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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 12, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00, a new shake-up in the white house as labor secretary alex acosta steps down over inaction a decade ago as a u.s. prosecutor. thanks for joining us this midday newscast. i'm kris sanchez, laura and marcus are off this morning. he told president trump this morning he wanted to leave his office of secretary of labor and president trump suggested they both address the media. scott mcgrew, it is over something he didn't do. >> didn't prosecute, kris, and accused jeffrey epstein. he was the u.s. attorney in
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miami when epstein faced charges there but he never answered to the federal charges. instead pleading guilty to a minor state charge. epstein back in the news because he now faces charges once again, stomach-churning and alarming allegations not ome did he run a child sex ring and people knew about it and did very little. on wednesday acosta, now the labor secretary, went on television to explain his actions many years ago but it wasn't enough to quell the criticism. this morning over the wind of a helicopter engine he and president trump faced tv cameras. >> this was him, not me. because i'm with him. he was a -- a tremendous talent, he's a hispanic man. he went to harvard. a great student. and in so many ways, i just hate what he's saying now because we're going to miss him. >> over the last week i've seen a lot of coverage of the department of labor and what i have not seen has been credible
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job creation that we've seen in this economy. >> acosta would go on to list all of the things going right with labor and the economy and say the epstein case was unfairly distracting americans from white house success. >> and so i submitted my resignation to the president effective seven days from today, effective one week from today. >> now to be clear, the senate knew acosta had been u.s. attorney and that he had been involved in epstein's previous plea deal in florida when the senate approved his appointment as labor secretary. but then the "miami herald" excellent new reporting about the case and plus the new charges from the new york attorney's office brought the controversy back into the headlines and you end up with what you have today. kris. >> all right. interesting times. thank you, scott. turning to the microclimate weather forecast because the weekend is finally here. and it is going to be a lovely one. a live look from fremont this morning and it is a warm start
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already. could be down right hot, though do you have relief for us in some spots. >> in spots like san francisco where it is still foggy at the golden gate bridge. the rest of the city is clearing out. we are going to see scenes like this. in healdsburg and the north bay clearing out, now at 72 degrees. and as we look at our microclimate through the rest of the day, we take you to 2:30 where it is in the upper 80s in the tri-valley and the east bay and even in the north bay already 88 degrees and then going to see the temperatures in some spolt -- some spots reaching low 90s, and coming back down tonight and then all over again tomorrow. we'll have hotter weather in tomorrow's forecast as te-- as teams peak and activities in the bay area coming up. people might escape the heat by heading to the coast but there is a warning for anyone who wants to go to the beach. there are sharks lurking out
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there. tom jenson is at half moon bay where folks are tacking about the shark sightings, tom? >> reporter: they are. not only here at half moon bay but on twitter this morning a lot of people still talking to them even though some of the photos that we've seen were taken yesterday. but that warning went out from the sheriff's department to surfers and swimmers yesterday and we are still seeing people down here today talking about the sharks and many of them wondering if the sharks are keeping away what draws them to the surf normally. fisherman line the francis beach shoreline. >> lately it is hot fishing stripers. last week i caught 38 1/2 inches. >> reporter: and today it is not just the normal waves they are surfaced on. san mateo countries issued a shark warning after pilots took pictures of what some described as great whites although the species has not been confirmed. >> this is the first time i heard about shark sighting here.
