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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, what happened to suzanne eaton? the scientist found dead in an abandoned bunker in greece. tonight the troubling news her family in the bay area just received. plus a warning for dog owners after a bay area woman says her dog ate ice cream and nearly died. >> it was terrng responsible. the ingredient the fda says you need to look out for. a sanrancisco mayor london breed one year later. >> my goal is to change that. >> the biggest challenge she says the city is facing.
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the news at 11:00 starts right now. we begin with breaking news at this hour. the immigration raids president trump has warned about might start this sunday. this is according to the "new york times," which is citing current and former homeland security officials. the operation was originally planned for last month but was postponed. now the raids are expected to mainly target families with final orders of deportation. at least 2,000 immigrants in all. they'll take place in several cities including san francisco. our other top story tonight, a tragedy overseas. family and friends mourning the loss of a decorated scholar originally from oakland found dead in greece. she'd been reported missing last week. >> her body was found in an abandoned underground bunker. authorities in greece say accid. nbc bay area's sergio quintana joins us now with the very latest. sergio. >> reporter: professor suzanne eaton was on the island of crete for a conference. she was last seen alive last
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week about to head out for a half hour run. greek officials confirmed today they've reached -- they've launched a criminal inquiry. greek authorities today confirming suzanne eaton's body was found in these world war ii era bunkers on the island of crete. they're trying to figure out how she got there because only locals know about the abandoned old nazi caves. suzanne eaton is regarded as a brilliant molecular bile jifolot the max planck institute in dresden, germany. >> it's very hard to talk about her in the past tense because it's hard to believe she's gone. >> reporter: uc berk leah biologist remembera heald is a long-time friend. she says eaton was a respected scientist, wife, mother of two and an avid athlete. page inclu this photo of her know taekwondo pose.mi , everyone who knows her is devastated. >> reporter: we contacted eaton's family in san jose.
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they don't want to talk right now. her sister and brother dplu fle greece to help with the search. tonight greek media says authorities believe eaton may have been suffocated. investigators saying she died as the result of a criminal act. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. well, tonight the search is on for this car. you see it there. that silver bmw with tinted windows. and people riding inside of it. sfpd releasing these surveillance photos this evening. they say this is the car two car thieves used to run over a tourist. it happened yesterday in the park lot of the legion of honor in san francisco. the man from out of state spotted the suspects breaking into his car and he tried to photograph it. that's when the suspects ran him over. the victim is still facing life-threatening injuries. new ath mints, sugar-free baked goods, some peanut butters, even skinny ice cream, all potentially deadly todo that's the dire warning for pet owners tonight from the fda. and a peninsula woman learned
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the hard way when she gave her dog a cold sweet treat on a hot day. nbc bay area's ian cull joins us live in los altos to tell us what was in it that caused the issue. >> reporter: yeah, well, jessica it started with that trip to the ice cream shop. it seemed like it was harmless enough. but it ended here at the animal hospital icu. and it's all because of something she gave her dog by accident. >> you ready? let's go get the ball. let's get the ball. >> reporter: this 18-month-old mini golden doodle monty is full of joy after a close brush with death. last month while rung errands on a hot-day melissa graves gave him ice cream. >> they have skinny vanilla, and i thought, okay, well, dogs aren't supposed to have a lot of sugar so maybe that's what i should get. >> reporter: she checked the ingredients again after he ate it and saw it had the artificiao kr treat. and turns out it was toxic. >> reporter: she went in right away. monty was monitored for potential liver damage for three
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days. now he's made a full recovery. kriz also contacted the fda, and this week the regulators issued a nationwide updated warning about giving xylitol to dogs because they can't metabolize it. the ingredient is now more popular in ice cream and peanut butter. >> anything that's not specifically intended for dogs you should be aware of what's in it and always check for artificial sweeteners because they're everywhere. most them are safe for dogs but xylitol certainly not. >> reporter: while monty is safe, kriz hopes there will be warning labels on products so other dog owners don't make the same mistake. >> you can learn from our heartache. that's a benefit. >> went are news. searching for answers after a in the south bay now, what deadly crash just a few blocks away from the san jose state campus. early this morning a man drove his suv right through an intersection and straight toiin th this is on the corner of margaret and 10th street. the driver died. thankfully, no one was home at
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the time of this crash. the push to stop bart fare evaders is leading to other problems tonight. this is what bart's up against. today our cameras were rolling and saw people sneaking through the gates. when police tried to detain them, things got violent. this is happening at the richmond bart station. bart's new modified fare gates are being tested there. they're designed to stop fare evaders. but many say they're really hard to get through. >> we understand the concerns. but we are encouraged by the fact that no one has been injured by these gates. >> bart will test out a different design at the fruitvale station before a decision is made about what to install systemwide at all bart stations. it's a notable shelter in san francisco that helps the homeless, but in the past week there's been a deadly shooting and a robbery. the staff and people who use the shelter are trying to keep their heads up but are also concerned as to what might happen next. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us in san francisco with the details.
