe early burst to check the email the big backup of email. no problems through most of contra costa county. the crash up at west 80 shows no problem, it'sen othe shoulder now. there was some debris in lanes should be clearing as well. some debris headed toward the dumbarton bridge toll plaza from 880, so we'll see how that fares out for fremont and newark and the south bay shows no delay. here is that drive coming in out of the altamont, there's slowing but by the time you get toward north flynn road you're at speed. good volume here. we expect slowing through the dublin interchange of course with 680, west 580.
5:20 am
across the san mateo wrinbridge steady volume of traffic, no problems. the peninsula cleared but a lot of folks getting back to work compared to last week. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:20 for you right now. world famous singer stevie wonder is dealing with health issues this morning. the upcoming procedure that's forcing him to take a break from the stage. there's no such thing as a born winner. so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta. ♪
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happening today, a memorial to honor officers killed in a sniper attack in dallas will be unveiled. that memorial sculpture is in front of police headquarter there is. yesterday marked three years since a gunman opened fire at a peaceful protest. the army veteran shot and killed four dallas police officers and one transit officer. authorities used a robot delivered bomb to kill that gunman. the ambush is considered the deadliest attack on law enforcement in the u.s. since the september 11th terror
5:23 am
attacks in 2001. the man set to take over as the head of the navy in less than a month is turning down the job. admiral bill moran declined the position after questions arose about emails and a relationship with' retired male navy commander. the commander is accused of making sexual toward coordinates. he continued to have a professional relationship with the officer but does not endorse that kind of conduct. investigators are still looking for who caused a massive explosion at a stopping center in south florida. these are new aerials of that damage, it happened saturday in the city of plantation. the explosion ripped through the shopping center. more than 20 people were hurt. firefighters say they found ruptured gas lines at the scene, but they won't say whether the ruptured gas lines caused the explosion or not. fortunately, no one died. happening today, billionaire hedge fund manager jeffrey epstein is set to appear in a new york city federal courtroom. the registered sex offender
5:24 am
faces new sex trafficking charges now after prosecutors apparently reexamined evidence tied to old accusations dating back more than a decade. a source tells nbc news epstein allegedly paid minors cash for massages and sex acts in the early 2000s. he also allegedly paid victims more money to rope in their friends. the court documents remain under seal. new video and proof that power boat racing is not for the faint of heart. look at this. two boats you see racing, look at that, were on the final lap of that race yesterday in sarasota. the camera catches one of those boats flipping over. turns out that the few seconds later, the other boat flipped over as well. trust us on that one, because all you see is that boat when it's upside down. the drivers are expected to be okay. good news there. >> that's really scary. now to a major announcement from music legend stevie wonder.
5:25 am
>> wonder tells fans saturday night he has plans to have a kidney transplant in september. he made that announcement at a concert in london's hyde park. >> i'm going to have a kidney transplant in september of this year. [ cheers and applause ] it's all good. it's all good. it's all good. i have a donor. it's all good. >> wow, that is pretty serious surgery. he's definitely on the soundtrack of my life. nbc's dr. natalie azar says the outlook is hopeful. >> kidney transplantation is effective treatment for kidney failure and many patients who undergo a kidney transplant are able to live very, very healthy lives, as healthy as before they got sick. >> the "today" show will have much more on the story coming up at 7:00 this morning. i have a friend who had a living transplant, gave one of her
5:26 am
kidneys to her mom and her mom is doing fantastic. >> wow. >> it's really cool that you can do a living transplant. >> i know he said he wanted to get ahead of the news before people were talking about what's going on. he's given us so many hits so i can't wait to see him recover and come back. he's certainly a treasure. coming up, recovery in ridgecrest. communities are working to get back to normal following two large earthquakes. the reason some residents say it's much easier said than done. and one of the south bay's swanker streets begins a diet today. people are like, what? we're going to be live for you there with the big changes that may have an impact on your commute. and looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. boy, this is not what we got used to over the last couple of days last weaninek, right? no more holiday light. looks like everybody who was off is now headed back to work. we'll talk with mike inouye about your traffic picture coming up. >> oh, man.
