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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 12, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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miss kelly was arrested at 9:30 he was walking his dogs and he was taken in >> breaking overnight, child porn enticement of a minor, obstruction of justice r. kelly arresteand facing a new 13-count federal indictment. late details ahead >> protesters out in force with a number of arrests ahead of the president's i.c.e. raid to round up undocumenweekend. >> baruiana with up to 20 inches of rain predicted. all while the mighty mississippi is at peak flood stage >> caught on camera, a kfc explodes in the middle of the night. what caused it and couldt have beend and a drug smuggling submarine
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carrying over $230 million worth of coke. a busyahea and "early today" starts right now. good friday morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm marlie hall we are starting with breaking news out of chicago. r & b singer r. kelly has been arrestedon federal sex crimes charges in both new york and chicago. the 52-year-old was taken into custody by homeland security investigation agents and n.y.p.d. detectives. that is according to two law enforcement officials. a spokesperson for kelly spoke about the singer's arrest. >> mr. kelly was arrested at 9:30 he was walking his dogs by the fdi, and he was taken in and that's all we have right now we don't know what the charges are. we'll know more in the next couple days. >> further details on the case are expected to be announced later today. >> morbrg has been po a president trump has approved an emergency declaration. now the big question, will the
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levees hold up to the storm surge on the way especially when the mississippi river is already at flood stage. here is nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: people in louisiana are heading out with mandatory evacuations ordered in low-lying parishes you're concerned if the levees give way your house could wind up getting -- >> swiped away i don't want that. i hope everything will be all over with so we can go back home >> reporter: it's not tropical storm barry's winds officials here are worried about it's the water with new orleans already reeling from over 9 inches of rain flooding the french quarter. plus the mississippi river is 8 feet above normal. barry could drive it to its highest level since 1950 and this warning, ifs expectedt ti that we've had a hurricane make landfall in louisiana while the mississippi river was at flood stage. >> reporter: here in the parish, they say a storm surge pushing the river to 19 feet is
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life-threatening it would cause the water to overtop, which means the mighty mississippi would spill over this levee, flooding homes those who survived katrina know the danger >> i stuck around a little bit too long during katrina and don't want to make that mistake again. >> reporter: the louisiana national guard has been deployed officials urging residents to have three days of supply on hand >> you've got to be prepared you never know, even if it's a small one, something can happen. >> reporter: what you're looking at here, a plaquer man's parish are giant sand bags they place e in a flood, the water can actually bubble up, adding to the crisis they're doing everything they can to make sure that they have done what they can to prevent the disaster, frances. >> all right, kerry sanders for us we'll see where barry is now, how it is intensifying if at all. here's janessa webb. good morning >> good morning. that young lady nailed it.
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we are worried about the inundation of water. slow and steady, tropical storm, barry continues to sit in the gulf here. the good news, track this to the south and to the north we are not expecting barry to sit in the water very long here. so not going to gain as much steam. now, wind gusts currently up, . it could gain strength overnight, possibly offshorere how the wind starts to die down. but the storm surge along with 13 inches of possible rain for new orleans. >> that is tough to hear for those people who experienced that i know that all too well janessa, thank you >> fear is spreading across the country as a major immigration crackdown is expected for this weekend. i.c.e. officials are set to round up thousands of undocumented immigrants facing immediate deportation across ten major cities waves of anxiety washing over families afraid of being torn from their loved ones. here with more on that is nbc's gabe gutierrez
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>> reporter: two senior homeland security officials tell nbc news that nationwide arrests of undocumented immigrants are scheduled to start sunday, conducted by immigration and customs enforcement. and at least ten major cities including los angeles, chicago, atlanta, miami, and new york i.c.e. won't comment on enforcement operations across the country, swift outrage. several protesters arrested in buffalo, new york. the president had postponed the round up, but last week said it would begin fairly soon. >> i say they came in illegally and we're bringi te concerned. >> reporter: she is an immigration attorney in atlanta. what areings to themif somebody knocks in the middle of the night. it is an official from the government, they need to have a warrant if they're going to come to your home >> reporter: stephanie lopez is a daca recipient who worries about who will care for her siblings if they are undocumented parents are deported >> it breaks my heart to hear him say or think about not
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having his mom >> reporter: when you heard about these planned raids, what went through your head >> it creates a lot of fear and no one knows if they're going to knock your door next >> reporter: families in the sweep could be flown to detention centers in texas and pennsylvania while they await deportation. plans are still being finalized, marlie >> gabe gutierrez, thank you >> as the border battle intensifies, president trump gives way to his he is urging agencies to turnover records of citizens and noncitizens in the country hallie jackson is in washington t latest. >>epter: president trump still determined to count how many people are legally living in this country. >> today i'm here to say we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the united states population >> reporter: but it won't be a question on the 2020 census. instead, the president is
