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tv   Today  NBC  July 8, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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shows us the fastrak lanes slowing down. we have your normal commutes. >> that is what's happening "today in the bay" on this monday. we'll be back with you at 7:25 with more live, local news. >> don't forget to join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. have a great one. good morning on edge. new fears across california after the region is hit by massive back-to-back earthquakes. >> let's go. let's go let's go. >> this morning, a firsthand look at the damage, the recovery, and the question, are even more quakes to come this week in court a billionaire with ties to some of the world's most powerful figures expected to face a judge today. the disturbing new sex trafficking allegations that could land him behind bars after years of investigations. gored. two americans hospitalized on day one of this year's running with the bulls ahead, the latest on their
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conditions with many asking, is the bucket list event really worth the risk those stories plus - coco, the 15-year-old american taking wimbledon by storm. will she extend her cinderella run today? stevie wonder's surprise. >> three more shows, then i'm going to take a break. >> the music legend's mid-concert announcement about his health and his future that stunned fans. and on top of the world. ♪ i'm on top of the world, eh >> team usa wins the women's world cup, its second straight and record fourth overall. and a ticker tape parade is awaiting their return home today, monday, july 8th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza
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morning, everybody welcome to "today. nice to have you with us on a monday morning after the long holiday weekend. so much to celebrate go usa. >> go usa. world cup champs again, back-to-back wins for the women. there she is, ms. rapinoe, mvp. >> that's right. there's going to be a ticker tape parade a little later this week we'll tell you about the celebrations coming up let's get to our top story millions in southern california still reeling after that one-two punch of major earthquakes the state's governor saying they should serve as a wake-up call for the entire country we're going to talk about that with al just ahead let's start with nbc's lester holt he was in california when the quakes hit he felt it good morning. >> reporter: good morning. like millions of others in southern california, we felt it pretty strong. friday evening, we were at a movie theater in santa monica and knew right away it was bigger than the day before everybody stayed calm at first, but then the shaking got stronger and a lot of us decided to self-evacuate the theater we got out pretty scary, especially
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considering we were over 100 miles away from the worst of it. >> let's go! let's go >> reporter: for those living at the epicenter of the massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake, a seismic shift in more ways than one. >> i don't know if any of us will ever feel safe here again. >> reporter: thousands of small aftershocks have hit southern california since friday's quake, which followed a 6.4 foreshock the day before some families have started sleeping outside as a precaution. >> it is traumatizing to be inside. >> reporter: the quake felt in la, las vegas, phoenix, and sacramento playing out on live tv. >> we're experiencing very strong shaking i think we have to get under the desk. >> reporter: sparking fires, damaging structures, and leaving a visible fissure in the desert.
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swimming pools shaking like stormy seas, giving a small glimpse of the energy vibrating below. thankfully, no lives were lost, and no major injuries reported >> i don't like to talk about the earthquake >> reporter: had a quake this size happened in a more populated area, officials say the loss of life could have been devastating. >> on the long run, we're going to have a lot more earthquakes, and we're going to have a lot stronger shaking. >> you have to go over these huge like cracks and crevices in the road. >> reporter: in the small town of trona, around 50 homes sustained damage these high desert communities had been struggling even before the quake. >> this thing may have put me out of business. >> reporter: now, some are looking to rebuild and hoping this won't prove to be a lasting setback. >> any time that we can, you know, go through a 7.0 earthquake and don't report a fatality, major injury, do not suffer structural damage of significance, that is a blessing and a miracle. >> reporter: again, experts say they hope it serves as a wake-up call for local governments, first responders, and ordinary people to be prepared at any
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moment many people in southern california doing exactly that this morning, shopping for emergency supplies, refreshing their go bags, and rehearsing what to do when, not if, another quake hits >> lester, that must have been something, sitting in the dark theater and feeling the earth move beneath you thank you very much. we know you'll have a lot more on "nightly news" tonight. right now, let's get to al mr. roker, what's been driving these earthquakes? >> well, basically, those tectonic plates shifting again, the problem is, you can't forecast when. once they happen, we do know there will be aftershocks. this was a 7.1 earthquake, felt as far away as 400 miles in a radius from san francisco to phoenix. the interesting thing, we've seen a lot of aftershocks of 2.0 or better -- 2,400 aftershocks look at this, since friday, there have been over 500 aftershocks. 527 aftershocks 3.0 or better. there could be ones that are at
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the same magnitude as the original quake so we're not done yet. the problem is, nobody knows when or how many of these aftershocks there are going to be people, as you heard from lester, are going to be standing by on alert for the next several weeks. guys >> absolutely. al, thank you. a new development in the immigration battle president trump says he will open some migrant detention centers to members of the media to combat what he claims are fake news reports about conditions inside those facilities nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has got the details this morning hallie, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. president trump and members of his administration are defending conditions at those border patrol facilities, after reports they were crowded, unsanitary. all of it raising the stakes in the fight over the president's immigration policy, already a signature issue in his 2020 campaign a battle over bad conditions and bad headlines at the border this morning. the trump administration pushing
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back against reports migrant children were being held in horrific conditions in federal detention centers. during a brief q and a with reporters before boarding air force one, president trump saying he plans on opening some of those detention facilities to the media, to try to prove that recent reports about the conditions are not true. >> we're going to send people in. >> reporter: the president calling a report from the "new york times" describing crying children and inadequate medical care inside the clint, texas, facility a hoax. >> the "new york times," it is really fake news. >> reporter: on sunday, acting director of the department of homeland security disputed the accounts of those conditions at the facilities. >> i'm not denying there are challenging situations at the border right now, there is adequate food, water. for over a year, there's been showers there. >> reporter: the administration's defense comes
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days after some democratic members of congress toured two texas border facilities, including the one at clint, furious over what they saw. >> there's the puke. there's puke this is them on their best behavior, and they put them in rooms with no running water. these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. >> reporter: a government watchdog group last week released images of what they described as dangerous overcrowding at the facilities across the country, protests under the hashtag close the camps, demanding the detention centers be shut down senator merkley saying he is stunned when trump administration officials say it's unsubstantiated. >> what world are they living in from every direction, you see the children are being treated in a horrific manner there is an underlying philosophy that it is okay to treat refugees in this fashion >> reporter: this is a fight that will held to capitol hill in a few days. congressional democrats want two top officials, including the acting dhs secretary, to appear
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in front of them later this week, to face questions about all these conditions at least one democrat has said she would support a subpoena if those administration officials don't show, savannah. >> hallie, all right a new poll number out the white house is feeling good about. >> reporter: the president's approval rating ticked up five months to 44%, according to a "washington post"/abc news poll. why? it is driven mostly with the good economy, feeling like president trump handled it well. still, majority of americans don't approve overall on how the president has been doing. >> hallie jackson on a monday morning, thank you. tensions running high between the white house and the british government after two years' worth of unflattering comments of president trump were leaked to the media. they could damage the relationship between the allies. andrea mitchell has more on that this morning
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andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. that unprecedented leak of devastating memos from the british ambassador to the united states about president trump has created a fire storm between london and the white house potentially even complicating an already escalating crisis with iran just as the frosty relationship between the president and the british government was melting, in the glow of that glittering state dinner, a diplomatic bombshell. critique of donald trump brutal in two years of secret cables to downing street, saying mr. trump radiates insecurity. advising officials in london, you need to make your point simple, even blunt and calling his administration inept and uniquely dysfunctional. even writing in an early note that the president might be indebted to dodgy russians as first reported by britain's tabloid "daily mail," and not denied by the british government, president trump was clearly not happy. >> the ambassador has not served the uk well. i can tell you that. we're not big fans of that man. >> reporter: britain is investigating the embarrassing leak.