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it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with free denny's delivery. see you at good monday morning, folks. are you headed back to work? a lot of these folks are here through palo alto this morning. mike's watching the traffic flow that's a little heavier today than it has been. meteorologist kari hall has a bit of a cooldown for us as well. thanks so much for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's head over to meteorologist kari hall with a look at what we can expect today. >> a nice refreshing breeze. we can already tell it will be a nice, cool day and we can see by the flag it is windy to start out on this monday morning. temperatures in the upper 50s in fremont now, and we'll see some upper 60s by 11:00, and 70
5:30 am
degrees at noon. nice day to take a lunch outside, as we head back to work. we'll talk more about that. but mike, we now have a traffic alert. >> we do for the dumbarton bridge, more details coming in, but there's a crash and debris across all lanes, so all lanes considered blocked right now as the crews heading out there from the fremont and newark side headed toward the site where facebook is in east palo alto. we have slowing as well on to marsh on bay front expressway. so right now the san mateo bridge a much better choice if you can choose between the two bridges. if you need to head south, 237 is clear as well. maybe a little more mileage unless you're south of the dumbarton bridge. again west 84 one to avoid if you can. west 80 the bay bridge also had an earlier backup. fast track lanes continuing to move steadily. the metering lights were turned on the standard time so the traffic coming through the maze had an early burst. it looks heavier than last week. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's now almost a full four
5:31 am
days since that shaking first began in the southern california town of ridgecrest and a lot of folks there are feeling more restless than ever. >> with the 7.1 quake that followed a strong and violent quake, a lot of families are too nervous to go back into their homes. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd is in ridgecrest with more. >> reporter: the city's hospital is open this morning, and public transportation resumes today, signs that things are slowly getting back to normal. as you can see, some people prefer to be outside because of all the shaking. for many people who live through these back-to-back earthquakes, it's hard to sleep at night, and it's even tougher during the day. about 100 people checked in to the red cross shelter sunday night, this after two powerful earthquakes shook ridgecrest and the surrounding community. surprisingly, no one was injured but a lot of people displaced. the aftershocks are overwhelming and this community is struggling to get back to normal.
5:32 am
>> it's scary, and now you are wandering around going, should we put anything up? wait, should we sleep in our bed or sit on the couch? you really don't know. >> as far as back to normal goes, i don't know what their version of normal is but my version of normal is not having to worry, and i don't see that happening any time soon. >> reporter: later today the red cross will be traveling through communities taking food and water. this recovery effort is continuing. in ridgecrest, cheryl hurd for "today in the bay." >> we'll continue to bring you the latest developments on all of this seismic activity. you can also stay up to date online at now to continuing coverage of the ghost ship trial. today making a potentially very big day in court. derek almena is expected to take the stand to speak on his own behalf. he is one of the men facing involuntary manslaughter charges over the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire.