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jean? >> reporter: that deadly shooting happened outside mother brown's in the bayview last night. the sfpd is searching for suspects and tonight people staying at that shelter and work at that shelter are leaning on each other for support. >> stay inside so you can be safe. it's not worth it. >> reporter: gwen westbrook is concerned about her staff and clients at mother brown's dining room and drop-in center. a bullet hole in a door window and a shot-out van window remind her of the shootout that happened outside the bayview shelter last night. security video shows the moment shots rang outnd everyone survi. >> got shot by a stray bullet. so it's kind of hard to deal with that. >> reporter: 44-year-old eric wilson wasook says he was outsi having a cigarette. he'd been homeless for years and was a regular. >> and the people got really sad because him coming in here every day to eat breakfast and stay eating dinner, then staying
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overnight. >> reporter: another man was shot and is in stable condition. police are searching for suspects. the shooting comes a week after a former employee robbed mother brown's. taking expensive cleaning equipment and food from the community kitchen. >> we're just going to keep moving. what can we do? it really hurts me. >> reporter: spirits are down but the work helping people in need continues. jean elle, nbc bay area news. another legal move to stop the waterfront homeless center from going up in san francisco. today opponents filed a lawsuit aimed at blockingitano put the r on the embarcadero between the third building at oracle park. neighbors worry the center's going to bring drugs and crime to that area. the lawsuit is seeking a restraining order to halt that development. water is finally flowing again in the small town of trona. many people have been without water since that 7.1 earthquake hit the area last friday. officials told a packed town hall meeting earlier today that
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recovery after last week's earthquakes will take time. scathing new claims tonight that pg&e knew about a fire threat from'll high voltage power lines but did nothing about it. the "wall street journal" obtained documents through the freedom of information act. the journal says the documents show pg&e knew hundreds of miles of its aging lines could fail and spark fires, yet the utility never upgraded those lines. our investigative team previously reported some of pg&e's electrical towers are more than 100 years old. today the federal judge overseeing pg&e's probation used that "wall street journal" report and ordered pg&e to respond to those claims paragraph by paragraph. developing at this hour, heavy rains flooding new orleans. check that out. parts of the city have seen eight inches of rain. you can see people walking right through the water. the mayor has declared a state of emergency, but the heavy rain turns out is just beginning. that's because it's a tropical system in the gulf of mexico that's churning right off the coast.
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and that's expected to make landfall sometime early this week. we are back in 60 seconds with the outraged parents breaking their silence after they say a fertility clinic mix-up led to their baby being born to a total stranger. getting almost 1,500 people who were on the streets off the streets is real progress. >> mayor london breed's first year in office. we'll tell you what she accomplished and what she didn't. we investigate, next. .>> i'm chief meteorologist jeff i'll show you what to expect for tomorrow morning and how much hotter ahead coming up in about eight minutes.
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tomorrow marks one year since san francisco mayor london breed took office and in many ways the city is shining bright but it's also in a cultural and economic crossroads. >> as a candidate she promised to clean up the city, get homeless off the streets and eliminate encampments. so has she delivered?
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>> senior investigative reporter begat shaban goes one on one with the mayor. >> reporter: mayor london breed could become one of the longest-serving mayors in san francisco history. that's because when she finishes her current term which was left vacant after mayor ed lee passed away she's still eligible to run for two more full terms. that's a total of 9 1/2 years. which means policies put in place by her administration could have lasting effects. so we're taking a look at what she's done during her first year in office. markeese osby doesn't know where he'll sleep tonight. he's 30 years old and homeless. could you just walk into a shelter and get a bed? >> no. you have to go through the process of going to a shelter, signing up, waiting, coming back. it's a whole process. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people are on the city's wait list to get tinto a homeless shelter.
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so markeese spends his nights in a tent. that is until today when he says police forced him to hand it over. >> they came up and took my tent. about right here. >> reporter: law enforcement has increasingly partnered with public works to clear homeless encampments across the city. since mayor london breed took office, tents dropped from 568 to 380. the number of homeless tents is down but the amount of homeless people is actually up. so is the city really making progress? >> well, i would say that getting almost 1,500 people who were on the streets off the streets is real progress. trying to address what we know is the biggest challenge our city faces and that is homelessness. >> the city says each week it takes about 50 more people out of homelessness and into housing. but at the same time another 150 people wind up homeless in san francisco. over the past two years the homeless population has increased to more than 8,000. that's a 17% spike.