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>> it is the job of ambassadors to give frank opinions in the countries they operate the ambassador was doing his job, but those are personal views. they're not the views of the british government. >> reporter: this diplomatic slap comes as the u.s. and britain are dealing with a big, new challenge from iran. announcing sunday it is taking a major step to break out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal president trump abandoned it a year ago iran saying it will start enriching uranium that could be used to fuel a nuclear weapon, if it does not get relief from crippling u.s. economic sanctions. >> iran better be careful. you enrich for one reason, and i won't tell you what that reason is, but it is no good. >> reporter: experts say it could take a year before iran could produce a bomb, but the u.s. warns more sanctions could come meanwhile, iran also comes up in the leaked memos the british ambassador writing he does not believe the president's explanation for calling off the attack last month. instead, writing, it is more
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likely mr. trump was worried about how it might hurt his re-election. sources familiar with the ambassador's cables confirmed the leaked documents are indeed authentic. >> andrea mitchell for us in washington thank you. in the meantime, billionaire financier and convicted jeffrey epstein is back in court today his weekend arrest on new sex trafficking allegations. stephanie gosk joins us from the courthouse. good morning >> reporter: jeffrey epstein will be charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex, according to law enforcement officials. he is being held in a manhattan jail and is expected to be brought here to this courthouse later on today for a bail hearing in front of a federal judge. billionaire hedge fund manager jeffrey epstein first publicly accused of sexual assault against minors more than a decade ago, is back in custody this morning and will be charged with federal sex crimes for the
7:13 am
first time the counts will include sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex, according to a law enforcement official the 66-year-old financier, who counts among his friends president trump, former president clinton, and prince andrew, was arrested saturday after flying in from paris authorities raided his home. the new charges come on the heels of a new examination of the case by "the miami herald. where epstein allegedly invited teen girls to his mansion. >> the young girls, 13, 14, 15, thought they were going to go there to be paid to give him a massage. instead, what he did was press them further and further each time, to have sexual and intimate relations >> reporter: several of those then-teen girls also spoke to the "miami herald. they accused epstein of giving them money for massages, which some say quickly escalated into
7:14 am
molestation. >> it ended with sexual abuse and intercourse, then a pat on the back you've done a really good job. here's $200. >> reporter: in 2008, epstein pleaded guilty in florida to state charges of soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution in exchange for avoiding more serious charges, he served just 13 months in jail. the plea deal widely criticized as too lenient, worked out by epstein's attorneys and agreed to by former miami u.s. attorney alexander acosta, now president trump's labor secretary. acosta did not respond he has previously defended the deal, saying it was the best possible, based on the evidence at the time. the charges do not mean that this investigation is over the fbi only just searched epstein's home that could uncover new evidence. all this attention on the case could potentially inspire alleged victims, new alleged victims, to come forward
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guys, back to you. >> stephanie gosk at the courthouse for us, thank you. a lot more to get to on this monday morning, including those celebrations still going strong after the u.s. women's soccer team won its record fourth world cup, and second in a row nbc's kelly cobiella is in france kelly, good morning to you >> reporter: good morning, craig. yeah, a long night in a good way, says some of the players today. players, fans, always believed this team was the best in the world, and now they have yet another trophy to back it up >> that's it u.s. wins the world cup. >> reporter: this morning, the u.s. women players are still on a high after the team's unprecedented fourth world cup win. >> cloud 9 i woke up like -- >> reporter: it was the tough win against the netherlands. not a single goal in the first half for either team then, an hour in, a penalty on
7:16 am
alex morgan set up this nerves of steel goal from co-captain megan rapinoe. minutes later, rose lavelle scored all on her own. when it was over, cheers from france to the u.s. and online, congratulations from the first lady, former presidents, and sports legends then this demand in the stands fans shouting for equal pay, which american women have been fighting for megan rapinoe awarded player of the match, the golden boot for most goals scored, and best world cup player saying it is time for change. the u.s. women's team is suing the u.s. soccer federation for gender discrimination. the women bring in more money, play more games, and have way more trophies than the american men. their epic fourth trophy coming amid controversy over how they win, how they celebrate, and what they fight for off the
7:17 am
field. president trump last week criticizing rapinoe for not singing the national anthem. she fired back. >> no, i'm not going to the white house. >> reporter: saying she'd not accept an invitation to visit the white house. on sunday, the president tweeted his congratulations but declined to say whether an invitation would be extended. the u.s. women inspiring young and old women and men. >> they're so good at what they do >> the women have overtaken the men in terms of popularity. >> reporter: this morning, heading home to a hero's welcome. that hero's welcome, a ticker tape parade in new york, planned for wednesday morning. guys, the only mom on the team, jessica mcdonald, celebrated with her 7-year-old son jeremiah she posted a few pictures on social media and said, he doesn't really get it right now, but she's hoping he looks back on the pictures and says, wow, i was there, and my mom really is cool, just like she said guys >> yeah, she's cool. that's for sure. kelly, thank you so much weather is going to be great
7:18 am
for the parade. >> good. >> dominant on the field, the ladies, but they've come to represent so much more off the field. >> yeah. it's fun to watch with your kids they get excited. >> how is the weather looking, mr. roker? welcome back. >> good to be back we could be looking at a tropical system in the gulf before the week is out first, we have a lot of wet weather to talk about from pennsylvania to west virginia. washington, d.c. just outside. we have the risk of flash flood warnings we also have flash flood watches. heavy rain from kill devil hills to the northeast this system is going to sag to the south, bringing locally heavy rain, isolated flooding. here's what we're looking at today, we have this low pressure system over the southeast. that's generating some of this wet weather. but it starts to sag into the gulf as we get toward the end of the week by mid-week, we could be looking at a potent system national hurricane center gives this an 80% chance for tropical development. would be barry if it happens meantime, the west coast of
7:19 am
florida could see upwards of 5 inches of rain by friday we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're enjoying sunshine now in the south bay, as our skies clear, but still a lot of drizzle and low cloudiness in san francisco. so just be prepared for a wide range in sky cover and temperatures, as we go throughout the day. in san francisco, staying in the low 60s, while santa rosa reaches up to 78 degrees.
7:20 am
we'll see a high of 78 in concord with the south bay up to 75 degrees. we will be warming up as we go tlu throughout the week and we have a warm 88 degrees in the forecast. >> thank you. just ahead, a troubling start to the running of the bulls. two americans gored during the annual event's opening day. n tes sensation coco gauff extend her historic run at wimbledon today? >> yes. >> the 15-year-old back on the court today. we're there live first, this is "today" on nbc. l. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ good morning. it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. one man is dead after an overnight shooting in san francisco's mission district. it happened at 24th and capp streets. officers responded to shots fired and found a man shot several times and the man did die at the scene. we have not learned the victim's identity nor whether police have any idea about a possible motive. police say officers did notice a car speeding away from the scene that might have been involved. after that car, they tried to stay with it but the car got away. we want to look at your weather forecast, a little cool to start this monday morning. kari? >> this is the reason why. we have a lot of clouds over the coast and stretching across the
7:27 am
bay to oakland. it's a mostly cloudy start and the temperatures will be slow to warm up. we're also seeing an onshore wind flow that will keep the inland valleys cooler, with san jose and livermore reaching 75 degrees. i'll have some upper 70s in santa rosa, and for san francisco, staying in the 60s today. for the inland areas, mid-70s, but a gradual warmup will be under way as we go throughout the week eventually with our temperatures peaking on friday at 88 degrees, and we stay in the mid 80s going throughout the weekend. now let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> a couple of issues out of oakland. you see a slower drive but the fastrak lanes are moving right here, that is the problem, a disabled vehicle is blocking one of your carpool lanes and that makes things all weird as folks try to avoid that in the backup. that's one issue, getting onto the bridge, if you carpool. clear for the carpoolers but slow for everybody in general approaching treasure island. the earlier disabled vehicle may have just cleared from the fast lane but we're still horreportia
7:28 am
possibility of one lane blocked. in the north bay westbound 80 slows toward 780, a crash clearing there. the rest of the bay slower. back to you. we have more local news coming up in a half hour. just give me a racquet and watch me go. because i'll never be a sidekick. our an understudy.