5:33 am
for the last few months, almena's attorney has been doing all of the talking but today almena will give his own testimony on what led to the fire that killed 36 people at that warehouse dance party back in 2016. nbc bay area legal analyst steven clark says it's likely almena will express remorse but then point the blame at the city and the landlord. >> this is a big risk for the defense but it's a risk they need to take. the prosecution has spent the entire trial demonizing derick almena. he needs to get on the stand and explain to this jury who he is. >> this of course is not the first time he's spoken publicly since he was charged. he angered a lot of the victim's families last year when he said he would have given up his life and children's lives in order to save the victims. one of the south bay's swankier streets is going on a diet. so here's what i'm talking about. if you drive, walk or shop along north santa cruz avenue in
5:34 am
downtown los gatos you'll see big changes. "today in the bay's" bob redell is out there live to explain why. bob? >> reporter: marcus, north santa cruz avenue, the main drag here in los gatos, can get fairly busy especially when beach goers use this road as a shortcut to get to santa cruz via highway 17. starting today you see on the sign behind me and the next four months the city will convert the avenue in los gatos into a one-way street in the southbound direction between bachman avenue and elm street. you see on the map we put on the tv screen for you, in hopes of cutting down the traffic congestion, while bringing more people to downtown businesses. the city will also turn some of the current parking spots into outdoor restaurant seating to make it easier to walk around and give the area a more european sense of place, ideally giving the shops and restaurants here a boost. as i mentioned, the so-called road diet is a four-month experiment. you might really that san jose has seen some success with a
5:35 am
similar road diet along lincoln avenue in willow glen. reporting live here in los gatos, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, a lot of people have to get ready for that. some neighbors say they have had it with the san jose home near where four people were shot late saturday night. all four people are expected to survive but police apparently have not arrested anybody in that shooting. that shooting happened near a home on hillsdale avenue and manda drive. neighbors say it's been rented out as a short term rental since before the fourth of july weekend. they also say it's been the scene of a lot of recent rowdiness. >> i know for sure somebody shot bullets last night, for sure, and yeah, that was probably like the 12th party in a row next door. >> the neighbors say at least 50 people were partying at that home, when that shooting took place. police are now hoping surveillance video from nearby homes can help provide some leads. this morning two families are out of their homes after a fire ripped through two houses
5:36 am
in contra costa county, this happened on old rogers ranch court in pleasant hill yesterday. firefighters say the fire started between the two homes and then quickly spread in both directions, but they don't know what sparked those flames. neighbors watched nervously, hoping that that fire would not spread even more. they're relieved that those families are save. safe. >> from like a little tiny fire to like in a matter of two minutes. >> so we knew we were working against the clock when we got here. >> firefighters say it looks like both homes are a total loss. while the families are okay, one firefighter was sent to the hospital with an ankle injury. chp is investigating what caused a car to smash into two mobile homes, briefly sparking a nearby grass fire in contra costa county. this happened last night at the rancho diablo mobile home park in pacheco. a man who lives in one of the homes said he had to rescue a woman and a child from the car after the crash. their injuries are not life-threatening.
5:37 am
firefighters say the car took out a nearby electrical box, sparking that fire. trending for this morning it's croc man, an action figure going viral after a twitter user from the uk tweeted out a photo. dozens of other users went to the platform saying they're terrified and disush turbed by . crocman is an official croc merchandise item. the picture had more than 150,000 likes and retweets and that is because people love crocman and mike, i think we should come together and think of a song for it. ♪ who is the thing that makes your feet look good ♪ ♪ crockman crockman that's great, well ventilated, absolutely. marcus is a big fan. over in the same color as crocman we have most of the bay green. unfortunately, we need a superhero to clear this up, at least a super quick crew there. already have cleared one lane of west 84, that's the dumbarton
5:38 am
bridge, still there for westbound, the droes acroirecti the dumbarton bridge from fremont and newark. they can hopefully clear another lane that would leave one big distraction, the san mateo bridge or west 237, still a great option for you to avoid all that jam between fremont and east palo alto, menlo park and the facebook side where their campus is. the bay bridge is an option but the backup at the toll plaza pretty sizeable. you probably want to avoid that. there's the north bay. we're just picking up the volume through san rafael. >> at least they're moving. right? all right, we are already looking forward to the weekend, because we know you like to plan. it's summer, after all and you got to get out there and enjoy it. >> we want some pool weather. okay, we've got it. >> not cool, hot. >> warmer weather. >> in the 90s so that's good. >> not too bad. >> i know, right? >> 70s today which i think is a little too cool for swimming but