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retreating from that fight and instead directing federal agencies to give records they already have to the commerce department to try to more accurately determine the count >> we will defend the right of the american people to know the full facts about the population, size of citizens and noncitizens in america >> reporter: it comes two weeks after the supreme court delivered a temporary blow to the trump administration by refusing to allow the commerce department to include that controversial citizenship question on the 2020 census. >> these delays would have prevm completing the census on time it's deeply regrettable, but it wiot from collecting the needed information >> reporter: the census determines how many seats a state gets in the u.s. house of representatives. the president's opponents have argued including that question on citizenship could make immigrants too afraid to respond, under counting the number of people who live in those communities. and, frances, the aclu says while president trump is claiming victory here, they are
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describing this as nothing short of a total and humiliating defeat for his administration. back to you. >> all right, hallie, thank you. >> severe turbulence sent passengers flight in a flight from vancouver to australia. steve patterson has more >> reporter: passengers say it struck without warning >> it must have dropped a hundred feet or something because everyone went up to the ceiling. >> reporter: sudden severe turbulence, tossing passengers from their seats, injuring 35 people on board air canada flight 33. the boeingr to australia, the airline saying it encountered unforecasted and sudden turbulence about two hours west of hawaii. the turbulence so violent, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing. >> everyone just went flying >> reporter: the plane carrying 269 passengers and 15 crew members landed safely in honolulu some on board posting selfies wearing neck braces along with pictures of deployed oxygen
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masks and food scattered across the ground it's the latest in a string of turbulent flights. the nearly three dozen injured expected to fully recover. others happy to be back on solid ground >> i had my seat belt on luckily. >> reporter: another reminder, always buckle up steve patterson, nbc news. >> president trump took aim at former house speaker paul ryan overnight. the president's attacks come as a new book" published n carnage" by tim alberta set to be released tuesday. the former speaker described the ent slammed the formerd.pres speaker as a lame duck failure who quit congress because he didn't know how to win, saying, they gave me standing os in the great state of wisconsin and booed him off the stage. he accuses ryan of poor leadership and bad timing before declaring, couldn't get him out of congress fast enough. remember when paul ryan left congress in 2018 president trump said he will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question
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>> the u.s. coast guard has released dramatic video of a drug bust at sea the high speed chase took place in the eastern waters of the pacific ocean. during the hot pursuit, a member of the coast guard jumped on the moving submarine and pounded on the hatch. officials save 17,000 pounds of cocaine the coast guard says the estimated street value of the drugs is $23e operation was par months-long $569 million cocaine bust >> those mission s are always dramatic especially in the water like that and right over the submarine. okay, let's check back in with janessa on tropical storm barry and worry about the flooding, right? >> right, people are talking about the intensity here the flooding is a big-time issue here i do want to show you satellite composite radar because the dry air we're seeing from georgia, the carolinas is really not helping this storm system come together so that is really good news here
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but this is going to move in swiftly. the rainfall amounts from new orleans, lafayette, possibly evenatnche is going to come down fast fro digits territory from phoenix into portions of the southwest.> we're going to moven fairly quickly here. we're going to watch it closely in the next 48 hours >> jan, thank you.n finals she needed 59 minutes to win in the semis. williams is now the oldest player to make it to a grand slam final in the open era she will take on simone a hal up in the championship tomorrow if serena can win at all she will tie the all-time record for major single titles with 24.
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the self in-time wimbledon champ owns a head to head record >> former sluggedar vid ortiz undergoes another operation during his recovery. plus a kfc blown to smithereens. did you know that every single flush [toilet flush] flings odors onto your soft surfaces? then they get released back into the air so you smell them later.
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pair with new retinol oil for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® that is a kfc restaurant in north carolina blowing up. an employee told the police he smelled gas when closing up, but technicians said they found nothing unusual to the gas lines. a fire marshal hasn't determined the cause of the blast thankfully no one was injured, but almost all of the neighboring businesses were damaged. >> leading the news, lawyers for jeffrey epstein asked a federal judge thursday to release awaitx trafficking trial. the billionaire said he would put up his manhattan town house worth $77 million and his private jet as collateral. they propose that epstein be placed under house epstein has pleaded not guilty >> former boston red sox slugger david ortiz underwent a third surgery for complications after being shot last month. his wife tiffany released that
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information in a statement saying david is recovering well and is in good spirits ortiz was flown to boston after he was shot in his native dominican republic prosecutors there believe the shooting is a case of mistaken identity and he was not the intended target. >> afootll star sa transplant albert haines worth played in the nfl in 2002 to 2011. he recently posted this picture in a hospital bed to instagram the caption says he's been battling kidney disease for a few years and that his kidneys failed on sunday haines worth is asking anyone to contact vanderbilt hospital in nashville if anyone is interested in being a donor. >> just ahead, a rare auction to tell you about and this is you. your shopping list you're watching "early today." jt failure medicine that helps her heart so she can keep on doing what she loves.
