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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 9, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the road literally sed river >> people made the mistake of trying to drive through high water. >> washington, d.c. endures its first ever flash flood emergency. torrential rains cripple the capital city in record time. >> billionaire financier jeffrey epstein hob nobd with the rich and famous he is charged with sex trafficking with girls as young as 14. >> millions drawn to the streets. hong kong's leader says the extradition bill is dead >> the u.s. women's world cup final ratings surpassed last year's men's final as the champions come home and prepare for some serious celebration >> and the home run derby sets the stage for tonight's all-star game "early today" starts right now
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>> good morning, i'm marlie hall >> and i'm melissa rehberg washington, d.c. in the form ofe area received about a month's worth of rain, 3.3 inches fell in one hour. leading to the first-ever flasy district, a warning system first put in place in 2011 the capital's commuters had to compete with the torrential rain this waterfall was spotted pouring from inside a metro station. some drivers tried to be brave and take on the washed out roads which led to dozens of swift water rescues. fortunately there have been no reports of weather-related deaths in the flooding emergency. >> a bombshell case against a billionaire threatening to embroil the trump administration this morning former financier jeffrey epstein will remain behind bars until his bail hearing next week after he was indicted on charges of sex trafficking involving under age girls. the case has renewed focus on
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his 2005 arrest following allegations of sex with minors he received a controversial plea deal orchestrated by then u.s. attorney alex accosta who is now the labor secretary in a new tweet, house speaker nancy pelosi called on accosta to step down saying his agreement with epstein was unconscionable nbc's stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: good morning, marlie well, jeffrey except stein has pleaded not guilty to the charges. he's hoping to get out of jail on bail but not if federal prosecutors have their way they are saying that he be detained until his trial billionaire hedge fund manager, socialite accused sex trafficker >> the alleged behavior shocks the conscience >> reporter: federal prosecutors say jeffrey epsteis young as 14o 2005 at his estate in palm beach, florida, and mansion in new york city, where according
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to court documents the fbi seized a vast trove of lewd photographs of young looking women or girls during a search over the weekend hundreds and perhaps thousands of sexually suggestive photographers. epstein was arrested on saturday when his private jet landed from paris. he was charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for the purpose of sex victims were initially recruited to provide massages, according to the indictment, which would become increasingly sexual in nature >> the victims were all under age girls at the time of the alleged conduct, were given hundreds of dollars in cash after each encounter either by epstein or by one of epstein's employees. >> reporter: the 66-year-old has palled around with some of the most powerful in politics and business, including bill clinton and president trump. he pleaded nlot guilty to the charges which many, including some officials and alleged victims, say should have come more than a similaw enforcementa
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but in 2008, florida u.s. attorney alex accosta, now theb deal epstein avoided more serious federal charges by pleading guilty to state charges including soliciting prostitution from a minor. he had to spend 13 months in jail and register as a sex offender >> it's such a shocking disparity between what he could have been charged with, what the evidence and the allegations seem to show, and what he was allowed to get away with >> reporter: during accosta's confirmation hearing, he said it was the best deal given the evidence >> it was a broadly-held decision >> reporter: the deal criticized by many as too lenient became the focus of an explosive "miami herald" report last year several of epstein's alleged victims speaking out for the rst time >> i was 16. >> i was 16. >> i started going to him when i was like 14,g 15
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>> the u.s. attorney said investigative journalism significantly helped the case and he called on new victims to come forward >> while the charged conduct is from a number of years ago, they deserve their day in court >> reporter: federal prosecutors are arguing that jeffrey epstein be detained without bail for two reasons. one, they say he's a flight risk he owns two private jets and that he continues to be a risk to t thoom photos they seized at his apartment over the weekend marlie, back to you. >> stephanie, thank you. >> the trump administration is doubling down on efforts to add a controversial question on citizenship to the census. attorney general william barr says he believes there is a legal pathway forward despite a supreme court decision to block that question. the justice department is also replaced its entire legal team on the case with other government lawyers nbc's tracie potts joins us with the latest from d.c. good morning >> reporter: hi, melissa, good morning. that new legal team in the justice department will be
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fighting cases in california, new york, and maryland, trying to get the supreme court to reverse its decision that for now says no citizenship question on the census. the government can do it, but they didn't have a good enough reason that's what the court said meantime, president trump who originally talked about delaying the census, then the administration said they were printing without the question, now the president says there may be a way around this they may be able to print, continue to fight in court, then get an addendum. he's also talking about an executive order to add the question despite the court saying no. and we're getting reaction from here on capitol hill from democrats who are concerned, of course, the big question is, will communities participate if they fear this question in those communities are mostly democratic. >> for a very long time we have been fighting the fight on the census you know, like this hat, make
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america white again. they want to make sure that people, certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. and it's not what our founders had in mind. >> reporter: so the president now suggesting that even with the printing of the census already underway, they may be able to add that question and add an addendum later. melissa? tracie, thank you. breaking news from china this morning, a controversial bill that sparked weeks of protest is dead historic demonstrations were held in response to legislation that would allow suspects to be extradited to main land china. the protest led to violent clashes with police. the legislation was suspended three weeks ago. and just hours ago, hong kong chief executive carrie lam addressed worries that the process would be restarted >> there is no such plan the bill is dead >> lam, formally withdrawn