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>> reporter: bart shelby took these pictures and shared them with nbc bay area. >> my thought was the chance of us seeing a shark are like one in a thousand. and we were up for five minutes and we saw the shark and then another shark and another shark. >> reporter: this fisherman questioning whether sharks are keeping the striped bass and perch away. >> maybe they are scared of the sharks and this is early morning and the good, ideal time to fish and i haven't seen anything yet. >> and one surfer this morning wonder if a few of the pictures were of dolphins and not sharks which also could be scaring away the game fish. >> reporter: and continuing sentiment this morning, people hoping that the normal circle of life continues and the sharks remain focused on the striped bass and the perch instead of surfers a
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surfe surfers, swimmers going out in the water despite the warnings from the county. tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> if those pictures were of dolphins, they were of dolphins that looked a lot like sharks. stave safe out there. thanks, tom. continuing coverage of the earthquake activity that we've felt today. this morning two shakes that shook people awake in different spots. most recent was a 4.9 that hit ridgecrest and shook the area around 6:11 this morning, the same place there was a 7.1 earthquake last friday. no word on injuries or damage. this quake could supposedly be felt all the way in los angeles. those are the reports that we're hearing. also shaking in seattle, a 4.6 quake that hit the pacific northwest around 2:51 this morning. this is a totally different fault system than the one that caused the ridgecrest earthquake and there are no reports of damage or injuries there either. and a bay area man is found guilty of kidnapping an
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8-year-old more than 20 years ago. 69-year-old kevin lynn escaped police for two decades after the kidnapping back in hillsborough. in 1995 an 8-year-old was taken while walking home from school. lynn tried to hold her for ransom and left her at the hotel room after finding out her parents were not in the country, they were in taiwan. his photo matched a wanted picture for the kidnapping. police are investigating a late-night stabbing that left one man injured before midnight in santa clara in downtown san jose not far from the guadalupe river. the victim was stabbed several times but he should survive. police are still looking for the person who stabbed him and aren't saying whether they know what led to the incident. developing news right now, the search is on for a dangerous weapon stolen from an fbi agent's car in oakland.
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it is a semi-automatic rifle with a magazine loaded with bullets, there is also an fbi jacket missing. investigators say the theft happened on wednesday night at haggen bur shopping center across the street from the coliseum near the in-n-out burger. the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward. activists are prepping for this weekend's nationwide i.c.e. raids. rallies scheduled for today and into the weekend. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in san jose where one group is holding a news conference and what do they want folks to know about the raids, bob? >> reporter: well, kris, the rapid response network, this is a group of community groups whe mission is protect undocumented families from deportation and they're holding a news conference, that is why i'm trying to keep hi voice down if i.c.e. knocked next week. on sunday i.c.e. is expected to
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round up 2,000 undocumented migrants at 10 u.s. cities including san francisco which is why we saw protests there yesterday. you're looking at now on your tv screen. the rapid response network is telling people not to panic. i.c.e. agents must have a signed order before taking anyone away. undocumented migrants have the same rights to an attorney and due process as a documented migrant or u.s. citizen. if someone is taken, the rapid response network is asking migrants to call the hotline number in help finding the attorney. the rapid response network received a record number of calls last friday from hundreds of people, some who will be avoiding places like medical clinics and churches starting on sunday and activists are telling them don't be afraid. >> we have your back. there is a whole lot of people throughout this country that understand that deeply and that we will continue to fight for
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you and be with you in this journey and walk with you because the reality is that as community, as migrants of this country who made this country, this is who we are and we are better than the rhetoric coming out of washington. >> reporter: marreese, she was manning the hotline overnight and received abusive phone calls this morning for people in favor of the i.c.e. raids and she believes what she calls rhetoric from washington, d.c. has to stop. here is the hotline phone number on your tv screen, 408-290-1144. and there will be rallies later today here in san jose, morgan hill and palo alto. again these i.c.e. raids are expected to be starting this weekend, possibly on sunday. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob.
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to a warning for those of you who like to hang ten. this is video posted to the marin facebook page what you'll see is cars zooming by until this particular one goes by with surfboard on top -- yeah they were not strapped down well enough and they fly right off and believe it or not, there were people -- i would say about ten feet away from where those surfboard ended up. look at that. amazingly nobody was hurt. but it is a good reminder that if you are carrying anything on the top of your car, you should make sure that it is secured properly. just ahead, prosecutors bring out the new charges against r&b star r. kelly. plus new orleans already inundated with rain and now tearing down a tropical storm. just ahead, an update on where it may make landfall and how an entire region is responding.