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santa clara, contra costa, and alameda counties are experiencing even larger increases. but homeless advocates say san francisco is still spending too much time and resources shifting people from one block to the next. >> it's like the sidewalk shuffle because they're not actually being given a real alternative. >> reporter: telly cutler is with the coalition on homelessness. so in your view fewer homeless tents isn't translating to fewer homeless people, it just means homeless people sleeping outside are now often having to do it without tents. >> yeah. that's all it means. we have a housing and a health crisis. and this city is often responding with law enforcement. they're going through, often taking people's belongings, giving people citations. >> reporter: vanessa teo just got this ticket after police found her on the sidewalk with a tent. it's a misdemeanor that could result in a $1,000 fine and possible jail time. >> reporter: how many of these
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tickets have you received? >> maybe 20. >> 20? >> yes. >> reporter: that's just over the past year and a half. on any given night there are more than 1,000 people on the wait list for shelters. will that change? >> my goal is to change that. since i've been in office, we've had almost 400 new shelter beds. i'm pledging to make sure that we have 1,000 by 2020. >> reporter: the mayor is proposing to spend more than $364 million next year on the city's homeless crisis. that's 80 million more than this year. her plan is to expand housing grants to help keep families from becoming homeless. add shelter nurses and social workers along with 820 permanent housing units for the homeless. another 4 million would go towards the city's efforts to clear away homeless encampments. but it's unclear just how many homeless get housed after they're forced to give up their tents and ordered to move someplace else. >> they're still homeless. just because they don't have a tent. >> reporter: matthew zimmerman and his fiance andrea boomer
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frame art and photos for a living. but say the view outside their san francisco shop isn't so picture perfect. >> i actually just checked my revenue in the past from last year to this year and i'm down 25%. the last couple years things have gotten worse as far as the amount of people that are on the streets. and the amount of open drug use. >> thank you. >> reporter: while campaigning breed said as mayor she'd work to have san francisco open the nation's first supervised injection site where people can openly use drugs under the care of medical supervision. last year we traveled to canada to show you how the centers in vancouver have actually worked to rehab drug users. but when california lawmakers struggled ton san francisco, br vowed to move ahead anyway even though the sites would violate federal law. >> you had said that san francisco doesn't need to wait on the states to open a supervised injection site, but the city still doesn't have one. what happened to your plan? >> well, if it were just me and
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i was only putting myself at risk, it would be one thing, but it does potentially put unfortunately non-profit and city workers at risk of being imprisoned. and we need support from the state. >> reporter: san francisco's dirty streets have also been a focus for the mayor. the city now has a dedicated four-person team to clean feces five days a week. a separate crew picks up used syringes 12 hours each day. when will people be able to see real change? >> well, there has been change. the fact is the number of calls are down for needles, for feces, for trash pickup all over the city. if you look at the data from the 311 calls you'll see they're down. >> reporter: complaints over needles and feces have declined in the last six months, compared to the mayor's first six months in office. but complaints to the city over trash have actually increased slightly. the mayor's budget plan for the
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next two years includes an extra $3 million for street cleaning. san francisco already outspends many other larger cities including los angeles and chicago. and the mayor is expected to sign the city's new $12 billion budget into law by next month. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit you can call 888-996-tips or website,, to reach out to bigad. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it looked like winter this morning. >> i think we'll have some fog as you move through tomor morning. it doesn't look quite as thick as what we've been dealing with most recently. but as you get closer to the bay, closer to the coastline, i do expect some low clouds to begin. the real headline, though, is all about this warmer air that's starting to build in with this area of high pressure. so we'll get temperatures to heat up tomorrow. the good news, i do not see any
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100s in the forecast the next couple of days. so there's some shred of good news. but temperatures definitely boost on up there. let's start you off right here on thursday morning. we begin with some of those low clouds. as you mentioned, some cool 50s. you might need a light jacket as you get yourself going tomorrow morning. 58 here for the south bay. 59 peninsula. and 57 in the tri-valley. san francisco, best chance of course of that fog and 54 and the north bay starting off with a chilly 55. now, as you move through noon hour, 1:00 tomorrow that sunshine returns across the bay area away from the coastline. and it's going to leave us with a nice day. temperatures as you mentioned warming up. you'll really feel it in east san jose, morgan hill and gilroy with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. also more upper 80s now back on the board here for concord, pittsburgh, and antioch. walnut creek 87 as well. danville 88. and look at the difference it makes. head over to the east bay hills, closer to the bay, and you've got a much more comfortable 75 degrees in oakland. it's all due to that bay breeze.
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peninsula 78 in redwood city. going to the coastline a chilly 60 in half moon bay. more of these 60s in place across san francisco with 65 in the marina and winds at times gusting up to 20 miles per hour out of the west. and marin, napa, sonoma county, anywhere from 79 in mill valley to 86 in napa and check out the coastline. point reyes at a cool 62 degrees. my extended forecast has numbers warming up in san francisco this weekend and less in the way of fog. i think it's going to be great if you'rede activity. upper 60s saturday and sunday and we'll drop back down asek. inland valleysill push the numbers up as we mentioned tomorrow to 87 degrees. i have low 90s saturday and sunday but that won't last long. look at this. we're back down to below average temperatures by next tuesday and also wednesday. really nice seven-day forecast here for july. if you're doing any traveling, we want to update you on this possible tropical storm.