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>> for the first time since darrell strawberry86, a new york met has won the home run derby. >> a line drive off the top of the wall fires the bat up, he's your home run derby champion of 2019 >> rookie pete alonso launched 23 homeers to beat another first year player, vlad guerrero, jr. he had the most home runs in the derby since '91. polar bear pete beat him when it counted the most alonso walked away with the million dollar price which is twice his salary of 550,000. >> some scary moments in sarasota after two power boats flipped during the power boat grand prix race. the victory and miss geico rolled over during two turns of the race all members escaped safely >> let's turn to meteorologist
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bill karins for our forecast good morning >> good morning. the wash out in washington, d.c., the tropics are very warm. we have a spin in the atmosphere in southern portions of georgia. it's going to head over the warm water the next couple 6 days hurricane center has upped the odds to a 40% tropical depression and 80% in five days. there is a good bet we'll be tracking it throughout the week. the development zone will take it down to the northern guflf ad push it to the western gulf. we could see up to 5 inches of rain and we'll have to wait and see eventually where it tries to move on shore. that could add additional rainfa past thllup to minnesota.
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also the heat is on in texas today easily near 100. hot conditions in the tropics, you can tell we're heading into the middle of summer >> thanks, bill. >> thanks, bill. in today's quick hit ar commute new york highway when a run away flor thoroughbred escaped from a nearby farm and was seen trotting down the median fortunately a deputy was able to capture the horse and return it safely >> it could be one of florida's largest pythons captured ever. a 165 pound python was discovered underneath a home in the everglades >> in munich sunday, 24 contestants from eight nations showed off their jump, flip and balance skills on ropes with summer salts reaching as high as 25 feet. we'll be right back. with an ultra stretchy waistband and 360 fit that adapts to every wild move.
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>> it's okay, hold on. >> so many frightening scenes like that one played out in southern california after powerful earthquakes and aftershocks rocked the ground and rattled nerves these recent quakes have a lot of people focusing on safety and preparedness here's nbc's lester holt >> reporter: the two major earthquakes uncomfortably close to los angeles surfacing anxieties that many californians haven't felt for 20 years. about the many fault lines that straddle below this region of some 18 million people one of those at 7.1, what are we looking at >> then we are going to be looking at almost certainly fatalities because we have a lot of people and bad buildings. electricity, water are likely to be gone for quite a while. >> reporter: dr. lucy jones is a seismologist who worked for usgs for three decades. we know 7.1, very strong earthquake at the epicenter. here in l.a. over 100 miles away, what was it? >> there was no way there was any damage in los angeles. at least physically.
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psychologically, of course, coming out of the blue, going on for so long, that scared people. >> reporter: you like the fact, though, to some extent thert this is the quiet est 20 years in the southern california history and it can lead to some complacency or at least individuals not knowing what they should be doing this has gotten people's attention, at least, and they're thinking about the problem again. >> reporter: that psychological damage from last week's quakes that dr. jones speaks of is at least having a temporary effect. more people seem to be talking about getting these emergency go bags with critical things like flashlights and water and other important supplies in case you have to get out fast i found earthquake-related supplies in demand at this l.a. area home depot. has it got you to thinking about your own earthquake safety and preparedness >> yes, definitely i want to get some smeekers in my trunk, some water >> reporter: the quakes also focusing attention to make sure homes can withstand a major
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jolt kenneth odell is a structural engineer this has been retrofitted. what's been changed here >> so here you can see these two columns towards the middle are larger than, say, the column at the end. those columns have been strengthened >> reporter: images from the california quake disaster zone reveal the risks are not theoretical. >> i think when people look at earthquakes, wesmate the risk tr lives and we under estimate the risk to our pocketbooks. and what this could do economically i think is under appreciated. >> our thanks to lester for that report >> just ahead, a shock on the court at wimbledon, and time to get back and celebrate, team usa get a heroes welcome home after winning the world cup. weakening of enamel. now is the perfect time for a toothpaste like the new pronamel repair. this toothpaste takes it to the next level. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth surface
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a heroes welcome home for the women's soccer team. they arrived at newark airport, championship cup in hand after scoring a record four world championship cups. the team continues tshatter records. their victory game was one of the highest rated soccer telecasts in the history of the sport with 14.3 million viewers as the works. house speaker nancy pelosi a trip to d.c. may also be in tweeting an invite to the u.s. capitol. and the cover of sports illustrated, paying tribute to the champs in their latest issue, a swimsuit edition with
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megan rapinoe, chris dunn. i love a team being celebrated like this. >> yeah, and now pay them. >> exactly >> all eyes are on the american women at this year's wimbledon serena will reportedly be fined $10,000 for damaging the court with her racket. the tournament has 15-year-old sensation coco gauff nbc's blayne alexander goes inside the teenager's incredible run. >> reporter: it was the wimbledon run that kept the world watching coco gauff, a 15-year-old rookie toppling tennis giants >> i'm a fighter and anything is possible if you work hard. >> reporter: but even after her fourth round loss here at wimbledon for so many people cheering her on, coco is still a winner on social media a celebrity cheering section >> joel embiid posted me >> reporter: enough to send this teen into a fit of giggles while coco's run is over,
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another american, allison upset the number one seed. taking her place in the quarterfinals, taking on serena williams and for the teenage phenom who has been at it since age 6 back in del rey, florida, she's a hometown hero. ready to show the world she's just getting started blayne alexander, nbc news, london >> later this morning on today, coco gauff will be live to talk about her amazing wimbledon journey. >> and up nexta dratic twist in court in the case of actor kevin spacey plus our adorable otsh of the day and a whole lot more ahead on a busy tuesday. that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. .. .. this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself.