5:39 am
then by this weekend, we'll be in the mid 80s, mostly sunny skies. we do still stay cool in san francisco at times some clouds drifting by, and even the fog to start out each day. if you're going to be in the tri-valley we have some 90s there, up to 91 degrees on friday and saturday. sunday up to 88 degrees, and then if you're going to santa cruz, as we talked about, you can't cut through los gatos, we're going to be in the mid-70s for saturday as well as sunday, and still some snow on the ground in squaw valley, but we have a nice and warm weekend ahead there. we'll talk about what's going on today with our temperature trend in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. coming up, it's the annual running of the bulls, it was not without some injuries this year. what we're learning about one local man what was caught in danger. plus what iran is threatening this morning, and how america will respond. we'll walk you through it when "today in the bay" continues.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. good monday morning. at 5:42, we're eight minutes away from sunrise but we start out with mostly cloudy skies so it's a little harder to tell. as we take a live look at our temperature, we're going to be in the low 60s to start this morning, and then some mid-70s today. get out there and enjoy the cooler weather. we'll talk about what else' ahead for the rest of the week, in less than five minutes. >> we have the alert for the dumbarton bridge, westbound the commute direction jammed up
5:43 am
headed over in toward menlo park, east palo alto. your alternate the top of the screen the san mateo bridge. although the sensors are green we see more traffic because it's that time. we'll see how this affects your flow throughout the east bay. new details for you this morning. a san francisco man is among three people who were gored in spain during the running of the bulls. it happened yesterday and that 46-year-old man is now in grave condition after undergoing emergency surgery. the bull run draws 1 million dare devils from around the world every year. 5:43. starbucks leaders are personally turning down the heat after an exchange in arizona involving a barista and police officers. >> the company yesterday issued an apology after six tempe police officers were told to move from where they were standing in a tempe starbucks. a barista told them a customer felt uncomfortable with their presence. the officers chose to leave
5:44 am
rather than move. that controversy lit up social media with #dumpstarbucks. customers say they don't think the officers did anything wrong. >> there's no apparent problem they were causing, so nobody should be asked to leave if all they're doing is just having a cup of coffee. that's what they have a right to do there. >> in the apology, starbucks says the barista's actions were completely unacceptable. the police chief met yesterday with top executives and says more meetings are happening today. house speaker nancy pelosi will address the issue of election security, ahead of the 2020 presidential race. pelosi is holding a news conference this morning in san francisco with other lawmakers. they'll also discuss the recent passage of the securing america's election act. the bill aims to protect u.s. elections from future foreign interference. recently special counsel robert mueller's report determined russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.
5:45 am
today in southern california a major ruling is expected in representative duncan hunter's trial. the san diego lawmaker and his wife were indicted on charges that they used more than $250,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses. he is asking for a venue change for the trial, which is set to start in september. hunter's team also wants the charges dismissed. margaret hunter pleaded guilty last month and agreed to testify against her husband. 5:45, and iran says that it will step up its production of nuclear materiel today. >> no reaction from u.s. president trump. >> the u.s. will have trouble responding to this. while iran's actions today violate the nuclear deal, we are the ones who pulled out of the nuclear deal, not iran. iran says it will increase the quality of the uranium it's processing, enriching it above 4%. to be absolutely clear, they can't use that for a bomb. you need enrichment in the high 90s to make a bomb, but it is a
5:46 am
deliberate provocation, aimed at pushing allies back to the negotiating table. secretary of state mike pompeo will be addressing the press in less than hour. we expect he will address the iran issue. the main plan though is to talk about aligning america's foreign policy with a new human rights policy. what exactly that means? we don't know. we'll find out more shortly. we do know the white house is very friendly towards people with incredibly poor human rights records. several accused of ordering murders. we'll know more come 6:45. the usual shakeup in the justice department. the government lawyers defending president trump's push to put a citizenship question on the census will no longer be a part of that team pushing for the change. a different group of lawyers at justice are going to take over for those lawyers, but it's not clear what they can do. the supreme court's already said they can't add the questions to the census. it was the government in fact
5:47 am