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in celebratie 50th anniversary of the apollo 11's landing on the moon, several items from the historic mission are going up for auction in new york city. 200 items related to space exploration will be on display for about a week before going under the hammer they include the apollo 11 lunar module time line book, lunar maps, technical blueprints and signed photographs, as well as the sharp est surviving images of video of the lunar landing. the items are expected to be auctioned off on july 20th >> another auction this time for sneakers, it's the first ever one announced by sotheby's they include some of the rarest and most desired sneakers out
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there. one is nike's moon shoe that was dee signed back in 1972. it is one of only 12 ever made and it is estimated to sell between 110 and $160,000 some of the other shoes include sneakers produced bid adidas, air jordan and rapper kanye west the shoes are on public exhibit now through july 23rd. starbucks has launched a limited edition tie dyk carries a fruity flavor with rainbow color to top off the colorful blend it is only available till july 15 or while supplies last. it looks really cool, but i wonder how it tastes >> i imagine really sweet. putting unicorn and frapp a run. a routine traffic stop despite daily gorings, some say spain's running the bull is too safe
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helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ time now to check in with willie geist to see what's coming up on ""sunday today"." hey, willie, good morning. >> good morning, guys. this week on "sunday today," comedian, rapper and actress aqua fina. with hits in crazy rich asians and "oceans 8," aqua fina and i got together to talk about her rise from viral video star to
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full-on movie star the birth of her stage name, an new role in her latest film, "the farewell. our sunday sit down with aqua fina and latest news and politics on "sunday today. you can catch us in the morning or set the dvr and watch us any time you like. for now i'll send it back to you, frances and marlie, and i'll see yy morning. >> willie, thank you so much we'll see you then >> all right, let's check back in with janessa and see what our weekend is looking like. >> a happy moment, the weekend is coming. we will be following that tropical system closely here the next 48 hours. that drenching rain and flooding possible throughout the south. less humid for the northeast you need to be on the west coast. look at these temperatures across southern california into the southwest, and triple digit territory. and just this abundance of sunshine, really going to continue tropical downpours possible across the south all the way into sunday afternoon. >> all right, janessa, thank you. our top stories are still
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i said sit! in today's top stories, a brawl breaks out inside an ohio courtroom after two brothers tackle the man who killed their mother that lasted a long time.
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the chaos broke out at a sentencetion hearing for dale williams he pleaded guilty in the shooting of elizabeth pledger stewart. in 2007 heshed into stewart's car and shot her repeatedly as she tried to exit. the melee breaking out moments before her daughter made her impact statement the two brothers were arrested and williams' sentencing was delayed. >> easing trade tensions and the possibility of lower interest rates fueled another record day on the wall street the dow jones industrial average topped 27,000 for the first time ever the dow climbed 227 points to end at 27,088. while the s&p also hit a closing high milestone of its own, a day after its first move above 3,000. >> in the wake of the untimely death of chael has canceled the red carpet premiere event for descendants 3. instead they will make a donation to his nafrt charity, the thirst project boyce who played the son carlos in descend ants franchise died
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suddenly on saturday at the age of 20. according to preliminary information from theos aeles county coroneranff epileptic seizure. >> oklahoma police got more than they bargained for during a traffic stop they found a rattlesnake, open container of whiskey and uranium. they also found a gun. they were arrested they face charges related to the gun, liquor and stolen car, but not for the rattlesnake or uranium. the uranium was not weapons grade, but it is unclear where it kamz from and why it was there. >> the things you're going to find in an oklahom controversy gripping the 5th day of the running of the bulls festival one man was gored and seven others were injured. officials say a bull thrust into the man's forearm while two steers trampled over him despite the injuries, they say the tradition has become too safe, saying that the runs used to last four minutes long and
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now they are averaging two minutes. but you talk to those men and their families, they'll big to differ >> several injuries that were close calls at that. well, thanks for waking up with us i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm frances rivera. your news continues here on nb your news continues here on nb and our nbc statc lego io oh that's so good, that's unfai try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. good friday morning to you, july is 12th, 2019. we're already in july. you see the cars right there, this is in san jose, 101. >> yes. no on the shoulder. >> mike's got that covered. >> we'll get it. >> i'm marcus washington. thanks for joining us this todarnin the bay." >> aack on monday so we'll fit in a lot of fun today. >> let's go! >> first, the weather, it is going to be good for fun. >> it's going to be good for getting outside. it will be slightly warm in some sports even
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