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i'll never be benched, subbed, or picked last. because i'll be a little busy. leave the bench warming to your tennis bag. join net generation.
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were behind me every step of the people who were in the crowd were behind me every step of the way, and that's something i really appreciated during the match. >> we'll be with her again today. we are back at 7:30 now, 15-year-old american tennis sensation coco gauff, talking about her last match at wimbledon. >> i love her mom and dad. >> right >> they're so awesome. >> more on that live from wimbledon just ahead >> if you want to know what i did on my summer vacation, watch
7:31 am
coco, watch tennis it was incredible. >> cheering on coco. >> she has a big match ahead this morning, so we'll get more on that. let's get right to the headlines. some southern california residents are cleaning up this morning from two of the biggest earthquakes to rattle the state in decades a magnitude 6.4 quake hit the mojave desert city of ridgecrest on the fourth of july, then was followed by 7.1 quake the very next day there was widespread damage but only minor injuries reported, thankfully the shaking was felt throughout southern california. now, scientists are warning that the quake should serve at a wake-up call to be ready when the long dreaded big one strikes. joe biden says he's sorry for the first time this weekend over comments he made about working with segregationist senators when he was in congress decades ago. former vice president said he was sorry but defended his record on civil rights shortly after, his 2020 rivals reacted. >> was i wrong several weeks ago, to somehow give the impression that i was praising those men that i successfully opposed time and time again? yes, i was, and i regret it. i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused
7:32 am
anybody. going to l >> he is right to recognize the impact of his words, and i applaud him for doing that, having the courage to do it. >> biden also said, quote, i'm going to let my record and my character stand for itself and not be distorted or smeared. now to some video of a nail biting, close call from venice, italy. a huge cruise ship pulling into port during a fierce wind and rainstorm. it appears to be headed for the outdoor cafe the captain sounding the horn there, as you can hear the ship, which was being guided by several tugboats, takes a hard right turn just in time and avoids the collision that close call comes weeks after another cruise ship rammed a smaller boat along a venice canal, leading to advocates calling for an immediate ban on cruise ships entering venice's lagoon
7:33 am
the running of the bulls is under way in pamplona, spain, and the yearly tradition has already taken a dangerous turn for some of the participants nbc's senior international correspondent keir simmons joins us with the latest from london keir, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. this morning, many people questioning the humanity of this bull run, a tradition long criticized by animal rights activists, and with real risks to those who take part there, you can see a runner directly in the path of two bulls. once again, already multiple runners have been injured, including americans. the thrill of the chase through the streets of pamplona, sending at least five people to the hospital sunday, including two americans. a 46-year-old san francisco man gored in the neck during the famed running of the bulls is said to be in a serious condition after surgery. a 23-year-old man from kentucky, gored in the thigh, is recovering.
7:34 am
>> they're all together and very fast. >> reporter: one of the more serious injuries during the 2:41 run came after one of the bulls reportedly stumbled, causing panic in the streets graphic images from the renowned event show bull's horns piercing through runners' shirts. several people falling to the ground others creating a human pile, as one of the animals races over them medics helping one man lying in the street the local red cross said it treated 48 people for minor injuries more than a million people from around the world travel to the spanish city every year to witness the celebrated and also controversial tradition, which is part of the san fermin festival several bulls are unleashed into the narrow streets people dressed in white and red, running more than half a hour with them, to the ring where bullfights take place later in the day. the event is notorious for injuries at least eight americans have
7:35 am
been hurt in recent years, including bill helman from chicago. i spoke to him in 2017 you get hurt once. why would you run again just days later >> it's something that i love. it's something that makes me feel alive >> reporter: the bucket list item for thrill seekers has also claimed lives. 15 deaths since 1924 american matthew tassio was one of them, killed in 1995. many adventurous risk takers still take to the streets year after year, hoping they can be the lucky ones who get away. the running of the bulls takes place all this week, every morning over eight days. most of the injuries, guys, tend to happen at the beginning last year, over the first two days, there were nine injuries you know, savannah and craig, you have to question, why do this to these innocent animals, and why take part? >> yeah.
7:36 am
that's the million dollar question. >> it is >> especially once you've been injured once keir, thank you. >> i don't get it. keir, thank you so much. let's go to al thrill seeker al roker. >> he'd never run with the bulls. >> i'd run with kittens. that'd be just about it. it is hot in alaska. okay, so let's play the game who is hotter? alaska versus the lower 48 fairbanks or new york, who is hotter today >> fairbanks. >> let's see if you're right, bingo. 85. >> well, i saw it earlier. >> high today in new york, only 80 do you know who is hotter, juneau or denver >> juneau. >> you're on fire today. >> thank you very much no, juneau is cooler, but it is ten degrees above average. >> you tricked us. >> anchorage versus chicago. >> chicago. >> anchorage. >> craig, you are correct. 89. >> wow. >> 24 degrees above average. look how hot these temperatures are in alaska today. fairbanks, 85. anchorage almost 90. juneau, 82 degrees it is going to stay hot right through the week, cooling off a bit but still above average. closer to home in the lower 48,
7:37 am
hot and humid throughout the south. heat indexes today new orleans, 106 heat index. 99 in atlanta. 97 in tampa. for tomorrow, the heat indexes again, triple digits little rock, denver. i should say, dallas new orleans and houston. later this week, mid 80s new york city. 90 in columbus mid 90s as you get down into new orleans. that's what's going on around the co good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have mostly sunny skies across the south bay, while we do have the low clouds near the coast that will keep it cool, our high temperatures today in the inland valleys only reach into the mid to upper 70s, while san jose tops out at 75 degrees. we'll see a high of 62. most of san francisco, as we go through the week we will be warming up, mid 80s in the forecast by wednesday. up to 88 degrees on friday. and it will still be very warm as we go into the weekend. >> aren't you proud i didn't use
7:38 am
the phrase "baked alaska"? wl, you just did.did. it a good on thank you, al. coming up, a surprise announcement from stevie wonder. the health issue forcing him to take a break from performing. also, shark attacks and sightings in the headlines we're going to give you an up close look at an innovative, new way to track the predators. and then a new player in the wine game, target is getting into it. how the $9 bottle you can get there tastes >> all right first though, coco mania can the 15-year-old american sensation extend her run at wimbledon today? we are there live right after this where does your almondmilk come from?