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a positive follow-up now, authorities are optimistic that a 2-year-old girl will recover after she was struck by a van in a crosswalk in the north bay. the suspected driver, meanwhile, now faced felony hit-and-run and dui charges. this happened yesterday in santa rosa where the toddler suffered serious injuries. police got a vehicle disruption on the scene and then officers found the suspect just a short distance away in his own home and they believe that he had been drinking. investigators are asking for help in the case of a shooting outside of a taco bell in livermore this week in which a popular high school student was killed. police now released this image of a white volkswagen, they think that the driver of this volkswagen was in the parking lot at the time and might have witnessed the shooting. police say this man, jorge tayez shot and killed 16-year-old emanuel mosby and he is still on
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the run and considered dangerous. mosby was on the high school football team. anyone with information is urged to call police. both sides duking it out over the future of a home along interstate 280, the so-called flintstone house in hillsborough and the owner is sues for additions she made to the home calling it a visual nuance and saying the modifications were done without proper approval. today's meeting lays out how the civil case is going to proceed. a developing -- developing right now, it is already saturated in new orleans but tropical storm barry is still bearing down. it is big, and it is moving very slowly. which is a recipe for disaster. president trump already announced a federal emergency declaration and as nbc's wendy folk reports, residents up and down the gulf are bracing for the worst.
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>> reporter: as tropical storm barry creeps inland, anxiety rising in louisiana. >> i'm nervous about the water that will come in. i'm nervous because of the river so high and then getting this watter that is pushing in. >> reporter: more than a foot and a half of rain set to drench parts of the state adding to an already swollen mississippi river and will test post-katrina flood defenses in new orleans. >> i've never seen it this way. i really haven't ever seen it this high so it is scary. >> reporter: now crews are moving sandbags in. and overnight thousands of louisiana residents moving out. many under mandatory evacuation orders. >> we're getting ready to pull out. so i got my family all packed up, got a camper loaded. >> reporter: the red cross is on guard, gathering supplies and mobilizing volunteers. >> the package things up in our trailers to make sure everything is in close proximity to where it may be needed. >> reporter: for now coastal communities are keeping a close
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eye on barry's predicted path to work together to prepare for the worst. >> you are only as good as your neighbor so when your neighbor needs help, you try to help them as much as you can, before you take -- take care of yourself. >> reporter: time is short to flee. storm casters predict barry will make landfall early saturday morning. travel trouble overnight for commuters in west new jersey. this is a big rig hanging over i-295. it is a postal truck that collided with a car around 4:00 this morning. police say the truck driver suffered minor injuries but the trailer was eventually lowered to the ground and situation resolved. r&b star r. kelly is back in custody facing charges. authorities arrested him last night in chicago and plan to
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extradite him as early as today to face federal charges including sexual exploitation of children and kidnapping. if convicted on the new charges he could face 20 years in prison. in february, chicago prosecutors charged women had several counts of aggravated sexual abuse and they filed another 11 charges back in may. our top cop in san luis obispo is apologizing after leaving her gun in a restaurant room and then the gun was stolen. here is deanna cant rel. >> my actions were irresponsible and dangerous and i'm so grateful that after our preliminary investigation, a child didn't find it. i was complacent and that is something you can never be with a firearm. >> our surveillance video captured the suspect who might have taken that gun. a picture of that man there and the search for him continues. [ bell ]
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the final day of the week for trading. and right now all markets are in the green. the dow up about 170 points at this point. and ending the week on a high night. drone technology appears to have hit a new high or maybe a new low if you hit it literally. a device meant to save lives. engineers in japan are showing off new technology, a next-generation drone for under water rescues. the drone can dive to depths of 100 meters and operate for up to four hours. it is connected by a 200-meter cable and operated by a sort of joy stick, not a regular joy stick, but state-of-the-art. it is almost that time. if you notice a spring in the step of your colleague who wears his joe montana jersey every stinking casual friday, well it is time for that to be appropriate. nfl training camp are about to