that pushed for a speedy decision, saying it had to be made before july 1st or it would be too late. now the government, which lost the case says well maybe it's not too late. the trump administration also pushing the courts to strike down obamacare. that case could be decided tomorrow in federal court. this has a potential to really shake up the presidential elections. if obamacare were struck down, millions of americans would lose their health care potentially driving them away from the very republicans who were pushing for that change. we're watching everything that's happening in washington, as again mike pompeo due to speak in beabout an hour. follow me on twitter, i' i'm @scottmcgrew. squaw valley final ski day was yesterday and video from the resort shows people skiing in jeans and t-shirts. some of them. the tahoe ski resort opened in november with almost entirely
5:48 am
manmade snow but then the weather took a quick turn in the winter and snowstorms made for the third largest snow season in the resort's history. a total 719 inches, which of course led to this post fourth of july skiing. what's funny is that we're looking at this video about skiing and talking about allergy forecasts at the same time. >> hey, that's bay area for you. we're going to also see a wide range in temperatures, not only from here to tahoe, but also just within the ar, as we are starting out with some low clouds and fog over oakland right now, that marine layer extending for the morning hours from the coast into the valleys, and so we are starting out with your morning commute in brentwood, with a lot of clouds and some upper 50s, but there will be some clearing heading through late morning, and we're up to about 68 degrees at 10:00, and 74 degrees at noon, and we see our warmup happening fairly slowly because our high temperatures will be a little bit cooler than where we should be for early july, reaching 75
5:49 am
degrees in san jose and in livermore, 80 in antioch and 74 degrees in napa today, with oakland reaching 66, san francisco stays in the lower 60s. and we are seeing some mostly cloudy skies over the south bay right now. as you're getting dressed, grab a jacket. it is a little cool out there. maybe some long sleeves but the rest of the day you'll be comfortable with short sleeves or a t-shirt and as we go rough the rest of the week, we do have some changes ahead. even though it's cool today and tomorrow, by the middle of the week, we will watch a storm system farther to the north moving into the pacific northwest, while high pressure builds across the desert southwest, and that's going to change our wind direction. so we start out with an onshore cool wind flow, but by the end of the week, that desert southwest high pressure makes it hotter here in the bay area. so we're going from the mid-70s today for the inland areas to the mid 80s by the weekend, and a lot more sunshine in that forecast. mike, you've put up the.
5:50 am
choer, how is it looking at the dumbarton bridge? >> sky ranger is just getting up there. i'll get out of your way. you see that we have one lane with the flares off and looks like we have two lane getting by. chp still says innier report they only have one lane getting by but sky ranger shows two lanes of traffic. it is jammed up. as they panned back toward the fremont and newark side it was jammed across the span from the high-ri high-rise. the maps focus on the activity there, i'll review that video and let you know if there's anything else of note. traffic westbound at least one lane is blocked from fremont and newark in toward the menlo park/east palo alto side. use the san mateo bridge because the traffic is moving smoothly. we are picking up the volume. as we track that dumbarton bridge, the san mateo bridge may become a factor and that may tend to clog up counter commute headed northbound 880. right now, we don't see a problem. also 237, let me show you what waze timed out.
5:51 am
our partners at waze timed out the routes across the dumbarton bridge from fremont, union city, over in toward san carlos, the commute for a lot of folks there and across that green section, that will be 48 minutes. we'll save you 15 minutes by going the longer route down toward 237. nbc bay area wazers is the name of the team you should join to get that constant update on the information. back out to the maps, we're showing a smooth flow of traffic at the bay bridge as well. we have the backup at the toll plaza, but i want to show you the live look. the fastrak lanes are moving relatively smoothly, that's better news from the earlier backup. those flashing lights, do not be alarmed. it's a larger vehicle, it will make its way through the toll plaza and across the bridge just fine. the flashing lights to give it more profile so folks know it's wider in the lanes so just be careful. back to you. >> good advice there, mike. happening now for you, a georgia sheriff's deputy is dead and a manhunt is under way for the suspects. hall county sheriff's deputy was shot and killed last night following a stolen car chase.
5:52 am
sheriff officials say the deputies were attempting to stop a stolen car they believe was involved in several weekend burglaries. when that car they were chasing crashed, police continued the chase on foot. police say there was exchange of gunfire, and that deputy was shot. next and all new this hour, more frustration this morning for movie pass subscribers. they can't see any movies. the reason the troubled service is shutting down for now. but first an ancient world wonder needs some repair work. the new method china is using to keep the great wall great. you're watching "today in the bay."