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. we are we are back with today. carson joins the table. this morning, the young american taking wimbledon by storm. >> she's stolen our hearts. 15-year-old cori "coco" gauff is
7:43 am
on a cinderella run. she thrilled the world with a comeback win on friday. she's back on the court this morning, a chance to make history once again, and a fierce opponent, too. nbc's blaine alexander at the all england club this morning. blaine, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. it is so hard to believe that coco gauff has reached the final 16 before even hitting her 16th birthday. she's the youngest to ever qualify for wimbledon. a week ago this time, most people had never even heard coco's name. now, she's taken tennis by storm, and the world can't stop watching. this morning, 15-year-old coco gauff takes on week two, a wimbledon rookie. watching her on the court, you would never know it. playing mixed doubles saturday with partner jay clark, she
7:44 am
suffered her first wimbledon loss. it's today's singles match that carries the weight, and it could be a tough one. she'll face off against romania's simona halep, a player who has been ranked number one in the world twice. but after friday's incredible comeback, coco has made it clear, she does not give up easily. >> people in the crowd were behind me every step of the way, and that's something i really appreciated during the match. >> reporter: now, the world can't get enough. from watch party to every corner of social media, even this florida mural. the artist says she wants young girls to be inspired. also today, one of coco's biggest inspirations takes the court, serena williams, in her only match, after a mixed doubles victory with andy murray. at age 37, the tennis great is also chasing history. a win at wimbledon would mean a tie for the most grand slam titles ever. >> talking about serena, i mean,
7:45 am
we know that coco beat venus, her idol. is it possible she could face serena, too, in this tournament? >> reporter: that is a possibility. it is still a little ways away. if that were to happen, it'd only happen in the final, savannah. that means, essentially, they'd both have to win today and win two more matches. but it is within the realm of possibility. certainly, it'd be one that would be a must-watch, guys. >> absolutely. i think at this point, we're not counting out coco for anything. >> no way. >> she has a really tough opponent today, an experienced player. seeing what she did on friday, i mean, come on. >> unbelievable, that match. >> it was. it was. >> she came back -- how far down was she? >> match point. >> she saved match point. she was down 5-2. i thought it's over. i was literally consoling my daughter. she wanted coco to win. i was like, i don't know if coco i don't know if coco is going to win today, sweetie i don't think so point by point, i mean, she showed so much grit and so much maturity, so much heart.
7:46 am
>> how far can she go? >> in life i mean -- >> in the tournament. >> it is going to be tough today, but she could win she's young. she's fearless she's going for it she's playing her game. >> she can play when she's down. >> yeah. >> some players can't. >> that was her first, on friday, time at center court at wimbledon. that is a cathedral for tennis players. >> and then the women's world cup. >> so proud. >> go coco. ahead, the well wishes pouring in for music icon stevie wonder after he made a major health announcement during a concert. first though, these messages gety ar who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars,
7:47 am
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7:50 am
don't wait. talk to your child's doctor today. we're back, 7:50 stunning news from a music legend. >> during a weekend concert, stevie wonder announced he's stepping away from music to undergo a kidney transplant. here is morgan radford. >> i want to let you know one thing. >> reporter: this morning, an
7:51 am
outpouring of support for stevie wonder >> i'm going to be doing three more shows, then i'm going to take a break >> reporter: the legendary singer revealing this news during his concert saturday in london's hyde park. >> what's going to happen is this, i'm going to have surgery. i'm going to have a kidney transplant >> reporter: the crowd, at first, stunned into silence, then cheers. >> it's all good i have a donor it's all good. >> reporter: wonder, who is 69 years old, telling his fans he wanted to share the news himself. >> you ain't got to hear no rumors about nothing i told you what's up i'm good all right? ♪ for once in my life >> reporter: a music icon, wonder has received 25 gramm awards and sold more than 100
7:52 am
million records during his career spanning six decades. in 2018, he sang "until you come back to me" at aretha franklin's funeral. chronic kidney disease affects 15% of adults in the u.s. >> many patients who undergo a kidney transplant are able to live very healthy lives. they need to follow a healthy lifestyle. >> reporter: wonder remaining hopeful and grateful for the support from his fans all around the world. >> i love you. god bless you. until we get together again, i send you love from up above. >> reporter: for "today," morgan radford, nbc news, new york. >> sending our love, as well >> said it best, we need stevie. >> we do. ahead this morning, a firsthand look at a new effort to put cameras on sharks, hoping to prevent future attacks. first, your local news and weather. in one week...
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good upon morning. right now at 7:56, we're seeing some drizzle in san francisco. this is one of our cameras high atop the city, and so we are going to start out with low clouds there, that do extend into the inland areas. so even in walnut creek, we're seeing a mostly cloudy sky. all of this will start to clear up after going through late morning into the afternoon, with cooler than normal temperatures, reaching into the mid-70s for the south bay. oakland today only reaches 66 degrees, with antioch today up to 80 degrees, and some mid to upper 70s for much of the north bay. going through the forecast, we will be on the warming trend, so by the end of the week, we're reaching 88 degrees, and we still will have some warm weather in the weekend forecast, with more sunshine. san francisco we should start to see a little bit more clearing but our temperatures will reach into the upper 60s by the end of the week, with some breezy
7:57 am
winds. we'll keep tabs on that. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> kari, good news for the hov lanes all cleared at the bay bridge, the disabled vehicle has been removed. westbound 80 the circled area there past highway 4 in hercules a crash leaving one vehicle and debris in your second lane, second to the left, so watch out there. a lighter volume holdup around the bay, the crash in pleasanton. 680 is not much of a problem. the south bay and peninsula is slow. san francisco police are investigating a late night shooting in mission district. the man who was shot dead has not been identified. on our twitter feed we are posting updates including video from the scene. traffic along the popular down lon los gatos street will be slimming down. it will run southbound as part of a pilot program. on the home page, details on the
7:58 am
new strategy to curb through-traffic and boost the number of visitors at the same time. more local news in a half hour. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn?
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, shaken. >> let's go. let's go >> residents of southern california on edge after two powerful back-to-back earthquakes rattle that region >> i don't know if any of us will ever feel safe here again. >> officials warning more quakes could be on the way. what you need to know. we're live with the latest ♪ baby, baby, babe first look the royal family sharing new photos from baby archie's christening. we'll take you inside his special day just ahead. and brotherly love we'll sit down with nfl stars shaquill and shaquem griffin how their bond made them an inspiration on and off the field
8:01 am
today, monday, july 8th, 2019. ♪ i'm a sucker for you >> hi to my kids. >> hi. i'm in muskegon, michigan. >> all the way from mississippi. >> hotty-totty >> brought my mom from melbourne, australia. >> congratulations to our u.s. women's team. >> here for my 16th birthday. >> good morning "today" from c mackinac island, michigan. >> celebrating my birthday >> hi, everybody good morning welcome back it is monday morning a little drizzly one on our plaza. nice to have you with us after a long holiday weekend. >> we'll get outside in a bit. you know what? you can always join the party. you don't even have to make the trip to new york all you have to do is record a message, post it to twitter or instagram, use the hashtag on your screen, my today plaza, and you could be a part of this. >> we would love you to be on the show
8:02 am
lots to get to in this half hour let's start with the news at 8:00 back-to-back earthquakes hav southern california on edge, even as the region is cleaning up and adding up the damage there. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has been covering the quakes and the aftershocks, and he joins us with the latest. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're in ridgecrest, not far from the epicenter of where this quake shook. i want to show you some of the damage we are in a local laundromat take a look at the ceiling here. it all came tumbling down and ripped apart during the massive earthquake there were people inside the building when it began to shake. many began to duck and cover many ran for the exits i want to show you the incredible video taken during both of the earthquakes. first, the fourth of july earthquake, 6.4. that rattled so many nerves across this region that was just a foreshock for the main event, which seismologists are calling the main event, a 7.1 earthquake on friday that shook the ground here and, again, rattled so many nerves.