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every family has that one kid. that's how mom daniels captioned this viral snapshot of her three sons little landon, bless his heart, had a different idea when mom said smile with your fish. by the look of his face, that fish was not very tasty. >> well, the real life batman has made it his mission to help animals in need. chris van dorn started batman for paws in florida. he keeps cats and dogs from being euthanized transporting them to forever homes and other safe locations they come to him mostly because his bat suit is loaded with treats >> good strategy
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>> bringing the heat >> the heat is beyond hot in many areas we don't have heat warnings, but we have heat advisories posted all the way from the dallas areas to portions of arkansas. 20 million people are under the heat advisory. it will feel like 105 through 110 in this region we'll call it southern discomfort the worst will b s texas. dallas will feel like 108, new orleans 108. so, yeah, it's that time of year this is the hottest that we've been so far. and there's that 112 in corpus christi. guess what it's july and it's going to stay hot. much of the country, the july outlook is very hot. >> bill, thank you >> when we come back, a shocking mistake. a couple saying they gave birth to someone else's twins. wrinkles just won't.
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in our top stories, a dramatic twist in the court case as actor kevin spacey, the man who accused spacey of groping him in a nantucket bar in 2016 has invoked the 5th amendment, striking from the record his testimony about a missing cell phone. this after he denied deleting messages from the cell phone the defense moved to dismiss the case, but the judge gave prosecutors until the end of the month to decide their next moves. spacey has pleaded not guilty. >> now to a heart breaking mistake at a prominent fertility clinic a woman says an in vitro fertilization mix up led to her giving birth ther people'sisas e story. >> reporter: on its website, the clinic calls itself world renowned, with facilities in seoul, south korea, and los angeles. posting happy testimonials
4:27 am
but a federal lawsuit filed by an unnamed new york couple alleges the cha clinic mixed up their embryos, showing reckless disregard causing severe emotional distress according to the lawsuit, the couple was told two of the embryos used were female the husband and wife were ecstatic to learn that after years of trying to conceive, they had success but in march, the couple was shocked when she gave birth to twin boys who were not of asian descent, using embryos belonging to two other couples they had to turnover custody of the babies, according to the lawsuit, and they don't know what happened to their embryos the cha clinic has not responded to the lawsuit or to nbc news's request for comment. >> i'm not all that surprised that these mistakes are reported no state or federal or professional association monitors or regulates these practices very closely >> reporter: new concerns about a lack of federal oversight of a
4:28 am
nearly 500 fertility clinics nationwide trusted to help create families. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york >> it's only day due of the spain's running of the bulls >> one person was gored in the back and three others were treated for concussions. as they tried to outrun the herd of cattle as part of the eight-day festival meanwhile a san francisco man is recovering after hs goree head while trying to take a selfie. >> doesn't seem worth it >> all right from bulls to birthdays. one year after fred savage turns 43 rocker courtney levity 65. tom hanks turns 63 former nfl star and convicted arm robber o.j. simpson turns 72 thanks for waking up with us i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm melissa rehberger baby shark will be live on the plaza with a special
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. and good tuesday morning to you, july 9th. taking a live look outside at san rafael, good start to the morning, and cars are already on their way. we thank you for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia, and we are in full swing of summer, though if you open your window right now, it's ikeno that. >> no, not at all. it's been really nice and actually cool for this time of year. a live look outside in walnut creek, as you step out, temperatures in the upper 50s. another slow warmup to the day with a few clouds lingering throughout the morning. into the afternoon our south bay high temperatures reaching into the upper 70s, even some low 80s there. we'll talk more about this a


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