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you can find us on social media. "today in the bay's" vianey arana celebrating the usa women's soccer champs. follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. all new today an inside look at the hands-on learning opportunity for future california doctors. >> ucla medical school sent students to the remote part of the amazon. they got a crash course in third world medicine. cynthia mcfadden traveled with them. >> that is one happy woman and this is what medicine is about. the look on her face when she looked at you.
5:56 am
>> just lit up when she saw your face. >> she won't forget you. >> and you won't forget her. >> that's ahead at 7:00 this morning on the "today" show. it's a sure thing in the summer, longer days, hotter days and also an increase in bugs. as always doctors emphasize bug bite prevention especially when it comes to ticks, mosquitos and bees. experts say load up on insect repellant, which means applying it on top of the sunscreen. >> you want to apply a thin layer to all of your exposed skin. you can also apply it on the outside of your clothes as well. the repellants that do well against mosquitos tend to do well against ticks. >> i did not know you put it on after you sunscreen. good to know. other tips, don't keep open containers of water in the yard, don't leave sitting water around. keep the grass and the weeds cut back to keep the tick population
5:57 am
down. so new for you today the great wall of china is being repaired and initial attempt using concrete to fix an area of uneven pavement covered up the original wall. so the government is using more traditional techniques. they now use hoists to put replacement stones in place using bricks that were originally in the collapsed sections of the ancient wall. the section outside of beijing is the most popular section, attracting more than 10 million visitors last year alone. [ horn sounding ]. you see right here it happened again, a horn blaring during another close call involving a huge cruise ship, this time in venice, italy. you can see right here that ship nearly collided with an outdoor cafe along the lagoon. rain, wind and hail were coming down when witnesses captured this video. the apparent close call comes just weeks after another cruise ship rammed a much smaller boat
5:58 am
along the venice canal. >> yikes. we can't tell how tall that ship is from this vantage point but it had to be scary. looks luke a movie almost. voters in maryland will no longer be required to identify themselves as male or female. "the baltimore sun" reports the maryland state board of elections will allow voters to choose x or unspecified as gender. existing paper forms that only offered the option of male and female will be used until they run out but then those new forms will have that third option. the state elections board voted unanimously in favor of that change last week. another setback for movie pass, the subscription service is shutting down temporarily. the struggling company says it will work to improve subscriber experience. according to "variety" movie pass is working on a new version of its app and fixing technical issues. during the process, movie pass says it will not accept new subscrib subscribers. current subscribers won't be charged during that shutdown so that's good news and will get credit back for days impacted.
5:59 am
the company says the process will take several weeks. in the middle of summer movie season. that stinks. spider-man is at the top of the weekend box office. >> the latest film earned more than $93 million from friday to sunday. it actually debuted on tuesday and made more than $185 million since then. "toy story 4" was in second. >> the one guy who is the only one who remembered the beatles? >> who would have thought? right now at 6:00 the breaking in us to tell you about, a busy night for police in san francisco, investigating an overnight homicide. we don't know much yet, but we are live in the city asking the questions for you. social network summit, at 6:15, president trump's last big tech but the bay area companies not yet invited that are confusing some people. and racing and racket.
6:00 am
a continued fight in contra costa county. the fight some neighbors are putting up, and the new comments the owners are making. "today in the bay" continues right now. good monday morning to you, starting the week off right with "today in the bay," i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. you can see the cloud cover at the golden gate bridge and also over san jose and it is cooling things off nicely i think. >> i think it will be mostly cloudy for several hours this morning and we're also seeing the drizzle right now in san francisco and along the coast and as we get that live look outside in san jose, of course the clouds are a little bit higher there, and our temperatures in sunnyvale will be in the upper 50s, headed into the low 70s. we see our normal high temperatures about 82 degrees, we're not going to make it there today, but it is in the forecast. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes and mike, that alert continues for the dumbarton bridge. >> it does, and so sky ranr


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