8:03 am
it severed some water mains and sparked some fires it sent many people scrambling out of their homes they are, today, scared to return fortunately, there were no serious injuries over the next several days, they're going to be assessing the damage all across this community. savannah, i should also mention, there's been some 4,000 aftershocks, including some we felt here overnight. still certainly shaky ground in this community back to you. >> sure nerves are frayed there. miguel, thank you. president trump this morning is dismissing reports of poor conditions at border detention centers, as phony and exaggerated. he called the "new york times" report that raised concerns about hygiene and medical care for migrant children fake news the president said detention center overcrowding is the fault of democrats for failing to close immigration loopholes. he said that he will start to show some of the centers to the press so they can judge for themselves. fans and co-stars are mourning the death of disney channel star cameron boyce, just 20 years old his family said he died in his
8:04 am
sleep from a seizure that came from an ongoing medical condition. he starred in the disney series "jesse" and "the descendants" franchise. he played adam sandler's kid in "grown-ups" and "grown-ups 2." sandler called him the most decent kid around who cared about his family six officers were asked to leave a store on the fourth of july the officers union said they were standing with their drinks when a barista told them one customer didn't feel safe in their presence the barista asked them to move out of the customer's line of sight or leave in a statement, starbucks said, quote, what occurred in our store on july 4th is next the experience officers or any customer should have at starbucks, we're taking the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again in the future all right. it is 8:04 time for the boost the fireworks are over, of course, but we wanted to share just one last fourth of july moment you might have missed
8:05 am
the annual parade was just getting started in arlington, texas, when a boy named josh brown noticed that a member of the police department honor guard had a shoelace that was untied josh dashed out, knelt down, and tied it for him. the arlington police chief thanked him saying we should all be so kind kind and attentive, too. >> amen. good for josh. straight ahead, we'll sit down with two of the nfl's most inspirational stars. twin brothers with an incredible bond shaquill and shaquem griffin, both here live. first, new reports of shark sightings along the east coast we are tagging along with a group that's tagging the predators. what they're doing to try to make our beaches safer, right after this creening for people 50 and older at average risk. honey have you seen my glasses? i've always had a knack for finding things... colon cancer, to be exact. and i find it noninvasively... no need for time off or special prep. it all starts here... you collect your sample, and cologuard uses the dna in your stool
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8:10 am
this morning on today's talker, something a lot of folks are talking about this summer. sharks. >> yeah, with new this morning on today's talker, something a lot of folks are talking about this summer. sharks. >> yeah, with new sightings and some high-profile attacks, every effort is being made to keep beachgoers safe. that means learning more about the behavior patterns of sharks. nbc's anne thompson is out on long island, where she spent some time with shark researchers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah and craig cape cod makes headlines because of the influx of great white sharks to those waters, attracted by its recovering seal population the waters off the atlantic side of long island, well, that's where great white sharks grow up now, researchers intend to deploy innovative, new techniques to figure out why sharks attack. this morning, reports of more shark sightings. a drone capturing this shark near province town, massachusetts. off the jersey shore, miss may, the 800-pound, 10 foot great white tagged in february
8:11 am
and in florida, a shark headed towards swimmers at the beach before they were warned. with at least 24 unprovoked shark attacks in the u.s. this year, and last month's fatal assault in the bahamas of snorkeler jordan lindsey, we want cameras on sharks to take a bite out of the fear the catch of the day, eight miles south of the long island coast, a shark the prey of research scientist greg metzger. >> species is blue shark this is a female >> reporter: we cut the tip of her pelvic finish for a dna sample >> kind of fast and hard >> got it. >> perfect >> that doesn't hurt >> not in any way. it is like an ear piercing. >> reporter: then she's tagged to record where and how deep she swims. tagging has revealed a cluster of great white sharks off north carolina and confirmed a nursery of juveniles near long island by metzger's team by adding this camera, metzger wants to see this point of view, recorded by a shark in
8:12 am
captivity. >> if you can see what a shark sees, what is that going to tell you? >> now, we can get into those interactions how many times do one of our little white sharks interact who gives way to who what does that look like >> beauty. beauty >> nice. >> reporter: dr. skomal tagged 150 sharks and counting off cape cod. >> we just started our shark research this summer, and i can tell you, just based on three trips, there's more activity relative to last year. >> reporter: sharks, skomal says, feed on seals, not people. abundant in cape waters. cameras can help scientists focus on the predator and prey relationship how will it help you save lives? >> sharks attacking seals, that's about the same time they're more likely to make a mistake and attack a person. if we can identify times of day or environmental conditions that are favorable for shark attack, we can tell people when to avoid those times. >> reporter: a shark killed a
8:13 am
boogie boarder last year a few minutes south, they raised shark warning flags over the weekend. vigilance that didn't spoil the delight for scott's family. >> we want the kids to have fun, but at the same time, we're taking mild precautions. we just keep them close to shore and everybody is scanning the water, of course >> reporter: so everyone can enjoy the ocean safely i asked dr. skomal if his family swims. he said yes and he lets his children do the same, but he said they do it smartly. they swim in shallow waters, not much deeper than your waist. if he sees seals in the water, he gets out. savannah and craig >> wow >> good advice follow the experts thank you very much. how about a monday check of the weather? >> let's show you what you have going on, and we'll look at what's happening for the week ahead. heavy rain through florida, into the mid-atlantic states. the florida rain is going to continue over the mid-week period severe storms in the plains. sunshine out west. we get to the midweek period, and it is stormy in the
8:14 am
southeast. we are watching for maybe some tropical development toward the end of the week. hot and dry out west by friday, wet weather up and down the east coast. again, the tropics, if this storm system forms, and there is an 80% chance by the end of the week, it would be barry. hot and dry out west humid and warm from the mid plains on into the mid mississippi river valley that's what's going on around the country. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside in palo alto. a few clouds moving by and a cool start to the day. we reach into the low 70s. mid-70s for the south bay. in the north bay, low to mid-70s for this afternoon's high temperature. while san francisco stays in the low 60s. very warm weather for the inland areas. we'll gradually see those high temperatures. expect it to reach up to 88 degrees on friday and stay warm with some sunshine throughout weekend. craig? >> al, thank you jbh at the table.
8:15 am
>> jbh. >> i like to come for pop start. what can i say >> favorite time of the morning. >> you like the shark story. >> i can't wait to hear it >> lots in pop start today >>e go> we'rg to start with baby archie's christening. it was held privately over the weekend at windsor castle. the duke and duchess released photos the first in the green drawing room from left to right grandparents, meghan's mother, doria, next to the prince, as well princess diana's two sisters lady sarah and lady jane of course, archie's uncle and aunt, william and kate another photo, we have a glimpse of archie's face as meghan and harry hold him in the castle beautiful photo. more news from across the pond the who took the stage over the weekend, and the group performed at wembley stadium first time they've played there since live aid in 1985 one of the highlights was eddie vedder from pearl jam came on stage to sing with roger daltrey. they did "the punk and the godfather. here's a little of that.