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that could develop by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, making landfall once we hit friday night into saturday in louisiana between lafayette and also new orleans. we could see an additional four to ten inches of rainfall. we've already had flooding in louisiana. this is just going to make things all that much worse. >> it looks pretty intense down there. thank you, jeff. up next, an unforgettable night for a bay area football coach at the espy awards. his powerful message that has a. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. adam devine is here. plus willie nelson is here. and lin manuel miranda returns for a wheel of freestyle rematch. it's a great show. stay tuned. happening now, no surprise. various cities on a list of worst cities for first-time home buyers. berkeley tops the list when it comes to small cities. for larger cities oakland number two, san francisco number four. san jose twelve. the biggest problem for buyers,
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it is a heartbreaking story. tonight we're hearing from the california couple accusing a los angeles fertility clinic of a shocking mix-up after another woman gave birth to their baby. the couple went to the cha fertility center hoping to have a second ilf their embryos along with an embryo from another family w mistakenly implanted in a third person, a total stranger. that stranger gave birth to two twin boys, not knowing that the boys each belong to someone else. >> she goes yes, a woman gave birth to twins and one of them is yours. i wasn't there for his birth. i did not carry him. kic insidenia couple did meet their baby six weeks later after he was born. they are now suing the clinic.
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the mice are safe for now. the farallon islands, which is about 30 miles off san francisco's coast, are rich in native species from plants to birds to sea creatures, but they also have an invasive species, mice. and they're killing off a rare bird species. today after hours of public testimony the coastal commission decided to reconsider using rat poison out of concern it will also harm other animals on the islands. well, a surprising find on the side of the road. look at that. a man spotted this tombstone leaning on a telephone pole in stanislaus county. he loaded the 300-pound tombstone into his truck and with the help of a historian he discovered it's the marker for the grave of a doctor would died in the 1800s and it belongs in an oakland cemetery. he plans to bring back that tombstone to the cemetery in oakland on friday. how about that? we're back in a mom team usa women's soccer. where they were tonight. we'll show you. my experience with usaa
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they are living the rock star life this morning. the victory parade in new york city. >> and tonight all the glamour in l.a. they deserve every ounce of the glory. the women's national soccer team all glammed up. take a look. honored tonight at the annual espy awards down in los angeles. more on them in a moment. they say they haven't slept, by the way, in like a week.
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they've been riding high. the big award of the night, the jimmy v. award, goes to rob mendez. he has tetra-amelia syndrome, an illness that prevented him from being able to grow arms and legs. but you can see it doesn't stop him. mendez is the football coach for the jv team at prospect high school in saratoga. >> when you dedicate yourself to something and open your mind to different possibilities and focus on what you can do instead oft, you really can go places in this world. yes! >> he let it all out. he was fired up. they loved it. he also thanked of course everyone at prospect high school. okay. getting back to the women, they started the day with champagne and cheers, a ticker tape parade in new york city. a lot of the fans chanting "equal pay," referring to the pay gap between the u.s. men and women's teams. by the way, the women's team will be playing in pasadena next month as they kick off a five-game national tour. >> yeah, there's four locations that they haven't announced yet.
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a warm-up is on the horizon. >> before you make your plans carey is tracking how hot things are expected to get. speaking of hot we are in fire season. the actions pg&e is taking to decrease the risk in the east bay. >> join us tomorrow from 34:30 to 7:00. finally tonight the stars are out in tahoe. celebrities on the south shore for the annual american century championsh
11:33 pm
championship. raiders legend marcus allen, look at the break on that putt. >> you know marcus, right? >> about 100 of the biggest names in sports and entertainment are there including steph curry tony romo, justin timberlake, j.t. you can watch all the action this weekend right here on nbc bay area. >> and all those guys and the women, they have fun doing it. they're always interacting with the fans, jumping in the water, having a great time. >> i want to ride in the cart with j.t. >> it's less pressure for them. they're used to doing all these other things. just come out here and hit a ball. >> they're having a great time. tahoe will be gorgeous i'm sure, jeff. >> it's going to be really nice. we'll get a look at that seven-day forecast and you can see we've got 87 tomorrow. low 90s as we hit this weekend, and we'll drop back down as we head into early next week. great weather from here over to the central valley. it's going to be a little hotter there but up toward tahoe you're just looking at? good weather. >> looks great all around. thanks for joining us at 11:00. have a great thursday. >> bye-bye. we'll see you tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza, here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." jimmy fallon


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