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begin. camp opens july 26th at levi stadium but today at noon fans could buy tickets to attend the practices, about a dozen or so. they cost about $5 and that is a donation to help the 49ers foundation which in turn helps other people. and this foul ball happened during last night's baseball game in texas. not only did one fan come up empty on the catch, he came up empty on his cash. he made it rain right there in the middle of texas. that is hard to do. other fans did pitch in to help him recover the dough. they did give him back. >> i'm not surprised that they jumped to action to help get the money but to give it back. >> of all of the things you see at a baseball game. >> i've never seen that. >> my money is secure. >> it is hard to come by. you might want to spend money or time outside. >> and we have the a's game tonight and so i think a lot of people are there enjoying cooler weather. it is starting to warm up as we take a live look outside in sunol. 76 degrees there. so as we warm up for our inland
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areas, we're still keeping it cool for the coast. that is the reason why we'll see a wide range in temperatures. brentwood at 80 degrees and also 80 in gilroy. so as you take a lunch outside, heading out there around palo alto, we're going to see the temperatures there reach up to 82 degrees during the middle of the day. with the sunshine, you may also want some air-conditioning. especially in concord today. look at how hot it is going to be in the middle of the day, reaching into the 90s. and we haven't had weather like this all week. so today the first day of 90s and it won't be the last. we'll have more hot weather leading into the weekend. after reaching 92 in antioch, we're also going to see a high of 90 in napa, oakland today reaching 75 degrees, we have some upper 70s, upper 60s in san francisco and we'll be up to 89 degrees in morgan hill today. that is a live look out there at squaw valley. if you are heading to the sierra this weekend, lucky you.
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we have greet weather reaching into the upper 70s for today and tomorrow. slightly cooler on sunday but still really comfortable. and we talked about this, the a's game tonight. so it starts out as you head to the coliseum around 70 degrees and then clear skies tonight and the temperatures starting to cool off. and then in san jose, the obone festival on saturday and sunday. it is slightly hotter on saturday, reaching up to 87 degrees and then the performances later in the evening, about 73 at 8:00. and then the los altos wine festival on saturday and sunday and topping out at about 79 degrees on saturday afternoon. so here is what is going on. we have high pressure giving us an off shore wind flow and so into next week, finally the ocean breeze starts to kick back in. but it will be a weak ocean breeze. so we're going to bring it back down to our normal weather for the middle of july after having a spike in the temperatures from
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the low 90s this weekend, we're looking at mid-80s for monday and seeing that continue, just cooling off a couple of degrees into the middle of next week. for san francisco, a little bit more sunshine for saturday and sunday. upper 60s, but then coming back down to the mid-60s by next tuesday into wednesday. so, kris, looks like a nice weekend overall. just drive to get to the weather that you like. >> i like it. like a weather buffet. if you are looking for last-minute weekend plans, mike inouye may have the answer for you next. plus does birth weight affect your long-term love life. new conclusions that might surprise you. but first, happening now, the newest video game console your kids are wanting is announced. nintendo is announcing a light version of the switch handheld gaming console in yellow and gray and my favorite color turquoise. the price $199.99. we'll be right back after the break.
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official youth tennis of the usta. researchers in britain found a link between brid-- birth wei and life. babies form premature were 30% likely to have a relationship and become parents but preemies tend to be more withdrawn and shy. it is a great weekend to be outside as mike inouye shows us.
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>> so on the traffic, on saturday at the city college of san francisco, these are the cars that stop traffic, the event called spring of the street and the culture there still values the ride, low and slow and the same on the grill in contra costa county, the clayton barbecue cookoff is on saturday features dozens of chefs and pit masters and barbecue buffs and local brewers and live music and a different kind of barbecue at the festival around the bay, continuing this weekend. you may find me in san jose japantown but the weekend packs both food and festival fun con bined with dance and a thousand people in kimono and drummers and anyone else who wants to celebrate ancestors and in alameda, food and fun and games and performances but they're dancing is in august. see you there.
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>> weather for everybody. >> and it is cool on the coast but hot inland. >> we'll take it. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. have a great weekend, you guys. for your heart...
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