8:16 am
♪ ♪ >> pretty cool two legends rocking out. >> really cool i like that. other music news, last friday i played you a snippet of a song from ed sheeran, "blow. features chris stapleton on a verse. bruno mars on a verse. the trio released a music video. it's a cool concept, and here's a little of that, too. ♪ i'm coming baby ♪ i'm gunning for you, yeah ♪ i'm coming, baby, coming for you ♪ ♪ pull my trigger, let me blow your mind ♪ >> oh, my gosh all my '90s mosh pit energy. >> yes. >> flying back the video was shot at the viper
8:17 am
room in la on the sunset strip bruno mars directed the video. the concept is you see three rock star young women, playing their parts for the verses, and rocking out. very cool. all female rock band concept there for the video. the song is part of ed sheeran's upcoming album, "number 6 collaborations project," coming out on july 12th. finally, another great moment the animated fil "mulan" premiered 20 years ago, featuring the first asian disney princess who disguised herself as a man to fight for the army in her father's place. the film is getting the live action treatment, as we see the first teaser trailer for the remake >> quiet composed grateful disciplined. these are the keys to a good
8:18 am
wife these are the qualities we see in mulan >> it's one of the trailers you see. the end of it, you go, i'm in. that's good. that's going to be good. >> who is playing mushu? >> i don't know. >> eddie murphy was mushu. >> we'll find out. >> you obviously haven't seen it. >> this is coming out in 2020. do you have a click? >> we have time for the click. >> we have time. >> a group of dogs outside are guarding their homes in south africa an unlikely guard dog decides to join in. [ barking >> that's a cockatoo thinking it's a dog, barking with the other dogs. >> he wants to be part of the group. >> owner says he's been in the family for almost 20 years just loves to copy what all the
8:19 am
other dogs are doing. >> so funny. don't tell him he's a bird >> no. >> no idea >> feathers up he's ready. >> thank you craig has moved across the studio for a really good reason. >> thanks, guys. to the remarkable story of two remarkable athletes. more importantly, two really good guys. shaquem and shaquill griffin, the twin brothers play for the nfl seattle seahawks, and shaquem is doing it with one hand they have a new book coming out tomorrow, "inseparable: how family and sacrifice forged a path to the nfl. there's the book, guys good to see you again. >> thank you for having us. >> thanks for coming on. we met a few years ago when the entire country was captivated by your story, how a guy with one hand could be drafted into the nfl. you did it you're in the league
8:20 am
you're playing with your twin brother on the same team it is a great story. why decide to write about it now? what was the thinking? >> what motivated us was, first off, the way they were raced in a household based off family, faith, love, caring. if you have a story to tell, tell it. you're going off a situation that, you know, he went through, what we've both been through to overcome it, we always wanted to relate to everybody and get a chance to give back and kind of share and be able to relate to others like i said, we have a story to tell >> shaquem, you told me one of the reasons you think you made it to the league is because your father never treated you like you were different he created this workout room where you could lift weights and do all the same things that other kids could do. it was modified. talk to me a little bit about how your family not treating you different helped you get here. >> for me, i think it created grit for me, to know that i can do anything i put my mind to you know, having my parents and
8:21 am
brothers there pushing me every step away, and not creating excuses for myself allowed me to be that competitor that i am today. i mean, they taught me so much my brother was right beside me every step of the way. him going back and forth, competing in everything we're doing, you know. without my parents being there, saying there is no excuse, there's no limits for me, i wouldn't be here today. >> you were born with amniotic band syndrome. it happened in utero stories of others with limb differences, you tell their stories and talk about how they overcome, as well. why was that an important part of the story for you >> me growing up, i didn't see it much. now that i have the opportunity, now that i'm on this platform, i'm able to use and share with my brother, so many kids and people come out and live their best life, accomplishing so many goals and life dreams. when you're able to see that, see more of it, i mean, you're doing something right. that's the whole thing we have to use our platform in the right way, to motivate
8:22 am
others to be the best you. >> if they can see it, they can be it. and they write you, and you spend a lot of time with these folks, too this has become quite the cause for you. >> definitely. it is fun for me in the beginning, it was like, so many people are writing me. how can i reach everybody? for the most part, i try to reach out to anybody i can i try to get around as many people as i can. it's humbling. it feels good. just to see their expression and the way they feel about everything i mean, you can learn so much. when it comes to somebody with a limb difference, seeing how courageous they are, seeing how happy they are and not worrying about them missing limbs, but they're worrying about the next thing they want to do in life. if it's running, if it is playing ball, if it is swimming, they're worrying about the next thing and not what they're missing. >> let's talk about your personal lives you're twins for folks who don't know, not only are you twins but you're incredibly close similar hair styles, shoes you go shopping together when you go to restaurants, one
8:23 am
orders for the other is it true when you look to date, you look to date twins, as well i read that somewhere. you don't have to look at him. is that -- >> yeah, it was one point in time where we felt like we wanted to live together, marry twins. the live together part is still, you know, coming along the married to twins part is left out >> little off right now. >> we just going to let that one go >> if you can blush, you would let's talk football. let's talk football. both playing for the seahawks. going into your third season, going into your second season. how would you rate his first season >> first season, it was good you know, we know he wanted to start as a linebacker and contribute more to special teams. he took that role upon himself, to make sure he did it correctly. most guys in that situation, they feel if i'm not playing, they feel like they should just, you know, forget that and focus on one position. he never did that. he focused on, you know, playing
8:24 am
linebacker when his time came, he was ready. he's been that guy with special teams that make the plays that we needed. season was really good. >> shaquem, has your brother been helpful >> definitely. every step of the way. just being able to keep a calm head and being able to take whatever they give me and be able to give my all, give everything i have. the goal is to start and be that guy, but you have to take whatever role they give you and play it to the best of your abilities. have guys like my brother behind me to push me to be the best player i am, no matter what i'm doing. that's the only thing you can ask for. >> do you feel like now, i mean, you've been drafted, playing on the team, are you ready for us to start talking about something besides the fact that you had your hand amputated? >> definitely. in due time, it'll come. i have to keep motivating people and keep playing ball, making plays. everything will play out for itself
8:25 am
i mean, one day, it is going to be said, you know, shaquem griffin, the football player until then, i'll be whoever they want me to be. >> always a pleasure to see you. come back when you have the set of twins you decided to marry, okay the griffin brothers the book again is called "inseparable." yocan find out more about it at carson >> two great guys. inspiring story. coming up, we've got two more sports icons. we have golf channel's david feherty and the claret jug why this year's open championship is so darn historic it's happening in your neck of the woods. >> yeah. >> first, a look at your local news and weather it's happening of the woods first a look at your local news and weather.
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. one dead after an overnight shooting in the mission district around midnight at 24th and capp street. officers responded to a shot spotter alert. we haven't learned the victim's identity or if police is an idea of the motive. police say arriving officers did notice a car speeding away from the scene that may have been involved. they went after that car and tried to stay with it but the car got away. let's get a look at your morning commute. mike inouye. >> san mateo bridge is moving
8:27 am
quicker, slower than you would like. a crash near the 80 off 92, but problem, it's all of the lane. 101 itself through san mateo moving slowly. there we go. a smoother drive cross the dumbarton bridge. we're looking at silicon valley north, easier drive. that crash cleared west 80 at hercules. backup at the bay bridge toll plaza is still there but the fast track lanes loosening up right now. more local news coming up in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now. it is 8:30 now 8:30 on a monday morning, july 8th, 2019. glad to see everyone out here on the plaza. some little drizzle. >> little drizzly. >> we'll share we'll share. >> thank you >> do we have a crowd moment >> who is in the crowd do we have a crowd moment? >> i don't have a crowd moment. >> oh, my gosh we don't have a crowd moment round of applause for the crowd. >> i have a crowd moment >> you do? >> there is a gentleman over
8:31 am
here who is celebrating a big birthday what is your name, sir >> sam cameron jr. >> sam cameron jr. how old are you today, sam >> 90. >> 90 years old. happy birthday, sam. >> detroit, michigan. >> from detroit, michigan, 90. spontaneous crowd moment there, guys how about that >> a good one, craig. >> he looks fab. coming up, cynthia mcfadden is going to take us to the remote beaches of the amazon, where american medical students are making a world of difference and learning some important lessons along the way. we'll tell you about that. >> how cool is that? plus, do you need another reason for a target run? the retail giant is out with a line of wines. who better to try it than natalie? she's going to tell us all about it, just ahead. on the third hour of "today," we'll talk with aly raisman and model iskra lawrence about the cause that has them teaming up together. first though, carson daly is
8:32 am
standing by with something pretty fun and someone pretty fun. >> yeah. pretty cool over here, guys. david feherty of the golf channel, holding the claret jug. why is this claret jug so storied and special, david >> well, it is the oldest of the major championships. look at it i mean, it is beautiful gorgeous it's the holy grail of golf. >> this championship gets under way in a couple weeks in northern ireland you're from there, born there. been almost 70 years since the open championship has been there. tell us why northern ireland is so special. >> it's only been there once before in 1951 this year's open, they sold it out in a day i think it's the first time in the history. it gives you an idea of what the population of the province feels
8:33 am
about it the level of excitement is extraordinary. it is just such a special championship you know, we have the best golfers in the world coming to this little place that has a population of 1.5 million. >> right. >> it's huge >> also from there, royal portrush the course record was held by rory mcilroy at some point when he was a teenager. what can golfers expect? >> i was there a few weeks ago to shoot promos, and we had weather like this. people were still sunbathing. >> still out there, right? >> exactly, we're used to this the golf course is like velvet it is gorgeous the members and visitors have been playing off mats since the middle of last year. >> leaving the grass alone. >> it is a golf course that will suit not just long hitters but guys who hit fairways, as well wouldn't surprise me to see
8:34 am
calvary charge coming down the stretch. >> last time you were here, you predicted tiger woods would win again on the pga tour and at the masters. he did want to make another bold prediction, keep the hot streak alive? >> wouldn't surprise me to see tiger in the shakeup again i can't be a cheerleader because i'm from there >> yeah. >> i have to pick rory mcilroy what a story it'd be. >> matthew wolff will be playing after the win, too over 50 hours of coverage. check out the open from royal portrush, northern ireland, live next thursday through sunday here on nbc and the golf channel. >> those guys are tough, don't want an umbrella as far as your weather, starting today, we are looking at heat advisories through the south. heavy rain through the central plains wet weather in the mid-atlantic and northeast. for tomorrow, sunshine in the western third of the country high heat and humidity through the gulf strong storms in the plains. sunshine in new england and parts of the great lakes that's what's going on aroun good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. beautiful and comfortable weather today. once our skies clear, we're in
8:35 am
for some pleasant summer weather. only reaching the mid-70s in the south bay with livermore up to 75 as well. santa rosa, expect a high of 78. in san francisco, staying in the low 60s. as we go throughout the week, we will start to warm up, going from the mid-70s today to the upper 80s by friday. it will be a very warm weekend with san francisco only warming up a few more degrees. >> that's your latest weather. savannah >> al, thank you coming up next, a special trip to the amazon what some american students are learning there that could have a big impact here at home. first, this is "today" on nbc. . first, this is "today" on nbc. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed.
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we're back now. it's 8:47. a we're back now it's 8:47. a journey to one of the most remote places on earth. >> nbc's senior investigative and legal correspondent cynthia mcfadden traveled to the amazon with some inspiring young americans. >> good morning, everybody we talk a lot about the crisis
8:38 am
in american health care, but the problem isn't just about how much things cost but also the quality of care, especially for people in underserved communities. many of the country's top medical schools offer training for their students in places around the globe programs which often help them train local doctors while giving their students a precious dose of perspective and a desire to come home and serve in new ways. so we traveled to the amazon with a team of five medical students from ucla, as they learned lessons about themselves and practicing medicine under extreme conditions >> reporter: in peru, on the banks of the amazon, one of the most isolated cities in the world, a dangerous assignment. a hands-on lesson in their last year of medical school, aimed at making them and three of their ucla classmates better doctors. >> after every new baby is born, they'd make sure to do a home visit, to check on how things
8:39 am
are going. >> reporter: they're here to learn from a medical system that is as fragile as the rickety wooden planks. usually, this is a street. this time of year, it floods 30 feet in some places they've had to put planks in it's challenging one misstep could mean disaster. >> wow. >> this board gave way, and she went down to her hip. >> yeah. it is a little bruised, but it is okay. >> reporter: broken boards aren't the only danger. >> we have several patients with infections. >> malaria, zika. >> leprosy is also something here. >> yikes. >> yes. >> reporter: the next three weeks, they'll be stripped of many of the tools of modern medicine. >> this baby was born four days ago. been sleepy and hasn't been eating much. >> mom is worried. >> absolutely. >> look. >> reporter: today, their teacher is clara, a nurse here for more than 30 years she instructs the first-time mother how to nurse her baby and
8:40 am
how to talk to him home visits like these high on touch, low on tech, are designed to save babies here before it's too late still, it's difficult for us not to worry >> can't stop thinking about that baby. >> it's hard you're trained throughout medical school to give everything we can. to come here, it's been a challenge but also very humbling >> reporter: this is the largest city in the world that can't be reached by road. in an isolated region that's home to 1 million people for half of them, it can be an agonizing journey to reach the hospital sometimes several weeks by boat. and this is what awaits. a crowded, aging, and sweltering hospital hallways are littered with broken machinery and people. the grimmest reality here, the six-bed intensive care unit, where the only respirators
8:41 am
reside it's for those with the best chance of surviving. >> somebody will die somebody will die day in and day out. >> reporter: dr. lee miller, the dean of students at ucla's medical school, believes this place can make his students better doctors back home so he sends some of his best diana, an aspiring pediatrician, the first of her family to go to college. alex, with a phd, designs to someday finding cures for infectious diseases. >> i was expecting to have the resource limitation. it is still very difficult to be in reality and experience it emotionally. hospital doesn't have air-conditioning extremely hot. six patients per room. it is difficult. >> reporter: a.j. green, former inner city high schoolteacher who was convinced by her students to become a surgeon >> a lot of us have had patients pass no matter how many times that happens, it's hard
8:42 am
always it's a person. it's a person's life >> reporter: it's been tough for the students the director of the intensive care unit gets to decide who comes in and who doesn't come in, based upon chances of survival that's just not how we do it at home. >> it's not how we do it at home, but it's -- it is the unfortunate reality of medicine all around the world >> reporter: a harsh lesson dr. miller says he learned himself as the only pediatrician in the refugee camps in rwanda. that experience inspired him to create partners for pediatric progress, a program that sends some of the school's doctors and students here, where a.j. is tending to a woman who just had her gallbladder removed. the local surgeon tells a.j. the patient is fine and should move on, but she doesn't. >> the team kind of left to go on to the next patient she was very sick. i came up against a wall. >> the patient hemorrhaged had a.j. not been close to her side, the patient would have died >> i want them to be comfortable
8:43 am
with questioning what they know, what's necessary, what a patient needs. >> reporter: dr. kelsey martin is the dean of ucla medical school she believed every future doctor should have an experience like this one. >> i have no question they'll be better doctors it changes who they are. it changes how they understand a patient who comes to see them. >> reporter: as we see for ourselves, a.j. takes us to meet the patient she refused to walk away from. >> that is one happy woman >> this is what the whole thing is about, what medicine is about. >> the look on her face when she looked at you. >> she just lit up when she saw your face. >> she won't forget. >> you won't forget her. >> reporter: more lessons to be learned. remember the newborn baby? a few days later, his mother brings him in for a check-up >> gained at least 100 grams in the last couple days >> excellent >> feels relieved, very happy. >> all of us feel relieved >> reporter: they are still
8:44 am
graduate, right? >> absolutely. >> with flying colors. >> reporter: and they did. proud members of ucla's medical school class of 2019 all with an unbreakable bond and armed with the intense lessons taught by the people living deep in the amazon. >> it was a remarkable experience for all of us you can find out more if you're at home and interested in all of this, about how to send other young doctors to places like the amazon go to our website at >> it is so valuable because, obviously, it's the need that's so great it is so rewarding and important for the students, as well. >> the need is so great here, too. i mean, rural hospitals are
8:45 am
closing all over this country. we need young doctors who are committed to providing care in these rural and underserved communities with very few resources. >> other medical schools >> other medical schools do it it is important. we talk so much about the crisis in health care here's a way we can make a difference. >> this would seem to be something that should be at every medical school in this country. >> a lot of them are doing it, and there's a lot about it on our website. >> great story. >> incredible journey. >> thank you. just ahead, we're going to switch gears considerably. natalie is here. she's ready to pop the cork. where? not at the new wine bar. >> no? >> at target >> all right. >> how does the tar-zhay wine stack up we're about to find out.
8:46 am
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we're back with a new line of wine from retail giant tar-zhay. >> another reason to hit target at $9.99 a bottle. the question is, how does it taste? who better the find out than natalie, to uncork this mystery. hey, nat good morning. >> good morning.
8:48 am
perfect for me to be doing the taste testing. when it comes to wine, there are so many choices. it is easy to be overwhelmed people think they often have to spend big to get good wine now, target could be changing the game we gathered a bunch of wine lovers to try and answer the question, does price really matter >> reporter: from your liquor store to your local grocery chain, wine is popping up everywhere, from cheap to super expensive. now, target is serving up a new line of wine called the collection each bottle, only $9.99. how does it stack up to find out, we're hosting a happy hour in downtown la. welcome to our happy hour. popping bottles and letting the wine flow for today's taste test there is a catch i'll let you in on a secret. all these people here at happy hour have no idea that the wine they're drinking tonight, $9.99 from target.
8:49 am
some are drinking the target pinot grigio others are drinking the cabernet sauvignon. sniffing, swirling, and swigging away we have experts on hand. >> and you have no idea what we're pouring tonight. >> i don't. >> as a wine expert, when you're tasting a new wine, what do you look for >> what i like to look for is balance in the wine. i like to see if there's fruit, the blondie, alcohol that gives me an idea if this is a well-developed wine. >> reporter: these wine lovers seem to be in wine heaven. >> cheers. >> here's to happy hour. >> reporter: they're all loving it >> all too easy to drink >> good answer >> it is light >> i like it >> it's very good. >> it is a great flavor. really good. >> reporter: but for the most important question -- >> how much would you pay for a wine like this >> maybe $24 or $25. >> i would probably pay the same, $25. >> reporter: this wine lover is ready to spend the big bucks >> i would say $125 for a bottle >> of this >> yeah. >> whoa.
8:50 am
>> reporter: remember, it is only $9.99 now, we're adding a twist to the taste test all our white wine drinkers are drinking this pinot grigio for $2.99. for the red wine lovers, this bottle at $36.99 will they be able to tell the difference i'll give you another taste. enjoying this one all night? >> i love it. >> reporter: she chooses the target wine. >> i like this one better. >> reporter: he does, too. >> i prefer the one i've been drinking all night. >> reporter: not everyone was convinced. >> i would say i like the sweeter one. >> you do? >> it is something i would definitely serve >> reporter: that's right. she likes the $2.99 bottle in all, five out of nine said they preferred target's wine when i finally let them in on the secret -- you ready to find out what you've been drinking all night? >> i've been dying. pull the napkin off. >> reporter: let's go. this is for you, ryan. you've been drinking the collection from target. >> wow
8:51 am
shut the front door. >> $9.99 >> i would buy that every single time i went to target. >> reporter: how about the red wine lovers? i'm giving you a new wine to try. this woman likes the target wine >> i like my original better. >> reporter: you do? >> a lot >> reporter: most of the others -- >> i like this one better. >> reporter: not a fan of the target wine. >> this is what you prefer >> yes. >> reporter: in fact, six out of nine red wine lovers prefer the expensive wine remember her, willing to pay more than $100 a bottle for the wine she was drinking. want to know what this is? >> what have i been drinking >> reporter: $9.99. >> wow >> reporter: did target's wine pass our expert's taste test >> these two over here. >> reporter: you don't like them >> not something i'd go back for. >> reporter: our expert didn't like either of the target wines. >> okay. our wine expert may not have been impressed with either of the target wines, but for the average wine drinker, you don't
8:52 am
have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy a glass target wasn't involved in the taste test they aren't alone. competitors like walmart and costco have their own lines of wine, as well. what we found out is that it matters more, as you saw, with the red, than it did with the white. >> okay. there's only one wine expert that i need to know her opinion. >> me? >> of course >> i liked it. $9.99, it was well worth the price. the collection from target. >> renamed it, as well. >> good label, too i usually choose if i like the label. >> yeah. >> nat, thank you so much. we're back in a moment this is "today" on nbc la collection. nbc.
8:53 am
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before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy? we well, there's all she wrote for a monday morning we have a lot more stories you'll love on >> that's right. we have your must-have products for your hands, neck, and eyes that erase signs of aging.
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plus, a remarkable couple proving it is never too late to find love. just ahead on the third hour of "today," our new series, super sheroes. modern women shaping a superhero. you sat down with this actress. >> kick-butt character on "black lightning. you will not believe who she is playing. >> you wore the yellow glasses again, too. >> i did. >> glasses journey continues. on the fourth hour, guess what, we have not one but two surprise guest co-hosts. >> give us a hint. >> i cannot give you a hint because i'd have to give you two hints for the two co-hosts. >> give us two hints. >> guess what else it is game show week don't you wish you were playing? >> i really do. >> we'll have a lot of fun first, your local news >> it's shark week but different. local news. >> it's shark week but different. .
8:56 am
good morning. the kill 56 today could be a pivotal day in the ghost ship trial. he is expected to take the stand in his own defense. he is answering to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each person who died in the 2016 fire. legal experts believe he will
8:57 am
try to deflect blame onto the city of oakland. this is the first time he's spoken on record since after the fire when the families saying he would have given his life to save those victims. happening now, pete suratos is at the courthouse. we'll post updates opposite our twitter feed. san francisco police investigating the late-night deadly shooting in the mission district. the man who died hasn't been identified. our twitter feed link includes video on the scene. downtown los gatos will be slimming down for the rest of the summer as part of a pilot program. north santa cruz avenue will run southbound only. on our home page, details on the town's strategy to curb traffic and boost the number of visitors. more news coming up in an hour.
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the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone. well come to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle. the gang is all here. al, craig, and dylan. good morning. >> it's been a while. when was the last time we were all together? >> thursday, lasthursday, 27th. >> june 27th? >> last thursday was the most recent thursday, so you want to know two thur thursdays ago. there you go. >> we all had pretty busy weekends. it is funny because thanks to instagram and twitter, i know what you're doing. i feel like i'm close with you guys. no one had a bigger weekend than the u.s. women's soccer team, as you probably heard by now. they won


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